Leftism as Substitute Religion

Friday, February 3, AD 2017


The howls of incoherent fury with which much of the left has greeted the advent of the Trump administration seems quite strange until we recall that leftism is essentially not a political movement for many of its adherents but rather a substitute for religion.  John Daniel Davidson at The Federalist understands this:


The consternation and outrage we’ve seen in response to President Trump’s executive order on immigration has little to do with the policy as such. Restricting immigration from certain countries is nothing new; President Obama did it, as did presidents Bush, Clinton, H.W. Bush, and Reagan.

Rather, it has everything to do with the elevation of progressive politics to the status of a religion—a dogmatic and intolerant religion, whose practitioners are now experiencing a crisis of faith.

Forget the executive order itself. Progressives have reacted with moral indignation and hysteria to everything Trump has done since taking office. His inauguration was enough to bring out hundreds of thousands of protesters across the country. In the 12 days since then, we have witnessed yet more demonstrations, boycotts, calls for “resistance,” comparisons to the Holocaust, media witch-hunts, the politicization of everything from Hollywood awards shows to professional sports, and real tears from New York Sen.Chuck Schumer.

One is hard-pressed to think of something Trump could do that would not elicit howls of outrage from the Left. On Tuesday, Senate Democrats boycotted confirmation hearings for Steven Mnuchin’s nomination to serve as treasury secretary and Rep. Tom Price’s nomination to be secretary of Health and Human Services, while continuing to try to block the confirmation of Betsy DeVos for education secretary and Sen. Jeff Session for attorney general. Even before Trump announced his Supreme Court pick on Tuesday night, Democrats had already announced they would filibuster the nomination, no matter who it was.

The obstinacy of Senate Democrats reflects the mood of their progressive base, whose panicked anger is the natural reaction of those for whom politics has become an article of faith. Progressives, as the terms implies, believe society must always be progressing toward something better. Always forward, never backwards. After eight years of Obama, they believed progressive politics in America would forever be on an upward trajectory.

The Left Has Been Moralizing Politics For A Long Time

Trump shook that faith. But his election also unmasked the degree to which progressivism as a political project is based not on science or rationality, or even sound policy, but on faith in the power of government to ameliorate and eventually perfect society. All the protests and denunciations of Trump serve not just as an outlet for progressives’ despair, but the chance to signal their moral virtue through collective outrage and moral preening—something that wasn’t really possible under Obama, at least not to this degree.

Not that they didn’t try. Recall that during the Obamacare debate in 2009 Ezra Klein suggested that Sen. Joe Lieberman was “willing to cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in order to settle an old electoral score,” simply because he threatened to filibuster what would become the Affordable Care Act. This is the language of political fundamentalism—policy invested with the certainty of religious conviction.

Religious fundamentalism of course rests on immutable truths that cannot be negotiated. For Klein, that meant health care reform. The same rhetoric—“willing to cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people”—would crop up again and again during Obama’s tenure, every time a Republican governor refused to expand Medicaid or a state attorney general challenged an EPA regulation meant to curb climate change. Policy debates took on a theological significance.

11 Responses to Leftism as Substitute Religion

  • Why was this woman on the plane in the first place? Was her broom in the shop for repairs?

