Obama is Charlie Brown to Putin’s Lucy

Tuesday, September 10, AD 2013

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  • OK, so if the Bumbler in Chief is Charlie Brown, and Comrade Putin is Lucy . . . who’s going to be the big fat guy and where do we get one?

  • Here’s a commentary on last night’s speech from “National Review” online:
    Posted on the “Corner” blog.

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  • Honestly, this is pretty petty. I’m no Obama supporter, but I can’t understand WHY anyone/everyone even CARES about Syria. Syria was never a US ally, nor was it any threat to major US interests in the region. It has a VERY notable, sizeable and historically important Christian minority which is the ONLY thing ANY Catholic (i.e. true Christian) should be concerned about. Frankly, I hope Obama does keep on “bumblng” if it means inaction in a conflict that the US should absolutely keep out of (save providing humanitarian aid to our Christian brethren) and NOT by ANY means helping the Mohammedan terrorists there!

  • “Honestly, this is pretty petty.”

    No, this is pretty descriptive of what has happened.

    “but I can’t understand WHY anyone/everyone even CARES about Syria.”

    No doubt quite a few Syrians would disagree with you.

    “Syria was never a US ally, nor was it any threat to major US interests in the region.”
    Syria was actually our ally in the Gulf War, but your overall point is correct.

    “(save providing humanitarian aid to our Christian brethren)”

    How can we do that effectively so long as the civil war grinds on and the body count mounts? Once again I do not think we should intervene, but no intervention means that our ability to help any Syrians, Christian or not, is extremely limited.

    “It has a VERY notable, sizeable and historically important Christian minority which is the ONLY thing ANY Catholic (i.e. true Christian) should be concerned about.”

    What, me be concerned about those wretched Samaritans? I do not believe we should get involved in Syria, but that quite a few innocent Syrians, and not just the Christians, are being slaughtered is something that should bother all of us. That we can’t do something effective about it, because the contending major factions are all bad, is the sad reality of the situation.

  • How can we do that effectively so long as the civil war grinds on and the body count mounts?

    We do what we always do: we work through Catholic charities (of which there are MANY operating in the region; including Syria). I would recommend Aid to the Church in Need. Although they do not have it currently listed, I can assure you they do have a mission in Syria which has been instrumental here.

    And I guess my comment about the post being petty stands: if you are not for intervention, wouldn’t it be a better idea to take on this topic from a different angle, rather than poking a dog? It’s like saying, “Well, he’s a wimp. I don’t want him to do anything anyway, but he’s still a wimp.” What possible charitable good can come from such a tact?

    As an orthodox/Traditional Catholic, I’m alarmed at several of like-minded websites taking this tone not only with Obama, but with the Jesuits as well. Yes, they didn’t speak out against Obama’s pro-abortion stance.

  • (CONT…sorry, my son sat on my lap/hit submit before I could finish the thought)

    But still, when the Jesuits finally DID speak out against Obama’s recent proposals on military intervention in Syria (which will HARM the Christian communities further, as it did in Iraq) the traditional communities thumbed their noses at the Jesuits and said “yeah, yeah! where were you when we needed you!? too little/too late”. I personally never side with the heretic, nor with the Mohammedan; regardless of the cause or convenience as a justification. However, on this issue, where there are many MANY human CHRISTIAN lives at stake, I think it’s best to underscore and reassure those in power when they are making the correct decision/course of action, rather than take an opportunity to snipe.

    That’s all.

  • Cardinal Richelieu, speaking of the Thirty Year’s War, said that the wars of religion in Europe would only end when those who were willing to die for the cause had been given every opportunity to do so.

    War is a great evil, but it can bring lasting peace, when it ends in a crushing victory or mutual exhaustion. Outside intervention, as often as not, fails to address the underlying causes, arrests the process and allows each side to regroup and rearm.

  • “We do what we always do: we work through Catholic charities”

    Which is almost totally ineffective in the midst of a civil war of this magnitude and does not get to the root of the problem. Such aid is praiseworthy, but people should not delude themselves that it is anything but a bandage that is being placed as a patient dies of a thousand wound.

    “wouldn’t it be a better idea to take on this topic from a different angle, rather than poking a dog?”

    No, because the level of ineptitude and folly displayed by Obama emboldens our enemies, makes a major war more likely and encourages bad actors like Assad and Putin.

    “What possible charitable good can come from such a tact?”
    That more people can see what happens when the American people, through ignorance, indifference and greed, puts a man like Obama at the helm of this Republic.

    “Jesuits finally DID speak out”

    Considering the slavish worship, and I use the term advisedly, that most Jesuits in this country have tendered to Obama, my reaction to any opposition they might have to any of their policies would be, “Who did you think he was?”

    “I personally never side with the heretic, nor with the Mohammedan; regardless of the cause or convenience as a justification”

    Christ took a much broader view than you do. All men are brothers as He taught. Sometimes we have to oppose our brothers when they are in the wrong, but His parable of the Good Samaritan is quite clear that all of humanity is bound together under God, and we are expected to remember this always.

  • “Cardinal Richelieu, speaking of the Thirty Year’s War, said that the wars of religion in Europe would only end when those who were willing to die for the cause had been given every opportunity to do so.”

    If there is a God, Richelieu will have much to answer for. If there is not, he lived a successful life. -attributed to Pope Urban VIII

  • Donald R McClarey

    We can only hope that the Cardinal profited from the guidance of his spiritual director (and founder of the French Intelligence Service) the Capuchin, Përe Joseph du Tremblay. Tremblay’s “Introduction to the spiritual life by an easy method of prayer” is an adaptation of St Igantius Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises to the Franciscan spirituality. Published in 1616, the « Introduction à la vie spirituelle par une facile méthode d’oraison » has never been out of print.

  • “Which is almost totally ineffective in the midst of a civil war of this magnitude”

    Do you have any proof AT ALL here? No? Moving on…

    “Christ took a much broader view than you do”

    LOL, I have found very little “Christ-like” in your posts, so I’m not really receptive on your opinion on my view vis-a-vis the teachings of Our Lord and Savior. I never said all men aren’t brothers. However, Our Lord was very specific on to whom His mission was based. He performed miracles to gentiles and Samaritans as an exception…not the rule. My number 1 concern is the Christians in need. Your agenda is clearly secular in nature.

  • Qualis Rex

    But St Paul, the Apostle of the Gentiles, says, “Therefore, whilst we have time, let us work good to all men, but especially to those who are of the household of the faith. ” (Gal 6:10)

  • “Do you have any proof AT ALL here? No? Moving on…”

    Don’t be obtuse when you suddenly realize you have an indefensible position.

    “LOL, I have found very little “Christ-like” in your posts,”

    LOL, attacking someone’s religious faith when you once again have nothing to defend your position. Time to dust off the Bible on your shelf and read the New Testament again, with special emphasis on the parable of the Good Samaritan, the woman at the well, and the centurion’s servant. To give you time to do so, I am banning you from this site. Have fun finding other venues to spread your “unique” perspective on Catholicism.

  • I feel like we are missing the resident Russophile’s take on this. Paging Bonchamps…

12 Responses to Oops, I Wonder if They Will Give Back the Donations?

  • Great bit.
    The thinkless zombies were spot on.
    “Moon wars.” Very good.
    Thanks for passing this on.
    Because Obama.

  • DRAT!

    Philip beat me to it!

    “Because Obama!” is the Obama-worshiping imbecile’s coined response to every adverse national “situation” engendered by this the worst POTUS in history.

  • T Shaw,
    Don’t worry.
    There’s plenty of time to pounce on these followers of Bahl.
    I know……pray for them.
    I’m trying.

  • What’s up with the picture of the Immaculate Heart of Mary behind one of the speakers? Is that just to remind us that the catholic vote got him elected?

  • I hadn’t noticed that. I wonder if it was intentional?

  • I realize that this clip was satire, but I’ve met not a few folks like Tom, the
    “public policy scholar… and a barrista”. They are out there. Back
    when this president was running for re-election, they were useful idiots.
    Now that he’s been re-elected, they’re no longer as useful (which I suppose
    now makes them merely idiots).

    In early 2012, Obama was caught on video assuring Russia’s Medvedev that
    after the November election he would have more ‘flexibility’. Now he doesn’t
    have to keep pretending to care what fools like ‘Tom the barrista’ think. Will
    the ‘Because Obama’ crowd ever figure that out?

  • World War III is good for the economy, war production jobs, uniforms for the unemployed, cannon fodder for the Depart. of Defense, reduction of the “over-population” and the best of all at last, one world government under the world bank. The movie betrays the inhumanity of the ruling class to war, to your neighbor’s children’s lives being snuffed out by war. “Because Obama” might get himself elected to being Emporer. I’ll bet they will get a great number of donations. I would like a follow up count.
    Philip: My prayer is “Dear God, do not let Obama get away with this evil.”

  • “Will the ‘Because Obama’ crowd ever figure that out?”

    Most of them, probably not.

  • I think the cause for Obama’s sainthood should move swiftly forward. No one has done more to inspire Catholics since Emperor Nero. No one has done more to rebuild the Church since St. Francis. Nancy Pelosi could lead the cause and Joe Biden could use his clout to get the whole thing done by the midterm elections. I can hear Biden saying, “It would be a real first: the first non-Catholic, living person to ever become a saint. Would really fill up the pews.”
    And NJ Gov. Chris Christy would be heartily in favor. I can hear him saying, “Can you imagine hearing in the Litany of the Saints ‘St. Barak Hussein Obama pray for us?’ I don’t know, sounds kind of long. Maybe shorten it to St. Barry. Yeah, that’s good. ‘Barry’ rhymes with ‘Mary.’ Maybe put it in the Rosary. Kids love rhymes.”

  • If President Obama bombs Syria’s President Assad, who is Muslim, that would make Obama a Muslin in Name Only—a MIMO. See how secularism creeps into every religion these days?

  • War is Peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Ignorance is Strenght

    This blog is full of haters! Where is the Ministry of Love when you need it?? Mary DeV. has the right of it. War is good until it isn’t. The Ministry of Truth has always said it is so.

  • Mary DeVoe-

    God knows. He isn’t fooled. He hears our prayers, the prayer of orphans, of addicts, childless families and parents who’s hearts are broken.
    Please. I would never ask you to change your prayer, however I’m asking you to add one more. Add the prayer for forgiveness. That we can find the compassion to forgive as Christ was able to forgive. “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”
    Obama May think he knows exactly what he is doing….regardless we are called to forgive. Please add that to your prayer tonight. If not, then forgive me for being so bold as to ask you.

Rank Amateurs

Tuesday, September 10, AD 2013

I didn’t think the Syrian fiasco could get much worse.  Now it has.  Fearing the near certainty that Congress would not authorize an attack on Syria, Obama has supported a Russian proposal to have Assad turn over his chemical weapons to an international agency, presumably all of this to be supervised by Russia.  Actually the proposal first came out of the mouth of the Metternich of this administration:  John “Reporting for Duty!” Kerry, sans any Russian involvement, in an off hand response to a question. What is wrong with this:

1.  Assad will Cheat-Assad is fighting a life and death struggle to hang on to power.  The idea that he will not hang on to, and use, any chemical weapons he deems necessary to prevail is rubbish, and is a tribute to policy-as-make-believe that infests this administration and its supporters.

2.  Putin-Yeah, we can always rely upon this ex-KGB thug to act in the best interests of America.

3.   War Goes On-The Syrian opposition will not stop fighting until they are all dead or Assad is a corpse or fled.  Chemical weapon use is a symptom of a desperate civil war and that will go on.

4.  Russian influence in the Middle East-Obama has opened the door to renewed Russian influence in the Middle East, helping to ensure that future conflicts in the Middle East will have the possibility of a US-Russian clash.

5.  Paper Tiger-Mao in 1956 on the US:  “In appearance it is very powerful but in reality it is nothing to be afraid of; it is a paper tiger. Outwardly a tiger, it is made of paper, unable to withstand the wind and the rain. I believe that is nothing but a paper tiger.” 

In a very dangerous part of the world Obama is making sure that our enemies treat with complete contempt US threats and warnings, at least so long as he is President.

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19 Responses to Rank Amateurs

  • Obama to his credit never really wanted to fundamentally transform the Middle East; he reserves that for the US. If the proposed attack on Syria is really to send a message to Iran, why don’t Krauthammer and the AIPAC advocate attacking Iran and see how that flies. The very clever McNamara lost the war in Vietnam by sending bombing messages that North Vietnam refused to read. I must say I enjoy immensely the sight of the Russians employing jiu-jitsu against the war-mongers. Marvin Heir even brought in the ever serviceable Holocaust story. At the end of this ideally all WMD including those possessed by Israel and Iran should be on the table.

