Can We Call Them Pro-Aborts Now?

Sunday, October 5, AD 2014

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  • There is no such thing as pro-choice. It is pro-abortion. I hear pro-abortion people say I am against abortion, but I give the woman the right to choose. You can’t give a person the right to do a wrong.

  • From the article: “Abortion saves lives, improves lives, and makes for a stronger society. The facts are decisively on our side.”
    By that logic, then, if we kill everybody, we’ll all be immortal. Hey, ya sold me.

  • Of course-there has always been so much more going on with abortion policy than “empowering individual women,” so many of whom were simply “useful idiots” in the implementation of eugenic racist abortions. And many of power in the Catholic Church have blood on their hands. See below:

    Pecado Mortal Votar Democrata: Conscience + Democrats = Mortal Sin

    Imagine 11,000,000 more minority voters in America. Imagine hundreds of thousands more Hispanic voters in Texas. Such imaginations are not a reality due to what the Democrats and their president have done.

    To have a well-formed conscience as defined by the Catholic Bishops, a Catholic must know not only the facts about a candidate, but also the commitments the candidate and his/her party have made and what they have actually done when they are in power. Obama and the Democrats have made it clear that they will together- all three branches of government- use all their power to promote abortion; to promote racist abortions that target Hispanics and Blacks; to fund abortions with taxpayer money; and to prevent any restrictions directed to the health and safety of mothers on the court-created right to abortion.

    The Democrats and their president have advocated for, enacted, and enforced racial eugenic targeted abortion (“RETA”)– funded with tax dollars – which has resulted in the death of millions of minority babies, primarily Black and Hispanic children. Of 56,000,000 dead babies since the Supreme Court invented the “right” to abortion, an inordinate percentage are Black and Hispanic babies – almost 60% – although their mothers account for less than a third of the population. This is not only population control, this is the real-world embodiment of Margaret Sanger’s scheme to eugenically rid the USA of what she called “human undergrowth.” What the KKK failed to do, Planned Parenthood has achieved far beyond its founder’s dreams. Echoing Archbishop Burke: the Democratic Party is now the “’Party Of Death”.

    No longer can a Catholic with a well-formed conscience say: “Yes, I am voting for a Democrat, but I do not intend to support abortion by doing so.” No longer can a Catholic say “Yes, I am voting for a Democrat, but I am ignoring this Party’s role in racist abortions”. As the Bishops have stated: “A Catholic cannot vote for a candidate who takes a position in favor of an intrinsic evil, such as abortion or racism, if the voter’s intent is to support that position. In such cases a Catholic would be guilty of formal cooperation in grave evil.”

    No other issue morally trumps issues of racism and abortion – not immigration, not poverty, not immigration, not war. Today a Catholic voter who has learned the facts about the Party Of Death, and who votes for any Democrat, necessarily has the intent to support abortion and RETA and formally cooperates in grave evil, committing a mortal sin. This is developed in detail in my document Virtuous Citizenship 2014 available at

    No doubt Catholic Bishops and pastors will soon be issuing statements explicitly and clearly asserting that a Catholic with a well-formed conscience cannot vote for any Democrat at any level of government without putting their immortal souls in danger of eternal suffering.

    Guy McClung
    San Antonio TX;

  • “Most profoundly, Pollitt’s book is a call for us all to reclaim and speak out about the truths we know. Personally, I like abortion. I’ve never needed one. I’m still glad to have the option. I’m glad for the people I’ve known who got pregnant at the wrong time, with the wrong people, and didn’t have their lives ruined by it.
    If Pollitt gets her way, more of us might feel free to admit that, hey: We like abortion.
    hey: We like killing the unborn of our species.

Evil as Bad Performance Art

Tuesday, September 23, AD 2014

To Nero, Emperor of Rome, Master of the World, Divine Pontiff.

I know that my death will be a disappointment to you, since you wished to render me this service yourself. To be born in your reign is a miscalculation; but to die in it is a joy. I can forgive you for murdering your wife and your mother, for burning our beloved Rome, for befouling our fair country with the stench of your crimes. But one thing I cannot forgive – the boredom of having to listen to your verses, your second-rate songs, your mediocre performances. Adhere to your special gifts, Nero – murder and arson, betrayal and terror. Mutilate your subjects if you must; but with my last breath I beg you – do not mutilate the arts. Fare well, but compose no more music. Brutalize the people, but do not bore them, as you have bored to death your friend,

the late Gaius Petronius

Fictional letter from Gaius Petronius to Nero in the novel Quo Vadis



Bad enough that someone has slain an innocent, but making a bad poem out of it?  At least the Nazis did not attempt to make swing tunes celebrating the glories of their extermination camps.  Ben Johnson of Lifesite News gives us the details behind the above video:



To take the second question first, The Huffington Post is promoting a video featuring Scottish “poet” Leyla Josephine, celebrating her decision to abort her daughter. The video, “I Think She Was a She,” was uploaded to YouTube a month ago.

In the video Josephine, decked out in military camouflage, justifies herself in part by saying that she would have been willing to serve as a sacrifice to abortion just as she offered her daughter to the idol of “choice.”

“I would’ve supported her right to choose – to choose a life for herself, a path for herself. I would’ve died for that right like she died for mine,” she said.

In the next rhyming line, she addresses her unborn daughter: “I’m sorry, but you came at the wrong time.”

“I am not ashamed. I am not ashamed. I am not ashamed,” she continues – a phrase she repeats a total of six times. She repeats the phrase “This is my body” three times. (She also takes the Lord’s name in vain once.)

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20 Responses to Evil as Bad Performance Art

  • Halloween is early this year aye.
    Spooks and hobgoblin’s witches and demons try their best to reward themselves with virtue but cometh only stench sorrow and vomit.

    This is a sign of THE times.

    Call it Killer Pride! Gay pride is nothing when in its shadows springs forward the true foulness of Killer Pride! How sweet oh progressive woman. They may wish to soil themselves in feces and parade in this years New York St. Patty’s as Oh Happy Murderer’s.

    This is YOUR future oh slimy feminist.
    Wrap yourself in feces and sing your swan song!

  • The standard fig leaf refrain from pro-abortion sickos especially those who drape themselves in Catholic mantle, is that no one is actually pro-abortion.

    Memorializing the abortion of your own child by verse, while worshipping at the altar of personal convenience, is in fact a stance that is nothing if not stridently and undeniably pro-abortion.

  • ““I would’ve supported her right to choose – to choose a life for herself, a path for herself. I would’ve died for that right like she died for mine,” she said.”

    The soul of the child chose life for herself or she would have become a miscarriage. Leyla Josephine has been seduced by the Great Liar.
    “I would’ve died for that right like she died for mine,” she said.”” NO, the child was murdered. Did anyone ask the child if she wanted to die for her mother’s right to choose? …when she was emancipated with informed consent? Informed consent denied makes a slave of a human being. One person cannot own another person…Abraham Lincoln.

  • “The essence of the Sacrament of Matrimony, a covenant with God, is to emulate the Creator through the gift of procreation. A man’s word is clothed in flesh by his helpmate.” pasted as well at Tactics.

  • That woman is no different than her Canaanite forbearers who sacrificed their children to Molech. They are as evil as their diametric opposites: the Islamic terrorists. Sadly there is only one way to stop both these people and I wish that were not the case. They neither know nor respect any other language. Then people wonder why God commanded the Children of Israel what He told them to do. I do NOT want that solution, and I do NOT advocate that solution, and that solution would surely grieve the heart of Jesus for God said in Ezekiel 18 that He takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. But neither liberals nor Islamists will apparently allow any other solution. Like the Seleucids before them, they are intent on wiping us out along with their own children, whether it’s by liberal abortion or by Islamic suicide bombers. Pray that God’s mercy may reigns over us before God’s justice rains down upon us. And remember that God’s mercy for unborn babies may mean God’s justice for us.

  • “Sadly there is only one way to stop both these people…”
    Well, we could always try to convert them. And try, and try. I know the odds are long, but still…

  • “I can think of few things which underline the emptiness of evil more than this talentless poet babbling about how she would have died for the “right to choose” of the daughter she just murdered.”
    It is possible that she did die for the right to choose, and sadly won’t know it to be true until she meets her Maker. The word ‘repent’ comes to mind here.

  • TomD.

    Your right. Without repentance we just DID witness her own death.

    Now it’s our duty to pray for her soul.
    That she comes to the light of repentance before her last breath.

    Surely she knew “Thou shall not kill.”
    But wait. It’s not P.C. to place the 10 commandments in public places.

    Wow. Souls are falling into hell, like snowflakes falling from the sky.

  • I can’t bring myself to watch this video, so I can’t speak with any real insight about it…but I recently read an article (it could have been on this site) that the “pro-choice” crowd was becoming more overtly pro-abortion. I’d hate to see people continue down this path, but public candor may help to shock society back on course.

  • I’ve hear other abortion apologists say the same thing about their own mothers’ ‘right to choose’.
    How very brave of them.

  • So why don’t these courageous baby murderesses kill themselves now? It’s only abortion albeit 20 or 30 years after the fact. Godless putrid liberal progressive Democrats.

  • “So why don’t these courageous baby murderesses kill themselves now?”
    Paul, you and I both know they are working on it. They just want it quick and painless, medically and legally approved. Just like the progressive parts of Europe.

    Have you ever read Mgr. Robert Hugh Benson’s 1907 novel Lord of the World?

  • Could it be, that as Satan’s time is shortening he is desperately scrambling for souls like Josephine to be his spokespersons? Seriously.
    It’s as if he is recruiting a brazen army and their public “service” announcements are becoming more and more public. Black mass in the news as another example.

    Showdown on horizon?
    If more and more Josephine gong show rejects show up touting their “talents” then maybe old screwtape is running out of time.

  • The thing reeks of shame and denial. Were there a hint of literary skill, one would suspect satire by means of the unreliable narrator, in the manner, say, of Browning’s dramatic monologues.

  • This is how we stop the devil:
    “V. Do you reject Satan?
    R. I do.
    V. And all his works?
    R. I do.
    V. And all his empty promises?
    R. I do.”

    Philip: “Black mass in the news as another example.”
    Satanic ritual is a tool, a weapon, to levy against believers in our Creator, and our unalienable human rights; to gain power, to owning another human being, slavery, slavery to the devil to whom the Satanist will not grant his allegiance nor his sacrifice, but our lives and our sacrifice.
    While the government attempts to write law against “hate speech”, the black mass is total evil, devoid of any love. The black mass is total evil, absolute hatred.

    The essence of God is existence. The essence of the devil is annihilation. “We, the people”, who exist, would like to go on existing in love and peace. Hatred and annihilation are diametrically opposed to love and peace. Absolute evil is the antithesis of love and peace.
    The Lord of Chaos is absent in any law and order. Therefore, the black mass is unconstitutional and may not be allowed under freedom of religion.
    The Declaration of Independence says that we must rely upon Divine Providence.
    The Satan worshippers have invited the Lord of Chaos and when the devil comes they have the supreme ignorance to blame God.
    See more:

  • Philip: “Halloween is early this year aye.”
    Homosexual practitioners always bring up the rear.

  • Hi Mary De Voe.
    Punny comment “…bringing up the rear.”

    The Holy Rosary indeed. The enemy can not win. They fear Our Lady and those who daily devote themselves to her chain of victory.
    Thank you for the link.

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Jesus Wept

Tuesday, August 26, AD 2014



Since my beloved son Larry died last year, not a day has gone by that I have not thought of him.  Immediately after his death I would think about him, literally, almost every minute of each day.  Now it is usually once every 15 minutes.  He enriched beyond measure the life of myself and my bride and I miss him with all my heart.  Larry had autism, and, as a result of his autism, my conversations with him were limited in words, although we each got our meanings across.  I greatly admired the way in which my son did not let his disability add sorrow to his life, and the joy he normally radiated warmed my soul.  I have had several privileges in my life that have been granted me by God, but I think the greatest was being entrusted with Larry.

Then I read how some parents who are having their unborn children tested for Down Syndrome react:


Rayna Rapp, a former abortion clinic worker who aborted a baby with Down syndrome herself, conducted a survey of women and couples who sought amniocentesis to screen for Down syndrome and other problems with their babies. All of the interviewees intended to abort if the baby was found to have Down syndrome. Some of the things that these parents say about Down syndrome children are deeply troubling to anyone who values life. Here are some comments from men and women who said they would abort if the test came back positive for Down.

  • I would have a very hard time dealing with a retarded child. Retardation is relative, it could be so negligible that the child is normal, or so severe that the child has nothing… All of the sharing things you want to do, the things you want to share with a child – that, to me, is the essence of being a father. There would be a big void that I would feel. I would feel grief, not having what I consider a normal family.(133)

  • I have an image of how I want to interact with my child, and that’s not the kind of interaction I want, not the kind I could maintain. (133)

  • I’m sorry to say I couldn’t think about raising a child with Down’s. I’m something of a perfectionist. I want the best for my child. I’ve worked hard, I went to Cornell University, I’d want that for my child. I’d want to teach him things he couldn’t absorb. I’m sorry I can’t be more accepting, but I’m clear I wouldn’t want to continue the pregnancy.( 133 – 134)

  • The bottom line is when my neighbor said to me: “Having a “tard,” that’s a bummer for life.” (91)

  • I just couldn’t do it, couldn’t be that kind of mother who accepts everything, loves her kid no matter what. What about me? Maybe it’s selfish, I don’t know. But I just didn’t want all those problems in my life. (138)

  • If he can’t grow up to have a shot at becoming the president, we don’t want him.(92)

  • It’s devastating, it’s a waste, all the love that goes into kids like that. (134)

  • I think it’s kind of like triage, or like euthanasia. There aren’t enough resources in the world. We’d have to move, to focus our whole family on getting a handicapped kid a better deal… Why spend $50,000 to save one child?(146)

All of these mothers and fathers (for they are already mothers and fathers to their babies growing in the womb) had chosen to have abortions if the baby had Down. The book did not specify which pregnancies actually tested positive and how many went on to abort. But all of the quotes above were made by men and women who fully intended to kill their babies if they turned out to be mentally challenged.

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28 Responses to Jesus Wept

  • With parents attitudes as bleak and weak as theirs, who in Gods name would want to be their children?

    You are given an Angel that just also happened to be in human form, and just so happened to be created from the love you your wife and God share.
    This Angel wasn’t pure spirit mind you, however Donald was close to that caliber. I say this because I have a neice that is a Downs syndrome baby, and the light that fills our hearts comes from her smile love and positive energy.

    You are given of of Gods greatest gifts, and there is no past tense here.
    He loves you sees you and hugs you.
    He lives in our homeland. He calls you “my dad on Earth.”

    You’ve been so blessed to share his years on Earth…as he was just as blessed to share in your families years.
    Peace Donald.

