Trump and Russia-So What?

Monday, May 22, AD 2017

Lots of ink has been spilled over the investigation into the Trump campaign as to whether it had contacts with the Russian government during the campaign last year.  Kevin D. Williamson at National Review, the same Kevin D. Williamson who hates Trump with the undying hate of the bitterest Never Trumper, states the obvious about the hysteria over this investigation:

But here’s the thing: For all the risible and irresponsible cries of “Treason!” and “Obstruction of justice!” there is not really much reason to believe that Trump has done much of anything wrong — though perhaps the special counsel will learn otherwise — certainly nothing that rises to the level of a treason charge (this is ridiculous talk, but it nonetheless must be taken seriously), or the “high crimes and misdemeanors” that would lead to impeachment, or to the incapacity that would allow for his removal under the 25th Amendment. Trump does not know what he is doing, and he is not very good at this job, but there’s no law against that. It is not unconstitutional to be a fool.
The doings in Washington have a distinctly tropical feel to them, and it isn’t global warming. Republicans who rallied to Trump are now learning that it is very difficult to steer the ship of state with one middle finger. American institutions are very robust, and this moment’s banana-republic stuff probably can be digested, provided there is not too much more of it. But there is no sign that Democrats will be satisfied with paralyzing the administration — at the grassroots, it is plain they will be satisfied with nothing less than driving him from office, and maybe not even with that.
But that is not how constitutional, democratic republics work.
There will be another election in 2020, at which time the American electorate can render its judgment on Trump.

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Trump Fires FBI Director Comey

Tuesday, May 9, AD 2017

Miss Me Yet?

This is going to cause a firestorm, although after the events of last year I don’t see how any President could trust Comey.

President Trump has fired FBI Director James B. Comey, who had been criticized by Democrats and Republicans since the presidential election.

“The president has accepted the recommendation of the attorney general and the deputy attorney general regarding the dismissal of the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters in the briefing room Tuesday afternoon.

Comey was confirmed in 2013. He has been investigating Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election and any potential collusion with the Trump campaign.

Hillary Clinton blamed his late disclosures of an investigation of her emails for her electoral loss

In a statement, the White House said that Trump had told Comey that he has been fired. No reason was provided. 

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16 Responses to Trump Fires FBI Director Comey

  • A double-dealing, two-faced, smooth-as-silk liar as we have seen.

    Double-dealt DJT, Double-dealt Hitlery, Double-dealt the victims and survivors of Ben-Ghazi (his FBI/GPU investigated the “anti-Muslim video protest” and did the forensics on the devastated compound). He knew the truth about Libya and the 13 hours of abandonment by State and the C-in-C.

    The only one he never double-dealt? That’s easy, the man he really was working for, the man he has been still working for—Barry Frank Marshal Davis aka Obama.

  • “Better late than never.” I bet the left-wing propaganda apparatus is working up a million lies (everything they report is a lie) to publish and broadcast.

  • Barry Frank Marshal Davis aka Obama.

    At the time Obama was conceived, the Dunham family had been in Hawaii all of five months. Who is more a more plausible candidate for the sire of Barack Obama: someone enrolled in one of Ann Dunham’s classes at the University of Hawaii who is six years her senior, or the owner of a paper distributorship 37 years her senior who lives 15 miles away from the Dunham home and not on the route between their home and the University of Hawaii campus?

  • I think Trump is getting things in order to finally “lock her up” and keep another campaign promise. He knew he couldn’t do it with Comey in there, he needed to get rid of him. Watch…Hillary Clinton is going to regret “coming out of the woods” and “joining the resistance”. She poked a stick at the Lion and now she’s in his sites. Clinton’s never learn.

  • Trump has long backed off the whole “Lock her up” mantra. And wisely so. For him to pursue that would make him look like a Banana Republic dictator looking to exact revenge on a political opponent.

    Besides, if you understand Hillary’s lust for power, her having to spend the rest of her life know she’ll never be president is punishment enough.

  • I actually enjoyed watching The Apprentice, the original one not so much the Celebrity Apprentice. I would marvel at the way Trump could get teammates to turn on each other and keep everyone in suspense as to who would get fired.

  • We need an FBI director who: 1. Isn’t political, 2. Doesn’t pick and choose between what he’ll investigate, 3. Doesn’t play the games that 1 & 2 cause.

  • Comey did the best he could with a really bad situation– recommend charging Clinton, to the Justice department that opened by dismissing voter intimidation case? Oh, yeah, that won’t get sunk, deliberately.
    Sadly, the Left threw such a fit about Comey “giving” Trump the win that when the counter-intel investigation didn’t magically prove Trump is Putin’s lackey, they’d just insist it proves that Comey was helping Trump.

  • Granted, a sidelight to the main topic, but:

    Art Deco is offended that the Frank Marshal Davis siring of Barack Obama “Junior” came up.

    No, no, no, the well-known promiscuity of Stanley Dunham could not have possibly resulted in her pregnancy with her father’s trusted friend, Frank Davis, no, no: and we should dismiss the nude photos that Frank Davis had in his archive of Stanley (as he had of several young women at this time as an “artist”) as mere coincidence, why every English gentleman has them, probably Art Deco does too.) As we should dismiss the well-known and extended liason between Frank Davis and Stanley as merely a philosophical engagement in exploring communism.

    But least should we consider who Barry Jr actually looks like—his “father”, the squatly-built, round-headed, extremely dark-complected Kenyan, Obama, Sr—or the tall (Barry O. Is 6’1″), lithe, athletic-looking Frank Marshal Davis (6’2″). Barry O’s scalp and hairline March almost exactly Frank Davis’ as do his ears: he looks nothing like Barack Obama, Sr.

    Or we could just read “The Communist”, by Paul Kengor who ties a hundred more factually based details linking Frank Davis with his birth on, Barry, Jr.

    No, no, no.

  • Obama’s mother had no reason to lie about his parentage. At any rate I am calling a halt to any further comments about Obama’s parentage. It has a whiff of the Birther nonsense about it, it is irrelevant to the topic of the post, and now that Obama is no longer President it seems generally irrelevant to me.

  • Aw, shucks!

  • Trump should have fired Comey immediately after he took office. Better late than never however.

    I’ve heard it argued today that Trump fired Comey at the first decent opportunity; i.e. after he got his Justice Department appointees confirmed and in place.

    In any event, Comey owes Trump for instantly rehabilitating his reputation with Congressional Democrats the way he did. Big time.

  • how about being at least a “spiritual father” ?

    I think Schumer etal are sorry Comey is gone because they were counting on his sanctimony to turn up something on Trump or at least keep the people confused.

  • My guess is that the Democrats are so reflexively anti-Trump that it hasn’t yet occurred to them that they’re now hysterically decrying what they were furiously demanding just a few weeks ago.

    But then, Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.

  • how about being at least a “spiritual father” ?

    What does that even mean? Frank Marshall Davis belonged to an atheist organization and, of all the black churches in Chicago he might have joined, he lands on Jeremiah Wright’s outfit (long on africanisant political babble, short on religion). How could either man be called ‘spiritual’?

    FMD was a paper salesman in Stanley Dunham’s circle of friends. They’re known to have been friends in 1971. Barack Obama was conceived in November 1960. They evidently met some time between the Dunhams’ arrival in June of 1960 and the time Stanley Dunham introduced his grandson to the fellow 11 years later. There’s nothing about either man’s occupation or residence which would suggest it a decent wager that they met right away.

    Obama’s conventionality is so thorough I cannot imagine why anyone’s interrogating the memory of an eccentric like Frank Marshall Davis. I can imagine subtle influences. One of my mentors was an aide to Vito Marcantonio in his younger years, but you’re not going to derive anything I say here from anything Marcantonio ever said.

  • Yes, discussion must be narrowed since Obama is no longer president and has no further real control of former FBI chief Comey—indeed Obama and other Red Diaper Doper Babies like Cass Sunstein, Anita Dunn, David Axelrod, and Valerie Jarrett (Vernon Jarrett, also a hardcore communist journalist like Frank Marshall Davis, both good friends from their CPUSA days in Chicago—no connection, however, as to how the young Barack O. made it from Hawaii and Columbia to Chicago, of course) frequenting the new “Georgetown Kalorama White House”, certainly aren’t mirroring the Trump presidency, aren’t trying to run a parallel shadow presidency—So we can expect, probably right now, the entire opposition to Trump’s presidency will come to an immediate end.

    Conclusion: Comey was just a stand up guy (U Chicago Law, JD, 1985), just doing his job, his own man, who had no connections to the Chicago CPUSA mob, and the rest of the RDDB’s.

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Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson

Wednesday, May 3, AD 2017


Our Federal Union! It must be preserved!

Toast offered by President Jackson, April 13, 1830



Another tale in the ongoing annals of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Let me say at the outset that I doubt if Donald Trump knows all that much about Andrew Jackson.  Like most Americans, his knowledge of American history is superficial.  Most politicians fit into this category.  Certainly Obama, who didn’t know how to pronounce medical corpsman and Joe Biden who recalled television addresses by Franklin Delano Roosevelt were in that category.  I regret this, but such ignorance is not considered newsworthy unless the politician displaying ignorance is Donald Trump or some other Republican.

Trump in an interview with the Washington Examiner’s Salena Zito, mused that if Andrew Jackson had been born a little bit later perhaps he could have stopped the Civil War.  Go here to read about the interview.  In the interview Trump fully displays his limited knowledge of history especially in regard to the Civil War.  Trump finds the parallels between himself and Jackson flattering and was attempting to play up his knowledge of Jackson and fell on his face while doing so.   The media has been having a field day with this, hauling out historians to denounce Trump.  What has been missed is that Trump was correct on his main point.

Andrew Jackson, born in 1767 ,was a veteran of the American Revolution, something that marked him for life.  When the Declaration of Independence was issued, he was picked to read it aloud to his largely illiterate frontier community.  Both of Jackson’s brothers fought in the War and died in it.  He served in the militia and at the age of 13, as a POW, refused to shine a British officer’s boots and received a saber cut on his forehead for his defiance.  Like most Americans who fought in the Revolution, his service inspired in him a deep love for the new nation he had helped to create.  For all his days he was an ardent American patriot and a defender of the Union.  His steadfast stance against nullification during the Nullification Crisis of 1832 was completely in character as was his threat to lead an American army against South Carolina if it seceded and to hang every secessionist he could get his hands upon.  Although he was pro-slavery, I have no doubt that if he had been alive at the time of the Civil War he would likely have fought for the Union.  His state of Tennessee was divided during the war with East Tennessee being a hotbed of Union sentiment.  The man who considered himself the political heir of Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson, was the only Southern Senator to stand by the Union.  His admirers called him Young Hickory, and in that I think they were absolutely correct.  In his love for the Union he shared with Jackson a sentiment that would override all sectional allegiances.  Abraham Lincoln understood this aspect of Jackson.  He had spent his entire political life fighting the political party founded by Jackson, yet in his office during the Civil War, he had an engraved portrait of Jackson hanging over his fireplace.  If Jackson had been President in 1860 I have no doubt that he would have taken action to militarily quelch secession.  Whether he would have been successful is another question.  However if Jackson had been there secessionists dreaming of a peaceful withdrawal from the Union would have realized that this dream was a delusion.

