Great New Vatican Initiatives!

Sunday, June 21, AD 2015

Pope Being Environmentally Conscious


Mundabor  celebrates these Vatican initiatives:


At this point you already all know about the latest, surprisingly coherent decisions in the Vatican. Lest it be told that I only speak of the man in order to criticise him, I would like to say a word or two of praise at least of the coherence involved.

1. The Vatican decision to shut down and destroy all air conditioners within the Vatican city (similar measures will be implemented in every Catholic diocese in time) is at least a sign of coherence. Granted, the one or other old prelate may die, at least indirectly, because of the heat that follows (it promises to be a very hot summer in Rome), but it is good to see that there is the willingness to put one’s sweat where one’s encyclical is. Note that the air conditioning appliances will be destroyed, not sold. It makes sense, as selling them would only encourage consumerism and shift the problem to other offices and households. 

2. The decision, also announced, to put an immediate end to every travelling of the Pope is likewise to be praised. In the age of the Internet and social media, the voice of the Pope can reach pretty much anyone without any need to cause huge Co2 emissions for himself, his entourage, the security, the journalists, and the rest of the circus. Twitter is so environmentally friendly…

3. Even more coherent is the decision to put an end to World Youth Days. Millions of people gathering every time. A stunningly expensive exercise in terms of not only money (which can be given to the poor), but emissions. One can agree or not with the ideology of Laudato Si, but here is one saying that at least they practice their bad preaching.

4. I find the decision to have the Vatican carbon-neutral within 2016, and every diocesan office within 2019, a tad extreme. It will obviously require not only to sweat in summer, but also to freeze in winter; and the Roman winters can be fairly punishing at times, at least if you never lived in Connecticut, or Minnesota. It will require to curb the use of electricity, gas, fuel, mobility, food, everything. It will be a mess. But it will also give a great contribution in introducing that kind of simple, poor, rural society in which the Pontiff clearly sees the solution to our problems. And it will be an example. A great, if stupid, example. 

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  • In order to support the Holy Father’s Encyclical the faithful that live one hundred miles or more from Philadelphia should boycott the Papal visit. As a matter of obidence the Vatican should consider canceling all future travel. His holiness may wish to conduct his affairs from a cardboard box in Calcutta.

  • Oh….and happy Father’s day.

    Prayers are still going out to Francisco.
    It’s just harder to do it.

  • A gas-guzzling Airbus A340-300? Why is he flying in a four-engine jet when he could travel in a more economical twinjet, say, an A330? Chartering a Malaysian 777 would provide a welcome show of confidence for a developing, southern country.

  • Ever hear “Do as I say and not a I do”? Does AlGore follow what he has preached??? Sort of like armchair quarterbacks knowing what everyone else should do from the comfort of their nice soft chair in a controlled temperature environment.

  • I want to hear that the Pope is now a vegetarian. Those cows, oh those mischievous cows and their diabolical methane emissions!

  • I find Pope Francis’ hypocrisy loathsome. He is just like all liberal progressives. Energy austerity is mandatory for you and me but optional for him.

  • I often wonder what our first Pope, Pope St. Peter, would think of these modern Popes, at least as an earthly man. As the keeper of the Pearly Gates, I assume he has sinless thoughts in accord with with all the other Saints and Angels in Heaven. (Do sinless people and angels ever shake their heads and think “Oy vey”?)

  • Hysterical!

  • Ross Douthat at the NY Times yesterday writes:
    ” However, its catastrophism also leaves this pope more open to empirical criticism. For instance, he doesn’t grapple sufficiently with evidence that the global poor have become steadily less poor under precisely the world system he decries — a reality that has complicated implications for environmentalism.”

  • I think some complaints of hypocrisy are overdone. If a politician preaches family values while having affairs does not mean that the advice does not make sense for me, or Michelle Obama’s health food advice while chowing down hamburgers could still be good advice for my own health. However, environmental hyprocrisy is the worst, since if the hypocrits would use less whatever then I could keep my behavior the same and the net effect is the same.

  • The environment belongs to the people, not to climate changegate.

  • The danger with hypocrisy is that it destroys your credibility. Some particular advice from the hypocrite may or may not be valuable, but it is less likely to be accepted on the word of the hypocrite. Hypocrisy by Church prelates weighed heavily in the success of the Protestant revolt.

  • As the leader of the Catholic world, let us ask Francis to “walk the talk.”

