Vox Cantoris Is Not Alone

Saturday, February 21, AD 2015



Something for Father Tom Rosica and his legal beagles to contemplate:


Vox Cantoris posts links to the blogger articles that have rallied to his support:

Blog post collections


The Radical Catholic: Fr. Thomas Rosica Threatens Catholic Blogger
Everyday for Life: Careful what you say about the clergy: you may get sued
Jonah in the Heart of Nineveh: Rosica’s Conflicts of Interest, and Other Problems (Video from ChurchMilitant.TV)
An Editorial from SCCB, totally siding with Father Rosica (wink wink).
Anglican Samizdat: Vatican priest threatens to sue Catholic blogger
Kitchener Waterloo Traditional Catholic: Really, Rev. Rosica?
Mundabor: Father Rosica Tries To Silence A Catholic Blogger
The American Catholic: Sue ’em!
Ex Magna: Vatican Spokesman Father Rosica Threatens To Sue Vox Cantoris Blog

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24 Responses to Vox Cantoris Is Not Alone

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  • What if suing Father Tom Rosica is what Pope Francis intends? What if Cardinal Wuerl’s proclamation that Cardinal Burke is a dissenter is what Pope Francis intends?

  • In Canada, the 2008 version of the Criminal Code prohibits extortion as set out at §346(1):

    “Every one commits extortion who, without reasonable justification or excuse and with intent to obtain anything, by threats, accusations, menaces or violence induces or attempts to induce any person, whether or not he is the person threatened, accused or menaced or to whom violence is shown, to do anything or cause anything to be done.”
    Vox Cantoris should call the authorities immediately about this extortion attempt by Rosica against a Canadian citizen. We should start a Go Fund Me for Vox. Please read below and share widely.

    In R v Davis, Chief Justice lamer of Canada’s Supreme Court wrote, in 1999:

    “Extortion criminalizes intimidation and interference with freedom of choice. It punishes those who, through threats, accusations, menaces, or violence induce or attempt to induce their victims into doing anything or causing anything to be done. Threats, accusations, menaces and violence clearly intimidate. When threats are coupled with demands, there is an inducement to accede to the demands. This interferes with the victim’s freedom of choice, as the victim may be coerced into doing something he or she would otherwise have chosen not to do.”

  • Renew America posted an article dated today, 2/22/15.

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  • So what if there were a class action suit brought by Catholic bloggers against Fr Rosica for harassment and intimidation by threat of a frivolous lawsuit contrary to 1st amendment rights? The Vatican Secretary of State could be named as a co-conspirator.

  • The claim that the words complained of in his solicitors’ letter were defamatory of him would, dpubtless, constitute “reasonable justification or excuse” within the meaning of §346(1)

    Payments made under threat of process, founded on a mistake of law are not recoverable with the condictio indebiti, otherwise actions, pending or contemplated, could never be compromised.

  • Separation of church and state would kick in so fast. Father Tom Rosica must be sued as a private citizen wherever he committed his offense, in the same way that sexually abusive clerics are tried as dispossessed priests, which indicates that the Church has also made a judgment. (“Who am I to Judge?” will fall flat.) (Rabbis accused of sexual abuse are tried in synagogue, also from Catholic League. The Catholic Church never took the settlement money off the table and trying a priest in house was acceptable, then as now. There is no money that can change the status of victim).
    This scenario runs parallel to using secular courts to obtain secular power to promote one’s agenda. The secular courts deny the Person of God, support human sacrifice and promote sodomy. Rosica will now search the courts for Justice? Perhaps in an insane asylum, if he is lucky.

  • I wonder, Paul, if the Holy Father or Fr. Lombardi knows of the ‘tweet’ from Fr. Timothy Scott today? He is the Director of Catholic Media in Canada, and the Head of the Canadian Bishops Conference. ……. Here it is in all it’s GLORY!……..

    ” Just some advice for Cardinal Burke………..STFU” Oh yes, he has apologized for the obscenity and taken the ‘tweet’ down, but so many people have by now have webcamed it that it’s online forever.

    If people don’t know by now that the Church is infested with filth, they aren’t looking, or maybe they’re burying their heads in the sand.

  • Gee, you ripped off my list of blog, you could have at least linked to my blog. I`m not too upset, but I would have liked a link.

  • I would have linked to your site Suzanne if I had got the list there. I followed a link from PewSitter to Vox Cantoris where I got the list that I used. I am adding your site to our blog roll however, since your blog is solidly pro-life with coverage of Canada and that is not well represented in our blog roll.

  • I ask this question quite seriously: Is Rosica a Freemason? By his actions, I suspect him of being one.

  • Don’t know if Rosica is a Freemason, but I do know the Vatican has it’s share.

  • I hope you print this comment. A few years ago, Catholic Canada was asked to remove libellous posts by Domet. You now know the truth about this case.

    The chickens are coming home to roost for Domet.

    I am no fan of Father Rosica. However, David Domet has had this nasty uncharitable exchange with Father Rosica for years; and not only with Father Rosica.

    Without any justification or provocation, Egoist David Domet has harassed, threatened, spread lies, slandered and posted malicious and libellous comments about young Catholics, their parents and siblings, I know, on World Wide Web.
    His evil libellous actions, has harmed the reputation and livelihood of these young Catholics he is envious, jealous of.

    David Domet and his so called priest friends and the President of Una Voce International, the President of Una voce Canada, know who these young Catholics are.

    Father Rosica’s lawyers may want to get in touch with them. Some of the comments on the site below are very interesting.


    Jesus said, “Don’t scandalize the young…” especially in our day and age when these young Catholics are striving to do what is right, frequently with much opposition and great hardship to themselves.