  • “The sins of the fathers will be visited on the children for ten generations.” Jesus fell under the cross three times. The Downs syndrome child is doing reparation for the ten generations before him. Least a person could do is appreciate the sacrifice, the Downs Child is making for all of us…lest God wipe us all from the face of the earth. Thank you dear. See you in heaven when we will talk.
    The Downs child is more one of us than any other.
    The despicable responses from those who have contempt for God and God’s people is pukes.

  • typos…excuse me please. “…however Donald he was close to that caliber.”

    “You are given one of Gods greatest gifts.”

    Mr. McClarey. I write from my heart.
    The posts about your mom and your son
    Reveal a love of and from God.
    It is in this spirit that my poor fingers fly faster than my intellect. Please keep this in mind. I love God and try to love my neighbors in His love. I’m in great awe of parents like you.

  • What a gift you had in your son, Larry.

    One day you’ll be reunited in Heaven…forever. Then there’ll be no more tears.

  • “Then there’ll be no more tears.”

    Only eternal joy and the love that surpasses our understanding here below.

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  • “I will eventually summon up the will to pray for these parents…They are the truly disabled, in heart and soul, not the priceless children who have the misfortune to be their offspring.”
    God yes. That brought a tear to my eyes Don, knowing the loss that these parents unknowingly have. The truly disabled. Yes indeed, pray for them.

  • We can pray that when these twisted souls have a normal child, God will use them to save their parents.

    In Christ there is always hope!

  • Their excuses are all I Self and Me – the essence of liberalism, progressivism, modernism – whatever you want to call it.
    God bless you Donald for how much you loved Larry.

  • Years ago I read a satirical article written by an adult with autism (Aspergers) in which he described “neurotypicality” (i.e. not being autistic) as if THAT were a disability — one that makes people too obsessed with popularity, being “cool”, impressing people and fitting in with the crowd. Sounds to me like some of these people cited in the article have a really, really bad case of it. It isn’t always easy having an autistic daughter as I do, but give me a kid like her over one of these clowns any day.

  • Honestly, many of us felt this way before our first child, and God granted us a child who awakens us from such thoughts. It doesn’t even require a disabled child or one with a lot of needs. Just realizing a child’s will and temperament are not one’s own, his interests are not one’s own, her taste is not the same, etc. is often enough to move us from our thoughts of what parenthood is for to His thoughts of what parenthood is about.

    It is evil that there is an industry of people to help kill our child just because we are selfish for a time. But most of us are selfish beyond measure, and parenthood is God’s plan to teach us humility, charity, true love. Don’t be so angry that a not-yet parent would not yet know true love. Save that anger for the evil that feeds off it.

  • Dear Mr. McClary, thank you for this article, and for sharing your experiences with Larry. Please keep a friend of mine in your prayers. He is fighting a very aggressive form of cancer and the prognosis is grim. One of his children is a young man with severe autism. They are very close, and we are all concerned about this young man’s well-being if he loses his Dad. They would appreciate prayers from everyone reading this, as I am sure Larry is praying for his spiritual brother and family. Thank you.

  • Sincere condolences with prayers for your family. I lost my younger daughter on 09/11/01 in the world trade center . She was only thirty and she was my sunshine and the sunshine for her father and brothers and sisters as well.
    We learn to live with our losses but we never stop loving and praying we will meet in heaven.

  • My prayers for your daughter Cathy. Death has no power over true love.

  • Donald, My heart goes out to you for having to suffer the flaws of the human character via their comments about your son. It speaks volumes of your character as to your forgiveness to their wronging/hurting you and ability to withhold your anger at their ignorance/shortsightedness/bigotry. Walter

  • Donald,

    You are a great witness as a Catholic man, husband and father. You are in my continued prayers along with your whole family

  • Donald, are you sure you should even be reading articles like this? I’m definitely not telling you who you should and shouldn’t pray for, and you may be displaying a heroic courage that I’d be in no position to understand, but even exposing yourself to this kind of thing strikes me as imprudent. For what it’s worth.

  • Ah, Pinky, thank you for your concern, but I see far worse in my professional life regarding terrible things done to kids.

  • “You are a great witness as a Catholic man, husband and father.”

    Thank you for your kind words Botolph. I look at myself as a sinful attorney who needs all the prayers he can get. I am fortunate in that the people around me have tended to be very good people indeed.

  • “It speaks volumes of your character as to your forgiveness to their wronging/hurting you and ability to withhold your anger at their ignorance/shortsightedness/bigotry. Walter”

    Thank you Walter. I am afraid that I have a bad temper that I strive to control with imperfect success. I actually feel more pity than rage at people who can have such contempt for the most innocent among us.

  • I don’t understand why an obstetrician at a Catholic hospital* insists that pregnant women have amnios to screen for Down’s syndrome, especially when those women insist that they have no intention of artificially aborting any child no matter what.

    *Now the chain that operates that hospital calls itself Dignity instead of Catholic.

  • Micha Elyi: “I don’t understand why an obstetrician at a Catholic hospital* insists that pregnant women have amnios to screen for Down’s syndrome, especially when those women insist that they have no intention of artificially aborting any child no matter what. *Now the chain that operates that hospital calls itself Dignity instead of Catholic.”
    Wrongful life ( a life not worthy of live) lawsuits have been decided against the doctors.

  • As horrible as these sentiments by the expecting parents are, it only gets worse. For each challenged child that gets aborted, think of the effect on other or subsequent siblings as well. My brother has cognitive challenges, and if he were not around, I doubt I and my other siblings would be as aware of the true contributions he and others like him make. It would make an even more callous world of one that is already far too callous to begin with.

  • As an educator of specially abled kiddos–the reality is this: no child can ever live up to those expectations. The other thought I had–accidents happen. Would these parents kill their child with a traumatic brain injury? I’ve worked with several students that have had this happen, and the efforts and battles to keep the child from dying is ALWAYS fully supported by the parents, no matter how the child’s brain is damaged. I am near tears thinking of the arrogance and stupidity exhibited by these parents. I will pray for them.

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  • Some of these comments are unfair. I am prolife. I had a baby at 39 – my first – Thanks be to God. I has amniocentesis. To this day I do not know what I would have done. I struggled for the time period it took for the tests to come back. When they called to tell me all was good – I could not hear the voice giving me the good news I had to have my husband call. I had to deal with truth and I began to research all the possibilities. Do not judge harshly – but embrace and forgive as Christ would and feel blessed for every gift you are given by God. I hope you never have to know the torment of what to do if……

  • “I hope you never have to know the torment of what to do if……”

    If I had known Patrece that my son Larry was going to have autism it wouldn’t have changed the love that my bride and I had for him and his brother in the womb by one iota. We specifically had no amniocentisis performed because we do not believe in search and destroy missions in utero. As my bride told her pediatrician, the babies she carried were coming to term no matter what.

Happy Face Abortion

Monday, August 18, AD 2014

Happy Abortion



Janet Harris, writing in The Washington Post, wishes pro-aborts would stop calling abortions a “difficult decision”:



Contrary to numerous movies and “very special” television episodes portraying abortion as an agonizing, complex decision (“Obvious Child” notwithstanding), for many it is a simple choice and often the only practical option. A 2012 study published in the journal Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health found that the vast majority of women seeking an abortion — 87 percent — had high confidence in their decisions. This level of conviction contrasts with the notion that millions of women vacillate over whether to have an abortion.


The circumstances matter, of course. Planned or wanted pregnancies involving fetal anomalies, or in which the health of the mother is in question, may require heart-wrenching decisions. But these situations are quite rare. A Guttmacher Institute survey of women in the United States seeking abortions found that 3 percent said the main reason was a fetal health problem, and 4 percent cited a problem with their own health. The percentage of women seeking an abortion because they were victims of rape or incest was less than 1.5 percent.

The far more common situation, accounting for 51 percent of all pregnancies among American women, is an unintended pregnancy, either mistimed (31 percent) or unwanted (20 percent). A 2008 study found that 40 percent of unintended pregnancies, excluding miscarriages, ended in abortion. It is in these cases that the portrayal of hand-wringing and soul-searching is more likely to be at odds with the day-to-day reality.

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9 Responses to Happy Face Abortion

  • If the same attitude about abortions and the same laws allowing them existed in the 1920’s, would we have had the selfless heroic men willing to risk their lives to defend freedom from the tyrants in Germany and Japan?

    I doubt it.

    This false notion of reproductive health and abortions being one in the same is a dishonor to young women and the cancer that is eating away our National soul.

    God helped our efforts to win the second world war. Are we worthy to call upon His help now? After all the Third World War started in 1973. Over 58 million dead thus far…………..

  • The destiny of the unborn, our constitutional posterity, is being obliterated by Roe v. Wade.
    Philip: “If the same attitude about abortions and the same laws allowing them existed in the 1920′s, would we have had the selfless heroic men willing to risk their lives to defend freedom from the tyrants in Germany and Japan?”
    Absolutely not. The children crossing the borders illegally, now, will be drafted to fight our wars for us since we have no chldren of our own.

  • Mary DeVoe.

    These children you speak of. Are they the same ones who be miraculously given a vote in the 2016 presidential election? By then the current dictator in the White House will have given his thousandth executive order to do just that…no age requirements, no resident status needed. How nice.

  • I think it’s very important to keep in mind that the Guttmacher Institute is a
    semi-autonomous subdivision of Planned Parenthood. I’d look at their findings
    with a bit of skepticism…

  • Janet Harris is a fool and the Washington Post is still a left wing scandal sheet despite being told by the Grahams to Jeff Bezos.

  • When I was very young I heard a recording of a southern comedian named Brother Dave Gardner. Part of what he said stuck with me: ” “If you look at it in the right light—there is no darkness”

  • Re the reliability of the Guttmacher Institute: if the Institute had an interest in “cooking the books”, so to speak, when it comes to abortion statistics, its interest would probably be in the direction of inflating the numbers/percentages of abortions done for the “hard” reasons (rape/incest, life-threatening medical conditions of mother or child) and shrinking the proportion of those done for the “softer” reasons of economics or convienience. So their admission that the great majority of abortions are done for “soft” reasons is, in my view, credible.

  • Cannibalism is cannibalism. Cannibalism is the destruction of another human being for one’s convenience. Some aborted babies are being eaten in China…cannibalism. A dead baby should never go to waste.

  • Related to the disgusting lies spun by the film “Obvious Child” and its proponents in the Insane Left, are some statistics I carry around, with the St.-Benedict-Cross Prayer, in my wallet: According to CNS news (3/4/14), the state of Georgia reported for its most recent year available (2010) that 53.6% of abortions in GA were black/African-American (“b/AA”) children (total “reported” numbers were 31244, of which 16738 were b/AA). In NYC, the most recent year reported, (““Summary of Vital Statistics 2012,” The City of New York), it was similar: 73815 total reported abortions, of which 31328 were b/AA (about 42%); by comparison, there were only 24758 b/AA live births, in 2012 in NYC (

    As many of us watch the burning cauldron in Ferguson, MO, is there not another reason for the sense of worthlessness and hopelessness of so many young black people, especially men: they know they could just as likely as not ever drawn breath in this kind of nihilistic environment. But no one wants to make that connection,.. no, no, no.

Human Rights Through The Looking Glass

Sunday, August 3, AD 2014

United Nations Human Rights


The UN is an increasingly Orwellian organization.  One of many, many examples is their outgoing High Commissioner on Human Rights, Navi Pillay of South Africa.  Austin Ruse gives us her background:


United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is expected to name abortion advocate Navanethem “Navi” Pillay of South Africa as the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR) this week despite reservations from the United States.

According to the New York Times, the United States has privately raised concerns about Pillay’s nomination to the top human rights post because of her strong support for abortion. Pillay is a founding member of the international non-governmental organization Equality Now, a group that has spearheaded campaigns for abortion access in Poland and Nepal. Pillay remains on the board of the organization which receives major funding from pro-abortion foundations including George Soros’ Open Society Institute and the Ford Foundation.

Go here to read the rest.  So, being in favor of snuffing out unborn kids is now a “human right”.  George Orwell was not so much a writer as a prophet.  As the chief human rights bureaucrat since 2008, Pillay has been pushing to have governments around the world criminalize the pro-life cause.  Go here to read about her efforts.  Ms. Pillay is a walking stereotype of the contemporary left in the causes which she embraces and those she opposes,  and in her firm conviction that those who oppose her agendas must be shut up by government power, so long as that power is wielded by her ideological think-a-likes.  Human rights for thee so long as thou agree with me, sums up her philosophy.


The attitude of Ms. Pillay in regard to the Gaza War is therefore predictable and Christopher Johnson, a non-Catholic who has taken up the cudgels so frequently for the Church that I have named him Defender of the Faith, gives a recent statement by her on the subject a fisking to remember:

Manhattan real estate is an incredibly valuable commodity. So whenever this country wakes the hell up and withdraws from the United Nations (or, at the very least, pushes through the idea of moving the world headquarters of that ridiculous institution to Geneva, Switzerland and permanently off American soil), what should be done with the Rockefeller family’s former Turtle Bay property?

The United Nations’ senior human rights official said on Thursday she believed Israel was deliberately defying international law in its military offensive in Gaza and that world powers should hold it accountable for possible war crimes.

Oh right, right, right, Hamas is bad too.

High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay also said that Hamas militants in Gaza have also violated international humanitarian law by firing rockets indiscriminately into Israel, sometimes from densely-populated areas.

Except that we don’t really believe that.

Israel has attacked homes, schools, hospitals, and UN premises in apparent violation of the Geneva Conventions, Pillay said, a week after her Human Rights Council resolved to open a commission of inquiry into Israel’s alleged crimes against humanity.

“Therefore I would say that they appear to be defying… deliberate defiance of obligations that international law imposes on Israel,” Pillay told a news briefing. “This is why again and again I say we cannot allow impunity, we cannot allow this lack of accountability to go on.”

We all know the real criminal here.

She also criticized the United States, Israel’s main ally, for failing to use its influence with the Jewish state to halt the carnage.

“Many of my remarks have been directed to the United States since they are a party with influence over Israel to do much more to stop the killing, to bring the parties to the negotiating table. I’ve called also for an end to the blockade and an end to the occupation.”

Pillay said that she was appalled at Washington consistently voting against resolutions on Israel in the Human Rights Council, General Assembly and Security Council.

Here’s one blatantly obvious war crime for you. Israel refuses to share its self-defense technology with people who wish to exterminate it.

“They have not only provided the heavy weaponry which is now being used by Israel in Gaza but they’ve also provided almost $1 billion in providing the ‘Iron Domes’ to protect the Israelis from rocket attacks,” she said. “But no such protection has been provided to Gazans against the shelling.”

Seriously. I’m open to suggestions. Turn the UN into office space and/or a branch of the New York Public Library? Make the UN complex into an Orthodox synagogue and a particularly traditionalist Christian megachurch? Or should we just plow the place under and give it back to the Lenapes with our profuse and abject apologies.

