Sully: A Review

Monday, September 12, AD 2016



My bride and I last Saturday saw the movie Sully, Clint Eastwood’s take on airline Captain Chesley Sullenberger’s amazing landing of a distressed Airbus A320, US Airways Flight 1549, on the Hudson River on January 15, 2009, saving the lives of all 155 passengers and crew on board.  We both loved the picture and my review is below the fold.  The usual warning as to spoilers is in full force.  

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One Response to Eastwooding

  • “Clint Eastwood reminds us that a second Obama administration would be a rerun of the first, and I suspect that would be a best case analysis. ”

    Bingo. Even the best Presidents have a worse second term than the first. One can only imagine what would happen in an Obama second term. I assume it would be a unilateral government until the implosion.

    I am a bit confused about the empty chair though. I thought Eastwood was “talking” to an invisible President sitting in the chair rather in the manner of Jimmy Stewart and Harvey. Was he talking to the chair itself and the chair was responding??

Clint Eastwood: Don’t Kiss Up to Politicians

Saturday, September 15, AD 2012


One of the more dispiriting features of the ongoing national disaster that is the Obama Presidency, is the way some of his more crazed acolytes have given him the type of adulation that should be reserved for God.  Go here to read an early example of this bilge.  And who could possibly forget the Obama kids, tools in the hands of parents who were worshipers of the South Side Messiah:

Obama is merely the latest manifestation of the disturbing trend on the Left in this country for politics to serve as a substitute religion.

Clint Eastwood’s empty chair takedown of Obama was a healthy reaction to this horse manure.  Eastwood reminded us that politicians are hired hands, our servants, and not little tin gods to bow down to.  Eastwood got to the heart of what he wanted to accomplish in a speech yesterday:

“People don’t have to kiss it up with politicians, no matter what party they’re in,” he added. “You should evaluate their work and make your judgments accordingly. That’s the way you do in life in every other subject. But sometimes in America we get gaga, you know, we look at the wrong values.”

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  • “Obama is merely the latest manifestation of the disturbing trend on the Left in this country for politics to serve as a substitute religion.”

    … and for politicians to serve as substitutes for God, almighty.

    How can Obama use the innocence of children he has vowed to destroy through abortion? The Infant Butcher voted four times for the death and medical neglect of survivors of abortion. (This sentence has been censored by the author.)

    The grown-ups present, who evidently survived abortion, are unconsciously praising the fact that they were allowed, by the Culture of Death, to live. The survivors of abortion are groveling before The One who wants them aborted. The innocent child does not know what she is saying, nor do the children being indoctrinated by the indoctrinated. The joy is caused by the children’s existence, not by Obama. The joy is caused by God’s gift of LIFE, not by Obama. Can any human being exist without “their Creator”, without God?

  • This is my response to this purveyor of death and darkness. The language used by Mark Morfor is that of a high priest of the god obama. “This is what I find myself offering up…” Morfor’s morning offering?

    Obama’s aura is the souls of all the aborted children. Obama has denied the existence of the rational, immortal soul, so, Obama may find it difficult to address the human being’s soul. The sovereign citizens of our nation have been denied the acknowledgment and reverence due to the Supreme Sovereign Being for more than a generation, fifty years to be exact. The people have lost their image of almighty God in their mortal being.

    Obama is not so hot. The people have lost their sense of truth. Obama denies the rational, immortal soul of the human being and the inherent sovereign personhood and free will endowed as unalienable to all men created equal (Obama is more equal than the rest of his constituents) by “their Creator”. These are America’s founding principles, found in the Declaration of Independence. If you do not like it or denigrate our founding principles, you have forfeit your citizenship and probably your sovereign personhood endowed by the Supreme Sovereign Being. There can be only one Supreme Sovereign Being, as two preempt one another, and Obama loses.

  • The DNC and its oath breaking abomination of an administration must be throwing meaty bones of advertising money to the vicious, boring media to get away with so many atrocities and such atrocious behavior.

    I’d like to think that some of the ‘journalists’ can’t live with themselves for giving up their First Amendment Right for the allurements of salary and perks, that they reconsider objectivity, realism, and the 101 course.

    There was a huge splash on the subject of Bullying not so long ago. Much was reported and written. That they are the Bullies now, the media and executive branch enabling one another in the pursuit of constant bullying in ways and effects far worse than schoolchildren (who are watching them), is ridiculously apparent to the world.

