Michael Barone Predicts Romney Win

Saturday, October 27, AD 2012


Absolutely no one has a better nuts and bolts knowledge, down to the precinct level, than Michael Barone.  He is not a partisan but a technical analyst.  I was somewhat surprised therefore when last night on Hannity he unhesistatingly predicted a Romney win.  Go here to Ed Driscoll to view the video.  This will have an impact on the political professionals viewing the race.

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Lone Star State v. the UN

Friday, October 26, AD 2012

Observers  from the UN, allied with Leftist groups in the US, are planning to send observers to monitor our elections to ensure that there is no “voter suppression”:

United Nations-affiliated election monitors from Europe and central Asia will be at polling places around the U.S. looking for voter suppression activities by conservative groups, a concern raised by civil rights groups during a meeting this week. The intervention has drawn criticism from a prominent conservative-leaning group combating election fraud.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), a United Nations partner on democratization and human rights projects, will deploy 44 observers from its human rights office around the country on Election Day to monitor an array of activities, including potential disputes at polling places. It’s part of a broader observation mission that will send out an additional 80 to 90 members of parliament from nearly 30 countries.

The Lone Star State is having none of it:

Ambassador Daan Everts

Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

UI. Miodowa 10 00-251 Warsaw, Poland
Dear Ambassador Everts:
The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) will reportedly dispatch election observers to the State of Texas to monitor the November 2012 general election. While it remains unclear exactly what your monitoring is intended to achieve, or precisely what tactics you will use to achieve the proposed monitoring, OSCE has stated publicly that it will visit polling stations on Election Day as part of its monitoring plan.
In April, you reportedly met with a group of organizations that have filed lawsuits challenging election integrity laws enacted by the Texas Legislature. One of those organizations, Project Vote, is closely affiliated with ACORN, which collapsed in disgrace after its role in a widespread voter-registration fraud scheme was uncovered. In September, a federal appeals court rejected Project Vote’s challenge to the State’s voter-registration regulations and allowed Texas to continue enforcing laws that were enacted to protect the integrity of the voter-registration process.
According to a letter that Project Vote and other organizations sent to you, OSCE has identified Voter ID laws as a barrier to the right to vote. That letter urged OSCE to monitor states that have taken steps to protect ballot integrity by enacting Voter ID laws. The OSCE may be entitled to its opinions about Voter ID laws, but your opinion is legally irrelevant in the United States, where the Supreme Court has already determined that Voter ID laws are constitutional.
If OSCE members want to learn more about our election processes so they can improve their own democratic systems, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the measures Texas has implemented to protect the integrity of elections. However, groups and individuals from outside the United States are not allowed to influence or interfere with the election process in Texas. This State has robust election laws that were carefully crafted to protect the integrity of our election system. All persons—including persons connected with OSCE—are required to comply with these laws.
Elections and election observation are regulated by state law. The Texas Election Code governs anyone who participates in Texas elections—including representatives of the OSCE. The OSCE’s representatives are not authorized by Texas law to enter a polling place. It may be a criminal offense for OSCE’s representatives to maintain a presence within 100 feet of a polling place’s entrance. Failure to comply with these requirements could subject the OSCE’s representatives to criminal prosecution for violating state law.

Greg Abbott

Attorney General of Texas

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18 Responses to Lone Star State v. the UN

Obama, Bovine Droppings and Defeat

Thursday, October 25, AD 2012


Most losing political campaigns tend to give off a reek of desperation as election day approaches.  We see this in a Rolling Stones interview given by Obama on October 11, and published today where he refers to Romney as a bullsh—-r.    One of the advantages of being an incumbent President in a race for the Presidency is the dignity that high office tends to bestow upon even the most unworthy of occupants.  Obama has decided to eschew this advantage in a desperate, pathetic (?), attempt to drive up the youth vote.

Rick Wilson at Richochet has some thoughts on the Obma campaign as a losing and increasingly desperate campaign:

The aura of a losing campaign is unique, and Ross Douthat pegged it today:

Losing campaigns have a certain feel to them: They go negative hard, try out new messaging very late in the game, hype issues that only their core supporters are focused on, and try to turn non-gaffes and minor slip-ups by their opponents into massive, election-turning scandals.

Sound familiar?

Obama senses it, but can’t quite believe it. He seems confused by how easily Romney started punching over his weight class on October 3rd. He seems surprised that the last two debates didn’t drop Governor Romney’s numbers like a rock. He’s frustrated that Romney is a happy warrior now, and it shows. He’s visibly irritable because all the press hits and ads and field work … and so, so much money … haven’t reduced Mitt Romney to dust.

After spending nearly a billion dollars last cycle, and what will be more than a billion this time, Obama must sense the palpably declining political utility of his most familiar tools.

For months, according to Team Obama, there was no path for a Romney victory. The Blue Wall states were immutable, the swing states were susceptible to his women-and-seniors-and-immigrants-and-students mojo. Everything that worked in 2008 would work now. Everything in the hard-hitting Chicago political tool box would be deployed, and by the end Mitt Romney would want to be in the Witness Protection Program.

But now, as the President’s options have narrowed and as the weight of Obama’s failures from the economy to the Libya fiasco come crashing down on his campaign, I’m feeling increasingly optimistic that we’ve passed an inflection point in the campaign where Obama’s familiar tools can’t help him pull off a miracle.

Obama was the candidate of the inevitable, unbeatable wave, not of the grind-it-out, cut-and-thrust of a motivated, funded, and determined GOP and conservative base. Unlike McCain, Mitt Romney’s team won’t get hit and stand there with their jaws hanging down at the ungentlemanly conduct of the other side.

The daily polling — beyond just the head-to-head numbers — shows GOP intensity solidifying, Romney’s favorables growing, and the battleground states becoming smaller in number. There aren’t any swing states showing significant movement away from Romney, but a number are moving to him. Yes, we still need to pick the electoral lock by driving wins in some combination of Ohio, Colorado, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Virginia, but I’d rather be in our shoes than Obama’s.

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12 Responses to Obama, Bovine Droppings and Defeat

  • Wasn’t it Obama who self admiringly said he believed his own BS? Leftists would have nothing to say if you took away all their (psychological) projections.

  • I swing between being cautiously optimistic and thinking that some way, they will steal this, like Putin in Russia and Chavez in Venezuela. Hoping and praying that this tragedy does not happen. (Sorry, I’m just a Irish born pessimist!)

  • And I am an Irish optimist Siobhan! Looking at this race as a cold analyst however, I would much rather be in Romney’s position in this race than in Obama’s.

  • Here’s what the stench of desperation from a losing campaign looks like:


    When you have to make such base appeals (pun intended) this late in the game just to get a modicum of the turnout from your true believers that you got 4 years ago, you’re in BIG trouble. Romney is out there making a play for the middle by talking about the economy and jobs, while Obama has spent the entire campaign talking about sex. (I don’t EVER want to hear again how conservatives are obsessed with “bedroom issues”.)

  • Great minds think alike Jay! As you were posting this comment I was posting a post on that piece of tripe!


  • It appears they’re not “buying” the obamessiah’s spucatum tauri this time.

    They can’t steal it if it isn’t close.

    Get out and vote.

  • In one way the appeal to infantilism is amusing. But it is chilling as well since it reveals the Left’s real attitude about the citizens. They do believe they are little babies or feral children to be treated as such.

  • Don, the Irish on my side of the tracks tend to be manic depressives! I guess it’s been built into our genes because of our history. I enjoy your site because it gives me hope measured with realism, and today this is so needed for those of us who haven’t lost our common sense and wish to maintain our sanity. May our Good Lord hear our prayers and Obama is dismissed on November 6th, though I have a feeling that if he is defeated, he’s going to continue in some other capacity – perhaps head of the UN? He won’t be out of our lives. (There I go again!)

  • What is the effect of this ‘early voting’ whatever it is and for whom?
    A neighbor asked, having heard a 5:00 news blurb. Who is doing the counting etc. and how does it differ from absentee ballots, were the questions.
    (Mom called for an absentee ballot due to manuevering problems, and was sent two applications.)

    Is the D party trying to do its worst? Obama supporters may begin to wonder whether he takes them and their children for nothing more than cheap votes rather than humans with minds and hearts during this next long week. It would be so good for them to hear about the care for them in Paul Ryan’s speech posted here today.

  • By contrast, from a campaign email that speaks more respectfully of we-the- people than, well … the incumbent wrecker does. The words, national movement, are heartening, Siobhan.

    ” With less than two weeks to go, we’re feeling the momentum.

    The debates have supercharged our campaign. We’re seeing more and more enthusiasm — and more and more support.

    This has become more than just a campaign. It’s become a national movement. Americans recognize we can do better as a nation than we’ve done over these last four years.

    Paul and I have a plan to produce a real recovery for America. We’re going to take back this country with good jobs, rising take-home pay, a strong military, and better opportunities for all Americans.

    This is a time to call on America’s greatness. We need your help — because it matters. It matters for your kids and their kids. It matters for 23 million Americans struggling for work. And it matters for the future of our nation to have a strong economy.
    . . .

    Mitt Romney “

  • Of course O’Bummer wants people to vote early – so that he can get votes that he won’t get in a week’s time when his ratings go sub-terranean, and some negatives against him become public knowlege.

  • There’s a reason my eldest can say “bull pucky.”

One Response to Eastwooding

  • “Clint Eastwood reminds us that a second Obama administration would be a rerun of the first, and I suspect that would be a best case analysis. ”

    Bingo. Even the best Presidents have a worse second term than the first. One can only imagine what would happen in an Obama second term. I assume it would be a unilateral government until the implosion.

    I am a bit confused about the empty chair though. I thought Eastwood was “talking” to an invisible President sitting in the chair rather in the manner of Jimmy Stewart and Harvey. Was he talking to the chair itself and the chair was responding??

Religious Bigotry and the Left

Wednesday, October 24, AD 2012


One of the tools that some Obama supporters have been utilizing in their quest to give Obama another four years to transform the country in his image is the raw sewage of religious bigotry.  Christopher Johnson, a non-Catholic who has taken up the cudgels so frequently in defense of Mother Church that I have designated him Defender of the Faith, has their number:


If the desperation of the left is any indication, the 2012 election of Mitt Romney to the US presidency has the same air of inevitability that Barack Obama’s election had four years ago:

I was on a conference call yesterday regarding intelligence gathered from a highly placed source that liberal Obama surrogates are planning to target Evangelical mega-church parking lots with bigoted anti-Mormon flyers the final weekend before the election in key battleground states like Ohio, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

Mega-church pastors are being notified to have parking lot attendants be on the lookout for such a lit drop. But please forward this post to all pastors of both Protestant and Catholic churches, particularly in battleground states.

The GOP’s all-important social conservatives may be getting more comfortable with Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith – but liberals are increasingly wary about the candidate’s religion in the run-up to November, according to a new study.

The study found anti-Mormon attitudes have increased since Romney’s 2008 presidential bid and are highest among liberal and non-religious voters….

The study found attitudes about Mormonism among Evangelicals has largely remained unchanged since 2007 – when 37% said they were “less likely to vote for a Mormon candidate for president,” compared with 33% this year.