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18 Responses to Human Rights Through The Looking Glass

  • Pope Benedict seemed to have a weird blindness in this area when he unprophetically wrote in Caritas in Veritate:
    ” 67. In the face of the unrelenting growth of global interdependence, there is a strongly felt need, even in the midst of a global recession, for a reform of the United Nations Organization, and likewise of economic institutions and international finance, so that the concept of the family of nations can acquire real teeth…. for all this, there is urgent need of a true world political authority, as my predecessor Blessed John XXIII indicated some years ago.”
    If the UN had real teeth, it would put a blockade around Catholic and non Catholic countries that forbid abortion until they caved in on abortion and down the road…gay marriage.

    This Church happy talk about international authority is dreaming by Popes that most humanitarian employees are in their occupations because they are selfless….errr no, it’s not like the priesthood… some are there because they had to pick a major in college and economics was boring as was engineering so they chose political science, history or English Lit. Many go into governmental or humanitarian institutions because security is there. If you are in capitalist occupations like say…sales for John Deere tractors and you don’t close enough sales per quarter, you get a Dear John letter from John Deere headquarters. Civil Service workers when I worked with them could arrive late everyday of the week and you couldn’t fire them if Jonny Cochrane was on your side showing that the gloves did indeed fit.

  • The Church attitude towards the UN reminds me of the Holy Roman Empire that the Church helped bring about, and then spent the next thousand years usually opposed to the emperor of the day.

  • Donald,

  • B16 and JP2 seem naive to the cunning of the world. They are such good men and they hope others are too. Also comments about Islam seem naive.

  • In his 1967 encyclical, Populorum Progressio, Pope Paul VI said, “ Such international collaboration among the nations of the world certainly calls for institutions that will promote, coordinate and direct it, until a new juridical order is firmly established and fully ratified. We give willing and wholehearted support to those public organizations that have already joined in promoting the development of nations, and We ardently hope that they will enjoy ever growing authority. As We told the United Nations General Assembly in New York: “Your vocation is to bring not just some peoples but all peoples together as brothers. . . Who can fail to see the need and importance of thus gradually coming to the establishment of a world authority capable of taking effective action on the juridical and political planes?”
    No doubt, these popes believed that nothing less than such concentrated power could overcome the obstacles to the progress they desired. Those who seek the only the common good must be prepared to wound every separate and particular special interest and to defy public opinion and the feelings of the masses.
    If one believes that rulers need to be enlightened, rather than restrained, then few are more easily enlightened than many.

  • Michael PS,
    We in the US recently had a president that was getting oral sex from an intern while on the phone to a Senator and whose wife supports abortion choice and might win the next election. We have a president with similar if not worse abortion views. We have no concept of rulers, few or many, on the verge of enlightenment.

  • “Those who seek the only the common good must be prepared to wound every separate and particular special interest and to defy public opinion and the feelings of the masses.”

    I think such sentiments read better in the original German MPS.

  • It is indicative of the sheer inertia of the United States Government (with regard to any task other than distributing bon bons to Democratic Party clients) that the San Francisco treaty was not torn up long ago and that filthy organization given notice to vacate American soil. There are about three-dozen international organizations which might engage in useful co-operative ventures in specific areas of endeavour (e.g. civil aviation or postal services or international credit extension). The United Nations is not one.

  • @bill, a reform of the United Nations Organization, and likewise of economic institutions and international finance, so that the concept of the family of nations can acquire real teeth ? Personally, I’d prefer to strengthen the concept of nations of families, because I doubt the ability of governments to substitute for families. For as long as man is born of woman.
    And, there is urgent need of a true world political authority ? I’m not getting the point of Popes calling for one world[ly] authority, bigger and better than ever before. Will we build a tower together? ha ha just kidding.

  • People of good will for the common good and general welfare are having their good will violated and their tax money abused by an organization that neither provides equal Justice or equal human rights.
    Created equal, the individual is endowed with unalienable human and civil rights.
    Equal Justice is predicated on the principle that each and every person is endowed with and entitled to all human rights. The individual person cannot be disenfranchised or discriminated against by any law imposed ex post facto, after the fact of human rights inscribed in the Declaration of Independence. Human rights enumerated in the Declaration of Independence cannot be eradicated. Unalienable human rights take precedence to any alienable, finite rights brought into existence to manipulate, infringe and disenfranchise any one human being. The newly begotten human being, as science has proven through DNA, is an individual substance of a rational nature, a Person.
    The individual human being is at the core of unalienable human rights, equal Justice and the acknowledgement and provision of human rights in freedom and democracy. The group mentality, the herd, the tribe, the communist party, the nation at the United Nations, is the vehicle for denying individual human beings every unalienable human right, human rights endowed by “their Creator”.
    Only an infinite God is capable of endowing unalienable human rights. Finite rights endowed by the United Nations may be altered and removed by the United Nations, as is evidenced by the prescription of illegal, immoral, unjustified dictates being imposed to circumscribe human rights and prohibit freedom, using tax money; nothing less than totalitarianism.

  • “B16 and JP2 seem naive to the cunning of the world. They are such good men and they hope others are too. Also comments about Islam seem naive.”
    Peace on earth to men of good will. B16 and JP2 have no authority to submit Catholics to evildoers.

  • The enemies of the Catholic Church, who are not Catholics, use the calls of a pope for a one world government, comments in support of strengthing UN control, pro-Socialist, pro-Communist, and pro-wacko environmental policies to greatly damage the reputation of Catholics here in the US.

  • “And, there is urgent need of a true world political authority ? I’m not getting the point of Popes calling for one world[ly] authority, bigger and better than ever before.” Tamsin

    Me too. And what happened to that idea of subsidiarity that the Church has always encouraged.

  • Anzlyne asks, “And what happened to that idea of subsidiarity that the Church has always encouraged.”
    Lord Acton argued that the inclusion of different nationalities in one state is the greatest guarantee of subsidiarity and this would be especially true of am international authority.
    “Private rights, which are sacrificed to the unity, are preserved by the union of nations. No power can so efficiently resist the tendencies of centralisation, of corruption, and of absolutism, as that community which is the vastest that can be included in a State, which imposes on its members a consistent similarity of character, interest, and opinion, and which arrests the action of the sovereign by the influence of a divided patriotism… It provides against the servility which flourishes under the shadow of a single authority, by balancing interests, multiplying associations, and giving to the subject the restraint and support of a combined opinion. In the same way it promotes independence by forming definite groups of public opinion, and by affording a great source and centre of political sentiments, and of notions of duty not derived from the sovereign will. Liberty provokes diversity, and diversity preserves liberty by supplying the means of organisation. All those portions of law which govern the relations of men with each other, and regulate social life, are the varying result of national custom and the creation of private society. In these things, therefore, the several nations will differ from each other; for they themselves have produced them, and they do not owe them to the State which rules them all.”

  • The three Orwellian contradictions that defined “DoubleThink”: War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength and Freedom is Slavery . . . now add to that, courtesy of the fascist, secular humanist Left, Death is Life.

  • I understand Acton was talking about a union of sovereign nations. There is a big difference between that and the obliteration on nations under the authority of one huge system of order.
    The aforementioned San Fransisco Conf. Brought up the concern about at least regional or group interests. There was a liberal idea about parenting a few years ago that encouraged children to “color outside the lines.”
    I wNt to say this about that: Lines are important.
    Subsidiarity depends upon them.

  • Anzlyne wrote, “I understand Acton was talking about a union of sovereign nations…”

    No, he was talking of different nationalities living in one state, his examples being Austria (in those days the Dual Monarchy, with German, Italian, Magyar and Slav populations) and the United Kingdom, with its English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish components.

    “In Austria there are two circumstances which add to the difficulty of the problem, but also increase its importance. The several nationalities are at very unequal degrees of advancement, and there is no single nation which is so predominant as to overwhelm or absorb the others. These are the conditions necessary for the very highest degree of organisation which government is capable of receiving. They supply the greatest variety of intellectual resource; the perpetual incentive to progress, which is afforded not merely by competition, but by the spectacle of a more advanced people; the most abundant elements of self-government, combined with the impossibility for the State to rule all by its own will; and the fullest security for the preservation of local customs and ancient rights. In such a country as this, liberty would achieve its most glorious results, while centralisation and absolutism would be destruction.”

    As was common at the time, he uses “nation” to mean race or ethnicity, although, in practice, the criterion is language.

  • Sovereignty is self-discipline which harmonizes with Justice and Truth. Only sovereignty is sovereignty. The golden orb held by Jesus Christ, the King and another suspended from a chain around Our Lady’s neck are the symbols of the sovereign self…disciplined and accomplished. Each human being has a sovereign self.
    The sovereign personhood blessed by our Creator and endowed at the infusion of the rational, immortal, human soul into the newly begotten human being at the fertilization of the human egg by the human sperm makes us human. The sovereign personhood of the individual human soul constitutes the sovereignty of the individual from the very first moment of his existence and is the compelling interest of the sovereign state to protect and provide for the newly begotten individual. The sovereign personhood of the individual human soul constitutes the sovereignty of the state, every state, every government, every sovereign nation and every sovereign monarchy.
    The sovereign personhood of our Founding Fathers brought this sovereign nation to birth with The Declaration of Independence and our Constitution that are inscribed with the acknowledgment of our Creator and Endower of unalienable rights, spiritual and civil. One of these rights inscribed in the Preamble, the unchangeable purpose of our Constitution is: “to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our (constitutional) posterity”, that is, for citizens to have and to hold our constitutional posterity, all future generations.
    To surrender our sovereignty as a sovereign nation and the acknowledgment of our sovereign personhood to an entity that refuses to acknowledge almighty God as the Endower and Creator of sovereignty and the sovereign person is to plunge ourselves into annihilation. Without acknowledgement of the human being, composed of body and soul, with sovereign personhood, man, the human being, is relegated to the position of beast of burden to the state, or to the government or entity that imposes this atheism on the unwilling society of sovereign persons.
    This was tried and failed at Auschwitz concentration camp. There is no need to try it again, as there as sufficient photos and proof of its failure.

Lip Service

Sunday, July 20, AD 2014




Sean Patrick Cardinal O’Malley, who presided over the canonization funeral mass of Ted Kennedy, read about it here, continues to disappoint.  Boston Catholic Insider gives us the details:



Cardinal Sean O’Malley appeared with liberal Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick on Friday to voice support for Patrick’s proposal to house illegal immigrants and offer Catholic social service assistance for illegals, while the Cardinal said nothing all week about a heinous law advancing in the Mass legislature to penalize those who try to prevent women from aborting their children. In our opinion, the Cardinal is yet more clearly showing his stripes as being a tool of the liberal Democratic pro-abortion establishment, and a hypocrite when it comes to protection of life.

On June 27,  Cardinal O’Malley came out in support of the Supreme Court decision that unanimously struck down the previous Massachusetts abortion clinic buffer zone law as unconstitutional. Never had Cardinal O’Malley been seen praying in front of an abortion clinic, but still, his statement was welcome and appreciated when he said that pro-life Americans who “peacefully pray for and offer alternatives to pregnant women approaching abortion clinics” have the same constitutional protections as anyone else  “This discriminatory law barred these citizens from gathering on nearby public sidewalks, while exempting ‘clinic escorts’ trained to expedite women into (abortion clinics),” he said. “Clearly this was an attack on pro-life Americans’ freedom of speech, and we welcome the Court’s decision to overturn the law.”

That was June 27.  Then this week, the Mass Legislature introduced legislation that is far worse for pro-lifers than the previous law struck down by the Supreme Court. Details of the legislation are posted here by MassResistance:

  1. Creates a new “buffer zone.” The bill creates a 25-foot buffer zone substantially similar to the one which the US Supreme Court recently struck down.
  2. Has a “Dispersal” clause. The bill allows police to define any two or more people standing near an abortion clinic as a “gathering.” Any law enforcement official may arbitrarily decide that this “gathering” is in some way impeding access, and may order them to “disperse” and to stay outside of the buffer zone for at least eight hours. This can be done with no legal hearing or due process, threatening them with unusually severe penalties of arrest, prosecution, criminal fines, and jail time for not complying. In addition, a court can later impose civil fines, large punitive damages, attorney’s fees and “expert witness fees”. [First time who “impede a person’s access to or departure from a reproductive health care facility with the intent to interfere with that person’s ability to provide, support the provision of or obtain services at the reproductive health care facility” face a fine of $1,000 or six months in jail]
  3. Harsher punishments for one group over another. The bill places unusually high punishments for anyone threatening, intimidating, assaulting, blocking, or otherwise impeding people entering or leaving abortion clinics. But these high punishments do not apply to people entering or leaving the clinics (or anyone else) who are perpetrators of assaults of intimidation against pro-life advocates.

A hearing was held on Wednesday, and the measure quickly passed the Mass Senate. What did Cardinal O’Malley say or do about this publicly? Nothing. On short notice, Mass Citizens for Life had erected billboards and asked people to call legislators and to attend and speak at the hearing. Other organizations including FRC and MassResistance rallied pro-lifers.  What did O’Malley, the Mass Catholic Conference and Massachusetts bishops do? Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zip. The last legislative alert sent out by the do-nothing MCC was six months ago. It is truly pathetic.  It is clear that the Cardinal’s rhetoric of June 27 was empty, and Cardinal O’Malley simply does not care about this issue–or whether pro-lifers wanting to help prevent women from taking the lives of their unborn children are fine, arrested or jailed.

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4 Responses to Lip Service

  • He is hard to understand. He made strong pro life statements at time of commencement speech by Ireland’s lady prime minister because of her pro abort stand. Do you think the inconsistency could be that he and his staff are not on the same page? Maybe he doesn’t get good information .

  • Too many – perhaps a majority – of Roman Catholic clerics are reflexively liberal. This is because the appeal of social justice, the common good and peace at any price from the hand of the government is simply too appealing to them. Somehow they think however erroneously that with just a few more dollars and cents from the public treasury, we can usher in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Perhaps it is there that they think they will themselves have the power which they ever so secretly covet. After all, being in the lime light with a governor – any governor – enhances the appearance of a Bishop in this world and that becomes very attractive.
    When some years ago I live in a beach town in North Carolina, I attended a parish whose orthodox priest was relocated to the Diocesan center in Raleigh, and replaced with a decidedly lackluster one who lacked passion and (I do not know how to describe it) theological vigor or insight or wisdom. I knew more about Scripture than he, and I am a mere layman. In any event, to get back to my story, there was a program for us in Respect Life to care for pregnant women so that they could bear their children in safety and security. Some obviously were non-Christian and I suggested that we must present the Gospel to them in a way consistent with their station in life (not of course preaching hell fire and brimstone, but conversion, repentance and forgiveness). This priest opposed that, saying we must do nothing to offend their religious (or agnostic or atheistic) sensibilities. I was so very disappointed. Would St Paul have done that? This priest was more interested in conciliation and not offending. This is the kind of person Cardinal O’Malley is, and it disgusts me.

