TAC College Football Rankings: Week 6

Monday, October 11, AD 2010

There are few stories, if any, better in college football than Jarrett Lee. A guy booed off the field in 2007 for his INTs, including a game where he got crushed in the Swamp, comes back to lead LSU to come from behind wins against Tennessee and then again at the Swamp. The Mad Hatter is 6-0.

Mad props to South Carolina. Used the bye week to perfection and embarrassed a team last week had their fans booking trips to Glendale.

Finally, some real chaos. Bama’s lost their margin for error. Ohio St., Oregon, and Nebraska look like the favorites to finish undefeated in their conferences. LSU & Auburn remain undefeated in the SEC. Oklahoma and Michigan St. also remain underdogs to win out their conference. And the BCS Busters remain undefeated (Boise St., TCU, & Utah). Apparently, Boise St. is likely to be #1 when the BCS comes out next week but truly only LSU & Auburn control their own destiny.

So who gets #1? Is a one-loss Bama team better than an undefeated BCS Buster? This is a week to fight over the rankings, so let’s get to them after this reminder that LSU inspires its fans to pursue holiness!

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30 Responses to TAC College Football Rankings: Week 6

  • If Tito keeps ranking Ohio State #7, I’m going to have to even it out by ranking Oregon at #7. Dude’s rankings are skewing the results.


  • My Boise St comment is probably hard to figure unless you realize I ranked them number one and also listen to the Mark Levin Show.

    And Jay, ditto times a hundred on your Missouri comment. The only championships that are even in the same league as CU’s bogus split title are the back-to-back “lets give it to a an old ball coach who hasn’t won it before” titles for Nebraska and FSU in the early 90s.

  • If Tito keeps ranking Ohio State #7, I’m going to have to even it out by ranking Oregon at #7. Dude’s rankings are skewing the results.

    It ends up evening out, but I flipped out when I saw he ranked Nevada over LSU.

    Oh, and I seriously considered striking Tito’s votes for UCLA and Cal by putting them in a “got votes by tito” category. Fairly absurd that 3 loss teams got votes in Week 6.

  • I consider Tito’s rankings to be some kind of performance art.

  • The good thing about 6 voters is that one doesn’t skew too bad. Since it came up, I took Tito’s votes out of the excel program. Tito did hurt a few teams (Arkansas & Florida St) and super helped Nevada but most are relatively the same. The top 25 without Tito:

    1. Ohio St. 2. Oregon 3. Boise St. 4. Nebraska 5. Oklahoma 6. Alabama 7. Auburn 8. LSU 9. Utah 10. Michigan St/South Carolina 12. Arkansas 13. Stanford 14. Iowa 15. florida St. 16. Wisconsin 17. Okie St. 18 Arizona 19. Mizzou 20. Air Force 20. nevada 21. Michigan 22.Florida 23. West virginia 24. Oregon st. 25. Nc State (Receiving votes: VT, Miami)

  • Michael, from a tried-and-true blue-and-orange-blood-bleeding Gator, I can honestly say that that game was exciting. In the end, I think a really poor call by officials on the forward lateral after the fake field goal attempt literally kept LSU alive and nearly gave them the game. I give it to Miles and the LSU players that they did pull off an awesome last-second TD there, but they should have never even had the chance to do it. Then again, if my Gators would have actually played any offense at all in the first half, then this discussion wouldn’t be happening. Alas, I must admit it’s a “rebuilding year” this year for the Gators!

  • East Coast dribble and babble.


  • In the end, I think a really poor call by officials on the forward lateral after the fake field goal attempt literally kept LSU alive and nearly gave them the game

    While I think it’s close, the sportscenter after the game put up this black line that was parallel and the ball followed it pretty closely. It was tight, but I think the refs made the right call. Moreover, they didn’t have the video evidence to overturn it.

    East Coast dribble and babble.

    Ok, but explain to me your thinking behind Nevada, UCLA, and Cal. B/c that blows my mind.

  • Beware of Spartans rising…

    …although, more likely, given the Law of Post-Big Game Letdown and Crashing Expectations, it’s quite possible that Illinois will bump off MSU this Saturday.

    Being a Michigan State alum has prepared me to never get my hopes raised in life. It came attached to my diploma.

  • Ok, but explain to me your thinking behind Nevada, UCLA, and Cal. B/c that blows my mind.

    You’re the one complaining about how horrible LSU is.

    You’ve answered your own question.

    That’s what you get with a third grade degree.

  • You’re the one complaining about how horrible LSU is.

    You’ve answered your own question.

    That’s what you get with a third grade degree.


    I think LSU is very good this year, though improvements are needed if they are to survive the brutal SEC schedule on top. However, LSU has made moves towards making those improvements, and I’m excited to see how the season progresses.

    To compare LSU to Nevada is quite simple. LSU has 6 wins over BCS opponents. 2 of those opponents are currently ranked; one more was ranked when LSU played them. Nevada has no wins against currently ranked teams; one win over a team ranked at the time they played. Their other opponents are homecoming fodder for the BCS.

    UCLA has 3 losses already. 2 of which were blowouts (Stanford & Cal), one to a Kansas St. team that just got smacked around in Manhattan. They beat Houston with a third string QB and an overrated Texas club (a quality win). Cal has beaten no one of quality (unless you count UCLA).

    I could maybe buy UCLA at 25 if they hadn’t gotten crushed this weekend. I don’t get Cal being over Arkansas and Florida St. the Seminoles just creamed Miami at Miami to become an ACC contender and Arkansas has a Heisman contender-led Offense.

    I’m not trying to be insulting, I’m just trying to figure out your reasoning.

    And I would respond to the third-grade quip, but I’m too busy writing my article for the law review at the top-tier law school I’m currently attending to give it adequate treatment. 😉

  • When LSU, Alabama, and Ohio State stop dodging Boise State and TCU on their schedule, I’ll start listening to how “tough” the SEC is.

    I’ve worked in college athletics and I know the politics behind scheduling.

    Boise State deserves a shot at the national title only because alleged heavyweights are too scared to play against them, even on their own home field!

    It’s what the FBS and BCS deserves, a Boise State-TCU national title game.

    Your reasons are empty until LSU schedules a Boise State or a TCU.

  • When LSU, Alabama, and Ohio State stop dodging Boise State and TCU on their schedule, I’ll start listening to how “tough” the SEC is.

    A) This is an argument for Boise St. to be ranked higher than them. I don’t have a huge problem with Boise over Ohio St., as VT & Oregon St. have looked better of late. I put Ohio St. 1st b/c they’ve looked good, beating Miami handily. I had Oregon over them last week, but I’m worried they’ll suffer if their starting QB remains a little injured.

    B) LSU ain’t dodging anybody. Last year we traveled to Washington. We signed up for West Virginia (Big East contenders; good bowl record), North Carolina this year (ACC favorites until the suspensions hit). We signed up to play at Oregon (your current #1 team) next year. Ohio St., to its credit has scheduled series with USC & Texas recently. Alabama played Penn St. this year. While there are teams that load up on cupcakes, these teams generally aren’t doing that.

    And while there are politics behind scheduling, there are also economics. TCU’s own fans don’t come out-at TCU. Travel costs to Idaho are expensive for most teams (especially the SEC squads). It makes it difficult for many teams to justify losing the money just to give Boise or TCU a chance at the title game.

    And finally, Boise’s played Oregon, Oregon St., and Virginia Tech. It’s not like they’re being shut out. They’re playing top teams from BCS conferences. TCU played Oregon St.

    LSU is not under a moral obligation to go out of their way to schedule TCU or Boise St. LSU gives itself a healthy non-conference schedule that is competitive (with a few easier games to be sure-usually against the WAC teams Boise St. has feasted on the past few years). There are many good teams worth scheduling-teams that bring in national attention, lots of fans, and excitement both before, during, and after the game. No one is obligated to play one team more than any other.

    C) Speaking of dodge, what happened to our conversation about Nevada, Cal, and UCLA? I wasn’t talking about Boise

  • Somewhat off-topic but not totally, Joe Posnanski has a point counter-point on the BCS. The latter was written by the executive director of the BCS, and I have to say he would make most politicians blush with his over-reliance on hackneyed cliches and talking points.

  • “… it’s quite possible that Illinois will bump off MSU this Saturday …”

    Definitely. And not just because of an MSU let-down. The Illini are better than their 3-2 record indicates. Still, I pick Sparty to win in a close game.

  • I have to say he would make most politicians blush with his over-reliance on hackneyed cliches and talking points.

    Heh. Couldn’t get past the first few sentences:

    College football is flourishing. Eager fans are flocking to stadiums across the country. Folks are watching on television like never before.

    The sport is decidedly healthy. There’s no reason to monkey with it.


  • “Joe Posnanski has a point counter-point on the BCS.”

    I wish sportswriters would quit going on and on and on ad infinitum about a damned playoff. It’s not going to happen. More importantly, it SHOULDN’T happen.

    Posnanski is full of it when he says Division 1-A college football doesn’t have the most meaningful regular season in all of sports. Of course it does. It may not be meaningful to HIM because HE doesn’t get to see the match-ups HE wants to see week in and week out. But so what? College football has always been about the rivalries and the conference match-ups. An Alabama-Auburn game or a Texas-Oklahoma game or a Ohio-State Michigan game is FAR more important than whether a bunch of top-10 teams play one another every week, giving Joe Posnanski a thrill up his leg.

  • I couldn’t get past the first few sentences in that either.

    But I do have a problem with the arguments made against the BCS he presents

    Arg #1: It leads to teams scheduling cupcakes-This doesn’t go away in a playoff. If rankings what matter, then you schedule cupcakes and let your season revolve around one or two big games. In fact, I think the incentive is higher to schedule cupcakes in a playoff b/c if you have a harder schedule, you have less energy to get through an additional 3-4 weeks tacked on at the end of the year. The only way to increase good non-conference games is make them not count. However, to its credit the BCS has given strength of schedule an important role, so that many teams are trying to get a marquee non-conf game to improve their chances in case of equal records, as well as getting the buzz about the team early.

    2. The BCS is illogical-there isn’t a magical formula about the rankings. Unless you say playoffs are limited to conference champions, then rankings matter and will continue to be kinda crazy. I could only accept a playoffs if they were limited to conference champions-allowing wild cards just perpetuates the problems of the BCS while diminishing the value of the bowls.

  • Which isn’t to say I defend the guy at the BCS, either. I despise the BCS, but think a playoff would be worse.

  • College football has always been about the rivalries and the conference match-ups. An Alabama-Auburn game or a Texas-Oklahoma game or a Ohio-State Michigan game is FAR more important than whether a bunch of top-10 teams play one another every week, giving Joe Posnanski a thrill up his leg

    This is true. The conference schedule is what counts.

  • Excuses, excuses, excuses.

    LSU and many, many other heavyweights are dodging the TCU’s and Boise States.

    Fresno State is famous for “taking on all comers”.


    Bring on McNeese State!


  • LSU and many, many other heavyweights are dodging the TCU’s and Boise States.

    Except for Oregon, Oregon St., and Virginia Tech.

    LSU has played Fresno. We beat the snot of them in 2006.

    This week is the first non-BCS opponent we’re playing. They’re in an in-state school, so we’re giving the money to a local team. We only have one non-BCS team left-ULM of the Sun Belt (another state school). Not sure why playing UNC & West Virginia isn’t good enough but oh well.

    And Boise just finished playing Toledo and Wyoming. Don’t give me your nonsense. (And Boise is scheduled to play at Ole Miss next year, so don’t pretend the SEC has completely shut off Boise).

    Still no answer on why Nevada, Cal & UCLA are where they are in your rankings.

  • Michael,

    Boise is playing Toledo because LSU refuses to play them… in Baton Rouge!

    Pretty lame, but par for the course for the biggies in college football, full of excuses when their arguments run out.

    When you start scheduling the mid-major powerhouses, then you have an argument, until them, eat your roadkill and smile.

  • McNeese State for crying out loud!