    If the profit is the motive for all this imbalance with truth and lies, then media big wigs are selling themselves short by cutting off at least 50% of their business.

    This goes to the post about an unfit president and his administrators of the US as well.

    They’ll probably party on ’til they can no longer function as human beings – already there’s more sneering and sleaze than smiling and respect. No sense of humor, no fun.

  • There has been a merger of news and entertainment and the people in charge of it all are dangerous.

    I fear for the Republic. Obumber could well be reelected.

Clint Eastwood: Mission Accomplished!

Friday, September 7, AD 2012


Clint Eastwood gives a fascinating interview on his empty chair lambasting of Obama at last week’s Republican convention:

For five days after he thrilled or horrified the nation by talking to an empty chair representing Obama on the night Mitt Romney accepted the Republican nomination for president, Eastwood remained silent while pundits and critics debated whether his remarks, and the rambling way he made them, had helped or hurt Romney’s chances of winning in November.

But in a wide-ranging interview with The Pine Cone Tuesday from his home in Pebble Beach, he said he had conveyed the messages he wanted to convey, and that the spontaneous nature of his presentation was intentional, too.

“I had three points I wanted to make,” Eastwood said. “That not everybody in Hollywood is on the left, that Obama has broken a lot of the promises he made when he took office, and that the people should feel free to get rid of any politician who’s not doing a good job. But I didn’t make up my mind exactly what I was going to say until I said it.”

Eastwood’s appearance at the convention came after a personal request from Romney in August, soon after Eastwood endorsed the former Massachusetts governor at a fundraiser in?Sun Valley, Idaho. But it was finalized only in the last week before the convention, along with an agreement to build suspense by keeping it secret until the last moment.

Meanwhile, Romney’s campaign aides asked for details about what Eastwood would say to the convention.

“They vett most of the people, but I told them, ‘You can’t do that with me, because I don’t know what I’m going to say,’” Eastwood recalled.

And while the Hollywood superstar has plenty of experience being adored by crowds, he said he hasn’t given a lot of speeches and admitted that, “I really don’t know how to.” He also hates using a teleprompter, so it was settled in his mind that when he spoke to the 10,000 people in the convention hall, and the millions more watching on television, he would do it extemporaneously.
“It was supposed to be a contrast with all the scripted speeches, because I’m Joe Citizen,” Eastwood said. “I’m a movie maker, but I have the same feelings as the average guy out there.

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5 Responses to Clint Eastwood: Mission Accomplished!

  • When half its delegates publicly denied God three times, the DNC showed itself and its leader for exactly the empty chair Clint Eastwood used.

  • Actually both of these memorable moments were unscripted. Maybe that’s why they were memorable.

  • Don’t expect cartoons or jokes about the ’empty chair’ to go away till the election. To the having over half denying God three times, we might want to take note of the larger number of athiest and Muslims who were at the convention with their own committees and opportunities to speak to seperate groups.
    The video of Clint Eastwood and the closing prayer of Timothy Cardinal Dolan are saved links for me.

  • Joe Citizen was like the wind blowing away the fog for some of us other citizens.

    An uplifting relief to have a moment of humor, common sense, and truth about reality.

    Government can’t run on no budget, like a car won’t with an empty gas tank.

    Government can’t go on with nothing to give (except laws passed inefficiently for sex and drugs) ; not telling people about the trouble right down the road that they can’t handle without money to give out to people.

    I remember Rowdy Yates was the one who always scouted out trouble down the trail and dealt with it. He’s a hero still as Joe Citizen in 2012.

  • I just watched Eastwood’s speech for the first time…and the problem is?

170 Greatest Clint Eastwood Quotes

Saturday, September 1, AD 2012

A humorous compilation of Clint Eastwood quotes from his film and television appearances.  (Strong harsh language advisory.)

The Clint Eastwood speech/improv/comedy routine at the Republican Convention on Thursday has gone viral on the net.  Hordes of people who never would have bothered looking at the convention are now watching Eastwood’s humorous takedown of Obama.  I would say this was a stroke of genius, except it appears to be all unplanned, except by Mr. Eastwood who has made a career of playing seemingly ordinary men who turn out to be smarter, and tougher, than their adversaries.

