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The New York Times and the Hive Mind

Monday, August 27, AD 2012

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  • The man possesses a minuscule grasp of the obvious.

    The so-called media is in the tank for the destructive liberal agenda and the leader of the choom gang.

  • This reminds me of panel that featured the PBS director and the head honcho of HBO among others. At one point they talked about the failure of Air America, the leftist version of right-wing radio. The HBO guy remarked that it failed because there was already left-wing media that was completely free: PBS and NPR. The PBS director promptly bleated out: “But we aren’t biased!” and the HBO director just said, “Yeah, keep telling yourself that.”

  • I am sure that in the hive mind of the New York Slimes, they consider themselves to be objective. Walter Duranty (no famine in Ukraine in the 1930s) and Herbert Mathews (late 1950s Fidel Castro apologist) are more than enough evidence that the Slimes has been biased for decades.

  • “… I have found that the lead editors and reporters are disciplined about enforcing fairness and balance, and usually succeed in doing so…”

    -What planet is this boy on?

  • Don’t sell this story short. It’s a big deal. For a critique of the Times’ bias to be printed by the Times, that’s unusual. It also can become a point of reference for anyone arguing about media bias in general. But most importantly, I think the description of the dynamis of establishment bias was perfect. This article spells out exactly how it happens and exactly why it remains undiagnosable to those who do it. Good for Brisbane.

  • Well, duh! Sorry for the silly response, but the media in general have their causes and pet issues. Whichever side one falls on,politically, may drive whether they cease to view the media outlet or think its unbiased..that’s read, my bias is unbiased.

  • Ms. Abramson doth protest too much. The New York Times has endorsed the Democratic nominee for President 13 straight times. This November it will be 14.
    In 2006, the New York Times endorsed every single Democratic candidate for Congress in the tri-state area; no Republicans. That’s not “keeping the paper straight”.
    Abe Rosenthal did indeed, despite his progressive leanings, have some form of journalistic inegrity – so much that some thought he might have personally favored Ronald Reagan (maybe he just liked peace and prosperity). But nobody confuses A.M. Rosenthal with his late father. The paper – especially it’s opinion page – is becoming a predictible yawn that echoes what its base wants to hear. To those seeking actual intellectual enlightenment, look elsewhere. The Washington Post, while still a bit left of center, does a far better job of reflecting a range of public opinion.

  • It’s been thus since the 1920’s. the NYT motto is “All the news that’s fit to print with a pinkish tint.”

The Dark Knight Rises: A Film for the Age of Obama

Wednesday, August 1, AD 2012

I saw the film The Dark Knight Rises with my family last week.  I thought it went on too long, some of the various plot threads were confusing and the film required too much suspension of disbelief, above and beyond what is usually required in a superhero film.  It will not make my top ten list of favorite films for the year.  However, what is stunning about the film is that it conveyed fundamentally conservative messages.  Andrew Klavan tells us how, and the usual spoiler alerts apply:

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  • And the Democrats were going to use the criminal Bane as a play against Romney’s Bain. I do not think they are capable of seeing and understanding the truth, whether it be portrayed in entertainment fashion or given to them straight like medicine.

  • I finally saw the movie last night, and can definitely see the implicit conservative, or rather anti-radical message. And, fwiw, it would definitely make my top ten list (not that I’ll even see ten movies). It was certainly better than the Avengers.

  • I don’t think the Occupy movement is going to be happy with this movie. I don’t know the Nolans’ background, but they appear to be students of history. I was struck by the scene where the Stryver character is brought in front of the kangaroo court. His appeal to the arch villain Bane echos the appeal of Genrikh Yagoda to Stalin during his show trial. It’s nice to see that there are few people out there who know that history loves re-runs.

  • I almost cried at the Cops marching in force against a more armed force.

  • Also, they got all the characters right! And I lost count of the number of scenes that were DIRECTLY from comics.

  • So, I’m not quite sure the actual reviewer nor the original poster of this quite got the message. To believe this movie is inherently conservative or anti-radical is pretty absurd. The movie’s message can be seen as quite radical. In fact, quite radical to the nth degree. Wealthy Capitalists and vagabonds are seen as the destructive forces inside of Gotham CIty. The League of Shadow, the major organization in the movie, has sought to destroy Gotham from the first movie. Their leader blamed the cold, criminal, and apathetic wealthy alongside the lower blue collar criminals. The point was that crime was rampant in every sector of life in Gotham. What Dark Knight Rises, and its source material suggests, is that when compassion, heroism, and justice are absent from a society, it crumbles. Absolutely crumbles. In each movie of the trilogy, wealthy trample the poor, poor trample the wealthy, and the government uses lies and deception to improve their circumstances. In fact, the movie makes its attempt at throwing away both forms of life. This is echoed in the film’s final moments when “Robin” repeats that rules become shackles, to which he then is implied to take up the mantel of Batman. It’s a view of American society as a whole, not just against the Obama administration.

  • Problem: only rich crooks we see are working with Bane. Vs the normal criminals who are criminals, and the victims of his envy politics, who are rich to middle class.

In Praise of Gendercide

Tuesday, June 26, AD 2012


The ever insightful and hilarious Andrew Klavan put on his Jonathan Swift hat a few weeks ago and wrote a column in praise of gendercide:

The House of Representatives this past week fell short of the two-thirds majority needed to pass a bill banning abortion based on sex selection — sometimes called “gendercide” because it’s usually aimed at exterminating baby girls. Most Republicans voted for banning gendercide, most Democrats against.