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  • When the GOP nominates a man who lacks the common sense to not pontificate on matters he must know he is ignorant, it is a tell tale sign it is in bad shape. The fact that the other party may be in worse shape doesn’t change that fact one bit.

    Nor is mainstream media bias (as much a fact of life as that is) any excuse.

  • “When the GOP nominates a man who lacks the common sense to not pontificate on matters he must know he is ignorant, it is a tell tale sign it is in bad shape.”

    Actually the GOP is in the strongest shape that it has been since Coolidge was President. The GOP has problems but the election of Trump is not among them. As for politicians pontificating on subjects they are bone ignorant on, that is a common trait. Reagan, the greatest president of my life time, did it all the time, and would usually make something up when called upon it. Trump in many ways is sui generis as President, but speaking through his hat is not one of them.

  • If the GOP is such strong shape, it certainly doesn’t act like it.

  • I agree that it does not on the national level, yet. The states are another matter.

  • Until things change on the national level, it won’t matter too much what gains are made on the state level.

  • By the way, wasn’t Jackson called Old Hickory as opposed to Young Hickory?

  • Disagree strongly on that. The key weakness of the GOP since the New Deal has always been a weakness on the State level. Strength on the Federal level was always fleeting because of Democrat hegemony over most of the States. That has been broken and that is a major accomplishment. The significance of this will be on full display in the redistricting of 2021, assuming that the Republicans can hold on to almost all their gains since 2010 which they have succeeded in doing in the three election cycles since 2010.

  • Andrew Johnson was called Young Hickory.

  • I hope you’re right, Donald. It would seem that since the GOP has control of the White House and houses of Congress plus the historic gains they have made at the state level since 2010, they would be feeling serious wind at their backs nationally. But they still seem to be operating by the “Cave now, ask questions later.” playbook. State gains have to translate into housecleaning of the national party leadership. But there seem to be no signs of that happening.

  • Agreed. The budget deal approved was massively disappointing. I do think if Congressional Republicans do no better in September that Trump will shut the government down by vetoing the budget, to the limited extent it can be shut down. We shall see.

  • I’ve been in The Hermitage while our son was stationed at Fort Campbell with 1/187/3 BCT/101st Airborne. Screaming eagles!

    Greg, “The fact that the other party may be in worse shape doesn’t change that fact one bit.” TRUTH. However, every morning I wale, l pinch myself, and I recall the corrupt, incompetent Hillary is not President — PRICELESS.

  • The Republicans have a history of acting like they are the minority party even when they control both houses of Congress. When are they going to learn that liberal Demorcrats’ mantra is Our Way or No Way. Any Republican who moves center is a fool. Have to hand it to the Dems – their party leadership keeps them inline with a united front.

  • And don’t forget, Jackson, like Lincoln, would ignore the Supreme Court (Jackson with respect to Worcester v. Georgia, and Lincoln with respect to ex parte Merryman); and Jackson would infamously abuse the Indians by sanctioning their forcible removal from lands guaranteed them by treaty, resulting in the Trail of Tears. But it’s true, given his clear willingness to use the federalized troops to invade a state, he would foreshadow Lincoln. Had he been president instead of Buchanan, who waffled on the issue of how to respond to secession, he would have almost certainly have sent a clear message about secession that might have dissuaded the deep South from seceding. But then again, given what the South feared from the fire-breathing Republicans, maybe nothing could have staved off the impending storm.

  • “And don’t forget, Jackson, like Lincoln, would ignore the Supreme Court (Jackson with respect to Worcester v. Georgia, and Lincoln with respect to ex parte Merryman);”

    In Worcester the Supreme Court did not ask for US Marshals to enforce its decision so there was nothing to ignore. Jackson called the decision still-born, and that was accurate, perhaps by the design of John Marshall to avoid a collision between the Executive and the Judiciary. In Merryman Chief Justice Taney was sitting as a Federal circuit court judge and he never actually ordered anyone to release Merryman. The case went no further so there was nothing for Lincoln to ignore.

  • Lincoln did ignore the Supreme Court Dred Scott decision. Professor Hadley Arkes details in his book “Natural Rights and the Right to Choose”, the Buchanan adminstration had denied a black man a patent and another black man a passport (or similar documents) necessary for him to study medicine abroad, because according to the Dred Scott decision, they were not citizens of the U.S.
    Lincoln had his federal officers issue the patent and the documents.

  • Truman Agreed With Trump. In his 1952 book, President Truman said that if Jackson had been president instead of Buchanan, there probably would not have been a Civil War. He thought that Jackson was strong enough to put down any secession at the first hint. So it’s not President Trump who doesn’t know history. You can agree or disagree with the conclusion, but it’s based on an understanding of history.

  • Constitution: Article IV. Section 4 absolutely prohibits secession.

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Loyalty Day 2017 and Trump Derangement Syndrome

Monday, May 1, AD 2017

President Trump proclaimed today as Loyalty Day and the port side of our politics went crazy on twitter, the above photo allegedly from the Ivanka Trump Loyalty Day Collection being one sample.  Go here to read all about it.  The problem is that May 1 has been Loyalty Day by Federal law starting in 1955 and all Presidents since, including Obama, have proclaimed it to be such.  Go here to read my post on Loyalty Day in 2014.  Trump Derangement Syndrome is not merely a political brickbat, but it is a real phenomenon, and it would be pointed out as such if so many of the chattering classes in reporting, the professions, academia and entertainment were not deeply in the throes of it.


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4 Responses to Loyalty Day 2017 and Trump Derangement Syndrome

  • Keep it up and President trump could win 48 states in 2020.

    Smug (arrogant people are stupid) liberals will never learn.

    “Vote for us you inbred, racist idiots.” (Instapundit) doesn’t win on Election Day. Ask corrupt, incompetent Hillary.

  • Or Trump could be the next one-term wonder a la Jimmeh Cartah because the feckless GOP Congress drives the white working class Democrats that won him the rust belt back into non-voting apathy.

  • Unless you read Stars and Stripes, or The Conservative Treehouse, the latter blog which has the full speech transcript, the Major Media once again misses the enormous personal connection that Donald J Trump has with mainstream America. You have to read the transcript of the speech dated @ The Conservative Treehouse, today
    5/2/2017. Trump is funny, over-the-top, self-deprecating and honorific of the USA and if all the services, and explains what his bigger picture amounts to.

    Read, or watch the approx 15-20 min. video, and be moved

  • By the way, the speech is titled “Commander -in-chief award to USAF Academy”, 5/2/17.


Monday, April 24, AD 2017


I can’t believe that I forgot that April 23 was Talk like Shakespeare Day.  Fortunately, Father Z did not:


Today, I suddenly realized, is…


shakespeareYes, it is the birthday of the Bard.

In the past I have encouraged you to talk like Shakespeare.

To help you, I have offered videos and some suggestive words.  I hope you remember them.

I also, to enkindle in you a true zeal for this moment – which can spill over into tomorrow because, hey, why not? – I even posted a scene from a little known play called…

A Most Tragikal Hystory of Obama I

I found another little known piece (I dashed off) which might bring you to beg the Muse for … the… thing muses give.

The Trumping of the Shrew

Dramatis personae:
Lord Trump: President of these USA
Lord Sean: Baron of Spicer – Secretary of Press
Lord Bannon: Earl of Breitbart – Counselor
New York Times
Lord Sessions – Attorney General
Hillary Clinton
Crowd – Outside

O for a network pundit that would salve
the anxious outcome of elections tense,
a stage for wonk debates, senators to prate,
and congressmen to guide th’ electorate.
So has the ruddy Donald, hair swept up,
defied th’ establishment and, in his wake,
has claimants one by one discomfited,
brought down in vanquishment and loss.
But pardon, sponsors all, for we halt now
your pandering for sales with this stock gang
of mainsteam media elites, who press
in conference for POTUS now to hear.
List! List! O list if ever you
did county love and office high respect.
For Donald, hair in place, has enteréd
a statement now to make, with many quips
to batter newsies where they stand or sit,
because their daily coverage is for….

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Chelsea Clinton: A Pro-Abort at Age Six

Saturday, April 22, AD 2017


I missed this story last year.  The country really dodged a bullet when it kept the mother of this nutcase out of the White House last year:


In a new interview, Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, says she left the Baptist Church at the age of 6 because it has a strongly pro-life position opposing abortions.

Clinton made the comment at a recent fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in an attempt to address evangelicals who question her mother’s faith in God. She said she was upset when teachers in a Sunday School class talked about the wrongness of abortion.

“I find it quite insulting sometimes when people say to my mom, my dad or me . . . that they question our faith,’ said Chelsea. “I was raised in a Methodist church and I left the Baptist church before my dad did, because I didn’t know why they were talking to me about abortion when I was 6 in Sunday school — that’s a true story.”


Go here to read the rest.  And to think that self-proclaimed pro-lifers like Mark Shea were supporting abortion-uber-alles Clinton in preference to Trump.

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16 Responses to Chelsea Clinton: A Pro-Abort at Age Six

  • Leftists–they demand protection for evil criminals in sanctuary cities, while slaughtering innocent humans in the sanctuary of their “mother’s” wombs, all the while shouting, “We care!” And, then they diabolically claim to be…the intelligentsia.

  • Chelsea Clinton left the Baptist church at age six because the Baptist church was pro-life. The age of reason is seven years of age. Chelsea Clinton never reached the age of reason and is a case of arrested development. So are Bill and Hillary and all pro-aborts.

  • Seen on Instapundit: “The Clintons are the political equivalent of herpes. They keep coming back, whether people like it or not.”

    Thank God that only a small minority of America-hating invertebrates and Soros funded agents provocateurs listen to their constant streams of lies and evils.