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11 Responses to 170 Greatest Clint Eastwood Quotes

  • Loved it, Don. Great compilation. But somehow it missed my favorite. From “Unforgiven”: “Well, he should have armed himself if he’s going to decorate his saloon with my friend.”

  • I learned a new phraseology which will escort me through the DNC and help me prevent a cracked liver. There is one way to stop the demon democrats: “Just say NO”
    When Hillary Clinton was stomping for the democratic nomination for president, Clinton’s committee requested a photo op at First Solar, and alternate energy plant in Ohio. The plant manager said: “NO”. Then gov. Strickland, a democrat, called and said: “We are coming there on Saturday.” The plant manager said: “If you come, I will shut the plant down.”

    Golda Meir maybe, Hillary Clinton, the woman who criminalized healing before Obamacare criminalized being a human being, never, “NO”.

    My son, the plant manager, said “NO” (bragging rights)

  • Mike, that comment certainly deserved to be in there!

  • “Clint Eastwood’s three minutes in front of the GOP and the world were an enormous embarrassment to thinking people, even Republicans. Apart from getting in the way of the Romney’s treacly home video on what a wonderful husband and father he is, Eastwood’s vulgar and unfunny act gave vent to some of the vile hatred, racism, and jingoism that lies at the heart of the new Republican Party. “We own this country!” they boasted. Who is “we”? We rich white people who can buy a nomination, pay for campaign ads, and manipulate politicians like so many puppets. Vote for Obama! Four more years! Keep Mittens at home with his wife and spoiled children.”

    The above comment was in moderation. My initial impulse was to send it to the Trash, as I found it fairly worthless, but I ultimately decided that it was worthy of a fisk in order to increase its entertainment value.

    “Clint Eastwood’s three minutes in front of the GOP and the world were an enormous embarrassment to thinking people, even Republicans.”

    Actually it was eleven minutes. What polling data that we have currently seems to indicate that most people loved Eastwood’s routine:

    “vulgar and unfunny act gave vent to some of the vile hatred, racism, and jingoism that lies at the heart of the new Republican Party. ”

    Vulgar? Well the part in which Obama was telling Eastwood to tell Romney to go and have sexual intercourse with himself was vulgar. That was a riff on Mr. Obama’s charming habit of flipping the bird at people while pretending that the gesture is accidental:

    Unfunny? No it was rolling on the floor hilarious.

    Opposing Obama is not hatred or racism, although I do believe that convincing voters that opposition to Obama is illegitimate tends to be the chief Democrat tactic this go round. As for racism, I defy anyone to find anything that Mr. Eastwood said that had anything to do with race. As to jingoism, Eastwood actually attacked Obama for staying in Afghanistan.

    “We own this country!” they boasted. Who is “we”?

    The same people who get to register approval or disapproval of Obama come election day.

    “We rich white people who can buy a nomination, pay for campaign ads, and manipulate politicians like so many puppets.”

    Actually Obama had a huge fund raising advantage in 2008, and outspent McCain 3-2. He has lost that advantage this year. Four years of being a lousy president tends to dimish one’s ability to raise re-election funds.

    “Keep Mittens at home with his wife and spoiled children.”

    Alas, I believe it will be Obama who will be spending huge amounts of time with Michele, as he desperately seeks excuses to go out and sneak a Big Mac or a cigarette.

  • In the old days (post Calvin Coolidge and pre-Reagan) it was the Dems that had a sense of humor. Now the Dems are a humorless ugly bunch and it’s the Repubs and conservatives that have a sense of humor. I have to give props to Romney for being loose enough to let Clint do his thing unscripted or close to it. Too bad he wasn’t as bold on anything else.

  • “We own this country!” they boasted. Who is “we”?

    “We, the people…”and “WE hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” “WE own this country” You own it all and I own it all, in joint and common tenancy.