  • Rubbish from start to finish Ivan. Obama’s weakness as a leader invites a major war in the Middle East and Putin is only too happy to take advantage of his fecklessness in order to prop up the Russian client state of Syria which supplies the Russians with their naval base in the Mediterranean. The idea of Iran being convinced diplomatically to give up its quest for a nuclear weapon is absurd, along with your bizarre equation of Iran’s bomb lust with Israel’s defensive nuclear arsenal. Whenever people look to Russia as a solution to a crisis I know I have entered Cloud Kookooland.

  • 2. No, really! I place greater reliance on Putin than Joe, Barry and Kerry to act in America’s best interests.

    I’m with the majority (Onion polling) of Americans that believe that 535 Washington-based, Capitol idiots, and Barry and Joe need to get their boots bloody dusty in Syria.

    Ivan’s correct. The war (to save America from fundamental transformation) is to be fought in Washington not Afghanistan, Syria or the Mid-East.

  • Anyone who trusts Putin for a nano-second T. Shaw is a total fool. I oppose the Syrian intervention because I see no advantage for the US in it. That does not mean that I do not perceive Assad as an enemy of this country along with Putin. Obama and Kerry are idiots who are weakening this country, but those who think we have no stake in what occurs in the Middle East are also idiots.

  • How many Iranians do you personally know Donald? I’ve known a few, Muslim and peaceable. The Iranians have a new president, its no longer the Mahdi man in charge if he ever was. This is a nation of seventy millions that we are talking about, patriotic to their own country who have a natural right to defend their own when attacked. As to the big bad Iranian nuclear arsenal, the NIE way back in 2007 assessed that the Iranians are not pursuing one, so far that has proved accurate. In my rebound from the lies of the Likudniks, I’d take the NIE’s word over that of pundits both in Israel and America, who have popped up every few months or so from 2006 to the present assuring us that an Iranian bomb was around the corner. Israel finds itself is in a part of the world that is unstable and riven by tribalism and religious discord. It is has to do what is necessary to secure peace. My concern, for what it is worth, is that all American interference has achieved since 2003 is to destroy the fragile Christians communities who have their own modus vivendi with the Muslims. The spectacle of some pundits enjoying from their “Villa in the Jungle”, the sight of Arabs slaughtering each other leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

  • “How many Iranians do you personally know Donald?”

    That sounds precisely Ivan like those idiots in England who could not believe that Nazi Germany was a threat because they had met Germans who were so nice and polite. (I have known several Iranians, all over here because the Iranian government would persecute them if they could.)

    “This is a nation of seventy millions that we are talking about, patriotic to their own country who have a natural right to defend their own when attacked.”

    And whose leaders routinely talk about using nuclear weapons.

    ” As to the big bad Iranian nuclear arsenal, the NIE way back in 2007 assessed that the Iranians are not pursuing one,”





  • Ivan, what is the basis for your first statement that Obama does not want to bring about change in the middle east?
    After his Cairo speech and his peace prize he stated his support for the creation of a Palestinian state. His and announced that his job is to make peace with muslims, and seems to cast doubt on our long time friendship with Israel.
    His approach to the factionalized muslims makes his approach and intentions very hard to read.
    His “after the election I will have more flexibility” statement also indicates that he does have some intentions for action of some kind.
    Ivan your tone is a bit smart alecky: if Krauthammer thinks this could have an impact ultimately on Iran why does he just advocate attacking Iran. Please.
    Saying that you enjoy the jujitsu of Putin on the world stage is like a gawker in the depth of the crowd at a tragic event, mocking and ridiculing and jeering without understaning the weight of what is going on.

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  • Donald, either the Iranians are too stupid to duplicate in a decade what the US achieved in four years in WWII, in which case there is little to worry about, or their programme has been sufficiently disrupted that it poses little threat. Iran is not Nazi Germany which could work on weapons of the future whatever the difficulties the Allies imposed. Apart from Israel, the Iranian Shiites have to deal with the ambitions of the Turks, Saudis and the Pakistanis all Sunnis. There is clearly little love lost between them. When I was a 110% supporter of Israel, I had welcomed the idea that these people should kill each other. The fact is peace in the Middle-East require sacrifices from all, and this includes poor, helpless, powerless, land-grabbing, nuclear-armed Israel.

    Analyze, I have followed Israeli news from the time I was a boy in the early seventies – the Yom Kippur War onwards, and I know that the Obama, his meaningless rhetoric aside, is the one president whom the Israelis have to fear the least. This is not to say that there was a conspiracy afoot. There was none. It is not Obama’s fault that brain-dead Christian Zionists, myself included, had tagged him as a crypto-Muslim. Obama has done nothing to undermine Israel in any way, in any forum, hell there isn’t even the usual make-believe shuttle diplomacy between the Israelis and the Palestinians which is obligatory for second-term presidents.

    If I were a Likudnik, I’d worry not about Obama, but how ineptly the AIPAC and such like have handled this, in the middle of a poor economy, battle fatigue and resurgent isolationism. For the apogee of Israel’s support in the US has passed, the numbers may hold for a while, but the general perception that the US is being inveigled into another war for Israel in the name of WMD, will definitely mark down any support for action against Iran should that prove necessary.

  • Mac,

    Trust? I’m highly uncertain whether Puting’s hatred of America is less than Barry’s.

  • “Donald, either the Iranians are too stupid to duplicate in a decade what the US achieved in four years in WWII, in which case there is little to worry about,”

    Apples and rock salt. What the Iranians have been doing makes absolutely no sense unless they wish to attain nuclear weapons.



    Iran at any time could call a halt to this. That they have not indicates that nuclear weapon possession is the main goal of Iranian foreign policy.

  • I don’t speak for brain dead anybody, or political party. Neither did I indicate any thought of a conspiracy. I say that Obama is still largely. Mystery, an unknown . Unlike you I can not clAim to KNOW his thoughts and policy plans in the Middle East ,

  • “Anyone who trusts Putin for a nano-second T. Shaw is a total fool.”

    I trust Putin – to do anything that advances whatever Putin wants at anyone else’s expense.

    That said, I don’ t think we should go to war in Syria. Let Assad and the rebels fight it out. Both sides are using chemical weapons and both sides are evil. Sadly, it is the innocent who are suffering and dying.


  • Apples and rock salt. What the Iranians have been doing makes absolutely no sense unless they wish to attain nuclear weapons.”

    Correct. Why does everyone talk about Iran’s gas centrifuges being used to enrich U-235 to weapons grade, but nothing about Iran’s heavy water reactor that is being used to breed Pu-239 from U-238 by the U-238 absorption of a neutron, becoming U-239, which beta decays to Np-239 which also beta decays to Pu-239. If Iran does it right, then it can extract the Pu-239 and make a bomb, or at least a very dirty (radiologically speaking) weapon. No centrifuges needed. Iran is using a two-pronged approach to a nuclear weapon, one a U-235 bomb and the other a Pu-239 bomb.


  • Paul, you are indispensable for this blog when nuclear issues arise!

  • I am against intervening in Syria because there is no up side for the US in intervening. I rather hope that Putin as a result of this debacle caused by Obama decides to pour weapons and money into Syria in support of Assad, as I suspect that Assad, eventually, will be on the short end of this conflict no matter how much material Putin gives him.

  • I think Obama is just trying to uphold the honor of his Nobel Peace prize: if a leader doesn’t start a war or two—Libya, Syria—people won’t think he is really serious about peace.

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  • 7. Putin and Assad questionably give up the use of poison gas in exchange for avoiding a pin prick but substantial response, or something, from our ego wounded warrior Obama. Poison gas is not a strategic weapon like a nuke (such as is the goal of Iran) and is only a useful tactical weapon when delivered through artillery for bombardment on massing troops as was done in the Iran Iraq war, or as a terror weapon to be used on innocent civilians as was done by Iraq against the Kurds.  Conventional weapons like napalm, frac and cluster bombs are far more effective tools of war not dependent on weather and wind conditions, etc.   As a weapon in a civil and guerrilla war, gas has almost no tactical value at all making it less likely that assad had any preference for the use of gas—it simply does not make sense.   So the day after Putin checkmates Obama, Assad launches a massive offensive and is being re-supplied mightily by Russia.  In the meantime, the Turks, Jordanians and Saudis recognize that Obama abandoned his pledge to aid their surrogate Sunni terrorists.    And finally, Iran now recognizes with absolute certainty that Obama is indeed a paper tiger, and thus is proceeding with its strategic nuclear ambitions while Russia supplies Iran with its advanced missile defense system to ward off an attack by Israel while at the same time using the court of low information world “leaders” to advance a condition that the US back off from its tour de farce in the Med. In the meantime, Obama is gutting the military in armament, preparedness, morale, and even purpose.

    Bottom line—Assad and Putin gave up nothing. The world is now becoming exponentially more dangerous due to our mastermind POTUS….and the obamabots march on.

4 Responses to Explaining the Democrat Positions on Iraq and Syria

Top Ten Reasons Syria Differs From Iraq

Wednesday, September 4, AD 2013




President Obama was an ardent critic of the war in Iraq.  Here are suggestions for arguments to be made explaining how intervention in Syria is completely different from intervention in Iraq.

1.  Assad has used chemical weapons on Syrians which is a terrible crime against humanity, unlike Saddam who used chemical weapons against Iraqis which is permissible.

2.  The US intervention into Syria will be a proud go it alone venture by the US, unlike Bush who mucked up the Iraqi intervention with lots of allies.

3.  Obama is a Nobel Peace Prize winner, so we can trust him unlike that cowboy Bush.

4.  Michele Obama is proud of this intervention.

5.  John Kerry is onboard with this intervention unlike Iraq which he supported until he changed his  mind.

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Syria: Never Mind!

Monday, September 2, AD 2013

10 Responses to Syria: Never Mind!

  • “May God help this country if a true foreign policy crisis should arise with this man at the helm.”

    If the Russians or Chinese launched their ICBMs, what would Obama do?

    If Israel makes a preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities, what would Obama do?

    If Al Qaeda detonates a stolen Soviet-era tactical nuclear weapon in a US city, what would Obama do?

  • PS, I completely oppose intervention in Syria.

  • Personally, I think the President’s dithering and weakness are a blessing for us. Think of how bad it could be for us if Obama were actually competent! Obama wants to do what is essentially a punitive raid. These are usually announced after the fact. They are not telegraphed before being undertaken because that would be a risk to the troops conducting the raid and reduce the odds of success. This is a different sort of operation than a full blown invasion whose objective is to take and hold ground. Ronald Reagan didn’t ask for congressional approval before the 1986 raid on Libya. Clinton didn’t seek congressional approval before bombing Serbian troops or ordering cruise missile strikes in Sudan and Afghanistan. Being the narcissist that he is, the Syrian chemical weapon issue is not about truth or effectiveness, but what Obama hopes people will think about him. With this in mind, he won’t take a risk by doing something that might meet with disapproval from fellow leftists. So he will continue to test the waters and do nothing until either the negative opinion from his dithering is greater than the negative opinion of military action, or if he receives approving signals from his fellow leftists.

    His narcissism can actually work in our favor. It means he won’t force his anti-Christian agenda to the point where there is blood in the streets because it would turn some leftists against him. Not all, but some. As long as he worries about what his fellow leftists think of him we are safe. This is because a narcissist hates nothing more than being disliked by those whose approval he seeks.

  • I see that Obama’s undergrad degree in International Relations is paying off. Obama’s real goal is to use this crisis to turn the screws on the real enemy – those who oppose his agenda.

  • There are three things to consider:
    – There is no definitive evidence that Assad used the chemical weapons – there is limited evidence that the rebels did it to drag in the US and others to assist in their unseating of Assad.
    -The potential for a wider war in well in contention.
    -The American people arguably do not want further involvement, particularly in that there is no threat, and no benefit to the USA.
    – Obama, along with Kerry and the other merry men (and women) have no strategy, no objective, no purpose than to stroke the president’s ego, and they are all a bunch of dithering, blithering idiots.

    BTW, point four was not something to consider, but a statement of fact – in this country, and many others around the world including Russia and China, Obama is an ineffective, egotistical, incompetent joke of a president, and a threat to the security and continued exceptionalism of the USA.

  • Five years of being governed by this jumped-up, usurping tyrannicule have made me permanently suspicious that he is less incompetent than it appears, though I do not deny that there is serious incompetence on foreign-policy matters.