  • The Clinton’s.
    The “poster family” of scourging America. Worse than a tool of destruction, they are the first family of Hell on Earth.

  • Roe v. Wade never bore the burden of proof that the newly begotten innocent person was NOT a sovereign person

  • Uh, hold on. What she seems to be saying is she left the church because the talk about abortion bothered her. She seemed to realize it was not appropriate in some way, to talk to a 6 year old about abortion. I am not reading that she, at 6, decided she was leaving because the church was pro-life.
    We have to be really careful with reading comprehension. Read carefully.
    For the record, I have no respect for any of the Clintons.

  • I am second to nobody in my loathing of the Clinton family, but I think Chelsea’s remarks may be being misconstrued. She said, “I didn’t know why they were talking to me about abortion when I was 6 in Sunday school.” I would totally agree with this. To bring up such a horrible, gruesome subject to children that young is to destroy their God-given innocence. Thanks to our sick, oversexualized, pervasive consumer-media culture, children are losing their innocence at ever younger ages. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a time when I didn’t even hear the word “abortion” until I was 13 or 14 years old — and I was horrified when I found out what it was. I can’t even imagine what the effect on a tender 6-year-old psyche would be.

    I obviously am disgusted with Chelsea Clinton’s pro-abortion stance as an adult, but I think what she was talking about in the quote given above was something I could agree with her on: Little children should not be hearing about abortion. It is evil and grotesque and horrifying. Would we take our 6-year-old to an R-rated slasher movie? Of course not. Well, then, let’s not be planting images in their young minds of babies being slashed to pieces.

  • Agreed that a 6 year old shouldn’t be presented with such graphic visualizations of Hell on Earth. But either she wildly exaggerating like her FBI certified lying mother, or whats worse that as 6 year old she thought it was horrifying that some would suggest mothers do NOT have a right to slaughter their own offspring.

  • “What she seems to be saying is she left the church because the talk about abortion bothered her.”

    Assuming this isn’t simply a routine Clinton lie by Chelsea, they do seem to lie as a matter of course about matters great and small, why would a talk about abortion at age 6 have bothered her? How would she have known what abortion was, and if she knew why would the pro-life position have upset her? How would she even recall this at age 36? If anyone was offended, assuming the incident even occurred, I suspect it was her mother.

  • Question: did Mark Shea become more pro-life at the age of six or less? I’d like to know!

  • It’s a lie, without a doubt. Fawn Brodie published posthumously a work in which slicing up Richard Nixon for this sort of thing featured prominently. George Bush the Elder was a great one for goofy cocktail party mendacity (“You look wonderful”). Liberal culture is such nowadays that the comedy people like Michael Kinsley saw in Nixon and Bush the Elder never seems to adhere to the Clintons or anyone else who serves their ilk.

    The thing is, the story makes Chelsea and (implicitly) her mother look seriously creepazoid. Has Cheslea been so encased in protective bubbles that she doesn’t see this, or does she figure she’s speaking to people so bent they’d think a six-year-old contemplating abortion to be amusingly precocious?

    Stop and think about Chelsea’s life. Rude remarks from Rush Limbaugh notwithstanding (which must have stung because they were from an adult but which likely were mild compared to what the cut-ups and mean girls were saying to her at school), she was treated delicately by the media – much more so than Amy Carter (though less so than the Obama girls). Gary Aldrich, and FBI agent assigned to the White House during the period running from 1993-95 said in his observation and that of security personnel with whom he traded stories, Chelsea was an ordinary teenager and episodically quite rude to her security detail (taking her cues from mama, no doubt); the newspapers who presented her as a lovely girl manufactured a fictional character. She has manifest talents, but evidently no one to counsel her on how to deploy them and all to many people willing to hand her plum jobs (why do broadcast networks hire politicians’ kids so readily?). Her mother was best described by Joseph Sobran: “like egalitarians from Joseph Stalin to Bella Abzug, a terror to work for”. Her maternal side grandmother was described by a nephew thus: ‘always pissed at someone; held grudges’. Her paternal side grandmother was an amiable vulgarian with a gambling problem (and something of a lush to boot, by some accounts). She had no sisters, her only aunt has never been part of the family circle, and her uncle’s childless rank-and-file-lawyer wife lived in south Florida. It’s not surprising she’s kinda messed up.

  • Thank goodness that this Clinton seems to be a bimbo.

  • Thank goodness that this Clinton seems to be a bimbo.

    She has a hatful of graduate degrees. She’s no bimbo. The problem is that her whole life has been so scripted she cannot say anything that isn’t spurious or uninteresting. A journalist reading something she’d written said it had the quality of oatmeal in which you find a toenail clipping now and again.

  • What 6 year old leaves a church? Was she raised Methodist after she left the Baptists? Or was her Methodist mother raising her Methodist while she was attending Baptist services with her Baptist father?
    The whole thing reeks of Two Corinthians.

    You know, the cheap knockoff of Royal English Pleather

  • Gee, when I was two years old, I was all for nuclear proliferation….wif my Cheerios!

    Give Chelsea a break children….c’mon. Her parents abused her when she was a kid, it’s in the record, the official record. Mom and Dad have committed every other crime in the book, why not child abuse?

  • Chelsea wonders why abortion was brought up to her as a child. Well, Chelsea, your teacher had a duty to assist in your moral development, because of the distinct possibility that YOUR PARENTS may not recognize–and convey to you–the grave evil of abortion. Is six too young to hear about abortion? I don’t think so. Like the Jesuits used to say, “Give me a child until he is seven and you can have him for the rest of his life.” Those early experiences leave an indelible mark.

5 Responses to Trump on Passover and Easter

  • It was good to hear your video script of the President, Donald Trump who was able, with sincerity, to deliver his message on the great Feast of our Redemption. Jesus died that all God’s people will have Eternal Happiness and that All would are be saved, if they followed His Laws and Commandments.
    God Bless America and The President.
    Frank Swarbrick

  • The video is in great contrast to the views of our former POTUS. I applaud our President and taking special care to “report,” what the failing msm wouldn’t do…The Coptic Christian bloodshed on Palm Sunday.

    Thank you for posting this video.

  • Its been a long time since we heard a President speak like this to warm a believing heart.

  • Indeed. Obama never delivered, would never deliver such an address,

So Much For the Trump as Pawn of Putin Meme

Friday, April 7, AD 2017


  When Senator Hayne of South Carolina told Senator Benton of Missouri that he doubted if Jackson would really hang anyone, Benton, a good friend of Jackson and a man who had shot him in a brawl, one of many such affrays Jackson was involved in during his life, in 1813 before they became friends, told him that “When Jackson begins to talk about hanging, they can begin to look out for ropes”. 

Donald R. McClarey, The Devil and Andrew Jackson


Trump launching a Tomahawk strike on a Syrian airbase demonstrates the true idiocy of the idea that Trump is a pawn of Putin.  Trump is his own man as Putin now realizes.  Trump may well be a President who does what he says he will do.  Americans, and our enemies abroad, should take note.  Trump has placed a portrait of Andrew Jackson  in the Oval Office, and I don’t think it is mere decoration but a signal to our enemies and our friends.

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19 Responses to So Much For the Trump as Pawn of Putin Meme

  • Hope and Change! Fundamentally Transformed!

    So much for red lines in the sand and Obamas’ Arab Spring. Reach out and touch someone.

    Noriega had his Reagan. Saddam had his both Bushes. Saddat has his Trump.

    “Even peace may be purchased at too high a price.” – Benjamin Franklin. At times killing people can help matters.

  • Without commenting on the morality of his choice, this certainly does two things; 1) it tells China, Iran, Russia and N. Korea, that there will be an immediate cost to pay if you continue thinking you can do your evil unopposed. 2) Conversely, we may find out that such an act has consequences that we aren’t prepared for.
    I’m glad I’m not the president who is forced to make these lose/lose decisions.
    If the left insists that Trump did this to prove he’s not in bed with Putin, then they can only blame themselves for starting the lie for political gain. Lying does have consequences.

  • Looks like the Neo-Cons are back in control. Graham and McCain are happy.
    Wars and rumors of wars!

  • Actually, this is Trump doing what he said he would NOT do, intervene militarily in situations like this. This is the same Donald Trump who, during the GOP primaries no less, dutifully parroted the left’s slander of Bush lying about WMDs in Iraq. Oh, how quickly we forget!

    While we are on the subject of things disappearing down memory holes, this is the same President Trump who drew moral equivalence between us and Russia and Bush and Putin.

    If this is the first step in an effective effort to loosen Russia’s foothold in the Middle East, then yes we can say Trump’s infatuation is no more. But to say that this ALONE achieves that is nonsense.

  • A statement to the world, that Trump is not Obama. There is no question that the world lost respect for America under Obama with his multiple ‘lines in the sand’ moving ever backwards, and his weak foreign policy. This was certainly a measured response that makes a statement, and it is not anywhere near before time.
    America can start again to make claim to be the leader of the free world – because that was sadly lacking over the past 8 years.

  • Tovarich Greg, It’s going to be a hard eight years. “Associate Justice Gorsuch” sounds great, too.

    Trump isn’t Crooked Hillary. I’m still ecstatic.

    People’s expounding (beating a dead horse) utterly unfounded Russia/Trump nothings is more proof that the left has lost its collectivist mind.

  • I think I understand some of the reasons for the attack but I still think it ill-advised.

    Syria is a critical Russian client state. The RussIan navy needs it and Russia won’t let her Syrian ports go easily.

    Yes, Assad is a complete bastard and I do not doubt that he will leave this life unredeemed. (I pray I am wrong.) The thing is that some pieces of this planet cannot BE ruled with other than an iron fist. Since out regional interests are, to my mind, in stability, it seems better to let him remain as a Russian puppet and focus on ISIS/ISIL.

    There was an idiotic naiveté to the Obamazing foreign policy, such as it was. I want Trump to be as pragmatic in foreign policy as he is in his businesses. If this is a gesture, fine. No problem. Gestures have value in practical situation management. But, please let this not be Obama Foreign Policy Idiocy, Part II.

  • I agree with Dave Spaulding above. I add this quote:

    “Whenever the standard of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will be America’s heart, her benedictions and her prayers. But she does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the wellwisher to freedom and independence for all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. She well knows that by once enlisting other banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself beyond the power of extridition, in all wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy and ambition which assume the colors and usurp the standard of freedom….She might become the dictress of the world but would no longer be ruler of her own spirit….Americans should not go abroad to slay dragons they do not understand in the name of spreading democracy.”
    __John Quincy Adams__ As Secretary of State

  • Ah, the dangers of taking isolated quotes as Gospel. Adams also authored the Monroe Doctrine which basically told the rest of the world that the Western Hemisphere was American turf.

