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Government as Addiction

  One of my pet peeves has long been the fact that most people seem to have no idea how much they pay in taxes.  The reason for this is obvious:  many of the taxes we pay, by design, are hard to keep track of.  In this category are sales taxes, utility taxes, taxes on

Whats That Purple Building, Daddy?

Pornography has taken off with the advent of the Internet. Now you can get streaming video and pictures of exploitive acts of all sexual natures and variety. Viewing pornography can be addictive.  It can also destroy your soul, not to mention your relationships with women and how you view women in general. It is said

Men Need to be Men

The King’s Men is an organization for Men to (re)discover what it means to be a man, a real man, a Catholic man as well as a manly Catholic. As men we lead and protect the family. We need to be active in the life of the Church. We need to learn more about our