4 Responses to Well, He Could Always Blog!

  • I wonder how often judges actually wish they could beat lawyers/plaintiffs/defendants to death with their gavels?

  • Perhaps after attending a re-education camp and taking a class in sensitivity training, he could be permitted a sentence a day, carefully monitored of course.

  • Mr. Collins, probably more often than we would like to believe.

    But then, I am sure the sentiment is reciprocated.

  • “I rather doubt that he meant that, as Voltaire was a physical coward as well as being a congenital liar”

    You shouldn’t hold back Don of what you really think.

    IMHO, he’s also a detestable human being because of the thousands of priests and nuns he killed through his writings of “enlightened” thought.

    A Freemason as well as an anti-Catholic & anti-Semite, he refused to recant Satan on his deathbed.

    What a life.