    The simple truth is that American intervention overseas has always had two components: idealism and self interest. Where either element is lacking it is hard for American resolve to last in an overseas venture.

  • As much as I think Trump is lacking in impulse control, I don’t think even he would have ordered those strikes without solid evidence that it was in fact Assad who gassed that village.

  • Donald R McClarey wrote: “Ah, the dangers of taking isolated quotes as Gospel.”

    Damn! Beat me to the punch Maister McC! 🙂

  • Furthermore, the tag, “says U.N. Official” by itself ought to cast doubt on the credibility of the claim that preceded it.

  • First, I respect Trump and I understand his reasons for bombing Syria. He is a far better President than Obama was or Hillary would have been. I have nothing against Trump. But, this decision is still wrong.

    “Del Ponte has been singing that song since 2013. I would not trust her if she claimed that fire burns. She is a stooge for Russia…”

    I do not know anything about Del Ponte. I have simply been seeing many articles questioning why Assad would do something so foolish as to gas his own people at a time like this. And I have seen other articles where some Christians living in Syria maintain that the rebels did their own gassing. I suppose the retort will be these people making such assertions are stooges of the Russian Orthodox Church. Truly I do not know. But I still say that I agree with that isolated quote from John Quincy Adams. I see no good coming out of this ever brewing conflict.

    Now perhaps as other theorize Trump did this to send a strong message to Russia, China, Iran and N. Korea that weak kneed, yellow bellied, cowardly Obama is not in charge. Again, I do not know. But what happens when a secretive diesel electric submarine of an unknown foreign national running ultra quietly on its batteries lodges a torpedo in one of our aircraft carriers in the region. We’ll be crying what Augustus did so long ago, “Quintili Vare, legiones redde!” Except we may never know in such a case who “took the legions.” Iran, Russia, etc……..

    PS, I also see my other comment deleted. I understand. Comparing the different methods of infanticide that show many in our country are no better than many in the Syria is an unpopular and non-politically correct statement.

  • Trump has rocked people on their heels. Now we wait to see what comes next.

  • I’ve been pretty torn up over this situation, and I see both sides. Though I was on the “Trump Train” back in 2011 before there ever was a train, I don’t blindly go along with everything he says or does. I happen to be Catholic, and I am an ex journalist. Perhaps I should’ve given up news and politics for lent. It’s not necessarily a healthy addiction.

Failure of Leadership

Wednesday, April 5, AD 2017

Leave them; they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.

Matthew 15:14



My favorite atheist internet commenter Pat Condell explains what caused Brexit and Trump:  the manifest incompetence of leadership throughout the West.  Political revolutions rarely occur because they are planned through conspiracies, but rather as a result of the blindingly obvious inability of the Old Regime to successfully grapple with the problems that confront it. The incompetence of the Old Regime shatters confidence in it, and allows new sources of leadership to come to the fore, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad.  The news media in the West tend to be ardent defenders of the current Old Regime and therefore are missing the biggest story since the fall of European Communism in 1989, which, come to think of it, took most of the news media then by complete surprise, most members of the press assuming that the Communist states were a permanent feature and not a momentary blip of History.  That same May Fly view still remains at work in our time and helps explain why Brexit and the victory of Trump came as such shocking surprises to the people who dedicate themselves to knowing what is going on in their societies.  Blind guides indeed.

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11 Responses to Failure of Leadership

  • The last time I consumed mainstream media was back in the early 80’s while in high school. Partly for that reason, I too saw the Soviet Union as a “permanent feature” and not the historical blip it turned out to be. A family friend who had escaped communist Yugoslavia told me that the Soviet Union was rotten to the core and would implode from within in our lifetime. I thought he was crazy. Well, he could see reality, something the mainstream media can’t or won’t.

  • I don’t bother wirh “the news” much, because I don’t know what is accurate and what is bunk. I figure most of what passes for “news” is bunk-including the tidbit about New Zealand’s postal workers delivering KFC. Awaiting verification from Don.

  • Pat Condell is perfectly correct. All most folks have to do is ask themselves how the American dream is working for them and answer becomes clear. There is no longer any correspondence between the idealism of the mainstream media and real life.

  • “The incompetence of the Old Regime shatters confidence in it, and allows new sources of leadership to come to the fore”
    It also explains the collapse of Labour in Scotland and also why 62% of Scots voted against Brexit, including a majority in every local authority area in the country.

  • Scottish insanity explains the second MPS, as they complain about London ruling them and want to throw off English shackles and embrace EU ones. As was said about South Carolina in 1861: Scotland is too small to be a nation and too large to be an insane asylum. However, I do hope they try.

  • As was said about South Carolina in 1861: Scotland is too small to be a nation and too large to be an insane asylum. However, I do hope they try.

    It’s not too small to be a country with a full panoply of sophisticated services available therein. It’s more populous than Norway or New Zealand and greater Glasgow is as large as Auckland and larger than Oslo. It’s trouble is that it’s political culture stinks. The Scottish nationalist who tells me that he and his are ‘tired of being ruled by southern English public schoolboys’ neglected to recall that the only person who fits that description to have led either the Labour or the Conservative Party at any time since 1965 is walking around with the name “David Cameron“.

  • I can see where we Americans get our strong sense of independence from, the British. I felt quite proud of my redcoat heritage!

  • About Scotland. The Scots do not want to be ruled by London? Then why did they vote in lockstep with London which was solidly in favor of Remain? London was cheerful passing on the dictates of Brussels. Well, I guess the SNP forgets the fifty years of poverty endured by Ireland after it broke away from the UK.

  • Well, I guess the SNP forgets the fifty years of poverty endured by Ireland after it broke away from the UK.

    Per Angus Maddison, per capita output in Ireland grew more slowly than it did in Britain during the period running from 1913 to 1946 and was stagnant during the war. It wasn’t a contextually poor country (perhaps 35% below west European means). During the period running from 1921 to 1970, there weren’t any periods of economic contraction longer than about two years.

  • God created Man with free will. It is part of our human nature. The Left, in rejecting God misunderstands human nature which to their great surprise reasserts itself when coercion becomes intolerable.

Not Governed by Law at All

Thursday, March 23, AD 2017


Judge Jay Bybee, Circuit Judge of the US Ninth Circuit, has written a brilliant dissent in the now moot travel ban executive order case.  The dissent is joined by four other judges of the Ninth Circuit.  It is a model of what a judicial opinion should be:  a clear look at relevant constitutional law, statutory law, and applicable prior case law.  The problem in our society is that the left has succeeded in weaponizing our courts to use political tactics to reach desired ends, rather than a dispassionate search for the law.  Such methods win momentary political battles, but they destroy what a court should be:  a neutral forum dedicated to applying the law.  The last paragraph of the dissent is poignant:

Finally, I wish to comment on the public discourse that has surrounded these proceedings. The panel addressed the government’s request for a stay under the worst conditions imaginable, including extraordinarily compressed briefing and argument schedules and the most intense public scrutiny of our court that I can remember. Even as I dissent from our decision not to vacate the panel’s flawed opinion, I have the greatest respect for my colleagues. The personal attacks on the distinguished district judge and our colleagues were out of all bounds of civic and
persuasive discourse—particularly when they came from the parties. It does no credit to the arguments of the parties to impugn the motives or the competence of the members of this court; ad hominem attacks are not a substitute for effective advocacy. Such personal attacks treat the court as though it were merely a political forum in which bargaining, compromise, and even intimidation are acceptable principles. The courts of law must be more than that, or we are not governed by law at all.  I dissent, respectfully.

Of course the comments were made because it was clear that the courts were acting as political forums and issuing political, not legal, rulings based upon the personal predilections of the judges involved.  When courts get political any concept of the rule of law flies clear out the window and we are left in a world where the law is merely another tool in the arsenal of those with whom the judges political sympathize.   In the context of the Trump administration it is clear that many Federal judges share the view of the left that Donald Trump is not a legitimate president and they will prostitute their courts, and ignore applicable legal precedents,  in order to hinder him.  God help us all.

Here is the text of the dissent:

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8 Responses to Not Governed by Law at All

Trump and Teddy?

Tuesday, March 21, AD 2017

Matter! Matter! Why, everybody’s gone crazy! What is the matter with all of you? Here’s this convention going headlong for Roosevelt for Vice President. Don’t any of you realize that there’s only one life between that madman and the Presidency? Platt and Quay are no better than idiots! What harm can he do as Governor of New York compared to the damage he will do as President if McKinley should die?

Ohio Senator Mark Hanna at the Republican Convention of 1900

I have been rolling around in my brain the thought that as President Donald Trump reminds me of Theodore Roosevelt.  At first glance the two New Yorkers seem entirely dissimilar with Roosevelt the scholar turned politician who led the charge up San Juan Hill having little in common with the blue collar billionaire.  However, in their shared endless energy, their desire to attack intractable problems, their appeal to restoring America greatness, their willingness to make enemies of the powers that be, etc. they do strike me as quite similar and unlike most other Presidents. Stephen Beale at The American Conservative makes the case for Trump being in the same mold as The Colonel:

Roosevelt—a career politician who sought military service, an avid outdoorsman who hunted elephants and explored the Amazon, and an intellectually curious historian who dabbled in anthropology and zoology—might seem an unlikely model for Trump.

But in terms of policy, the parallels are legion.  

On trade, Roosevelt was—like most Republicans then and Trump now—a proud protectionist. “Thank God I am not a free-trader. In this country pernicious indulgence in the doctrine of free trade seems inevitably to produce a fatty degeneration of the moral fibre,” Roosevelt wrote in an 1895 letter to his friend Senator Henry Cabot Lodge.

Roosevelt was also a committed immigration restrictionist. In 1903, after radical socialists had bombed Haymarket Square in Chicago and assassinated his predecessor, Roosevelt signed into law a ban on anarchists—including those who professed radical political views, even if they didn’t have any actual terrorist affiliation. Four years later, another law excluded “idiots, imbeciles, feeble-minded persons,” prostitutes, those with certain medical conditions, such as epileptics, and polygamists, or even those who believed in polygamy. Notably this last provision was wielded against Muslim immigrants.  