    I think we need to look at the broad sweep of his agenda, look at what Congress is facing when it returns from recess next week, and then ask about this decision to go to Congress, cui bono?

    How better to derail a serious threat that Congress — spurred by the folks back home and fears of punishment at the polls if they don’t deliver — will defund O’care than to have them spend time debating military action against Syria? How better to minimize the chance that the Cruz-Lee-Meadows strategy of passing a CR funding everything except O’care (and thus putting Harry and Barry in the position of forcing a government shutdown) will happen? How better to give a way out to the knock-kneed GOP House leadership than by giving them an international crisis to deal with so they can seem to be courageous while using the whole thing as cover for their cowardice on the most important domestic item?

    I think there is a good case to be made that, far from being victimized by an incompetent, we’re being played by a master. And his Master, needless to say, ain’t ours.

  • Did Moe, Barry, and Curly decide that the distraction was becoming a distraction???

  • You got that wrong, T. Shaw: “Did Moe, Barry, and Curly decide that the distraction was becoming a distraction???”

    It’s “Bo, Barry and Curly” – Bo, the Obamanation of Desolation’s dog who gets his own Air Force jet.

  • PWP: Likely, Bo is the brightest of the three.

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Tears of a Clown

Tuesday, August 27, AD 2013

11 Responses to Tears of a Clown

  • #7 is particularly on point these days: “Squirrel- Since Obama and his following have zero ideas as to how to address the great problems that beset the nation. They govern- SQUIRREL!-through distraction, and the rodeo clown was a superb distraction for several days.”

    This administration is floundering from crisis to crisis like a water-logged, dismasted ship.

  • Plus, for racial racketeers (Jackson, Obama, Sharpton come to mind), of necessity, it is always and everywhere “Mississippi burning 1962.”

    Lies on top of lies on top of lie s . . .

  • sounds to me like a race issue…Obama lovers cant accept the fact that this has been going on for years and just because it is a black person everybody has to go nuts…what a bunch of idiots…its suppose to be funny and everybody takes it as a race issue…morons

  • I recall that during the 2009 White House Correspondent’s Dinner, “comedienne”
    Wanda Sykes did a particularly nasty bit about Rush Limbaugh. In it, she noted
    that Limbaugh had remarked that he hoped the president’s project to change
    America would fail. Sykes opined that his views made Mr. Limbaugh a traitor,
    and that she hoped his kidneys failed. She also stated that she’d like to see him
    waterboarded. She stated that he was every bit as much a traitor as the 9/11
    terrorists, wished him dead, and stated that she’d like to see him tortured.

    There is video of our president, in the audience during all of this, laughing
    uproariously at Sykes’ unhinged ‘comedy’.

    In the ensuing uproar, both Hillary Rosen and Donna Brazile over at CNN
    opined that Mr. Limbaugh, being a public figure, was ‘fair game’ for such
    so-called humor.

    Some people are just fairer game than others.

  • Clinton,

    Sum animuls is more equils then otthers.

  • I know the title of this post references a Smokey Robinson tune, but it doesn’t seem to me like the clown is shedding any tears. Also, I’m not so sure that the initial reaction against him is attributable to Obama being personally offended and ordering the guy canned (as if the leader of the free world would call up the director of the Missouri State Fair to complain about a rodeo clown, when he has far bigger things to worry about … but I could be wrong), as it is simply to the fair officials bending over backwards and sideways to prove they weren’t racist. Had it not been for their clownish hysteria and that of PMSNBC and similar outlets, it would have been nothing more than a minor local story.

  • Also, I’m not so sure that the initial reaction against him is attributable to Obama being personally offended and ordering the guy canned (as if the leader of the free world would call up the director of the Missouri State Fair to complain about a rodeo clown, when he has far bigger things to worry about … but I could be wrong), as it is simply to the fair officials bending over backwards and sideways to prove they weren’t racist.

    What is disconcerting is the alacrity with which the hive went into action. Also, the White House Press Secretary did remark on the matter, so you are just one step removed from the golfer-in-chief.

  • Art,

    Good stuff. The “hive” is an apt analogy. Also, I think the (Star Trek Next Generation) “Borg” is applicable.

    Elaine, Barry Soetero is the worst president in US history. He and his henchmen/women use such mendacious minutiae to distract their imbecilic worshipers and credentialed cretin cheerleaders from the economic and societal horrors the unaccountable and incompetent (brainless and lawless) regime is visiting upon the once happy United States of America.

  • Thinking along the line that my one and only vote is still worth anything or that there can be a clean election, there are kinds of hives for bees. We watch and suffer with dominant killer bees. Where is a hive for honey/ worker bees? It’s an overdue necessity to find it.

  • RE: Your vote: voter fraud a.k.a. the racist concoction by the GOP: Minnesota Somalis found to each illegally vote twice or more.

    Hey, they need your money!

    Data regarding the worst president in US history.

    The black unemployment rate at the time of the 1963 march was 10%. Under hope and change and after 50 years of trillions of dollars shot to hell on social programs and ferocious attacks on white workers to advance so-called affrimative action (race-based hiring/advancment diktats), the black unemployment rate is 13.4%, and among black youth: 41%.

    Thusly, the Hive/Borg expands.

  • “RE:” I cannot dismiss from thoughts the early news on election day in Nov. 2012 (which was not further journalized by media) reporting troubles up or down loading some programs to get the ballots counted.
    Of course, later that day were the reports of precincts with no numbers for non-democrats around the country, along with other pressures of intimidation and also use of the severely disabled. Then, the military overseas had issues early on. Yup, one lesson for people to learn is that bullying or intimidation with accusations usually fit the ‘it takes one to know one’ category. Bad behavior goes unpunished on this side of eternity, so it’s a contagious disease in the culture that promotes killing infants and the dying.

    Am aware of how social programs have affected gainful employment. Have done some paperwork for two places closing doors and one moving to the South.

14 Responses to Cult of Personality? What Cult of Personality?

  • Have you remarked this controversy about the rodeo clown now banned for life from the Missouri State Fair? As we speak, the appended announcer has been compelled to submit his resignation to the fair and is under investigation and facing the possibility of dismissal from his day job. Also we’ve had denunciations issued by the Missouri Fair Commission, the Governor of Missouri, and the White House Press Office. In addition, some sort of sensitivity training is planned for rodeo clowns working in Missouri. Also, the NAACP wants some sort of federal investigation. The former president of Clowns of America International has in addition written an op-ed piece denouncing this fellow for violating their ‘code of ethics’. No word yet on whether the American Psychological Association board will declare the man suffering a mental disorder. How do you spell gleichschaltung?

  • No sense of humor in evidence from these groups of governmental people, etc. Do these have memory of their more vicious treatment in the recent past as regards George W. Bush or Sarah Palin?

  • Re Clowngate: see posts under “Various and Sundry 8/14/13.” I still believe the fair commission was within their rights to fire the clown (though preferably they should have simply asked him not to do it again and fired him only if he refused) since the organizers of any entertainment event have discretion over who may perform and what they may perform. However, they should have simply left it at that; the spectacular overreaction of banning him for life (as if he were a threat to public safety on the level of a child molester or drug dealer) and insisting upon sensitivity training for future clowns (!) is clownish in itself.

  • “Have you remarked this controversy about the rodeo clown now banned for life from the Missouri State Fair? As we speak, the appended announcer has been compelled to submit his resignation to the fair and is under investigation and facing the possibility of dismissal from his day job. Also we’ve had denunciations issued by the Missouri Fair Commission, the Governor of Missouri, and the White House Press Office. In addition, some sort of sensitivity training is planned for rodeo clowns working in Missouri. Also, the NAACP wants some sort of federal investigation. The former president of Clowns of America International has in addition written an op-ed piece denouncing this fellow for violating their ‘code of ethics’. No word yet on whether the American Psychological Association board will declare the man suffering a mental disorder. How do you spell gleichschaltung?”

    Would be god-emperors and their minions tend not to have much of a sense of humor Art. Presidents have been ridiculed ceaselessly beginning with George Washington. That the Obama cultists want a special exemption from this fact of American life for the current incumbent speaks volumes about their attachment to American freedom and their lack of common sense.

  • Dryden, in his Discourse Concerning the Original and Progress of Satire notes, “Augustus, who was conscious to himself, of so many Crimes which he had committed, thought in the first place to provide for his own Reputation, by making an Edict against Lampoons and Satires, and the Authors of those defamatory Writings, which my Author Tacitus, from the Law-Term, calls famosos libellos.” Some jurists were found servile enough to wrest the words “Qui malum carmen incantassit . . .” [If he chants bad songs] in the XII Tables to apply to satires, when the were plainly directed against evil spells.

    Under his successors, this sensitivity was carried to great lengths. Caligula sentenced to death those who were sacrilegious enough to undress before the image of the emperor.

  • Elaine, the question of what the Fair Commission has the right to do (or the school district putting the announcer through the mangle has the right to do) is not at issue. The question is why the school district, the Fair Commission, the Governor of Missouri, the former President of Clowns of America (who is a childrens’ party clown, not a rodeo clown), or the White House Press Secretary would beclown themselves in the manner they have. This is another canary in the coal mine.

  • And then there’s the NAACP, that bad parody of the March of Dimes principle. Obnoxious patronage baby Julian Bond has now retired, but the crew he left behind are at least as bad.

  • “The question is why the school district, the Fair Commission, the Governor of Missouri, the former President of Clowns of America (who is a childrens’ party clown, not a rodeo clown), or the White House Press Secretary would beclown themselves in the manner they have. This is another canary in the coal mine.”

    I agree. I should clarify that I do NOT believe the fair commission or anyone else has any business trying to get the clown or the announcer canned from their regular full time jobs — effectively blacklisting them and interfering with their ability to earn a living; that is way out of line. If they merely wanted him to refrain from the Obama performance at that one particular event, fine, but it should have stopped there. There is also no reason for Clowns of America to get involved as rodeo clowns serve a different function than circus or party clowns (a rodeo clown’s main duty is to distract the horse or bull from attacking the rider if he gets thrown; entertaining the spectators is secondary).

    If the MO Gov. and/or the POTUS had to get involved at all they should have taken the approach that George W. Bush took with the Dixie Chicks:

    “The Dixie Chicks are free to speak their mind. They can say what they want to say … they shouldn’t have their feelings hurt just because some people don’t want to buy their records when they speak out … Freedom is a two-way street … I don’t really care what the Dixie Chicks said. I want to do what I think is right for the American people, and if some singers or Hollywood stars feel like speaking out, that’s fine. That’s the great thing about America.”

  • In re: the rodeo clown controversy – I tend to agree with those who have suggested that this is just another media-manufactured kerfluffle (or, to coin a phrase, a “fake scandal”) designed to eat up air time and column space which otherwise might be at risk of being used to deal with real scandals, such as Benghazi (gunwalking to Syria), Fast and Furious (gunwalking to Mexico), IRS targeting of dissenting voices, et ceteratque nauseum.

    In re: the NAACP – This organization is now a particularly egregious example of an institution which, having seen the purpose for which it was established largely accomplished, now seeks to survive by redefinition and the manufacturing of crises. The first big one was the assault on the symbols of the Confederacy, especially the battle flag(s), which was ginned up at about the time the NAACP was experiencing a decline in membership.

    In re: the life-ban on the rodeo clown – I hope the gentleman has engaged a competent attorney to file a civil (and civil rights) suit against the Clowns of America and other involved parties for their outrageous over-reaction. It would be good if they could strike first before Eric Gunwalker Holder’s Department of Injustice launches their own lynching party.

    Finally, in re: the Clowns of America – perhaps these folks should also be worried about a suit for trademark infringement by inside-the-Beltway ruling class types. Just sayin’. 😉

  • I do not think he has a cause of action against Clowns of America. Their ‘code of ethics’ is trivial, does not apply to someone in his precise line of work, and their former president worthy of the most severe lampoon. The fact that officers of this silly trade association are willing to join this political pile-on discredits it. They are not ‘over-reacting’. No one is. “Over-reacting’ suggests there was something to which to properly react.

    I think your assessment of the media / Democratic Party complex credits them with a greater measure of Machiavellian self-awareness than they possess.

  • Vati, Vati, führt das Fuehrer auf diese Weise? (Daddy, Daddy, will the Fuehrer pass this way?) As history repeats itself, he just might.

  • So much of this is paid for by tax dollars. Remember the tax-paying citizen, the clown included. Hasn’t the clown paid his taxes to have his free speech? The clown thought that he was funny. Isn’t that the clown’s job: to make us laugh at ourselves? A man who does not laugh at himself is…? A citizen does not ridicule the office of President of the USA. A citizen is free to point out the foibles of a citizen sitting in that office.