    1. Implement an immediate policy that he and all of the princes of the Church, all the laity, all the workers in Catholic institutions, and everyone who does any service of the Church, immediately dress in sackcloth, donate all of their worldly possessions to the poor, and vow to never again use coal, electricity, or gas in their homes, their businesses, their parishes, their offices, their spaces as given to them as NGO’s, and donate their automobiles and all other vehicles of transportation to be crushed into oblivion as climate polluters and vow to always walk, bicycle or use horse or mule-drawn transportation wherever they may need to go (as long as both PETA and the various committees of the United Nations approve the horses/mules as not to damage their dignity and worth as creatures of God and the environment), and under no circumstances, will the use of air-conditioning be allowed nor uncertified (by the United Nations or the experts on climate change) practices, use of materials, chemicals, foodstuffs, goods, or services be allowed.

    2. Since man-made climate change has already created a doomsday effect, no individual, no government body or entity, no church official or representative, or government office or employee of any organization, public or private, be allowed to determine for themselves the amount of any kind of energy they use, but a panel of “experts” will determine, for everyone throughout the world, the amount and type of energy all individuals, all industry, and all users of any kind of “energy” will be allowed to access and use and the cost for this access and use will be determined by the body of “experts” in that glorious, “only hope of mankind”, United Nations.

Bigger Fish to Fry

Sunday, February 1, AD 2015

8 Responses to Bigger Fish to Fry

  • What a shame that they don’t stick to something that they know about (Catholicism).

  • Correct, the Old Adam.

    Enviro-nazis’ and Obama-worshipping idiots’ wars against coal electricity production and fossil fuels (energy independence) in general have been a major contributor to the decline and fall (high electric, gas, and home heating oil prices) of the middle class. Plus, this unites the Vatican with the fanatical crowd that worships creation rather than the Creator, e.g., the push for zero population growth.

    Old saw: “if you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.”

  • “I suspect that the powers that be at the Vatican and the denizens of the Obama administration are basically on the same wavelength. ”
    Yes that’s right. Look at the official blog of the US ambassador to the Holy See:

  • Old Adam and T Shaw, sadly the current denizens of the Vatican do not seem to know even Catholicism. If they did, then Ezekiel 34:1-10 would make them shake in their shoes and fall prostrate before the Blessed Sacrament, begging forgiveness of an Almighty God Whose mercy for unborn children may well become His justice for clerics gone wild.

  • So is this what is meant by the remark, later and ceaselessly explained/defended, that Catholics shouldn’t obsess about abortion. It is disturbing that this unserious nonsense, along with our socialist administration, is being taken seriously by the Vatican.

  • In France, it is the Hard Left that has been most suspicious of the Environmental movement. After all, it requires little prescience to foresee that “Tracking, transparency, certification, eco-taxes, environmental excellence, and the policing of water, all give us an idea of the coming state of ecological emergency. Everything is permitted to a power structure that bases its authority in Nature, in health and in well-being.”

    More than that, “There is no ‘environmental catastrophe.’ The catastrophe is the environment itself. The environment is what’s left to man after he has lost everything. Those who live in a neighbourhood, a street, a valley, a war zone, a workshop – they do not have an ‘environment;’ they move through a world peopled by presences, dangers, friends, enemies, moments of life and death, all kinds of beings. Such a world has its own consistency, which varies according to the intensity and quality of the ties attaching us to all of these beings, to all of these places. It iss only us, the children of the final dispossession, exiles of the final hour – the ones who come into the world in concrete cubes, pick our fruits at the supermarket, and watch for an echo of the world on television – only we get to have an environment … What has congealed as an environment is a relationship to the world based on management, which is to say, on estrangement. A relationship to the world wherein we are not made up just as much of the rustling trees, the smell of frying oil in the building, running water, the hubbub of schoolrooms, the mugginess of summer evenings. A relationship to the world where there is me and then my environment, surrounding me but never really constituting me. We have become neighbours in a planetary condominium owners’ board meeting. It’s difficult to imagine a more complete hell.”

  • Hey, does anyone known what energy source heats cools, and lights up Vatican City, besides the gusts of wind that comes from the bureaucrats that energize the windmills?

  • : While most of the world’s industry has been cleaned up with the notable exception of Communist China, our movies, television and literature is polluted with adultery, fornication, pornography and vicarious violence. The latter fulfills sadistic curiosity in much the same manner as the deadly entertainments in the Roman Coliseum. Our distraction machine media diverts our attention from the genocide in progress in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere. We worry about carbon footprints while ignoring the bloody footprints encircling the world. Pray for the intentions of the Holy Father, and that they be in accordance with the will of God. Pope Francis! Focus! Like your namesake, rebuild His Church.

Green Jobs Answer Man!