  • Boise is playing Toledo because LSU refuses to play them… in Baton Rouge!

    Do you have any evidence that LSU said “screw you” to Boise?

    Pretty lame, but par for the course for the biggies in college football, full of excuses when their arguments run out.

    LSU doesn’t need to schedule flash-in-the-pan programs like Boise St. that have no fan base when it can schedule schools with bigger fan bases and more consistently good football teams like UNC & West Virginia that allow for neutral-field or home & home options. This allows LSU guaranteed better football games, guaranteed media exposure, and guaranteed money for the school and program.
    If it becomes feasible (as it was when LSU scheduled Fresno St.), LSU will do it.

    When you start scheduling the mid-major powerhouses, then you have an argument, until them, eat your roadkill and smile.

    So LSU is terrible & cowardly for scheduling major conference powerhouses instead of mid-major ones. Ok.

    McNeese State for crying out loud!

    LSU undertook a commitment to play in-state schools so that its dollars would go to help boost the programs of the smaller LA schools. It’s a fun weekend, as everyone from that area comes in. For example, when LSU played ULL last year a lot of my wife’s family came in. It makes for a great weekend for Louisiana families. Doing it twice a year is not a crime. LSU has far more interest in helping boost up McNeese, Tulane, ULL, and ULM than it does for some school in Idaho.

  • Nuf sed.


    We started this off by asking you why you ranked Nevada above LSU, and why you ranked UCLA & Cal where you did.

  • I proudly serve as TAC’s token Air Force fan. The Falcons lost some key defensive personnel this past week. They might actually fall out of the rankings after a tough trip to San Diego –thanks to the job Brady Hoke’s doing, these aren’t your older brothers’ Aztecs. I still think they’re going to knock off either Utah or TCU later in the season though.

  • Where is the NFL rankings? 🙂

  • Robert:

    I’ve been swamped; expect them tomorrow.

TAC College Football Rankings: Week 5

Monday, October 4, AD 2010

Update: There was a glitch that prevented the rankings from showing. The glitch is fixed and the rankings are up.

You may be wondering why there is a big picture of the Blessed Mother to lead off the post. It’s simple. I and the rest of us clad in purple & gold owe her. Big time. On the 4th down play and the last play of the game (both of them), I was furiously saying the Hail Mary in the LSU student section. If those flags aren’t miraculous intercession, I don’t know what is. I have prayed like that during a game twice-the NFC championship game against the Vikings and the LSU v. Auburn game in 2007 (Byrd’s catch with a second left-the most beautiful pass & catch I’ve seen in Death Valley). These Tigers are going to kill me, and even though they should have slaughtered the Vols, that was a rare and fun experience.

In the rest of the college football world, we now have clear front-runners in the top 2 conferences. Oregon will need a major upset to lose the PAC-10, and Alabama made quite a statement to the rest of the SEC West. In the Big 12, Oklahoma looks to take the Big 12 South with the win in the Red River Rivalry. The Big 10 is still wide open, and the ACC is anyone’s guess.

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38 Responses to TAC College Football Rankings: Week 5

  • I think I can mind read these invisible rankings.

  • “If those flags aren’t miraculous intercession I don’t know what is.”

    Actually the penalty was a sign of poor math instruction in Tennessee. 😉

  • That’s the second prayer-related story I’ve heard about the end of the LSU game today. I need to get some LSU fans as personal intercessors.

  • Rankings are now visible.

    I need to get some LSU fans as personal intercessors.

    Apparently, the Blessed Mother is an LSU fan, so getting LSU fans for intercessor may be of the utmost importance 😉

  • Y’all must not have been praying hard enough during the Capital One Bowl. That, or the Blessed Mother just love Joe Pa more.

    (I’m guessing it’s the latter. Those field conditions were ideal for the Nittany Lions – a gift from above.)

  • Y’all must not have been praying hard enough during the Capital One Bowl. That, or the Blessed Mother just love Joe Pa more.

    Between our national championship in football in 2007, the magical baseball run of that year to win the SEC, and then the next year to win the College World Series, I imagine the Blessed Mother allowed us to grow through humility and sacrifice.

    After all, if we remembered too well how badly we humiliated Ohio State in the BCS Title game, we would be too prideful.

  • Nah, she just loves Joe Pa more.

  • After the shellacking Bama applied to the Gators, I couldn’t have picked the Buckeyes for first. But dropping them to fourth?! Reminds me of the Nittany Lions getting absolutely screwed over in 1994 because Indiana made a meaningless “comeback” in the fourth quarter after JoePa pulled his starters in a blowout.

    Let me reiterate–the Buckeyes are a machine this year. Even if Denard is wearing his cape (“Superman wears Denard Robinson pajamas”) against OSU, he doesn’t play defense.

    The in-state war (MSU at UM) will define the season for each team. If Michigan beats the Spartans, they could make a run for 9 wins. If State wins, mark them down for 10.

    Oh, and wow–I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a fanbase more outraged by a 5-0 start than LSU’s. The funny thing is, the Tigers and Wolverines are mirror images of each other this year.

    Yeah, I’ll send a poll next week. 🙂

  • (“Superman wears Denard Robinson pajamas”)

    Superman must wear a lot of pajamas, as he has Chuck Norris, Tim Tebow, and now Denard Robinson pajamas. More importantly, all of them wear Drew Brees pajamas.

    Oh, and wow–I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a fanbase more outraged by a 5-0 start than LSU’s. The funny thing is, the Tigers and Wolverines are mirror images of each other this year.

    Actually, I have seen a fanbase more outraged: LSU 2009. It really is a testament to how spoiled Louisiana football fans are that our teams are a combined 8-1 and we’re not happy with either one of them.

    Oh, and definitely send on a poll. Do you have my email?

  • Yeah, Dale, I figured the other pollsters would drop Ohio State, forgetting that the Buckeyes returned the entire team that beat Oregon in the Rose Bowl. Ohio State’s defense shut down Oregon’s much-vaunted offense back in January, and the Buckeyes’ defense is even better now.

    And the other pollsters are either unaware or have ignored the fact that over the last 20 years the Illini have always played tough against the Buckeyes. It’s one of those “throw the records out” type of ballgames every year. (Let’s not forget that Ohio State’s one regular season loss the last time they played for the national championship was against … Illinois.)

    Finally, whatever Michigan’s final record turns out to be this year, y’all have yourselves a Heisman Trophy winner in Robinson. At this point, I’d put real money on it.

  • Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, Ohio State and Michigan fans saying nice things about the other’s team … mass hysteria!

  • Jay, this skeletal guy on a white horse just rode up and asked for directions to “Armageddon.”

  • Okie Lite had that last victory handed to them on a silver platter.

  • Ohio State is a great team, but there are greater teams ahead of them still. I could understand the belly-aching if they were ranked one more spot further.

    Besides, we have enough complaining from southern Louisiana.

  • Alabama . . . fourth? Tito, Tito, Tito. (Shakes head)

    Then again, I’m the guy who ranked USC in the top 15 because I misread the score of their game over the weekend. My bad.

  • LOL @ Paul

    Boise State is the real wild card.

    Everyone refuses to play them so they can’t be blamed for their out of conference schedule.

    But other than the Bronco’s, I find it hard to rank them higher than the other teams ahead of them.

    But yes, there is room for debate.

    But I don’t recognize the mythical national champion until we have a playoff.

    And that’s what it is, a mythical national championship.

  • Then again, I’m the guy who ranked USC in the top 15 because I misread the score of their game over the weekend. My bad.

    I was wondering why you had USC so high…

    Besides, we have enough complaining from southern Louisiana

    I don’t think I’ve complained about LSU’s rank in the poll yet. 11th is fair for a 5-0 team that just barely escaped this weekend.

    And that’s what it is, a mythical national championship.

    As I’m wearing a shirt bearing the years 1958, 2003, and 2007 in purple and gold, I ought to point out that Tolkien finds myths to contain much truth.

  • “But I don’t recognize the mythical national champion until we have a playoff.”

    Now I know you’re whack, Tito.

    I can understand not recognizing the mythical national champion, because I, too, think the BCS is a joke. But a playoff is the WORST possible thing that could happen to Division 1-A college football. The only people who care about a playoff are lefty sportwriters, the casual college football observer who’s only interested in having another office pool, and Las Vegas/gamblers.

    REAL college football fans want to see the BCS scrapped and a return to the traditional bowl alignments (with a few extra “major” bowls thrown in to accomodate the Boise States, TCUs, and Utahs of the world) and ALL THE DAMN GAMES PLAYED ON NEW YEAR’S DAY, not stretched out over a frickin’ week.

    And, yes, I understand that these criteria may define me as the ONLY REAL college football fan in the entire worlds. So be it. Everyone else can rot.

  • I’m whacked!

    Woo hoo!

    My second opinion would be to revert back to the old system.

    Where only the best conferences play for the national title each year in the Rose Bowl.

    Yep, only the Pac-12 & Big-10 (the great lakes 12) would be playing for the mythical nation title.

    Whackedy whack!


  • is getting whacked like getting served, but for old people? 😉

    REAL college football fans want to see the BCS scrapped and a return to the traditional bowl alignments (with a few extra “major” bowls thrown in to accomodate the Boise States, TCUs, and Utahs of the world) and ALL THE DAMN GAMES PLAYED ON NEW YEAR’S DAY, not stretched out over a frickin’ week.

    I don’t know. I think the idea of trying to get the best two teams to play is fun, and college football is about fun. So I’m a little more sympathetic, especially as it tends to embarrass the lefty sportswriters who only watch football on the east coast. I think the SEC, PAC-10, and Big 12 have benefited from the arrangement. Still, going back to the traditional bowls wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. While I like being national champions, I don’t care nearly as much about LSU being better than Ohio St. as I do about us being better than Alabama. College football is about regional rivalries; the national championship is only necessary for the pros. So if it’s between playoffs and old system, I’ll take the old system.

    However, college football should be over by 11:59PM, January 1. Period.

    Where only the best conferences play for the national title each year in the Rose Bowl.

    Yep, only the Pac-12 & Big-10 (the great lakes 12) would be playing for the mythical nation title.

    Usually I would make a comment that in fact the two best conference do in fact do that in the SEC championship game, but since the SEC East went 0-5 this weekend, I’d best shut my mouth on that aspect.

    However, I’m still fairly confident that over the last decade, conference strength is: 1. SEC, 2. Big 12, 3. Pac-10, 4. Big 10, 5. ACC, 6. Big East.

  • Some football fans grossly overvalue and thus take the mere game of football far too seriously. Doing so, and the consequent obsession with winning, can be an offense against truth and one’s own dignity and can easily and insidiously lead to sins against charity toward anyone (e.g., one’s own coaches or opponent coaches/players/fans) who are perceived as standing in the way of one’s favorite team winning. It’s only a game whose object is to carry an inflated ball across a field of grass and cross a “goal line” and occasionally kick that inflated ball through two upright posts. Instead of light entertainment and a healthy diversion, football has become for some an unhealthy passion that saints would deplore.

  • Instead of light entertainment and a healthy diversion, football has become for some an unhealthy passion that saints would deplore.

    Actually, many saints like football. Some like it so much, that they have started their own team in New Orleans. It has been doing rather well of late. 😉

    Though it is certainly true that many football fans lack charity, I think football does a great deal of good as well. It is one of the few occasions that manage to bring the community together, allowing the kind of interaction that healthy societies require. Even if they are coming together for a game, they are still coming together.

    I think sports also tends to teach many virtues to both athletes and fans about hard work, teamwork, leadership, etc. While many athletes are divas, those athletes usually do not succeed in the same way or as well as virtuous ones (for every T.O., there’s a Drew Brees).

    While sports should never come before family or God, even fanatic sports fans can live a healthy and virtuous life in which sports plays an uplifting role.

  • Question:

    Is praying for an LSU victory when it looked like Tennessee won the game a wasted prayer?