  • In my years at the Indan Point 3 Nuclear Power Plant, we saw this phenomenon manifest itself in the anti-nuclear protests outside the main gate. It’s eco-wackism, enviro-nazism, pagan worship of goddess Gaia, fundamentalist secularism, godless humanism, etc. One time I had an opportunity to talk to one of these people, a really smart and successful corporate laywer in Manhattan who lived on Long island and supported Mario Cuomo’s shutdown of the Shoreham nucllear power plant (his son Andy is now shutting down my Alma Mater of 18 years, Indian Point – I hate the Democratic Party!). I was able (in my example above) to bring him through all the safey features of the nuclear power plant, how reactor protection and engineering safeguards work, the physics of how the core shuts itself down on a power excursion, the methods employed in storing used nuclear fuel and plans for reprocessing, how we obviate plutonium proliferation – and on and on and on. He was very intelligent and understood every single little point – even the idea of radiation hormesis: that a little bit over a long time is good for you and a whole lot at one time bad. But the conclusion – nuclear is safer than natural gas and even wind – he rejected. It did not matter what the facts said. His religion – eco-wacko progressivism – said otherwise. To him Cuomo was right to shut Shoreham down even though electric rates on Long Island where he lived skyrocketed and natural gas spinning reserve makeup for low capacity factor wind pollutes the air. In his view we were hurting goddess Gaia by splitting atoms.
    Folks, these people are nuts. They are freaking idiots. You cannot argue with them. You cannot reason with them. The time for debate and dialogue is long over. And when that happens, then society is in big, big trouble. God have mercy on us all.

  • Substitute religion or demonic possession? Seriously.

  • I wonder if this “progressivism-as-religion” model is an explanation for the left’s
    cozying-up to islam we’re starting to see. Each is helping the other wage its jihad.

    We’re seeing CAIR/Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood/Nation of Islam/BDS crop up more
    and more in partnership with Democrats. Hillary’s Huma Abedin has a Muslim Brotherhood
    background. Rep. Ellison has ties with CAIR, Nation of Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood,
    and a history of anti-semitic statements –yet he’s a contender for Chair of the DNC.
    Bernie Saunders and Sen. Schumer, both Jewish men, have endorsed him for the position
    despite his well-documented anti-semitic and anti-Israel history. Linda Sarsour, a pro-
    islam activist with ties to Hamas is an outspoken advocate of the implementation of
    sharia in the US and yet she was recruited to chair the recent DC “Women’s March”.

    Politics is making some strange bedfellows indeed. The adherents of the progressive’s
    cult are apologists for islamic terror at home and abroad, give an assist in undermining
    Israel and normalize anti-semitism, insist that islam is a “religion of peace” despite all
    evidence to the contrary, and demand ever-increasing importation of muslims from
    various terrorism-riddled states. The adherents of islam, in return, are throwing their
    considerable financial and organizational backing to the progressive’s cult. They’re
    no strangers to staging violent protests, and I’m guessing they’re useful when the
    left wants a riot to break out. (We’ve seen no shortage of those recently). I’m also
    guessing that the considerable sums CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and their ilk
    receive from their Middle East sponsors is most welcome in DNC circles…

    The two cults will be bedfellows for as long as each can help the other to gather
    power. Yet their ends are very, very different. The islamist’s beliefs about the
    role of women, the treatment of homosexuals, etc. — indeed, the very existence of
    human rights or the desirability of democracy in general — mean that the inevitable
    divorce between those two cults will be messy, messy indeed.

  • The world is round, spins on its axis and goes around and what goes around comes around. The Progressives will find themselves in the same place that they started. Now, that will cause an uproar as we are seeing.

  • Re: LQC

    LQC has got it right. Liberals are crazy, irrational, whatever. Why is that? They believe that Man can take care of himself without obedience to God. God punishes them by making them partially irrational so that their emotions and incorrect assumptions control them, e.g., tower of Babel, Nancy Pelosi, most Democrats, some of my kids.

  • LQC has got it right. Liberals are crazy, irrational, whatever. Why is that? They believe that Man can take care of himself without obedience to God. God punishes them by making them partially irrational so that their emotions and incorrect assumptions control them, e.g., tower of Babel, Nancy Pelosi, most Democrats, some of my kids.

  • “[T]he chance to signal their moral virtue through collective outrage and moral preening”

    As Hegel said of the French Revolution and its Politics of Virtue:-

    “Virtue is here a simple abstract principle and distinguishes the citizens into two classes only—those who are favourably disposed and those who are not. But disposition can only be recognized and judged of by disposition. Suspicion therefore is in the ascendant; but virtue, as soon as it becomes liable to suspicion, is already condemned . . . . Robespierre set up the principle of virtue as supreme, and it may be said that with this man virtue was an earnest matter. Virtue and Terror are the order of the day; for Subjective Virtue, whose sway is based on disposition only, brings with it the most fearful tyranny. It exercises its power without legal formalities, and the punishment it inflicts is equally simple—Death”

    What do they want, who want neither Virtue not Terror?” asked Saint-Just, “They want corruption” and Saint-Just was the man who believed he knew how to deal with them.

