5 Responses to 22,000 Youth in Eucharistic Procession Through Kansas City

  • That’s pretty freakin’ sweet. These kids will go home and they’ll say to their youth ministers, “Hey, can we have a Eucharistic procession!?”

    Yeah, you’re right – there’s definitely a new wind blowing in here, isn’t there?

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  • Wonderful statement on our faith! To see the youth out on the streets boldly.

  • There is not word on your website concerning the Charismatic Renewal ! Doesn’t it register with the Roman Catholic Church that are Catholics that don’t fit within traditional Roman Catholicism ? We are not members of the Knights of Columbus nor Legion of Mary members. We believe that Jesus Christ is the sole mediator between God and man. What is important is to accept Christ as personal Savior and be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Another thing, your assessment of Martin Luther is wrong. Luther and the other Reformers were removed by Bishops and the Pope that did not want real Bible revival; they could not accept real biblical reformation. Even in the 13th century, a number of monks who had no intention to leave the Church were persecuted and eventually burnt at the stake. Read the biography of Friar Girolamo Savornolla, a well beloved preacher Florence, Italy, he was publically executed in the public square of Florence in 1492. Friar Savornolla urgently preached the whole Bible not just portions of the Bible that just deal with love and peace. He preached vehemently against immorality, astrology and corruption in the Church. It was not just Martin Luther that the Vatican couldn’t deal with, there were John Calvin, John Knox and many Baptist martyrs, some former Catholic priests !

  • Michael,

    Ironically, none of them Catholics.

    So no, there is no mention of invented traditions by men that you say.

    The Catholic Church has the entire deposit of faith with the fullness of Truth. Why should we look elsewhere for false gods and apostles?