    Those “Hail Mary’s” could have been used for the salvation of your soul, instead they were used for an event that has almost nothing to do with reaching Heaven and achieved eternal salvation.

    Just a question, probably a good post to write about to.

  • And on that note …

    Speaking of taking things far too seriously, it’s funny how, as soon as the preaching begins, threads suddenly tend to get a lot less fun.


  • Is praying for an LSU victory when it looked like Tennessee won the game a wasted prayer?

    Those “Hail Mary’s” could have been used for the salvation of your soul, instead they were used for an event that has almost nothing to do with reaching Heaven and achieved eternal salvation.

    Oh, I was praying before the last play (both times). Praying for other people can be a good thing, I think. Of course, it is interesting how sports games can make people when they don't often do so. As a sports fan, you can cheer and make noise, but you are largely unable to affect the result on the field before us. Similarly, we as humans are largely unable to alter the events around us. If one recognizes that we pray during sports because we can do no more, and that such is often the case in our own lives, where we pridefully think we can do more than we can, than this might help in our salvation.

  • Good point Jay.

    But I figure if this is a Catholic website, we could examine such issues (on another post).


  • Actually, I was referring to a comment above, but I suppose it could apply to your overly-preachy preachiosity, as well, Tito.


  • I don’t have a comment, but if we have another emoticon in a row we all lose our man cards. Looking out for everybody.

  • I can’t find the firy rage emoticon. >(

  • Sadly Paul, I was unable to download the Yahoo Emoticon plug-in for the upgrade of our website. So we’ll be stuck with these basic four or five emoticons.


  • Do they have one of those emoticons that flip the bird?

  • Sadly Paul, I was unable to download the Yahoo Emoticon plug-in for the upgrade of our website. So we’ll be stuck with these basic four or five emoticons.

    Then how on earth are we going to bring TAC to the millions of teenage girls out there? :_(

  • Do they have one of those emoticons that flip the bird?

    Never seen an emoticon bird.

    If they had, I’m sure we’d have seen it from certain people in these comboxes.

  • I’d have probably used it a time or two myself.

  • Kansas State: They haven’t played anyone, but get the chance to prove it against Nebraska. It’s a nice story-but they’ll lose big.

    Boy, when I’m right, I’m right.

TAC College Football Rankings Week 4

Monday, September 27, AD 2010

This weekend was the first opportunity for me to rejoin my brethren in purple & gold, and enjoy the tailgating, so college football has officially begun. Notes from the week:

  • 8:15 games are lame, made more so with long TV timeouts. I didn’t get home till 1:45 (granted, I waited out the traffic at a nearby apartment but still).
  • The Big East in in trouble. No one in the Top 25, with all three marquee teams losing this weekend (WVU, Pitt, & Cincy).
  • The ACC is a mystery to me. With GT losing and UNC’s troubles, hard to pick a favorite. Miami looks good, and NC State is undefeated, but the Hokies don’t have a conference loss yet and made a good statement against BC.
  • As of right now, the SEC West has the teams ranked #1, #10, #12, and #15 in the AP poll. Your chaos of the season will ride on what happens there (as well as what happens when Florida plays some of those teams-starting this week when Bama is rewarded for its efforts v. the Hogs by meeting the stronger-looking Gators at home). You may begin an “S-E-C!” chant now.
  • Do you think Brian Kelly & Notre Shame expected to be 1-3 right now?
  • What happened to Georgia? They got creamed by Moo U. and sit firmly behind Vandy in the SEC East. Very sad.
  • The Heisman race continues to intrigue. Ingram, despite missing a few games, looks solid. Robinson was out for much of the game but looks ok. Pryor handled business, and Peterson added another special teams TD. I will say that I acted very dignified when peterson scored his TD and did the Heisman pose. And by dignified, I mean jump up and down so much that I almost knocked my sister down. However, I did resist putting that picture as the lead this week (saving it for a future week, perhaps?)
  • Right now, I think conference ranks are 1. SEC, 2. PAC-10, 3. Big-10, 4. Big 12, 5. MWC, 6. ACC, 7. Boise St. 8. Big East.
  • This week, Idaho receives no votes in the TAC poll. In a unrelated story, the TAC poll gains nation-wide credibility (love ya, tito!)

Ok, rankings after the jump.

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40 Responses to TAC College Football Rankings Week 4

  • This week, Idaho receives no votes in the TAC poll. In a unrelated story, the TAC poll gains nation-wide credibility (love ya, tito!)

    I don’t know…TAMU and Kansas State are somehow getting votes! 😉

  • And check out Dave and Denton with their blatant anti-USC bias!

  • Michael,

    Please tell me you were not among the Boo Birds in Death Valley Saturday night.

    Although I believe that Miles waited too long to put Lee in (at least for a couple of series), I can’t understand those fans who actively booed JJ.

    Imagine that LSU is entertaining a top QB prospect (or any other position, for that matter). Is that what we want highly-touted recruits to see and hear? That our fans will jump all over them when they’re stuggling?

    Crowton, IMHO, is the problem. He’s got to be replaced if the offense doesn’t get any better this year.

  • I did not boo when JJ came back in. I don’t boo players. However, I was trying to start a “Jar-ret Lee!” chant before then. Didn’t work.

    Crowton needed to be replaced last year.

    And check out Dave and Denton with their blatant anti-USC bias!

    I did rank them. I think that’s better than previously.

  • Look on the bright side, T-sippers: you’ve shown improvement against UCLA since your last drubbing at their hands.

    In between drubbings, I recall a certain inVINCEable outing for the Longhorns.

  • All USC has to do is beat a lathargic Washington Huskies squad and they should easily move up my poll, that is if the Men of Troy actually decide to field a defensive squad. There are bound to be upsets this week, so the Trojans should move up quite nicely. By the way what happened to Jake Locker? Is it him or is the Huskies offensive line a pale comparison of last year’s unit?

  • It’s nice of y’all to put Michigan at 15, but that’s overrating my team.

    The offense is a beast, but the defense is a porous, talent-deficient nightmare. They scrap, but they’re so clearly overmatched it’s not funny. My original prediction for this year was 7-5. If the breaks fall their way, they could get to 8-4. The two-all-but-guaranteed losses are to OSU and Wisconsin, both road games. Almost as likely is a loss to Iowa, even though that’s a home game and they played the Hawkeyes really tough last year. They likely lose to either (but not both) MSU or PSU. Then toss in the annual rude surprise, and you’re back at my original pick. I want to believe, but I don’t.

  • In retrospect, I’m thinking my assessment of Ryan Mallett was a little overly harsh. I’m not sure he actually had much of an opportunity to fold like a cheap card table while he was at Michigan, and he actually performed fairly well in some of the games he started, such as in the 38-0 routing of the Fighting Irish.

    But he certainly folded like a cheap card table in the 2nd half of that Alabama game.

  • No, you were right about Mallett, basically. Yes, he wasn’t on the field much, but the scuttlebutt about the guy’s attitude was strongly suggestive of a folder. Lloyd Carr was *not* delighted with him during his last year as coach, and IIRC, there were hints he would have transferred even if Carr had stayed on another year.

  • Oh, and I would have voted OSU number 1–and not as some kind of jinx, either. 🙂

    ‘Bama’s good, don’t get me wrong. But I think they’re good for at *least* one conference loss this year. National Championship hangover plus everyone in the SEC gunning for them every week.

  • TAMU!

    Gig ‘em!

    If the Aggies beat Oklahoma State this weekend, then I think they are worthy of a vote for the week 5 rankings. Up to now, they haven’t shown us anything.

  • It’s been a fun couple of years to be a Stanford fan (Handing USC its largest loss ever was too sweet). But once your coach gets the national spotlight… (Hands off, Dale Price.)

  • rather, this Thursday.

  • Sorry, jchris–the Harbaugh Watch has been on since the gun sounded at the end of the OSU game last year.

    I see what RichRod’s trying to do, and when it works–wow. But his defenses have to get better, fast, or he’s going to be out, and Dave Brandon’s going to be knocking on your door.

  • Oh, and I would have voted OSU number 1–and not as some kind of jinx, either.

    You could always write your own rankings that would be included…:)

    Michigan at 15 makes sense just b/c of the makeup this year. 1-5 are solid contenders (though I have a feeling oregon will switch out with Stanford this week), 6-15 are teams that could be contenders but have problems (LSU and Florida fit this mold pretty well), and after that are a lot of teams that could have decent seasons. Michigan is on the cusp of being a contender, not to mention I don’t trust many of the other Big 10 teams (Wisconsin is begging to be beaten). so 15 is about right.

  • My prediction: if RichRod doesn’t beat Tressell in the next couple of years, I think Stanford fans can say “So long” to Harbaugh.

  • You sure Michigan doesn’t want Michigan man Les Miles? We’ll even throw in an offensive coordinator!

  • I am a homer for TAMU.

    After their less than thrilling 3-0 run, I dropped them a few.

    I’ll continue to drop them if they don’t have an impressive win soon and OSU should provide the Aggies for that.

    Gig ’em!

    (self-honorary Aggie fan)

  • I am not sure Harbaugh would come back to Michigan. Think about it Stanford’s a great job. If you don’t do well, people will say your academics are too tough. Ty Willingham looked like a genius at Stanford, but far from it at Notre Dame and Washington. There are certain jobs that just don’t have much pressure. Pitt is another one, few in Western Pennsylvania care about the Pitt Panthers. Their main focus is the Steelers and Penn State as an after thought, Dave Wannstedt with all of his underachievement looks like a genius compared to the Pirates front office.

  • I hope you’re right, Dave, but I’m skeptical. Maybe getting burned in basketball by Mike Montgomery’s traitorous jump to Cal has me jaded.

  • Michael Denton,

    What’s the name of your banana colored kitten gravatar?

  • Mike the Tiger. He also goes by “Who needs Offense?” and “He who won a national title with Les Miles”

  • j. christian:



  • Lolz, Dale. I mean, all those women’s tennis titles are fine, but can’t we have just a few more good years of football, please?

  • If you’d like a modicum of comfort: Harbaugh antagonized some folks with his comment about Michigan academics a couple years back. It rankles in some quarters.

    A little more comfort: there are still influential Michigan Mafia types pining for Les Miles. “Sure, he’s wacky–BUT HE COACHED WITH BO SCHEMBECHLER (PBUH)!” Also, it sounds like plenty of LSU fans are happy to offer Miles at a steep discount, despite being 4-0.

    The best thing that can happen for fans of the Cardinal is a good Michigan season. So far, so good.

  • I like Les, but any deal to get rid of Crowton is a deal LSU should take.

  • I for one hope that Les Miles does come to Michigan. We need another curmudgeonly type in Ann Arbor. It makes the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry so much more interesting. Rich Rod doesn’t exactly seem like the well heeled Michigan man that some of the more elite alum types would have. Les isn’t exactly well heeled but he does bare a little resemblance (in personality) to Bo. Now Woody and Bo and the 10 Year War, those were the days. It certainly left an indelible mark on my childhood!

  • What we need is for Tressell to start acting like Woody. Hell, I’d pay to see him punch a Clemson player.

    (And, no, the fact that the woman to whom the Church says I was never married is a Clemson alumna has absolutely nothing to do with that. Really. It doesn’t.)


  • So much for the Ags’ top 25 hopes. But a team that turns the ball over as much as the Aggies have all year doesn’t deserve to be highly ranked.

  • I couldn’t believe that last interception – he overthrew the receiver by fifteen yards.

  • It’s a shame really. TAMU has a great team. Without the turnovers, they’d have killed OSU and been in the top 25. But 5 turnovers, particularly the last mind-boggling 2, are really disappointing for a squad that could be better.

    At least it was a great game.

  • Were we all watching the TAMU game? Lol, we may need to have an Aggie game thread next time.

  • They’ve had … what … 15 turnovers in the last 3 games, or something like that? The Ags have a lot of talent, but teams that aspire to be great can’t turn the ball over like that.