Tuesday, March 20, AD 2012

Right you are Green Jobs Answer Man!  In regard to Wind Energy, take away the tax subsidies and the entire industry would die:

Let’s take it back to 1992. The parents are watching Murphy Brown, the kids are watching Full House, and people are rockin’ out to Nirvana and Dr. Dre. (Some things never change.) And wind was ready to usher in a new era of energy production. In fact, Matthew Wald wrote in a 1992 New York Times article, “A New Era for Windmill Power,” that “striking improvements in technology, the commercial use of these windmills, or wind turbines as the builders call them, has shown that in addition to being pollution free, they can now compete with fossil fuels in the cost of producing electricity.”

He went on: “Kingsley E. Chatton, president of U.S. Windpower, which operates 22 new-generation windmills here, said the economics of wind power was at the point where it ‘will compete with fossil fuel.’ Others agree.”

Twenty years of subsidies later, wind still only provides a paltry 2.3 percent of America’s electricity in 2010, and it still needs subsidies.

Jim Nelson, CEO of Solar3D, argues that government subsidies are obstructing innovation in the renewable-energy sector:

Operating subsidies, or installation subsidies, helps get clean energy sources installed but the problem is that current technology is not economically competitive. Everything we do needs to be done with a view toward global competitiveness. Unfortunately, because current technology is not economical relative to alternatives, it does not promote our competitiveness.

The problem is that subsidies promote technological malaise. They take away the incentive to innovate and lower cost by promoting business models geared more toward gaining favor with politicians than on technological innovation. The result is that subsidized industries quickly become dependent on government. At that point, long-term competitiveness becomes secondary to near-term survival, which is generally conditioned on more handouts.

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The Nuclear Option

Thursday, June 3, AD 2010

It was September of 1966, and gas was gushing uncontrollably from the wells in the Bukhara province of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic. But the Reds, at the height of their industrial might, had a novel solution. They drilled nearly four miles into the sand and rock of the Kyzyl Kum Desert, and lowered a 30-kiloton nuclear warhead — more than half-again as large as “Little Boy,” the crude uranium bomb dropped over Hiroshima — to the depths beneath the wellhead. With the pull of a lever, a fistful of plutonium was introduced to itself under enormous pressure, setting off the chain reaction that starts with E = MC2 and ends in Kaboom! The ensuing blast collapsed the drill channel in on itself, sealing off the well.

The Soviets repeated the trick four times between 1966 and 1979, using payloads as large as 60 kilotons to choke hydrocarbon leaks. Now, as the Obama administration stares into the abyss of the Deepwater Horizon spill, and a slicker of sweet, medium crude blankets the Gulf of Mexico, slouching its way toward American beaches and wetlands, Russia’s newspaper of record is calling on the president to consider this literal “nuclear option.”

As well he should. It’s a little less crazy than it sounds. The simple fact is that the leak has confounded all conventional efforts to quell it, forcing British Petroleum and its federal overseers to resort to a series of untested, increasingly unwieldy, and heretofore unsuccessful backup plans as the American people’s impatience and rage grow at geometric rates. In the madness that is Deepwater Horizon, The Bomb may be the sanest choice.


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  • Maybe it would work, but my initial reaction is that I’d rather the oil than a nuclear explosion that close to the city of New Orleans. Maybe it can be done with radiation damage, but count me skeptical.

  • Apparently it worked well enough for the Russians, but it’s never been done underwater. Then again, BP keeps backing up the “when we’ll have it sealed” promise. We may have no choice to prevent an unimaginable catastrophe.

  • A big question is what it will do, not on the nature of radiation, but the potential to actually damage the floor more.

  • I assume that means loss of the well and any chance of recovery of the oil. These other options seem to leave opent the possibility of some recovery (which can then be used to offset the costs of cleanup). After so much invested, I am sure BP wants to try to salvage what it can for as long as it can, before going nuclear.

    As bad as this is, in the grand scheme of things drilling in the Gulf has been pretty successful – its been going on for so many years, thousands of wells, and I have only heard of this and one other incident of these proportions.

  • All we need now is a nice big hurricane to suck up all the oily water and dump it inland.

  • Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

    (1) With a hydraulic force pushing out 5k+ barrels a day, how do you expect to get a bomb down the well bore?
    (2) If you could over come that force, why not just set a bridge plug in it?
    (3) Assuming you do bomb it, how can they provide zonal isolation to ensure it won’t make the problem worse.

    Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

  • It’s a little early to resort to the nuclear option. After all, movie producer James Cameron has only been on the case a week or so.

  • Well said, RL. I’m a little reluctant to take advice on capping oil wells from op ed writers.

  • I agree that the use of the nuclear option is way too early, but part of me would love reading the headline:


  • They can plug the leak with 300 liberal congresspersons.


    Obama’s intention is to destroy the evil, racist Gulf Coast. He cannot possibly be this incompetent.