Theodore Roosevelt and Civilization VI

Monday, August 22, AD 2016

Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in that grey twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.

Theodore Roosevelt

As faithful readers of this blog know, I like to play computer strategy games, almost always historical simulations.  I have written before, here and here, about the game Civilization VI which is being release on October 21 and  which I eagerly anticipate.    As in past incarnations of Civilization, each of the nations will have a leader.  Past leaders of the US in Civilization games have been George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  This time it is Theodore Roosevelt.  As a fan of Colonel Roosevelt I like the choice, but what have they done to Teddy! His girth is more reminiscent of his successor Taft instead of Roosevelt! 

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7 Responses to Winter and Civilization VI Are Coming

  • The Bear would so not even get with 500 yards of Sean Bean. On Game of Thrones, actuarily, the best predictor of early death is being associated with Sean Bean.

  • Same for his role as Richard Sharpe, albeit he did not die in that series, although virtually everyone else, other than Sergeant Major Harper, who fought with him did:

  • Looks good but no room for this, still trying to figure out Hearts of Iron 4.

    Always loved Sean Bean, thought he would have been a better Aragorn than Viggo Mortensen. Loved him as the IRA bad guy in Patriot Games, which laughably portrayed the IRA as a highly disciplined, well-trained, sophisticated operation capable of outwitting almost all our security forces.

  • “still trying to figure out Hearts of Iron 4.”

    Yeah. I am still making my way through the tutorial. My son seems to be having no problem with it, as he has conquered all of China as Japan.

  • If God had wanted us to look at hex maps, He would have given us six compass points! Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go get lunch (and I’m going to get there quicker than you are, because I’m going to move diagonally).

  • I started modestly, with Spain, but fell twice to the communists. Sad to say, stayed up til 3 am this morning but finally beat the bastards. Very complicated game, but satisfying, in that you really have to watch your economy, your industry, and build your armed forces carefully. A lot of moving parts.

    Makes me appreciate the relative simplicity of a Tiller civil war title.

  • I think I found the perfect civilization to win at Civ 5.

    At first I liked France a lot, because of the culture bonus, ie, easily building a cushion around my cities and acquiring bonus upgrades to my economy and military.

    But I believe Germany may be the best. Only because of the ability to maintain a very large military force with limited resources.

Civilization VI Optimism

Tuesday, May 17, AD 2016



As faithful readers of this blog know, I like to play historically based computer strategy games.  One of my favorite series has been the Civilization games by Sid Meier.  The first one reached my house on Christmas Eve 1991, the first Christmas of my twin sons, and my bride and I quickly became entranced by it.   In between playing with our infants and introducing them to the joys of Christmas, we took turns charting the courses of society through 6,000 years of history.  For a young married couple fascinated by history, it was the ideal Christmas present.

Over the past quarter century we have purchased each new version of it.  I was struck by the optimism of the announcement trailer.  It is a historical optimism I share and it is splendidly set forth in Daniel Webster’s closing argument to the jury of the damned in The Devil and Daniel Webster by Stephen Vincent Benet:

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3 Responses to Civilization VI Optimism

  • I’ve only ever played Civ IV, but I’ve played it a lot.

    The thing I wanted to see was for them to replace the difficulty settings with the option of playing different leaders. Instead of playing Washington at Noble or Emperor or whatever, why not be able to play Washington, Hayes, and Buchanan? Instead of choosing between three successful leaders of Russia, why not include a couple of the real dogs?

    I thought that would make the big games more fun, if you were given the option of playing against random-quality opponents. Imagine how different it would be looking across the Channel at James II or Victoria.

  • And back to the point of your post: I’ve never before seen a video game ad that made my tears well up.