  • Total bummer dude. I just opened my Shiner after Texas scored the tying touchdown at 35. 🙁

  • Total bummer dude. I just opened my Shiner after Texas scored the tying touchdown at 35.


  • lol, hook em horns, Tito.

    However, Shiner is a good beer and is worthy of being opened & consumed win or lose. Probably the only good thing to ever come from Texas.

  • LOL @ MJ & MD,

    I learned that the Aggies are referred to as the “Texas Aggies”.

    Hence why you hear insecure Longhorns say that they are “The University” of Texas.

    I could be wrong, but that’s what I see and hear here in my short six years in good ole Houston.

  • That may be true, but if you’re at an Aggie bar and openly start proclaiming your love of “Texas,” very bad things will happen.

  • 10 turnovers the last two games. Mind boggling, really. This game was ripe for the picking for the Aggies, but Johnson turned the ball over WAY too many times. I don’t get it… he wasn’t prone to this sort of thing last year. Something seems to have gotten to him mentally. I hope he fixes it.

TAC College Football Rankings: Week 3

Tuesday, September 21, AD 2010

No upsets before midnight central standard time made for a fairly quiet rankings; this week we lined up more or less with the AP poll (though Tito and I threw it some curves). Some random thoughts of my own before the rankings:

Could we please stop with the Locker for #1 pick and Heisman? This is the second game he’s blown this year. He shouldn’t still be on a Heisman ballot. The Heisman is between Pryor, Robinson and Patrick Peterson (his interceptions this weekend were insane) at this point.

If Ole Miss had listened to their fans and made Admiral Ackbar their mascot, maybe they would have known that Vanderbilt & Jacksonville St. had the potential to be A TRAP! (Seriously, Ole Miss is terrible and Ackbar is a better choice than the moronic suggestions they’ve come up with so far to replace Johnny Reb. of course, the stupidity & lack of creativity of Ole Miss’s student body is how we got stuck with the lame “Magnolia Bowl” title between LSU & Ole Miss /rant.)

Brian Kelly is not a good coach, or at least not from what I saw Saturday night. A bizarre 4th & 1 decision to go for it in Notre Dame territory late in the 4th quarter as well as being totally unprepared for an obvious fake field goal situation makes me question Kelly. Coming from a fan who puts up with Les Miles’s gambles, that’s saying a lot.

Ok, time for the rankings!

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7 Responses to TAC College Football Rankings: Week 3

  • Florida v. Arkansas should be an excellent game. BTW, Razorback fans–you’re welcome for Mallett.

    Oregon’s offense reminds me of accounts of the Mongol invasions.

    We won’t know anything for sure about the Wolverines before the Michigan State game. Unless, of course, they pratfall or have UMass-like near misses against Bowling Green or Indiana.

  • Seeing the Aggies in the Top 25 is nice, but seems a bit unwarranted… especially with two games in a row with 5 turnovers… each. But then again, it only took them one quarter to outscore FIU.

  • Yeah, Tito ranked them high but no one else ranked them (not even MJ, who is an Aggie alum). I was not impressed with their effort v. FIU. I wish them all the best, but it looks like a rough year for them unless they can muster together one huge upset.

  • I am a big TAMU fan, but I must admit that they don’t belong (yet) among the T-25. They barely got by Florida International, and J. Johnson looked like a freshman against the FIU defense. I’m a bit worried about Big-12 play for the Aggies.

  • Texas A&M is my Notre Dame.

    They have the most outstanding Catholic apostolate in the country when it comes to public universities. I have met so many faithful and devout Catholics from that school that I have adopted A&M as my school to root for (after Arizona and Hawaii) while Notre Dame tries to recover from the Obama fallout.

    Yes, I’m disappointed at how A&M has started the year, but they still won. Though if they do another dead-cat bounce victory then I too will begin to think twice of their worthiness to be in the T-25.

  • Well, that game, or at least the third quarter (4 INT’s) was very uncharacteristic of Jerrod Johnson. My hope is that this was an aberration. They did manage to pull out the win in one quarter of play, so that says something about character. Well… it’s on to Okie Lite.

  • The Aggie defense was outstanding, but Johnson was the very definition of erratic – I think the creative defensive scheming of FIU had him for three quarters (plus the very, very young O line).

    This Thursday will tell us a lot (although the OSU defense isn’t the greatest).

TAC College Football Rankings: Week 2

Monday, September 13, AD 2010

Last week we debuted our fearless college rankings here at TAC. This week saw chaos in the middle and back as our #11, 12, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22, and 24 teams all lost. Some of the chaos is surely due to this man:

The first lesson we need to learn is that if we keep ignoring the Federalist Papers, Madison will strike down our football teams. The other lesson is that it’s great to not be an ACC fan.

This week the rankings take on two new additions: our own Dave Hartline and Evangelical Catholicism’s M.J. Andrew. If you’re a Catholic blogger, and you’re interested in writing rankings, shoot me an email at michaelrdenton”at” gmail. com. Let’s see those rankings now, shall we?

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32 Responses to TAC College Football Rankings: Week 2

  • Tito, sir, you are a gentlemen. Gig ’em!

  • #25 I thought Air Force was one of the more interesting wins that seemed to go under the radar this weekend. COming off their Last season they could very well be legit

    #24 Fresno – I agree why not

    #22 WV I agree skeptical but it was one those game. 40th Annv of Marshal Plane Crash,Marshal feeling the heat to win because of the politics of keeping game going.

    #19 Miami(Fl) Your being generous

    #14 Arkansas- ULM did not play a game before this one so there was no game film. Also ULM has New Coach, so unknowns for Arky. Further believe it or not ULM has played them close before. So we shall see this week

    #13 Wisconsin Yall are on Crack. At the very least I would Wis change places with S.C

    #11 LSU I WISH!! The QB situation is just too unstable now

    #7 Oklahoma- Agree. Jimbo was running the show at Florida State last year. Why would this year be different. SO we don’t learn much

    #6 Nebraska I am a believer too

    #1 Alabama Yack Yack Yack!! but at this point true

  • JH:

    LSU is so high b/cit’s hard to figure out who’s ahead. 1-7 looks pretty good, 8-10 have some history of getting good later, but after that it’s a crapshoot between 11-20 and after 20 you might as well stop the ballot.

    I really don’t know what to do with Wisconsin, myself. They could be great; could suck. As for SCAR, a win over Georgia isn’t what it once was, and SCAR has had a problem with being a flash in the pan. We’ll see if they can keep it up, and if so they’ll rise.

  • I guess I just see SC wins more quality than Wisconsin. Of course with South Carolina one has a feeling that Garcia could implode at any moment

  • JH,

    If Air Force wins this week, I assure you that I’ll bump ’em all the way up into the top 15 in my voting. Maybe even top 10.

    For what it’s worth, I think they have a real shot at beating the Sooners.

  • Big Tex,

    If I’m not mistaken, one of the voters in this poll is an A&M alum, and he didn’t even give the Ags any love. I think the Aggies may be another one of Tito’s Idaho Vandal type picks.


  • A&M is grossly underrated.

    This is the year they get over the hump and finally beat Kansas State, Colorado, and TU-Austin.

    As for Idaho and Jay’s ‘comment’, Idaho played Nebraska pretty damn hard up until kickoff. That and their schedule get’s pretty easy so hopefully they’ll run the table and knock off WAC powers Boise State and Fresno State and prove me right!

  • I overlooked Houston (in my own backyard no less) and if they man-handle UCLA like they should, they’re getting my vote (assuming anyone in my top-25 loses).

    West Virginia won against Marshall because of a coaching decision of putting in a freshman RB when they had a seasoned back ready to go. The freshman fumbled inside the red-zone. If they would have scored there is no way WV would have had time enough to score 18-22 points.

    Fresno State takes on all-comers. They still have Mississippi and Illinois in their schedule.

    Not to mention WAC powers Boise State, Nevada, and Hawaii.

    If they can just win those close games watch them reek havoc in the polls!

  • Idaho played Nebraska pretty damn hard up until kickoff


    I’d agree with Houston getting a vote if they beat UCLA; I probably could have shoed them in to my rankins.

    West Virginia seems suspect to me. I just couldn’t figure out who to put ahead of them. However, if they try to play like that in Death Valley…well, let’s just say we came up with “Tiger Bait” (pronounced Tiii-GAH BAIT!) for a reason

  • I agree with WV. It doesn’t help that they’re in an overrated conference (thank goodness the Big Least is around, it makes the ACC look like the Black&Blue Division of the NFC North).

    LSU will walk all over them like a cheap rug.

  • I just noticed Jay putting in UVA at #25.

    They almost took out the University of Spoiled Children though.

    Tough cross-country road trip for the Cavaliers.

  • Yeah, that was a stretch, but I had to give some love to my alma mater for a late-night trip to the Colliseum that almost ended in an upset of USC.

    What does that say about the ACC that arguably the most impressive performance of the weekend came in a loss?

  • Sorry to dissappoint you Tito, but the A&M Gaggies will not beat The University.

  • …of Arizona?

    I agree, because Arizona isn’t on the schedule.


  • Sorry to dissappoint you Tito, but the A&M Gaggies will not beat The University

    I won’t tolerate anybody speaking badly about a future SEC team-which reminds me, when does the rest of the country decide to gang up to pummel UT for their nonsense this summer?

  • A&M would be a great addition to the SEC.

    I could see a great rivalry forming between A&M and LSU.

    Along the lines of the Red River Classic, games could rotate between Houston (Reliant Stadium) and New Orleans (Super Dome) every year!

  • Tito:

    We used to have that rivalry, but it got lost sometime in the conference shuffle. I have a great respect for the Aggies’ tradition and wished they could join us in the SEC (even though I don’t like the idea of super-conferences and like the SEC’s number). I hope LSU will notice the attraction of its fan base towards the Aggies and schedules a series in the near future-I think your idea of Reliant & New Orleans is a good one, though I think both schools have such great environments tha it would be a shame to be played other than Death Valley & the Home of the 12th man.

  • Jay, at A&M, we don’t have alumni. We have former students.

    cmatt & others… I didn’t realize A&M had the Volunteers on their schedule? UT is in Tennessee. If that was a typo, and you meant t.u., then yes, I think the Aggies have a better than good shot and sawing varsity’s horns off. Remember back a couple years ago, McGhee ran all over that horn defense… in Austin. Anything can happen, especially with the skill players the Aggies have on offense. Watch out for Johnson, Michael, Gray, Fuller, and Nwachukwu.

  • Michael,

    Everything’s on the table!

    A player for either school could play one game in College Station, one game in Baton Rouge, one game in the Super Dome, and one game in Reliant.

    During the course of the players four year career he would get the opportunity to play in all those great venues!

  • What a load of dung. Once again, southerners who seem to need to justify just how important they are to the world of sports spout on obnoxiously about how superior they are to the Big Ten. A careful study of Penn State history vs. the SEC will demonstrate they do pretty well thank you very much. In fact, since joining the league in ’93, PSU is 5 and 2 vs. the SEC in bowl games. In fact, only a closely contested match against Auburn and a game against Florida where PS was without Curtis Enis and Joe Jurivicius resulted in PS losses. In the SEC land, only the Bear owned Penn State and he owned everyone else too! I will take our record against the vaunted and mighty SEC any day of the week.

  • Oh and by the way, do you know the differnce between the SEC and the NFL? The SEC does not have a salary cap!

  • I follow the Big Ten and prefer it to the SEC. But the SEC is a stronger football conference. Obnoxiousness has nothing to do with it. The Big Ten has disappointed me for too long and I refuse to be in denial. That said, I still prefer the Big Ten. Overall I think they run somewhat cleaner programs more consonate with the stated ideals and objectives of college athletics. To be clear, I do not think the SEC was necessarily the stronger (let alone strongest) conference in the 90s; but it is today and has been for a while I think.

  • I’m a Southerner who now lives in Big 10 country, and who has been an Ohio State and Big 10 fan for most of my life. I also like Penn State and LOVE Joe Pa.