  • I think there is something diabolic about the Left with its fixation on abortion and hatred for Judeo-Christian values and Western Civilization. They are attracted to Islam in some perverse enemy of my enemy sentiment. It is an epidemic of soul-sickness. It is charitable to assume that few of them realize what they are about but the vacuum of their ignorance is filled with indoctrination. First we lost the schools.

  • Your article brings to mind a very specific prophesy in the Bible that refers to the topic you raise. St. Paul, just after calming his readers about any need to worry that the “day of the Lord is at hand” (2 Thess 2:2) goes on to speak of a mass “apostasy” (i.e., loss of faith, apostasia in the original Greek) and the revelation of the “lawless one” who “opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god and object of worship … claiming that he is a god [the rise of contemporary atheism and nihilism].” “And now you know what is restraining [the papacy?], that he may be revealed … whom the Lord will kill with the breath of his mouth [i.e. the Holy Spirit] by the manifestation of his coming” (2 Thess 2: 3-8). St. Paul even gives the reason that this would take place: “they have not accepted the love of truth so that they may be saved” (2 Thess 2: 10). This diabolical dimension explains the fury and Pharisaical self-righteousness of the left. They are under the spell of the Father of Lies who hides behind expressions like “mercy killing” to obfuscate the truth.

  • It is truly said that when one ceases to believe in God, one will believe in anything. You need only look at today’s left wing crazies to see the truth in this demonstrated.

PopeWatch: No Power

Friday, February 3, AD 2017



Cardinal Muller gets to the heart of the matter in a recent interview:


Catholic Cardinal Gerhard Muller, who heads the Vatican’s office for the Doctrine of the Faith, said divorced and remarried couples must live in continence, as brother and sister, if they want to receive Communion at Mass and this teaching cannot change — not by a Pope, an angel, a council of bishops, “no power on Heaven or on Earth.”

Cardinal Muller explained this point in an interview with the Italian magazine Il Timone, portions of which were translated into English in the newspaper L’Espresso and re-published in the Catholic Herald. The topic is controversial now because of Pope Francis’s letter Amoris Laetitia, which not a few bishops have proclaimed permits the divorced/remarried, who are living as man and wife, to receive Communion, although they are objectively in a state of adultery, a grievous sin. 

2 Responses to PopeWatch: No Power

  • Hooray for Cardinal Muller. But it a sad day when we have to congratulate a Cardinal for speaking the historic truth of the Catholic Church. My guess is Pope Francis will handle this by saying that the Cardinal is entitled to his own opinion, after which Cardinal Muller will “retire”.

  • We have gotten used to popes like John Paul II. Now we have to get used to a pope who disagrees with many of the views of John Paul II. John Paul was opposed by a large segment of the Society of Jesus, which seems to have included the man now pope. But don’t expect him to say that plainly.

PopeWatch: Contraception

Thursday, February 2, AD 2017




Lifesite News asks an interesting question:  Does Pope Francis oppose Church teaching on contraception?


At the heart of the crisis in the Order of Malta is the distribution of contraceptives and abortifacient drugs, over a number of years, by Malteser International (MI), the humanitarian arm of the order. Edward Pentin has provided details of MI’s programmes in his comprehensive article on the subject. An investigation by the Lepanto Institute provides further information about MI’s work promoting condoms and abortifacient drugs worldwide. Amongst their findings the following facts stand out:

  • MI distributed 52,190 condoms in Burma (Myanmar) in 2005 and 59,675 in 2006
  • A World Health Organisation report from 2006, entitled Reproductive Health Stakeholder Analysis in Myanmar 2006 includes “family planning” among MI’s “areas of expertise”, “contraception” amongst its “activities” and “birth spacing” amongst its “future plans”. The report also reveals that MI provided oral contraceptives to 2,500 women in one Burmese township.
  • In 2007 MI received a four-year grant of $1.7 million from the Three Disease Fund, for whom they distributed over 300,000 condoms in Burma.
  • In 2012 MI entered a partnership with Save the Children to carry out a joint project, for which they received $2.1 million from the Global Fund, to distribute yet more condoms in Burma during the period from 2013-2016.

