Ash-heap of History Speech

Wednesday, February 6, AD 2013

Today is my 56th birthday.  I share my birthday with the greatest president of my lifetime:  Ronald Reagan.  I thought he was a great president at the time, but as the years roll by my admiration for President Reagan only grows.  The above video is the famous “ash-heap of history” speech to the British parliament on June 8, 1982.  Widely derided by critics at the time, Reagan’s speech was eerily prophetic as the Soviet Union swiftly landed on the ash-head of history.  Here is the text of the speech:

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19 Responses to Ash-heap of History Speech

  • Happy Birthday Donald!

    “…a society where productive forces are hampered by political ones.”
    Enter obamanation.

    It amazes me still, how much hatred the Left have for this great leader.
    The contra dealings is their primary focus on a leader who turned this country around when gas lines we’re commonplace, and American hostages were easy pickings.

    You do share a birthday with a great man.

  • Happy Birthday Donald.

    Ah, to have a President speak with moral clarity again. Does one dare to dream?

  • Thank you Philip and Paul! Charlatans like Obama are with us constantly. A statesman of the calibre of Reagan appears but rarely.

  • Happy Birthday, Don! Hope it’s a great one.

  • Thank you Jay and Foxfier. My bride has the usual birthday festivities planned for tonight and they are usually memorable. I think this one will involve the War of the Spanish Succession in some way. (Yes, both my bride and I probably do read too much history!)

  • Well, Reagan was a pretty good president, but you have to respect other presidents of your lifetime, like Carter. Reagan only built on Carter’s successes. And there was that great Carter speech that everyone quotes, I can’t think of it offhand, but you know the one….

    Just kidding. Yay Ron. Happy Birthday.

  • Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan
    Happy Birthday Donald McClarey.
    Birthday cake is my favorite. Get some with icing roses and lemon filling.

  • Thank you Donald and happy birthday. Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were always two of my favorite people. People like them are sorely missed in the political and diplomatic levels we face today. The ash heaps of history are getting closer every day. Our nation has never been more threatened in its history.

  • Thank you. Donald McClarey. I am looking forward to reading about the War of Spanish Succession.
    Ronald Reagan knew what he was struggling against. Unfortunately, tolerance and diversity in universities have come to mean the opposite of the academic freedom that they were intended to bring about. The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights too, has devolved into an atheistic refusal to acknowledge our Creator and man’s individual human soul. Written by Eleanor Roosevelt, the U.N. fought her tooth and nail to remove God from the Declaration. The UN won. Without God, human “rights endowed by the state can be altered and removed by the state.” Thomas Jefferson. Unalienable human rights are endowed by God, WHO is infinite and never changing. Exclusively under God are: “the great civilized ideas: individual liberty, representative government, and the rule of law under God.” Ronald Reagan.

  • Thank you Pinky, I think!

    Thank you Robert!

    Mary, the best book on the War of the Spanish Succession is still the massive biography of the Duke of Marlborough written in a grand style by his descendant Sir Winston Churchill.

    Of “Corporal John” as his men fondly called him, it was said that he never fought a battle he did not win and never besieged a fortress he did not take.

  • Reagan was a success because of his faith in God and confidence in himself and his views.

    People like Reagan give and build.

    People like his opponents take and destroy.

  • Happy Birthday Don!

    Agreed on Reagan. We sure could use a decent human being in Washington these days.

  • Happy Birthday.

    Ah, to have a President speak with moral clarity again. Does one dare to dream?

    Reagan had a number of advantages you have not seen much of in Presidential politics in the last fifty-odd years:

    1. He took an interest in political principles.

    2. He was in politics to primarily push his preferred policies; he had had a long and fruitful career before entering politics and might have been happier doing something else all those years.

    3. He did not have any gross personality problems or character defects.

    4. His previous positions had taught him satisfactorily how to manage time, recruit subordinates, delegate authority, and motivate his workforce.

    No one else who has held the office since 1960 fits the bill. As for Vice Presidents and presidential aspirants of note, not many would have been plausible candidates for filling the bill.

  • Mary De Voe

    The principle draughtsmen of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights were the French Thomist, Jacques Maritain, the Lebanese Orthodox theologian, Charles Malik and René Cassin, who was Jewish

  • Art- Great point: “He did not have any gross personality problems or character defects”. It’s pitiful that that needs to be stated at all. But we’ve sort of come to expect, or be resigned to, our leaders being messed-up people. There’s a genre of political writing that I don’t remember existing before Clinton, the “who is he really” story. These stories are not simply about policy flip-flops. They’re psychological studies. By implication, they’re abnormal psych studies.

  • Reagan was a a realist who had the guts to be an idealist. As for Obama, while there are many who share his his unwavering devotion to leftist ideology, but those who have been as effective as he has in capitalizing on the cowardice of his opposition are not exactly a dime a dozen.