    Believe me, there is a lot of respect for the Big 10 reflected in this poll (Michael’s whiny comments about having to play on anything other than pristine field conditions in anything other than sunny 75-degree weather or inside a dome notwithstanding).

  • Speaking of respect for the Big 10, I just noticed that Michigan is missing from this poll, despite the fact that the Wolverines appear to have received votes from all the voters.

    What gives?

  • Speaking of respect for the Big 10, I just noticed that Michigan is missing from this poll, despite the fact that the Wolverines appear to have received votes from all the voters.

    What gives?

    Um…I screwed up. 🙁 I’ll fix it.

  • “Speaking of respect for the Big 10, I just noticed that Michigan is missing from this poll,”

    I think all Illinis would say Michael that whenever you wish to forget Michigan, that is fine with us. 😉

  • That would make Michigan come in at #20.

    Bumping the three-way tie at #25 into ‘honorable mention’ territory.

  • Believe me, there is a lot of respect for the Big 10 reflected in this poll (Michael’s whiny comments about having to play on anything other than pristine field conditions in anything other than sunny 75-degree weather or inside a dome notwithstanding).

    I actually gave a lot of respect to the Big 10 in my ballot; I think they’re either the second or third best conference right now in the country. But I do reserve the right to jab Penn St. for barely beating the worst offense in LSU history on “turf” that gave advantages beyond what proper conditions should give to a Big 10 team. (See addendum in post above)

  • @Michael Denton, @Jay, et al,

    It’s hilarious that Michael is complaining on what definition of the word “field” should be, since most Louisianan’s call the northern seabed of the Gulf of Mexico “New Orleans”.

    So I take his comments with a ginormous grain of salt.

    “You call it dinner, I call it roadkill.”
    –Tito driving through the Louisiana portion of I-10 circa 2002.

  • It’s hilarious that Michael is complaining on what definition of the word “field” should be, since most Louisianan’s call the northern seabed of the Gulf of Mexico “New Orleans”.

    Yes, but we’ve never called it a field. You’ll find that we New Orleanians have the technology to produce flat fields as opposed to Marshes, a technology we apparently have to share with the good people of Orlando.

    We will provide ginormous grains of salt from Avery Island, if you would like.

    And we don’t call it dinner; we call it “gumbo” or “boudin” and it’s delicious. 😉

  • Mike-

    Granted, I am a bit sheepish about the Cap One Bowl victory last January but not because of the field. I am a bit embarrased about the horrible unsportsmanlike conduct penaltly at the end of the game that should have been called against PSU instead of LSU. I don’t apologize for our ability to play in crappy weather. In fact, that’s my beef against the SEC outside of Bama whom we have a history with. I think Bama is the only school SEC we have ever seen in Happy Valley and I am looking forward to the battle in 2011. I sort of bristle when we are lumped in with the rep the rest of the Big Ten has. Penn State has always held its own vs. the SEC.

    I do not doubt that year in and year out the SEC is the deepest conference in football but let us just agree that the SEC with the exception of Vandy operates froma different set of rules than the SEC when it comes to “student” athletes, OK?

  • Note: should read “from the Big Ten”.

    It’s late.

TAC College Football Rankings: Week 1

Thursday, September 9, AD 2010

Idaho Vandals QB & NFL Prospect Nathan Enderle

So we’re trying a new feature here at TAC. Since we noticed we have a lot of college football fans, we thought it might be fun to start our own rankings system. This way, we have an excuse to talk college football every week in a Catholic setting. B/c we thought of it this week, this ranking is coming out on Thursday but the others should be coming out on Mondays.

Here’s how it’ll work. People will send in their rankings and I’ll assign points to them (25 for 1st, 24 for 2nd, etc.) and then average out the points and rank the teams according to that. Then I will take that score along with the computer models and…just kidding. No computer models.

My hope is that it’ll build and we’ll get more people involved (and if you want to submit rankings, let me know-you don’t have to write for TAC). At the end of the year, we may even do a special bowl pick-em thing if it seems popular enough.

Rankings follow after the jump ?

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37 Responses to TAC College Football Rankings: Week 1

  • Thanks for ranking them Michael!


  • Ok, Tito. Why on earth is Idaho #8? Why do you have them so high?

  • Idaho has a four year starter in NFL prospect QB Nathan Enderle returning and putting in a fantastic performance against FCS power North Dakota.

    1,000-yard rusher Deonte Jackson is back for his senior season.

    2 starting WR’s return as well.

    7 of the top 8 DL’s return in a loaded WAC with Boise State, Fresno State, and Nevada.

    The entire LB corps returns to make the Defense one of the most feared in college football (and their back-ups return as well).

    Ditto the Secondary.

    We’ll see what happens in Lincoln this weekend when they face #6 Nebraska.

  • I agree with your take on VA Tech. Boise State was shrewd in scheduling the Hokies for their first game. VA Tech lost a disproportionate number of starters, especially on defense, whereas Boise State returned almost all their starters. VA Tech is likely to improve more than Boise State through the season.

  • You know I was kind of tempted to get a little ridiculous in my rankings – like putting the entire Big East in top 25 or something. After seeing Tito’s rankings, I kind of wish I had.

  • Mike:

    Yeah, the first game is always really tough to judge b/c some teams need it more than others i.e. need to work out the kinks & sloppiness. Both Boise & VT had their moments in that game. I still think VT will contend for the ACC crown.


    Please don’t. You are going to hurt my soul.


    Not a bad case, though 8 is really high. We’ll see what happens when you #8 meets your #1 this weekend. Maybe you’ll have me eating crow.

  • Paul,

    There’s always next week, but by then the Big-East will reveal themselves to be the usual charlatans that they are.

  • Okay, MAYBE Tito has a good argument for Idaho’s inclusion in the top 25. But at #8?

  • Very interesting Michael, you put some serious work into this project. For what it is worth, I might have to throw my prognosticating helmet into the ring. While Tito may have a West Coast bias, I have a Midwestern bias, skewing toward the Big Ten and MAC. Though I believe Jay has some loyalties to the Big 12 and ACC, he might be sympathetic to the Midwest.

    As for the poll, it looks pretty sound though I would put Ohio State over Boise St. You might want to check out the Central Michigan vs Temple game tonight, the winner could be a sleeper in the Top 25. I would also put Notre Dame in the Also Receiving Votes. I think they will manhandle Michigan this week. Though, I don’t like recent developments at Our Lady’s campus, they still have a more orthodox minded student body than any of the other major Catholic campuses. In addition, there probably hasn’t been a more faith filled Catholic coach than Gerry Faust, even if things didn’t go his way. He promptly went to the Grotto every day, as he promised Our Lady, if he got the job.

    BTW, what in the world is wrong with Joe Montana bad mouthing Rudy during the Dan Patrick Show? Let the guy have some glory. How embarrassing for Joe that some former teammates had to politely scold him for his comments.

    Finally, Tito I think the Idaho Vandals should employ you as their marketing director, that’s some pretty astute commentary on your part!

  • Dave:

    Well if Paul’s got a Big East bias and I’ve got my SEC bias, we’ll have everyone except the MWC represented!

    Also, Notre Dame did receive votes. Notre Dame was in Jay, Mine, and Paul’s top 25 but not Tito’s (or maybe very low on Tito, not sure). Since Notre Dame was pretty low on all our ballots, it fell out.

    What happened with the Joe Montana deal? I hadn’t heard about that.

  • Jay, Michael, Paul, et al.,

    And just a reminder, in our Catholic Writer’s College Football Poll Idaho is ranked #22.


  • Actually, they’re 21st since they’re tied with Penn State.


  • Michael, Jay, & Dave,

    I had Notre Dame in at #25.

    I penalize their faculty and administration for being worldly, but you’re right about the student body.

    From what I’m aware of they are one of the most deeply devote campuses in the country outside of Thomas Aquinas College and Franciscan University-Steubenville.

    For the record, Idaho was #9 on my ballot, not #8.

  • Dave is correct that my loyalties do lie in the Midwest – I prefer Big 10 football (and have from childhood) even over my alma mater conferences, the SWC (now the Big 12 minus 2) and the ACC.

    In addition, I will give Idaho props for their awesome mascot name.

    Van High School (Van, TX)
    Fighting Van Vandals

  • Jay,

    The very same Vandals that terrorized Christian North Africa?


  • The very same Vandals that kicked @$$ and took names throughout East Texas, baby.


  • Yeaaah!

    It’s FOOTBALL season baby!

    That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

  • Michael, the Joe Montana thing rubbed me the wrong way. Perhaps it was because Rudy was nice enough to be interviewed for my book twice (along with other Notre Dame connected personalities like Lou Holtz, Dick Vitale and Gerry Faust.) He didn’t know me from Adam and yet he helped me out. He has been on the road for years giving hope to people and making a nice living for his family. (A great combination by the way, someone who is an idealist and a Capitalist all at the same time.)

    Why Joe Montana tries to ruin it for the guy is beyond me. As I stated fortunately after the Dan Patrick interview, a couple members of the 1975 squad defended Rudy and scolded Joe saying 95% of the movie was correct. Montana was only a freshman on the team, let Rudy have his fun and allow him to inspire people. Joe could take some lessons from Rudy’s exhuberance, because as a commentator Joe was terrible. Sorry if I got off topic everyone, thanks for allowing me to vent.

  • Just another reason for me to hate Joe Montana (the so-called “The Catch”, of course, taking the highest position of prominence in my hierarchy of hatred).”

  • Awww, Jay, don’t tell me you’re a cowgirls fan?

  • Dave:

    No problem. I wasn’t familiar with what Joe had said about Rudy, but I take he indicated that the movie was not accurate?


    No, you had Idaho at 8. I double-checked. Next week, I hope to actually figure out how to do a screenshot of the excel sheet and post it to so we can see where everyone was.

    And Jay is a cowgirls fan, which is sad, since God has clearly designated his team in New Orleans and Jay refused to believe (which reminds me-anyone up for a Pro football rankings next week?)

  • Michael,

    I double-checked and you’re right.

    In my WORD document where I made my picks I must have updated it after I sent it.

    Now I know how John Kerry feels, like a complete idiot.

  • I’m not into pro football power rankings, so I’ll just stick with the college game.

    I grew up in northeast Texas in the days of God’s (and His blessed mother’s) quarterback, Roger Staubach. Anyone NOT a Cowboys fan under those circumstances has no soul.

  • Jay,

    Those were there good ole days of Tex Schram.

    Luis Zendejas said in a motivational seminar where I used to work at Wal-Mart that the difference between playing for then-new head coach Jimmy Johnson and Tom Landry (he played for both) was that you would take your family to a BBQ hosted by Landry, but you would go to the strip clubs with Johnson.

  • I’d be up for pro-football rankings.

    Speaking of which – go Drew Brees and Bobby Meachem (both on my fantasy team)!

  • Yes, this is my favorite time of the sporting year (the best actual time period being rivalry week of mid November through the bowl season into early January.) Though I do like March Madness as well.

    As for nicknames, I am sucker for the politically incorrect names. At my high school (Marion Catholic in Ohio) we were the Fighting Irish. I am an Ohio University alum, and we are a member of the Mid American conference. At one time there were the Redskins (Miami of Ohio) the Hurons (Eastern Michigan) and the Chippewas (Central Michigan.) Now only the Chippewas remain. However, some alums from Eastern Michigan and Miami still travel with banners that read “Forever Hurons” and “Forever Redskins.” It was my understanding that the Huron tribe actually liked the name, but the liberal university board thought it would be offensive. Nothing like telling people that they should be offended!

    When I was in school, we had an old school Irish priest who also served as chaplain at the local correctional institute. He was always on the football sidelines exhorting the team and the crowd. One year we played a school about an hour away, where few Catholics lived. We were told some years later that the coach of the team placed a bounty on the priest. The priest was never touched because the opposing players were smart enough to know there would have been a war. During my high school years, that same priest once said that he was surprised to learn that players of German extraction had exceeded in numbers players of Irish and Italian extraction, “Maybe we should call ourselves the Fighting Germans? Well on second thought that might not go over well.” I think it was the only time he second guessed himself!