  • Too bad Stephan cannot and could not invoke God’s blessing on Barack Obama in the public school or in the public square. Perhaps Barack Obama, with his great and powerful God-given gifts, will make peaceable assembly in free speech to petition government for redress and for Divine Providence a First Amendment civil right in freedom. Our taxes bought and paid for the government. At least people ought to be free.

  • Sadly, this child will never learn The Truth which would make him free.

    In fact, . . .

    11/5/2012: Walter Russell Mead: “America’s Black middle class is facing a crisis of historic proportions. African Americans were among the biggest losers in the housing bubble; well-intentioned but ill-advised policy changes intended to get more low income families and marginal households into home ownership kicked in just in time to lure African American families into the housing market at the peak of the bubble. The loss of wealth and savings has been nothing short of catastrophic; decades of progress in building net worth for middle class and lower middle class minority families have been wiped out since 2007.”


    9/4/2012: The Daily Caller: “President Barack Obama was a pioneering contributor to the national subprime real estate bubble, and roughly half of the 186 African-American clients in his landmark 1995 mortgage discrimination lawsuit against Citibank have since gone bankrupt or received foreclosure notices.

    “As few as 19 of those 186 clients still own homes with clean credit ratings, following a decade in which Obama and other progressives pushed banks to provide mortgages to poor African Americans.

    “The startling failure rate among Obama’s private sector clients was discovered during The Daily Caller’s review of previously unpublished court information from the lawsuit that a young Obama helmed as the lead plaintiff’s attorney. [RELATED: Learn about the 186 class action plaintiffs]”

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/09/03/with-landmark-lawsuit-barack-obama-pushed-banks-to-give-subprime-loans-to-chicagos-african-americans/#ixzz25RFSA6or

    P. S. The housing GSE’s (FNMA/FHLMC), without which the housing-bubble-crisis could not have occurred, were massive political contributors to progressive tools. Obama recieved $104,000 in political graft payments from FNMA.

Ho Chi Minh, Obama and History

Saturday, July 27, AD 2013

That President Obama praised dead Communist dictator Ho Chi Minh will come as a surprise only to Americans who haven’t been paying attention, which, alas, is a large segment of the population.  For the benefit of those people, historian Ronald Radosh in The Wall Street Journal gives some background to Ho:


During World War II, Vietnam—a French colony—was taken over by Japan, and toward the end of the conflict, with Japan in retreat, a power vacuum developed. Ho Chi Minh, leading the Viet Minh communist guerrilla group, saw a chance to seize power before the French could restore colonial rule. He needed allies and knew that the American president, Franklin Roosevelt, had a reputation for being anti-French and anti-colonial. Thus began Ho’s courtship of the U.S. by citing the Declaration of Independence and appealing to the American ideal of liberty.

His aim, according to Ho’s biographer, William Duiker, was to “induce the United States to support the legitimacy of his government, rather than a return of the French.”

In reality, Ho was a “disciplined Communist, who had “proved time and again his profound loyalty to Communism,” according to the ex-communist German revolutionary Ruth Fischer, writing in Foreign Affairs in 1954. She had known him in Moscow in the 1920s when he was receiving his training.

Ho didn’t get the U.S. support he sought, but he still succeeded in his national takeover, proclaiming himself president of a provisional government in what he called the Vietnam Democratic Republic. In October 1945, just how democratic the republic would be became clear: Ho ordered the slaughter of his political opponents, including 50,000 of the then-powerful Trotskyist communists. During a trip to Paris in late 1945, Ho told the French Socialist leader Daniel Guerin, “All those who do not follow the line which I have laid down will be broken.”

In his own writings during the war, Ho Chi Minh stressed that the revolutionaries had to have a “tactical, flexible attitude towards the national bourgeoisie,” but as for the Trotskyists, “there can be no compromise, no concession.”

Ho’s posturing as a Jefferson-inspired lover of independence failed to dupe the U.S. in the 1940s. Let’s be generous and assume that antiwar protesters in the 1960s and early 1970s didn’t know any better when they bought into his fiction. Let’s give President Obama the same benefit of the doubt. But let’s also retire the idea that Ho Chi Minh had the slightest interest in the Declaration of Independence except as a tool he once deployed hoping to achieve his communist goals.

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5 Responses to Ho Chi Minh, Obama and History

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  • Unless my memory is playing nasty tricks with me, if you find the 1st edition of Gloria Steinem’s Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions you will find therein the sentence fragment “Ho Chih Minh was the George Washington of Asia”, an attitude she says she picked up on a fellowship in India during the years running from 1956 to 1958. The phrase is not present in the second edition, published in 1995. (The first hit the presses in 1984).

    Keep in mind, Gloria Steinem was a personal friend of John Kenneth Galbraith from about 1962 forward (he blurbed an early collection of writings) and certainly congenial with George McGovern and Allard Loewenstein. An agreeable opinion of her was not universal in those circles (Abraham Ribicoff did not want her around), but she was well-connected and not a rebel or an outcast. She was too old for hippie subcultures ca. 1966 (and, in any case, had to earn a living) and not a member of an explicitly and constitutionally pro-Communist organization of the sort that David Dellinger and Tom Hayden ran; she was active in electoral politics, but with Loewenstein’s nexus.

  • As a Vietnam vet, obama’s remarks were offensive.

  • This president also said we have “57 states”. Whatever—these remarks were insensitive and demeaning to so many Vietnam vets and to so many Americans. But he doesn’t have a clue because he does not know anything about history.

  • “That Obama repeats the old bromides of the ‘anti-war’, actually pro-Communist, left of the Sixties that attempted to paint Ho as some sort of Jeffersonian Democrat either betrays immense ignorance or something far, far worse.”

    Something far, far worse.

Obama as Race Hustler

Saturday, July 20, AD 2013

“There is nothing more painful for me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start to think about robbery and then look around and see it’s somebody white and feel relieved.”

Jesse Jackson, 1998

Obama continued his attempt to pour gasoline on the Zimmerman verdict with his impromptu musings on the case before the White House press corps yesterday.  The cynicism of this attempt to use the Zimmerman verdict as both a decoy from his manifest failings in regard to the economy, Obamacare and other issues, and to whip up the black vote in 2014 is breathtaking.  This country does need an honest discussion about race, something that I have never witnessed in my 56 years on this planet, but Obama’s deeply poisonous playing of the race card throughout this case for crass political gain makes it likely that I will not see such a discussion while I inhabit this vale of tears.

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10 Responses to Obama as Race Hustler

  • His sort of speeches are near occasions of sin, in my opinion.
    I have no time to indulge my mind and heart in an attempt to find any sense from the mouth of this president.

  • Two sets of Americans are even stupider than OB. The leftish media and the nitwits that voted for this brand of hope and change.

  • I hate the phrase “honest discussion about race.” Our nation has enough experience with such “discussions” to know that they are anything but “honest” or “about race.”

  • That is precisely why we need to have an honest one David and why we will not get one, at least in my life time.

  • I entirely agree. Admittedly, I am a coward when it comes to being perceived a racist. I find it curious but true that I’m not embarrassed to stand up as an American or as a Catholic but say something like “you wouldn’t understand because your white” and I am tongue-tied. Actually, now that I’m articulating it, it isn’t just being called a racist that I fear, I also fear being labeled an homo-phobe. For example, our Chief of Staff said in a management meeting that she was “disappointed” that so few of the managers attended the special emphasis luncheons. (These are luncheons with speakers on the special emphasis program of the month – Black History Month and such.) I don’t go to them as a rule but I make them available to my staff. I don’t go because they are a waste of time. The one she was referring to was for Pride Month and it is one of the few that I don’t attend on purpose. I don’t go because it is hypocritical for me to do so since I don’t support homosexuality. Did I say so in the meeting? Not on your life and I didn’t do so in private either. “Self-preservation” says my wife; but the truth is that she can’t make me go and there is nothing that she can do to me personally for failing to attend, even pointedly so. But, I don’t challenge it because it would be politically costly for me to be labeled a homo-phobe. In the end, I will continue to attend none of them, since it bolsters my argument that I’m simply doing my job by sticking to my work.

  • Your experience is one of many reasons why I am glad that I have been self-employed for the past 28 years. The search for equality has devolved into perpetual grievances and identity politics, and woe betide the heretic who does not pretend to give obeisance to the politically correct Gods.

    Any honest discussion on race in this country would begin with these words from Frederick Douglass in 1865:

    “In regard to the colored people, there is always more that is benevolent, I perceive, than just, manifested towards us. What I ask for the negro is not benevolence, not pity, not sympathy, but simply justice. The American people have always been anxious to know what they shall do with us… I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us! If the apples will not remain on the tree of their own strength, if they are worm-eaten at the core, if they are early ripe and disposed to fall, let them fall! … And if the negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is, give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone! If you see him on his way to school, let him alone, don’t disturb him! If you see him going to the dinner table at a hotel, let him go! If you see him going to the ballot box, let him alone, don’t disturb him! If you see him going into a work-shop, just let him alone, — your interference is doing him positive injury.”

    If his words had been heeded there would be little race problem in this country today. Instead it remains a festering sore for demagogues to make political capital from.

  • So sad that this is where we are now. All the unemployment, inflation, general cultural decline… and now this hater in the White House shows what he thinks of white folks… after the reelection . Beware of this ” conversation” he wants to have. That usually means black race hustlers TELLING you what’s the matter with YOU!! That’s not a “conversation.” Martin was being watched because blacks were committing a sufficient number of crimes in the community that law abiding folks formed a Crime
    Watch program. offerred by local police . We did that in my local area here! If we see someone fitting the ” profile” AND acting suspicious, we call the police and give a description…tell them where they are. Martin decided he didn’t like the HISPANIC Zimmerman watching him. He punches him and then is beating his head in the ground. That’s enough to use a gun to defend yourself. So…. Here’s my part of the ” conversation.” .. 1. Blacks are 13 percent of the population … Why are over 50 percent of the murders or robberies in this nation committed by blacks? 2. Why are 90 percent of the interracial crimes committed BY blacks ?? ( these are U S Department of Justice figures) 3. Why doesn’t Obama try to find and prosecute the black murderers in Chicago that are running amok this summer

  • If I were walking down an empty street at night and saw a group of teenagers wearing tattoos and sloppy clothes in front of me. I would be apprehensive no matter what color they are. It’s the perception of youthful crime that matters not race. Stereotypes are formed by actions. The actions must be changed to change my stereotypes.

  • Race Hustler.
    Perfectly fitting.
    Thanks for the quote from Mr. Douglass; “Your interference is doing him positive injury.”
    That should be stamped on Obombdividers forhead.

  • We have got to the point where

    the Left will not let us…

    because of his skin color,

    judge a man based on the content of his character.

    Skin color first; character? Maybe never.

What President Palin Would Not Have Done

Saturday, June 15, AD 2013


Oh, this is too brilliant. Hattip to House of EratosthenesMoneyrunner at The Virginian has a list of things a President Palin would not have done:

Palin would not have dismissed the Black Panther intimidation lawsuit that the government had already won.

Palin would not have seized two auto companies and give them to her cronies in and out of the UAW.

Palin and her supporters would not be claiming that her opponents were racists for disagreeing with her policies.

Palin would not have tried to block Boeing from building a factory in South Carolina as a gift to her union buddies in Washington state.

Palin would not have toured the world apologizing for America.

Palin’s Homeland Security Department would not have classified patriots as security threats.

Palin would have expanded oil and gas exploration on federal lands instead of reducing it, make the US even less dependent on foreign oil.

Palin would not have allowed the Pigford suit to be settled that gives billions of dollars to “farmers” that never farmed.

Palin would not have shipped thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels so that they could be found next to the bodies of murdered Mexicans and American agents.

Palin would not have encouraged the IRS to harass Tea Party groups.

Palin would not have encouraged the IRS to illegally reveal the names of contributors to conservative groups to Liberal organizations so that contributors could be harassed.

Palin’s IRS would not ask groups seeking 501(c)4 status about their prayer life.

Palin would not have passed a national health care bill that is a 2000 page “train wreck” and that threatens to destroy America’s health care system.

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18 Responses to What President Palin Would Not Have Done

  • But, but…she quit as governor of Alaska and she is not as smart as us and she doesn’t understand Catholic Social Teaching and, and…

  • Wishing you a special fathers day Donald.
    That the Father of all Mercy and your Lawrence are smiling on you. St. Joseph be your companion as you pray with Larry tomorrow morning.

