The Strange Case of Father Damien and Mr. Hyde

Tuesday, February 17, AD 2009

robert-louis-stevensonLeprosy Settlement

The Vatican is expected on February 21 to announce the date of Father Damien’s canonization.  So much has been written about the famed leper priest that I feel no need to discuss here the basic facts of his life.   After his death from leprosy grave libels were made against Father Damien, chiefly by a presbyterian minister C.M. Hyde, who, oddly enough, had praised Father Damien during his life.

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5 Responses to The Strange Case of Father Damien and Mr. Hyde

  • Growing up in Hawaii we were taught of Fr. Damien’s exploits in Hawaiian history class in a public high school. That is how much he is revered in Hawaii. We even have a (Catholic) high school named after him, Damien Memorial, which I hope will be changed to St. Damien.

    His remains were dug up and moved to Belgium, but I believe there is a bone of his left in his old grave back on the island of Molokai.

    It’ll be a great day for the state of Hawaii. Probably not since statehood will the state see this much pride and joy when Fr. Damien is canonized a saint.

  • Damien Memorial is a Christian Brothers of Ireland HS. I serve on the Board of its Chicago sister school, Brother Rice, and have had the pleasure of meeting some of my board counterparts at Damien. It is a terrific institution. Father Damien no doubt is proud of their work.

  • Blessed Damien.. the man who brought me to Christ.

    I’m over the moon at his upcoming glorification.

  • I always found RLS’ defense so touching. BTW, I believe that at the Moana Surfrider Hotel in Waikiki there is the old Banyan tree which RLS leaned upon to write. I believe that is the story. Correct me if I’m wrong Tito.

  • You’re probably right about that story. I am not familiar with RLS defense, but I’m sure you have the details correct… and that is a very nice story to read!