I have to say, I’m with the Democrats on this one. The Supreme Court has decided that aborting our children is a right enshrined in the Constitution. By what logic, then, do we withhold that right from people based on their motives for exercising it?

If a woman chooses to snuff out her unborn child because it’s retarded or handicapped or female, who are we to say her nay? How would we even know why she’s doing it? Are we going to interrogate her? Administer a lie detector test? And what happens when our genetic testing capabilities improve? Are we going to stop her from aborting a child who is genetically destined to be gay? Or unintelligent? Or untalented? Or freckled? Of course not. How could we? As MSNBC host Alex Wagner said, praising the House Democrats’ decision, “It’s about a woman’s right to choose!”
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Hit the Road Obama

Sunday, April 29, AD 2012

The Road we Traveled is an Obama campaign video directed by Davis Guggenheim who directed Al Gore’s mendacious An Inconvenient Truth, and narrated by Tom Hanks, taking a break apparently from starring in Catholic bashing Dan Brown flicks.    The film gets the Science Fiction Mystery Theater 3000 commentary from Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle in the video above.  The Obama campaign should thank Whittle and Klavan:  at least someone will actually watch this piece of agit-prop drek now.

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2 Responses to Hit the Road Obama

  • Would this be the road directly to hell?

  • Relying on the “inalienable” human rights based on the human rights of other people, moving forward with Obama will surely get us to maybe Auschwitz, definitely to Hell where God is not allowed. God is not allowed in Hell, in the United Nations and now in the USA, under Obama. Moving forward.

Green Jobs Answer Man!

Tuesday, March 20, AD 2012

Right you are Green Jobs Answer Man!  In regard to Wind Energy, take away the tax subsidies and the entire industry would die:

Let’s take it back to 1992. The parents are watching Murphy Brown, the kids are watching Full House, and people are rockin’ out to Nirvana and Dr. Dre. (Some things never change.) And wind was ready to usher in a new era of energy production. In fact, Matthew Wald wrote in a 1992 New York Times article, “A New Era for Windmill Power,” that “striking improvements in technology, the commercial use of these windmills, or wind turbines as the builders call them, has shown that in addition to being pollution free, they can now compete with fossil fuels in the cost of producing electricity.”

He went on: “Kingsley E. Chatton, president of U.S. Windpower, which operates 22 new-generation windmills here, said the economics of wind power was at the point where it ‘will compete with fossil fuel.’ Others agree.”

Twenty years of subsidies later, wind still only provides a paltry 2.3 percent of America’s electricity in 2010, and it still needs subsidies.

Jim Nelson, CEO of Solar3D, argues that government subsidies are obstructing innovation in the renewable-energy sector:

Operating subsidies, or installation subsidies, helps get clean energy sources installed but the problem is that current technology is not economically competitive. Everything we do needs to be done with a view toward global competitiveness. Unfortunately, because current technology is not economical relative to alternatives, it does not promote our competitiveness.

The problem is that subsidies promote technological malaise. They take away the incentive to innovate and lower cost by promoting business models geared more toward gaining favor with politicians than on technological innovation. The result is that subsidized industries quickly become dependent on government. At that point, long-term competitiveness becomes secondary to near-term survival, which is generally conditioned on more handouts.

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David Mamet, Liberals, Israel and Blood Sacrifice

Wednesday, December 14, AD 2011


Playwright David Mamet has an interesting column in the Wall Street Journal today examing hostility towards Israel on the Left:

The Liberal West has, for decades, indulged itself in an orgy of self-flagellation. We have enjoyed comfort and security, but these, in the absence of gratitude and patriotism, cause insecurity. This attempted cure for insecurity can be seen in protestations of our worthlessness, and the indictment of private property.

But no one in the affluent West and no one among the various protesters of various supposed injustices is prepared to act in accordance with his protestations. The opponent of “The Corporation” is still going to use the iPhone which permits him to mass with his like. The celebrities acting out at Occupy meetings will still invest their surplus capital, and the supposed champion of the dispossessed in the Levant will not only scoff at American Indian claims to land he has come to understand as his—he will lobby the City Council to have the homeless shelter built anywhere but on his block.

The brave preceptors who would like to end Poverty, War, Exploitation, Colonialism, Inequality and so on, stop at the proclamation. How may they synchronize their wise fervor with their inaction?

How may they still the resultant anxiety? The Left’s answer is the oldest in the world: by appeal to The Gods. But how may The Gods be appeased? The immemorial answer is: By human sacrifice.

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3 Responses to David Mamet, Liberals, Israel and Blood Sacrifice

  • God promised Abraham in Genesis that He would bless those who bless Abraham and his descendents, and curse those who curse them. And St. Paul explained in his epistle to the Romans that God has not reneged on His promises to the Jews. Regardless that we may view ther Church as the new Israel, the inheriter of the promises of God (and there is truth to that description), nevertheless, there is still a special place in our Blessed Lord’s heart for His people, the Jews. That doesn’t make Jews superior or inferior to Gentiles, or makes us Gentile Christians not His people; we know from St. Paul’s letters that that isn’t the case. Rather, it means exactly what God promised Abraham, and liberal leftist Democrats may find that out to their own doom just as Adolf Hitler and the Nazis did. Furthermore, those who persecute Jews will almost invariably persecute authentic Christians of any religious denomination (to be differentiated from the liberal social justice or reactionary fascist types of pseudo-Christians).

