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Thomas Woods and His Critics, The Austrian vs. Distributist Debate Among Catholics

Christopher Blosser: As a young convert I was very much intrigued by the ongoing discussion between Richard J. Neuhaus, George Weigel, Michael Novak and Fr. Robert Sirico — and their critics, ranging from David Schindler (editor of Communio) to Tracey Rowland and Alisdair MacIntyre. This has sometimes been described as a debate between ‘Catholic neocons’

Stealing From The Poor

This article originally appeared on The New Theological Movement written by Reginaldus on July 29, 2010 Anno Domini.  Re-posted with permission. 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Luke 12:13-21 The rich man of this Sunday’s Gospel is blessed with a bountiful harvest. Rather than thanking God for this gift, he hoards the grain in his barns

Catholic Worker View of NAFTA/Immigration

I am a pretty big fan of the Catholic Worker movement and Dorothy Day. I see strengths in both liberal and conservative tendencies, and find both indications in my reading of the official documents and speeches/letters of our Catholic Hierarchy on political matters. The following article is one that was published in the Houston Catholic

Set Me Free (From Ideologies) Part 1

“22. Today the picture of development has many overlapping layers. The actors and the causes in both underdevelopment and development are manifold, the faults and the merits are differentiated. This fact should prompt us to liberate ourselves from ideologies, which often oversimplify reality in artificial ways, and it should lead us to examine objectively the