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Benedict at Westminster

The text of Benedict’s keynote speech on his trip to the UK is here; video of the speech can be found here. Obviously, you read or watch the speech in its entirety, but I will present a few highlights for readers: And yet the fundamental questions at stake in Thomas More’s trial continue to present

Fides et Ratio

Today is the anniversary of what might be John Paul II’s most important encyclical, Fides et ratio. Although I have not the time to give it a full treatment, if you have not read it I strongly urge you to do so as soon as possible. Catholicism’s eager embrace of reason & philosophy not only

Is John Paul II still great?

I’ve been asking myself that question as I’ve read the discussions about the sex abuse scandal and asked it again while I read Ross Douthat’s editorial at the NYT this morning. The most pertinent part is this: But there’s another story to be told about John Paul II and his besieged successor. The last pope