Who Needs Clown Masses?



Hattip to Pat Archbold at Creative Minority Report.

From the comments:

The showboatin’ priest is Fr. Tony Ricard, pastor of Our Lady Star of the Sea parish in New Orleans. These kinds of stunts are standard fare for him. Archbishop Greg Aymond enjoys his popularity, earned largely by pandering to the vanity and worldly preoccupations of his flock. He’s not the sort of ordinary who would put a stop to these antics.

The number one problem in the Church today is that too many clergy and laity fail to give any evidence of actually believing the teachings of Christ and thus engage in this type of tripe to paper over the spiritual void that is eating the heart out of the Church.  God forgive them and God forgive us for putting up with it.


A Clown Mass Would Be An Improvement on This

 Pal Jesus

Father Z gives us the grisly details about this exercise in sacrilege-by-puppet at the horribly misnamed St. Joan of Arc parish community:



From the Minneapolis Star Sickle comes this big puppet liturgical horror for Palm Sunday at the über-weird St. Joan of Arc parish, in the running for the weirdest parish in these USA.

Actors and musicians presented Palm Sunday Family Mass with In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre [apt mane] at Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Community in Minneapolis. Christians around the world celebrated Palm Sunday with the story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, when the crowds waved palm branches.

“Celebrant”? in costume? Who knows.  It could be anyone.

Yep, at least the tabernacle is in the center of the … wildlife sanctuary!

It’s the raccoon that does it.  No? Continue Reading


Clown Masses and Bloggers

Hmmm, apparently some Catholic bloggers are attempting to treat clown masses as if they were urban myths.  They are not.  My bride and I wrote a letter protesting such a Mass given at a diocesan get together in Springfield, Illinois back in 1984.  That was put together under the aegis of Bishop Daniel Ryan.  Go here to read about his colorful history.  Go here to read about a current example of a clown mass with an archbishop. Continue Reading