  • Dave,

    My first job out of college was as an Assistant to the Marketing Director at the University of Arizona Athletic Department. I did a lot of work in the college football industry after that so I can spin a tale or two to sell a ticket!

    Helps if the program is a winner.

    I’m also a MAC fan since I had to work with them when I was a Las Vegas Bowl rep many moons ago when their champions would meet the WAC champions.

  • Tito, ah the Las Vegas Bowl. At Ohio U, we never had a winning season in my undergrad years. For years after, fellow alums and yours truly would think of the Las Vegas Bowl as most school’s alums think of the BCS Bowl Series. We never made it! However, I did attend the MAC Championship Game and the Little Ceasar’s Bowl (formerly the Motor City Bowl) last December. Ah Detrot in December, there’s nothing like hearing gunfire as the detour signs to I-75 were mysteriosuly nowhere to be found, and you find yourself are driving through blocks of abandoned buildings. I don’t think my wife as recovered yet! Somehow, the Las Vegas Bowl of old would have sounded more inviting, though no less dangerous.

  • Yes, Ohio University.

    Back when I was more interested in sports/athletics than in God I remember Ohio U. having the best Masters in Sports Management degree in the country.

    Besides that, it is a fine and excellent university!

    The MAC is known as the cradle of college football coaches. Where all the greats start out and move on to BCS-caliber programs.

  • There is now an Idaho Vandal on my post. I guess I shall have to ensure that pictures from the LSU games make more frequent appearances.

  • Michael, just wanted to ‘improve’ the look of your post.

    It’s your post so I don’t mind if you take it down.


  • No, it’s fine. I think it’s kinda of funny.

    That said, if you suddenly see that one of your comments now proclaims the glory of LSU football and your profound love for the purple and gold, you’ll understand why. 😉

  • LOL.

    It’s a one week wonder. Idaho will probably lose to the Cornhuskers, but hopefully not so badly so my ranking looks good!

  • Tito, thanks for the compliment concerning my alma mater, Ohio University. Yes the MAC has had some great coaches. Miami of Ohio (our hated rival) is where Sid Gilman, Paul Brown, Woody Hayes, Bo Schembechler, Ara Paraseghian, Randy Walker etc got their start.

  • Can’t wait to see week’s 2 rankings beh-bee!

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Bye Bye Big XII, Hello Pac-16!

Saturday, June 5, AD 2010

The college football 2010 expansion scramble is on!

The Pac-10 is flexing their muscle for the first time in many years and I’m not talking about winning championships, I’m talking about dinero, mullah, the almighty dollar!

As I have mentioned previously, the Pac-10 will not expand unless it includes Texas or Colorado.  Not Utah or BYU.

Colorado brings in the Denver metropolitan T.V. market and Texas brings in… the entire state of Texas with a nationwide following that is only eclipsed by the University of Notre Shame Dame.

So what has happened since then?

To summarize all the rumors these past three days, the Pac-10 will take Texas, Colorado, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma State.

But the Pac-10 needs to hear from those schools, specifically Texas, before the end of 2010 in order to be in a position to negotiate a new television contract for their college football programs.


This is beyond what I expected but it certainly is intriguing and prudent.

It’s prudent because Texas wants Texas A&M in ANY scenario available.  The Big-10 didn’t bring Texas A&M to the table in prior rumors and that is why those rumors died down.

How did this all come about?

There were various variables that occurred simultaneously to bring us to this point.

Continue reading...

61 Responses to Bye Bye Big XII, Hello Pac-16!

  • I think Texas will do what’s best for Texas. As long as they get to play each other, Texas doesn’t care where A&M goes. The TX state legislaure simply wants to make sure A&M and Tech don’t get left out in the cold. So if Texas can make a lot of money in the Pac-10 and A&M wants to go to the SEC, I think that’ll happen.

    As for the SEC invites, I think Maryland and NC State are ridiculous; those schools give nothing to the SEC (well, Maryland gives the TV market of Baltimore, but the SEC doesn’t care about tv markets but rather the product. Neither school has a good football program). I doubt UNC would ever leave Duke and Duke isn’t coming to the SEC (b/c those two want the conference games in basketball).

    I doubt TCU leaves the Mountain West for the SEC, especially with Boise now going there and under your scenario them picking up the Kansases.

    The virginias are an intriguing possibility. I think VT is more likely than Virginia: VT is a football school whereas Virginia cares more about the better academics found in the ACC (nice way of saying their football team isn’t very good). WV is really interesting, b/c I don’t think the Big East in both football and basketball is very appealing. The problem is that they’re a little north but it’s an option.

    I don’t buy your arguments about the no-invites. The question is money, not recruiting. I think Georgia Tech, FSU, and Miami are very much on the table, as they add to the quality of the SEC’s product, which has been the main drive behind the SEC’s success. We don’t need a tv network b/c our teams have been good enough to make money by winning BCS games and titles; those schools add to that quality. It also should be said that some schools may have more than a say than others: LSU, Bama, Florida, Georgia, and Tenn get says. South Carolina is just thankful to be at the party, and will get laughed at if it tries to stop Clemson. That said, Houston, Memphis, and Louisville won’t get invites b/c they’re not good enough, especially in football, to merit invites. There are too many better teams to invite first before spots trickle down (unless the SEC started booting Vandy and Miss. St.).

    While I hate the expansions, the “what if” scenarios and guessing games are a lot of fun.

  • Michael,

    I love “what if” scenarios as well.

    As of this comment, the scenarios have changed again.

    Before I get into that I want to address the SEC and your insightful comments.

    I agree, the SEC doesn’t care much about anything (why did they invite South Carolina in the first place?).

    They want proximity and rivalry.

    But if I were to guess where the SEC wants to go it is with Miami and FSU. The problem lies with Florida.

    Do they want to share the Florida recruiting pools by legitimizing their two in-state rivals?

    Ever wondered why TCU, SMU, Houston and Rice never got invited to the Big-12? It’s because Texas wanted to protect their recruiting areas of Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston. Do you think Waco and Lubbock add anything to the table? C’mon!

    Same for Florida. I could see FSU coming in… maybe. Only because they are in a small market but they are a powerhouse.

    Miami I find difficult to join. First of all they aren’t ‘southern’.

    Second of all Miami is way-off the beaten track.

    I lived in the deep south (Alabama) and I enjoyed watching SEC fans criss-cross the state with their school banners waving from their car windows.

    Miss, LSU, Miss State, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, etc. All those schools are within a 4-8 hour driving distance. Heck even Florida and Georgia play in a neutral site just to cut down on driving!

    Hence why Miami is the longest shot of them all.

    North Carolina and NC State would be tough. Yes, they don’t want to part from Duke, but Duke brings nothing to the SEC table (football wise). VoTech won’t go unless UVA comes along. Especially when UVA alumni worked over time to bring VoTech into the ACC. VoTech should return the favor.

    W.Virginia, Maryland, and TCU are the last bunch to get in.

    I don’t think TCU would hesitate for a second to leave the MWC. Yes, the MWC is a very good conference, but TCU wants BIG TIME and SEC is that.

    The TCU alum are still smarting from being left out of the Big 12 (they can thank Texas) so they want to return to big time football.

    Remember, TCU has won a national championship before.

    I think Maryland would be a natural fit bringing in Washington DC-Baltimore into the mix.

    West Virginia has the SEC spirit in fan enthusiasm, but they are far as you mentioned.

    Now to the breaking news.

    The Pac-10 commissioner, Larry Scott has been given full authority by the university presidents to pursue expansion under any model as of this Sunday (June 6).

    So hello Big XII!

    Baylor seems to have Texas legislators working over time to ensure that Baylor gets in when the Pac-10 invitations come around. Which means that Colorado gets bumped.

    Ironically, this all hinges on Nebraska.

    The Big XII has given Nebraska (and Mizzu) until this Friday to commit to the Big XII or leave (for the Big 10).

    So if Nebraska leaves, the Pac-10 will be issuing invitations to UT, TA&M, TT, UO, OSU, and Colorado/Baylor.

    The Big 10, Delany, doesn’t want to be a spectator in all this.

    So with the Pac-10 giving the go-ahead to Larry Scott to expand, he’s not going to sit on the fence.

    Expect Delany (Big 10) to invite Nebraska (and possibly Mizzu) before Friday of this week.

    Which would trigger the Pac-10 invitations.

    Which would spell the end of the Big XII.


  • Which legislators have been clamouring for BU? we should have cut that bear carcass years ago. I would much prefer Colorado, but I could see them following Nebraska to maybe revmp their rivalry.

  • On second thought of Baylor bumping Colorado…

    If BYU can’t get into the Pac-10 I find it hard to believe the they would ask Baylor.

    Texas is happy that Tech and A&M will be getting their invitations (if they come) to come join them along with Oklahoma.

    As far as Baylor alumni saying they just bumped Colorado, I find it hard to believe considering the rich athletic tradition of CU AND the large metropolitan area of Denver matching up with Baylors rich tradition of ??? and the greater metropolitan area of Waco.

    Maybe Oklahoma State may be bumped, but Colorado?

  • C Matt,

    Baylor regent Buddy Jones. He is the one lobbying the Texas legislature of pushing Baylor to be the sixth invitee.


    They are really worried down there in Waco!

  • Hot off the presses:

    The Mizzu board of regents meet this Thursday and Friday.

    Nebraska has an emergency meeting this Friday with their board that was requested by AD Tom Osborne a little over a month ago. The email request was sent the day after Ohio State head coach visited Tom Osborne.

    This Friday afternoon could be the most tense moment in Big XII history.


  • Rich athletic tradition of CU?

    C’mon! What a frickin’ joke! They have one National Championship in football that was a complete fluke after being given an extra down to score a TD. Otherwise a 10-1-1 season is a shaky 9-2-1 season. No way an undefeated Georgia Tech (11-0-1) should’ve had to share a national title with the Fluffaloes. What else do they have besides a bunch of hippies and flakes in Boulder? Admittedly, that bunch would fit in better with the Pac-10 weirdos than the straight-laced folks down in Waco.

    As for Baylor’s rich athletic traditions, y’all don’t know squat about what you’re talking about. Baylor’s football program has fallen on hard times over the last decade (so has Colorado’s, by the way), but had a proud history before then. Baylor’s basketball program (men’s and women’s) have been quite successful lately, including a women’s National Championship. And they’ve been solid in baseball, track and field (Michael Johnson? Jeremy Wariner? Ring a bell?), tennis, etc., for decades.

    Colorado brings nothing to the table athletically that Baylor doesn’t also bring. All they have to offer is the Denver market.

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  • Fluffaloes… Ha! I expected Jay to chime in as it pertains to Baylor. Frankly, I (a proud Texas Aggie) would rather have Baylor than CU. There is tradition between Baylor and the other schools in Texas. CU strikes me as a school that, well, would do well to join their in-state rival, if that were ever an option. In the same vein, I don’t expect Okie Light to get bumped. Intrastate rivalries in conference are a big deal. Why do you think t.u. wanted A&M and Tech to come along for the ride? They are big games, with high attendance and viewership, which translates to more revenue.

  • Jay,

    If it helps any I was using Colorado’s “rich tradition” relative to Baylor’s.

    And yes, I also don’t agree that Colorado deserved that Fifth-Touchdown Mythical National Championship.



    Colorado’s campus and academic culture mirrors that of UCLA, secular, hedonistic, and shallow. Hence why Colorado is more of a “wine-and-cheese” football watching crowd as opposed to Texas A&M’s “beer-and-bratz” football watching crowd.

    Plus the Denver market. The Waco market falls a bit short in delivering a large television market.

  • I don’t even buy that Colorado has a richer athletic history relative to Baylor’s, at least not across ALL sports.