However, that sentiment among non-religious voters increased from 21% to 41% over roughly the same period.

Among liberal voters, 43% said they were less likely to vote for a Mormon presidential candidate in 2012, compared with 28% in 2007.

Then there’s Andrew Sullivan who takes shrieking hysteria to a whole new level.

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6 Responses to Religious Bigotry and the Left

  • Silver-Lining Department: That display of dishonest, ignorant bigotry is preferable to their tweets calling for assassinating President Romney.

  • Can any one in the ranks of the democrat party call for sanity?

    It’s a chance for their leaders, like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sebelius, John Kerry, Caroline Kennedy, et al touting their Catholicism to redeem themselves! Or what about Harry Reid? It would be a proud moment for them and the country to caution these wayward citizens they are being paid to serve.

    It’s time now. They melting pot is boiling.

    Are they laughing at what is happening after all? They let the travesty at the DNC convention publicly shame themselves about whether or not their Creator should be ‘on the platform’.

  • D demonic
    N narcissist
    C culture

    To wide a brush, sorry about that. The clip is pathetic. The only goats are those that belong to Obama and his warlocks.

  • PM,

    Good comment. You have listed the crew that is going into retirement. If the Dem Party is to be saved, these worthies will be swept aside while another generation comes in to do the work.

    You also pushed my thinking button — it might be good to be a young Dem over the next few years. As the party beheads itself, there will be opportunities to climb the ladder quickly.

    Of course, you run the risk of rising in influence while the ladder falls to pieces. Still, there might be opportunity here for a new collection of conservative Dems.

    All that is down the road. None of it matters November 6.

    Good comment, thanks.

Who Was Presidential?

Tuesday, October 23, AD 2012

I have to give the Republican National Committee credit this year when it comes to being quick off the dime in producing web videos.  The above was put out immediately in the aftermath of the debate contrasting the calm demeanor of Romney from the somewhat frenetic and combative stance of Obama.  This clip was typical of the entire debate:

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4 Responses to Who Was Presidential?

  • I thought Obama bin Laden did as well as expected.

    The night went to the SF Giants 9-0 !

    The suit has no president . . .

  • Once again the liberal darlings who call themselves pro-nuclear bloggers at Atomic Insights and NEI Nuclear Notes refuse to recognize that Romney (in the video above) mentions the word “nuclear”, but not his opponent who has given billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to now bankrupt renewable energy companies. Oh, by the way, under Barack Hussein Obama, Dominion has just announced the closure of 556 megawatts of clean, safe, inexpensive electrical energy from the Kewanee Nuclear Power Plant. Solar power companies like Solyndra that received Obama funding are now bankrupt and nuclear power plants are shutting down. We cannot afford another four years of this.


  • I didn’t watch the debate and it sounds like I didn’t miss much. Oh well, according to this cartoon I just stumbled across (titled “The United Swing States of America”), it doesn’t matter anyway since I live in one of the “everyone else can just sit back and have a beer” states:


  • Mr. ‘wrong and wreckless’ in the Oval Office accusing someone, who wants to serve there, of the same was – well – wrong and wreckless.

    In line with many actions of his fishy foreign policy and many choices of his political liasons, he failed to speak with sincerity about his history of contemptuous dismissal of American government process and its allies.

    Seems like the faded purpose of the UN is more his ambition than leading one USA.

The Debates Are History!

Monday, October 22, AD 2012



And what an interesting history, up till this night, the debates have written in this election contest.  In the first debate a lifeless Obama and an energized Romney turned the election on its head with Romney taking the lead from Obama.  The second debate saw an aggressive Obama, full of sound and fury but ultimately signifying little as Romney turned in a very good performance and Obama gained bupkis from his efforts in the polls.  Here are my thoughts on the third and final debate.


1.  Libya Missed Opportunity-Libya was the first question out of the box and Romney didn’t attempt to lay a glove on Obama.  Mistake.

2.  I Am Not a Hawk- Romney went out of his way throughout the debate to refute Obama’s argument that he is a hawk.  My guess is that is correct.  If Romney is left to his own devices I believe he would be tightly focused on getting the American economy moving.  Unfortunately American presidents often are not allowed to engage in “of the world forgetting and by the world forgot”, as 9-11 demonstrated.

3.  Lacklustre-Of all the debates I found this one the most dreary.  I think both Obama and Romney were repeating talking points from previous debates and the entire debate had a “been there, done that” feel.

4.  Obama on the Attack-Like most candidates who are behind, Obama was on the attack all night.  It would have been much more effective if he had not also been sneeringly condescending while doing so.

5.  Hollow Military-Romney effectively challenged the reductions in military strength that have been the hallmark of the Obama record on defense.

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8 Responses to The Debates Are History!

  • You know a Presidential debate is truly boring when even I, a political junky’s political junky, find it boring.

    At least you watched it. I tuned in for a minute, saw Barry droning on about a trip to a Holocaust museum, and then flipped back to baseball.

  • I think I know why Romney’s performance at this debate was lacklustre. It must have been something he ate at the Al Smith Dinner.

  • Perhaps Romney couldn’t land a punch over Libya as he is (was) equally gung-ho about the Arab Spring. Its sad that even with Obama’s serial lying over Libya and his arrogant disregard for the life an ambassador, Romney could not derive any advantage.

  • #1. I can only assume Romney didn’t hit Libya hard because it’s been going round on the news outlets for weeks now. And, going round again in this debate appears as a “He said. She said” argument for the non-political. Or, Candy Crowley scared the heck out of him.

    I actually applauded at one point. I thought Romney did really well hitting Obama for his apology tour.

  • Presidential debates are not debates of course but to have 3 of these 90 minute “Specials” is definitely one too many. I would like them to drop the town hall format and just have two debates on domestic and foreign policy. The town hall sounds good but even leaving aside the biased selection of people, the odds of intelligent questions coming from “Undecided” voters is close to zero. Give the candidates alternating 5 or 10 minute blocks for each of them to speak. The moderator (no prima donna or partisan hack) just is there to sound the bell and spray water on them if it gets too heated.

  • Glad the debates are over. Praying for a Romney win on November 6th. What will Obama say and do if that happens?

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  • It struck me by the end of the first exchange that Romney had pivoted from being the challenger to acting like the president, while Obama was still in attack-dog mode, replaying the second debate.

    That said, this was, as you say, a pretty lame debate, underscored by the fact that the candidates kept trying to switch to canned domestic policy talking points.

Age of Unbelief

Monday, October 22, AD 2012




Tying in with my co-blogger Dave Hartline’s post, which may be read here, my favorite living historian Victor Davis Hanson has a brilliant column today on the cynicism towards government that has justifiably grrown like Topsy during the period of Obama’s presidency:

Do you believe any more that some of our Secret Service agents — once the most esteemed of all professionals — on presidential assignment will not get drunk and womanize in their evening spare time? Do you believe that the grandees at the GSA — once the stern penny-pinchers that frowned when bureaucrats wanted a new bookcase — won’t flaunt the waste that they incur? Do you believe that the government will never sell assault rifles to drug lords? Or do you believe what the president, the secretary of state, and the director of national intelligence will say to us when the next embassy is hit? And do you believe that there were “shovel-ready jobs” and “millions of green jobs” that arose from the “stimulus”? And what is a “stimulus” anyway, but borrowed money, in the manner likewise of “investments”? Did any of you believe that Solyndra was the wave of the future?

We don’t even believe that a commission on presidential debates will ensure us unbiased moderators, or that the candidates will have equal time in speaking, or that the supposedly quiet crowd won’t boo or clap to affect the tempo of the exchange.  From now on, will debate moderators bring preselected transcripts to the forum, wait for a key moment, interrupt one of the speakers, and then wave a piece of paper to proffer authority to contradict him — eliciting applause from the supposedly neutral and silent audience, and affirmation from the president? Do you believe First Lady Michelle Obama — of “never been proud/downright mean country” infamy — when she accuses Republicans on talking down the country?

Do you believe that the Department of Labor always assesses its data and offers disinterested conclusions? I don’t.  I suspect partisan grandees, perhaps in California, will massage the data on the principle of the ends justifying the means. The same is true of Libya: the noble idea of a reset Middle East, appreciative of the unique heritage and ideology of Barack Obama and his bold attempt to reformulate America, was simply too precious to be imperiled by al-Qaedist thugs who hate us as much as ever and will kill until stopped.


I also never believed in a “war on the women” simply because mostly upper-class, liberal, highly educated white women seemed to be angry that Catholic institutions d0 not wish to include free abortion and contraceptive pills among their generous benefits packages. Did I miss something? Who were supposed to be oppressed, and how and why? Could Ms. Fluke — who addressed an audience of ten in Nevada this weekend — and her partner not split the cost of a pack of ten-dollar prophylactics? Are not more women graduating with BAs than are men? To the degree there is a gender crisis, I think it may be more young working-class men without college degrees who simply cannot find jobs in the muscular industries and for whom society apparently has little need. Is the “war on women” what the long road from suffrage to equal pay has come down to — a psychodrama of the most privileged generation in civilization’s history?  So I simply do not believe that there is a war on anyone, much less women. To the degree there is a war, it is on fiscal responsibility, a war on paying bills and keeping solvent — something lost last week in more of binders, Big Bird, the war “in Iran,” Joe Biden’s continued gesticulations, and “Romnesia.”

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3 Responses to Age of Unbelief

8 Responses to Sandra Who?

  • I wonder if Sandra Fluke is really happy. And yes, Rush Limbaugh was originally correct. She wants someone else – the tax payer, the Church, insurance companies, whoever – to pay for her to have consequence-less sex. That’s a whore by any sane definition, and like most whores in history, she ends up without notice, indeed, without even the notoriety that her sexual promiscuity should result it. Thus does history bury the immoral. I hope she repents. I hope her boy friends repent. I hope that we all repent. I am not guiltless of sexual sin in my past, and I doubt most people are.

  • The median 30 year-old Republican woman is educated, is married, has two children, and has a career.

    The notorious Ms. Fluke is 30 years old; still in school; and wants the government to pay for her birth control.

    Nothing to see here.

    Move along.

  • She is the Cindy Sheehan of this election cycle: she’s been used by the Democrats,
    and then discarded like a soiled kleenex.

    It seems Ms. Fluke is no stranger to that chain of events.

  • She want people to vote early?
    Yes, because the stercus is about to hit the fan for O’bummer, and his slice of the vote is on its way south.

  • It’s too bad that Limbaugh went overboard in his rhetoric about Fluke. His name-calling and subsequent apology overshadowed the fact about how clownish she and attention-seekers like her really are. It inflated her significance as a public person much like Monica Lewinsky. Both these women were suckered in to their bathetic roles. Only I have a feeling that, unlike Monica, Sandra will end up teaching at a university someday. Sort of like Anita Hill.

  • Did she pass the hat to get some money to pay for her birth control…..???? Was that sarcastic?

  • It inflated her significance as a public person much like Monica Lewinsky. Both these women were suckered in to their bathetic roles. Only I have a feeling that, unlike Monica, Sandra will end up teaching at a university someday. Sort of like Anita Hill.