Malteser International was headed throughout this period by Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager. An internal investigation by the Order of Malta found that von Boeselager was ultimately responsible for the programmes that involved the distribution of condoms and abortifacient drugs.  His role at MI was one of the major factors that resulted in his dismissal from the role of Grand Chancellor by the Grand Master, Fra Matthew Festing, on 6 December 2016, after he twice refused to resign. Von Boeselager appealed to the Vatican. A commission was appointed to investigate his dismissal. Edward Pentin has provided extensive, and disturbing information, about the make-up of this commission, which seems to have consisted largely of von Boeselager’s friends and associates. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta, which is a sovereign entity, refused to accept the legitimacy of this interference into their internal affairs.

On 24 January 2017 Fra Matthew Festing was asked to resign by Pope Francis and acceded to this request. The following day Pietro Cardinal Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State, stated that Pope Francis was declaring null and void all Fra Festing’s acts since 6 December, thus nullifying the dismissal of von Boeselager. Fra Festing’s resignation was accepted by the Sovereign Council of the Order of Malta on 28 January and it was announced that von Boeselager was restored to his position as Grand Chancellor of the order.

In short, Pope Francis has restored to office a man ultimately responsible for the distribution of condoms and abortifacient drugs, while removing from the office the man who tried to ensure that Malteser International remained faithful to Catholic teaching.

In the light of this, and of his decision not to confirm that he accepts Catholic teaching on the existence of intrinsically evil acts, it is reasonable to review other concerns regarding Pope Francis’s position on the morality of using contraceptive methods. The list below draws readers’ attention to important incidents of which we are aware; it is not intended to be exhaustive.

5 March 2014 – Pope Francis is interviewed by Corriere della Sera. He is asked “At half a century from Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae, can the Church take up again the theme of birth control? Cardinal Martini, your confrere, thought that the moment had come.” In his reply Pope Francis stresses that “Paul VI himself, at the end, recommended to confessors much mercy, and attention to concrete situations”. The pope also stated, “The question is not that of changing the doctrine but of going deeper and making pastoral (ministry) take into account the situations and that which it is possible for people to do. Also of this we will speak in the path of the synod.” The full implications of these words will become clearer during the two-year synodal process.

13 October 2014 – The heterodox relatio post disceptationem of the Extraordinary Synod is published, after having received the personal approval of Pope Francis. This document adopts an ambiguous approach towards contraception, and an approach to conscience and the natural law of a kind that will inevitably undermine the Church’s moral teachings. The alternation between orthodox restatements of Catholic doctrine and ambiguous and erroneous statements will be followed in all succeeding synodal documents.

19 October 2014 – The final report of the Extraordinary Synod makes the approach of the above relatio its own. The treatment of contraception and the natural law are examined in more detail in Voice of the Family’s analysis of the document.

16 January 2015 – Pope Francis makes reference to Humanae Vitae in an address to families in the Philippines, once more laying emphasis not on the central doctrine of the encyclical but on his contention that Paul VI “was very merciful towards particular cases, and he asked confessors to be very merciful and understanding in dealing with particular cases. But he also had a broader vision: he looked at the peoples of the earth and he saw this threat of families being destroyed for lack of children.” The implication of this passage, especially in light of the comments of 19 January below, is that contraception might be tolerated in particular cases, and that the Church’s teaching is a “broader vision” or ideal. This would reflect the “gradualism” adopted in the synod documents and in Amoris Laetitia.