    MAYBE in football with the single fluke of a National Championship. But, even then, I struggle to name more than 1 or 2 Colorado players that had any success in the NFL, whereas Baylor has a history of players that went on to excel at the next level. Let’s take, for example, arguably the best player to come out of Baylor – Mike Singletary. One of the top 2 or 3 middle linebackers to EVER play the game, captain of a Super Bowl championship team, and current NFL head coach.

    The best player to come out of Colorado? His NFL team couldn’t even decide which position to put him at – thus the “Slash”, and he wasn’t all that good at either one of them.

  • Jay,

    I’d be happy to default to your point because you grew up in this part of the country and probably know more than I do about the comparisons.

    Which brings us back to whom the Pac-10 will choose.

    This just in:

    Colorado has already received an invitation.

    The Pac-10 (allegedly) will extend invitations to TX, TXA&M, TT, OSU, and OU soon.

    Those remaining five invites will be extended the moment the Big-10 invites and Nebraska accepts an invite (no word on Missouri).

    So all the late breaking politicking that Baylor has done has come to nought.

    Read it and weep poor Baylor students, alumni, fans, and staff: http://sports.espn.go.com/ncaa/news/story?id=5270048

    Remember, both Nebraska and Missouri are meeting with their Board of Regents tomorrow (Thursday and Friday). So expect it to be quite hectic in the sporting world tomorrow morning!!!

    Bear Down!



  • OK, I’m gathering information on all these news updates, but I’ll post them here as I get them…

    It is being reported that an invite has been extended and will be accepted tomorrow, Thursday (June 10).


    It’s all but a formality now.

    The Big XII will be on life support for two more years.

    It’s interesting to note that Missouri is not mentioned anywhere (at least I haven’t found it among the Internet or my network of AD officials).

  • This writer claims the SEC is pursuing A&M. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/writers/andy_staples/06/10/aggies.options/index.html

    Not sure where that’ll go; still looks most likely that a&m follows Texas to the Pac-16 but we’ll see.

    If this all happens as expected, the questions then shift: is the Big 10 done now that it has its prize of Nebraska? Where does Kansas & co go? Did the MWC hold off including Boise b/c it expected to snap up the Big 12 leftovers? And what does Notre Dame and the SEC, who both claimed they wouldn’t change unless something big happened do? Was this big enough for them to start considering losing independence and start raiding the ACC/Big East?

    And of course, does this push us closer to making a playoff an unfortunate reality?

    And also, how awesome is it that USC won’t be in a bowl game for 2 years? haha!

  • The whole thing is a travesty for college football, and who knows how it will all shake out.

    But my despair is definitely tempered by seeing the Trojans (and their little boy coach) get their comeuppance.

  • Looks like Nebraska will formally accept the invitation on Friday.

    The Big 10’s next step is either Notre Dame or Rutgers if they decide to add more schools. And after those two, surprisingly, Maryland!

    Late last night (Wednesday, June 9) it has been reported that Texas AD gathered all the TX coaches and told them they tried their best in keeping Nebraska and the Big XII together.

    Which means that in all likelihood that they and TXA&M, TT, OU, and OSU will be headed to the Pac-10.

    Colorado also met last night and will jump to the Pac-10.

    Funny that Missouri, that started all this, is thus far snubbed.

    Big East is interested in Kansas and Kansas State.

    Texas A&M has spoken with the SEC, but will opt for the more superior conference the Pac-10.

    If the Big XII does stay together, in whatever format, there is a strong possibility that Missouri will be kicked out of the conference due to the obvious reasons.

    There are no strong reports that the Big 10 will add anymore teams beyond Nebraska, which isn’t good news for Missouri. Especially if the Big 10 adds more teams Missouri is not in any rumors thus far.



  • I think the SEC is actually a MUCH better fit for A&M from a tradition standpoint. Alabama (with the Bear Bryant ties) and LSU would be natural rivalries for the Ags.

    Besides, East Texas, including Bryan-College Station, is far more Southern than it is Western.

    I wonder if the Big 10 would be willing to take a chance on Baylor or Tech just to get their feet into the Texas market. Waco may not be much of a market, but it is fairly centrally located between the Dallas and Houston markets. The Big 10 network could possibly find a lucrative spot on cable networks in those cities.

    Heck, if the Big 10 ever entices Notre Dame to join, that’d create a natural rivalry between the wayward Catholics of ND and the wayward Baptists of BU.

  • You know, after reading Big Tex’s article, a move by Texas A&M to the SEC is almost a no-brainer.

    Get out of UT’s shadow into a great conference. Travel would be less and the potential rivalries enormous.

    Plus the opportunity to catch up and pass UT in AD dollars and prestige.

    Good one Big Tex.

  • Moreover, the Ags and ‘sips keep their T-Day rivalry going with a super cross-conference clash… imagine the revenues for something like that. I’m leaning towards the SEC for my beloved Aggies, albeit a tough conference in which to stand out. Yet, I’m not opposed to them joining the PAC-10/16 since I currently reside north of Seattle. Oh to see them play football and basketball again without the need of an airplane!

    And if A&M does happen to bolt for the SEC, this leaves an additional spot for Baylor to grab in the PAC-10/16. And just my opinion here, but I’ve always thought the SEC to be a better conference than the PAC-10.

  • My heart wants us (the Aggies) in the SEC, but my head says Pac-10. We would excel in all sports in the SEC, except for the revenue one. It’s the best football conference – they know it, we know it, and I’m a bit afraid of it.

    There’s been some Big 10 talk, but I think it’s smoke. texags.com forums is the place for legit, informed gossip (amid all the bs).

    Fun times…..

  • It’s official:

    Colorado is now the Pac-10’s 11th member.


    Announcement at 12:30pm Central time.

    If Nebraska doesn’t jump to the Big-10 and the Big-XII remains intact, Utah would be invited to the Pac-10 to become the 12th member.

  • Pac-10 Announcement on Colorado being the 12th member:


    Missouri nervous about lack of Big-10 invite. If Big-XII remains alive, Missouri may be voted out.


  • You beat me to the punch Big Tex (and thanks by the way 🙂

    If I were TX and A&M I would leverage the Pac-10 offer to the hilt.

    From their perspective, the SEC is a logical choice.

    But apparently they want the Big-10 considering that Notre Dame has been in weeklong discussions (this past weekend) about joining the Big-10 on condition it remains at 14. Which would contradict “rumors” of TX and A&M possibly joining (and throw in Rutgers to boot).

    Apparently to the links you provided, the situation is “fluid”… which is an understatement.

  • With Nebraska departing the Big 10 the likelihood of the mass exodus of the South is near certainty. I hope the remaining Big 12 North schools negotiate a deal with the Big East.

  • Nebraska officially now a Big-10 school.


    Boise State jumps to Mountain West.

    Missouri has no invite, Big-XII remaining members not happy with a new Big-XII with Missouri, may vote out.

    Texas to make decision on Tuesday.

    TX A&M pursuing SEC.

    OU & OSU rumors are they will join Pac-10.

    TX Tech will go wherever Texas goes.

    KU, KSU, IS, and Baylor left out of any expansion plans.

    Rumor is Big East interested in KU and KSU. As well as Mountain West.

    Iowa State and Baylor left out to dry.

  • Last update until Saturday.

    If Texas A&M goes to the SEC, which has been confirmed that A&M AND the SEC are in talks, then Kansas and not Utah would replace A&M as the part of the “five” Big-XII schools to go to the Pac-10.



  • Nebraska can’t stand the heat (Texas) so they are getting out of the ktichen. Too bad Ohio State, Michigan, and Iowa will also beat them. I wonder where the Cornhuskers will go next in search of the elusive championship season.

  • I think it would be great if the Big 2 didn’t give up rights to the name forcing the Big 10 to stay the Big 10 with 12 schools

  • If Texas A&M jumps to the SEC, Texas has said they WILL NOT schedule anymore games with the Aggies.

    A direct response to the rumblings of A&M wanting the SEC. Sources say they have the votes on their Board of Regents to jump to the SEC.

    Wow, talk about political arm-twisting.

    It’s official, Texas has turned down the SEC. They are leaning heavily towards the Pac-10 over the Big-10. No decisions will be made until this coming Tuesday at the earliest.

    Oklahoma wants to go the SEC, and the SEC is interested, but the SEC won’t take Oklahoma State. OU needs OK legislature approval where OSU grads outnumber OU grads, so Pac-10 here the Cowboys and Sooners come! Plus OU has stated they will go where TX goes. Same for Oklahoma State and Texas Tech, they will go where Texas goes.

    TCU has vetoed all talk of the Mountain West extending an invitation to Baylor. Sore feelings after getting snubbed by the Big-XII in favor of Baylor.

    Sources confirmed that Kansas has jumped ahead of Utah to enter the Pac-10 if A&M goes to the SEC.


    This is interesting: IF the Pac-10 became the Pac-16, the league would split into two divisions, BUT have NO championship game. Instead they would opt the BCS for a second AQ BCS spot (I’m assuming they think they will inherit the Big-XII spot– MWC may be a bit upset about this).

  • Sick and tired of the waiting. Wish Texas would just make their desicion public and get this all over with.

  • Texas seems to be playing their hand close the their chest right now. The remaining Big 12 South schools will go wherever they go (except A&M might join SEC) and poor Baylor is shut out in the cold. For their sakes (and Iowa State in the North) I hope Texas decides to remain a big 12 member

  • Some interesting speculation on the whole drama… the why’s behind it all. Texas (UT) doesn’t come out looking pretty.


  • This is interesting. I forgot how much money the remaining schools could make from the penatly fees. The remaining 5 schools could try to broker a football alliance with the Big East but remain the Big 12 in name.
    Officials from five Big 12 schools — Kansas, Missouri, Kansas State, Iowa State and Baylor — held a conference call on Saturday, The Kansas City Star reported. The schools agreed they would like to continue as members of the Big 12.
    The five potential teams that could be left in the Big 12 if the exodus of five others continues to the Pac-10 would be wise to remain together, a conference commissioner with experience dealing with expansion told ESPN.com’s Andy Katz.
    The reason is simple: The five remaining schools would be due a huge payday and ultimately could salvage automatic berths to the NCAA tournament and possibly the BCS through expansion themselves.
    The commissioner, who didn’t want to be identified because he’s involved in the ongoing realignment of college athletics, told Katz it would be critical for Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Baylor and Iowa State to maintain the Big 12 as an entity or corporation.
    “The assets, the amount of money that they would be due by exit fees back to the corporation would be huge,” said the commissioner. “Rather than dissolve the Big 12, they are better off as a Big 12 entity then moving to the Mountain West.”
    Taken from:

  • Thanks Big Tex!

    Breaking (rumors) News:

    Big-XII Commish Beebe seems to have convinced UT to stay with the Big-XII. Gene Stallins (A&M) Regent is of the same mind of staying with the Big-XII.

    Of course this is all rumor, but personally (I’m a HUGE Pac-10 fan), I like this outcome.

    Arizona gets to stay with the LA schools instead of being shipped out to the Texas boondocks and away from their prime recruiting areas.

    Funny, the Big-10 has 12 teams and the Big-XII has 10 teams.

    So if the Big-XII remains as is (10 teams), Kansas and A&M staying, then Utah jumps again to the forefront of getting an invitation.

    Remember the Pac-10 wants only Colorado and UT. No UT (packaged deal with Utah), no Utah.

    But stranger things have happened.



  • Big Tex,

    What kind of self-respecting Aggie refers to Texas as “UT”? You should be ashamed of yourself.

    (Note: the 3 or 4 people in my vast extended family who didn’t attend Baylor are/were Aggies.)

  • Jay,

    My bad as well.

    I normally refer to “them” at TU-Austin.

  • I think the Big 12 should take TCU and Houston and call themselves the … “Southwest Conference”.


  • Ah, hell, throw in SMU just for old times’ sake.

  • I want TCU. And toss in SMU. Ship OU and Okie Lite to the North.

    Jay, it was a lapse in judgment. UT is in Tennessee. t.u. is in Texas.

