Music Loving Bishop Bans Concert

Father Z gives us this good news:




The National Sodomitical Reporter (aka Fishwrap) threw an editorial tantrum today about the decision of the Bishop of Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph (where Fishwrap’s offices are located), Most Rev. James Johnston not to allow at a diocesan parish a concert by former Jesuit Dan Schutte.

Schutte was one of the “St. Louis Jesuits” whose music tormented congregations for years.

Schutte was once on the Fishwrap’s board.

I wouldn’t bring this up, but the NSR dragged me into it by name in reference to the infamous Jesuit homosexualist activist James Martin.

BTW…NSR earns it’s middle term, “sodomotical” because they never lose an opportunity to promote a homosexualist agenda.

NSR aimed their editorial against Bp. Johnston.  They want him to conform.  I suspect that they will pick on him, as they did Bp. Finn.

They want Johnston to denounce Church Militant for spreading “fake news” about Schutte and allow the event to take place.

I have a counter suggestion.

Fishwrap should remove the word “Catholic” from their masthead, as they were directed to do by Johnston’s predecessor Bp. Helmsing in 1968.  Maybe then Johnston would be open to discussions of Schutte’s performance.

Either that, or finally become Catholic.

NSR defied Bp. Helmsing, openly attacked Finn, and has now started in on Johnston.


Go here to read the rest.  Now the Bishop needs to ban all Saint Louis Jesuit songs for a period in his diocese, for the next century or so.  Bad Music has been one of the banes of the Church for the past half century and it is time for it to end.  Ban the crap from the sixties and the seventies and let us free our Church from its musical Babylonian Captivity.