Roosevelt famously railed against “hyphenated Americanism” and declared that America was not a “mosaic of nationalities.” In language that rings as distinctly Trumpian today, Roosevelt demanded total allegiance and nothing else from American citizens, native and naturalized alike: “A square deal for all Americans means relentless attack on all men in this country who are not straight-out Americans and nothing else.”

Roosevelt built up the military, specifically the Navy, which he showed off to the world as the “Great White Fleet.” Both presidents have a defining public works project. For Trump, it’s the border wall. For Roosevelt, it was the Panama Canal. As with Trump, Roosevelt ruffled international feathers with his proposal, even sparking the secession of Panama from Columbia.

As an undergraduate student at Harvard, Roosevelt had fallen under the influence of Hegelian philosophy, which holds to an evolutionary view of history. He came to believe that the old view of a limited government entrusted with the protection of natural rights was outmoded. Instead, Roosevelt championed an exalted view of executive power that was limited only by what the Constitution explicitly said it could not do. As he put it in his autobiography:

I declined to adopt the view that what was imperatively necessary for the Nation could not be done by the President unless he could find some specific authorization to do it. My belief was that it was not only his right but his duty to do anything that the needs of the Nation demanded unless such action was forbidden by the Constitution or by the laws. Under this interpretation of executive power I did and caused to be done many things not previously done by the President and the heads of departments.

More than anyone since Lincoln, Roosevelt expanded executive power, laying the foundations for the modern presidency. He sought to govern by executive order as much as possible, issuing a whopping 1,081 orders—nearly six times as many as his predecessor and still the fourth highest overall in the history of the U.S. presidency. (His cousin FDR holds the record at 3,721. Woodrow Wilson and Calvin Coolidge rank second and third at 1,803, and 1,203, respectively.)

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One Response to Trump and Teddy?

  • TR was until 1905 restrained by his need to get elected in hi shown right, and even afterwards by the power of the Republican party. Not until 1912 did he let ‘er rip.The victor in that election enlarged the role of the Presidency far beyond what TR had. Trump is 70 years old and all he needs to win re-election is to hold on to his base.

February 28, 2017: Trump Address to Congress

Tuesday, February 28, AD 2017


It has been fascinating watching Trump develop as an orator.  A year ago I thought the only positive thing to say about him as a public speaker was his raw energy.  Tonight he delivered the best address to Congress since Reagan rode off into the sunset.  As to substance it was a mixed bag of good ideas and bad but a more coherent overall policy than I was expecting.  More analysis after Ash Wednesday.

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4 Responses to February 28, 2017: Trump Address to Congress

  • An easier ride than Mrs May’s first speech to the Commons.

    According to Hansard, “Cheers and cries of ‘Hear, hear!’ from the Government benches; Opposition groans and cries of ‘Shame!’ and ‘Resign!’”

  • I liked how Trump introduced Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement. The groan from the Democrats was audible. Then he proceeded to use examples of minorities and women who were victimized by murderous illegal immigrant thugs, pointing to some actual victims right in the audience. He shoved this whole thing right up the Democrats’ nether regions. The godless reprobate Democrats if they oppose VOICE then oppose doing anything about minorities victimized by illegal gangster immigrants. And if they support VOICE, then their mantra of “welcome undocumented immigrants” becomes nonsense. I love Democrats being placed in a box from which they cannot exit without making themselves as the damnable fools that they are.

  • Roger Simon asks, “Is February 28, 2017, the night the Democrat Party died?”

    God willing.

  • We watched all but the beginning and after a few minutes knew he was making the best speech in recent history. The Democrats are beside themselves and I think it is because they fear he will be as or more successful than Reagan or FDR. That could destroy the Democratic Party. For the past twenty-five years that party has based its appeal on ideological and theoretical suppositions which are simply not true. They have gone so far left under Obama to actually be democratic in name only. They should change their name to the Autocratic Party.

More on Sweden

Monday, February 27, AD 2017



The outrage over Trump telling the truth over Sweden continues to reverberate:




A Swedish detective who has triggered a row by blaming violent crime on migrants has gone one step further and accused politicians of turning a blind eye to the problem because of ‘political correctness’.Earlier this month Peter Springare, who has spent more than 40 years in the police, aired his anger on social media when he was told not to record the ethnicity of violent crime suspects.Springare, 61, who is based in the central city of Orebro, wrote: ‘Countries representing the weekly crimes: Iraq, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Somalia, Syria again, Somalia, unknown, unknown country, Sweden.  ‘Half of the suspects, we can’t be sure because they don’t have any valid papers. Which in itself usually means that they’re lying about your nationality and identity.’  Prosecutors launched an inquiry, suggesting he had incited racial hatred, but later dropped the charges.


Now Springare has told The Sunday Times: ‘The highest and most extreme violence – rapes and shooting – is dominated by criminal immigrants.  This is a different criminality that is tougher and rawer. It is not what we would call ordinary Swedish crime. This is a different animal.’  In his Facebook post Springare wrote: ‘I’m so f***ing tired. What I will write here below, is not politically correct. But I don’t care. What I’m going to promote you all taxpayers is prohibited to peddle for us state employees.’  He wrote: ‘Here we go; this I’ve handled Monday-Friday this week: rape, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, rape-assault and rape, extortion, blackmail, off of, assault, violence against police, threats to police, drug crime, drugs, crime, felony, attempted murder, Rape again, extortion again and ill-treatment.  ‘Suspected perpetrators; Ali Mohammed, mahmod, Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, again, again, again Christopher… what is it true. Yes a Swedish name snuck on the outskirts of a drug crime, Mohammed, Mahmod Ali, again and again.’  Springare said he was due to retire soon and therefore no longer feared the disciplinary proceedings which might be brought against a younger officer for disobeying their superiors and raising the issue.

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14 Responses to More on Sweden

  • We would say in The Bronx, “They got nothin’.” Liberals and their lying media propaganda apparatus only have infallible ignorance, lies, lies, lies, and lies. For them, the “truth” is that which advances the revolution. Any act, datum, fact, incident, statistic that does not advance the revolution is omitted or distorted. Keep that in mind, and it all makes sense.

  • Trump for all his bombastic personality told the truth, and the liberals lied.

  • Prog-trash in Sweden and in the United States have a similar modus operandi. They have mascot groups and an implicit or explicit hierarchy of cool administered by the word-merchant sector. Acknowledgement of sociological truth concerning the Anointed’s mascot groups is ‘hate’, whereas any sort of casual insult is permitted contra the Benighted. Muslim immigrants in Sweden are potential clientele to the social work industry and useful instruments in marginalizing Sweden’s vernacular natives. Same deal with Latin immigration in the states. As yet, lawfare artists like Eric Holder and Thomas Perez do not have the legal tools to put the political opposition on trial (see Geert Wilders and Mark Steyn), but they’re academic shyster auxilliary is indubitably working on getting the right specious rubbish in circulation. Right now, civil judgments are being used in this country contra dissidents like Baronelle Stutzman. Lee Kwan Yew was a great one for destroying his opponents through bogus defamation suits. Now, what has the academy in this country to say about Baronelle Stutzman, and what has the establishment bar to say? Nothing. A hallmark of the age is that people who traffick in words and images for a living are intellectual and moral frauds.


    Every time you think the Democratic Party has hit bottom and cannot sink any lower, they prove you wrong.

  • This protection of political correctness will eventually blow up in face of these liars. Sharia law should be imposed upon all liberals who would have the public believe that Trump is the problem. To see the fallout of Jihad in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Berkeley would be poetic, however the conservative’s would be blamed for it.

    A wake up call for Sweden deniers will come. When it does it will be sobering.
    Bloody sobering.

  • Sweden was the most powerful nation in mid 17th century Europe. The Swedish Army smashed the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth. One of my great-grandfather emigrated from Sweden. What has become of that nation?
    Sweden had little history of fighting Islam, but Spain has and they aren’t far from being in Sweden’s situation.
    The Visegard countries are leaving the way in Europe against the Muslim invasion.

  • Sweden was the most powerful nation in mid 17th century Europe.

    No, it was a regional power at the time. Spain and Portugal had a portfolio of overseas dependencies. Britain and the Netherlands were building one, as was France, to a degree. Russia was settling Siberia. Sweden had a population at that time less than that of the Netherlands, perhaps 20% that of Britain, and a small fraction of that of Spain, or of France or the Hapsburg lands.

  • I can count on you to pick an argument, Art. The “regional” power brought Poland to its knees. Poland was no pushover. in 1610 Pol;and occupied Moscow. I’ll bet a dollar you will quote some other historical source to say it never happened.

    Go argue with someone else.

  • I can count on you to pick an argument, Art.

    When you say something bizarre, you should expect it. Sweden is a country of modest dimensions and, in context, always has been. It has never in any era been one of Europe’s leading powers.

  • I don’t really have a dog in this fight, but I thought this Wikipedia quote might
    expand upon what I believe Penguins Fan was getting at, re: Sweden, from its
    biography of Gustavus Adolphus…

    “Gustav II Adolf… was the King of Sweden from 1611 to 1632 and is credited
    as the founder of Sweden as a Great Power (Swedish: Stormaktsiden). He led
    Sweden to military supremacy during the Thirty Year’s War, helping to determine
    the political as well as the religious balance of power in Europe. …
    He is often regarded as one of the greatest military commanders of all time,
    with innovative use of combined arms. … Gustavus was poised to make himself
    a major European leader, but he was killed at the Battle of Lutzen in 1632… In
    an era characterized by almost endless warfare, he led his armies as King from
    1611 (at age 16) until his death in battle… — as Sweden rose from the status
    of a mere regional power to one of the great powers of Europe… Within only a
    few years of his accession, Sweden had become the largest nation in Europe
    after Russia, Spain, and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. …He was known
    by the epithets “The Golden King” and “The Lion of the North” by neighboring
    sovereigns. He made Sweden one of the great powers of Europe in part by
    reforming the administrative structure. … etc., …”.

    Again, I don’t have a dog in this whole “Was Sweden Ever a Great Power?”
    disagreement here, but I do think that Penguins Fan’s assertion has merit,
    and is by no means “bizarre”. Just my 2 cents…

    And back to the point of Mr. McClarey’s post, yes indeed, the Swedish leaders’
    fanatical commitment to PC-uber-alles is driving that nation into the ditch.
    It is my understanding that the government has started to decline to release
    unflattering statistics on rape and violent crime, so bad are the reports.

  • Clinton, you are correct. I recall the Canadian military historian Gwynne Dyer writing that Gustav II Adolf created the first army that Alexander the Great would not have known how to command. In particular he invented the field artillery tactics that with modification are still in use today. Sweden managed to gobble up the entire Baltic including German Pomerania.