    BTW, I am increasingly finding that the differences between Nazism (or any reactionary fascist group) and liberal leftist democracy (two wolves and one sheep voting on what’s for dinner) are ever narrowing more and more rapidly.

  • Oh, I forgot to add: Jesus was (and is) a Jew. Right?

  • Being filled with pure hatred and and unadulterated evil, the liberal is anti-semitic by nature.

Green Jobs and other Myths

Wednesday, November 30, AD 2011




Thank you Cartoon Klavan!  Green jobs aren’t quite as rare as unicorns, but they are quite expensive.  The notorious right wing rag, The Washington Post, has reported that the Obama administration has spent 19 billion of our money creating a grand total of 3, 545 green jobs.  One cannot say of course that the White House has not been trying to create green jobs.  For example, just look at the Solyndra company, now in bankruptcy.  The Obama administration sent that company 535 million of taxpayer money, and agreed to a restructuring plan for the company’s debt which allowed two private investors to move ahead of the taxpayers.  Then when the company began to imitate the Titanic, Energy Secretary Steve Chu had his minions thoughtfully contact Solyndra and had them hold off on employee layoffs until after the mid-term elections last year, lest voters be unduly alarmed at another half a billion down a green rathole.

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8 Responses to Green Jobs and other Myths

  • I can’t listen to the You Tube videos right now, but I do note with interest that 19 billion dollars would be about five 1600 MWe worth of non-polluting ESBWR nuclear power plants from the corporation headed by Obama’s job czar, GE CEO Jeff Immelt.

    In the meantime, how many megawatts of green power has Obama created? And how many jobs has Jeff Immelt created. I’ll wager the answers are the same.

    There are rotten fish, and not just in Denmark!

    PS, No, an ESBWR could not have failed in the way that the BWR 3 reactors with Mark I containments failed at Fukushima after the earthquake and resulting tsunami. CAN NOT. Anti-nuke kooks (who are not nuclear engineers and haven’t worked at BWRs) need not voice disagreement. I can’t distill 30 years of nuclear training and experience into a blog comment. BUT what is interesting is this: the oil and natural gas fires and explosions resulting from the earthquake and tsunami burned for 10 days, dumping billions of tons of chemical toxins into the enviroment that will never ever decay away. They got NO news publicity. And Obama’s solution is more wind mills and solar cells whose capacity factors are never above 30% (which means that 70% of the year you and I are without electicity). These by their nature therefore REQUIRE spinning reserve in the form of natural gas, oil and coal because YOU and I require 100% availability of electicity. Even 99% availability is intolerable because that means 3.65 days per year without electrical power. Remember, cloudy days, night time, and short winter days means no or greatly reduced solar power. Windless or too windy days mean no wind power. So we make ourselves MORE suspceptible to natural disaster by relying on green energy. Yup, green power, black death.

  • Did the Obama regime “punt” on the Keystone (Canada oil) pipeline because there are more Solyndras out there dependent on high oil prices and Alberta oil threatens to lower the price enough to put more of them out of business? The OWS movement should be jumping on this.

    In his 2008 campaign, Obama said his environmental policies would make energy costs (for you and me) sky rocket. But, BUT, soaring food/fuel prices hit low-to-moderate income peoples de hardest.

    So, why are genius Obama and his high-IQ regime striving 24/7 to raise fuel prices? I suppose it’s another one of them high-level concepts we ignorant, self-supporting idiots just cannot comprehend.

  • Paul-
    isn’t there some kind of reactor that works off of the nuclear waste, too? Something about Jimmy Carter outlawing them (effectively) because it makes stuff that can be weaponized easily?

    I *like* the idea of nuclear power…then again, I grew up with a chunk of rock from a (iirc) uranium mine as part of the fireplace, so radiation isn’t an instant boogyman.

  • Foxfier,

    You are correct. It’s called a fast neutron burner. Today’s light water cooled and moderated reactors consume only five percent of the energy available in the fuel. Why? because they are thermal neutron reactors. Fast neutron reactors can consume the long lived actinides produced within thermal neutrons reactors and, depending on design, run for 30+ years on a single refueling.

    Now to the subject of weapons proliferation. First, you have to understand something about neutron kinetics and radioactive decay. U-233, U-235 and Pu-239 are each fissile with thermal neutrons (that’s what bombs use). But there’s no U-233 or Pu-239 in nature, and only 0.7% of all Uranium in nature is U-235; the rest is U-238. So to fuel a light water reactor, we enrich the uranium to 5% U-235 with the 95% being U-238. Now a fission bomb needs 92+% U-235 to undergo a nuclear explosion; anything less and it fissiles out (no pun intended). The same would be true were the bomb fueled with U-233 or Pu-239.

    Now where do we get U-233 or Pu-239 from if they don’t occur in nature? Why, from fertile Th-232 and U-238. When Th-232 absorbs a thermal neutron, it becomes Th-233 which immediately beta minus decays to Pa-233. That isotope has a half life of 27 days after which it turns into fissile U-233.

    In the case of Pu-239, when U-238 absorbs a thermal neutron, it becomes U-239 which immediately beta minus decays to Np-239. That isotope has a half life of 2.4 days after which it turns into fissile Pu-239.

