Nothing Says Romance Like Genocide!

Wednesday, January 23, AD 2013

14 Responses to Nothing Says Romance Like Genocide!

  • The man in the commercial is completely demonic and satanic. This is clear to anyone who has the barest thread of conscience.

  • It’s like a screwtape commercial.

  • His laugh is Satanic, the concept and its just plain sickening. Gross. The sleazy music and what is sipping…reminds me of a SNL skit.
    To Hell they will gladly run. Heaven will be to foreign. They will choose Hell.

  • are they continuing to run this ad or are they withdrawing it after hearing how so many people react ?

  • My wife showed me this yesterday, and it is really creepy. What is sad is that the marketing people at Planned Parenthood have been so corrupted by what they do that they can’t recognize how creepy it is. They think it would be effective marketing. Quite frankly, I hope they don’t pull it. They should show it as widely and as often as they can! It’s effective for the pro-life movement!

  • How disgusting!
    Who is that idiot, anyway? Is he an actor?
    Stomach churning!

  • Does anyone else find it sickening that he keeps calling the anniversary of legalized abortion “baby”?

    It’s almost like he’s saying “you look great for being a dismembered corpse for 40 years”… “creepy” and “sickening” really don’t give justice to how disgusting this commercial really is.

  • Here, before you, we see a man devoid of conscience. It is pretty ugly. WHO gave that individual the right to call me “BABE”? He looks and acts like Beelzebub. “Hey dude” get your courtesy in order, even the devil would not allow you to call him “Babe”, much less “HEY”.
    Jesus Christ treated the sovereign personhood of the devil, evil personified, with respect. Besides, BABE was a pig. Even the swine wanted no part of the devil and exorcized themselves by running off the cliff into the sea and drowning. Smart pigs. I will be having pig’s feet for supper tonight, “Hee, Hee, Hee, hum, Hee”. God willing. And, “Buster”, get your hands off my tax dollars.

  • Ok, Did he seriously just say that?

    Things aren’t that bad, Maxwell the pig would rather play fruit ninja than ——–
    Some people hate Maxwell, others love him. But, the trick of the commercial is to attract customers who have perspercacious values which leads to less claims.

    The commercial shown here is a rip off of the Most Interesting Man In The World.
    Let your imagination roam.
    I don’t use women often, but when I do, I have her pay Planned Parenthood.

  • @Anon: Sorry, Anon, I had Maxwell the pig for supper last night.

    “The commercial shown here is a rip off of the Most Interesting Man In The World.”

    The devil is the most cunning of creatures. However, the devil has no soul, and spends eternity in hell.

  • Do you have a transcript for the ad? It’s been taken down.