  • Isaiah 29:13-14

    13 And the Lord said:
    “Because this people draw near with their mouth
    and honor me with their lips,
    while their hearts are far from me,
    and their fear of me is a commandment of men learned by rote;
    14 therefore, behold, I will again
    do marvelous things with this people,
    wonderful and marvelous;
    and the wisdom of their wise men shall perish,
    and the discernment of their discerning men shall be hid.”

  • O’Malley himself may be out of town. The Holy See have him on this and that commission and advisory board. The man’s also elderly and has had over 22 years a series of disagreeable postings compelled to clean up someone else’s mess; he may just be burned out. However, there should be someone in the chancery monitoring this sort of thing. (The cdl.’s participation in the Kennedy funeral was a failure of witness to say the least).

The Party of Abortion Waves the Dead Fetus For 2014

Wednesday, July 16, AD 2014

Official-Seal-of-the-Democrat-Party 2


As part of their War on Women meme against Republicans, Senate Democrats have begun hearings on the Orwellian entitled Women’s Health Protection Act of 2014.  Since 2010 the Republicans have controlled more state legislatures than at any time since the administration of Calvin Coolidge, and as a result much pro-life legislation has been enacted in these states.  The Democrat bill seeks to federalize abortion and eliminate virtually every piece of pro-life legislation.  The bill seeks to ensure that abortion on demand will be completely unfettered.

Now, the chances of this Act becoming law currently are nil.  Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.Koch Paranoia) will not even bring this bill to the floor of the Senate for a vote.  If it did scrape together a majority vote by some demonic miracle, it would die a swift death in the Republican House.

No, this bill is all about electioneering.  The Democrats believe they have a silver bullet to win elections and that is by waving the dead fetus and scaring women that their precious rite right to slay their kids is under attack.  At the very least they assume they can probably incite their more demented feminist voters into a frenzy and thereby get them to the polls.  In the latter assumption they are probably correct.  Of course, this also demonstrates that any pro-lifer who ever casts a vote for a Democrat is out of his or her mind.  Even a pro-life Democrat, I think you can count them on two hands now as members of the House and have fingers to spare, will be part and parcel of supporting a party that has declared open season on the unborn.  Here is the text of the proposed bill:

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8 Responses to The Party of Abortion Waves the Dead Fetus For 2014

  • Israel and Judah suffered grievously for sacrificing their children to Molech. Sadly, when God allowed Assyria and Babylon to deport the Israelites and Judahites respectively, He made no differentiation on who was to be deported: Jews faithful to the Mosaic Law or Jews worshipping Molech. The punishment was as indiscriminate as the murder of babies had been.

  • So many young women do not know that hormonal contraceptives and abortion cause breast cancer. They remain unaware of the findings in 2005 of the World Health Organization and those in 2006 of the Mayo Clinic which unequivocally confirm the cancer risk.
    Educating young women is the best way to defeat this reprehensible piece of legislation which, if passed, would irreparably injure women.

  • I sincerely believe that if the Chinese suddenly took control and abolished every protection of right to liberty and property, but declared that any and all sex is legal, with free and on-demand contraception and abortion, at least half of the Democrat party would be OK with it.

  • Why is the Democrat party targeting women?

  • Bear with me. I must exhibit how the government is usurping, taking over and removing citizen heirs to America.
    Of the 923 Executive Orders written by Obama, (Did you believe Obama was vacationing in Hawaii?) this one, 11921 actually disables Congress. Who will enable Congress once Obama has shut Congress down?
    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11921 allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution, of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S. financial institution in any undefined national emergency. It also provides that when a state of emergency is declared by the President, Congress cannot review the action for six months.
    In addition, June 9, 2011, Executive Order 13575 Rural Councils allows the government agents to come onto private farms and confiscate them if the agent does not like the way the farm is being run, or the government may not like the owner of the farm.
    The Fifth Amendment, the takings clause allows eminent domain, the taking of private property for public use with just compensation. Public use became public purposes without the change having been ratified by three quarters of the states. Public purposes has now become complete usurpation of private property at the whim of government without just compensation. Very few people knew of this because of Weinergate.
    Obama took control of all other executive orders, including Clinton’s Executive Order taking of all public lands and waterways. Very few people knew this because of Monicagate. It was adultery strategically placed to allay the people’s fear of totalitarianism.
    Government lands (Alaska, Louisiana, Lewis and Clark) are bought and paid for and regulated with tax dollars. All free lands and waterways are owned in joint and common tenancy by each and every citizen. You own it all and I own it all.
    See INDWELLERS , Pacific Justice Institute won the case for the indwellers when the government began evicting people living in government parks. Clive Bundy is another victim of government takeover.
    The Democratic Party and Planned Parenthood has never proved that the newly begotten human being does not, cannot, or will not think when brought into existence. This health law does not argue that the human being is not our constitutional posterity, the natural and rightful heir to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.
    The law argues that anyone can abort the heir without due process of law. Due process of law is the constitutional right of every human being. Abortion must be free, safe and legal only after “due process of law” for each individual substance of a rational nature, the human being in existence, duty bound of each and every citizen. The mother’s death must be imminent to inflict the death penalty upon our heir, our constitutional posterity to whom “due process of law” is due.
    “Due process of law” is the creative expression of Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court Justice. Vision to America is also a contributor. Read the other 922 Executive Orders.
    Abort the Democratic Party.

  • That seal is so perfect! It appears to be inspired by a Frank Frazetta painting of Conan the Barbarian.

  • GH: That raises a personal sore point.

    One of the notorious injustices in my lifetime is that Schwarzenegger did not win an Oscar for the movie, “Conan the Barbarian.”

  • At least, in the UK and France, Pro-Life campaigners can insist that here is no “right to an abortion,” enshrined in law and can point to abuses of the existing law as grounds for incremental reform.

    Thus, in France, the first article of the Veil Law ((Law No. 75-17 of January 1975, concerning the Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy) declares, “The law guarantees respect for every human being from the outset of life. There shall be no derogation from this principle except in cases of necessity and under the conditions laid down by this Law.” Here we have the right to life clearly affirmed, however qualified.

    In Scotland, in the absence of judicial precedents, the common law position had been laid down by the text-book writers. Macdonald (1867) says “The act must be done with a special felonious intent, for it is in some cases necessary to cause abortion.” As to when it might be “necessary,” the learned author does not specify. Anderson (1892) says that a medical practitioner who procures an abortion, “in good faith, for therapeutic reasons, according to reputable medical practice” does not act feloniously. Again, Anderson does not discuss the “therapeutic reasons” that would justify an abortion.

    The practice of the Crown Office (the prosecuting authority) was (1) an unqualified abortionist was always prosecuted (2) the Crown Office would not challenge the clinical judgment of a salaried consultant or registrar in a public hospital performing an abortion on an NHS patient; gratuity was seen as a sufficient guarantee of good faith (3) an abortion performed by a doctor in private practice would be referred to two medical referees, one of whom was always the Regius Professor of Midwifery at one of the university teaching hospitals. The Abortion Act 1967 can be seen as simply placing the existing Scottish law on a statutory basis.

    However the law may be applied in practice, it provides a clear legal justification for those combating its abuse.

Agree With Me, Or You Are Not Really Pro-life

Saturday, July 12, AD 2014

abortion and welfare


Mark Shea is back to his old trick of saying that unless you agree with me on policy issue x which is not directly related to abortion, you are not really pro-life.  It is an attempt to stop debate on policy issue x, at least among pro-lifers.  Mike Gannon at Pocketful of Liberty takes the argument apart:


This past Tuesday over at Patheos, Mark Shea, noted gadfly of Catholics and other Christians who come down on the small government side of the aisle, authored a post that started out with the provocative assertion “If we oppose abortion and social safety nets, we don’t really oppose abortion.”

Balderdash, I say!

Now, that’s a qualified balderdash, as I explain below. Mark Shea is a complicated thinker who is usually worth giving a second look (halfway through the piece he denounces the idolatry of the individual and the state in the same breath, demonstrating the difficulty one has at putting him neatly into this or that political box). Nonetheless, in this piece Shea falls victim to the temptation to cast aspersions on fellow pro-lifers who at the same time harbor serious concerns about the scope of our modern welfare state.

It’s a cheap trick that is all too common in political discourse to attempt to strong-arm a fellow traveler into lockstep with one’s own preferred platform by questioning their commitment to the cause if they disagree over tactics or emphases.

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24 Responses to Agree With Me, Or You Are Not Really Pro-life

  • One of many reasons for which I rarely read anything Mark Shea writes. Prosperity comes after obedience to God. A nation that murders its unborn will be punished by material poverty because it is spiritually impoverished and no amount of govt welfare can fix that. Bread and circuses did not work for Caligula and will not work for Obama no matter what Mark Shea proclaims to the contrary.

  • I did a year of welfare work in NY City after college as I waited to enter the military. You need welfare but it must be monitored with severity. If you leave out severe monitoring, you destroy the Matrimony stats of the group in question. Non severe monitoring produces babies with nomadic fathers and those babies rob the welfare money that should be going to those who need welfare due to layoffs, desertion by legal spouse or mental illness. God in scripture says, ” Those who do not work, shall not eat “…. but that presumes there is work. The unnecessary slothful welfare clients are part of the reason many of our mentally ill will never receive the therapy they need which is expensive. A paranoid schizophrenic with no family is given enough money to live in a bad neighborhood where her paranoia is actually correct. If all sloths were weeded off welfare, we could put her in a much safer neighborhood.
    I remember Gladys M. who had that situation. Welfare gave her enough to live in a dangerous part of lower Manhattan. I remember a mentally ill couple who lived on east 4th street where I carried a weapon as I walked up flights to visit them and passed a long line of guys waiting for admittance to a heroin apartment on a floor below my clients.

  • “Agree With Me, Or You Are Not Really Pro-life”. This statement includes the anti-death penalty group.

  • Another issue that Mark Shea didn’t take into account (and I posted a comment to this effect at his blog): we don’t do the unborn any favors by expanding social safety nets indefinitely beyond our ability to pay for them and running up gargantuan levels of national debt, which THEY will have to pay off, in the process. There’s a big difference between being totally opposed to ALL social safety nets and being opposed to a level of safety net coverage that is unsustainable and requires onerous levels of taxation to sustain.

  • How is plumping for the welfare state not also the heresy of Americanism?

  • Mary De Voe,
    In my one year of welfare work, I threw a prostitute off welfare in Manhattan and her pimp came to the office and threatened me with his own death penalty. He was quite pro “the life”.

  • Don, why should the government be involved in any sort of support for the handicapped, the mentally ill or handicapped, injury victims et al? The last time I looked at the Constitution, no provision was made for a welfare state. Historically, this has been the responsibility of the family, the church, and other private institutions.

  • “[W]hy should the government be involved in any sort of support for the handicapped, the mentally ill or handicapped, injury victims et al?”
    I agree. How is the government supposed to perform the “severe monitoring”? It seems to me that can only happen when one is intimately knowledgeable about the person in question who needs help. Even at the local level, I find it difficult to believe that a government bureaucrat really knows his clients. One welfare person might have a legitimate reason to have a Mercedes car. Another might not. One might actually need medical MJ. Not so with someone else. I know one “economically fragile” person with a much nicer cell plan than what I have. I have a much nicer internet plan that what she has (she borrows my Wi-Fi several times a week because she doesn’t have Wi-Fi and her smart phone can’t do everything.) I can react much more quickly with monetary (and other) aid than the local government can, if asked, and if I think theirs a legit reason. I can also say “No; you waste too much money on tattoos, drinking, smoking, junk food, and sex.” People often end up in bad economic circumstances due to sin.
    It also needs to be remembered that the government bureaucrat is not spending his own money, but someone else’s. There is no personal motivation for him to economize. It used to be that the government didn’t hand out all the freebies. Now look: we turn to the “non-judgmental” government, and not our supposedly judgmental churches and neighbors who know us only too well. The government has grown very large; our churches and neighbors unimportant.

  • “Don, why should the government be involved in any sort of support for the handicapped, the mentally ill or handicapped, injury victims et al?”

    Because otherwise a good many of those people would starve. Such provisions have been made by governments in this country long before the advent of the welfare state. One of the problems with the welfare state is that it takes a fairly minor duty of government and transforms it into the be all and end all of government. The welfare state had no greater foe than Calvin Coolidge and he had precisely the same view as I do.

    The expansion of the welfare state of course takes away the ability of government to target the truly needy. More perniciously an expansive welfare state sucks initiative from many people and allows government to manipulate populations through large welfare systems that a majority of the population, in one form or another, and to a greater or lesser extent becomes hooked to.

  • “There’s a big difference between being totally opposed to ALL social safety nets and being opposed to a level of safety net coverage that is unsustainable and requires onerous levels of taxation to sustain.”

    Good point Elaine. Anyone who can’t see that the modern welfare states are dying and need massive reform simply haven’t been paying attention.

  • “[W]hy should the government be involved in any sort of support for the handicapped, the mentally ill or handicapped, injury victims et al?”

    The real question is “Why should the Federal government be involved in any sort of support for the handicapped, the mentally ill or handicapped, injury victims et al?” Under the original vision of Federalism welfare is solely the province of the states. Now it is true that a modern national economy can require a coordination of benefits across state lines, but this could have been done with interstate compacts. The federalization of welfare and other social programs will someday be viewed as an historic mistake.

  • Mac,

    Do you read Shea in the spirit of mortification (from a meditation on the Second Sorrowful Mystery)?

    I will not go into why the state (federal or states) has the power to take from some citizens to give to other citizens.

    Or, into: “Render unto Caesar . . . and to God the things of God.:”

    Or, wherein the state taking other people’s money to do your works of charity, which is like me doing your push-ups. You will not get any physical fitness benefit from my sweat. Coercive state takings for welfare (and voting for pro-abortion) don’t do anything for one’s spiritual well-being.

    It’s almost 10PM (pretty sure my children are where they should be) and the warden is in another state. I can have another cold beer.

    Regards to all (including Shea),


  • “Do you read Shea in the spirit of mortification”

    No, rather one of curiosity which is the main reason for all my reading that is non-professional. Shea is an interesting case study of someone who began as a conservative and has altered his politics to have them closely align with the various current policy positions embraced by the Church. Since no American political party embraces such a helter-skelter bundle of beliefs this has caused Shea to embrace a pox on both your houses attitude toward both parties, although his bitterness towards the Republican party seems more intense. Making your religion your politics is as unsatisfying as making your politics your religion. It also leads, in Shea’s case, to a desire to pretend that the Church has always held positions that she has in fact held for only the last nanosecond in historical terms, the current anti-death penalty position of the Church for instance. My politics are informed by my Catholicism, most notably in regard to the unyielding opposition of the Church to abortion, but it is not decisive in most areas, especially since I am enough of a historian to realize that the Church has held contradictory positions on many political issues, depending upon the personal preferences of the pope of the day, and that the Church wisely allows her sons and daughters to make up their own minds on most issues.