    Now the problem with producing either U-233 or Pu-239 is this: the intermediary products (Pa-233 and Np-239 respectively) have an affinity for absorbing thermal neutrons also, but when that happens, they transmutate into radio-isotopes that are non-fissile with thermal neutrons. Thus, either U-233 or Pu-239 made in a light water reactor will also produce too many bomb-dampening isotopes. Thus, the product of making either U-233 or Pu-239 in a light water reactor is unsuited for bomb material. That’s why the North Korean plutonium bomb fissiled out as a dud (no pun intended). And that’s also why the Iranians are pursuing uranium enrichment instead of following the North Korean route. They won’t stop at 5% U-235. They’ll go right to 92+% U-235.

    Jimmy Carter, a former nuclear submarine officer, KNEW all this (that reactor fuel can’t be used for bombs), so why he banned fuel reprocessing / recycling is beyond my understanding. I can only conclude “Liberal – Progressive – Democrat.”

    Now let’s go back to fast burner reactors. These don’t use light water, heavy water or graphite neutron moderators. usually they are metal cooled (sodium, lead-bismuth, etc.)They go critical (i.e., chain reaction self-sustaining) on fast neutrons. Yes, critical is a GOOD thing – it means the reactor is operating in a self-sustaining change reaction; the number of neutrons inducing fission at the beginning of the neutron life cycle equals the number produced at the end. Because of fast neutrons, it doesn’t matter if the fast burner reactor fuel contains U-238 or Am-240 or whatever. They can consume the material and leave left-over only short lived isotopes that make Harry Reid’s opposition to the Yucca Mountain million year spent fuel repository a moot point. Indeed, we have enough spent fuel in these United States to fuel the electric grid for hundreds of years using fast neutron burners.

    Furthermore, if we don’t want to go to fast neutron burners right away, then with only minimal reprocessing, existing light water reactor spent fuel in the US can be cut up and put in canisters for use in Canada’s CANDU heavy water reactors. Heavy water is a better moderator of thermal neutrons because while its scattering cross section for neutrons isn’t as good as light water, its absorption cross section is a whole lot less, so the Canadians don’t have to enrich their fuel: they can use natural uranium or we could sell them our spent fuel. Now there’s an idea!

    We do NOT have an energy crisis. We have a crisis of greed for money and greed for power. We have corrupt croney capitalists / corporate socialists making a mint off of fossil fuel while the Obama government deliberately stymies new nuclear build with money for useless wind and solar energy. If wind energy were so darn great, then why don’t we still use sailing ships to transport goods across the ocean? If solar power were so darn great, then why don’t we still bake mud and straw into bricks the way that the Sumerians did so long ago? It’s all horse crap. God gave us enough uranium and thorium in Earth’s crust to fuel nine billion people at the same level of energy consumption as the average American uses each year for tens of thousands of years into the future. And we can do it safely. Only SIX people died from the reactors at Fukushima Daiichi (and those were a bad design anyways); but 1800 people died from drowning in a nearby dam collapse. Green hydro-electric power! Hah! Green energy / black death. It’s but one small part of the culture of death. Think about it.

  • Folks,

    As long as I am on a roll, I may as well continue. (Yes, I teach a training class on this, but I shall be merciful and just give you the high points.)


    Under the Global Nuclear Energy Program of the previous Administration at 1600 Pnnesylvania Avenue, there was much work being done in the Department of Energy for several different styles of Generation IV reactors, among them the Very High Temperature Reactor (VHTR). The kind of reactor that was being developed for producing hydrogengas for use in motor vehicles was a graphite moderated and helium cooled reactor with a thermal neutron spectrum. It was designed to be a high-efficiency system, which can supply electricity and process heat to a broad spectrum of high-temperature and energy-intensive processes.

    The reference reactor was intended to be a 600 MWth core connected to an intermediate heat exchanger to deliver process heat. The reactor core can be a prismatic block core or a pebble-bed core according to the fuel particles assembly. Fuel particles are coated with successive material layers, high temperature resistant, then formed either into fuel compacts embedded in graphite block for the prismatic block-type core reactor, or formed into graphite coated pebbles. The reactor supplies heat with core outlet temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Celsius, which enables such applications as hydrogen production or process heat for the petrochemical industry. As a nuclear heat application, hydrogen can be efficiently produced from only heat and water by using thermochemical iodine-sulfur process, or high temperature electrolysis process or with additional natural gas by applying the steam reformer technology.

    Thus, the VHTR design offered high-efficiency electricity production and a broad range of process heat applications, while retaining the desirable safety characteristics in normal as well as off-normal events. Solutions to adequate waste management were intended to be developed (e.g., recycle into fast neutron burner reactors). The basic technology for the VHTR has been well established in former High Temperature Gas Reactors plants, such as the US Fort Saint Vrain and Peach Bottom prototypes (both decommissioned) , and the German AVR and THTR prototypes. The technology was at one time being advanced through near- or medium-term projects lead by several plant vendors and national laboratories, such as: PBMR, GT-HTR300C, ANTARES, NHDD, GT-MHR and NGNP in South Africa, Japan, France, Republic of Korea and the United States. Experimental reactors: HTTR (Japan, 30 MWth) and HTR-10 (China, 10 MWth) support the advanced concept development, and the cogeneration of electricity and nuclear heat application. Right now there are no US plans to proceed along these lines.


    So enough of the training material. Guess who HATES the idea of producing hydrogen using nuclear energy!

