The First Lord’s Song

Saturday, August 20, AD 2011

Something for the weekend.  The First Lord’s Song from Gilbert& Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore, a satirical look at how political hacks filled important positions they were completely unsuited for.  With around 40% of Congresscritters members of the legal profession, and I believe some eight cabinet level officers, the song remains topical.

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6 Responses to The First Lord’s Song

  • Got my husband hooked on G&S with a choice selection of their more…ah… currently accurate songs. My darling Evil Overlord especially enjoyed “I’ve got a little list.” (Link keeps the spirit but changes the words a bit….)

    Several family car trips were made MUCH better by my mom having a compilation tape for these folks, and being deaf enough to really blast it.
    (Also: Ride of the Valkyries is outstanding cruising music; hopefully we upgrade the minivan before our next really long drive, so I can use my “Massive Classics” CD.)

  • Really love G & S and the Savoy Operas – all had a comment to make on the society of that day, but as you say, still very relevant today.
    “Stick close to your desk and never go to sea……..” speaks volumes of the burgeoning bureaucracies in governments today – often instigated by socialist style govts – people who have been seat -polishers all their lives but making crucial life decisions that impact negatively on society at large.

    In my days at Sacred Heart in the 50’s there was an annual production of one of the Gilbert & Sullivan operas. When I was a boy soprano I acted in “Pirates of Penzance” and “The Mikado”.
    I missed “HMS Pinafore” and “The Gondoliers” when my voice broke and took me a year or more for my tenor voice to develop.
    Great selection Don.

  • Thank you Don. When you consider that these were light operas for the masses in the 19th century, the wit and the sharp observations on society contained within them are amazing. Apparently in those days entertainers did not assume that they had to appeal to the lowest common denominator to draw an audience.

  • “Stick close to your desks and never go to sea” is one thing for some one who is appointed First Sea Lord or Secretary of the Navy. But when I see headlines of ship’s captains getting fired in the NAVY TIMES I wonder how many Naval Line Officers follow that advice.

    I know we had a certain problem with Army Officers who hated troop duty and felt the way to get ahead was to avoid itl They usually got there come uppance before they got a star but not always.

    Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

  • Magnificent! There is much truth in jest.