The Great NYU Kimmel Food Court Occupation comes to a bloodless end. (Or "how NOT to spend your college tuition")

Thursday, February 26, AD 2009
[I’m aware we have just entered into the Lenten season and should be reflecting on more serious matters, but this was too good to pass up — bear with me.]

Last week a group of “student-empowering, social-justice-minded” students and assorted ragamuffins and rabblerousers from neighboring colleges (many affiliated with TakeBackNYU) had the stunningly-brilliant idea of barricading themselves in a food court in New York University’s Kimmell Center, “in a historic effort to bring pressure on NYU for its administrative and ethical failings regarding transparency, democracy and protection of human rights.”

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7 Responses to The Great NYU Kimmel Food Court Occupation comes to a bloodless end. (Or "how NOT to spend your college tuition")

  • One expects some idiotic behavior from college students. Heaven knows that I engaged in some during my time at the University of Illinois. However these mopes were abusing the privilege.

  • Oh blessed be the Lord of Hosts. My new fave RC blog includes mention of my co-favorite story of the previous week- ranked with the unfortunate demise of Mr. Travis T. (for The) Chimp. Loads of fun to watch these spoiled underedjumacted brats perform a community theater version of 1969 Student Takeover. With modern props- cell phones, laptops, sleeping bags. Loaded with their fourth rate Marxist rhetoric. Their solidarity with the Palestinians- which I assume does not work well with the university’s loyal Jewish donors. Yet I see this pointless exercise as a valuable expose. As Mummy and Daddy are paying 48 large per year so little Johnny or Susie can stage their hissyfit in the cafeteria- We Demand Vegan Meals, of course. The whole exercise serves as a horrible failure of the university’s mission. Badly planned, horrifically executed, ended with whimper and nothing resembling bang. If their esteemed professors are experts in the art and science of thinking, their charges have been badly trained, or sleeping off last night’s buzz in 8:30 class, or lack the wherewithal to adjust to these academic requirements. Regardless- NYU exposes itself as a bigtime scam. Start to bad comedic end of demonstration.

  • Meh, you can send your kids to UF and pull a “don’t taze me, bro!” for much less $ and get a lot more airtime out of it..

  • They live in the age of Olbermann rants, Starbucks overloads, and liberal claptrap.

    I can just see how Vatican III would look like with guitar strumming-non-clerical wearing priests and nuns staging a protest in Mother Teresa’s mess hall inside the Vatican. Bring in the Swiss guard telling them that they need to leave in order for the homeless and destitute can be served.


  • High-larious.

    I’m glad that we have brave minds like this willing to facilitate when conformity oppresses.

  • Pretty funny and a sad commentary on what the scions of the elite classes seem to believe exercising their ‘rights’ and being ‘socially responsible’ mean.

    Don’t taze me bro

3 Responses to You know!

  • It has come to this. Caroline’s stumbling, fumbling interviews are now embarrassing to the chattering classes. Comes word that Mayor Bloomberg’s aide has given up on his efforts to lobby on her behalf. Seems he’s been a bit too aggressive on the matter. As though the prospective senator hasn’t been aggressive enough, breaking bread with people with whom she would not share the same oxygen two months ago. While in Colorado, Senator turned Interior Secretary appointee Ken Salazar wishes his replacement to be……brother John, a Congressperson. While in Illinois, Gov. Blago his bad self plays the race card shamelessly in appointing Roland Burris, perennial African American candidate and nice guy, to the post now vacated by the Apostle of Hope And Change. WSJ connects the dots nicely in an editorial. In New York, a Kennedy and a Cuomo are vying for a Senate seat held by a Clinton. In Colorado, a changing of the Salazars. In Delaware, Jabberin Joe Biden’s longtime aide will keep the new Veep’s seat warm until son Beau assumes power in 2010, after National Guard obligation. In Illinois, the embattled Governor causes wailing and gnashing of teeth. I wish to shove the WSJ editorial in the face of every citizen who voted for the Apostle of Hope And Change. And remind them of a verse in a Pauline editorial rarely quoted because it burns to the touch- ‘bad company corrupts good morals.’ Oh, Philly Library Update- a lib judge yesterday ruled that 11 neighborhood libraries scheduled to close for good around 5 p.m. today must open at 10 a.m. on Friday. While advocates of their opening issued a Citizen Indictment against Mayor Nutter for announcing their closing on November 6. Happy New Year to all. Hope and Change, y’all.