    Exxon/Mobil, Shell, British Petroleum (can you spell “Gulf spill” – a disaster equal to or greater than Fukushima), Citgo, etc. And the coal companies. Those corporations WANT wind mills and solar cells because those things necessitate spinning reserve from coal and natural gas, and with 52% of all electricity in America being produced from the coal, vast quantities of petroleum has to be used to transport that coal from mines to power plants. Think on this:

    “Uranium-235 is the isotope of uranium that is used in nuclear reactors. Uranium-235 can produce 3.7 million times as much energy as the same amount of coal. As an example, 7 trucks, each carrying 6 cases of 2-12 foot high fuel assemblies, can fuel a 1000 Megawatt-electrical (MWe) reactor for 1.5 years. During this period, ~ 2 metric tons of Uranium-235 (of the 100 metric tons of fuel – uranium dioxide) would be consumed. To operate a coal plant of the same output would require 1 train of 89-100 ton coal cars each EVERY day. Over 350,000 tons of ash would be produced AND over 4 million tons of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides would be released to the environment.”

    Green power / black death. Remember that phrase because wind mills and solar cells necessitate fossil fuel as spinning reserve for the 70% of the time you can’t get electricity from wind or solar.

  • Paul,

    Let me just say that I for one love it when you get into details about the nuclear industry. Because of the nature of my work I’m hesitant to speak too much about electricity related issues, but you are a great resource on this topic.

  • Well, thanks, Paul Z. But I think we in the nuclear industry have to be very humble, too. I wrote the following at my blog site a few weeks ago and it bears repeating. If we think that we can create a new Tower of Babel to save us – nuclear power – then God will knock that down just as He did the last one.


    Japan’s Bishops: Close All of Nation’s Nuclear Power Plants


    I am very disappointed to report that Japan’s Roman Catholic Bishops have issued a statement calling for the closure of all the nuclear power plants in that country in the aftermath of the events at Fukushima Daiichi. UCA News reports on this in its article, “End Nuclear Power Now, Say Bishops.” I have neither the time nor the willingness to do a detailed comparison that would demonstrate that while less than a dozen people were killed outright from the disaster at Fukushima Daiichi, tens of thousands died from dam failures, oil refinery explosions, toxic chemical releases, etc., as a result of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. If anything, that disaster demonstrates that accidents happening at petro-chemical sources of energy are far, far more injurious to human life than those happening at nuclear power plants. Furthermore, the calls to find alternative sources of energy are useless because there are none: renewable energy’s unreliability make it demonstrably unsuited to supplying any highly technological society with a continuous and reliable supply of electricity. Finally, even given the environmental impact of the disaster at Fukushima Daiichi, it pales in comparison to the adverse environmental impact that dumping into the ecosystem millions of metric tons of fly ash and sludge from coal-fired power plants (which supply greater than 50% of the electricity consumed in the United States), and from the emission of pollutants off of natural gas fired power plants (which supply much of the electricity consumed in Japan).

    Nevertheless, all that being said, I respect the Roman Catholic Bishops in Japan because it is human pride that causes us to think we can erect something impervious to the action of God. No, I am not saying that God caused the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami; rather, when the people of the world reject God’s benevolence, then being a true Gentleman, He removes His hand of protection and the inevitable happens. The story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:1-9 is a case in point. We are NOT the “God Species,” and when we place science (or I should say the religion of scientism) ahead of the Divine, then we can expect the inevitable to happen. For this is Luke 13:1-5 written:

    There were present at that season some who told Him about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices. And Jesus answered and said to them, “Do you suppose that these Galileans were worse sinners than all other Galileans, because they suffered such things? I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish. Or those eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them, do you think that they were worse sinners than all other men who dwelt in Jerusalem? I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish.”

    I do not agree with the Bishop of Japan regarding nuclear energy, but on reading what liberal progressive Democrats at NEI Nuclear Notes, and at Atomic Insights advocate, then all one can say is this: the Church was here for 2000 years before there was nuclear energy, and if the good Lord should tarry, the Church will be here 2000 years after nuclear energy is buried and gone. The goal is NOT a man-made Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and it is utter hubris to think we can build a Tower of Babel to create such a man-made paradise. The goal is conversion and repentance before the King of kings and Lord of lords, and until we as a country – indeed, as a planet – do that, then we can expect more events like the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. No amount of nuclear energy can save us. Indeed, God won’t stay were He isn’t wanted, and with our world-wide embrace of the infanticide of the unborn and the filth of homosexual perversion, we show Him that we don’t want Him.

    Now some will say that this is all unscientific, superstitious nonsense. Yet the Catholic News Agency reports that the epicenter of the Tohoku earthquake was located near the site of an apparition in which the Blessed Virgin Mary, “Our Lady of Akita,” warned about a worldwide disaster that could afflict humanity:

    Japanese Quake’s Epicenter Located Near Marian Apparition Site

    EWTN TV gives a good summary of the Messages of Our Lady of Akita to Sr. Anes Sasagawa. The messages state in part:

    “As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead.”

    I don’t know if there is a connection between the messages of Our Lady of Akita and Fukushima Daiichi or not, but God will NOT let unrepentant, defiant mankind use the power of the atom – or any other power, for that matter – to build for himself a man-made paradise that murders the unborn and sanctifies the filth of homosexual sodomy. There is one and only one solution: repent. While I may disagree with the stance of the Bishop’s of Japan against nuclear energy, if their message is that, then I fully support them.

    As Jesus said so long ago, “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.”

