Civil War II

Maybe somebody just forgot what it was like.

Lt. Col. Andrew Tanner in Red Dawn attempting to explain why the Third World War broke out.



As faithful readers of this blog know, I write a lot about the Civil War.  One thing that has struck me over the years is just how terrible it was.  The amount of human suffering during that War is something that future generations have found difficult to fathom.  Typical is the uncertainty as to how many men died in the War.  For almost a century the accepted figure was around 620,000.  In the last few years good arguments have been made for 750,000.  Who knows?  There were so many unrecorded skirmishes, so much combat in poorly reported theaters of war, for example the Indian Territory and the Far West, so many men who died of disease, so many records lost, especially on the Confederate side.  You could tell me that the figure was a million and I wouldn’t blink an eye, and all of this was out of a total population of thirty million.  Then we have the maimed from that War, who became a common feature in American society for decades, as did myriads of widows raising kids, side by side with the many young women who never married due to so many young men being lost in the War.  That the South was economically devastated for decades is well known;  less well known is that it would be over a half century for the debt incurred by the Union to be repaid.  I think the cost in lives and treasure was worth it, but the phrase a dreadful price accurately sums up what occurred.

Thus I find it infuriating when idiots talk blithely of a Civil War II.  Attorney and retired Colonel Kurt Schlichter takes a look at a recent sample of this:

Tech titan Jack Dorsey of San Francisco-based social media platform Twitter applauded an article in something called Medium in which some other hipster CEO described how liberals intend to crush Normal Americans into serfdom in a bloodless “civil war.” 

Here it is. 


It will just sort of happen. Why? Because. Americans will simply decide to be like California because of reasons and phew, no more troublesome conservatives and Gaia is saved!

So basically, wishing.

Well, that’s a kind of war plan. Perhaps by unleashing the power of hoping so they can utterly subjugate the half of America that voted against Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit and drive the people who actually operate and defend this country into silent obedience.

Or not.

Now, I know what you’re saying. You’re saying, “Why do a bunch of San Francisco dorks think that 150 million Americans with 300 million guns are just going to give up their rights and their say in their own governance and submit to the commands of people who eat kale by choice?” That’s a fair question, and they have an answer.

Because you just are.

I didn’t say it was a good answer.

Recently I wrote a long column here describing the ugly realities of an actual Second Civil War – realities that are much uglier for the anti-freedom liberal side in terms of terrain, combat power, and morale. Naturally, this cry for sanity, which was only the latest in my long history of pleas to liberals to avoid the kind of civil strife I witnessed the consequences of overseas, was greeted by a torrent of outright lies. “You are advocating a civil war blah blah blah blah.” All liberal bull Schiff, including some by shameful collaborationist Fredocons who should know better, but not at all unexpected. The modern liberals’ rhetorical toolbox is filled exclusively with lies, which has the effect of making actual reasoned discussion impossible. Of course, that is their goal – they don’t want to defeat your argument. They want you bullied into silence. Tellingly, no one even bothered to try and counter the indisputable facts I offered many times showing why liberals will fail if they choose violence – instead, they tried to shut me up. 

Go here to read the rest.  If we ever have a Civil War II it will be because, like the first Civil War, too many people on all sides swallowed their own Kool-Aide, and believed their propaganda that the other side would not fight or would be easy to defeat.  In a Civil War in a nation of 330 million people, stretching across a continent, our death toll in the first Civil War would likely be considered an historical footnote compared to the carnage that would quickly ensue in such a fight.  Otto von Bismarck once predicted that if a Great War happened it would be over some damn fool thing in the Balkans.  If Civil War II ever happens in this nation it will be because we simply have too many damn fools period.

“I will wipe up all the blood shed with a handkerchief of mine.”

A. W. Venable, North Carolina secessionist, predicting how much blood would be shed prior to the start of the first Civil War.