  • That is, a verse from a Pauline epistle. Hope and Change, y’all.

  • You know, sorry, you know, I couldn’t, you know, like, you know, sit through the, you know, whole thing…

    WCC +<

Caroline Kennedy, The More "You Know"

Monday, December 29, AD 2008

Mrs. Caroline Kennedy is pining for the open Senate seat that is being vacated by Hillary Clinton and is battling the media perception of her entitlement.  Unfortunately Mrs. Kennedy doesn’t help her case with her constant use of you know in this interview.

(Biretta Tip: American Thinker)

UPDATED 12-30-08 A.D.

Caroline Says ‘You Know’ 142 Times– Toby Harnden, Telegraph

(Biretta Tip: Lucianne)

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13 Responses to Caroline Kennedy, The More "You Know"

  • There is a despiration in the background. Her realization that at 51, she’s behind the curve when it comes to Kennedy standards. Her use of nervous ‘you know’s.’ Her willingness to break bread with Al Sharpton. Her obsessiveness to meet with other people whom she would not give the time of day to before the Presidential election. Her shameless puffery of work among New York public schools, that, while admirable, amounts to resume inflation. Her children are now 20, 18, 15. Her husband is either in deep background or no longer in her life. There are also the rumors that her friendship with New York Times Co. CEO Pinch Sulzberger is a bit more than casual. To endorse Caroline Kennedy for the U.S. Senate is to ignore the slings and arrows fired at Sarah Palin in September. Midlife crisis does not a candidacy make.

  • Her meeting with Al Sharpton is a big sign of desperation. To associate oneself with a bigot like Mr. Sharpton is incredulous. In addition to dropping her married name to capitalize on her maiden name is straight out of the Clinton political handbook of expediency.

    She’s actually getting an easy pass compared to what Governor Palin went through. I can talk ad naseum about media bias, but that would be beating a dead horse.

  • Wasn’t there recently a female candidate for high office who was criticized by the MSM for her lack of experience?

  • I thought she is [was] Mrs. Schlossberg?

  • You know, the thing about her is how absolutely uncourageous she is. What has she done, you know, that has shown that she is her own person? All of her beliefs and ideologies are right in line with the leftist wing (although I think they are the main house now) of her party. True courage would be if she, you know, lived and proclaimed her alighment with ALL Catholic social teachings.

  • I thought her last name began with “P”.

  • Gabriel Austin,

    I don’t know when she dropped her married name, but I hear she did it within the last year or so.


    I agree, she seems to be having a mid-life crisis and is desperately trying to make up for it by capitalizing on her name. Camelot never existed, it was a myth made up by the MSM during JFK’s presidency. Ted Kennedy and his cousins ruined the myth and Caroline may be puting the final stake into it with this run.

  • The ivy-league princess speaking like a high school dropout. Hilarious. Or painful (if you believe in the camelot stuff)

  • Thank Heavens Princess Caroline didn’t serve as mayor of her town for two terms and get elected governor of her home state, then we would know she was unqualified based upon the standards observed by the media in the last election! Credit should be given to the Princess for overcoming the twin disadvantages of being fantastically wealthy and bearing the name Kennedy. Imagine what she could have accomplished if she had started out with nothing and possessed the last name of Palin!

  • Caroline Kennedy wrote two books on the constitution.

    Sarah Palin probabaly could not pass a high school sophomore level U.S. government class.

  • Mark,

    Apparently most elected officials cannot pass a high school level government class:

    Writing books doesn’t make one a leader. If you’re going to start requiring flawless public speaking and writing as a sign of intelligence and leadership, you might want to check the way you spelled “probably” in your post.

  • “Caroline Kennedy wrote two books on the constitution.”

    Snort! She wrote those books as much as her father, courtesy of Ted Sorenson, wrote Profiles in Courage.

    As for Palin, she accomplishes more in a month than Princess Caroline has accomplished in her entire wastrel life.

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