19 January 2015 – Pope Francis, during a press conference on his return flight from Manila, tells journalists that the encyclical letter Humanae Vitae, was not about “personal problems, for which he then told confessors to be merciful and understand the situation and forgive, to be understanding and merciful” but rather about “the universal Neo-Malthusianism that was in progress”. Thus he frames Humanae Vitae not as being principally about a universally binding norm but rather as a political response to an ideological movement. During the same press conference he criticises a mother who had eight children by Caeserean section and accuses her of being guilty of tempting God. He goes on to say that Catholics should practice “responsible parenthood” and shouldn’t “breed like rabbits”.

17 June 2015 – Pope Francis appoints climate scientist Hans Schellnhuber to the Pontifical Academy of Science. Schellnhuber believes that there is a “population problem” and has previously stated that the “carrying capacity of the planet” is “below 1 billion people”. Schellhuber’s positions have been analysed in more detail by Voice of the Family in this article.


9 Responses to PopeWatch: Contraception

  • Jorge Bergoglio is a heretic, pure and simple.

  • The crisis of situational ethics and of placing personal “conscience” above what Christ Teaches in His Church has its roots in the widespread rejection of Humanae Vitae. Am I surprised by this pope’s actions, no, he’s an obfuscating mercy mongering heretic.

  • Not related to this post, but I have been getting errors from this web site such as the following:
    Web site not hosted
    Web site bandwidth exceeded
    I tried several different browsers (Explorer and Chrome), several different platforms (Android and Windows), and several different connections (Wifi, Ethernet and 4GLTE). The appearance of the errors is random and independent of all the above. Is the TAC blog under attack? I realize that as the demons are being exorcised from the body politic, their reaction has become more and more violent both physically and in cyber space. But maybe I am being paranoid.

  • No LQC, just technical difficulties with the site that we are working to resolve.

  • Pope Francis would make an exemplary 33rd degree Mason.

  • Some time ago, I am not sure which website, but possibly Crisis, there was a discussion on what would make us leave the Church. I said something to the effect the Contraception issue-that if the Church allowed it, them I would know the Church was false. Oy vey. We are getting there aren’t we?
    I’ve heard the Church is the new Jerusalem, or something to take effect–the New Israel. And the Israel of old had a terrible time with falling away from God, hence the book Hosea. So I’m thinking that perhaps the Church is simply another chapter of falling away from God, but eventually, the someone will stand up and say “As for my house, we shall serve the Lord,” and that will inspire the people to return. I do not think this will happen in my lifetime, or my children’s lifetime, and our children’s children may feel the heavy yoke is Islam for a number of years, but the Truth will out.

  • DJH.
    I would never consider leaving the One True Church – OT references are irrelevant in the current difficulties the Church finds herself.
    We have had very serious problems before – the Arian Heresy and the Protestant Revolt being two notable issues – all of these arose from within the Church. We need to ensure that we and those who are close to us remain faithful, pointing out error and defending the Truth whenever the questions arise.
    The SSPX is only months away from being fully canonically regularised, and I am watching this process with interest, because they adhere to the Tradition of the Church and do not accept any of this modernist relativist nonsense that we have been plagued with over the past few decades. Keep praying, and hold fast to the Truth handed to us from the Apostles .

  • We can’t think of leaving the Church over this pope or some of these bishops -Church history tells us that.
    Jesus really is the head of us- the Church he established. What Jesus taught and what He has maintained all these years is too precious to lose.
    God doesn’t change and the body of what He has taught is not changing. Even if our pope is effectively protestant we must still cling to the Church. It would be a misunderstanding of the reality of Church and our responsibility to her if we were to leave.
    If we think that our consciences beat what the Church has been for all these years, we have already left and are protestants.

  • Speaking of situations, we need to look against the dogma of infallibility and see that the scope of the pope’s authority is plenary BUT limited. He is free to comment on what another pope has written or even contradict it. But that means his own pronouncements are subject to review. He also is subject to Tradition.