  • Sweden was blessed, or cursed, with two kings of military genius: Gustavus Adolphus and Charles XII. Gustavus, who died in 1633 at the battle of Lutzen, was one of the great military innovators in history. Under him Sweden got involved in the Thirty Years War and until his death the Swedes were unbeatable. However, after his death the Swedes would have another 15 years of war with gains from the war not worth the pains they went through in the war. Ironically the great champion of Protestantism would be succeeded by his daughter Cristina who would give up the throne after she converted to Catholicism.

    Charles XII was the best tactician of his day, but his attempt to conquer Russia was purest folly and came to an end at Poltava, which marks the fall of the Swedish Empire and the rise of the Russian Empire. A fitting epitaph for Charles is “Last of the Vikings”.

  • I don’t really have a dog in this fight, but I thought this Wikipedia quote might
    expand upon what I believe Penguins Fan was getting at, re: Sweden, from its
    biography of Gustavus Adolphus…

    You found a quotation by a Swedish chauvinist. They were a participant in the 30 years war. So was Bavaria. We’re talking about a country which had (per Angus Maddison) a productive capacity 1/5th that of Britain, 1/5th that of the United Netherlands and perhaps 2/5 that of the Hapsburg Netherlands and perhaps 1/6th of Spanish output. (Maddison provides no estimates for France). We do not usually refer to Canada or Spain as a ‘great power’ today.

  • Let me wade into the Swedish/Polish controversy…Sweden was certainly a powerful regional military force for the 17th and beginning of the 18th century. The Poles and Swedes tangled in the Baltic region in the early 17th century and Gustavus learned new cavalry tactics from the Polish cavalry, which he put to use in the Thirty Years War.

    The Swedish invasion of the 1650’s and the temporary collapse of Polish resistance was the result of the debilitating impacts of the Cossack revolt and almost 50 years of off and on conflict with the Turks and Russians. It was also abetted by the unfortunate behavior of the Polish nobles to care more about their own interests rather than the country’s.

    By the time Charles XII came along the Poles were ruled by the Saxon Augustus and we’re a mere shell of their previous military might.

Sweden and Trump

Tuesday, February 21, AD 2017


Oh this is too hilarious. Just twenty-four hours after Trump was ripped by the left in this country and the Swedish government for clumsily pointing out the problems that mass Islamic immigration has caused to Sweden, this happens:



As we reported last night, just days after the media mocked Trump for his allegations of major problems with Swedish migrant policies, the president was vindicated after a violent riot broke out in the borough of Rinkeby, also known as “little Mogadishu.” Now that the incident is over, in their “post-mortem” Swedish officials confirm that riots erupted in the “heavily immigrant Stockholm suburb” Monday night, as masked looters set cars ablaze and threw rocks at cops, injuring one police officer, Swedish officials said.

The violence erupted just days after President Trump was ridiculed during a Saturday campaign rally for mentioning Sweden alongside a list of European targets of terror. Trump later said his “You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden” remark was in response to a Fox News report on the country’s refugee crime crisis that aired on Friday evening.

“Sweden. They took in large numbers [of refugees],” Trump added at the Florida rally. “They’re having problems like they never thought possible.”

Sweden’s official Twitter account – which is operated by a different user each week – tweeted at Trump on Monday morning: “Hey Don, this is @Sweden speaking! It’s nice of you to care, really, but don’t fall for the hype. Facts: We’re OK!”

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8 Responses to Sweden and Trump

  • Muslims don’t commit violence so Trump is wrong.

  • The more the left criticizes Trump, the more they look like the donkey’s hind end that they are. It is no coincidence that the symbol of their party is the jackass.

  • As well as this under-reported tid-bit—the “‘refugee’ riots” in Sweden—has anyone noticed this fascinating under-the-radar gem: the “radicalized” US Muslim in North Carolina who intended to go on a shooting rampage with an as-yet-unidentified associate 2/19/2017?

    I also find fascinating he had an actual AK-47 with hundreds of rounds, and in his last post Saturday night (he was planning the attack on Sunday, hmm, Christian day of prayer) he told others on the site Whisper, “We’ll be on CNN tomorrow.”

    How come he could get a real AK-47, and where, is my question? Rather outmatches my puny legally-obtained and licensed 6-ways-to-Sunday-in-CA .38 S&W and 9mm Sig-Sauer.

  • IMHO, everyone should read the daily briefing from Robert Spencer’s, and see the total disconnect between the yellow-stream media and the reality he documents there.

  • The media, MSM, is traitorous!
    What is it going to take to flush out the impurities of fake journalism or propaganda journalist out of the center?
    They are criminals.
    Donald Trump has the cojones to call them what they are. Question is, will Americans boycott the advertisers doing business with CNN, MSNBC and so on?
    Until that happens the cesspool of liberalism will be stinking up the public domain.

  • Refugees Welcome Here! Massacres, rapes, murders, national ruination simply are prices we pay for having immigrants and refugees. For Sweden, “Das Dicke Ende Kommt Noch.” With, Thank God, President Donald J. Trump in office not so much for America.

    Can somebody supply us with reasonable rationales for open borders and mass muslim immigration? I only have two: stupidity and hatred for (evil, unjust) America and for the uses Americans make of their freedoms.

  • And this coming in;

    Subway….. It’s not just a sub shop ..Fer sure fer sure yeah don’t change know..It’s All Good.wink wink nudge nudge.

  • Cannot remember the source unfortunately: the forecast for Sweden is that by 2030 the Swedes will be a minority in their own country. What has happened to those of Vikings descent?? The situation is insane. Rather than stepping up security for its citizens and jailing the thugs that prey on women, the government tells women and girls just don’t go out at night. The rape and assault happens in the daytime as well.
    Godless liberals with no backbone.

Melania Trump Opens Trump Rally With Pater Noster

Sunday, February 19, AD 2017

Fate has a way of picking unlikely material,
Greasy-haired second lieutenants of French artillery,
And bald-headed, dubious, Roman rake-politicians.

Stephen Vincent Benet, John Brown’s Body

And thrice married billionaires and their nude model wives?  I have long thought that God has a well developed sense of humor.  Wouldn’t it be beyond the absurd for Him to hand victory to almost defeated Christians on issues such as abortion and religious freedom by such unlikely material?  From everything I have read about her, Melania Trump is a devoted mother, religious and attempts to stay out of the lime light as much as possible.  May she be a positive influence on her husband, and may she grow in faith and love.


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23 Responses to Melania Trump Opens Trump Rally With Pater Noster

  • “Wouldn’t it be beyond the absurd for Him to hand victory to almost defeated Christians on issues such as abortion and religious freedom by such unlikely material?”


    Unlikely but possible and it’s the element of possibilities that we prayed over and over leading up to November 8th.

    At this moment all I know for certain is there is momentum that didn’t exist before regarding the chipping away of America’s scourge…. Abortion on demand. The De-funding of Worse than Murder Inc. is a start to the possibility of the impossible. The reversal of Roe v Wade. This momentum would not exist if it wasn’t for the absurdities of the Left.
    Indeed, the emperor (dems) are not wearing clothes.

  • Its a good thing God works through and in gross sinners, or I would have no chance.

  • After all, in Jeremiah God twice calls Nebuchadnezzar “my servant.” (Jer 27:6, 43:10)
    As St Augustine says, God is the creator of good wills and the exploiter of evil ones (Sicut naturarum bonarum optimus creator, ita voluntatum malarum justissimus ordinator” De Civ Dei XI 17)

  • Prediction: Donald and Melania will become Catholics by 2019.

  • @Michael Dowd

    Let’s pray that their sponsors and the RCIA instruction is quality. Formation based upon ambiguity brings the like of Pelosi-Biden-Kennedy (c) atholics. Oh…Add Mark Shea to the list.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens Micheal Dowd. The past eighteen months have been full of interesting developments. Donald Trump is no exception.

  • I have never seen a first lady, or president for that matter, open a public forum like a rally, with the Lord’s Prayer….or honoring God in such a humble way. First I was stunned, then I stood up and applauded for the courage and virtue it took to do this one simple act. I felt now we have the faith coming back front and center after all these years!!! To God be the Glory…for it has had a back seat for a long long time! She is going to take a lot of heat for dong this from leftists, but I don’t think she cares. The people care! May we all look to that example and come out of our holes and rise up in simple humility and nobleness as Melania Trump!

  • After 8 long years, I am finally proud of the First Lady.

  • I see the leftists are in a tizzy about the FLOTUS saying the Lord’s Prayer before her speech. It would be something to see if their heads would explode if she recited the Apostle’s Creed!😂

  • Suzanne brings up a very important point.
    We must rise!
    The left will continue their form of tolerance spewed across all mediums, but this is our time to reclaim what was hijacked in ’08.
    We are a Christian Nation, read the preamble, and no one, especially the former POTUS, can say otherwise.
    Bathrooms are gender specific for good reason, no one can claim otherwise. The idea that we treat a deformity, a mental illness, by embracing it and teaching others it’s not a deformity at all but a lifestyle choice, is not mercy nor healthy for the individual or society.

    Disorder by any other name is harmful.

    The political correctness landscape was built upon shifting sand, not upon a rock.
    We build upon a rock.
    We will weather this storm, relativism, and we will flourish.

    God bless our President.

  • And yet our elegantly socially-self-conscious bishops and the “sovereign pontiff” are marching off in a completely wrong direction. The “New Mexico Bishops’ Conference” (All 3 of them— Archbishop Michael J. Sheehan of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, Bishop Oscar Cantu of the Diocese of Las Cruces, and Bishop James S. Wall of the Diocese of Gallup with Allen Sánchez as the Executive Director of the Conference ) announced in good extravagantly Nanci-Pelosi-style militant language Fri 2/17/17 that Trump’s immigration ban “is an act of war.”

    Without getting into the drama-queen aspect of the 3 Bishops (D-NM) statement (It faintly reminds me of “Tres Amigos Tequila”—which is also a poor quality imitation of tequila, just like the 3 bishops with regard to spiritual leadership), it is this wrong-headed purely political foray into policy that every day diminishes the influence of Catholic bishops everywhere. How long can they continue to take off their clothes for political stunt-effect without eventually causing people not even to turn their head?

    As for the US movement toward protection of unborn life, most of them can claim no credit at all.

  • And by the way, executive director of the NMEC, “Bp.” Allen Sanchez (D-NM), was reacting to the fake-news story of Trump putting 100,000 Natl Guard troops on the border—just as GW Bush and Obama had each done for a time

    So, obviously they are getting their daily news and info from CNN and Politico.