  • While the current welfare state is atrocious, I don’t think there is any doubt that cutting benefits will lead to more abortions. I’m comfortable with that trade-off but I don’t think it’s possible to deny that it is true.

  • The problem with Shea’s argument is that the data is not so clear. He notes that 42% (or something like that) of women who have abortions are at or below the poverty level. At first glance this may be so. But when one reads more closely this an other studies, the data is complex. Women frequently cite more than one reason for abortion one of which is not be able to afford another child. I say another, because most of those who cite such a reason have several children and are young. Other factors include interference with work or relationship problems. Some even cite unwillingness to go on public assistance. So its not a clear correlation with poverty.

    In fact it seems that much of the problem is related to the breakdown of the family. If so, and if current welfare police contribute to such a breakdown, then decreasing the welfare state might actually reduce abortion.

  • “‘Do you read Shea in the spirit of mortification”
    No, rather one of curiosity which is the main reason for all my reading that is non-professional.”

    It was a rhetorical question.

    Anyhow, my opinion (klaxons!) Mr. Shea habitually confuses whatever prudential judgment he likes/dislikes with objective truth teachings of Holy Mother Church and then blows it out of proportion.

  • “It was a rhetorical question.”

    For lawyers T.Shaw there are no rhetorical questions, merely opportunities for rhetorical answers! 🙂

  • Why do women have abortions? There is really only one reason–they engaged in an act of reproduction (or pro-creation if you prefer) without the desire to have a baby. The same is true with men.

  • bill bannon: “In my one year of welfare work, I threw a prostitute off welfare in Manhattan and her pimp came to the office and threatened me with his own death penalty. He was quite pro “the life”.”
    Ho! Bill Bannon you would have become a martyr for virginity, chastity and personal self-governance.

  • “[W]hy should the government be involved in any sort of support for the handicapped, the mentally ill or handicapped, injury victims et al?”

    If we want to curtail welfare spending, are we ready for a repetition of les journées de juin 1848, following the closure of les Ateliers Nationaux? Then, the Liberals secured a victory over the Radical Republicans, but at the cost of 1,500 dead in combat and thousands of summary executions of prisoners. The Assembly, one recalls, welcomed the surrender of the last barricade with cries of “Long Live the Republic!” What they got, inevitably, was Napoleon III.

    Nowadays, when governments depend for their legitimacy on media coverage and the cult of personality, it is pretty generally recognised that welfare cheques, drug-dealing and cheap alcohol are indispensable guarantees of the political order.

    Remember Talleyrand, “Governing has never been anything other than postponing by a thousand subterfuges the moment when the mob will hang you from the lamp-post, and every act of government is nothing but a way of not losing control of the people.”

  • Anyhow, my opinion (klaxons!) Mr. Shea habitually confuses whatever prudential judgment he likes/dislikes with objective truth teachings of Holy Mother Church and then blows it out of proportion.

    Well said.

  • “Render the poor unto Caesar.”–from the gospel of Mark Shea.

  • There was a time America had no “tax dollars paying for welfare” and no legal abortions and better public morals and no Mark Shea. Correlation or causation, you decide.

  • Oh my gosh, how did we ever get along without Mark Shea tap-tap-tapping out his frustrations and posting them on the blogosphere. He needs to get a job that does not involve being a professional Catholic.

Abortion as Attempted Art

Thursday, July 3, AD 2014

How Long Does An Abortion Last


An astounding piece by Lisa Davis at the resolutely pro-abort New York Times.  A young artist becomes pregnant and decides to film her abortion.  Her plans suddenly begin to unravel due to a cab driver and his reaction to the news that she is on her way to have an abortion:



I stuffed my Ricoh Hi8 video camera in my backpack, and I went alone.

The driver was Middle Eastern, from some hot and weather-less country, but he did a fair job of steering into the skids. He kept asking me why I was going out in such weather.

“I have to go to the doctor,” I kept telling him.

“Why? You don’t look sick.”

“I have to have a procedure.”

“What? What procedure?”

Finally, I told him. Why not? I was proud and un-conflicted. I was exercising my right. I was making a video.

He pulled over to the side of the road, right there on the Brooklyn Bridge — not only illegal but dangerous. “Please don’t kill the baby,” he said. “Please don’t kill the baby.”

“What are you doing?”

“Don’t kill the baby.” He wouldn’t move the car, though horns blared all around us.

“Keep driving! I have an appointment!” I shook his headrest. This was not part of the script.

“Please don’t kill the baby,” he said again, turning around to face me. He had beautiful big brown eyes — almost black. “I will take care of you and the baby. I work two jobs.”

Heartbreakingly she has her abortion:

The first thing I thought when I awoke from the anesthesia was that I’d never be pregnant again, that I had just squandered my only chance at motherhood. I was sobbing — I had arisen from the depths of the medication this way — as they rolled me into the recovery room where the other women were lying, almost all of them with a friend or partner or relative to brush their hair back or offer them ice chips. I could not stop crying, big heaves and gulps of it. The nurse came over at first to soothe me and then to quiet me.

“You’re upsetting the other girls,” she said.

“It hurts.”

She sent the doctor over. “Sometimes we have to massage the womb,” he said, inserting his hand inside me and pressing. This did not stop the crying, but eventually it stopped the pain.

Or, at least, it stopped the physical pain. The begging cabdriver and the woman on her ninth abortion and the shocking suction in my womb: It was too traumatic for me to make art of. Or maybe it was just that I wasn’t a good enough artist to transform that level of trauma into something that others could learn from and use. I had been taught that a woman’s right to choose was the most important thing to fight for, but I hadn’t known what a brutal choice it was.

I took a car service home, too, where my brother and his girlfriend met me and we ordered in. “We would have gone with you,” they said, “if you’d asked.”

“I was going to make a video,” I said. Reacting to the way my hands still shook, they tended to me as if I’d just walked miles in that blizzard. I knew then I’d never be a filmmaker.

About motherhood, though, I was wrong. Fifteen years later, happily coupled with a wonderful man, I gave birth to my first daughter; I now have two. I don’t wish I had a 20-year-old. I didn’t want that baby, with that man. Abortion rights, yes, I’ll always support them, but even all these years later, I wish the motto wasn’t “Never again,” but “Avoid this if there’s any way you possibly can, even if it’s legal, because it’s awful.”

I wish that someone had alerted me to the harshness of the experience, acknowledged the layers of regret that built and fell away as the months and years passed. I want my daughters to have the option of safe and legal abortion, of course. I just don’t want them to have to use it.

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12 Responses to Abortion as Attempted Art

  • Excellent post. Confused even now…woman. We can only go back to God in Jonah 4:11 as He notes that confusion is rampant: ” And shall not I spare Ninive, that great city, in which there are more than a hundred and twenty thousand persons that know not how to distinguish between their right hand and their left, and many beasts?”
    He has time. Perhaps He saves many in their latter days after much more trouble.

  • Despite her regrets, she strikes me as a selfish idiot. I’m not so sure she learned anything. Ms. Davis killed an innocent life because she didn’t want it. Even after how terrible she says she feels, I sense little to no regard for the life she and the quack “doctor” snuffed out. It’s all about her.

    I was briefly engaged to a woman who admitted to me that she had an abortion before I met her. It constantly tormented her. She could not forgive herself, evn after having confessed to the sin multiple times. Abortion leaves three victims – the baby who never had a chance at life, the mother who makes a terrible decision and the father – often times who has no input at all and never has any legal standing.

    Abortion is evil. Abortion is murder – the absolute worst, the murder of a baby. Abortion is the ultimate act of selfishness. Abortion supporters – including so called Catholic politicians in this country and others – will completely deserve the judgment that is coming to them in the next world.

    I’m going to make a generalization. Single young women today and for the previous two decades – tend to be selfish and spoiled. My 16 year old niece is spoiled rotten. They want their birth control for free. Men are all idiots. Rethuglians only want to suppress them. The “glass ceiling” keeps them down. Too many believe this garbage.

    If I became supreme dictator, I would use every abortion clinic as target practice for the Abrams tank.

  • @Penguins Fan Abortion is horrible. But is it necessary to call a sinner you don’t even know an idiot on a Catholic blog? Not trying to offend you at all and I agree with what you’re saying. We have to remember she was around 20 when she made the choice; the fact this still haunts her indicates a level of guilt that cannot be ignored.

  • “I didn’t want that baby, with that man.” Punishing the child for the crimes, sins and ugliness of the parent, either one of them, is unconstitutional, like executing an innocent person to punish a capital one murderer, denying that sovereign person, newly conceived, due process of law.

  • RodneyHood, the woman feels sorrow but still supports “a right” to an abortion. Her sorrow comes across as self pity to me and shows no remorse for the life she took.

    You can differ with me about the term I used. People like this woman elected Barack Obama. Twice. I have no nicer term for them.

  • Fair enough.

  • Lisa Davis is like all the other liberals: self-absorbed about how terrible the consequences of her decision makes her feel. It’s all about me – me -me. Selfish, self-absorbed. No regrets for the murdered baby, and yes, she had her baby murdered. She has regret at how she feels, but it is not enough to bring her to repentance. It never is for a liberal. The people of Nineveh were nowhere near as self-absorbed. So God spared them. Will He spare people like this? Like us?

  • “Avoid this if there’s any way you possibly can. . .”
    Yes, there IS a way to avoid this. If you don’t want a baby 9 months from today, don’t have sex today. Pretty sure that would never occur to her. The even bigger problem, as I see it, is that it does not occur to many Christians either.

  • Paul W Primavera,
    Paul says he was the chief of sinners in I Tim.1 yet obtained mercy because he acted in unbelief and that in him Christ “might show forth all patience”. So he was the worst or Christ could not have shown forth all patience until Christ found someone else. But Christ already showed forth all patience with the worst person…Paul. Worst because inter alia he knew the scriptures inside out and sinned afterwards…” from those to whom much is given, much will be required”…and ” the mighty will be mightily judged”. So Paul was worse than all the “liberals” you can imagine. He was supposed to be destroyed by God according to 1 Cor.3:17 ” But if any man violate the temple of God, him shall God destroy. For the temple of God is holy, which you are.”
    I am having trouble praying for ISIL terrorists due to I Cor.3:17 but I Tim.1:13-16 seems to say to pray anyway since Paul was worse than them given his background in the Word.
    In short, do not let anger against liberals convince you they were worse than Paul …because that means that Christ did not show forth all patience yet…and I Timothy says Christ did that in Paul’s case for all time. The devil wants us to believe that Christ showed forth limited patience. No…Christ showed forth all patience in Paul’s case and I Tim.1 is there for that purpose. The Ninevites were to be destroyed in forty days. They also then like Paul were in mortal sin not anything less.

  • The true “war on women”. Create a pill that will allow them to be sexually promiscuous, telling them that this is the way to equality. When they grasp their equality and their chosen method of birth control fails no worries, just back it up with an abortion and leave the woman more broken than when she first grasped that fruit.

  • A very moving as well as true narrative, but as said by many-only half of the full narrative

  • I wonder how her daughters feel when they read this story about their sibling and their mother.

Except Us

Saturday, May 17, AD 2014



A brilliant piece by Brandon McGinley at The Federalist on the ongoing journalistic malpractice when it comes to abortion.  Legal abortion on demand largely exists in this country because the public is shielded by a pro-abort media from the every day grisly reality of the blood trade that kills a million human beings a year in this country.



What if we had a latter-day Upton Sinclair willing to expose our abortion regime, rather than the incurious mandarins who pathetically claim his mantle?  What would he find when he opens the door to the dungeon?

He would find systematic slaughter, but of children rather than hogs.  In Delaware, Planned Parenthood nurses reported “meat market-style assembly line abortions.”  The conveyor of pregnant women moved so quickly that bloody discharge remained on the exam table.  We know about this only because courageous nurses came forward; one can only imagine how many other abortion facilities still operate in such putrid conditions.

He would find callous disregard for human dignity, as children are treated in life and death more like livestock than persons.  Former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson (again, a whistleblower rather than a journalist) reports that the organization had abortion quotas it expected its centers to fulfill, because abortion is the most lucrative part of the Planned Parenthood business model.  And only a few weeks ago we learned from The B.C. Catholic newspaper of the Archdiocese of Vancouver that children aborted in British Columbia were being incinerated as fuel in Oregon.

And he would find that the squeals of hogs have a human analogue, as well:

[Sherry West] hated working in the room where Gosnell performed abortions—never more than the night a staffer asked for help with a problem at Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society clinic in West Philadelphia. “There was this clear glass pan, and I saw it, and I thought, ‘What do you expect me to do?’” West testified Monday at Gosnell’s murder trial. “It wasn’t fully developed,” West told the Common Pleas Court jury, referring to the 18- to 24-inch-long newborn in the pan. It didn’t have eyes or a mouth but it was like screeching, making this noise. It was weird. It sounded like a little alien.” Questioned by Assistant District Attorney Joanne Pescatore, West, 53, said she did not know what happened to the “specimen”—the term she said she used because “it was easier to deal with mentally.” “It really freaked me out, and I said call Dr. Gosnell, and I went back out front,” West added.

And when Dr. Gosnell arrived, we can safely assume, with a snip the screeching fell silent.

And the silence persists.  The voiceless remain so, except for that terrible shriek of primordial fear.  They have no champion to make them heard.

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12 Responses to Except Us

  • Mans inhumanity to man knows no bounds nor respects his final day.

    Eucharistic King Jesus Christ conqueror of human hearts, take back what was yours. Convert hearts. Reclaim your property. Restore your Kingship on earth, so when you do return you will indeed find living Faith in abundance.

    Processions of the Blessed Sacrament.
    Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapels.
    Daily Holy Rosaries.
    Daily Mass.
    Satan is powerless when we embrace these four weapons.
    Abortion advocates are hopeless.
    They may have deep pockets, but they don’t have Life.

    Thank you Mary DeVoe and others for answering my call for prayer six Weeks ago. Our Right to Life fundraiser is shaping up to be our best one yet.
    Double in corporate sponsorships this year!

  • Here is the thing about Gosnell. I feel the need to link to this:

    This quote specifically caught my eye…

    “If you’ve never heard of the Gosnell story, it’s not because of a coverup by the liberal mainstream media. It’s probably because you failed to pay attention to the copious coverage among pro-choice and feminist journalists, as well as the big news organizations, when the news first broke in 2011”.