    1. Lewinsky was (and one hopes no longer is) notable for her superficiality, comprehensive absence of discipline and discretion (sworn to secrecy she only told 11 people), and loose morals (in part a product of her mother’s inane interests and silly rearing). She never sought public attention in the first instance. She is not all that obtrusive now.

    2. Anita Hill has to know at some level that her academic career is a sham and an example of the collegiate apparatchiki’s racial patronage mill at work. She is 56. She cannot really fix her life at this point. (That a woman who has no background in quantitative social research was willing to seek out and accept a salary as a professor of ‘public policy’ is a piece of evidence that should retrospectively call into question her integrity).

    3. Sandra Fluke was not suckered. She sought out confrontation and attention. Someone who ponied up for Cornell University’s pricy lessons and then squandered it earning a degree in ‘women’s studies’ is not the most sagacious of individuals. It has been in for a dime, in for a dollar for her ever since. We can all hope, however, that she shuts her mouth and finds a serious vocation.

  • Wait a minute. Isn’t she the Contraceptive General of the War on Women? Ten is a crowd for her.

Obama 2016 Out on DVD

Sunday, October 21, AD 2012

Dinesh D’Souza’a Obama 2016 is out on DVD.  It has no special features, but I would recommend purchasing it if you didn’t see the movie.  During its theatrical release earlier this year it earned a stunning 33,000,000 which is fantastic box office for a documentary.  Here is my review which I originally posted on September 2 after seeing the film in a theater:

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6 Responses to Obama 2016 Out on DVD

  • Saw it yesterday. I disagree with D’Souza’s contention that it is anti-colonilism that motivates Obama – unless this implies the anti-colonialism of Marxism. Ultimately, I believe Obama is a Marxist.

    I dread the possibility of an second Obama term. I think the long-term consequences (including a completely radicalized Supreme Court) will result in a fundamental change in America.

    I still do not like Romney. But he is to be tolerated in the face of far, far, greater evil.

  • “I still do not like Romney. But he is to be tolerated in the face of far, far, greater evil.”

    Amen to that Phillip! What D’Souza’s documentary illustrates is how little attention the Mainstream Media has deliberately paid to the background of Obama because they assume that such attention would hurt him. I think the documentary has been such a success because, astonishingly after four years in office, most Americans do no have a clue about Obama’s history prior to his emergence on the national scene in 2004. This studied indifference to informing the public is the ultimate betrayal by most of the Fourth Estate.

  • At the conclusion of the documentary a handful of observers at our showing broke into applause and requests to “tell your family” about this work.
    In 07′ Rush L., Glenn B. and a few others tried to convey to the public of Obama’s past acquaintances. Deaf ears syndrome in 08′.
    Please Lord, not again.

  • It will be interesting to see the extent to which it is even mentioned in the Oscar contentions next spring.

  • I have seen the film twice and even though it is very disturbing, I fear that the American people are so ignorant, and yes I mean ignorant that they won’t even get half of it. Those of us who are old enough to remember the aftermath of WWII and praying non stop for the conversion of Russia and being terrified of the Russian threat have no idea of the horrors of the likes of Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin and their ilk. 50 years ago today my husband was sitting on the Czech border on red alert, prepared for war. I don’t think most people realize how close we were to a real WWIII. They were TOTALLY prepared for it and he was prepared to die. There was a Catholic priest with his unit and they were all allowed to go to confession. I truly believe that we are at that precipice again with this president. The only difference is that this president is so arrogant and so pompous and does not love our country and all it stands for as did President Kennedy. This situation we are in has been written about for years and years. This has not just been sprung on the American people, all of these warnings have been poo pooed as “conspiracy theories”. They were not, they are not and now we are left to reap the reward of an illiterate population whose main goal is to let someone else do it. Welfare for all. Lock step zombies waiting for the check from the government to come in. They have been trying to conquer us from within and the time is upon us. They think their plans are coming to frutation over this last 100 years or so. I blame both parties for allowing this to happen, I blame the leadership of our Church for their wishy washy handling of the truths of the faith, but mostly I blame us for falling for what surely has been as plain as the noses are our face. Right is wrong and wrong is right. “If i get told one more time that I am “more Catholic than the Catholic Church”, I swear I am going to fall off the face the earth. Please God Help Us. Really, what were the Crusades about?

  • Jeanne-
    I do feel your angst.
    As far as falling off the face of the earth…
    Don’t go!
    We need you. Just keep smiling and know that your not alone in this upside-down culture.
    AA-1025 (anti-apostle 1,025) comes to mind.
    It’s a story of infiltration of the Catholic church with the intent to destroy her.
    Short read, however it is interesting.
    Whats Obama’s intent?
    The documentary helps us to answer that question.

Obama Waves the Dead Fetus

Saturday, October 20, AD 2012

In the movie Patton, there is a somewhat eerie scene where Patton indicates why he knows that the Third Reich is on the ropes:

“I had a dream last night. In my dream it came to me…that right now the whole Nazi Reich is mine for the taking.” “You know how I’m sure they’re finished out there? The carts. They’re using carts to move their wounded and the supplies. The carts came to me in my dream. I couldn’t figure it out. Then I remembered. . . . .that nightmare in the snow. The agonizing retreat from Moscow. How cold it was. They threw the wounded and what was left of the supplies in the carts. Napoleon was finished. Not any color left. Not even the red of blood. Only the snow.”

You know that a Democrat campaign is on the ropes when the focus is placed on abortion.  Democrats, at least most of them, aren’t idiots.  They understand that focusing on abortion is going to hurt them as much as it helps them, and, in most states, probably hurt them more.  However, when a Democrat campaign is headed south abortion is often invoked in an attempt to rally the true believers in the right to slay their offspring.  It is a sign of desperation.  Yesterday, Obama had the head of Worse Than Murder, Inc, aka Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards introduce him at a rally in Virginia.

She also cut this video for Obama that was released yesterday:

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31 Responses to Obama Waves the Dead Fetus

  • Win or lose this election, one day Obama and the Democrats will truly regret this advocacy of the infanticide of the unborn. Lord have mercy!

  • The drum beat at their Convention was more about abortion than their other agenda. When Mr Obama mentioned the de-funding of Pl P’hood four times in the Hofstra Uni. debate we knew for sure they are grabbing for a lifeline. This latest report proves that their Titanic has hit the iceberg. Hope the sincere Catholics who are in their thrall, some dear friends and family are on a lifeboat that saves their hearts and heads and souls.

  • “Win or lose this election, one day Obama and the Democrats will truly regret this advocacy of the infanticide of the unborn.”

    We shall do our best to make them regret it this year!

  • And, they booed God at their convention.

    You will not be going to Heaven if you vote for mass-murderers.

  • How many more days? Romney is right; O is at the end of his term. After staring down this evil for four years, I can’t even bear to look it in the face as it whimpers out of relativity. May the healing begin, and may the faithful show compassion to those who are obstinate in their war against the innocent in their mother’s wombs and against Holy Mother Church. The more Romney exposes himself, the more his soul is also exposed. And I like what I see.

  • This is surreal.
    Our great grandparents along with the fifty million aborted souls pleading God for a change in the hearts of earthbound men.
    Surreal because who would of ever thought that RU 486 could be classified as preventive Medicine. Medicine?
    Change we can believe in…..still echoing from Oct. 20th of 2008.
    God have mercy.

  • Planned Parenthood stands to lose money if Obama is not reelected. They are teaching health classes in local high schools using federal grant money, under the guise of “reducing teen pregnancy” and “increasing graduation rates.” Of course, that’s laughable. But not really.

  • How could any Church going Catholic be a Democrat, especially clergy??? Don’t you know you are the reason babies are still being murdered?

  • “How could any Church going Catholic be a Democrat, especially clergy???”

    I have met many Roman Catholic clergy who are proudly Democrat.

    I have met many Orthodox Anglican clergymen and not one is Democrat.

    Go to an Assemblies of God or Church of God parking lot and you’ll find no Obama bumper stickers as you inevitably will find in the parking lot of a Roman Catholic parish.

    Just sayin……………….the branches grafted into the Olive Tree had better beware lest they, smug in their arrogance, find themselves cut off one day and those whom they derided as not having the fulness of grace welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven in their stead.

  • It should not be too much of a surprise that many Catholics belong to the Democratic Party and see nothing wrong with it. The NC Register quotes Bishop Dolan thusly: (at the Al Smith dinner)

    “Our two candidates claim that both your parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, are ‘big tents,’ containing extraordinarily diverse, even contrary, opposite people and groups,” Cardinal Timothy Dolan noted Oct. 18 at the Al Smith Dinner. “Well, you don’t have a thing over the Catholic Church. We got both Biden and Ryan!” Dolan continued.

    Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/civility-in-the-city/#ixzz29s2WEZou

    I realize the Al Smith Dinner is a light hearted affair, but these are anything but light hearted times. Ryan may be out of step to some degree with the mind of the Church on her “social teachings.” Maybe even quite a bit out of step. But I don’t think his errors would directly lead to the death of an innocent person. Surely Biden is way out of step on contraception and abortion. And millions have died because some people didn’t want to “force their religion” on others. And yet, we do it all the time, don’t we? Think that little bit about not killing people is in the Ten Commandments.

  • “Ryan may be out of step to some degree with the mind of the Church on her ‘social teachings.’ Maybe even quite a bit out of step.”

    There is a difference between being out of step with the liberal Democrat operatives in the USCCB, and being out of step with what Jesus said to Judas Iscariot when Judas complained that costly oil was being used to annoint Jesus’ feet instead of being sold to feed the poor. Paul Ryan is right. The USCCB is wrong. It is time to jettison the false gospel of social justice, the common good and peace at any price. Jesus told the crowd who followed him after being fed the loaves and fishes to seek the Bread of eternal life instead of the meat that perishes. And He did NOT feed them a second time – no free handouts.

    I am sick and tired of people wanting Caesar to do for the poor what we as Christians should be doing voluntarily as our penance. It is NOT Caesar’s job to feed the poor, clothe the naked, and care for the sick, and every time we abdicate our responsibility and evade our accountability to Caesar to do that, then we place on the altar of political expediency our freedom and adoption as sons and daughters of God, and replace it with submission to mere mortal man. That is called idolatry and God hates idolatry.

    A nation which murders the unborn by the tens of millions and sanctifies the filth of homosexual sodomy deserves no social justice, but one day we will get justice and it will NOT be social – it will be Divine.

  • Planned parenthood being invoked to rally the troops is akin to human sacrifice for a good crop yeild…

  • Paul:

    Okay, mea culpa. I shouldn’t have put in the bit about Ryan may be out of step, etc, and certainly not in the way it was worded. I was trying to be “balanced” and “non-partisan” and I obviously botched it.

    I don’t agree with the bail outs and the hand outs, Medicare, Social Sec, the so-called “living wage,” and frankly, public education. (I’m very iffy on such “public goods” as highway construction as well.) But my libertarian economic views seem to not jive with the other pro-life Catholic around me who are somewhat concerned Ryan is going to throw Granny under the bus with his suggested Medicare reforms.

  • That’s ok, DJH. I have often written much worse. No harm done. BTW, when I registered to vote in NC, I registered in the Constitution Party because its platform is closest to Church teaching. But since that party isn’t yet “officlal” in the state, it turns out that I am “other” in political affiliation. As for the election, I will vote Romney rather than Goode because defeating Obama is too important and Goode (as much as I like his program and policies) is unelectable.

