Civilization V is Here

Sunday, September 26, AD 2010

I haven’t done a post recently to refresh my credentials as the geekiest member of the TAC blog.  Among my hobbies, besides writing blog posts and annoying people for fun and profit, is the playing of rather elaborate strategy games.  I began playing these games circa 1971 when I wheedled a copy of Luftwaffe from my parents for Christmas that year.  The next year for Christmas I received a copy of Panzerblitz, and I have been playing and collecting strategy games since that time.

My wife and I acquired our first computer in 1987, a commodore 64.  Since that time almost all of my playing of strategy games has been on the computer.  Christmas Eve 1991 was a memorable one in the McClarey household.  It was the first Christmas Eve we spent with our newborn twin sons, and our copy of the computer strategy game Civilization arrived in the mail.

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  • I just sat through the entire video clip.

    I’m sold!

    Unfortunately, like all Civ games, I’m going to have to upgrade my computer in order to enjoy all the features.

    Which means next Summer!

    It’ll be worth the wait!

  • 11:00 PM-“I should go to bed. One more turn and then I’m hitting the hay”

    12:00 AM-“I should go to bed. One more turn and then I’m hitting the hay”

    2:00 AM-“I really should be getting to bed. One more turn…”

    6:00 AM-“I should get ready for work. One more turn…”

  • It will indeed Tito!

    Quite true JS!

  • I too started with Panzerblitz but have stayed on the military side in my gaming…I am currently playing War in the Pacific, Admirals Edition and it is June 17, 1943…I started on December 7, 1941 and every turn is a day…800+ turns and counting.

  • I have it on my harddrive David, but I have never played more than a few turns. I’ve liked Grigsby’s War Between the States which I have played quite a bit and I am eagerly anticipating War in the East.

  • France 1940 and Tobruk. Panzerblitz is good if you want easy play. 😉

    Just getting into Civ IV. ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Try the Planetfall mod for CivIV Phillip. It converts CivIV into an intriguing total conversion to Alpha Centauri. My wife has been playing it a lot over the past few months.

  • ………refresh my credentials as the geekiest member of the TAC blog.

    Yes Don, you are indeed the Geekmeister supreme. 🙂

    I’ve never bothered with these games – seems an inordinate waste of time, especially+ when you’ve got she-who-must-be-obeyed with a never ending list of chores (my idea of Hell) 😉

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Civilization V Coming Fall 2010

Saturday, March 20, AD 2010

Sid Meier’s Civilization V is finally going to be released this Fall of 2010.  This famous turn-based conquer the world strategy PC game has gotten me hooked ever since I first encountered it in college.  In fact, it is the only game I play.

Civilization V is the sequel to Civilization IV, but like its predecessors, it will probably stand alone on its own.

What’s new in this edition?

Five things that I can share with you are:

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