  • Regarding Gosnell, I feel the need to link to this article:

    More specifically, this quote:

    “If you’ve never heard of the Gosnell story, it’s not because of a coverup by the liberal mainstream media. It’s probably because you failed to pay attention to the copious coverage among pro-choice and feminist journalists, as well as the big news organizations, when the news first broke in 2011”.

  • If God is merciful, then will He not be merciful towards the unborn? And if He is merciful towards the unborn, then what kind of justice will that mean for those of us who are born? History tells us. God was merciful towards those in America who were enslaved in the 19th century. We know what kind of justice resulted on the un-enslaved in both North and South. It was bloody, painful and dreadful. God’s mercy and God’s justice do not change because God does not change. Israel learned this from Sennecharib and Judah from Nebuchadnezzar. Old Covenant or New, God hates sacrificing children to Molech. We had better buckle up, folks, because God’s mercy that we always cry for is drawing nigh faster than we anticipate.

  • ““If you’ve never heard of the Gosnell story, it’s not because of a coverup by the liberal mainstream media. It’s probably because you failed to pay attention to the copious coverage among pro-choice and feminist journalists, as well as the big news organizations, when the news first broke in 2011″.”

    Completely untrue. The mainstream media did their best to spike the story.

    “The local press has extensively covered the shocking testimony about the Philadelphia “House of Horrors” where Gosnell allegedly killed seven babies and one woman since the trial began on March 18, nearly a month ago. But while it seems obvious that the national media has mostly ignored the story, a bevy of left-wing journalists and activists have loudly disagreed in recent days—asserting that the big three networks and the major newspapers have appropriately covered a trial that none sent a reporter to cover.

    “If you’ve never heard of the Gosnell story,” Irin Carmon wrote in a widely circulated Salon piece, “it’s probably because you failed to pay attention to the copious coverage among pro-choice and feminist journalists, as well as the big news organizations, when the news first broke in 2011. There would be something rich, if it weren’t so infuriating, about these (almost uniformly male, as it happens) reporters and commentators scrambling to break open this shocking untold story. You know, the one that was written about here, here and here, to name some disparate sources.”

    One should immediately be struck by how strange it is that a person who is claiming this is an important story—feminists wrote about it!—now seems angry that reporters are finally rushing to cover it. Shouldn’t she be glad?

    As for her claim that there was “copious coverage” she links to RH Reality Check (Reproductive & Sexual Health and Justice), The Grio, Philadelphia Weekly, The Nation, CBS News’s Crimesider blog, and NPR. That so many of the people now rushing to claim that Gosnell was widely covered can’t tell the difference between activist media and The New York Times or CBS Evening News is a little scary. Of the outlets she listed, NPR is the only one that can reasonably be considered mainstream, so yea for that one story.

    Some on the left are claiming that the reason the trial was ignored (even though it wasn’t really ignored—stay with me here) is because nobody cares about poor people. Carmin writes, “How often are the travails of the women whose vulnerabilities Gosnell exploited—the poor, immigrants and otherwise marginalized people—given wall-to-wall, trial-level coverage?” But if you search “Gosnell” at The Nation, there’s not a single story on the trial. A search at Salon showed one story: a set-up piece about the “looming” trial. Before today, search The American Prospect for “Gosnell,” and all you find on the trial is a story in January.

    The problem is that the media apologists are battling a straw man. The column that started the firestorm over the media blackout didn’t claim that the mainstream press had “never” covered Kermitt Gosnell. I know, because I wrote it.

    The column, and the ensuing outrage—and much of the outrage came from people with vaginas despite Carmon’s egregious and divisive claim that it was just the patriarchy rearing its ugly head—was specific to the fact that the mainstream media had not covered the trial of Kermit Gosnell, which started March 18, 2013. I am going to repeat this, because a starling number of people on the left, including New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan, either cannot grasp this or are intentionally ignoring it. Repeat after me: “The problem is that the trial has not been covered.” That the Times ran one story about Gosnell in January is hardly relevant to the trial that started in March.

    It is the trial that has included spectacular and headline-grabbing testimony from Gosnell’s former assistants and workers. It is the trial that has been largely ignored outside of local media and activists on the right and left. This, despite the normal obsession with murder trials (Good Morning America has done a 10-part series on the Jody Arias trial). It is the trial—rife with grisly details about an abortion doctor who maimed and killed women and babies—that was ignored, despite The Washington Post’s, The New York Times’s, and network evening news’s usual obsession with all things abortion related.

    So, the continued misleading claims that the trial has been widely covered are empirically false—as is Carmon’s claim on CNN Friday that the only reason anyone is talking about this is because of Fox News, always the left’s go-to scapegoat. Unless Fox News owns USA Today, I’m not sure what she is talking about. It’s remarkable how quickly a story of a trial about decapitated babies and maimed women was overshadowed by liberal rage at Fox News and the “conservative media” who allegedly were hypocrites because they hadn’t been covering it, either. (In fact, Fox News has run 11 stories over the course of the three-week trial, while The New York Times so far has run just one piece, on A-17, the day the trial began.)”

  • The article provides links.

  • NVM….computer did not show your full post…just your first sentence.

  • Yep it does, and Kirsten Powers destroyed the whole mendacious theme of the story that there was not a coverup by the mainstream media.

  • Interesting point…

    This isn’t related to Gosnell per se, but I wanted to get your reaction to something….

    What would your reaction be to a pro-choice individual who pointed out that across the many strands of Judaism, there is a tenancy to define human life as beginning at birth? Would a Catholic living in a majority Jewish nation that defined life as such be obligated to fight to define life as beginning at conception? Would a Catholic in such a nation who voted for a “pro-choice” politician be as sinful as we say voting for American politicians who define life as beginning at birth is?

  • All decent human beings are required morally to protect innocent human life. There are no lives more innocent than those of unborn children from the moment of conception.

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Tuesday, May 6, AD 2014


Wesley Smith at National Review Online tells us of someone who I think we can safely call a pro-abort:

So, an abortion clinic counselor doesn’t use birth control and gets pregnant. It’s termination time! And she filmed it.

It was, like you know, such a positive experience! From, “Why I Filmed My Abortion,” in (where else?) Cosmopolitan:

I remember breathing and humming through it like I was giving birth. I know that sounds weird, but to me, this was as birth-like as it could be.

Except, the “birth” was to end life, not bring it to fruition. Otherwise, I see it. No diff.

It will always be a special memory for me. I still have my sonogram, and if my apartment were to catch fire, it would be the first thing I’d grab…

Every time I watch the video, I love it. I love how positive it is. 

Ah. good times. Becoming irresponsibly pregnant and then having a birth-like experience of destroying a fetus–complete with pictures! 

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6 Responses to Pro-abort

Want Not, Waste Not

Friday, April 25, AD 2014

15 Responses to Want Not, Waste Not

  • Excellent post!

    Alexander Pope and todays heartless culture, a match if there ever was one.

    Disorder is todays order…take Homosexuality….the order du’jour.
    Abortion on demand…the house specialty!

    We continue to Pray as the early Christians were lead to the lions.
    We must remember that it was their innocent blood that finally contributed to the conversions of a bloodthirsty Rome.

    Our time is coming. The overflow of innocent blood on our once holy ground will be vindicated! The popular culture that glorifies sodomy will not last! The days are coming. The vindicator will have the Last Word!

  • God had a strong response against Israel and Judah for this sort of thing. God does not change. His response does not change. His justice does not change. And He will be merciful towards unborn babies. We will not like His brand of mercy when it is meted out.

  • Want and Waste. Describes our world. Our spiritual Want is self inflicted. Like anorexia or bulimia we don’t accept or retain our beautiful spiritual heritage. Self indulgence impoverishes us. Leaves no food for the children, what children we still have.

  • “Leaves no food for the children, what children we still have.” Anzlyne-

    Degeneration is fact. Both spiritual and corporal. Much of the spiritual food is poisoned, not just salt that has lost it’s flavor, but truly poisoned with anti-God propaganda. A comedian recently was praising his five year old son for telling his dad “Im an atheist!” Then the boy asked if it’s still ok to get toys from Santa. Five years old! Nice work Dad.

  • Sickened, yes; outraged, no. This could be one of those things where my bearings are off. But is there a second half to the sentence “I had an abortion and…” that is any more or less morally offensive?

  • This was being done nine miles from my house. Oregon Right to Life was all over this. Our county commissioners held an emergency meeting to stop it. The county was apparently misled about the nature of what Canada was shipping down to be burned. If they had not I may have had to cancel my electricity and install solar panels and a wood stove.

  • I’m reminded of St. Kolbe and the smoke Ashes and tears floating out the smokestacks in Auschwitz. So many tears! What a shame. No room for unwanted children.

  • “But is there a second half to the sentence “I had an abortion and…” that is any more or less morally offensive?”

    “I had an abortion and I bitterly regretted it” compared to “I had an abortion and threw a party!”

    In this case it is an abomination that innocents die. To burn their corpses then for heat is to luxuriate in the evil. It lends a truly demonic cast to human evil.

  • Yes Philip The birds don’t flock or sing in the air space over Dachau- even after all these years. Yes Donald, truly demonic.
    Genocide- Armenians, WWII, Stalin, Mao, PolPot. We point fingers. the 20th century, Today’s martyrs How can we respond?
    God bless Oregon Right to Life. God bless bloggers like TAC who keep the issues in front of us when discouraged Catholics like me just want to cry and look away.

  • Absent evil, the innocent human soul “knows”. These souls “know”. Some say the person must have self awareness to be human. But, before the human soul is conscious of its own life, separated from God, the human soul knows God. How could he not know his Creator? During the crime of abortion, during being incinerated, too, the human soul “knows” the evil being wrought upon him.
    Separating the human being from his immortal soul is the horrible crime of homicide. Coming between God and His love for man is indeed the depths of hell. Incinerating the murdered bodies of abortion victims is human sacrifice in the fullest meaning of human sacrifice.
    Anzlyne: “Yes Philip The birds don’t flock or sing in the air space over Dachau- even after all these years.”
    Yes, Anzlyne, at least the birds respect the souls of the victims.
    Anzlyne: “God bless Oregon Right to Life. God bless bloggers like TAC who keep the issues in front of us when discouraged Catholics like me just want to cry and look away.”
    My constant gratitude.

  • It is true Mary – “the innocent human soul “knows”. These souls “know”. Some say the person must have self awareness to be human. But, before the human soul is conscious of its own life, separated from God, the human soul knows God.’
    The human soul, created for Love, knows, has an affinity for that Love. Body blood soul and humanity of that person is created by God the Father at conception. I believe there is some kind of awareness of self and of Love from the very beginning.
    Such a great mystery would that the world had the grace and humility to properly be in awe.

  • All knowledge is not in the brain. “Brain death” or lack of developed brain does Not preclude knowledge.
    Several times the bible refers to the thoughts of our hearts!

  • Heard this on the Lars Larson show yesterday.

    The poor guy who came on to speak for the power company sounded exhausted and kinda heart-sick.

  • Anzlyne: “Several times the bible refers to the thoughts of our hearts!”

    Theology of the Body.

  • You know, I was just thinking. The people who use babies in waste to electricity plants are the same people who oppose nuclear power because of their fear that radiation will kill babies. To be a liberal progressive anti-nuclear Democrat is to be the epitome of illogic.

What, They Didn’t Need Lampshades?

Monday, March 24, AD 2014

15 Responses to What, They Didn’t Need Lampshades?

  • Headline at Drudge report: “Aborted babies incinerated to heat hospitals.”

    Keep voting for them Social Justice mass murderers!

  • I want to vomit!

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  • What did it take to defeat the Nazis?

    What did God have to do to King Manasseh to stop him from doing this?

    2nd Chronicles 33:11

    Therefore the Lord brought upon them the commanders of the army of the king of Assyria, who took Manas′seh with hooks and bound him with fetters of bronze and brought him to Babylon.

  • In Scotland, still births have to be registered within 42 days, under Section 56(1) of the Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages (Scotland) Act 1965, as amended by the Stillbirth Definition Act 1992 and the laws governing burial and cremation of human remains apply.
    Unfortunately, the Act only applies to “Any child expelled or issued forth from its mother after the 24th week of pregnancy that did not breathe or show any other signs of life.”
    Earlier miscarriages do not require registration and are not covered by the burial acts and are typically treated as clinical waste, which is scandalous.

  • Human sacrifice. The sovereign personhood of the individual substance of a rational nature, the definition of a person, is the individual substance of the rational, immortal human soul.
    “Where did we go wrong?”, “When you murderer the first innocent person.” from the Trial at Nuremberg.
    4,200 innocent souls are murdered every day in the USA. One person can own another person in the USA, no matter what Abraham Lincoln said: “One person cannot own another person.”
    Innocence and Justice scraped from the womb. Truth thrown into the garbage. In the concentration camps, wallets and lampshades were made from their human skin. Soap was made from their fat. In Britain, these innocent human beings are utilized as fuel for the furnace. In China, the aborted children are eaten as aphrodisiacs. Cannibalism.

    Civilization in the twentieth century.
    Who is next?

  • To the Godless, life is cheap.

  • “…Parents who lose children in early pregnancy were often treated without compassion and were not consulted about what they wanted to happen to the remains.”
    In the much-maligned funeral industry, one is never to refer to a deceased person, ranging from still-born or pre-born, to mature adult, EVER, as “the remains of Mr/Mrs XYZ”, or even just “the deceased”: so doing fails to acknowledge this is a person.
    The family should be asked the name of the individual, and the arranger, director, cemetery representative, embalmer/preparation expert—everyone is to refer to the person as “Mr. William Smith, your father”/”Mrs.Evelyn Smith, your mother”, or if a child, as “Baby Jane Smith”, “Baby John Smith.” When one enters a room where the deceased person is lying in state, they are to act as though the person is present and conscious. It is appropriate to bow to the person.
    The point here: we see the logical progression and consequence of denying the personhood of a child in the womb. They were never born; they never existed; they never even have the dignity of services due one at death.

  • The depths to which the West has sunk since my lifetime amaze me. It is really a facet of so called progressive politics, which has Great Britain and Canada by the throat and is in the process of choking the USA.

  • “The depths to which the West has sunk since my lifetime amaze me. It is really a facet of so called progressive politics, which has Great Britain and Canada by the throat and is in the process of choking the USA.”

  • Mary wrote “ignorance” to explain the depths to which the West has sunk. Imagine that! We have instant access to all of mankind’s accumulated knowledge over the past 5 thousand years by using these small smart phones on one of which I am typing this message, and we are ignorant! I can find and read Cicero’s De Officiis, or Plato’s Republic or Lao Tsu’s Tao Te Ching, or Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity or Maxwell’s Equations or any innumerable other things. They can be found in any of a myriad of languages, with and without illustrations, with and without animations. And we are ignorant! IGNORANT!

    As St Paul wrote so long ago, ever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the Truth.