    That the writer must ask: “Who is “we”? tells us that the writer has never read our founding principles, our Declaration of Independence, our U.S. Constitution. Or if the writer has read these founding documents, the writer has complete and profound contempt for the will of the people, the common good and FREEDOM. “WE” first person, plural, includes the writer, but the writer has submerged his soul in ignorance and does not know that as a sovereign person, he, the writer, has unalienable rights laying fallow in disrepair and in contempt, the same contemp the writer exhibits for the rest of “WE, the people” and the common good, as he, the writer, forfeits his citizenship for denying to the people their God-given human rights and those rights not enumerated as from the Ninth Amendment. Forfeiting his citizenship leaves the writer without a country from which to escape charges of treasonous conspiracy to deny civil rights to “WE”, who hold these truths to be self-evident…”

    The writer refused to tangle with Clint Eastwood’s: “We — we own it. It is not you owning it, and not politicians owning it. Politicians are employees of ours.” because the writer knew it to be so true. Let Obama join the 23 million unemployed, most of whom Obama’s policies have created, in looking for a job next November.

    See you at the polls, where “We, the people”, who constitute the government through our sovereign personhood express our free will and exercise our FREEDOM.

    Thank you Donald McClarey, you are a good and gracious host. One Hail Mary

  • Opinons are like a—holes; everyone has one.”

    I just loved that one, and it is very apt WRT the comment you fisked, Don. Actually, I don’t recall seeing the movie it was from – but I have seen so many of his movies that they tend to blur into eachother.
    Eastwood is/was the quintessential tough guy who in his movies, always battled for right, even though we know that you cannot do evil to achieve good.
    But sometimes……(insert appropriate Eastwood qute)
    I just loved all his movies, and – what – nearly 50 years after his spaghetti westerns – I still look forward to seeing the replays oof all his movies. 🙂

  • Well, if the leftist correspondent was enraged by Clint’s “vulgarity,” he or she must have really been upset when Slow Joe said “This is a big f****** deal” to Obama when the healthcare bill was signed. Funny, not only were Dems not embarrassed by that vulgarity, they have made T-shirts with that quote on it. So, Mr. Lib, spare me your fainting and fantoids over Eastwood. That allusion was funny because everyone knows it’s precisely the sort of thing Obama would say.

    And as for the claim that the GOP is the party of “rich white people,” well, if Mr. Hot Under the Collar was watching MSNBC I can see why he still thinks that. After all, MSNBC did not show Artur Davis or Mia Love – they cut away because those speakers upset the liberal narrative a bit. (They were forced to show Rubio – but Rubio is Cuban- American, and Cubans are apparently the “wrong” kind of Hispanic – they fled communism, so they don’t matter.) So you had the black co-chair of the Obama 2008 campaign and the daughter of Haitian immigrants speaking while the talking heads of MSNBC blathered on about GOP “racism.”

    Man, at least most people in the USSR saw though Pravda. The leftists here unquestioningly accept the lies they are fed by the DNC’s MSM.

  • You mean MSDNC!

  • Is this meant to be humorous? What of the Catholic Social Teaching on the dignity of the human person? Not even my worst tormentor I would do this to.

  • This post is both humorous and true Judy, like a good many things in this vale of tears. Respecting the dignity of a human person not infrequently involves telling them that they are acting like a damn fool and it is time for them to stop. I think that is what the nation will say to Mr. Obama come election day.

Clint Eastwood Interrogates Empty Chair!

Thursday, August 30, AD 2012

I would just like to say something, ladies and gentlemen. Something that I think is very important. It is that, you, we — we own this country.

Clint Eastwood

Truly one of the most bizarre, and entertaining, moments I have witnessed in almost fifty years of observing national political conventions.  People may forget almost all of this convention as the years roll by, but they will always remember Clint and the empty chair!  Here is the text of his unforgettable act:

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20 Responses to Clint Eastwood Interrogates Empty Chair!


  • That was pretty good.

    Missed the poncho and the short stubby well chewed cigar though.

    And where was the 45 magnum when he said, “Make my Day”? 🙂

  • Did you hear Clint Eastwood say: “Politicians are employees of ours”? and “We own this country”?
    Jane A. Let him ramble

  • I thought it was great, but I love Clint Eastwood. Dry sense of humor, his Clint Eastwood grin, and the several serious, very powerful points he made….loved it.

  • Was it just me, or did Eastwood’s speech come out against the war in Afghanistan?

  • Wrote this on another board after watching the “speech” a second time.

    I thought it was a humorous break. If I thought anything needed to change, it would be him reducing the number of “uh’s.” (It’s a violation of public speaking code.) I thought that left the impression he was rambling, but he wasn’t. He knew what he wanted to say and in what order. He was even able to handle a heckler and get back on course and then work the heckler back into the closing. That’s not the work of a rambling man.