    I have seen Domet’s (facsimile), authentic/original blog pages where he slandered and maliciously posted libellous comments on the web. Fortunately, these young Catholics have photographed and saved these blog pages for future use.

    Domet should come clean and humbly admit the truth to his supporters who may have to pay his legal bills should Rosica’s lawyers lay hands on the above documents.

    If Domet’s advisors have seen what I have seen, they would be urging him to get a proper lawyer (not cannon lawyer). Domet seems to be digging his own grave with the stupid advice given him by people like himself. I guess birds of a feather flock together.

  • We have seen what Fr. Rosica is intending, but before we believe that David Domet has been ‘slanderous’ we need proof. It’s not enough for ‘someone’ to post these actions on the part of David Domet. The proof will be in the pudding and nothing else. So far, you have just given us here say.

  • Linda,

    Do you have a link to those libelous comments of Domet?

  • To: TLM,
    David Domet is the “pudding.” He is and has the proof.


    Wouldn’t it be very stupid to provide proof of Domet’s libellous actions to anyone at this stage? Would you do so if you were in a similar situation?

    Those documents are guarded and will be available at the appropriate time and place, as they are needed in the future by the persons who were relentlessly and directly maligned, as were those young Catholics.

    I am giving you information as to where you can get this information:

    – Ask David Domet the author of those malicious, slanderous and libellous posts.
    -Ask the past President of Una Voce International or the
    – President of Una Voce Canada in Vancouver.
    – Ask Domet’s, “priest friends.” It would be pretty scandalous to pit priest against other priests. Wonder how many will still remain as Domet’s friends?
    All the above know this case and who these young Catholics are.

    Here’s another link regarding the interaction of Saint David Domet with the people of Kinkora and what they have to say:


    “Yes, David Anthony Domet, if we need to consult a fraternal organization, it will be one that deals with libel and defamation…”

    Saint Domet’s chickens have come home to roost.

  • No Linda, you do not get to make allegations on this blog and then refuse to back them up. I am banning you from this blog since you have made serious accusations against someone and offered no proof to substantiate them.

  • Who is this Linda List, she sounds like Wendy List over at Lepanto Institute with her own soul-destroying hate on for the blogger. I went to the vox pobuli slander piece – they can’t even spell “populi” right there is no such word as pobuli! It was quite evident that the slug who wrote it hated the Latin Mass and the Pastor. That is even more obvious if one follows the link from there to Canada Free Press – the muck is on the POBULI of Kinkora, not on Domet and this Linda or Wendy or whatever her name is comes on blogs and accuses a man of all kinds of thing and commits calumny, libel and defamation in the process. It’s a one post blog clearly intended to defame and Linda or Wendy and the List family is of the same calibre.



  • For those who want to check out unlinked references:

    Renew America article: http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/otoole/150222

    S. Fortin’s “Big Blue Wave”: http://www.bigbluewave.ca/search?q=fr+rosica

    And here is another blog that supports Vox Cantoris:


  • Christ “came to bring the truth, and now His shepherds will protect their helpless sheep with lawyers who care….

    Not to worry modernist clergy. The USCCB apparently has chosen to align its support with “net neutrality?” That ought to quickly eliminate that “truth” and uppity laity problem.

  • Don Lord: “That ought to quickly eliminate that “truth” and uppity laity problem.”

    Enjoyed your comment immensely, except that Vatican II begot the “uppity laity”. LOL. I had chicken for breakfast so that one did not come home to roost.

  • Don’t tell any plaintiff’s attorney these magic word$s: class action

Patheos: Crickets Chirp

Friday, February 20, AD 2015



The American Catholic would like to take this opportunity to salute the extensive coverage given by Catholic bloggers on Patheos of the decision of Vatican official Father Thomas Rosica to threaten a defamation suit against blogger Vox Cantoris.  Go here to read about it.  What follows is that coverage:


“Crickets chirp.”


Way to go Patheos Catholic bloggers!  When something big happens in the Church, it is always news to you!

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7 Responses to Patheos: Crickets Chirp

  • I appreciate the joke but truly, Patheos most definitely doesn’t deserve you posting a link to their site. Truly they don’t.

  • Vatican Staffer Threatens to Sue Blogger is something big? I wouldn’t even call it something small. I don’t know that it’s even something – it might actually be nothing.

  • “Vatican Staffer Threatens to Sue Blogger is something big? I wouldn’t even call it something small. I don’t know that it’s even something – it might actually be nothing.”

    Very big. Especially since Rosica is a big shot at Salt and Light:


    Highly unlikely that he decided to threaten a lawsuit against a blogger without discussing it with higher ups at the Vatican.

    More about Rosica from the Lepanto Institute:

  • That site is so buggy I cannot imagine attempting to page through it. In fairness to most of them, they have specialized interests (for example, G. Popcak is a marriage counselor) and wouldn’t ordinarily be remarking on news bits. Also, any individual may simply not have noticed it. What would be troubling would be Patheos recruitment policy, which managed to produce a crew where in no one had anything to say at all. That’s the editor, not the bloggers.

    Still the very opinionated Mr. [redacted]’s absence of opinions is inneresting. I have little doubt you could never get a straight answer out of Kyle Cupp.

  • I’m afraid that we disagree on this one. What some bloggers like Anthony at Vox Cantoris forget is that it is possible to disagree with someone without being disagreeable in the process. In the context of this case, it is possible to disagree with what Fr. Rosica offers without resorting to insult and liable.

    I am very sorry that this entire affair has happened though. There are more than enough enemies of the faith outside the tent without having to resort to shooting at those inside! I makes everyone look bad as there are never any ‘winners’ in these sad affairs. This said though, if people were publicly posting some of the allegations against me that have been aimed at Fr. Rosica, I think I’d be tempted to take some steps to stop them too. I just don’t know if suing them would necessarily be the best course of action.

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