Someone is Going to be Killed Before This Election is Through


Sadly, I think this election may be one of the more violent in recent memory, judging from this truly reprehensible tactic being adopted by some Democrat operatives:

While most serious campaigns on both sides use campaign trackers — staffers  whose job is to record on video every public appearance and statement by an  opponent — House Democrats are taking it to another level. They’re now recording  video of the homes of GOP congressmen and candidates and posting the raw footage  on the Internet for all to see.

That ratcheting up of the video surveillance game is unnerving Republicans  who insist that even by political standards, it’s a gross invasion of privacy.  Worse, they say, it creates a safety risk for members of Congress and their  families at a time when they are already on edge after a deranged gunman shot  former Arizona Democratic Rep. Gabrielle  Giffords 18 months ago.

Wisconsin GOP Rep. Reid  Ribble who said he’s also been followed by a cameraman when shopping for  groceries, said the home videos cross a line.

“I feel it’s totally inappropriate,” said Ribble, a freshman facing a  competitive race for reelection. “It was disturbing to me that they would put  that online. I don’t understand any political benefit that can be achieved with  that.” Continue Reading