Of Aging Porn Stars and Aging Ideologies

Friday, February 8, AD 2013





My alma mater, the University of Illinois, brought a 58 year old porn star, Annie Sprinkle, to campus to teach students young enough to be her grandkids about orgasms this week.  Go here to read the story in the campus newspaper The Daily IIllini, or as generations of U of I students have referred to it, The Daily Illiterate.

It would take a heart of stone and a mind of lead not to laugh at this feeble attempt to shock.  Annie Sprinkle, or Ellen F. Steinberg, her birth name, has been doing this schtick since long before most current U of I students were born.  Something that was shocking in the Seventies of the last century is completely old hat in the porn drenched Twenty-First century.  (The U of I having an abstinence activist speak would truly be a shocking event in our current amoral climate.)  So why bring her to the U of I?

Well, and do not laugh, the ostensible reason is diversity, at least accord to this blog entry by Jordan Glaser:

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10 Responses to Of Aging Porn Stars and Aging Ideologies

  • In the spirit of diversity a pig farmer, (let’s call her Scratchie) is available to discuss the proper retrieval and careful application of pig feces in our wanting culture.
    Because most college attendees are inexperienced in such matters, it would help them to appreciate the finer aspects of pig excrement. After all we want the students informed and enlightened….right?

  • I have believed for some time that one the sure ways to dumb down the young is make a college education more accessible. This goes a long way in proving me right.

  • It is ironic that this pervert is lecturing to students who know as much as she does about heterosexual sex due to the prevalence of widespread pornography. She probably gets her support from a NGO. Ms. Steinberg probably has another agenda of opening the minds of female students of the ‘wonders’ of female masturbation, experimental lesbianism and reproductive choice. It is all part of an overall process of social conditioning and transformation of young minds and bodies to conform to new age and socialist morality.

  • Diversity of what? I suppose it’s an important skill to learn how to not be embarrassed by pathetic baby-boomers, though.

    Philip made his comment as a joke, but I’d bet that you could get a lot more diversity by having a pig farmer give a lecture. But isn’t that what schools are supposed to do in, like, second grade? Parents’ Careers Day?

  • The modesty and intimate privacy of the orgasm laid bare to public scrutiny, and purposely denied the procreative act is soul rape, a violation of the true nature of the human person, body and soul, the avant guarde of nasty totalitarianism.

  • (from Wikipedia) Enculturation is the process by which people learn the requirements of their surrounding culture and acquire values and behaviours appropriate or necessary in that culture.[1] As part of this process, the influences that limit, direct, or shape the individual (whether deliberately or not) include parents, other adults, and peers. If successful, enculturation results in competence in the language, values and rituals of the culture.

    We do it in television, movies, literature, why leave out “higher” education.

    Screwtape is alive and well; we not only pay him too much attention, as C. S. Lewis warned us about, but then we court him – and his most effective tool, progressivism, the rate of which seems to keep accelerating.

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  • What a joke. The Chinese are laughing at us as they build a dozen more skyscrapers this month… “Diversity,” yes, that means upper-middle-class liberals from New York AND California!

  • C. S. Lewis spoke of chronological snobbery and did much to debunk the myth of progress. Then I think of G. K. Chesterton who once said that he who marries himself to the worldview will soon be widowed. And I think of his constant sense of how the world grows old while Christianity is ever new.

  • STUDENTS in COLLEGE need to learn about orgasms? These poor children, how deprived! Or is that depraved?

    In college, way back in 1975, I befriended a young girl I met who was sitting alone in our suite’s “living room”. She was red eyed and appeared to have been crying. I stopped and gently spoke with her to find out what was going on. I found out that one of my suite mates had invited her up to Buffalo to visit the University of Buffalo Campus and promised her a place to stay. When she arrived, she found out there was a “price” for her lodging, sexual favors, which she refused, so he told her to leave with no place to stay.

    My roommate was back in Brooklyn that weekend. She stayed in our room. I slept on the big couch in our suite “living room”. I was a prude, even then. So much for orgasms!

    God bless you, Don.