    I recommend going back and giving it another watch. Your opinion may change.

  • Blackadder, I think his point was that if you are going to be in Afghanistan, have a goal in mind. You have to aim for something or you just keep going on and on. Obama has expressed no vision of what the end game is and has basically just carried the ball disinterested fashion to and fro. It’s as if Obama’s only interest in Afghanistan was to get Osama, “Election bullet point achieved. I’m done.”

  • He gave permission to people who have never voted republican before, or those who have bought into the hope ideas, or those who were just so pumped about what a cool guy Obama is, and those concerned about wars overseas, and those who can’t just put thier finger on what is wrong, but feel uneasy…to vote for the opposition.
    Like a family member at a dying patient’s bedside, he softly said, ” it’s all right, you can just et him go”
    ” Whether you are a Democrat or Republican or whether you’re libertarian or whatever, you are the best. And we should not ever forget that. And when somebody does not do the job, we got to let them go.” it’s ok–
    I thought he was great, and the more I think about it the better he gets.
    Mitt;s speech and the whole night was good medicine for all those generational democrats who have just grown up think the R’s were the bogeyman.

  • Kyle Miller: “He was even able to handle a heckler and get back on course and then work the heckler back into the closing. That’s not the work of a rambling man.”

    For the first time in my life I was impressed with Clint Eastwood. “I DON’T SAY THAT WORD ANYMORE. WELL, MAYBE ONE LAST TIME.”

  • It was a speech, so I didn’t much care for it, but he did well. The deliberate pauses and raspy voice don’t translate into long talks so well, but… looking back, it seems like he sped up very slowly through the whole thing, so he was talking almost “climatic scene of the movie dialog” speed and emphasis at the end.

  • Well, if that is considered rambling, I am in d.e.e.p. trouble when I get to be 82.

  • If I left the impression that I did not like what he said, I am sorry….he might have rambled, but he made a lot of sense. We do own this country and they work for us….It may be tough to let someone go, but it is necessary that we do… this instance!!

  • What war in Afghanistan? That is a contingency operation.

    If Obama ever cuts the teleprompter cord, count the “duh’s.”

  • Actually T Shaw it’s “uh” not “duh” as seen below: from a Limbaugh show some moons ago

    Now, this next sound bite, ladies and gentlemen, is a series of uhs in one answer to a question asked of President Obama sitting with president Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama took two questions. The answer to the first question was two minutes and 30 seconds. Thirty-six seconds of the answer was this. None of these are repeated.

    OBAMA: Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh.

    RUSH: I was asked if the teleprompter was stuck. There wasn’t a teleprompter, which is one of the problems. But it doesn’t matter what the question was. That’s 36 seconds of uhs, unrepeated in an answer to two questions. The answer was two minutes and 30 seconds.

  • Inspector Callahan… it…

  • Unfortunately, Clint Eastwood is an atheist. Pray for him.

  • Siobhan: Many prayers for Clint Eastwood. He loves our founding principles and our country founded upon the belief in and trust in God, our “Creator”, and Endower of unalienable rights. Clint Eastwood’s love for freedom will lead him to the TRUTH. One Hail Mary.

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  • Siobhan: Evolution only brings forth “that” and “what”. Our Creator begets “WHO”. The human being comprised of human body and human rational, immortal soul is a child of the God of LOVE. Man needed a Creator and a begetting. God created us immortal, without end. The God of LIFE created man to LIFE ETERNAL, that no human being, no man (Mankind is included in man. Mankind is woman, who is kind of like man, a human being, a sovereign person, only different, only a difference God imbues.) cannot be found in Jesus Christ’s Sacred Heart. “…for you are sacred to me, for I, the Lord, your God, am sacred”. “…that they may all be one, Father, as you and I are one.” The word Holy “SANCTUS” means LIFE. “a who IS a person no matter how small.” From Horton Hears A WHO. Something Clint Eastwood would be familiar with as I believe that he channeled William Buckley’s debate with Gore Vidal. “Oh, Shut up.” “No, I won’t shut up” “You shut up”. Eastwood embellished and polished and Buckley in heaven is smillinnng.

    I love the Holy Rosary: always having something to say.