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The Conclave; A Glimpse Into Heaven

Cardinals speak of feeling as if the weight of the world is on their shoulders. While we watch the awe and majesty of a Conclave to pick the next pontiff, the Princes of the Church speak of it with trepidation, some with fear. The 115 cardinals who will pick the next pontiff rightfully feel their solemn responsibility. The

Choose Your Pope!

Hattip to Matt Archbold at Creative Minority Report.  From those hilarious folks at The Lutheran Satire.  Just remember in the coming days of the Conclave that the bubble headed blonde in the above video will accurately reflect the knowledge base of many of the talking heads on television pontificating about would be pontiffs.

Wikileaks: US Never Expected Ratzinger Elected as Pope

[Updated Below] Wikileaks information has been disclosed by Rome Reports that the U.S. intelligence services were completely caught off guard and surprised at the election of then Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI. [Found another YouTube video that works] Updated as of 10:40am Central time, 11-30-2010 AD: U.S. intelligence was expecting a Latin American