    Please accept my apology for breaking into S. Palin shoulda, woulda, almost coulda.
    She would of been a breath of clean air in this polluted Obama administration.

  • I appreciate your kind words Philip.

  • Sarah Palin is not President today because the United States of America does not deserve Sarah Palin as President.

    This nation has the government it deserves.

  • She wouldn’t have proffered a fraudulent birth certificate nor needed to.

  • Sounds like Palin. About half of those items are not presidential actions (i.e., Boeing, which was a NLRB matter). But Palin would be hard pressed to know that.

  • As for the NLRB and Boeing Kurt if you do not think the Obama administration was involved in that, fine swamp land in Florida is waiting for you to purchase it.


  • @ Kurt, why do you assume that Sarah Palin would be hard pressed to know that half the items listed are not Presidential actions? Indeed, one may correctly argue that Barack Hussein Obama does not know the half that should be Presidential actions, or if he did, he would not enact them. Sadly, Sarah Palin was never given a chance by a vindictive news media that in any other circumstance would rally to the cry of elevating a woman to the Vice Presidency or Presidency itself. But ideology – or should I say idolatry – outweighs god sense. God bless Sarah Palin and God bring Barack Hussein Obama to repentance.

  • Sounds like Palin. About half of those items are not presidential actions (i.e., Boeing, which was a NLRB matter). But Palin would be hard pressed to know that.

    It was stated in an imprecise way, with the more proper rendering being “A Palin Administration would not have”.

    While we are at it, Kurt, I would point out that Gov. Palin had in 2008 11 years under her belt as a public executive. Barack Obama had zero. A fine example of his talents as an executive occurred on 11 September 2012. Helluva fundraiser the next day.

  • “But ideology – or should I say idolatry – outweighs god sense. ”

    This is not a typo, unless lack of capitalization counts.

  • WK Aiken,

    I had intended to write “common sense”, but my i-Pad and my fat fingers are an uncoordinated combination. Obviously, however, the de-capitalization of the “g” is indeed a typographical error.

  • Instapundit: “Ugly mockery is at the core of most lefty arguments.”

    In fact, President Palin’s appointments would have ensured that no such graft-laden, political payback occurred.

    @Kurt displays Obama-worshiping stupidity with a counter-factual regurgitation of errata.

  • God in His mercy did not allow Palin to be elected as she would have supported the military action, the terrorists (from outside) Syria who are wrecking havoc with Syrian life and killing them, she was not tempted to support the vilest AL Q terrorists in Libya and she was not tempted to be nasty to N. Korea or to Iran. God we have eaten lies and we do not know the truth so please bless us lie-eaters and help us to see behind satan’s masquerades in all areas of our world, show to us the truth hidden in the jungle of lies and distorted perceptions. Almighty Father please purge us from our misguided notions, give us pure hearts, courage, wisdom and EVERY grace necessary to help us to LIVE your Beatitude, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, they shall be called the children of God.’ Hear my prayer and lead us to defeat satan Amen InshAllah Amen

  • I had to look up the phrase Isha’Allah. It means “God willing”. Assuming this is a reference to our Blessed Lord and Savior, I concur.

  • PWP: Interesting note from high school Spanish language studies.

    A word that is often spoken in subjunctive-verb tense phrases in the Spanish language is “Ojala!” Which is a bastardization of the Arabic “Insh’Allah.”

    Arab conquerors controlled most of Spain for nearly 700 years until “La Reconquista” was completed in 1492.

    Nobel Peace Prize Obama is about to start his fifth or sixth war in Syria.

    “Santaigo y cierra!”

  • It was stated in an imprecise way,


Obama as the Devil’s Advocate

Thursday, May 16, AD 2013

The Devil's Advocate

“What manner of men had lived in those days…who had so eagerly surrendered their sovereignty for a lie and a delusion?  Why had they been so anxious to believe that the government could solve problems for them which had been pridefully solved, many times over, by their fathers?  Had their characters become so weak and debased, so craven and emasculated, that offers of government dole had become more important than their liberty and their humanity?  Had they not know that power delegated to the government becomes the club of tyrants?  They must have known.  They  had their own history to remember, and the history of five thousand years.  Yet, they had willingly and knowingly, with all this knowledge, declared themselves unfit to manage their own affairs and had placed their lives, which belonged to God only, in the hands of sinister men who had long plotted to enslave them, by wars, by “directives,” by “emergencies.”  In the name of the American people, the American people had been made captive.” 

Taylor Caldwell, The Devil’s Advocate

Back in my mispent youth I read quite a bit more fiction than I do currently.  (Lack of time and much greater access to more non-fiction works are probably the two chief factors in my changed reading habits.)  I read several of the novels of Taylor Caldwell.  She was a competent novelist, I can’t praise her novel about Cicero, Pillar of Iron, too highly, and she wrote from a distinct point of view.  Her point of view was that freedom was a rare commodity in human history and that it perished quickly.  I could call her a conservative, but that would be a bit weak in describing her.  She wrote pieces for the John Birch Society for a time, but she probably regarded them as too timid in standing up for the liberty she treasured above all.  She shared with them a conspiratorial view of the world, and her novels usually depict sinister behind the scenes forces plotting the end of freedom.  However, even paranoids can have real people out to get them, and Caldwell was usually correct in her novels in her description of the desire of so many to escape from the need to make decisions on their own, and to leave everything up to a supposedly benevolent ruler, even though all of human history argues against the reality of such a pleasing fantasy.

In her 1952 novel, The Devil’s Advocate, Caldwell envisions an America where freedom is only a faint memory.  America has long been ruled by a leftist military dictatorship.  The Republican party has been outlawed and even mentioning the Old Constitution is a criminal offense.  The protagonist of the novel is Andrew Durant, an official of the leftist government, but also a secret lover of the Old Constitution.  He and other patriots within the government hit upon the plan of increasing repression until they trigger a revolution to reestablish American freedom.  The rebellion succeeds and Durant is killed in it, his fate in history is to be damned as an official of the toppled regime, his role in the reestablishment of liberty dying with him.

Now let us consider the impossible.  Let us think that Barack Obama is cast in the same mold.  Secretly repulsed by the way in which the American people have been ceding liberty for security for generations he embarks upon a plan to become president and to implement a regime so oppressive that it will trigger a reaction that will safeguard traditional American freedom for generations to come.  He is dismayed by how long the process is taking, and therefore he continually ups the ante:

Well, if sending a trillion dollars down a rat hole won’t do it, surely ObamaCare will do it.  Obamacare didn’t so it is time to attack religious liberty through the HHS Mandate.  Even that wasn’t enough so time to let good men die in Benghazi and lie about it.  Still not enough?  Time to move against guns.  Still no reaction?  Roll out the IRS.

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  • “Now let us consider the impossible. Let us think that Barak Obama is cast in the same mold. Secretly repulsed by the way in which the American people have been ceding liberty for security for generations he embarks upon a plan to become president and to implement a regime so oppressive that it will trigger a reaction that will safeguard traditional American freedom for generations to come. He is dismayed by how long the process is taking, and therefore he continually ups the ante:”

    Whatcha been smoking?

  • Sometimes it is fun Phillip to soberly consider absurd explanations for events. It certainly explains his choice of Joe Biden for Veep, and I do not think there has ever been a good competing explanation for that bizarre selection!

  • So you been smoking the same stuff as Joe Biden? 🙂

  • Sometimes it is fun Phillip to soberly consider absurd explanations for events. It certainly explains his choice of Joe Biden for Veep, and I do not think there has ever been a good competing explanation for that bizarre selection!

    Or putting Hildebeeste in charge of the diplomatic corps. Or having Valerie Jarrett vetting special ops.

  • Or putting Rahm Emmanuel in charge of the White House Staff. Hildebeeste and Rahm Emmanuel are each known to be a terror to work for; appointing them to superintend anything was a sure indication that Obama does not give a rip about his subordinates.

  • The night of the first election of BO I did not sleep all night long. I was in some kind of state of sheer panic that I had never experienced before. I cleaned an entire 600 sq ft antique shop along with the loft. I must have said at least three rosaries an hour. Our Lady has told us over and over, if we do not come to Her and take seriously her warnings through Fatima and Medjigoure great suffering will come to our nations. The second election was proof to me that our country is not listening and not changing. This is no conspiracy theory this is fact. It has gotten worse and worse. As I have stated before, this has been going on since the very inception of the right to life movement. It ties in with the control of the land, population control through contraception, gay marriage, and abortion. It is has not been hidden in any way from the masses. Why do you think this administration’s main goal is thwarting the pro life movement. We are EVERYTHING they are against. My God if we could have a Hitler and his ilk along with all of the other tyrants throughout the world why could we not have a BO? They want to adore and glorify the god’s THEY control. Not our God, not our belief that we are all souls destined for the Kingdom. What they want is here and now. As long as we answer to a Higher Power, and we refuse to live by their filthy ways and means we are all targets. It has not just been the dems but the pubs too.

  • When I saw the title I assumed you were referring to the Pacino film “Devil’s Advocate”. A bit of dialog between the young lawyer protagonist and Satan:

    Kevin Lomax: “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven”, is that it?

    John Milton: Why not? I’m here on the ground with my nose in it since the whole thing began. I’ve nurtured every sensation man’s been inspired to have. I cared about what he wanted and I never judged him. Why? Because I never rejected him. In spite of all his imperfections, I’m a fan of man! I’m a humanist. Maybe the last humanist.

    The “humanists” certainly seem to be on the march these days.

    Like you, I recall Taylor Cladwell’s novels fondly, esp. The Captains and the Kings, Dear & Glorious Physician and Grandmother and the Priests.

  • “The “humanists” certainly seem to be on the march these days.” The humanists deny man’s soul.
    “Sometimes it is fun Phillip to soberly consider absurd explanations for events. It certainly explains his choice of Joe Biden for Veep, and I do not think there has ever been a good competing explanation for that bizarre selection!”
    At one time Joe Biden was a devout and respected practicing Catholic, and was chosen by the Democrats to bring the Catholic vote. Now, Biden is another word for fool and a heartbreak to people who love and pray for him.

  • Tom, that’s a fascinating movie. I couldn’t recommend it to anyone for a variety of reasons, but it seems like it should be mandatory viewing for seminarians. It lays out the consequences of sin like a supernatural documentary.

  • One recalls Rousseau, “AS soon as public service ceases to be the chief business of the citizens, and they would rather serve with their money than with their persons, the State is not far from its fall. When it is necessary to march out to war, they pay troops and stay at home: when it is necessary to meet in council, they name deputies and stay at home. By reason of idleness and money, they end by having soldiers to enslave their country and representatives to sell it.” [Contrat Social IV 15]

  • I agree on the HHS mandate and IRS thing but the conservative emphasis on stimulus & Obamacare as not just traditional left vs. right policy differences, but some great philosophical debate on liberty vs. tyranny, doesn’t take. Democrats have wanted universal healthcare forever, and the question during the economic crash wasn’t “should we have a stimulus” but what form the stimulus would take as far as ratio of tax cuts/spending.

    this isn’t to say there were no reasons to oppose this particular stimulus or universal healthcare. Just that I don’t see the issue with allegedly “weaker” criticism of why they’re flawed as opposed to the charged rhetoric it’s framed in. I get it as far as politics, but not as a serious debate.

    the liberty rhetoric on healthcare specifically seems incredibly abstract for anyone who doesn’t have it through their employer & cannot purchase due to conditions

  • “At one time Joe Biden was a devout and respected practicing Catholic, and was chosen by the Democrats to bring the Catholic vote. Now, Biden is another word for fool and a heartbreak to people who love and pray for him.”

    Nope Mary, Biden has always been pretty much a dope. As for his Catholicism, you would not know he was Catholic from his votes when he was a Senator, at least since 1982.

  • “Liberty rhetoric on healthcare seems abstract”. Tell that to the forty teachers aides at our local school system that learned yesterday that many of them no longer have jobs and the ones that still do are having their hours cut and will no longer have “healthcare” benefits available to them. These same people were screaming in the street to recall Walker. Marching for BO and whoa to those who supported a conservative candidate. Life was hell at that school. Now here they sit. Some I know are farm women who needed the job but also needed the insurance. Up until all the farm women and men had to get off the farm jobs just so they could have health insurance we paid out of pocket right here on the farm. No one had any “benefits” unless you paid for them yourself. People have gotten so use to thinking they get all the “benefits”. Now they’re totally freaked out. They wanted all right and now they got it. Serious debate happening around many a household in our little community today.