  • I admit to having started liking the idea of playing Texas A&M every year. I’m going miss that idea. I also feel like I just wasted a week for nothing. I think Texas A&M is stupid for not joining the SEC and continuing to dwell in Texas’s shadow.

    That said, I am very glad that college football will remain regional and not move towards these hideous mega-conferences that would have destroyed the close-knit nature of the game. In that, I guess I’ll take the sacrifice of not having another SEC West rival. Hopefully LSU will indulge us and schedule a home & home with the Aggies as that would be a lot of fun.

  • Jay & Big Tex,

    Considering now that 4 of the remaining ten are the original SWC and by adding TCU, SMU, and Houston, the old SWC members would outnumber the leftover Big-8 6.

    Now the fun of speculation.

    BYU was the original “12th” member until Baylor cried like the annoying little brother wanting in on the new Big-XII in ’96.

    What two teams could you all see entering the Big-XII.

    BYU? TCU? Arkansas? Utah?

    TCU seems like a natural fit.

    There has been speculation of Arkansas wanting into the Big-12 in the past and Utah seems on the verge of being the next BCS powerhouse if they keep crashing the BCS as they do each year.

  • Michael, not sure what your affiliation is, but as an Aggie, I was hoping to join the SEC. It’s a natural fit, culturally speaking. Heck, we even had a list of a few “demands” going in:

    1. NASCAR? Not so much. Come check out a rodeo.

    2. BBQ – beef brisket, not pork. We’ll let you put slaw on your slow cooking, but don’t expect us to like it.

    3. We like our tea sweetened to individual taste after brewing. Its ice tea, not sweet tea. Don’t worry, all of our restaurants have sugar and sweet ‘n low at the table

    4. The Alamo – some of your state’s settlers probably died there. You better remember it!

    5. As much as I don’t like Austin, their country music is much better than Nashville. Pat Green’s older stuff, Corey Morrow, Roger Creager, the Derailers, etc… You should broaden your horizons, throw out that Faith Hill crap, and get some of the good stuff.

    6. On April 21, don’t bother calling on your Aggie friends. We’re busy that day.

    7. Absolutely NO bonfire jokes! I am unaware of anything off limits, so please feel free to inform us. But the only time I have ever punched an adult is when a t-sip made a joke about it. (To be fair, we dont joke about the tower sniper either.)

  • So, if the Big XII goes back to twelve or so members, the conference MUST court TCU. They’ve had tremendous success in football lately. SMU would probably be another ho-hum game. Not sure that they have fully recovered from the death penalty yet. Houston? Cougar High? Sure, what the heck!

  • Big Tex,

    Michael is an alum of LSU.

    I call it graduating from 3rd grade.


  • I prefer my “sweet tea” with the sugar brewed along with the tea.

    That is Southern!

  • Learn something new everyday.

    That makes sense.

    When I moved from Alabama to Houston I had the hardest time finding Southern sweet tea. Now I understand why, it ain’t Texan.

  • And now I’m going to have to issue another “shame on you” to Big Tex for failing to list his fellow Aggie alums Robert Earl Keen and Lyle Lovett among the Texas music artists who kick the crap out of anything that comes out of Trashville.

  • Hey now… that was a copy and paste job. I didn’t want to corrupt the original source. But Roger Creager is an Aggie.

  • Just got chills watchin’ that.

  • Hey Big Tex,

    REK’s playing in Cincy tonight and then in Columbus next Tuesday.

    Unfortunately, he’s opening for the Dave Matthews Band on both nights, and I can’t afford the $80 ticket (plus travel expenses) to then have to suffer through getting a 2nd-hand high off the doobies of a bunch of hippies.

    I could get probably get roughly the same qualitative experience for a lot less money by buying some pot and accompanying paraphernalia, scrounging up some smelly socks to replicate the smell of unshowered, hairy-pitted flower children, and putting “Live at the Ryman” into the CD player.

  • He comes out to the Seattle area later this year. 🙂

  • Cool. Hope you get to go.

    I saw him at the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville when we were visiting my wife’s family at Easter. It was even better than the show I saw down at Floore’s Country Store last summer.

  • Big Tex:

    I think Texas A&M would have been a great cultural fit for the SEC. I enjoyed reading some about our previous rivalry (A&M v. LSU) and I hope the interest shown by a lot of LSU fans towards a&m will spur a series between the two schools in the future.

    As far as courting SMU or TCU, I think it’s out of the question. The Big 12 is banking on smaller being better i.e. that by having smaller slices of pie to make, each school can make more money. If TCU or SMU come in, there is less money for Texas to make. So no SMU/TCU for the Big 12.

    Of course, this theory of the Big 12 is apparently based on estimates of TV revenue. If those estimates are too high (which I would imagine they probably are) then we’ll be right back here.


    I love that blog you quoted, by the way.


    I would have hoped that between Arizona and ASU, one of them would have taught you the creativity necessary to come up with insults more original than “graduating from 3rd grade.” Sadly, it appears those vaunted Pac-10 academics aren’t quite up to the billing outside of California.


  • Pac-10 has invited Utah.

    Utah will have a board of trustee meeting tomorrow (Thursday, June 17) to vote on the move, which should be a formality. But then again similar minds said the same about Texas up until this past Sunday.



    I wanted to make sure you understood the joke considering where you graduated from.


  • Rumors abound on the makeup of the Pac-10 assuming Utah accepts.

    The latest is a North-South division format.

    Arizona, ASU, USC, UCLA, Colorado, and Utah in the South.

    Washington, Oregon, California, Stanford, Oregon State, and Washington State in the North.

    I like the setup better than the Pac-16 format.

    Arizona and ASU remain with USC and UCLA, plus we get to kick around lightweights Colorado and Utah.

    Thanks for the Denver and Salt Lake City markets boys!


College Football, Pac 10 Wants Texas and Colorado

Saturday, February 13, AD 2010

The Pac-10 is seeking to expand for the first time in 33 years when they last added my two alma maters, the University of Arizona and Arizona State University (sometimes referred to as Temple Normal Women’s Teacher College).

Speculation has been rampant with initial reports announcing the the University of Utah had accepted and will become the 11th member, but those were quickly shot down (sort of).

Not since the Texas legislature blackmailed both the University of Texas and Texas A&M University into retracting their acceptance into the Pac-10 in 1994 have rumors been so rampant as to possible candidates.

The Pac-10 is the premiere all-sports conference in the country, more importantly, they have the most athletic and superior football programs as well.  No conference comes close with NFL-level talent to that of the Pac-10’s.

Why the expansion?

Continue reading...

19 Responses to College Football, Pac 10 Wants Texas and Colorado

  • I’m surprised it’s taken as long as it has for the PAC-10 and Big Ten to get their big-revenue championship game. Tradition is one thing, but tv money you take to the bank… I mean investments… I m ean bigger athletic facilities and fat coaching contracts.

  • “[M]ost athletic and superior football programs”? Heh. I think the SEC would have something to say about that. Top to bottom just no contest. And no, I’m not an SEC fan at all. I’m a Dukie and it is ACC all the way for me.

    That said, these conference re-alignments are indeed driven by dough, but they do fatigue fans who are care more about tradition and rivalries.

    The 12-Pac is a great name, though. Won’t happen of course for obvious reasons, but too bad.

  • Todd,

    You have a point.

    But when you have the Rose Bowl locked in, at the time, you are at the top, so why change?

    I hope the new commissioner is able to change the minds of Pac-10 presidents. They accepted a men’s basketball tournament, so things can change.

  • Mike,

    If you’ve ever watched Pac-10 football, you’ll see what I mean.

    Especially if you grew up in Pac-10 country, nothing compares.

  • Tito,
    You need to head to GA, ALA, FLA, LSU, etc. You’ll change your tune. And if you think that head to head the Pac 10 could beat the SEC from top to bottom we’ll just have to disagree. But just know you are in a small and not very well-informed group if you think that.

  • Mike,

    I foresaw all of these arguments hence why I provided the link embedded into my article.

    I have lived in many southern cities.

    The passion passes those of Pac-10 fans, but the product on the field can not be measured up against those on the Pac-10.

  • Well, then Tito, the NFL apparently disagrees, don’t they?

  • Mike,

    I appreciate your passion and resolve.

    In the end, it’s just a game.


  • Indeed, Tito. And for the record, the SEC lead over the the PAC-10 in NFL players is not as dramatic as my link might suggest at first glance, because the SEC has 2 more teams. The SEC has about 22 players per team playing in the NFL (more than any other conference) compared to the PAC-10’s 18. While significant, that is hardly dramatic. Somewhat surprisingly, the Big Ten is second with 21, with the ACC close behind at 20. One might argue that this suggests that PAC-10 coaching is superior to Big Ten coaching (i.e., they get more out of their talent), though that is probably taking unfair inferential liberties. The truth, I think, is that overall quality among conferences is probably pretty doggone close.

  • Sorry, Tito, but as a proud Gator, I have to side w/ Mike Petrik on this one! 😉

    At least wrt football, there’s genuinely no comparison about pure talent among athletes or pure enthusiasm among supporters when comparing the SEC and the PAC-10. But then again living in Texas as I do, I’m unlikely to travel to the Left Coast and support any of those PAC-10 teams by buying a gameday ticket, either, so take my viewpoint only for the $.02 that it’s worth!

  • Let me toss a bomb in here, possibly slightly off-topic.

    I think these conferences have to accept a national tournament. Eventually. Automatic bids for every conference champion, plus at-large slots to fill the field to 16.

    I would love to see all the bowls moved to August through Labor Day weekend. I know it kicks against the Rose Bowl tradition, but why not hold a second Rose Bowl each year as a semi-final? The first might always be last year’s Big-11/Pac-10 champs. Same for any other big bowl willing to take random playoff teams.

    Holding bowl games in August maximizes the possibility for a nice weather game anywhere–and you can always play a Fiesta Bowl at night, eh? And you could get good college cities like Boston hosting a nice game.

    I would suggest limiting any 12-school conference team to 10 games, plus one August bowl, plus a poetntial league championship, plus a potential four playoff games. Schools in leagues without that December playoff get eleven games. Schools that don’t qualify for an August bowl can opt for an 11th game.

  • The Big 12 south has a three way rivalry – Texas, Oklahoma and Texas A&M (the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, respectively). It would be difficult to split the rivalry, although the UT-OU rivalry survived many years as non-conference. They would have to figure some way to keep that in place.

    August bowl games, are you kidding?!?! In 100+ weather – no thanks.

  • You are all on crack. 😉 The money is in the Big Ten. The Big Ten Network has changed the game. Also, the Big Ten is an academic conference mostly made up of large land grant research intitutions. Texas is a perfect fit. Can you imagine a football conference with historical heavyweights like Texas, Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State? The mind boggles.

  • Nick,

    The Pac-10 and Big Ten, or more correctly, the Big-14, are both fine academic and athletic institutions.


  • “August bowl games, are you kidding?!?! In 100+ weather – no thanks.”

    Good to see one less in the ranks of climate change truthers.

    That said, what makes you think evenings are going to be 100 degrees-plus? August bowl games would spread out over the whole month, and most of those games, as they are now in December and January, will be played at night.

    College football in August would get the jump on baseball pennant races, the NFL, and the start of school. It would be almost like an exhibition game, only it would count when BCS emerges from a rock in October.

  • Well, I miss the Big 8, I liked playingthe same teams every year, and you could actually drive to a lot of the away games.

    I don’t want to be a part of the Pac 10.

    -CU alumnus

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  • Assuming the Big 12 South bolts (which is going to happen with Nebraska’s anouncement) I would like to see the remaining North teams make a bid to join the Mountain West. It could be pretty sweet. Mt West Conf – West division – Boise St, BYU, Utah, Air Force, Wyoming, UNLV, San Diego St, New Mexico. East Division – Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Mizzou (If they don’t bail to Big 10 given the chance), Baylor, TCU, Colorado St, Houston, UTEP, or somebody like that.