    Invincible, purposeful, willful, deliberate ignorance. God will not have to judge us. When the books are opened at the end of time, as Revelation says, then our judgement is manifested. My Dad, a devout Pentecostal to his death, maintained those books were our own brains, our minds accusing us with a record of the abysmal ignorance we had deliberately chosen for ourselves. God doesn’t send us to hell. We choose hell because we want the concealing blackness of ignorance to hide our sins instead of the revealing light of day where they can be burned away by Truth.

  • When he entered the concentrations camps, General Eisenhower ordered as many pictures as possible to be taken for posterity. He said that no one would believe what the Allies had found there. Indeed, now there are people who are holocaust deniers.
    Father Frank Pavone, founder of Priests for Life, said that unless people could see abortion, people would not believe abortion.

    I hope Pelosi gets to see her handiwork.
    Thank you, Paul: I prayed that my comment might be taken as it was intended and you clarified it better than I could have. Thanks again.

  • “The depths to which the West has sunk….. progressive politics, indeed! This is actually progressive in name only. It is regressive. We have regressed back to the worldview of the Philistines. The West has enshrined Moloch, modified only by the self-deception of modern arrogance. The smoke rises from the chimneys of corruption crying out to Heaven for justice.

  • re:Paul W Primavera commenting…….

    Paul; do you have a ghostwriter? No? Perhaps you should become one.

    meaning: Outstanding, strong, purposeful writing Mr. P. (even by TAC standards)
    I read it several times. I’ll bet I’m not alone.

  • …and another thing, if I may…
    It’s a shame that many young Americans today will not understand the title of this post, (What, they didn’t need lampshades?). And, when it is explained, they will accuse Mr. Don M of callous insensitivity. But, I found this title to be perfect. Perfect, Don M.

Abortion Clinics on the Endangered Species List in Texas

Friday, March 7, AD 2014

It’s time for some good news, and I consider this very good news. As of today, there are 20 abortion clinics open in the entire state of Texas, down from 44 nearly three years ago, and it is estimated that by September that number will be reduced to six. SIX. Now, while that is still six too many, in a state the size of Texas that is cause for some modest celebration. Coming on the heels of Wendy Davis’s relatively pathetic performance in Tuesday’s primary in which she managed to attract fewer voters than the previous guy who lost the general election to Rick Perry, and the fact that early polls show that Davis is cruising to a crushing defeat in November, it is clear that voters in the state are very happy with the law that has helped shut down these murder abortion clinics.

The National Journal article is worth a read for a couple of reasons. First of all, the clear undercurrent of lament in the author’s tone is palpable (“leaving low-income women in rural Texas without nearby access to abortion”). More importantly, it emphasizes the vital role that culture plays with regards to abortion. While we can never discount the role of laws and regulations within the abortion debate, especially since it was the enactment of a law that helped drive these numbers down, the social stigma in the state against abortion also has played a critical role.

Neither clinic has an [ambulatory surgical center] and Hagstrom Miller says she doesn’t have the budget or patients to build a multimillion-dollar center. The Beaumont clinic does currently have a physician that has hospital admitting privileges, but he is 75 years old and trying to retire. Attempting to get hospital admitting privileges has proven a fruitless process; the stigma against abortion is too great in Texas, and Hagstrom Miller has not been able to get responses from any doctors or hospitals, despite calling them all.

“I have trouble getting a vendor for bottled water,” she says.

As though I needed another excuse to love the state of Texas.

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7 Responses to Abortion Clinics on the Endangered Species List in Texas

  • While the overall number of abortion mills in Texas has declined– and that’s
    wonderful news– my state still has the largest PP “clinic” in the nation. The
    new Planned Parenthood ‘superstore’ in Houston was opened a couple of years
    ago. At 78,000 square feet, it’s enormous. Naturally, it’s located in a minority
    neighborhood. The local Democrat party has taken to holding their Christmas
    parties there (I am not making this up).

    Oh, and Cecile Richards, the current president of Worse than Murder, Inc., is the
    daughter of our former governor, Ann Richards.

    We still have a long way to go down here in Texas– but yes, the likely upcoming
    defeat of ‘Abortion Barbie’ Wendy Davis in the governor’s race and the closing of
    so many abortion franchises is good news indeed.

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  • I have always believed that a change in the law, without a corresponding cultural and moral change, would do little to curb abortion

    Anyone who remembers France in the 1960s & 1970s, before the Veil Law of 1975 (Law No. 75-17 of 18 January 1975), will know that pretty well every village seemed to have its « faiseuse d’anges » or “angel-maker.” Everyone knew about it, nobody talked about it and the police regarded it as “women’s business” and turned a blind eye. Occasionally a woman died and, then, the Parquet, like Captain Renault in “Casablanca” would be shocked, shocked to discover that such things went on and there would be a brief flurry of prosecutions of unqualified women, quickly rounded up and, so, obviously known to police. Medical practitioners, doctors and midwives were never, ever, prosecuted.

    Many of you will recall « le manifeste des 343 salopes » on 5 April 1971, when 343 mostly prominent women admitted to having had an abortion and challenging the authorities to prosecute them. This, needless to say, did not happen. Perhaps even more significant was the publication of a similar manifesto on 2 February 1973 by 331 doctors, including clinical professors in the leading teaching hospitals, admitting to performing abortions and, again, challenging the authorities to prosecute them. The Procurator of the Republic excused himself on the grounds of “lack of evidence.”

  • Texas has its pockets of left wing activity – the cities of Austin and Houston, for example. However, Houston’s suburbs more than counter the city politically.

    As the Democrats have become more and more a Euro style leftist party, Texas has moved away from that. While other states hike taxes and lose jobs, Texas has grown. The culture of most of Texas is that the leftists have little short term hope of taking over the state.

  • While the election is Greg Abbott’s to lose, Texans are crazy(I’m born and bred), and could elect Wendy for sheer cussedness. It’s not likely, I’ll grant, although the local TV coverage is slanted toward Wendy.

    I hope this election turns on Abbott’s clearly superior record of achievement. He’s a keeper.

  • If the number of abortion clinics has reduced, that would mean the number of abortions have declined.

    I would pray that the remaining ones are not working overtime, to make up “numbers” for this disgraceful business.

    Would you have the stats on the current number of abortions as opposed to the number 3 years ago?

  • FW Ken, I worked in Washington, DC for five years. Texas is the epitome of sanity compared to that city. Wendy Davis has no chance. she lied about her past and dumped her kids on her ex husband who paid for her law school. This would make Davis a hero in San Francisco, Chicago or the Eastern Seaboard. Davis’ big political mistake was not to move to one of those areas.

Pro-aborts and the Race Card

Friday, March 7, AD 2014

The above video is from the Alabama Right to Life website.

In a vain attempt to stop the passage of pro-life legislation in Alabama, Democrat Representative Alvin Holmes, a truly charming individual who earlier this year referred to Justice Clarence Thomas as an Uncle Tom, drew the race card, the first resort of pro-aborts and the Democrat party:

“If you asked the people in here now to raise their hands, of those who are against abortion, 99% of all of the white people in here gonna raise their hand that they are against abortion,” Holmes said Tuesday according to a recording of some of the debate on “On the other hand, 99% of the whites that are sitting in here now, if they daughter got pregnant by a black man, they gonna make their daughter have an abortion. They ain’t gonna let her have the baby. You know, the truth sometimes hurts … They’re not gonna let that happen. You know that and I know that. You will never admit it.”

During his speech, Holmes asks one white woman, it’s unclear who, if she’d allow her daughter to have a mixed-race baby.


“Yes, I would,” the woman replies.

“Well, I need to commend you then,” Holmes says. “There’s not one in 100,000 that would do that.”

Go here to read the rest.  Of course abortion is the dream come true for the Klan, the traditional terrorist wing of the Democrat party in the South.  In adjacent Mississippi, for example, we have these statistics:

Although whites outnumber blacks in Mississippi by nearly 2-to-1, 71.67% of the babies aborted in Mississippi are black, while 26.6% are white.

Based on data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 39,052 black babies were killed by abortions in Mississippi between 1995 and 2010.  During that same time period, 14,529 white babies were aborted in the Magnolia State.

The total number of abortions between 1995 and 2010 in Mississippi was 54,484. In addition to blacks and whites, that number also includes abortions among Hispanics, “Other” (meaning Asian and Native American), and “Unknown,” as published by the CDC.

Whites in Mississippi outnumber blacks by a ratio of 1.6-to-1. Despite that difference, the data show that black abortions comprised, on average, 72% of the total over the last 16 years.

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10 Responses to Pro-aborts and the Race Card

  • “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
    Our Creator creates a rational, immortal soul at the beginning of life for each and every human being. The state gives the person citizenship and a tax bill at birth, an horrendous tax bill at that, at birth. Our Creator endows civil rights and sovereign personhood at conception, virginity and legal and moral innocence, the standard of Justice for all nations to each and every newly begotten child.
    My questions to Alvin Holmes are: Did our Creator create a white man’s soul more innocent than a black man’s soul? Is the white man’s soul created more equal than a black man’s soul? By what Justice is a black man’s soul aborted? By what Justice are the white men’s souls accused of prejudice? By what right does Alvin Holmes take tax money for only representing his own opinion?

  • Oh, Holmes. You claim white people would abort a mixed race baby. What’s your point? Are you saying whites sometimes do it too so it s all right? Lame. Look at the numbers! Young black women and children are being attacked and not by the people trying to stop legal abortions.

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  • From Chapter I of “Pivot of Civiliztion” by Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood:
    “But even when most under the spell of the new vision [ . . . a new world, of a proletarian world emancipated, a Utopian world . . .,] the sight of the overburdened wives of the strikers, with their puny babies and their broods of under-fed children, made us stop and think of a neglected factor in the march toward our earthly paradise. It was well enough to ask the poor men workers to carry on the battle against economic injustice. But what results could be expected when they were forced in addition to carry the burden of their ever-growing families? This question loomed large to those of us who came into intimate contact with the women and children. We saw that in the final analysis the real burden of economic and industrial warfare was thrust upon the frail, all-too-frail shoulders of the children, the very babies—the coming generation. In their wan faces, in their undernourished bodies, would be indelibly written the bitter defeat of their parents.”
    “The lack of balance between the birth-rate of the “unfit” and the “fit,” admittedly the greatest present menace to the civilization, can never be rectified by the inauguration of a cradle competition between these two classes. The example of the inferior classes, the fertility of the feeble-minded, the mentally defective, the poverty-stricken, should not be held up for emulation to the mentally and physically fit, and therefore less fertile, parents of the educated and well-to-do classes. On the contrary, the most urgent problem to-day is how to limit and discourage the over-fertility of the mentally and physically defective. Possibly drastic and Spartan methods may be forced upon American society if it continues complacently to encourage the chance and chaotic breeding that has resulted from our stupid, cruel sentimentalism.
    To effect the salvation of the generations of the future—nay, of the generations of to-day—our greatest need, first of all, is the ability to face the situation without flinching; to cooperate in the formation of a code of sexual ethics based upon a thorough biological and psychological understanding of human nature; and then to answer the questions and the needs of the people with all the intelligence and honesty at our command. If we can summon the bravery to do this, we shall best be serving the pivotal interests of civilization.
    To conclude this introduction: my initiation, as I have confessed, was primarily an emotional one. My interest in Birth Control was awakened by experience. Research and investigation have followed. Our effort has been to raise our program from the plane of the emotional to the plane of the scientific. Any social progress, it is my belief, must purge itself of sentimentalism and pass through the crucible of science. We are willing to submit Birth Control to this test. It is part of the purpose of this book to appeal to the scientist for aid, to arouse that interest which will result in widespread research and investigation. I believe that my personal experience with this idea must be that of the race at large. We must temper our emotion and enthusiasm with the impersonal determination of science. We must unite in the task of creating an instrument of steel, strong but supple, if we are to triumph finally in the war for human emancipation.”
    That’s just the first chapter; the words find echo in Hitler, Stalin, Mao and every other “social engineer” that has brought genocide and misery to millions in the name of “advancement.”
    If you can stomach it, read the rest. It defines the Fascist Left’s insistence on eugenics as policy and that core selfishness that seems to defy comprehension.

  • Let me get the argument of Alabama State Representative Alvin Holmes (D) straight. He’s saying he’s pro-abortion and racists should be pro-abortion too. He also has a secondary argument that all white people are racist (claiming p=0.0001). This exposes Holmes himself as a racist.

    Not much has changed since Margaret Sanger spoke before the Klan about racial hygiene and the Democrats in attendance applauded.

  • I live in Alabama and believe me, this guy (I won’t call him a representative because he only represents himself and very few others) does not speak for Alabama voters. We are very active in the pro-life movement. A person like this makes the entire state look horrible. However, if his hate mongering speeches can get more involved in protesting the abortion industry, he may serve some purpose after all.

  • A few years ago, I had a conversation about abortion with a woman who I had always considered one of my closest friends, since we were 14 (we are now in our mid-50’s). She’s biracial, which had never seemed to be a factor in our relationship. Boy, was I wrong.

    I had just stated my opposition to ANY abortion, and she retorted with, “Yes, you’re so concerned about babies, as long as they’re WHITE babies.”

    It stung me like a slap in the face. I had honestly never thought of the unborn as belonging to any particular race or culture…the issue is about life, not ethnicity. Never in a million years would it have occurred to me that race would be a factor among abortion supporters.

    I did not have the statistics to counter-argue, except to deny her charge.

    But her attack remains one of the most hurtful things anyone has ever said to me. We had known each other and each other’s family for decades, we have maintained a relationship over a great geographic distance, we have been each other’s emotional support over many crises through the years. She probably considers me her best friend.

    Being reduced to nothing more than a “racist white lady” after all that time still hurts. My trust in her was completely destroyed by that remark.

    So, this story coming out of Alabama is not at all surprising. But it is still sickeningly offensive.

  • “Yes, you’re so concerned about babies, as long as they’re WHITE babies.”

    Tell her if that were the case you certainly would not be against abortion in general as blacks per capita have by far the highest abortion rate in the country. Of course telling that simple truth to her would have confirmed you in her eyes as a racist, which in pro-abort speak usually translates: I can think of nothing to defend my embrace of abortion, so I will call pro-lifers racist to end the discussion. If you are still talking to her, you might wish to ask her if she has had an abortion in her past. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case and her defense mechanism to justify her decision is to falsely claim that pro-lifers are racists.

  • You are right, Don. The pro-abort crowd does not want to hear logic, reason, or measure. Same for racist libs. They are far too addicted to the high they get from their misguided self-righteous anger.

An Apology

Thursday, February 20, AD 2014

(I originally wrote this about five years ago when the blog readership was much smaller.  I thought that current readers might wish to know why I refer to Planned Parenthood as Worse Than Murder, Inc.)