  • I’m glad I bothered to ask for clarification on that half-remembered point. ^.^

    *sticks link in pile of things to refer to in response to stock arguments*

Hollywood Is Just Too Conservative

Wednesday, November 16, AD 2011


It has long amused me that in a country with 40% of the population considering themselves to be conservatives, we have an entertainment industry so dominated by a political point of view that regards conservatives with contempt.  Andrew Klavan, in his own inimitable fashion, explains how Hollywood distorts reality and presents it to us as entertainment.

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2 Responses to Hollywood Is Just Too Conservative

  • Actually, I am not too surprised. The arts (using the term loosely to include Hollywood) have been perceived as a more liberal profession for a long time now. Naturally, it would attract more liberal minded people, and perhaps repel more conservative minded ones. If you are a liberal college student, what major are you most likely to gravitate toward – theatre or finance? Marketing is about as close as liberals would get to a business major. And likewise in reverse for conservative students.

  • What you say is true now c matt, but it is a very recent development. Up to the 20th century artists tended to be quite heterogeneous in their politics. If anything, I think more artists would have been roughly on the right than than the left. (Think John Wilkes Booth for example.) This began to change during the Great Depression, along with the shift in academia from the right to the left.

Bloopers Happen

Thursday, November 3, AD 2011

Ah yes, Klavan on the culture, in any organization bloopers do tend to happen, a thought that does occur to me whenever I race into my secretary’s office saying I can’t find a file that I need for court in the next half hour, only to have her go into my office and find the file immediately, usually on my desk and usually by where my right hand would have been.  Hmmm, perhaps my secretary of 26 years working with me might have some more colorful descriptive terms to apply to such errors on my party instead of bloopers.  Perhaps, at least on occasion, she might agree with Henry Fonda in this scene from Twelve Angry Men:

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Big Bird Exposed!

Wednesday, October 26, AD 2011

Well done Klavan on the Culture!  Back in the halcyon days of my youth we could get in three television stations, one of them fairly fuzzy, and radio consisted of about 10 stations that we could get clearly.  Why in an age of hundreds of tv channels and thousands of radio stations, internet access to endless sources of educational and entertainment videos, and internet radio does one thin dime go to National Public Radio or the Public Broadcasting system?  Politics.  Democrats know that NPR and PBS lean heavily to the left and find them useful auxiliaries.

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Remember Obama Worship?

Thursday, October 13, AD 2011

This Klavan on the Culture is from October 8, 2009.  What a difference two years have made in the fortunes of Mr. Obama, with his reelect number now down to 41%.  However, as a cautionary tale we should never forget the type of adulation received by this hack politician from Chicago during the election campaign of 2008 and the early days of his administration.

From Mark Morford, San Francisco Gate Columnist, on June 8, 2008:

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16 Responses to Remember Obama Worship?

  • The second video “allegedly” all happened one afternoon. They were able to paint up those banners, design & print those t-shirts, and memorize an entire song. All in one afternoon.

    These guys really take us as fools don’t they.

  • If Obama wants to be Jesus, he mst remember this: Jesus was crucified and resurrected. Obama will probably be crucified, but I’m willing to bet he won’t rise again!

  • Well, not in three days, at any rate.

    Didn’t Clinton also suffer some pretty bad poll numbers (maybe not this bad) but managed a comeback? True, Obama’s no Clinton, but you can never misunderestimate the gullibility of the American electorate.

  • There was no evidence, in 2008 or earlier, of Obama’s policy genius.

    In 2011, there is ample evidence of Obama’s policy ineptitudes.

    “Admiration is the daughter of ignorance” Benjamin Franklin

  • At this point in his presidency Clinton was polling at 48%. Not great, but better than Obama. More importantly, the economy was in the midst of a booming recovery. There is no way the economic situation will be as favorable to Obama next year as it was for Clinton.

    Here’s the Gallup poll for all presidents since Ike a year out from their re-election. Obama’s about as close to Carter as he is to Clinton.

  • This from Andrew Malcolm at Investors.com via Instapundit.

    “Somehow, 16% of likely American voters still believe the country is doing swell.

    “Rescue teams are out looking for them right now.

    “Sixteen percent is not much of a political base for President Obama to build a 2012 reelection campaign on. In fact, the right track number is down two more points just since last week and down 16 points since last October.

    “Things could be worse. It could be 14% happy folks as it was back in August when times were so tough for millions of Americans that the president delayed his newest job creation program a month to take an island vacation.

    “The Democrat has 391 days left to convince nearly eight-out-of-ten wrong-track-believing U.S. voters that 9.1% unemployment, nearly zero economic growth and a national debt still ballooning despite all those rancorous negotiations last summer are not as bad as they seem to most sentient beings.”

  • I can’t believe that Kids Choir.

    Pure indoctrination. I wonder of they’re still so ebullient?

  • I pity the kids Don. I bet their parents are real pieces of work.

  • Check out this article by Colleen Carroll Campbell titled “Obama is alienating Catholic voters”:


    “Given the role Catholics played in Obama’s 2008 victory and their habit of picking presidential winners, you might think that an embattled president with a 40-percent approval rating would be working overtime to solidify his support among this crucial voting bloc. Instead, Obama seems intent on convincing Catholics that their faith in him was unwarranted.

    “While other voters have been disappointed by Obama’s economic failures and arrogant, ham-handed approach to everything from health care reform to the Solyndra scandal, swing-voting Catholics have special reason to feel betrayed. A candidate who won their support by pledging to respect the religiously grounded views of those with whom he disagrees has morphed into a president whose administration relentlessly attacks religious liberty.”