    As for social justice, I am all for taking care of the poor. I just do not think that is the job of the Federal govt. Now if States and local municipalities elect to enact safety net measures, then I am fine with that. But I really think that if we as members of the Body of Christ did our sacred duty as the sheep in Matthew 25:31-46, then we wouldn’t need Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and all the New Deal / Great Society failed programs of FDR and LBJ. All Christians – Protestants, Orthodox Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox – need to start being real Christians. We have this social justice mess because we as members of the Body of Christ have NOT behaved in a Christ-like manner. We have NOT put righteousness, holiness, purity, virtue, honor and integrity first. We have become complacent in our religious freedom and our material prosperity, and now we whine when suddenly both are in jeopardy from that godless man of sin and depravity in the Whitehouse [ see, I can use worse invective than you. 😉 ]. But I digress from the topic of this post. Suffice it to say (at the risk of repeating myself) that we will never prosper, we will never enjoy social justice as long as we murder the unborn.

  • On the other side of the nightmare by contrast, the waving of the budget by a capable candidate. This following is a copy/paste from a campaign email which I hope is allowable, to take off the edge of the gruesome.

    ‘It’s clear — Barack Obama has no second term agenda.

    Although President Obama won’t lay out his plan for a second term, we already know what it will be — a repeat of the last four years. We can’t afford four more years of crushing debt and wasteful spending.

    We know what President Obama will do on taxes. He’s already raised taxes 21 times — and he’ll raise taxes by $2 trillion more. Middle-class families will face a $4,000-a-year tax increase just to service his debt and spending proposals.

    As Governor of Massachusetts, I cut taxes 19 times. As president, I won’t raise taxes on anyone; I will deliver tax cuts to the middle class; and I will simplify the tax code to make it simpler, flatter, and fairer.

    We know what President Obama will do on spending. President Obama’s already increased our debt by $5.5 trillion — and he’ll let our national debt climb to $20 trillion by 2016. He’s promised a second stimulus, yet we don’t even know where the first one went.

    As Governor of Massachusetts, I balanced the budget every year without raising taxes and led our state to a credit upgrade. As president, I will cut and cap spending, restore our AAA credit rating, and set us on a path to a balanced budget.

    I have a clear plan to put America on a path to prosperity. Contribute now to help promote my clear vision for America.


    Mitt Romney’

  • Paul,
    So many professed catholics are in great danger of losing their place at the Lord’s table and being replaced by Baptists, Pentecostals, Mormons, Muslims, Jews, etc. We catholics have enormous accountability because we’ve been given the fullness of the truth from the cradle. It’s so disturbing to see the continuing blindness to Obama and the democratic party in general. In 2008, I can almost understand that people got caught up in the excitement of voting for Obama and put on blinders, but this time around, there is ABSOLUTLY no excuse. God have mercy on them.

  • PM:

    You lost liberals and the social justice crowd at the fifth word . . .

    Next time, stay monosyllabic and don’t cite any fact or number.

  • Dear T. Shaw,
    Tough order but how about … ?

    Unborn babies can cry out and be heard,
    in your human hearts and,
    in Heaven where the Almighty can hear all that do.
    Stop the music and think about millions of babies used for winning and getting money to waste on fooling you.
    If feeding your children depends on gov. assistance money,
    then it’s urgent to vote the man who cares to have the money there to feed them.

    I think Mitt Romney will fix the budget for the security of us all.

  • Mother Teresa said, that the killing of the unborn would distroy the fabric of all life. All of us would be in jeopardy. She was right! Look at our divided country.
    Look at God being removed and replaced by hedonism. Lies are told to the people to enslave them.
    God be with us, and touch the hearts and minds of americans on Nov 6th.
    Amen! Viva Cristo Rey!

  • No election will ever solve the destruction done to the social fabric of the USA or the West. There is a long-haul conversion needed to undo the damage done and to look at the good neglected and ignored.

  • Paul w. wrote: “I am sick and tired of people wanting Caesar to do for the poor what we as Christians should be doing voluntarily as our penance.” This work has been done by Christians and Catholic organizations for years but when government started stepping in and telling us to do it their way then it became harder to do charitable work. Look at the states that made Catholic Charities chose doing their work or stopping it due to the mandates they placed on them – adoption aspect to place children in same sex homes – many have chosen to stop their charitable work because of it, one in Ill seperated itself from the Church to bow to the wishes of the state.

  • PM: Excellent.

    I can’t remember the last time somebody called me, “dear.”


  • I agree, Richard E., and I still oppose government redistributing the fruits of one’s labor from he who works to him who refuses to work under the false guise of charity. Over and over again this has resulted in one thing: ever more power to the godless State at the expense of the freedom of the individual to his life, liberty and property. The solution is repentance, holiness and righteousness. That is how the most evil Roman emperors were overcome, it is how the Empire finally became Christian, and it is the only means of reversing the sad decline of these United States and obtaining true justice for everyone, rich and poor alike. No amount of government welfare programs can ever do that.

    I always go back to the example of the Church at Thessalonika. Some people there thought, after having receiving St. Paul’s first epistle about the last days, that since Jesus was going to soon return, they were entitled to give up working for their food and just sit in ecstatic expectation while others supported them. 2nd Thessalonians 3:10 is very clear: “…if anyone would not work, neither should he eat.” We in these United States will soon find as the economy crashes that we won’t even be able to do that because there will be neither food nor work. We will get all the social justice we deserve for having murdered 53 million unborn babies, and for having sanctified the filth of homosexual sodomy. Lord have mercy!

  • As a life long Democrat, now turned Republican, I say “I didn’t leave the
    Democrats, they left me”. They turned their back on GOD, that the founders
    turned to, knowing that without GOD’S blessings & A moral citizenship,
    government of the people, by the people, and for the people could not work.
    GOD must be looking down on us, as we pray & say “What you’re doing
    speaks so loud, I can’t hear what you’re saying!!’. WE CAN TURN THIS AROUND.
    Think about what happened when Richard Nixon fired the special prosecutor
    on a Saturday night. The white house was buried in telegrams & Nixon had to
    reinstate him. That was citizens just fulfilling their role in government of & by
    the people. The Supreme Court has still not corrected their ruling on the Dred
    Scott case making the negros less than a full person. The current state of
    Biology 101, confirms that abortion at any stage is truly murder, making
    the Supreme Courts previous rulings on abortion untenable. Society is founded
    on marriage between a man & a women. Homosexuals are chipping away at
    the foundation. What are we going to do, or not do about it??

  • Emily Post.
    Greeting = Dear …, and Closing = Yours Truly,
    also, you’re welcome, T. Shaw!

  • It was many years ago I was a young man that stood in line in New York City and waiting for the Holicost Museum to open. There was a long line of people in front of me, and as I waited there, I saw on the opposite side of the street there stood a lone individual holding a very large sign that criticised abortion. I don’t recall exactly the total writing upon the sign he carried, but it condemned the abortion clinics and what was happening to those so helpless and inocent in the womb that were scheduled for execution. The police came, and they took the lone individual’s sign, and also arrested him. How strange I thought that I would stand there and await entering the museum so to see the pictures of the suffering individuals that died at the hands of Nazi beasts. I turned and gazed at the individual standing behind me, then asked if his having already purchased an entry ticket, and he replied, “no, but I will purchase a ticket at the entry.” I gazed at the man, then gave to him my ticket, and I left with the thought in mine, “are we no better than those that murdered multi millions and cremated them in the ovens.” The number of the helpless one’s in the wombs has grown far more in number than those tortured, murdered and cremated and reduced to ashes by the Nazi Germans. How do we answer G-d when we stand before Him and plead forgivinness for our sins? I am now in my eighties, and we raised three wonderful boys, for which I thank G-d. Yet still, I remember that lone individual standing there and asking “why are we murdering the most innocent of all, those being torn from the womb and made to suffer such pain.” Remember, this is America, but what mercy still is given to those most helpless, innocent and forgotten. Can we simply look the other way? Indeed I tremble. G-d provides nations the type of government most deserved, and I believe that writing is again again upon the wall.

  • R.S’Chevalier-
    A very moving and stirring testimony.
    In twenty five years, if there’s a civilization left standing, will souls be in line in New York city to view the story of Americas Holocaust?
    The Abortion Holocaust.
    That the lone man across the street was taken away for [ disturbing the peace? ]
    Witness. His witness has moved you, as well as me.

    Thank you for sharing. I will be standing outside P.P. praying the rosary and thinking of the many who have paved the way with prayers since 73′

  • powerful thoughts expressed here in these responses; thank you very much. words that especially stood out to me: “Unborn babies can cry out and be heard,
    in your human hearts and,in Heaven”
    “No election will ever solve . …conversion needed..”
    “what are we going to do or not do about it?” and
    “the writing is again again on the wall”

  • How US citizens who are blindly pro-Mr O. and those who support his policies about the unborn
    , and equating same-gender sterile unions with marriage
    and the heavy-handed HHS Mandate cannot see the parallel with slavery.
    including using blacks to “breed” slaves and the declining populations in the USA and in much of Europe
    and can recall efforts by Nazis to “breed” desired citizens with Government controlled policies,
    and the same to some extent under Stalin
    and not see the writing on the wall as noted in quotes above
    is a shock to me.

  • Lonethinker-

    Many do have eyes yet cannot see, and ears for hearing yet cannot hear. History repeating itself.

    For those who do see the writing on the wall a great responsibility. We must be in the public sphere regardless of ridicule, scorn and profiling. St. Paul knew this way perfectly.
    Nothing can separate us from the Love of Christ. To walk the walk is a privilege and honor.

    Please consider it if you haven’t already taken a risk for Christ.
    Give the very best this YEAR OF FAITH. Give Jesus.

Great Depression II

Friday, October 19, AD 2012

8 Responses to Great Depression II

  • The economy stinks because of the policies Obama has pushed.

    The first Great Depression lasted until 1946 (let’s not name wartime conscription, rationing, deficit spending as full employment, economic growth or recovery) because of the big government control/New Deal, not because it was otherwise impossible to restore the economy.

  • The first Great Depression lasted until 1946

    It did not. Real domestic product per capita had by 1941 exceeded the value it had had in 1929. The labor market in 1941 was suffering from a sclerosis it had not in the earlier period.

    Great Depression II

    Again, the rate at which goods and services were being produced in this country declined by 27% between the summer of 1929 and the spring of 1933. Over a period of a year (spring of 2008 to spring 2009) that metric declined by 5% and then began slowly to increase again. The scale of these two sets of events differs too much to be using the same terminology.

  • “Great Depression II”

    Art in FDR’s first term the economy grew by a robust 7 percent each year erasing the losses incurred under Hoover’s term. The Great Depression II might be a misnomer, but only because Obama’s stewardship of the economy is worse than that of FDR’s as to economic growth during FDR’s first term.

  • Absent some great national crisis…

    No Oct. Surprises. If we can clear a few more
    days without a new conflict, other than a Biden moment, we should be in good shape for Tuesday. Please Almighty Father, confusion for our foes and VICTORY for America.

