The Little World of Don Camillo

Back in the early Seventies I began to purchase and read paperbacks that had been published in the Fifties.  These were accounts of the amusing fictional  adventures of an Italian priest Don Camillo Tarocci, in a small Italian village in post-war Italy.  Don Camillo is devout, he likes to have conversations with Christ on the Cross.  He is also tough.  He doesn’t mind using his fists to help his prayers right a wrong if necessary.  His arch enemy in the village is the Communist mayor of the village, Peppone.  Peppone and Don Camillo fought together with the partisans during the war, and even though they are adversaries, they have a wry respect for each other, with Don Camillo realizing that Peppone, Communist blather aside, usually is trying to do good for the village, and Peppone respecting Don Camillo as a man, and still being enough of a Catholic to appreciate Don Camillo’s role as the voice of the Church in the village.  The village in which they live is populated by unforgettable characters, and the stories are filled with the Catholic Faith and sharp satires on modern times and unchanging human nature. Continue Reading