  • Not having grown up an American, my own memory of a book called “Devil’s Advocate” was by Morris West, so I was surprised to know there’s another book by that name. Truly I was enjoying your retelling of the Caldwell novel until you inserted Obama…Then you lost me.

  • There are few remaining affiliated with the Norbertine (Praemonstratensian) Order who would lay claim to Joe Biden as a product of their academic regimen. He’s an Archmere type from Delaware. More accomplished Norbertine grads came out of the order’s midwest school.

  • “Truly I was enjoying your retelling of the Caldwell novel until you inserted Obama…Then you lost me.”

    Ah but that was the whole purpose of the exercise Marietta. Art can often tell us a great deal about life, and I think The Devil’s Advocate by Taylor Caldwell tells us a great deal about life in America in this year of grace 2013.

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Richard Milhous Obama

Tuesday, May 14, AD 2013

10 Responses to Richard Milhous Obama

  • Nixon actually got the US (me and my friends) out of the Vietnam War. Then, in early 1975, the post-Watergate VietCong-ress refused to carry out US obligations under the Paris Peace Accords.

    Nobel Peace Prize update: so far, Obama bombed six countries, two more than Bush and three more than Nixon.

    One of Nixon’s worst unleashings of unnecessary hells was going off the gold standard in 1971.

    Anyhow, aside from that, whatever Nixon did was eye-wash compared to Obama’s crimes.

  • I have always regarded Nixon as one of our worst presidents T. Shaw. Few Presidents have had as much contempt for the Constitution as he had, or the limited role that the Founding Fathers envisioned for the Federal government. In regard to South Vietnam, I believe it would be free and independent today, and the economic power of Southeast Asia, but for Watergate and the crop of isolationist Democrats elected to Congress as a result of Nixonian paranoia and contempt for the rule of law.

  • Mac, “isolationist Democrats” you are being “charitable.” I wasn’t in school when all that was happening.

    You’re a lot smarter than I. What were Liddy, et al looking for in the Watergate offices?

    Maybe 100 years from now, if America has recovered, they will look at Nixon in a different light.

    I can’t say where I was at the time. I wll say that Nixon could have fought it out. The resignation was as far as humanly possible the opposite of “contempt for the Constitution.”

  • No he couldn’t have fought it out T.Shaw. He had lost Barry Goldwater and he realized that without the support of Republicans in the Senate he would have been convicted. But for that, I am sure the villian would have put the country through a Senate trial. Nixon was always about Nixon and nothing else.

  • Someone once said of Nixon that he was five different people who never coalesced into an integral whole. He was a good family man. His circle of friends was small but intimate. He could inspire the loyalty of people who were not themselves pathological (Pat Buchanan, Rose Woods). He may have had the most vigorous intellect of anyone to hold the office in the last 80 years. (His scores on psychometric tests were a standard deviation higher than John Kennedy’s). And yet, the man was a disaster. It is difficult to discern from looking at his career what his motors were other than ambition, anxiety, and resentment. You read John Dean’s memoir and Richard Nathan’s account of the administration and some of the stray details in the WoodStein books and you realize he was an incompetent administrator who had no idea how to select for talent and commitment (and little to which to tell his subordinates to be committed). It was such a waste. Another waste was Spiro Agnew. Ironically, these two exemplars of misapplied talent and virtue – men who had quite a bit in common – disliked each other.

  • Art – It’s not rare to find intelligent people who are bad judges of others’ character. It’s very odd to find them in politics. Or is it? I’d assume that the skill of relating to people overlaps with the skill of appraising people. I toss it out to the historians of our group – haven’t there been a few American presidents who weren’t people-persons, and proved incapable of leading and of surrounding themselves with talent?

  • But will Obama suffer the same fate as Nixon? I doubt it.

  • We now know that JFK had a fondness for exercising the droit du seigneur and can fairly be considered a borderline rapist today. But did fellows like Alsop or Schlesinger raise the alarm about it. No, that would be breaking the code of the omerta. Nixon’s faults were exaggerated by the same set, which should indicate the kind of people his enemies were. Just because you are paranoid, does not mean they are not out to get you.

  • RMN would have gone down as a brilliant academic. Instead, he earned his place as a lousy politician. At the end, he wasn’t fighting for anything other than the career of Richard Nixon. He didn’t believe in the limits of power and couldn’t defend himself when that power was turned against him.

  • Draw a blank, Mr. Dalasio. Richard Nixon never had an academic job and found law practice tedious. Hubert Humphrey, Eugene McCarthy, and George McGovern were all lapsed professors, but they were strictly rank-and-file instructors who never published any scholarly work.

Obama, Abortion, the 1950s and Race

Friday, April 26, AD 2013

The most pro-abortion president in our history, Barack Obama, once again displayed his fealty today to Worse Than Murder, Inc, a\k\a Planned Parenthood:

WASHINGTON     (AP) — President Barack Obama vowed Friday to join Planned Parenthood in fighting against what he said were efforts across the country to turn women’s health back to the 1950s.

Obama’s comments were the first by a sitting president before the abortion-rights group. He lauded its nearly 100 years of service to women, providing cancer screenings, contraceptives and other health services.

“When politicians try to turn Planned Parenthood into a punching bag, they’re not just talking about you,” he said. “They’re talking about the millions of women who you serve.”

Obama asserted that “an assault on women’s rights” is underway across the country, with bills being introduced in nearly every state legislature to limit or ban abortion or restrict access to birth control.

“The fact is, after decades of progress, there’s still those who want to turn back the clock to policies more suited to the 1950s than the 21st Century,” Obama said. “And they’ve been involved in an orchestrated and historic effort to roll back basic rights when it comes to women’s health.”

Leftists like the President usually accuse opponents of seeking to roll back the clock, even as they seek desperately, and futilely, to keep the clock frozen in a present they find desirable.  The video at the beginning of this post is from the National Black Pro-life Coalition, a group dedicated to revealing that no group in our society has been ravaged more by abortion than blacks.  Kermit Gosnell’s butcher shop is merely a particularly ugly manifestation of something that every one in the abortion industry knows and almost never speaks of:  blacks are the number one targeted group for abortions in this country.  In a country where blacks make up around 12% of the population, 35% of all abortions are performed on blacks. Worse Than Murder, Inc, a/k/a Planned Parenthood locates 79% of its abortion clinics in minority areas.  Abortion, the Klan’s dream come true.

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20 Responses to Obama, Abortion, the 1950s and Race

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  • Sans Jim Crow, what was wrong with the 1950s? I like Leave It To Beaver, Father Knows Best, My Three Sons (I know not 50s but . . .), et al.

  • You forgot Ike. I liked Ike too! Sometime presidents simply “are” and the country seems to run okay. If we could simply make Obama and his cohort a”was.”

    I don’t much like this, this, this . . . I can’t get around emasculated . . . congress, but if you could subtract the executive influence perhaps some sense could be had.

  • But yet the GOP establishment doesn’t have the guts to make this an issue. They’re too busy trying to say “social issues are a loser”, when in fact they are the opposite.

  • In 1950 Infants were not having their spinal column snipped to “insure fetal demise” People believed that all men were created equal and that the human being has a soul endowed with unalienable rights to Life.

  • His speaches alone should make Christians cringe but we elected him twice.

    I note that the US Council of Bishops leaped on board the immigration reform train, just as they did the healthcare reform train… Giant omnibus bills with so many pieces that no one can get their arms around them. If our bishops won’t act cautiously with this clown, despite having been repeatedly burned, what hope have we as American Christians that the engines of the State can be fitted to their proper purpose.

    We need to get it into our thick skulls: this guy hates us! Nothing he does, however it is caste, is to our benefit. If what he does doesn’t hurt us, that is a mere side-effect, not an intentional avoidance.

  • In 1972, two prophetic studies published in the American Journal of Public Health, showed a widespread worry among blacks that family planning programs were a potential means of racial genocide, especially if the programs provided sterilization and were run by whites. Unfortunately, these studies were not taken seriously.
    Abortion very often is touted as an economic solution for poor women, i.e., “Black women.” Strident, pro-abortion feminists cry for abortion as a “right” for which they must fight to keep.
    The Black community has benefited neither socially or economically from an atrocity that is enthusiastically promoted by those who make 150 million dollars per year from dead African American babies; and by those who seek to entice the Black community to self-genocide through abortion. Therefore, the disproportionate number of abortions by Black Americans, as compared to our percentage of the general population, is more than a social phenomenon. It is destructive and genocidal.
    The abortion issue is not being dealt with by the black clergy or black politicians. In fact, abortion is often actually encouraged by these “leaders”.
    The aim of Margaret Sanger’s program was to restrict–many believe exterminate–the black population. Under the pretense of “better health” and “family planning,” Sanger cleverly implemented her plan. What’s more shocking is Sanger’s beguilement of black America’s créme de la créme–those prominent, well educated and well-to-do–into executing her scheme. Some within the black elite saw birth control as a means to attain economic empowerment, elevate the race and garner the respect of whites.
    Sanger’s plan has worked extraordinarily well over time – today numerous black religious leaders defend the “right” of women to kill their unborn children. It’s ironic that black leaders complain about racism, saying that white people are trying to keep them down, yet they promote one of the most racist policies in this country, abortion.
    Approximately two out of three black babies are aborted in the U.S. If that is not racial genocide, what is? What will it take for the Black moral leadership in America to come to grips with this reality? The blood of 54 million unborn babies cries out from the ground for justice. And the future of our nation, which tolerates the unjust execution of these innocents, depends on it.
    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Things like this give me cause to hate Obama and the Democrats. But hatred is wrong. I should hate the sin, the murder, not the man. I guess I really should not be allowed outside the Confessional. Tell me, how do you folks avoid hating him? I just get so incensed every time I see his face or hear his voice. 🙁

  • I don’t hate Obama Paul, I pity him. Saying God bless you to Planned Parenthood indicates just what a lost soul he is. Unless he repents, his after life does not bear thinking about.

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  • Planned parenthood is another couple of words that say exactly the opposite.As
    you do any planning you must have a timetable with an agenda.Planning the life
    of our children is to be a thoughtful,charitable and an expression of love.
    Planned parenthoods biggest profit is from the taxpayers support of abortions
    which is likened to murder.What part of Thou Shall not kill do we obey?
    Its not the ten suggestions Its the Ten Commandmants!

  • I don’t hate Obama either. Hatred is too strong to waste on someone I don’t like.

  • I treat Obama as a gentile and a tax collector.

  • In the UK, there was a remarkable overlap in membership of the Abortion Law Reform Association, the British Family Planning Association, the Eugenics Education Society, formed in 1907 and renamed the Galton Institute in 1989. The Abortion Act 1967 was passed before the rise of Feminism in the 1970’s and was, in no small measure, driven by Eugenicists and Malthusians.

  • Paul,

    Maintining a good sense of humor about myself helps a lot.

    Human beings are funny because we appeal to reason regularly but act like unreasoned creatures. I’m the most bizarre creature I know.

    Seeing one’s faults, flaws, and sins for what they are and realizing that our pretensions are terribly funny makes it easier to deal with the faults, flaws, and sins in others.

    The President is much less than he presents himself to be and his unchanging behaviors suggest to me that he is unaware, that he thinks he is making reasoned, enlightened choices. That is funny… And that is terrible, as Don intimated above.

    The most frightening line in Scripture, to me, is “to those to whom more is given, more is expected.” it is terrible to contemplate that it may well be better to live out one’s life in savage nobility than to hear the Word and act in contrary ways to it. It is unreasonable to do so and funny that we so routinely appeal to reason in defense of our unreasoned opinions and actions.

    Humor and terror, comfortable bed-fellows…

  • Something else the 1950s had that the 2010s does not: Bishop Sheen. Oh, how we need his voice today!

  • Joseph: Bishop Sheen is on EWTN

  • Thanks, Mary. I also like to watch some of his old lectures on You Tube. But we need someone like him today, to speak to today’s audiences on today’s issues. It’s probably a dream though. Someone like him would not be so well received today, speaking against abortion and same sex “marriage”, and would be restricted to a channel like EWTN , preaching to the choir, whereas Life Is Worth Living was broadcast on DuMont (at the time one of the major networks) and later ABC, with ratings that rivaled “Mr. Television”, Milton Berle (prompting Berle to quip that Sheen had a better Writer).

  • I’d settle for our clergy preaching like that to us! We have three good priests. All three give strong, useful sermons. One of them lays it on the line, artfully but without pulling punches.

    I go to Mass in a variety of places due to work travel. It is rare to have even good sermons, much less ones that tackle the tough issues.