  • Given the enormous growth in govt between FDR and Obama it’s not easy to compare the effects of their policies on the same ruler. A major problem for Obama is that he is pursuing FDR like policies when the debt was already getting excessive and regulatory sclerosis was much more advanced at the time he took office. Like any strong medicine, leftist policies must be administered in small doses to be beneficial as opposed to destructive. Unfortunately the Dem party has a pronounced autocratic bent.

  • Art, I think there’s a problem with claiming the Depression ended in ’41 because of real GDP. GDP can increase during a war because we are producing a lot more stuff; the problem is, it’s not stuff that anybody wanted. The very fact that real GDP measures production but not sales aggravates the problem. If I make a billion bombs, GDP may go up, but it doesn’t mean we’re better off.
    Plus, during the Depression, deflation caused people to delay purchasing until prices reached their real value; their decision to withhold from purchasing made sense. They would not purchase

  • sorry, they would not purchase because it made sense not to. Low GDP was the necessary result of people responding to uncertainty. The war didn’t take that uncertainty away, it just took their money and they were forced to spend it in ways they would not have before, on guns and bombs and whatnot.

  • $1101 : 1947
    $1133 : 1946
    $1284 : 1945
    $1314 : 1944
    $1230 : 1943
    $1072 : 1942
    $915 : 1941
    $789 : 1940
    $732 : 1939
    $683 : 1938
    $713 : 1937
    $682 : 1936
    $607 : 1935
    $561 : 1934
    $509 : 1933
    $519 : 1932
    $601 : 1931
    $648 : 1930
    $716 : 1929

    Ike, the foregoing are the figures for real gross domestic product per capita expressed in 1937 currency units. You will note that the figures for 1939, 1940, and 1941 all exceed the figure for 1929. The war began in December of 1941 and the anticipatory expansion of the military in the Fall of 1940. The Depression was over before the war.

    As for ‘deficit spending’, public sector borrowing as a share of domestic product never exceeded 4% in any of the fiscal years years running from 1929 through 1941. Mr. Big Spender Roosevelt turned in two balanced budgets, which is two more than most of his successors have managed.

    You will also note the figure for 1947, the data for which were collected at a time when demobilization was complete. It exceeds the value for 1929 by 53%.

Barbed Laughs

Thursday, October 18, AD 2012

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney appeared tonight at the Al Smith Dinner and gave the usual humorous speeches.  A few observations:

1.  Romney the Standup Comic-I was surprised at how well Romney did.  Comedy and Mitt Romney would seem to be mutually exclusive concepts, but he had good timing and delivered an effective series of jokes.  Funniest joke:  A reference to the Cardinal, because of Obama’s troubles with the Church, turning Obama’s wine into water.

2.  Flat Obama-Four years ago I praised Obama’s speech at the Al Smith dinner as being hilarious.  Not this year.  Most of his jokes fell flat and he seemed to be going through the motions.  Funniest joke:  He said at one point that for the third debate he was going to train as he did for the first debate.  Pause.  He then said that he was just kidding, that he only wanted to make Axelrod sweat.

3.  These Guys Really Hate Each Other-Both Romney and Obama at the end of their speeches gave unfelt praise to the other.  Their other comments dripped venom for their opponent, especially Romney’s comments.  No love lost here at all.

4.  Romney on the Attack-The usual humor at an Al Smith dinner is self-depracatory.  Romney had a bit of this but most of his humorous comments were fairly hard hitting attacks against Obama.

5.  The War on the Church-Romney was not shy in mentioning Obama’s attacks on the Church.  He joked that Obama has found a way to soften the attitude of the Church to the HHS Mandate:  the rules will be in Latin.

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59 Responses to Barbed Laughs

  • my pick for funniest joke was about O looking around at the dinner guests and thinking — “so little time so much to redistribute”

    my husband liked :”better off than you were 4 weeks ago”
    no I think my favorite was advice to B16 if he has troubles to blame it on JP2

  • Governor Romney had me laughing out loud through most of his speech. He was REALLY good. Someone wrote him an excellent speech and he delivered it just perfectly. I wonder how Obama felt sitting through all that. I confess that I didn’t watch Obama’s. I really can’t stomach watching/hearing him at all. I’m sure I didn’t miss anything.

  • Thanks for the update. I feel good about what I read so far.

  • The President’s remarks are brought to you by the letter O and the number 16,000,000,000,000.

    Priceless. 🙂

  • I feel even better, now, having listen to both of their speeches.

  • Great post Don, I particularly liked the Romney line about St. Peter facing an early doubter who kept saying, “You didn’t build that Church.”

    You know in each campaign there are moments that same to have no relevancy to the campaign, but later end up being some sort of indicator. In 2008 in an awkward moment John McCain was labeled as being old because he was fumbling around with his cell phone (which we many of us who are over 40 probably do on a regular basis.) Tonight it seemed President Obama didn’t want to be there (now in his defense I am sure a lot of candidates would rather be out on the trail 19 days before the election. ) However, as Don pointed out it seemed then Senator Obama really enjoyed himself in 2008.

  • ” … Rules of fairness have to be enforced, and what other safeguard do we have besides the press … My job is to lay out a positive vision for the country, and their job is to make sure no one finds out about it. ”

    ” Let’s just say that some in the media have a certain way of looking at things.
    … I’ve already seen early headlines about tonight … Obama embraced by Catholics, Romney dies with rich people. “

  • From day one Obama always sounded angry to me. He sounded angry here too. I’m confounded how more people cannot recognize this.

  • Watched the speaches on Hannity. I think Romney was better than Barry O’Bummer, even though his jokes were more pointed politically ( may have generated a little sympathy for Barry)
    I score it Romney 7 – “Hussein” 3 🙂

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  • “3.  These Guys Really Hate Each Other-Both Romney and Obama at the end of their speeches gave unfelt praise to the other.  Their other comments dripped venom for their opponent, especially Romney’s comments.  No love lost here at all.”

    Maybe that’s good. Romney (unlike McCain in 2008) really wants to win. He is motivated as McCain never was. Obama, needs to face an opponent who won’t back down in front of him. He needs to sweat as does every liberal progressive Democrat.

  • So maybe Cdl. Dolan’s decision to go ahead and invite both candidates to the dinner wasn’t such a bad one after all? Just a couple of months ago there was all kinds of hand wringing and despair on the St. Blogs about how Obama was going to use this event as “proof” that he was “Catholic friendly” and win back the Catholic vote. Sounds to me like Romney was the one who benefited.

  • I never joined in the handwringing Elaine because I thought that shrewd fox Cardinal Dolan expected something like this to occur.

  • It might have been hard for O to be required to party with rich people, Catholics, and a rep of the Hierarchy– He did look angry. he obviously did not think his “joke ” about his middle name was funny. It is ok with me if he uses his middle name. I thought that him even saying that was a bid for sympathy pointing out the anti-multi-cultural bullies.

    he might have liked it better if Cardinal Dolan had not invited him– then he could appear morally superior to the church

  • I just watched both links above. I though BO was funny. I didn’t see too much anger in his humor… I thought Romney should have kept in the spirit of the 4th point listed above and not been on the attack in this forum. But it wasn’t over the top either. I just would ave felt better if the focus was more off BO for a bit.

  • Romney was definitely more barbed. As for Crdinal Dolan’s invite, I still think he gave Obama the impression that he has nothing to fear from the bishops…and he doesn’t!

  • And until Cardinal Dolan apologizes to the state of Arizona and begs forgiveness for the his libelous attack on SB 1070, he will still be a disgrace and and embarassment.I also believe he owes the same to Catholics in America that he would sully the Church by using his position in such a disgraceful manner.

  • PM

    isn’t that suppose to be “dines with rich people?”

  • Stilbelieve, yes. The missing ‘n’ is another reason I should avoid the below ‘post comment’ button.

  • I watched both speeches. Romney was terrific. On a side note, I don’t see how you can make a statement like this “these guys really hate each other”. Hate is a very strong word and I don’t think it’s something we as Christians should toss around lightly.

  • there has been plenty of Romney deprecating humor in the air–

  • “and I don’t think it’s something we as Christians should toss around lightly.”

    I call ’em like I see “em Mary.

  • Rallies against the HHS mandate will take place in more than 140 cities around the country tomorrow, Saturday, October 20.


    Let’s all make our voices heard!

  • That Mitt Romney was able to bring up the subject of Fairness, with no interruption, reminds me of David and Goliath story.

    “Obamateurism of the Day
    posted at 8:01 am on October 19, 2012 by Ed Morrissey

    There is almost nothing worse in politics than the zinger that ends up as backfire. Barack Obama thought he’d scored a big point on Mitt Romney Tuesday night by attacking his wealth, and specifically his investments and pensions:

    Ha ha! That’s great — Obama got to tell Romney that his pension isn’t as big as Romney’s, reminding everyone that Romney’s rich. Unfortunately for Obama, not only did Romney turn out to be right about Obama’s investments in China and the Caymans, for which Obama has hammered Romney for months, Obama has far more lucrative pensions than Romney does (via Carol Platt Liebau):

    As president, he will receive $191,300 annually for life — win or lose in next month’s election — and receives a travel allotment as well as mailing privileges. Should Obama lose, his presidential pension kicks in immediately after leaving office.

    Given that the president enjoys a normal life span, the pension allotment would be worth upwards of $6 million.

    The federal budget spends about $3 million annually for the four living ex-presidents. Obama also will get Secret Service protection.

    In addition, Obama may be due a nice pension for the eight years he served in the Illinois Legislature as a state senator.

    Illinois is infamous for its lavish pension plan for former lawmakers. A Freedom of Information Act request for Obama’s pension amount submitted Wednesday to the General Assembly Retirement System of Illinois was not immediately answered, nor was a call to the Obama campaign.

    But what about Romney? He must be getting some fat-cat pensions based on golden parachutes made out of the skin of workers sacrificed to the gods of Bain and Capitalism, right? Nope. In fact, Romney has no pensions at all, and only has the money he’s saved on his own (worth a considerable amount, of course):

    His Individual Retirement Account could be worth in the neighborhood of $87 million, as documented in an extensive report from the Washington Post.

    But as for a strictly public pension? Zip, zero.

    Romney only served one term as governor of the Bay State and did not take a salary, so he is eligible for nothing.

    So while Romney appears headed for a happier retirement financially, he’ll be footing his own bill — unless, of course, he wins next month. In that case, his nest egg will be even that much bigger than Obama’s.

    You think that a man who runs the most powerful nation on Earth might know something about his own portfolio before trying out that attack. Then again, Obama has rung up four straight trillion-dollar deficits, so clearly fiscal management isn’t one of his strong suits.”

  • I agree with Greg Mockeridge. I thought that Cardinal Dolan should never have given public recognition at a Catholic event to an abortionist and advocate of sodomy. The Cardinal, like most Roman clerics, is too enamored with the false gospel of social justice and the common good. But having Obama at a public forum hear with his own ears the disdain he has inspired in his opponent is something he needs. I am happy that his liberal, sanctimoniously open-minded, tolerate and diversity-supporting nose has been rubbed in that disdain. All liberals need to understand exactly how close-minded, intolerant and divisive they really are. Romney was barbed? Good! I hope some of those barbs went beneath the skin of Barack Hussein Obama and causes him to realize what a wreck he has made of this country both economically and morally, and how he just may fall in defeat on November 6th after all.