  • Great article Elaine:

    “We are in a war,” Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told a NARAL Pro-Choice America crowd in Chicago last week.

    Sebelius followed her martial rhetoric with a sarcastic swipe at pro-lifers who fail to see church-funded contraception as a cure-all for America’s astronomical abortion rates. Apparently, the secretary has not read the 2011 Guttmacher Institute report that found a majority of women who abort their babies were using contraception the month they conceived.”

    The most anti-Catholic administration in our nation’s history and, shamefully, there will be plenty of Catholics voting for Obama next year.

  • …shamefully, there will be plenty of Catholics voting for Obama next year.

    Indeed Don. He will lose some of his Catholic voters however. Sadly, it will only be for the lesser reason of a tanked economy rather than for the numerous reasons that should have dissuaded Catholics from voting for him in the first place.

  • Our bishops are letting the clock run out on opportunities to instruct Catholics on how to judge candidates for public office. IMO the time to do this is in the off-years; when the election season gets under way people tend to increasingly filter what they hear in to suit their partisan political interests.

  • “Given the role Catholics played in Obama’s 2008 victory and their habit of picking presidential winners, you might think that an embattled president with a 40-percent approval rating would be working overtime to solidify his support among this crucial voting bloc.

    Catholics who cast a ballot for B.O. fall into three categories: those who do not go to Mass, those who are not paying attention, and those who are content to be used. His deal with those folks remains intact.

  • Gallup shows Obama running behind a generic Republican candidate 46-38. Still a year out, but that is a definite sign that opposition to what Obama has been doing is broad and deep. The electorate is in an ugly mood and I expect it to be uglier a year hence, just a little bit over two weeks from election day 2012.


  • Yet another sign of the apocalypse for Obama and Dems can be discerned in this Capitol Fax column by Illinois political blogger Rich Miller:

    “…the Democrats could easily be looking at a bloodbath next year, particularly Downstate….

    “Top legislative Democrats are saying this has been the worst candidate recruitment year they’ve seen. They had been counting on a backlash against the Republicans (a la 1995-96) to help recruit good candidates, but instead they’re encountering malaise, indifference, fear and even hostility.

    “The situation may be worse than they realize. My father went door-to-door for Obama in his U.S. Senate race. Obama used to call him “Brother Miller.”

    “Dad loved him.

    “When Obama decided to run for president, Dad attached giant, custom-made “Obama ’08” stickers to both sides of his vintage 1963 Cadillac convertible. He christened it the “Obamallac” and drove all over Iowa to advertise his guy before the 2008 caucuses.

    “I called Dad on Tuesday night and he told me he was watching the Republican presidential debate. I asked him why and he said he’s so bitterly disappointed in Obama that he is looking around for someone else to support.

    “If Obama has lost the Obamallac owner, he’s in gigantic trouble, and so is the rest of the Democratic Party.”


  • That’s a shocker Elaine, as Rich Miller has always leaned to the Dems. He must be hearing true doom and gloom from his Dem sources. I am in a Republican county, but the apolitical people I talk to are livid about the hike in the state income tax and the unending lousiness of the economy.

Klavan v. The Right Wing Devils

Friday, October 7, AD 2011


Right you are Klavan on the Culture!  Conservative talk show personalities do owe a great debt to one group which has contributed more to their success that any other group:  Liberals.   Many liberals, through their over the top hatred of dissenting views, helped give vast publicity to the figures they hated and thus helped launch their careers and continue to give them endless publicity.  So a round of applause for intolerant liberals!

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9 Responses to Klavan v. The Right Wing Devils

  • Did ESPN fire Hank Williams, Jr. for “comparing” Hitler with Obama?

    Hitler’s insanity led to the righteous destruction of Germany. Give him four more years. Obama hasn’t wrecked America, yet.

  • @T Shaw: Williams didn’t actually compare Hitler & Obama, he likened the situation of Boehner golfing with Obama to Hitler golfing with Israel’s PM Netanyahu because both pairs are polar opposites & have no business being friendly to each other.

    @Don: I’ve always loved Klavan videos that you post. He’s very on-the-point with a great personality.

  • Kyle, Klavan’s commentaries are some of the funniest and most insightful videos I have ever seen. I have never watched any of his videos without laughing out loud and coming away with something to think about.

  • That would be impossible.

    Hitler killed himself over 65 years ago.

    Plus, I don’t believe Hitler played golf.

    It seems ESPN doesn’t like country music . . .

  • Most elaborate Rick-roll ever. *grin*

    T. Shaw- my folks would tell you that Bocephus doesn’t generally do country music unless he’s covering his dad’s songs….

    Gotta love Klavan– if you make someone laugh, it makes it safe for them to consider what you’ve said.

  • Okay but you gotta admit Beck really is insane.

  • I have always thought RR that Beck is fairly loosely wired.

  • Did ESPN fire Hank Williams, Jr. for “comparing” Hitler with Obama?

    -T. Shaw

    That’s the story ESPN is telling. I’m amused that in their haste to accuse Hank Williams, Jr. of crimethink, the faux-outraged reflexively linked his mention of Hitler to Obama rather than Boehner. That gave away a lot about what America’s soft-core left really thinks of Obama.

  • I just discovered this site…humor, intelligence, common sense, traditional values and God all in one place. I feel like Will Smith in “I Am Legend”. I’m not alone! I may even consider converting to Catholisism (you’re not the guys that require c right?) I’m a little old for that. The Hank Jr. episode is just the most recent example of the collective farce that passes he Free Press these days…if I can’t get get a laugh out of it…depression sets in…so thank you Mr. Klaven, Et al. for your contributions to my mental health.

