Shazam! Found votes!

Well this is completely unsurprising:


The tight race between Democrat Danny O’Connor and Republican Troy Balderson just got tighter. 

Election officials in Franklin County found 588 previously uncounted votes in a Columbus suburb. The result: O’Connor had a net gain of 190 votes, bringing the race’s margin down to 1,564.

Go here to read the rest.  One thing you can always count upon in close elections is that election officials in Democrat areas will find uncounted votes that favors the Democrat candidate.  Funny how that works.


Elizabeth Heng

Thirty-three year old Republican Elizabeth Heng is running for Congress against Democrat incumbent Jim Costa in California’s Central Valley.  The Leftists at Facebook blocked her above ad, go here to read  all about it, and go here to read about Heng.  I can see why they obviously fear her since she radiates raw political talent and has a compelling personal story.  Jim Costa, a sixty-six year old typical cookie cutter liberal career politician, is in the fight of his political life.


Democrats Bring the Crazy

Perhaps the most salient feature of the Trump era is how crazy he makes most Democrats:

Why is this?  Democrats during the Obama years kept telling themselves that they were now the majority party of the future, thanks to demographic change, even as they lost control of Congress and became the weakest at the State level that they have been since before the New Deal.  When Hillary lost, Democrats suddenly woke up from their Obama trance to a hostile political environment.  Their reaction was to go hard left and to attempt to shout down any voices within their party that told them this was madness.  They are aided and abetted in this trek over the cliff by the entertainment industry and academia which are also captives of the hard left.  We shall see how this strategy works for them in November.  Thus far the Democrat lead on the generic Congressional ballot has plummeted from a high of fifteen points, and now stands at three points.