    I’d love to hear Father Z’s take on why this is so.

    In my parish, people seem to appreciate a challenging, smart sermon. Even ones that I would think would unsettle, such as sermons about the eye of the needle and possessions are received well.

    What gives? Why do our priests and bishops pull the punches with us? We are talking about human souls. Shouldn’t we want to be called out if when we stray? Shouldn’t the clergy call us out whether we want to be or not?

  • How not to hate President Obama? Remember that he is a tool–save your hate for the real Enemy below who is using him, and the people at “Planned Parenthood”, and etc. And remember to base it in your love for Christ, lest it become wrath.

Top Ten Reasons Why Obama is Not Satan

Monday, March 18, AD 2013

Satan Obama


The Internet is abuzz with the fact that Satan on the History Channel’s The Bible miniseries, which has gotten great ratings, looks a tad like Obama if Michele gets him to go on a veggies only diet.  I really don’t see much resemblance but it does give us a good excuse to look at the top ten reasons why Obama is not Satan:

1.  Hell has never run a deficit.

2.  Satan, whatever his other manifest evils, has never voted present.

3.  Satan resides in Hell and Obama resides in Chicago.  (A small difference I concede.).

4.  Satan is the prince of liars, while Obama is at most an archduke of liars.

5.  Satan to my knowledge has never eaten dog.

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49 Responses to Top Ten Reasons Why Obama is Not Satan

  • Obama may have the same ambitions as Satan, but he doesn’t have the talent.

  • Donald & Mike, thank you for the hilarious comic relief. Just what I needed at this time. “Obama may have the same ambitions as Satan, but he doesn’t have the talent.” LOL. I love that one.

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  • Alinsky never dedicated a book to Obama.

  • Hillary Clinton only worked for Obama for four years.

  • Satan created a shovel-ready Job.

  • There is a resemblance. To bad “Dreams from my Father” didn’t have an opportunity to use this actor as the Cover for Obama’s book.

  • While Satan uses Joe Biden for his own ends too, he would find the idea of publicly associating himself Biden too demeaning.

  • Satan has demons with pitchforks to do his bidding. Obama has a bureaucrats with red tape. Oh, wait….

  • No, Donald, Obama resides in Washington and vacations in Hawaii. He is, I have to admit, smart enough to stay the hell (pardon the pun) away from Chicago unless he necessarily has to be there.

    I actually think the Devil portrayal does look like a wrinkled Obama.

  • 11. Satan fell from highest glory to utter ruin; Obama fell from insanely overrated to slightly-less overrated.
    12. Satan retains the inhuman genius of his angelic state; Obama fails basic history.
    13. Satan disputed with and tempted Jesus; Obama ignores Jesus until he needs to win the religious vote.
    14. Satan was always a supporter of same-sex marriage; Obama evolved with the polls.
    15. Satan can appear glorious to behold; Obama has only two expressions: “angry” and “smug.”

  • If Obama were Satan, we could consider an exorcism as an alternative to impeachment. Darn!

  • National Catholic Register of hate-filled racists. Disgraceful – you people do not
    “Love one another as I have loved you”

  • MY comment is awaiting “moderation”!
    You publish hateful speech and deny me
    the right to condemn it? Pope Francis has
    His work cut out for him.

  • All new commenters are automatically put into moderation Claudia as a device to cut down on drive by trolls. Now please explain to me in detail how my post is hateful.

  • Thank you Claudia for showing us how to love one another. Deeply, deeply appreciated.

  • Claudia – did you mean to comment on a different post??? I suspect ‘m not the only blog reader scratching his head over this one.

  • Obama is not Satan.

    He’s just another narcissistic leftist who’s out to destroy and then to rebuild in the Marxist vision.

    And people are suckers his brand of horse manure.

  • Claudia may have Pelosibidenema.
    A contagious Catholic phenomena that supports Anti-Life, Anti-freedom of religious liberty and Anti-constitution.
    They are out there.
    Catholics aren’t what they used to be.
    Pray for her return to decency.

  • Claudia…? Hated filled racists ? So everything comes done to the fall back race argument with you ….,and the NCR is filled with racists? I think not!

  • Claudia……wasn’t your namesake the Roman emperor when Satan’s ultimate enemy was born?

  • “8. Satan has never attempted to have the Catholic Church pay for birth control.”

    No? Who, then, inspired President Obama to do it?

    Let’s laugh at the Devil but let’s not become him in the process. The top reason President Obama is not the Devil is this:

    The Devil cannot repent of his sins. President Obama can. We should pray that he will.

  • @Philip: Let’s also be careful about lumping the Constitution in with life and freedom of religious liberty.

    Life and religious liberty are fundamental rights that all people have and which must be respected in all people.

    The Constitution is a document, made by man, capable of being amended by man, interpreted liberally by man, ignored by man, and abolished by man.

    Let us put our faith in God, not in a piece of paper.

  • “Let’s laugh at the Devil but let’s not become him in the process. The top reason President Obama is not the Devil is this:

    The Devil cannot repent of his sins. President Obama can. We should pray that he will.”


  • philip, equating Claudia with Nancy Pelosi and asserting that she (Claudia) needs to “return to decency” because she’s not a fan of equating Obama to the devil (even jocularly) is a little much, don’t you think?

  • Haven’t we all started taking ourselves a bit too seriously here? One of the biggest problems in this country is the massive loss of a sense of humor. Everybody go take some desensitivity training. Yeesh.

  • He is not Satan, but certainly he is one of his minions.

  • Actually I do not think Obama would qualify for even junior imp status.

    “Your dreaded Principal has included in a speech full of points something like an apology for the banquet which he has set before us. Well, gentledevils, no one blames him. But it would be in vain to deny that the human souls on whose anguish we have been feasting tonight were of pretty poor quality. Not all the most skillful cookery of our tormentors could make them better than insipid.

    Oh, to get one’s teeth again into a Farinata, a Henry VIII, or even a Hitler! There was real crackling there; something to crunch; a rage, an egotism, a cruelty only just less robust than our own. It put up a delicious resistance to being devoured. It warmed your inwards when you’d got it down.

    Instead of this, what have we had tonight? There was a municipal authority with Graft sauce. But personally I could not detect in him the flavour of a really passionate and brutal avarice such as delighted one in the great tycoons of the last century. Was he not unmistakably a Little Man — a creature of the petty rake-off pocketed with a petty joke in private and denied with the stalest platitudes in his public utterances — a grubby little nonentity who had drifted into corruption, only just realizing that he was corrupt, and chiefly because everyone else did it? Then there was the lukewarm Casserole of Adulterers. Could you find in it any trace of a fully inflamed, defiant, rebellious, insatiable lust? I couldn’t. They all tasted to me like undersexed morons who had blundered or trickled into the wrong beds in automatic response to sexy advertisements, or to make themselves feel modern and emancipated, or to reassure themselves about their virility or their “normalcy,” or even because they had nothing else to do. Frankly, to me who have tasted Messalina and Cassanova, they were nauseating. The Trade Unionist stuffed with sedition was perhaps a shade better. He had done some real harm. He had, not quite unknowingly, worked for bloodshed, famine, and the extinction of liberty. Yes, in a way. But what a way! He thought of those ultimate objectives so little. Toeing the party line, self-importance, and above all mere routine, were what really dominated his life.”

    Even Hell hath its standards.

  • JL-
    I disagree.
    Nancy Pelosi speaks for Nancy Pelosi, not the Catholic Church however she has taken that role in the past while holding her high profile position, subsequently misleading Catholic voters to believe that the Church is in union with her position on abortions, not the Churches position. This is the problem with politicians that claim to be Catholics in good standing but in actuality are dissents.
    A return to decency is a call to accept the Churches position on abortion. Any Catholic that is offended by this thread, offended that some may equate the most pro-abort president in our Nations history to the likes of Satan, is a Catholic that hasn’t taken the time to inform him/herself with the reasonings of past Popes and the Magisterium as to the intrinsic evil that abortion is.
    To support this evil is not “love of neighbor.”
    Claudia is wrong to use Pope Francis in this framework.
    All Catholics that support abortion rights are not in union with our Holy Church.
    It is in their best interest to hear the truth, for the sake of their own soul, and the souls of those who commit the acts.
    JL. Some may claim that other issues are as important, but I’m not one. Life is the issue.
    If Claudia is offended by our banter, then excuse me. I’m offended by the Catholics that help secure Satans best worker in Our White House.

  • I guess I have to differentiate myself from other “John”‘s…

    I don’t think anyone who makes fun of the present administration would not agree with the statement, in a sober moment, that Obama needs prayer just as much as Bush did…or anyone else on the globe for that matter. Well…except for……………had you, didn’t I?

    What I fail to see is why poking fun at a coincidental similarity in appearance draws either slanders of racism or holier-than-thou chastisements that this type of humor shouldn’t be done by serious folk. Really?

    “Next up on The Safe For Everyone’s Feelings Comedy Channel: The Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System Tax Joke Hour“. Well, maybe not…there’s someone in the IRS who might be offended.

    As I recall from high school English class, a certain poet from Italy in the 13th century had the audacity to place even popes in his literary rendering of Hell…and, while it was a work of theology, politics and allegory, I’m reasonably certain it also contained elements of satire and wit in it as well.

    I don’t know what the fuss is about. I’ve seen people point out that Bush looked like a monkey, say that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is a fashionista with his red shoes, and that Blessed Pope John Paul II was complicit in the clerical abuse scandal. Me, if I disagree, I shake my head and move along…if I agree, I chuckle and move along.

    Maybe my post is self-negating since instead of ignoring the non sequitur comments above, I should have either added something to the Top Ten list or kept my post to myself rather than address them.

    O Irony! Thy name is com-box.

  • Michael-
    Point taken.
    Today an honest hardworking Christian, a small business owner, feels the hot coals of compliance to a mandate that is not in union with His core. He is punished, (taxed) or he caves in.
    I thank God that the greatest generation that ever

  • ….that ever lived are going to their Eternal reward now.
    How they would shake their heads at America in 2013.

  • Hmmm. Donald has listed a whole bunch of reasons why Obama is not Satan, and others added additional reasons. And for that we are called racists. I guess Claudia is right. I will take Claudia’s side and admit that Obama is Satan. Is that better? Am I sufficiently inclusive and diversity promoting to avoid the racist label if I state that our President is Lucifer? Does that make the United States Hell? I live in the United States. I must be dead. And I must have been really rotten in my time in the world. Oh well. At least we’ve got cheeseburgers here. I was expecting fire and brimstone. What a pleasant surprise.

  • phillip,

    How the heck do you conclude that Claudia is pro-abort from the two comments she’s made? Or that anyone who takes offense to people tongue in cheekily comparing Obama to Satan is somehow complicit in the abortion industry.?Speaking of Pope Francis, do you think he’d approve of this post and the subsequent comments? Probably not, but I don’t see how that makes him in league with Satan. I think you’re making pretty irrational leaps.

  • JL-

    Your nothing more than a bunch of NCR hate-filled racist.

    In regards to you, “Pope Francis has his work cut out for him.”

    The “framework” was that I found it appalling that she would vex “us racists” and use our newly elected Pope to try to shame us.

    JL. By participating directly and voluntarily in the election of public officials that protect, advance or approve grave mortal sin is in my opinion serious matter….President, V.P., House Speaker.( not speaking of Pope, ok?)
    The deaths of these innocent children will demand justice. The support of regime’s that do nothing in their power to protect these innocent lives will be held accountable.
    It is our responsibility to call abortion what it is; a mortal sin that has the consent of our Leaders.
    I’m a racist in her eyes. I’m okay with that.
    Can one be pro-life and vote for pro-aborts?
    Anything is possible. Nancy and Joe are great examples. Hope they enjoyed their trip.

  • JL-
    Why would anyone oppose our gifted president, or make light of him or joke about him?
    I have over fifty million reasons why.
    They might of entered in to this thread, but they couldn’t. Their sense of humor is like that of Claudia’s. Nonexistent!

  • In Obama’s commencement address to the N.D. Students and guests he stated; “We must respect the feelings of those who do not agree with abortion law, and draft a conscience clause that reflects their beliefs.”
    Enter in Obamacare and the HHS mandate.
    That is par for course.

    Fr. Weslin, God rest his precious soul, was one of the N.D. 88 arrested and hauled off Norte Dame property during the above event.
    Fr. Weslin passed away on May 12th in my home town. He was as courageous as St. Paul, as tender as a lamb and my hero.