Lately, in several posts, I have been in the habit of referring to Planned Parenthood as Murder, Inc.  I apologize for doing so.  It was unfair of me to draw this type of comparison.


In the late twenties of the last century, gangsters Charles “Lucky” Luciano and Meyer Lansky set up the National Crime Syndicate.  Organized crime needed a mechanism to keep anarchy from breaking out within its ranks between various gangs and factions.  Operating out of a 24 hour candy store in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, Murder, Inc. ( the name was a newspaper invention) provided this mechanism.  Louis “The Judge” “Lepke” Buchalter and Albert “The Mad Hatter” Anastasia were the leaders of Murder, Inc.

The Syndicate, by majority vote, would order the slaying of an unruly gangster and Murder, Inc would carry it out.  The hitmen of Murder, Inc. operated under strict guidlines.  No innocent bystanders were to be killed.  No hits could be ordered against judges, police or prosecuting attorneys for fear of reprisals from law enforcement.

Over the years Murder, Inc. murdered some 800 fellow gangsters.  In 1940 the downfall of the murder enterprise began when Murder, Inc. killer Abe ‘Kid Twist’ Reles, turned informant in order to save himself from the electric chair.  Louis “The Judge” “Lepke” Buchalter died in the chair in Sing Sing in 1944, after the US Supreme Court rejected his appeal which raised, among other issues, the contention of Buchalter that lurid press coverage had tainted the jury.  Other Murder, Inc. members swiftly followed “The Judge” down the last mile.  Albert “The Madhatter” Anastasia would have followed in their footsteps but for the tragic “accidental” death of Abe ‘Kid Twist’ Reles when he fell from room 623 of the Half Moon Hotel on Coney Island.  In the gang world he was ever after known as “The Canary that sung but couldn’t fly.”  However, with the attention of law enforcement focused upon it, Murder, Inc. could no longer function and it ceased to exist except as a gangland legend.

Based upon this grim record I hope you can see why it is necessary for me to apologize—to Murder, Inc. 

Continue reading...

19 Responses to An Apology

  • You’re correct to apologize. Your posts may have been somewhat uncharitable and unfair . . . to Murder, Inc.

    Compared to PP and the vast murder-abortion complex, the Mafia is a microscopic consortium of angels.

    However, for both gangs all of it is strictly “business.”

  • And we expect God’s Mercy on us and our nation.

    Every day is His mercy being poured out on us….I just cringe at the thought of God completely turning His head away.

    What will we do in the times of “dry wood?”

  • Meyer Lansky was also, in his odd way, a patriot. He helped to root out pro-German informers on the docks in WWII. His son Paul graduated from the Naval Academy and retired as a Captain.

    [As an aside, Jewish gangsters in America didn’t, as a general rule, have generational crime families. They quickly shuffled their offspring into genuine law-abiding careers.]

  • There are a couple of points this article reminded me about that I wish to bring up:

    When planned parenthood loses across the board funding (as opposed to the laws that say money that goes to planned parenthood cant be used for abortions), they are forced to jack up their prices for the various non-controversial women’s health stuff they provide, which discourages people from going their, which ends up forcing them to close.

    A word on what happened with Gosnell. It actually wasn’t pro-life advocates who first exposed him. Pro-Choice providers and groups were the first to start making noise about the monstrous practices he was engaging in. They just didn’t get the press coverage later groups got.

    Obviously this doesn’t get to the heart of the abortion debate…….but I think its fair to keep these facts in mind.

  • When planned parenthood loses across the board funding (as opposed to the laws that say money that goes to planned parenthood cant be used for abortions), they are forced to jack up their prices for the various non-controversial women’s health stuff they provide, which discourages people from going their, which ends up forcing them to close.


  • “A word on what happened with Gosnell. It actually wasn’t pro-life advocates who first exposed him. Pro-Choice providers and groups were the first to start making noise about the monstrous practices he was engaging in.”

    Rubbish. Pro-aborts did their best to spike this story. Read the grand jury criticism of the National Abortion Federation for not informing on Gosnell to the authorities:

    Pro-lifers constantly prayed and picketed outside Gosnell’s abortion clinic all while it was in operation. However, the authorities turn a blind eye to pro-life activists when they aren’t trying to shut them up through bubble zone legislation and illegal trespass prosecutions.

  • A word on what happened with Gosnell. It actually wasn’t pro-life advocates who first exposed him. Pro-Choice providers and groups were the first to start making noise about the monstrous practices he was engaging in. They just didn’t get the press coverage later groups got.

    Let me be blunter than Don: Bull. Shit.

    Planned Parenthood of Pennsylvania knew he was a monster running a chop shop but expected the brutalized women to report it, not them. They sat on it instead.

    “The Gosnell trial has shifted the focus off the high-quality services we provide,” said Dayle Steinberg, the organization’s president and chief executive. “These are criminal, horrendous . . . acts and should be appropriately punished.”

    Steinberg said that when Gosnell was in practice, women would sometimes come to Planned Parenthood for services after first visiting Gosnell’s West Philadelphia clinic, and would complain to staff about the conditions there.

    “We would always encourage them to report it to the Department of Health,” Steinberg said as she sat with Steinem before Tuesday’s events.

  • Abortions are medical procedures. The facilities in which these procedures are carried out should therefore be subject to regular and unannouced inspections by local Departments of Health.
    Why no inspections in the Pennsylvania clinics? Does anyone doubt that Gosnell’s facility would have been shut down had the local Department of Health showed up and inspected?
    Where I live the Department of Health makes unannounced visits to Nail Salons.

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  • Why no inspections in the Pennsylvania clinics?

    I believe career officials have said they neglected inspections in deference to Gov. Ridge.

  • Oh just great…and Governor Ridge is Catholic.

  • “Worse Than Murder, Inc.” is much too generous!

  • Viva Christo Rey! I pray for my country every day. I pray that the American people return to God and his Commandments. After all the ten commandments are a means to a happy life. God wants us to be happy. But the American people are not happy and it is because they have become selfish, self-serving people. A what’s’ in it for me kind of people.

  • “But the American people are not happy and it is because they have become selfish, self-serving people. A what’s’ in it for me kind of people.”
    Some people indeed may have become selfish, but only because government has replaced the person’s thoughts and feelings, his life and conscience, not allowing the person to mature, spiritually and physically. This why we’re are having so much effeminism, arrested development.

  • Curious, I had always assumed it was because abortion is worse than murder that you had dubbed PP as such.

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Blood Money

Monday, February 17, AD 2014


Ed Morrissey at Hot Air gives us the report of Marianne Anderson who worked at a Planned Parenthood Worse Than Murder, Inc. clinic in Indianapolis, and who left under the inspiration of former Planned Parenthood Worse Than Murder, Inc., clinic director Abby Johnson who is now a pro-life crusader.  Unsurprisingly she quickly learned that all the killing was to make a buck.



Q. What was it like working there?

A. “It was a money-grubbing, evil, very sad, sad place to work.

“We would get yelled at if we didn’t answer the phone by the third ring. They would tell us we’d be fired [if we didn’t] because they needed the money.

“They would remind us in our weekly staff meeting that we need to tell everyone [who called to schedule an appointment] to avoid ‘those people’ [the sidewalk counselors] because we need the money. We were to tell them, ‘Don’t make eye contact with them, and don’t stop in the driveway. If you make eye contact with them or if you stop and roll down your window, they’re going to try their darnedest to talk you out of it.’

“You have to have so many [abortions] a month to stay open. In our meetings they’d tell us, ‘If abortions are down, you could get sent home early and not get as many hours.’

“They would allow girls to have ultrasounds that were obviously way too far along [the legal limit for having an abortion in Indiana is 13 weeks and six days]. They said, ‘If they want to be seen, you just put them through, no problem,’ just taking advantage to make money.

“I was always getting in trouble for talking too long to the girls, asking if they were sure they wanted to do this.

“It was absolutely miserable going in there.” …

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  • This is the other side of “Biden Culpa”. It takes a miracle to change a person, but the soul is the realm of miracles. Don’t ever count out the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Please give proper credit. The original story is by Natalie Hoefer in The Criterion: –Natalie Hoefer

  • This stubborn and willful self deceptions because of what the person Wants to Believe.. the attraction to money is so strong. Not just avarice at the beginning, but a combination of opportunism and misguided justice. Then even after the injustice is revealed, the heart is no longer soft and pliable, but as hard as that of Cresus.

  • Pinky wrote, “Don’t ever count out the power of the Holy Spirit

    St Augustine, the Doctor of Grace, reminds us, ““Simeon believed in our Lord Jesus Christ when he was still a little child, for the Spirit revealed the truth to him. Nathanael heard but one sentence from him, “Before Philip called thee, when thou wast under the fig tree I saw thee” (John 1:48); and he replied, “Rabbi, thou art the Son of God; thou art the King of Israel.” Long after, Peter made the same confession, and for that merit heard himself pronounced blessed, and that the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven were to be given to him. His disciples believed on him when by a miracle in Cana of Galilee water was turned into wine, which the evangelist John records as the beginning of the signs of Jesus. He stirred many to believe by his words, but many did not believe though the dead were raised. Even his disciples were terrified and shattered by his cross and death, but the thief believed at the very moment when he saw him not highly exalted but his own equal in sharing in crucifixion. One of his disciples after his resurrection believed, not so much because his body was alive again, as because of his recent wounds. Many of those who crucified him, who had despised him while he was working his miracles, believed when his disciples preached him and did similar miracles in his name. Since, then, people are brought to faith in such different ways, and the same thing spoken in one way has power to move and has no such power when spoken in another way, or may move one man and not another, who would dare to affirm that God has no method of calling whereby even Esau might have applied his mind and yoked his will to the faith in which Jacob was justified? But if the obstinacy of the will can be such that the mind’s aversion from all modes of calling becomes hardened, the question is whether that very hardening does not come from some divine penalty, as if God abandons a man by not calling him in the way in which he might be moved to faith. Who would dare to affirm that the Omnipotent lacked a method of persuading even Esau to believe?”

    So scripture says, “I will have mercy on whom I will, and I will be merciful to whom it shall please Me” (Exod. 33:19)

  • Michael Paterson-Seymour: “But if the obstinacy of the will can be such that the mind’s aversion from all modes of calling becomes hardened, the question is whether that very hardening does not come from some divine penalty, as if God abandons a man by not calling him in the way in which he might be moved to faith.”
    God has given man free will.
    “”So scripture says, “I will have mercy on whom I will, and I will be merciful to whom it shall please Me””
    God will have mercy on those who deserve mercy, but not on those who reject His mercy.

  • That’s explains why they still take $200 from women who have a change of mind and opt out of the abortion.

    The whole organisation stinks from top to bottom. Isn’t Kirk Richards married to Cecile the CEO of PP? Well, that’s a farce, considering the pay and state of the working conditions at PP.

    I pray more staff leave.

  • Thank you Michael P-S

  • Ez
    Cecile Richards is married to Kirk Adams, a labor organizer and fellow big-time Dem.

  • Mary de Voe

    St Augustine also says, “the effectiveness of God’s mercy cannot be in the power of man to frustrate, if he will have none of it. If God wills to have mercy on men, He can call them in a way that is suited to them, so that they will be moved to understand and to follow” and, again, “because God has mercy on no man in vain. He calls the man on whom he has mercy in the way He knows will suit him, so that he will not refuse the call” and “For they hear these things and do them to whom it is given; but they do them not, whether they hear or do not hear, to whom it is not given. Because, “To you,” said He, “it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.” [Matt. xiii. 11”

    He also says, “the human will does not attain grace by freedom, but rather attains freedom by grace, and a delightful constancy, and an insuperable fortitude that it may persevere.”

  • Most of the Murder Inc franchises out there are “Not For Profit” entities, and as such are required to provide their tax return to anyone who asks for it (form 990). The return has a wealth (pardon the pun) of information on it. You can see exactly how much the head ghouls make from murdering babies for example. It would be easy to then see how much they make per murdered baby, thus debunking their argument that they do this out of some sense of moral outrage, that they are in fact marketing baby murders because of the high profit margin.

  • Michael Paterson-Seymour.

    Exd. 33:19 and your hardness of the heart theory hit home.

    In St. John 15:17
    I wonder if the passage where we’re told that we did not choose Him in as much as He had chosen us and if so, there could be souls that He hasn’t chosen.(?)

    Knowing who is or isn’t is not important, but that we strive by prayer fasting and kind admonishment is our duty.

  • Philip wrote, “I wonder if the passage where we’re told that we did not choose Him in as much as He had chosen us and if so, there could be souls that He hasn’t chosen.(?)”

    Scripture suggest so. “He hath blinded their eyes and hardened their heart, that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them. (Isa. vi. 10 & John xii. 37 ff.) and “To you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.” (Matt. xiii. 11) So, St Augustine says, “If, therefore, you confess that to persevere to the end in good is God’s gift, I think that equally with me you are ignorant why one man should receive this gift and another should not receive it; and in this case we are both unable to penetrate the unsearchable judgments of God.”

    Père Garrigou-Lagrange says “Hence it is said psalm 134:6: in “Whatsoever the Lord pleased He hath done, in heaven, in earth.” And the Council of Toucy (PL, CXXVI, 123) adds: “For nothing is done in heaven or on earth, except what God either graciously does Himself or permits to be done, in His justice.” That is to say, no good, here and now, in this man rather than in another, comes about unless God Himself graciously wills and accomplishes it, and no evil, here and now, in this man rather than another, comes about unless God Himself justly permits it to be done. Nevertheless, God does not command the impossible, and grants even to those who do not actually observe His commandments the power of observing them.
    But those who observe His commandments are better than others and would not keep them in fact, had not God from eternity efficaciously decreed that they should observe these precepts. Thus, these good servants of God are more beloved and assisted by Him than others, although God does not command the impossible of the others.” Thus, St Thomas says, “Since the love of God is the cause of the goodness of things, no one would be better than another if God did not will a greater good to one than to another.” (ST Ia, q. 20, a. 3)

    We should remember that St Augustine also says, “Who are the elect? You, if you wish it,” for the desire itself is the result of God’s effectual calling.

  • Thanks Mike. I thought he took her name 😉

  • MPS-

    Thank you for your insights.
    Our saintly brothers in Christ, Thomas and Augustine, have helped me appreciate even more the truth that God cannot be outdone in generosity.
    That God is encouraging us, helping us constantly to do good. The use of our free will is a blessing or a curse.
    May the belief of Jesus crucified and risen from the dead to restore what was lost, be accepted and propagated in this era and the ones to follow.

  • I watched the video, thanks Obama for my taxes going to this great organization…. sarc/

  • Philip, Michael Paterson-Seymour, and all:
    “God will have mercy on those who deserve mercy, but not on those who reject His mercy.”
    Those who have not rejected mercy but are not graced with mercy are living in the dark night of the soul. Hope