  • “Let’s all make our voices heard!”


  • Sorry, it was still a very bad idea despite Romney “winning” it. When all the analysis is over and done with most people will see Obama, Romney and Cardinal Dolan laughing it up together.

    Michael Voris says it best:


  • Nope, it was a very good idea. Too many Catholics are clear about the innocence of doves in Christ’s admonition and forget about the wiliness of serpents. I would hate to play chess against Cardinal Dolan.

  • Donald,

    Maybe you are correct. After all, Cardinal Dolan is a consecrated successor to the Apostles, having received the seal of Holy Orders (is that the right term?). As such, maybe it is the Holy Spirit who has inspired him to invite both candidates to the Al Smith dinner. I never thought inviting Obama to any Catholic function was right, but I am not in Apostolic succession as Cardinal Dolan is. Maybe I should trust that the Holy Spirit knows what He is doing.

  • Dolan probably depended mainly upon his native shrewdness Paul, but perhaps the Holy Spirit gave a nudge or two. I think the night turned out badly for Obama and I think Dolan expected it to. He had met both Romney and Obama on several prior occasions and I think he had the measure of each man.

  • Cardinal Dolan, in my very humble opinion, has out classed, out smarted and allowed humility to trump the arrogance of Chicago city organizer. Much of the public is aware of the violation of 1st Amendment rights to freedom of religion in relationship to the HHS mandate, despite the MSM blackouts.
    My hope is that tomorrow’s national rally for freedom of conscience will in some miraculous way help the undecided to vote for protecting our right to support the unborn.
    Cardinal Dolan took the high road, not the easier predictable road of “eye for an eye.”

    I pray it works.

  • “Illinois is infamous for its lavish pension plan for former lawmakers.”

    After the last election, one newly elected Republican lawmaker chose not to enroll in the General Assembly Retirement System — the first legislator that anyone can remember declining the pension. He only got one chance to enroll so his decision will stick. Now there are a growing number of Republican and even a few Democratic candidates for legislative seats promising voters that they won’t take the GARS pension, and it seems to be a popular move with voters. Giving up the GARS pension (which kicks in after only 8 years of service) is probably the easiest, most popular and most relatively painless form of Illinois pension reform out there right now since most legislators have other employment to fall back on. I would not be surprised to see the GARS system closed to further enrollment within the next few years.

  • Thank you for the video Jasper

    I think immediately of John the Baptist and King Herod

  • So Michael Voris would have us to believe that the Master would so no mercy. Better to bring on the persecution huh.
    I can’t buy it.
    The money changers and Dolan hobnobbing together for WHAT gain Darth Vortex?
    I see it now. So he is popular with the Catholic Dems. What next Mike? Having us to believe that Dolan is on the take. I see it now….the jet, the private estate, the scandal of it all.

    Thank God that He, God is our Judge, and not man.

    Please give Dolan the benefit of the doubt, and pray more…slander less.

  • I believe we are at minute 16 and counting with Mr. Voris.

  • “I believe we are at minute 16 and counting with Mr. Voris.”


  • To Paul Z and Donald M,

    What does the reference to minute 16 mean? Sorry. I really don’t know.

    To Jasper and Chris P.,

    I did not agree with Cardinal Dolan’s invitation for Obama to attend the Al Smith dinner. I thought it was like John the Baptist acquiescing to King Herod. But Cardinal Dolan is a successor of the Apostles, having been consecrated as a Bishop in Holy Orders. I do not therefore believe that Obama’s embarrassment and discomfort at the Al Smith dinner occurred without influence of the Holy Spirit on Cardinal Dolan’s decision to invite him (though Donald says that that is more likely attributed to Cardinal Dolan’s own craftiness). Indeed, while I am a big fan of Michael Voris, I think here in this video he comes dangerously close to laying his hands on the Lord’s servant, and even David would not do that to his enemy, King Saul. Of course, that means I have been guilty of the same,

    The other issue Michael Voris raised of all those rich people who fund the Al Smith dinner and are also contributors to pro-abortion, pro-homosexual politicians should be dealt with. but surely there are ways of communicating this to Cardinal Dolan without the kind of criticism we see here in Voris’s video. Again, my own similar sins come to mind.

    All this being said, the best thing that came out of the Al Smith dinner is Obama having to sit in the hot seat and publicly display facial signs of discomfort or anger. His real side is showing more and more this election season and the voters are seeing that. So while I had thought that Cardinal Dolan erred in the invitation, maybe I am the one who is in error. God’s will will be done. I hope that does not involve persecution of the Church as Voris advocated in his video, but Romans chapter 11 comes to mind. Would Voris himself remain true to his bravado in the actual face of such persecution, or would it be Cardinal Dolan who remains true?

  • Paul, it’s a reference to “15 minutes of fame.” I believe it was Warhol who suggested that all people are famous for 15 minutes. The implication is that Mr. Voris has reached the zenith of his popularity.

  • Thank you, Paul Z.

    Cardinal Dolan, in having valid Apostolic succession, does not need the 15 minutes of fame as those without such succession apparently crave when they speak with the authority reserved for someone in such valid succession.

    My sins of self-righteous criticism come to mind.

  • A problem other people named Paul struggle with sometime as well. 😉

  • Paul P,
    I agree with much of your post, especially this:

    I am a big fan of Michael Voris, I think here in this video he comes dangerously close to laying his hands on the Lord’s servant

    All I can say is this, I spent 45 minutes in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, then brought my young daughter with me for 5-10 minutes (about as much as she will behave) to spend with our Lord. As I reflect on this my time spent in Adoration, as her father I cannot imagine doing anything that would give the possibility of scandal to her.

    This whole affair just doesn’t sit right with me.

    Also, regarding John the Baptist and King Herrod, I was implying he did not acquiesce; He did not dialogue, he condemed Herrod.

  • I too have enjoyed the vortex, and I have been hard on Mike in this post. I lived near Milwaukee when Bishop Dolan, appointed by JP II, flew in to a post Wakeland Catholicism.
    I met Dolan at Holy Hill at an ordination mass on July 16th for a Carmelite deacon. To many, Bishop Dolan was and is the warm Spring breeze during a very long and cold winter.
    I’m biased, yes.
    I feel that Mike was unfair with his assault on our Cardinal.
    Please accept my apology for my harsh rebuttal to Mikes video.

  • While I have my share of problems with Voris, his video on this is pretty measured compared to other things he has said on other subjects. I don’t think it was a good idea that Dolan invited Obama. I think Mr. McClarey’s wishful thinking about the leadership of our bishops vis-a-vis the HHS mandate is in overdrive. I don’t see the shwredness in this decision at all. Obama didn’t come away from this looking any worse. In fact, he may have looked a little better. After the two debates he cames away looking like the thinskinned Messiah complexed ideologue that he is. His presentation at the dinner made him look like someone who could at least have a sense of self-deprecating humor. Whereas it was Romney looked like more of the attack dog at the dinner. Of course, I don’t have a problem with that. But Obama looked no worse for the wear.

    But I think reasonable people can disagree as to whether or not it was a good idea. Even though I have a very low opinion of Cardinal Dolan for the very serious reasons I state in a previous post on this thread, I think some of the King Herod comparisons regarding the invite were over the top. I just think he just reaffirmed in Obama’s mind that he has nothing to fear from the Catholic bishops in this country. Voris does raise a valid point about how he is going to deal with the self-professed legally married to her lesbian lover who is likely to be the next mayor (at least according to Voris I haven’t followed NYC politics close enough to know of her electoral chances). I’m not quite I embrace Voris’ view on that, but, like I said, it’s a valid point.

  • Greg.
    ..nothing to fear from the Catholic bishops…

    Let Obama think that. I hope he does. It should be the sheep that Obama fears.
    We will see if the Sheppards united effort this past year will be fruitful. I read that 52% eligible Catholics voted for Obama in 08.

    With the help of our Bishops this could be 20% or less come the 6th. Okay….I can dream.

  • Letting a bully think the object of bullying is weak will only increase the bullying. Tell me how do you figure any shift in the Catholic vote will be due to the efforts of the USCCB?

    I would suspect that if a Republican president had tried something like this HHS madate, the invective from the bishops would be signiifcantly more fierce than it has been toward Obama. The same USCCB joined forces with the Obama Admistration against AZ’s SB 1070, a just law that is clearly consistent with Catholic morality, in thier Amicus brief to the Supreme Court. They had the nerve to (get this) say it was aviolation of religious liberty. Did the USCCB file an Amicus against Obamacare when it went up to the Supreme Court, even though it had funding for abortion? Nooooo!!!

    As I point out in an above post, Cardinal himself launched what I believe is clearly a libelous attack against SB 1070 http://www.catholic.org/politics/story.php?d=36322.

    Look up the text of SB 1070 and explain to me how an honest reading of the law warrants anything that remotely justifies Cardinal Dolan’s equating it the the KKK.

    Cardinal Dolan never dared levelling anything near that kind of invective at Obama.
    What kind of moral cerdibility does a Prince of the Church have when he engages in such behavior? Quite frankly, how anyone who calls himself an orthodox Catholic can read what Cardinal Dolan said about SB 1070 and not be outrage is itself an outrage.

  • ” I don’t see the shwredness in this decision at all. Obama didn’t come away from this looking any worse. In fact, he may have looked a little better.”

    That is a funnier comment than anything Obama said at the Al Smith Dinner Greg. I defy anyone to compare and contrast Obama and Romney at the Dinner and think that Obama came off looking the better for it. You have an axe to grind against Dolan because he does not share your support for the Arizona law and it colors your perception of what I think was a clear defeat for the South Side Messiah.






  • Donald I have “an axe to grind” against Dolan BECUASE HE SLANDERED THAT LAW, NOT MERELY BECAUSE HE OPPOSED IT!!!!!AND YOU KNOW IT!!!!!! I have provided clear divdence of it. It is a serious scandal!!! THis is something all poeple of goodwill, especially Catholics, ought to be outraged about, whether they agree with the law or not. Llike I said, the fact that anyone who calls himself an orthodox Cathoilic and not be outraged by Dolan’s conduct is itslef an outrage. Donald, tell me how an honest reading of the Arizona Law (you can find it online, it’s only 15 or 16 pages) justifies Dolan’s equating it with the what KKK did in the South.

  • Chill out Greg. Typing in caps makes your tirade against Dolan no more convincing to me. I think Dolan is wrong on the Arizona law and dead right on inviting Obama to the Al Smith Dinner.

  • Okay, chilled. But Dolan was not just wrong, but scandalously so. You do not find it to be a serious problem when the most influential bishop, with a huge reputation for orthodoxy, engages in the same kind of calumnious race baiting Obama and the rest of the left does?

    As far as the Al Smith Dinner goes, I think it was a bad idea on Dolan’s part yes. But I also pointed out that reasonable can disagree. I thought Romney looked a little oetty in his obvious attack mode, although I liked the digs and Obama looked less like the thinnedskinned ideologue he really is. I even said I thought, despite my utter contempt for Cdl. Dolan, I thought the Herod comparisons were over the top.