  • Melania Trump is praying with all the saints in heaven, all the saints on earth and all the saints in purgatory. The sous in hell are not remembered. Our Father, in heaven, on earth and under the earth, and His divine Providence, Who is invoked in our Unanimous Declaration of Independence is the “Creator” of all men.. Aligned with God, America will become great again. Thanks be to God.

  • What ““is an act of war.” is the bullying of the consciences of all holy men and women. The virtue of charity is between God and man. The semi-bishops may exhort upon the good men an action to charity. They may expound the benefits and graces to be received from God. They may not incite a war nor disparage the charity and good works that men of good will do, even if it is two coins.

  • How refreshing to see the First Lady of the United States recite the Lord’s Prayer in public.

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  • Let us continue to pray daily for our President and Mrs. Trump and Vice President and Mrs. Pence and their families. For wisdom and fortitude and many graces in their public and private lives.

  • Strictly speaking of course, Ivana is the President’s wife, the elegant beautiful Melania his lovely mistress.

  • Does that bit of flotsam you threw out there make you feel better about yourself, “antigon”?

  • The word of God spoken through an angel :mrgreen:

  • Antigon, Ivana was already validly married previously. Her “marriage” to President Trump was invalid due to a prior bond. President Trump has made comments which would cast doubt on the validity of his marriage to Marla Maples. It’s very likely his marriage to The First Lady is valid.

  • antigon………. marriage between two non-Catholic is recognized by the Church ONLY IF a couple of criteria are met. One criteria is the intention of both parties to a union of permanence, fidelity and openness to life. Neither you nor I am privy to any information of that subject with respect to Mr. Trump and Ivana. Your remark was unhelpful

  • I find it pretty comic how people like “antigon” are “Defender of the Bond”, when the Chief Executive Defender of the Bond has abandoned his role in the matter.

    That high moral perch must have a marvelous view.

  • Antigon: From my lowly station, I cannot see the details of their marital status known perfectly to God. I will let Him sort it out. If God is as merciful to them as He is to me, everything will be well.

Trump on Putin

Wednesday, February 8, AD 2017

Guest post by commentator Greg Mockeridge:


Just barely two weeks into his presidency, Donald Trump has managed, over the course of just one interview, to do much to vindicate the Never Trump movement. It was the Super Bowl interview with Bill O’Reilly where the following exchange took place:

O’REILLY: Putin’s a killer.

TRUMP: We’ve got a lot of killers. Boy, you think our country’s so innocent? You think our country’s so innocent?

O’REILLY: I don’t know of any government leaders that are killers.

TRUMP: Well, take a look at what we’ve done too. We’ve made a lot of mistakes. I’ve been against the war in Iraq from the beginning.

O’REILLY: Mistakes are different than –

TRUMP: A lot of mistakes, okay, but a lot of people were killed. So a lot of killers around, believe me.

What we have here is President Trump engaging in moral equivalence between the United States and present day Russia and Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush. Whatever one may think regarding the Iraq war, comparing President Bush’s decision to invade Iraq with the murderous thuggery of Vladimir Putin is beyond revolting. Over at the Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro pretty much nails it, so I don’t see the need to add much to what he says. But I would like to answer a question he poses:

“…will mainstream conservatives go silent on Trump no matter what he does? Has the halo effect of victory relieved Trump of any pressure to behave with even the most remote semblance of decency? Will Republicans go along with anything Trump says, lying for him like Pence, because they like his policy preferences?”

Well, from what I’ve seen, they (meaning mainstream conservatives) haven’t necessarily “gone silent”. In addition to Vice President Pence not only insulting any reasonably intellectually honest person’s intelligence, but impugning his own integrity, I just heard David Horowitz, of Front Page Magazine, on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox deny that it was moral equivalence in much the same way Pence did.

To his credit, Sen. Marco Rubio, who I am not at all fond of, did denounce Trump in a Twitter post.

Not only do I believe the conservative commentariat needs to denounce President Trump’s moral equivalence in the strongest terms, conservatives serving in his administration should demand the President retract that statement, in the form of a “clarification” perhaps, failing which will result in mass resignations. They need to make clear to President Trump that they refuse to serve in an administration that actively engages in undermining our moral standing in the world.

Unfortunately, I don’t see either happening, at least in any meaningful way, particularly with those in the administration. Whatever one can say about Donald Trump, he has good instincts in choosing yes men to surround himself with. In the case of his choice for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, he picked another set of lips to plant on Putin’s backside.

Will we hold President Trump to at least the same standard we held President Obama to? Or will we, in exchange for some good SCOTUS picks and other sort of conservative policies, sacrifice our own principles?

I am afraid that the nomination of Donald Trump as its presidential candidate will be one of the darkest periods in GOP history. Perhaps its very darkest. I would like to be wrong. But its starting to look like I am right.

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19 Responses to Trump on Putin

  • I’m just a dumb slug, but my first thought when I heard that interview was, ah-ha, now he’s gonna spill the beans on Clinton…then Planned Parenthood. People interpret stuff the way they want. Good grief.

  • He does have a point. It’s not like the US never got involved in overthrowing other governments, or never “droned” a US citizen w/o charges or trial. I am also not convinced that Iraq was a mistake (in the sense the USGov did not know enough facts) but was simply believing what it wanted to believe to justify its actions.

  • sorry Greg, I just can’t be horrified by that. Trump is practical. I am horrified by the Bill O’Reilly’s reaction. He could help this country but seems more interested in getting a big splash.
    Bill O’Reilly said he didn’t know of any government leaders that are killers–( Gaddafi? Seth Conrad Rich? ) Perhaps Bill’s interest in getting a “scoop” for attention was why he responded the way he did. Instead he could have moved on since O’Reilly surely does now the truth of Trump’s statement– instead O’Reilly wanted to encourage sensationalism rather an talking seriously and doing what he could to help our country now .
    worried about “moral equivalence? or are we worried about our exceptionalism? Our country is filled with enemies of the “American Way” as it used to be posited in the old Superman shows. Our American way is seen now in the 9th district judges. our American way is co-opted. Let’s don’t waste time in myopia land Greg. We have to be practical and realistic and get behind this opportunity the Lord has given us in this administration.

  • Greg, quit being a pearl clucher. If you believe that our own intelligence agencies are that Simon Pure, you’re living in a dream world. The major deference between the old KGB and the CIA is that the KGB was a gang of hitmen who’s main purpose was to eliminate opposition to the Communist Party, while the CIA’s job was to gather and coordinate intelligence gathering efforts overseas.

  • Yeah, the neo-cons are stuck in Cold War thinking under which we can’t possibly think about some strategic, limited partnerships with Russia. And politics is always the art of the practical, so yes, I will gladly accept the one to three SCOTUS appointments, the hundreds of lower federal court appointments, the countless other positive executive actions halting or reversing Obama’s revolution, in exchange for a foreign policy disagreement here or there. I’m always amazed at these people who expect a politician to exactly mirror their policy preferences in every particular. Seems juvenile.

  • Putin is a KGB thug who acts as if he is Tsar. I hope that Trump’s misconception of him will last no longer than the first time Putin crosses him, which should not be long in coming.

  • I don’t feel I have to defend everything Trump says. As a matter of fact, I’ve stopped listening to him. If anyone asks me about something he says, I just say: “Well, he’s better than Hillary.”

  • I was pretty well offended by Trump’s statement which was intended as a reflection on Bush Jr’s character since in virtually the same breath he goes into the diatribe about the Iraq War. Bush Jr for all his faults is a Godly man. He made mistakes regarding Iraq but darn it, Saddam Hussein needed to be deposed.
    Now if as someone above suggested Trump had said, “The US had murderous thugs too – look at Cecile Roberts and Planned Parenthood’s baby murdering,” then he would have been justified in his statement. I would have said it. But I am a nobody.

  • I don’t mean to pile on, but I think I fall in with a large number of folks in flyover country. Putin is a Russian semi-autocrat and he acts like one. I wouldn’t want that form of government in Texas, but he’s not from here. As long as they are not commies, I don’t much care what they do – just Europeans acting like Europeans always have, until Western Europe turned into a bunch of America – dependent dilettantes. I’m not an isolationist, but I have far more personal interest in the fate of, say, Costa Rica or Tamaulipas (Mex.) state than I do in the fate of Angela Merkel. Who cares? We may indeed have legitimate conflicts with Russia, but the issues we seem to be having with them currently (Syria, Ukraine) aren’t them.

  • Almost everyone who uses the term ‘neocon’ is an anti-semite or a trafficker in nonsense memes (most having to do with either Trotskyists or Leo Strauss).

    Trump’s trafficking in moral equivalence sophistries (of the sort favored by palaeotwits) is rather off-key when juxtaposed to his promotion of patriotism.

    As for V. Putin, he’s a stone-cold Machiavellian machine boss. He’s an irritant, but not a peril at this point in time. Russia may have been more benevolently governed during the period running from 1905-17 and from 1988-2004; that aside, he’s one of the more congenial characters to have ruled Russia since 1789. He has a vigorous base of support among the Russian public because he’s presided over a genuine (if partial) turn-around re production levels, labor market function, debt-servicing, crime control, and public health.

  • It’s pretty obvious that Trump desires a good relationship with Putin’s Russia to..
    -for one thing “wipe ISIS off the face of the Earth”.
    To do that, he will spout rhetoric that while is offensive to our ears, is not.. entirely.. untrue.
    Wasn’t it Clinton who approved the killing of Gaddafi? Did not the Kennedy administration try to assassinate Castro many times? Didn’t Bush invade a country and destabilize an entire region with millions dead? What of Obama’s extensive use of drones, a total of 563 strikes?

    That’s just Trump being Trump. Don’t focus on what he says, focus on what he does. The “talk” is just the prelude to the “deal”. Honestly, haven’t you ever heard of good cop, bad copy.
    i would much rather have a man imprudent in speech, then imprudent in action.

  • Art Deco wrote, “As for V. Putin, he’s a stone-cold Machiavellian machine boss. He’s an irritant, but not a peril at this point in time.”

    I believe his support for the Assad regime makes him very dangerous indeed.

    The only existential threat to Israel would come from a nuclear-armed Iran and anything that strengthens the Shia Crescent (Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Shias of Iraq and the Houtis in Yemen) increases that threat.

    ISIS, insofar as it is making life difficult for Iran and its allies, should be left to pursue its course.