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Hey, You Filthy Right-Wing Bigots: Stop the Hate!

Friday, August 12, AD 2011

Ah, but Klavan on the Culture, Conservatives, because of their ideas, are by definition always uncivil, while Liberals are always civil, at least according to the Mainstream Media, also known as the Media fewer and fewer people pay attention to.  Ed Morrissey at Hot Air took a look at an example of this recently:



“Froma Harrop, a member of The [Providence] Journal’s editorial board and a syndicated columnist, has been named president of the National Conference of Editorial Writers. The NCEW is a 64-year-old professional organization. Its members include editorial writers, editors, broadcasters and online opinion writers. One of its new missions, the Civility Project, endeavors to improve the quality of political discourse.”–Providence Journal, April 15

Morrisey noted the above and then had this example of Harrop being civil in one of her columns:

“Make no mistake: The tea party Republicans have engaged in economic terrorism against the United States–threatening to blow up the economy if they don’t get what they want. And like the al-Qaida bombers, what they want is delusional: the dream of restoring some fantasy caliphate. . . . Americans are not supposed to negotiate with terrorists, but that’s what Obama has been doing. . . . That the Republican leadership couldn’t control a small group of ignoramuses in its ranks has brought disgrace on their party. But oddly, Obama’s passivity made it hard for responsible Republicans to control their destructive children. The GOP extremists would ask Obama for his firstborn, and he’d say, ‘OK.’ So they think, why not ask for his second-born, to which he responds, ‘Let’s talk.’ ”–Froma Harrop syndicated column, Aug. 2


That dig apparently annoyed Harrop, who responded on her own web site yesterday.  Her explanation is, to say the least, entirely self-serving, and she twists the definition of “civility” into knots in order to explain her double standard:

I see incivility as not letting other people speak their piece. It’s not about offering strong opinions. If someone’s opinion is fact-based, then it is permissible in civil discourse.  Of course, there are matters of delicacy, and I dispensed with all sweet talk in this particular column. And I did stoop to some ad hominem remarks, I’ll admit.

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6 Responses to Hey, You Filthy Right-Wing Bigots: Stop the Hate!

The New York Times Has All The Answers!

Thursday, August 4, AD 2011

You are correct Klavan on the Culture!  The New York Times does have all the answers, and most of them are wrong!  Ad revenues for the print New York Times have been declining for years and the Old Gray Lady is about as profitable as a Soviet Tractor Plant circa 1986.  However, the Newspaper of Record has a plan.  It seems there is this thing called the internet, and the New York Times will get suckers subscribers to pay for access to New York Times content.

This was tried before by the Times and it  was a dismal failure, but this time it will succeed for sureAnd if it doesn’t, the fish wrap industry is just waiting to be conquered!

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4 Responses to The New York Times Has All The Answers!

Explaining the Money Facts of Life to Liberals

Friday, July 29, AD 2011

I take off my hat to you Klavan on the Culture for making the effort, but it will take more than that to get through to people who believe that infinite wealth can be produced by government fiat.  Exhibit A is a plan to solve the national debt, read all about it here, which is quite popular among the people who call themselves “the reality-based community”.   Pixies, unicorn dust, Obama is a great President and the government is a cornucopia of infinite largesse: many leftists in this country would sooner see us do a replay of the Great Depression than give up such delusions.



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5 Responses to Explaining the Money Facts of Life to Liberals

  • I have believed for some time that only a crazy person tries to reason with another crazy person. And I would say trying to explain fiscal sanity to leftists (I refuse to call them liberals because there is nothing liberating about their minset) is the posterchild of such insanity.

  • GM: Truth. If the people understood the facts about the non-sustainability of galactic volume of federal spending and its devastating consequences, they would demand “cut, cap and balance on steroids.”

    The dems and the lying leftist media have completely distorted every fact and feature of the issue. The dems cannot cut spending: it pays for votes. They only have tax rate increases, which will not be enough to offset long-term, high unemployment and unsatisfactorily slow GDP growth. All Obama, the senate, and the left-wing media (all but FOXNEWS) have are demonize, lie and polarize.

    Many people are aware. Sadly, probably not enough to save the country.

    Pray for the best. Prepare for the worst.

  • Liberals, leftists or whatever one calls them, believe in their Messiah, Obama – that he can do anything and nothing shall dissuade them of that belief. I have seen otherwise very intelligent and knowledgeable engineers and scientists, some working in the nuclear energy field, who are under his sway and refuse to listen any evidence to the contrary.

  • T. Shaw yes, if people who are honest and sane would demand CCB on steroids, which in fact much of the American public is. However, I was talking about leftists. Leftists don’t care.

  • I can’t decide which is their most common trait. I’ve narrowed it down to dishonesty or hatred.

    You cannot negotiate with ideologues. Here’s their, Alinskyite definition of compromise: “My way or no way!” All they do is demonize, lie, and polarize.

    This time, the House again needs to send the senate CCB. And, when the reds table that, send them CCB-squared.

    Gallup Poll: Obama approval – 40% (34% Independents); Disapprove – 50%.

    There are many mysteries in life. Someone listed a few on Instapundit the other day. “Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets? Why are there no ‘B’ batteries? Who would pay to see a Fat Michael Moore movie? Why is the GOP afraid to call Obama’s bluff?”