September 17, 1787: Rising Sun

Wednesday, September 17, AD 2014




Whilst the last members were signing it [i.e., the Constitution] Doct FRANKLIN looking towards the Presidents Chair, at the back of which a rising sun happened to be painted, observed to a few members near him, that Painters had found it difficult to distinguish in their art a rising from a setting sun. I have said he, often and often in the course of the Session, and the vicissitudes of my hopes and fears as to its issue, looked at that behind the President without being able to tell whether it was rising or setting: But now at length I have the happiness to know that it is a rising and not a setting Sun.

James Madison, September 17, 1787

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  • Sadly Barack Hussein Obama has less ability that Barney Fife. Oh for a man like Captain Kirk, or Mr. Spock!

  • The golden rising sun is on the newest silver dollar: “Liberty Walking”. Some say it is the most beautiful coin ever struck.

  • You always come up with the best video clips. Captain Kirk and Barney Fife! Oh, the humanity!

  • I actually saw the original telecast of this episode of Star Trek [which came on every Friday night. It was a night I was not out on a date-I was in HS at the time] Kirk gives a rousing if slightly overplayed version of our Constitution’s Preamble [pretty good for a Canadian by the way]. Our country was immersed in the build up of what would become known as the Vietnam War. For the show to have ‘Anglo-types Yangs [Yanks] and Asian-type,Coms [Communists] was simply stunning. That’s why the show came to have in our generation a cult following.

    As I listen to “Kirk” I think every member of government, at every level in our country should be mandated to watch and memorize Kirk’s words. We are almost Yangs now!

  • It was a very great episode Botolph. My third favorite, behind Balance of Terror and Mirror, Mirror.

  • That Barney and Andy bit is one of my all time favorites!

  • The most important words said after The Preamble is that when one person is denied all persons are denied. And as Captain Kirk says of the words of The Preamble: “they must apply to everyone or they mean nothing.”
    “We, the People,” are created equal, not born equal, but created equal. Equal Justice is guaranteed by the essence of God.
    When Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart asked Sarah Weddington at Roe v. Wade, that, if the newly conceived was a person, then it would change the complexity of the case and Weddington admitted that, then, it indeed would, for there would be no case against a person for being conceived and brought into existence in legal and moral innocence before the court.
    The one celled newly begotten human being is immediately ensouled at fertilization. If the soul is the form of the body, then it stands to reason that the body needs a soul to get to ensoulment, that without a soul, the body is dead.
    But in fact, “We, the People” gives testimony that the newly conceived must be a “legally recognized sovereign person by the court”, who, indeed he must be, by the sovereign personhood endowed by our Creator at procreation. All that the sovereign person must be before a court of law is one of the “People”. “We, the People” is inclusive of all mankind, of all human beings. This is why the Preamble then says: “of the United States”. A “People” is a person by virtue of having been endowed and ensouled at procreation by our Creator, WHO creates all men in equal Justice, and as Captain Kirk says of the words of The Preamble: “they must apply to everyone or they mean nothing.”
    Postscript: The Malthusian theory and Paul Erlick’s “Population Bomb” created an hysteria, an insanity, a John Mill’s “lifeboat ethics” that has decimated the entire world. “Everything for me, now, because there is no tomorrow for me”.
    Atheism says that you do not belong to God, that, you have no God-given soul, no God-given free will, nor God-given, endowed human rights and therefore you can deliver your reason, your free will and your soul to the devil. Atheism not only denies God but atheism denies the devil. The human soul is trapped, ensnared by the devil and has no recourse because atheism has enabled the devil to possess the human being, body and soul, country and universe by denying his, the devil’s existence. No supernatural, no soul, but you can go to hell says the forked tongue.
    What will “We, the People” do when the little green men from outer space come for baptism and we are unprepared? Then “We, the People” will have to send the little green men to the Catholic Church. That will surely satisfy Vatican II. The atheists will be hiding behind rocks.

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  • Isaiah 50:4c-9a Sunday, September 16, 2012 reading:
    “If anyone wishes to oppose me, let us appear together. Who disputes my right? Let that man confront me. See, the Lord God is my help; who will prove me wrong?
    If anyone wishes to oppose me, let us appear together. Who disputes my right? Let that man confront me.” : Habeas Corpus, a person must be confronted by his accuser in a court of law. No trials in absentia. “See, the Lord God is my help; who will prove me wrong?” Two witnesses will establish a judicial fact. One witness is no witness. The Magna Carta and The U.S. Constitution based on Judeo-Christian principles found in Isaiah.