  • What Trump said about America is klutzy. And both true and impliedly false, too.

    But the bottom line is that with respect to Putin, I don’t see why people are panting for a more confrontational stance vis-a-vis Russia.
    Russia is a problem to be managed and finessed, not something to be turned into Cold War II.

  • Lucius Q C: “Bush Jr for all his faults is a Godly man. He made mistakes regarding Iraq but darn it, Saddam Hussein needed to be deposed.”

    I just wish, militarily, GW Bush had just strangled the viper (Saddam Hussein, could be confused with George Soros) by continuing to blockade him from the north (the Kurdish state) and the south (Basra and the Shi’ites). I never did get the enormous Operation Overlord buildup, cost, and commitment of Desert Storm and its resultantly withered fruit.

    Let Saddam remain virtual mayor of Chicago (Have you noticed, Bagdad and Chicago are pretty similar in crime and violence. In fact, maybe now Bagdad is safer.)

  • The criticism of Trump is overwrought. My take away from the O’Reilly exchange is we don’t have to worry about Trump getting in to it with Russia. Trump is a business guy. Fighting is bad for business. Better to make a deal both parties can live with.

  • (Have you noticed, Bagdad and Chicago are pretty similar in crime and violence. In fact, maybe now Bagdad is safer.)

    Not likely. Greater Chicago has a population of about 8.4 million. About 2/3 live in areas where the homicide rate is 2.3 per 100,000. Another 25% live in areas where it’s been about 5.6 per 100,000. About 12% live in four disconnected zones (a bloc of neighborhoods on the south side with a population of 600,000; a bloc of neighborhoods on the west side with a population of 350,000; Gary and East Chicago, Indiana; and the suburban township of Harvey, Ill) with a homicide rate of 47 per 100,000. Or at least it was until the spike in recent years. Chicago’s police force, given the population in the core city, is as amply staffed as the NYPD, but it operates under a different set of procedural norms and in a different political matrix, so it is much less effective.

  • In reality, Trump is the perfect slice of Swiss cheese. Sometimes you get nutrition, long needed, and sometimes you get awful holes. Near perfect leaders, we left a long time ago somewhere in the culture revolution of the past century.
    I pray we dodged the Hillary/establishment fatal disease with a mere case of gout that pains us now and then.

  • “…or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” our First Amendment. Self-defense is inscribed in The Preamble. Self-defense and an invasion are the difference between armed forces and violence, between good will and criminal intent; the same difference between heaven and hell.

  • Stephen, of course I am not saying we are perfect. Please give me credit for being less naive than that. Acknowledging our imperfections is quite different than drawing moral equivalence between us and the thugocracy that is Putin’s Russia. The same people defending or passing over in silence Trump’s remarks are the same ones who wet their pants with outrage when Obama did similar things. The cult-like loyalty of Trump supporters, many of whom were hitherto credible conservative voices, is more disturbing than Trump himself.

    Analyze, explain to me how drawing moral equivalence between us and Putin’s Russia is practical. What do you think was going through Putin’s mind when he heard the President say that? Probably something along the lines of, “Well done, Donnie boy, my useful idiot!”

    If you don’t find a sitting president actively undermining our moral standing on the world stage horrifying, I don’t know what to say to you.

Bush Appointed Judge

Sunday, February 5, AD 2017



When a Seattle Federal Judge, James Robart, imposed a nation wide injunction on portions of President Tump’s executive order, most of the media hastened to noted that he had been appointed by Bush 43.  True, but misleading, as noted by Jerome Wohrle at Liberty Unyielding:



Judge Robart’s Friday order against Trump sheds little light on his thinking. But at an earlier hearing on Washington State’s motion for a temporary restraining order, he asked what rational basis the government had for restricting entry from the seven countries covered by Trump’s order: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen. As NPR notes, these seven countries were previously singled out by Congress for milder restrictions on visas. Congress did so after terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, in a 2015 law tightening up the Visa Waiver Program that was signed by President Obama. Critics argue that there was no rational basis for restricting travel from these countries but not other countries in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia. This argument is silly, since America has deep economic links and security ties with Saudi Arabia that it lacks with the seven countries subject to the 2015 law and Trump’s executive order. America need not antagonize a key ally when it takes steps to increase border security. Perhaps for this reason, Judge Robart’s order in State of Washington v. Trump does not even make this argument, simply suggesting that for some unexplained reason the executive order may violate the “Constitution.”

To cover up the embarrassing weakness of Judge Robart’s temporary restraining order, reporters at the Washington Post and elsewhere have trumpeted the fact that Robart was nominally appointed by President George W. Bush. They have done this to suggest that his ruling must have merit, because otherwise he would not have ruled against a President of the same party as the man who appointed him. But this is misleading, since Robart is a “staunchly liberal” judge whose appointment was “effectively forced on Bush” by liberal Senator Patty Murray in 2004, when Washington State had two liberal Senators.

The media ignores the fact that Robart’s appointment as a federal judge was championed by liberal Senators like Patty Murray (D-Wash.), who used Senatorial custom allowing senators to veto Presidential appointments of trial judges to obtain the appointment of liberal trial judges like Robart in Washington State. An April 13, 2005 press release by Murray touts Robart’s appointment as the “bipartisan” result of using a state commission to select federal trial judges in Washington, whose appointment Bush then rubberstamped. This Senatorial veto power, known as the “blue slip,” is an old tradition, dating back to at least 1917, that lets senators have a say on which trial judges are appointed to courts in their home state.

When Obama was president, the media did not do this. They would not cite the fact that Obama appointed a judge to suggest that the judge’s ruling against Obama had merit. When Judge James Boasberg ruled against the Obama IRS, few news stories mentioned the fact that he was a liberal Democrat appointed by Obama himself. When Judge Amos Mazzant issued an injunction against Obama’s overtime rule, most of the media either did not report the fact that Mazzant had been appointed by Obama; or if they did, they also suggested that he was a conservative judge, because Republican Senators in Texas used their “blue slip” privilege to block Obama from appointing liberal trial judges in Texas.

Even critics of Trump’s order have found Judge Robart’s order senseless. As one put it,

Judge Robart’s temporary restraining order … may make things even worse in the long run, and had no basis in law. The judge’s temporary restraining order is harmful — it bans giving priority in asylum claims to Yazidi and Christian applicants, even though they are the ones who face a high risk of being killed in Iraq and Syria. (It bans ‘proceeding with any action that prioritizes the refugee claims of certain religious minorities,’ see Order at pg. 5, paragraph 1). This ban is perverse, because under U.S. law and international treaties, asylum is SUPPOSED to be given to members of groups facing persecution based on religion, and the threat of genocide faces only certain religions. The judge provided NO REASONING AT ALL for his assertion that the constitution might be violated by the executive order, and lawyers like Scott Johnson have noted that the judge’s order had no real legal basis.

As another observer pointed out, Judge Robart has a history of strange rulings:

Judge Robart, the oddball judge who issued that TRO against the executive order, is the same guy who issued the bizarre college sexual assault ruling that Robbie Soave wrote about earlier at Reason Magazine.

He ruled a falsely-accused male student could not depose or obtain relevant documents from the female student who got him expelled because that would traumatize her (never mind that it was SHE who performed a sex act on him when he was blacked out, meaning that if anyone was guilty of sexual assault it was HER). Reason’s article about it can be found here.

…Robart also bellowed “Black Lives Matter” in open court, as the Daily Caller noted (in a context in which it made little sense).

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6 Responses to Bush Appointed Judge

  • I am expecting that, out of the pits of Hell liberal, 9th Circuit to rule against Trumo every chance they have. I think his likelihood of having to appeal to the SCOTUS is very high. I also do not understand how one federal judge has the authority to stop something nationwide. Don’t these judges at this level have limited jurisidiction to a given region?

  • No they do not when it comes to granting injunctive relief, which I think is one of the crazier features of the Federal judicial system.

  • The stay-ruling has no basis in law. The Appeals court ruling has no basis in law.

    Its’ simply another liberal fabrication, like “privacy/abortion”, “gay marriage.” and tranny men in ladies’ rooms.

    The liberals, I think, call it “populist authoritarianism” – GASP, elected legislatures refusing to give them fictitious tights.

    Here, this so-called judge ratifies the liberals’ dream/nightmare that 6+ billion people have the unlimited right to come to America, hate us and our way of life, live off the American taxpayer, and kill Americans whenever they decide to do it.

  • Attorney Robert Barnes makes a compelling case that Robart’s decision is entirely unsubstantive:

    Barnes compares the Trump-favorable ruling of the Boston district judge (21 pp’s, over 50 legal citations, all to relevant immigration case law)to Robart’s (dare I say schoolboy-level) 7-p “ruling” with no actual citations to any immigration case law, and of course the President has the authority to protect the people of the US from enemies foreign and domestic (that is my addition), it’s in his oath of office. Tashveen Malik, the “wife” of San Bernardino terrorist murderer Syed Farookh, came into the country in Aug. 2014 on an unvetted F4 visa, because Pres. Obama didn’t care to impose immigration controls (as even James Comey testified in July, 2015, that he couldn’t assure the background checking process of the mass of migrants flooding into the country from terrorist-sympathetic countries.

  • Now, I say to all, be of good cheer: Let the federal courts do their swath of scorched-earth destruction to Trump’s executive powers (should they be so daft to do so—and certainly many of them are of the Bader-[Meinhoff]-Ginsburg mindset:

    Because if they were to hamstring Trump’s executive powers, for the next 4 years he will beat them like a drum, mercilessly as terrorist attack in the US and out of the US continues to go on and accelerate (ISIS and Al Qaeda have announced they specifically are focusing on “punishing” the US for Trump’s election). One of the assets of Trump(some thought it originally a liability) is he doesn’t shut up. Unlike GW Bush, who stood there smiling and whipped like a batter housewife, Trump keeps on the pressure—and everyone knows who has worked with judges, they can dish it out, but they cant take it (my father for years became a scheduler and chief administrator for a court system here in the SF Bray-at-the-moon Area, so dealing with a good number of these coiffed and pampered egos was the daily fare). Anyway, it could be the American Left’s worst nightmare’

  • Critics argue that there was no rational basis for restricting travel from these countries but not other countries in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia.

    What a horrible argument. You can’t stop dangers from A, B, C because X, Y, Z are just as bad? So a law banning entry from Haiti because of some virus is invalid because other countries may have viruses that are just as bad? I know political appointments often result in weak officeholders, but this is ridiculous.