    Donald, for bishops moral credibility is everything, particularly now. You may not want to come to terms with this, but the bishops don’t have any, all the fawning notwithstanding. They are a big reason why Obama thought he could get away with the this HHS Mandate. And they have supported policies that enabled this. And until they acknowledge their responsibility in helping cause this, all their posturing will amount to nothing bu a dog and pony show.

    Chill enough for you?

  • P.S. Donald I used caps in the previous post, to make my indignation over your mischaracterization of my problem with Dolan as being merely his not sharing my view on the AZ when you know that was not the case. A retraction on your part is in order I think.

  • I personally think Greg that bishops should rarely speak out on any political issue, with the exceptions being where there is a clear violation of Catholic teaching of the magnitude of abortion. In regard to immigration my preference would be for the bishops not to take any side at all on the issue, since it doesn’t rise to the level of abortion, and reasonable people can disagree, as opposed to abortion. I have actually been quite heartened by the reaction of the bishops to the HHS Mandate led by Cardinal Dolan. Dolan’s benediction at the Democrat convention was of a piece with inviting Obama to the AL Smith Dinner. I believe he is playing a very clever game in regard to Obama, and I think it will show when one of the factors leading to Obama being defeated is his losing the Catholic vote decisively in the swing states.

  • “A retraction on your part is in order I think.”

    NO! 🙂

  • Greg-
    Letting a bully…

    Read the accounts of St. Maximilian Kolbe, and the conversions that followed. St. Steven. Gondi. Countless heroic acts of Faith in the face of bullies have brought about deep and lasting change. It has a soul piercing effect that moves mountains and this is why I believe it works, even in this case with the naked emperor.

    As I mentioned before, my HOPE and prayer is that a miracle takes place. Today the third stand up rally takes to our public streets. The third this year. More priests are openly speaking from the ambo to Catholics everywhere of the fight that the administration brought to us. We did not pick the fight, however we will not walk away from it. This message from our Bishops has permeated to local churches, and my prayer and hope is for a miraculous catch. Say 32% swing.
    Let down your nets for a catch.

    I’m trusting, hoping, praying and physically on the street to bring attention that this current emperor is naked. That we Shall Never submit to Laws that trample our consciences regarding the protection of the unborn
    If Christ is with us who can be against us? The bully is toast.

  • Well, Donald, that you have no problem with mischaracterizing the positions of another, and allowing it to stand,s speaks a very unflattering truth about you. But that’s my problem it’s yours.

  • I think I will put you on moderation Greg until you grow a sense of humor and perspective.

  • I also disagree with Dolan on the Arizona law. However, I am startled by people who seem to expect that Dolan should refuse to have anything to do with the President of the United States, and the leading NY pols. I’ve always enjoyed my visits to NYC. However, it’s a deep blue, very liberal city with a very high abortion rate and its’ elected officals reflect that. So…what is the Cardinal supposed to do? Hole up in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, shunning all the terrible sinners out there? Or does he go break bread with the sinners and engage with the world? The Cardinal of NY, the most high profile Catholic in the nation, cannot be a monk, turning his back on the sinful world. He has to go out there and engage people, powerful, worldy people, including those who hate the Church and all that it stands for.

    Believe me, secular leftists would like nothing more than for Dolan to do what purer-than-pure Catholics seem to want him to do – disengage from politics and refuse to meet with or entertain politicans who are less than pure (by definition, that’s just about every pol out there).

  • While I disagree with Cardinal Dolan’s position on illegal immigration, he is NOT the enemy. We should remember that Satan is the enemy and the Democratic Party operatives his foot-soldiers. Yes, the words Cardinal Dolan used in criticizing the politicians in Arizona who enacted the immigration reform laws that he does not like were harsh, but certainly no harsher than words which I have used to criticize Democratic Party operatives among the clergy. There is a world of difference between Cardinal Dolan who clearly has his heart in the right place, and Bishop Hubbard of the Diocese of Albany who authorized the distribution of needles to heroin addicts in his city, and who gave Holy Communion to pro-abortion, pro-sodomy Andy Cuomo and his live-in mistress Sandra Dee at the Gubernatorial Inaugural Mass, praising Cuomo for ushering in a new age of the gospel of social justice in NY State. Ezekiel 34:1-10 clearly applies in the case of the latter, whereas in Cardinal Dolan’s case, what we should do is write him letters, explaining with reason and dispassionate analysis why his position on illegal immigration is wrong. I get the impression that unlike clerics such as Bishop Hubbard, Cardinal Dolan is amenable to logic and not beholden to partisan politics. True, he has a streak of social justice in him, but I attribute that to the indoctrination which most Catholic clerics received in Seminary in the post-Vatican II environment. And no, there is nothing wrong with Vatican II per se, but rather its interpretation and implementation in liberal Western societies, but that is a topic for a different discussion.

    Suffice it to say that I can disagree with Cardinal Dolan on issues like illegal immigration, but I do think he is a hero when it comes to making Obama feel the discomfort of the influence of the Holy Spirit convicting his soul. I think that has something to do with why Obama launches into Planned Parenthod advertisements right after the Al Smith dinner. He doesn’t like a prince of the Church putting him on the hot seat, so he ups the support for what the Church opposes as though to say, to use a Battlestar Galatica term, “Frack all you Catholics.” I say praise the Lord for Cardinal Dolan (but I still will oppose all that social justice nonsense tooth and nail).

  • I think some of the King Herod comparisons regarding the invite were over the top.

    In hindsight I shouldn’t have said that. My passions get the best of me quiet often. I think the best thing to say is I think it was a bad decision to invite Obama and leave it at that. Bad analogy, I apologize.

  • The comments have been an interesting conversation.

    I watched both videos more than once–this was a national broadcast that matters alot, I think! I watched it from my home in South Puget Sound, WA state, which assuredly will go to Obama thanks to the People’s Republic of Seattle. I loved loved LOVED Romney’s remarks; he may have benefited from a low bar–he is not known for being a great wit. I loved the attacks on Obama, thought they were all wickedly funny; Obama had some funny lines too, but he was not warm and graceful like Romney. Maybe he is dealing with his upcoming election loss, but he has also oft been described as having a “cool” temperament and maybe this has served him poorly. He might have been a better president had he been lampooned this effectively more often in public and the MSM. Finally, I have thought for a while that he has crummy speechwriters; who remembers anything great from his speeches? I sure don’t; what he will be remembered for is that silly line about the oceans rising, etc at the time of his nomination, and his gaffes.

2 Responses to Libya Lies

Did Joe Sleep Through the War With Iran?

Thursday, October 18, AD 2012

In the above video our beloved National Clown lauded our veterans who served in Iraq and Iran.  What do you think?

1.  Bone headed Biden being bone headed Biden.

2.  Give Joe a break, they both begin with I!

3.  Joe let the cat out of bag in regard to the October Surprise!

4.  Sure there was a war with Iran.  That is where “Blood and Guts” Biden got his brain injury!

5.  Biden was unable to plagiarize in his Geography course in college.

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7 Responses to Did Joe Sleep Through the War With Iran?

Soon To Be Released Polls Show Religious & Midwest Voters Moving To Romney

Thursday, October 18, AD 2012

Just a quick update to my post of some two weeks ago; I exchanged e-mails with two prominent pollsters who told me that not only are religious voters moving toward Governor Romney in a big way (we expected that) but so are voters in the Midwest. One of the pollsters read my article on The Data and Demographics That Detail Why Romney Defeats Obama in Ohio.

He told me he was “amazed” at the shifting demographics in Ohio in areas of the state that would help Governor Romney and hurt President Obama. He indicated that many pollsters hadn’t taken this into account (lots of population shifts since the Economic Upheaval of 2008.) This particular pollster, who you probably have seen on TV and or read his highly respected polls, is currently working on polls in Ohio and other Midwest states.

The other pollster told me that the religious vote which strongly went for Senator McCain in 2008 will be easily surpassed by 2012 totals. Now anything can happen from here to election day, yet as Don explained in his post on the Fat Lady Warming Up these are not bounces but surges. As I indicated in my just released book, The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn, the religious faithful are persistent and though they certainly don’t hang out with the pop culture and media movers and shakers and because of this are often overlooked, that doesn’t mean they won’t be heard at the ballot box on Election Day.

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4 Responses to Soon To Be Released Polls Show Religious & Midwest Voters Moving To Romney

  • Well the U of Colorado model by Berry and Bickers predicted several months ago that most Midwest states would go for Romney including Ohio, PA, WI and MN. I still think Iowa will go for Romney although the model predicted it would stay for Obama. I believe Bush 43 came reasonably close in 2004 to sweeping the Midwest apart from IL. If the Repubs cannot lock up the Midwest for a generation after all that the national and local Dems have done to them over the years (eg flyover country, bitter clingers) it’s hopeless.

  • Rozin, keep in mind of the liberal history of Wisconsin and Minnesota and even Iowa to some extent. The Progressive Party (the 1924 LaFollette version) was very strong in Wisconsin and the Democratic Farm Labor Party was and still is very active in Minnesota. Some elements of these groups were very Left for their era. They live on in today and conservatism has a hard time breaking into some of these strongholds, even though some of these folks may be somewhat socially conservative. The last time Minnesota went GOP was 1972.

    While many on the coasts think the Midwest is all rural, though it is primarily the case in area, it is not the case in population centers (Off the top of my head I believe Pennsylvania has the highest rural population in America.) There are more people than you would think in certain midwest cities who live in urbane enclaves and wish they were in NYC or DC. As I indicated in my previous article on demographics, this is juxtaposed by a suburban populace that votes 2-1 against everything those in the urbane areas stand for. In the last three Ohio election cycles, it has been who can get the bigger turnout.

  • Mr Hartline,

    First thank you for a very detailed and careful exposition in your Ohio post. Yes I understand the history of these states. Also those state predictions were by the model not myself. I was just commenting personally about Iowa. I would be surprised if MN goes Repub too. However many of these states went for Reagan and even for Bush 41 in 1988. In addition Bush43 came somewhat close to sweeping them (except IL) in 2004. My point is simply that the Repubs need to make a more forceful effort to get these states. As we have seen with the Mountain states a few fleeing Californians can tip the balance in these lightly populated states to the Dems and FL and VA are no longer rock solid. If the Repubs don’t nail the Midwest down where do they go??

  • Rozin, excellent post. First of all let me say this about demographics. As much I like the research, they are only as valid as the current election. Case in point; in 1974 Democrats were ecstatic thinking that by 1976 they would have a foothold on the electorate for a generation. It didn’t turn out that way, had you told them that in 1980 America would vote in an old Hollywood actor and the youth would be his biggest fans, many would think they you were ingesting something that might be a felony.

    The Midwest is crucial to the GOP but President GW Bush won in 2004 without Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois. If Governor Romney would win and the youthful and athletic Paul Ryan and Senator Rubio continue to play a big roll in GOP politics, I could see a big upswing of young and Hispanic voters coming the GOP’s way. President Obama took advantage of a once in a lifetime perfect storm for the Democrats. However, it is doubtful that the sequence of events (economic meltdown, unpopular foreign policy and a charismatic candidate with a star studded entourage) will ever align themselves (at least in our lifetime, I am 48.) Time will tell.