    The militant feminists have embraced Roe v. Wade, the miscarriage of Justice against the newly created sovereign soul of the human being. The abortionists work to erase the Preamble to our Constitution which identifies “our posterity” as one of the reasons for the Constitution, as well as the Ninth Amendment which reiterates the sovereignty of the person as coming from our Creator inscribed in our Declaration of Independence. Being as it is, that the sovereign soul is endowed with life from the very first moment of conception, the sovereign person is present in the very first cell of every human being’s existence as “I AM”. “I AM” is the sovereign person scraped from the womb in abortion through the miscarriage of Justice called Roe v. Wade.

  • 1787 – 2012, so 225 years old
    (and surviving euthanasia attempts … )

    For the occasion, I found my parents’ beyond yellowed copy that I kept because the notations are good, if sad in light of how the Constitiution is getting ignored and worse.
    It seems that the House and Senate hold power to protect it, but these people aren’t doing anything to do so because why? Or is the media not saying?

    From Thomas James Norton’s book, 1951 edition,
    The Constitution of the United States:
    Its Sources and Its Application
    A Handbook for Citizens and Public Officials

    [1st ]
    On the cover is the OATH taken by all Officers elected or appointed to Civil or Armed Services:

    I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;
    that I willl bear true faith and allegiance to the same;
    that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion;
    and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter so help me God.

    [2nd & interesting]
    Next to the copyright page …

    Our Constitution – Civil Bible of America

    Menaced by collectivist trends, we must seek revival of our strength in the spiritual foundations which are the bedrock of our republic. Democracy is the outgrowth of the religious conviction of the sacredness of every human life. On the religious side, its highest embodiment is the Bible; on the political, the Constitution. As has been said so well, “The Constitution is the civil bible of Americans.” Next to the Bible, the best book on the Constitution should be in every home, school, library, and parish hall.

    page signed by 10 people …
    Herbert C Hoover
    Alfred E Smith
    Alfred M Landon
    Mrs. Calvin Coolidge
    Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt
    James M Cox
    John W Davis
    Mrs. William H Taft
    Mrs. Benjamin Harrison
    Frances Cleveland Preston

    [3rd – a picture]
    of George Washington presiding over the Constitutional Convention urging
    “a standard to which the wise and honest can repair”
    86 days from May 1787 to September 17, 1787.

    There’s so much more.
    Maybe the Preamble that Barney Fife learned then forgot, trusting that elected representatives were watchdogging for him is what happened to us.

  • PM “Maybe the Preamble that Barney Fife learned then forgot, trusting that elected representatives were watchdogging for him is what happened to us.”

    I was told in no uncertain terms that the Preamble to our Constitution was no longer the Law of the Land. Roe v. Wade was. That the founding fathers were old fashioned men over two hundred years old to be ridiculed, and no longer relevant.

    It is time to force our education establishment to teach our U.S. Constitution and our Declaration of Independence to our constitutional posterity with respect and intelligent citizenship. One might add The Emancipation Proclaimation.

  • “We have buried the putrid corpse of liberty.” Mussolini 1937/Obama 2013.

  • Mary DeVoe: The schools would need a computerized lesson for the students to do at their pace but it would probably be somehow slanted.

    Or! Captain Kirk could go on the commercials for finding good prices with an entree about what’s free for all people. They’d lend an ear.

George Washington and Constitution Day

Saturday, September 17, AD 2011


Today is Constitution Day, the 224th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution.  Since 1788 our nation has been governed under a document, the Constitution, produced by a group of the wisest men ever to arise in our nation, collectively known as the Founding Fathers.  The video above from the magnificent John Adams series depicts the first inaugural of George Washington.  Washington for me is the standard by which all our other presidents are judged.  Without him of course, in all likelihood, there would be no United States as the American Revolution would have been lost without him to lead the starving, ragged Continentals to an against the odds victory.  In turbulent times he then led the nation for the first eight years under the new Constitution, setting the nation firmly on a course of prosperity, growth and expanding liberty.  A statesman like Washington comes to a people once every few centuries if they are fortunate, and we had him precisely when we needed a leader of his calibre most.

Would that our other presidents, with the exception of Lincoln, had possessed half of his ability to lead and his wisdom to chart a sound course.  I also wish that our other presidents had one of his minor traits:  brevity.  Here is his second inaugural address in its entirety.  His fidelity to our Constitution shines through its few words:

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