Quelle Surprise!

Tuesday, November 20, AD 2012

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  • And reality has that annoying habit of eventually asserting itself.

  • It’s a race to the bottom between Hollande and Obama!

  • Don,

    I have something I would like to ask a faithful Catholic attorney regarding the possible civil ramifications of procedures within a current, ongoing Catholic annulment proceeding? This is NOT involving my own, present, case but another I am aware of.

    Is it possible to email you, off line?


  • I have never been involved in a Church annulment proceeding Karl. It really wouldn’t be my area of the law and so my opinion would be of little value.

  • Ok, thank you. Before I wrote my inquiry to you, I had advised someone in
    a nullity process to contact a civil attorney regarding things that were transpiring in his nullity case. I just wanted to see what a Catholic attorney would say. I forgot that my best friend from high school is an attorney in California, but a marginal Catholic. I’ll write to him.

    Sorry to be a bother.

  • Notes from the idiocracy:

    They wore out “unexpectedly” and replaced it with “Surprise!”

    Surprise! UMich expectations/confidence plunged 2.2 to 84.9, the worst “miss” in 4 years.

    Surprise! For the second consecutive week, Initial Unemployment Claims were over 400,000 at about 410,000, “down” from last week’s upward (naturally!) revised 451,000 (previously 439,000,000).