The Fat Lady Hasn’t Sung Yet, But You Can Hear Her Warming up at the Mike

Wednesday, October 17, AD 2012



Gallup today was Romney 51-Obama 45.  Polls come and polls go, but this one is significant for several reasons:

1.  50% and up-It is the first time that Romney has gone above 50% in the Gallup tracker.

2.  Surge Not a Bounce Initially it was thought that Romney got a bounce from the first debate.  Bounces fade.  What this poll demonstrates is that Romney for the past two weeks has been enjoying a surge.

3.  Incumbent Forty Blues-It is electoral death normally for an incumbent to be under 50% in a Presidential race this late in the election season, due to the fact that most undecided voters break for the challenger.  Obama in the mid-forties is looking at a ceiling for his support well under 50%.

4.   October Winner-The candidate ahead in mid-October has almost always gone on to win.  The only exception I can think of is Reagan in 1980, and Democrat blather to the contrary Obama isn’t Reagan.

5.  One More Debate-The events that can have a major impact on the election are running out.  Just one more debate and that is on foreign policy, probably not the President’s favorite subject in these Benghazi haunted days.

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18 Responses to The Fat Lady Hasn’t Sung Yet, But You Can Hear Her Warming up at the Mike

  • What’s shocking is that 45% of respondents still support that dull and illogical failure.

    Oh! The fruits of public, unionized education . . .

  • A fair summary although for #4 it should be noted that Carter and Reagan had yet to debate by Oct 15. Also I believe poll averages (as opposed to Gallup) had the race even or Reagan up by a point by this time.

  • Potemkin village

    Had to check Wikipedia to find its meaning – initially thought it was some Cherokee or other North American Indian saying 😉
    Must remember to use in appropriate………………………

  • “A fair summary although for #4 it should be noted that Carter and Reagan had yet to debate by Oct 15. Also I believe poll averages (as opposed to Gallup) had the race even or Reagan up by a point by this time.”

    Both correct Rozin. Additionally the presence of a third party candidate John Anderson was skewing the results to a certain extent in the polls.

  • “initially thought it was some Cherokee or other North American Indian saying”

    “Potemkin” does have an Indian sound to it Don, although the Russians were welcome to the actual Prince Grigory. My Cherokee ancestors had enough problems back in the Eighteenth Century without being saddled with a cast off lover of the Tsarina!

  • I do not think the notion of ‘preference cascade’ applies here. The social psychology of fashion might have insights into the phenomenon that is Obama, particularly among the young. It does seem that asserted political opinions have taken on more and more of an element of a statement of identity, and not merely among the young. Look at (say) Charles Fried’s remarks on Sarah Palin and ask yourself if his stated concerns make any sense placed in historical context.

  • Politics as fashion statement is definitely part of the Obama appeal Art. The bitter hatred that Palin aroused demonstrated that we are definitely looking at emotions in play that go far deeper than mere politics. The Media, most of it, is heavily invested in this on the port side of our politics. Ace at Ace of Spades has a good post on this and the preference cascade:

    “A preference cascade occurs when a substantial number of people are falsifying their preferences — not just in public declarations, but also, more importantly, to themselves. They accept a Narrative promoted by a ubiquitous taste-maker that sets the terms of discussion and also attaches either a social credit to preferences in line with its own, or a social demerit to preferences contrary to its preferences.

    Swamped by this ubiquitous, always chattering, always nagging Narrative — pushed by the media, of course — many people succumb to the bandwagon effect, and begin not so much accepting the Narrative as surrendering it to it.

    Humans have a strong inclination to prefer the path of least resistance. And if you think about it, that’s a pretty smart play. Humans generally take the easiest path when they’re walking — they don’t go wildly out of their way to find hills to climb. If there’s a nice, easy, level paved road, they take it.

    And that’s not crazy or “weak.” That’s just common sense.

    The media is a superhighway of spin determined to make voting Democratic the path of least resistance for a majority of American voters.

    At any rate, the preference cascade theory suggests that people will continue falsifying their preferences, overwhelmed by the reinforcement of what the media is saying (and thereby, what most of their social contacts are saying), until and unless something occurs to powerfully jolt the Narrative. When that happens, people feel a license to question the media’s preferences which they have surrendered to, and ultimately reject these media preferences in favor of their own, real preferences.

    So that’s what I kept forgetting. I kept talking about the Preference Cascade just happening.

    But they don’t “just happen.” There is an event which triggers the cascade. Like shaking a beaker of supersaturated salts will suddenly cause a precipitate to fall. But you need that shake. Otherwise, the liquid remains as it was.

    Without the jolt, people will simply continuing doing what they’d done before — surrendering to an easy Narrative, accepting the path of least resistance, as defined by their Media Narrative Manufacturers.

    So there was, I think, a preference cascade potential. But that potential only became real during the debate.”


  • The gift of discernment
    is a beautiful thing.

  • What’s shocking is that 45% of respondents still support that dull and illogical failure.

    Look on the bright side– that’s only about 4% of the population, if the “only 9% contacted respond” stat is right.

    (Yes, yes, I know O has more support than that. I just wonder how many other folks like me have looked at all the other supposedly secret political surveys and petitions have been made public…with folks’ home addresses…by know criminal activists that view disagreement as an attack.)

  • As long as Romney wins, that is all that matters. May God grant him victory and may God protect him.

  • T Shaw is correct to be concerned at Obama’s residual level of support. My own subjective assessment is that every percentage point over 40% means a 10% less chance the country will survive in its Constitutional form. However, it is not simply ignorance. Everyone associated with the non-defense govt or state and local govt is voting their self interest. Also union job households are voting self interest. Then there are the folks who survive off the government, also self interest. Although one might argue that the Left’s policies hurt the whole country the Govt has a very great capacity to build a cocoon around such people all the way down. The trajectory of the UK is a real warning since their culture was fairly similar to our own (i.e. less absolutist than other European countries)

  • Pingback: Soon To Be Released Polls Show Religious & Midwest Voters Moving To Romney | The American Catholic
  • I don’t doubt the possibility that we’re seeing a preference cascade to some extent, as people who have been looking for permission to vote against President Obama finally found it in the first debate. But there’s also a sense of shock among voters after that debate that can’t be discounted. People had no idea that Obama could be that bad. The analogy I keep thinking of is a manager on the way to a conference on the pitcher’s mound. This guy just doesn’t have a strike left in him. We’ve got to get a new pitcher in there. Nothing personal.

    Of course, the argument against Obama is a lot more solid than that. I can’t think of a reason anyone would vote for him. But a lot of the erosion of support is based on this sudden (for some people) feeling that this guy isn’t cut out for the job. And that ties into the topic of residual support. I don’t think we’re seeing a change in people’s underlying political views. I hope I’m wrong, but I think a lot of people who voted for him last time and may vote for Romney this time really haven’t been won over.

  • This website is hilarious. People calling themselves Catholic who support a party which uses war and might again against Iran. No true man of faith can support a war which has no basis.

  • It may have escaped your notice Chris, but the nutcases that run Iran have made no secret of what they will do once they achieve nuclear weapons. Additionally both political parties are pledged to use military force if necessary to stop that. In fact, the Obama administration has used covert action against the Iranian nuclear program as well as imposing sanctions.

  • “In fact, the Obama administration has used covert action against the Iranian nuclear program as well as imposing sanctions.”

    Not to get off topic or anything, but I just can’t help myself………..

    it is said that the STUXNET virus which infected the Siemens programmable logic controllers for the gas diffusion centrifuges used to enrich the content of fissile uranium-235 within Iran’s uranium supply was a covert creation and deployment done by Israeli and US cyber warfare specialists with the full approval of Barack Hussein Obama. The virus resulted in severe maloperation of many centrifuges, resulting in significant time delays for repairs and replacements that pushed back Iran’s quest to fuel a nuclear weapon by years. I, of course, have no first hand knowledge of this.

    Now here is the point: natural uranium is 99.3% non-fissile but fertile U-238, and 0.7% U-235. To be used in a typical light water moderated, light water cooled nuclear reactor in order to generate electrical power, the content of U-235 must be enriched to between 3 and 5% to overcome the macroscopic corss-section that the hydrogen in water has for absorbing thermal neutrons and shutting down the chain reaction. Iran, however, is proceeding well beyond the 5% level needed for power production fuel. Indeed, Iran is going beyond the 20% needed for research reactors that produce medical isotopes like Technetium-99. Its goal clearly is 90+% which is what is required to fuel a nuclear weapon.

    Now in the 1920s and 30s fools disbelieved Hitler’s advocacy to subject the Jews to genocide, yet these same fools believed him when he said he would stop at conquering Austria and Checkoslovakia. It took a world war to stop him. Today fools disbelieve the Iranian President when he says that he wants to shove Israel into the Mediterranean, yet these same fools believe him when he says that Iran is enriching U-235 just for peaceful purposes. It is simply not logical, and even Barack Hussein Obama – the majority of whose policies I detest and loathe with every fabric of my being – realizes that it is not logical.

    The mad Ayatollahs whose rabble rousing resulted in the American hostage crisis in Iran in the late 1970s when Jimmy Carter was President are the same kinds of people still in charge in Iran. They are evil. The Iranian people are not evil. The Ayatollahs will use nuclear weapons against Israel once they get to 90+% enrichment of U-235.

    By the way, why is no one saying anything about Iran’s efforts to acquire heavy water (i.e., deuterium)? With a heavy water reactor, natural uranium can be used as fuel because, while the scattering cross-section of deuterium is not as good for thermalizing neutrons as hydrogen is, its absorbtion cross-section is much lower and that makes such a reactor ideal for generating Plutonium-239 via neutron capture in U-238 which goes to U-239 which beta minus decays to Np-239 which in turn beta minus decays into fissile Pu-239. Why do some people believe that this is still a peaceful effort? Iran is going in two directions: gaseous diffusion of U-235 which is in all the news media, and possibly breeding Pu-239 about which everyone is silent. Fission weapons can and do use both isotopes.

    Yes, we should and must use military force (as a last resort) to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. And yes, while Israel is an undeclared nuclear weapons power, there is a significant difference between the kind of government that Israel has (as evidenced by its restraint) and the mad Islamic fanatical clerics running Iran.

  • Thanks for being brief, Chris.

    There is no justice in the Obama regime and it is, in fact, organized brigandage.

    Obama did not immediately end both the Afghan and Iraq wars on January 20, 2009.

    And, last Summer he (without Congressional consent) used hundreds US fighter bombers in unjust attacks (bombing and strafing) to murder of Ghaddafi and his people.

    And, how many murders by aerial drone did Obama commit?

    And, he immediately closed Gitmo . . .

    And, the economy is crushed because of his we-hate-rich-people, misguided policies.

    No true man of Faith can support abortion, unjust wars, government enforced artificial contraception, class hate, racist hate, sodomy, . . . i.e., Obama.

    Chris, What name do they use for the planet on which you exist?

  • This is why I hate election years: it’s always polls this and deuterium cross-section that….

    Just teasing, Paul. It’s great to read an online expert who actually knows what he’s talking about.