    I have taken valuable space to give reason to the ridicule. I’m not meek, nor eloquently gifted in debate and I know I have many faults to work out. Some possibly in Purgatory, however the scourge of abortion on demand
    in this United States must be addressed. If not now, w

    hen. If not our elected representatives, who?

  • I cannot see a scintilla of racism here, just a tongue in cheek jibe at the most left-wing president in the nation’s history. We do not hate him but as an enemy of sorts, we include him, obedient to the Lord, in our prayers.

  • “Why would anyone oppose our gifted president, or make light of him or joke about him?”

    Opps – I thought we were joking about the Obama administration. My bad; never mind…

  • Ha ha ha . . . this is too rich not to relish! The best so far is Mary De Voe’s comment! Subtle and yet biting! Then the new comer – Claudia Johnson specious accusations are much to be enjoyed. Sorry, Donald maybe next time but you can console yourself with the fact that you got this fine post started.

  • philip. “All Catholics that support abortion rights are not in union with our Holy Church.
    It is in their best interest to hear the truth, for the sake of their own soul, and the souls of those who commit the acts.”

    You are right on, brother. Thanks for your great posts. And to answer the question, “can one be Catholic (or Christian) and support abortion-loving leaders? A definite NO!

  • John.
    Thank you.

  • “The Constitution is a document, made by man, capable of being amended by man, interpreted liberally by man, ignored by man, and abolished by man.”
    …not without the consent of man and his posterity. The Preamble to our Constitution is unchangeable.
    “We, the People, of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
    The Preamble to our U.S. Constitution states specifically the purpose of our Constitution. While the Law of the Land may vary, be amended, or change with the culture, the purpose of its being does not change or may the Preamble be removed, erased of modified. If the rights and freedoms endowed as unalienable by our Creator can be removed or modified, the people are no longer free, in the freedom created for us by our Creator. I keep using “their Creator” as does the Declaration of Independence precisely because atheists and others have removed the acknowledgement of God from our culture and from the public square.

  • Face it, O is not Satan….but he has earned the “employee of the month award”.

  • Mortality and origin are differences in the two, too.

    The deficit from 1. begs repeating the common warning, ‘You’ll have hell to pay.’

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Ben Carson’s National Prayer Breakfast Speech

Wednesday, February 13, AD 2013

Ben Carson’s rousing speech at last week’s National Prayer Breakfast has garnered a lot of widespread attention. Depending on your point of view, this is either a heroic address that is proof that this man needs to be our next president, or it’s an insulting attempt to humiliate Barack Obama. You’ll never guess which side I’m on.

First, the speech for those of you who have not seen it:

Things get really interesting at around the 17 minute mark as he directly confronts Obamacare and economics more generally.

Actually, upon initial viewing, I did wonder if this was the appropriate venue for Dr. Carson’s remarks. After all, shouldn’t the National Prayer Breakfast be a time where we put aside partisan debate and concentrate on what draws us together? This is what Cal Thomas – no fan of President Obama – thinks:

His remarks were inappropriate for the occasion. It would have been just as inappropriate had he praised the president’s policies. The president had a right to expect a different message about another Kingdom. I’m wondering if the president felt drawn closer to God, or bludgeoned by the Republican Party and the applauding conservatives in the audience (there were many liberals there, too, as well as people from what organizers said were more than 100 nations and all 50 states).

If Carson wanted to voice his opinion about the president’s policies, he could have done so backstage. Even better, he might have asked for a private meeting with the man. As a fellow African American who faced personal challenges and overcame them, the president might have welcomed Dr. Carson to the White House. Instead, Carson ambushed him.

Carson should publicly apologize and stop going on TV doing “victory laps” and proclaiming that reaction to his speech was overwhelmingly positive. That’s not the point. While many might agree with his positions (and many others don’t as shown by the November election results), voicing them at the National Prayer Breakfast in front of the president was the wrong venue.

Leftists were much more vehement in their criticisms of Dr. Carson. Suddenly the very same people who think the entire concept of a National Prayer Breakfast is an affront to the sanctity of  the separation of Church and State were howling at Dr. Carson’s impropriety on such a solemn occasion.

There are several reasons why this criticism is unwarranted, and why Dr. Carson should proceed with his “victory laps.”

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16 Responses to Ben Carson’s National Prayer Breakfast Speech

  • The Left pushes it’s agenda relentlessly, in every way, every day, in every forum they can. Conservatives are the only one still playing by the Marquess of Queensberry Rules for political discourse. I applaude Dr Carson’s se of his opportunity, all right thinking people should seek out their opportunities and do likewise.

  • The Left pushes it’s agenda relentlessly, in every way, every day, in every forum they can. Conservatives are the only one still playing by the Marquess of Queensberry Rules for political discourse. I applaude Dr Carson’s se of his opportunity, all right thinking people should seek out their opportunities and do likewise.

    I think we can leave the high school yearbook staff in peace, even if Dan Savage and his enablers refuse to.

  • If this kind of thing keeps up, the president may just end up skipping the National Prayer Breakfast. Dr. Carson challenged his policies this year and last year Eric Metaxas pointed out the evil of abortion and the Pro-Choice stance in front of Obama and self-professed Catholics, Biden and Pelosi. Take a look at his speech at the link below.


  • FWIW I think Dr. Carson makes a serious point about graduated tax rates, and I say that as a person who happens to favor them. We can all agree that it is wrong for government to tax in such a way as to deprive the poor of necessities (leaving aside the murkiness of definitions, etc.). Beyond that a reliable basis for graduated rates is hard to identify with confidence. The best explanation is grounded in the theory that the marginal utility of money diminishes. While that is almost certainly true for any one individual or household, it is problematic when applied to groups. Some people value money (and what it can buy) more than others. Others favor various types of psychic income. People make different life choices based on their different values and preferences. I support graduated rates because I do think that the marginal utility argument has some force. But I do not support it with a lot of enthusiasm since I have little confidence in guaging the strength of that force. While I doubt that Dr. Carson ever read Blum and Kalvin (who said all that could be said on this topic over 50 years ago), I bet that these scholars would be nodding their heads in sympathy at his point.

  • The best explanation is grounded in the theory that the marginal utility of money diminishes.

    The utility of additional increments of income certainly does decline, but that is unaffected by the rate at which you tax income. The effect of escalating marginal rates would be that the utility to be derived from earning and owning property declines more rapidly than it otherwise would. I am not sure what is the argument for that.

    A solitary marginal rate conjoined to a general (per-capita) credit or exemption large enough to remove the most impecunious third from the income tax rolls will do agreeably. Both the rate and the dollar value of the credit or exemption will have to be higher than that to which people are accustomed, but the effect on labor force participation of elevating marginal rates is mild.

  • I thought that the argument for a progressive income tax was that it acts to counterbalance regressive taxes such as sales tax, thus making the overall tax rate relatively flat. In theory. Whether that’s true in practice, I don’t know.

  • J.,
    While it is true that sales taxes are generally regressive, I don’t think that is really the basis for a progressive income tax. The tax equity (vertical equity) justification is simply that a progressive tax spreads the pain more evenly because higher income folks won’t miss the dough as much. While there is intuitive merit in this justification, it’s actual truth is elusive because people value money differently. Moreover, taken to its logical conclusion this justification would suggest we should impose a tax system that is sufficiently progressive to allow all households to end up with the same after tax income. Of few Americans would support that for reasons of equity (my point about people valuing money differently and making different choices) and efficiency (the necessary 100% marginal rates would obviously result in a productivity collapse).

    I agree (assuming I understand you correctly) that the benefit to any one individual of an incremental $100 “declines more rapidly” in a graduated rate environment than it would in a flat rate environment. But this is an effect of graduated rates rather than a purpose, so I don’t see why anyone would offer an argument for that.
    The degree to which marginal rates affect labor participation depends on the rates. Plainly moving a rate from 33% to 36% would have a milder effect than a move from 33% to 73%.
    Finally, I agree that your single rate plus exemption approach is supportable on both equity and efficiency grounds, though graduated rates are also supportable on these grounds as long as the rates are not too graduated. Either approach arguably presents equity deficiencies depending on one’s view how income is earned and valued while the latter presents efficiency issues to the extent earners will spread income temporally as well as among family members in order to avoid the higher rates. Of course, all approaches are imperfect.

  • Mr Deco: I’m afraid I have missed your reference to a year book staff, and have no idea who Dan Savage is. Is your quote of my comment and subsequent follow on meant as insult or insight?

  • Templar,
    More insight than insult, I think. I believe AD was simply pointing out that while you are correct that we must be willing to take off our gloves, we nonetheless should refrain from hitting below the belt. In other words “opportunities” to push our conservative agenda should not include every forum, even if the Left does not recognize such boundaries. AD can correct me if I’m wrong.

  • I believe Mike is correct in his interpretation of Art’s remarks.

    As for Dan Savage – you’re better off not knowing, though a google search can provide you the information if you’re desperate.

  • Mike and Paul, thanks for the response. I did a search on Savage…another lapsed Catholic who seems to believe everything in life boils down to the right to fornicate on demand. You’re right, a few minutes of my life wasted.

    As for our choice of forums, I agree that the rules of good taste should always apply, but I am no longer such of fan of the old adage that rigidly dictated a proper time and place for everything. Dr. Carson’s timing transformed his 15 minutes into a week long event, and many people who may not watch politics closely would be exposed to it, certainly far more than if he had merely said it in public, but not in front of the POTUS.

  • You are both correct.

    Templar, there is a pair of organizations (one I believe composed of high school teachers and one of j-school faculty) who jointly sponsor an annual conference for student newspaper and yearbook staff. It sounds like something of a boondoggle, but never mind. This past year, the knuckleheads on the organizing committee thought it a boffo idea to invite as a ‘key-note’ speaker (why would they need one?) an obnoxious homosexual who edits the main alternative newspaper in greater Seattle. He elected to address the topic of ‘bullying’. Now, I seem to have gotten through high school without the photography aficionados on the yearbook staff causing me any anxiety. So, I imagine, did this fellow Savage. Of course, discussions of ‘bullying’ are a wedge for discussions of sodomy and the nexus of social relations which surround it, including rude and stupid public chastisement of those this fellow Savage regards as cultural enemies. You would think a conference of yearbook and student newspaper staff might discuss better photography or concise and elegant writing but nooooooooooooo. I would love to attend a deposition with the inviting committee under subpoena and under oath.

  • Fornication is actually something Dan Savage does not care much about.

  • A careful analysis of the past five years makes one believe a campaign speech was something Obama thoroughly enjoyed hearing at any venue. And this one was brilliant.

  • I don’t care what he has to say, or anyone else about him! He saved my sons life. Enough said!

  • When I listened to Dr Carson speak, I felt like I had just received a desparately desired booster shot from a highly educated man that wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His speech validated my beliefs and principles that have guided me well for the past 57 years. These beliefs and principles are founded in the Christian faith, which I believe was very appropriate and an overall part of his message. He intelligently tied his convictions from life experiences and perceptions of what needs to happen to prevail over the fear of what could happen should we continue to proceed ahead under the status quo. I was impressed in his confidence that we all must be educated which if combined to a basis of spiritual knowledge and intelligence (not emotionalism or PC) that we use to confront and address problems within our society for the good of all. I’m reminded when Jesus spoke in the temple where prominent members of the Scribes and Pharisees were in attendence and Jesus proceeded to confront the hypocrisy of the times as it conflicted with the genuine message of God and what was expected. His message was also not received favorably by those who may have been exposed. Sometimes his pointed questions were embarrassing but his depth and insight portrayed such candid comments that fairly depicted his sense of knowledge, that the majority of the teachers had to treat him with every consideration. Such a tolerance in today’s society is not reciprocrated by some butb often expected by them when the light is on themselves!! DR Carso speech and delivery was in my view spot on and appropriate for this occasion.

A Guide to the 23 Edicts for the Perplexed

Thursday, January 17, AD 2013


We at The American Catholic, among our many other missions, aim to translate Governmentese into English with color commentary.  Herewith is an example of our service in regard to President Obama’s 23 executive orders on gun control, better termed edicts:

1. Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background check system.

Do what the agencies have been supposed to be doing all along.
2. Address unnecessary legal barriers, particularly relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that may prevent states from making information available to the background check system.

The maze of laws and regulations belched out by Congress and the Executive branch each year, and which I have overwhelmingly supported, have a deleterious impact on background checks, as they do with accomplishing anything in these United States.  Shazam!
3. Improve incentives for states to share information with the background check system.

Fall in line States or we will deprive you of Federal money.  Federalism, what’s that?

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13 Responses to A Guide to the 23 Edicts for the Perplexed