It’s Groundhog Day!

Thursday, February 2, AD 2017



Ah, Groundhog day, that loopiest of all American observances, dating back to 1886 or 1887.  While I am doubtful of the predictive powers of a woodchuck’s shadow, who couldn’t hold in high esteem a species that has bitten some nosey politicians on earlier Groundhog Days?

3 Responses to It’s Groundhog Day!

  • We do not have Groundhog Day in Scotland – No Groundhogs!

    However, we do have the following rhyme for Candlemas Day (One of the four quarter-days or term-days, along with Whitsunday, Lammas and Martinmas)

    If Candlemas day be dry and fair,
    The half o’ winter ‘s to come and mair,
    If Candlemas day be wet and foul,
    The half of winter’s gane at Yule.


    If Candlemas Day is bright and clear,
    There’ll be twa winters in the year.

  • Punxsutawney is barely two hours away from the humble abode of the Penguins Fan Family. I have not been there for the silliness of watching a groundhog come out of a hole. Maybe one day before I am too old to care.
    February 2 is my late dad’s birthday. He would be 80 today. He has been gone for almost 23 years and did not live to see his grandchildren. My dad loved little kids.
    February 2 is also the Purification of Mary, or Candlemas. Christmas was 40 days ago and today is the last day of Christmastide. We keep our Nativity set out until today. Later today I will post the poem from the St. John Cantius site, “I am Christmas”, which is fitting for this day.

  • As indicated above:

    In Poland, the candles brought from home to be blessed are decorated with symbols and ribbons. There, the custom is to let a blessed candle burn all night tonight before an icon of Our Lady who, when the world still had forests, was relied upon to keep the wolves away during these cold nights. Now, our “wolves” tend to be of a different sort, but the pious burning of a blessed candle tonight, with prayers offered to Our Lady, still might help keep them at bay. This tradition gives Candlemas its Polish name—“Matka Boska Gromniczna,” or “Mother of God of the Blessed Thunder Candle.”

    In any case, when Candlemas is finished, all feelings of Christmas give way to the penitential feelings of Septuagesima and then Lent. The English poet, Robert Herrick (A.D. 1591-1674), sums it up in his poem “Ceremony Upon Candlemas Eve”—and reveals a folktale in the process:

    Ceremony Upon Candlemas Eve

    Down with the rosemary, and so
    Down with the bays and misletoe ;
    Down with the holly, ivy, all,
    Wherewith ye dress’d the Christmas Hall :
    That so the superstitious find
    No one least branch there left behind :
    For look, how many leaves there be
    Neglected, there (maids, trust to me)
    So many goblins you shall see.

    This very ancient carol also speaks of the departure of Christmas on this day. It is called “I Am Christmas,” and was written by James Ryman, a Franciscan Friar, ca. 1492. Note that the reference to Hallowtide (the days of the dead centering around All Saints Day) here refers to the fact that it was during Hallowtide that monarchs used to announce where they would be spending Christmas.

    I Am Christmas

    Here have I dwelled with more or lass
    From Hallowtide till Candelmas,
    And now must I from you hens pass;
    Now have good day.

    I take my leve of king and knight,
    And erl, baron, and lady bright;
    To wilderness I must me dight;
    Now have good day!

    And at the good lord of this hall
    I take my leve, and of gestes all;
    Me think I here Lent doth call;
    Now have good day!

    And at every worthy officere,
    Marshall, panter, and butlere
    I take my leve as for this yere;
    Now have good day!

    Another yere I trust I shall
    Make mery in this hall,
    If rest and peace in England fall;
    Now have good day!

    But oftentimes I have herd say
    That he is loth to part away
    That often biddeth ‘Have good day!”;
    Now have good day!

    Now fare ye well, all in fere,
    Now fare ye well for all this yere;
    Yet for my sake make ye good chere;
    Now have good day!

Red Fascists Riot Tonight in Berkeley

Wednesday, February 1, AD 2017

It is beyond hilarious that the left calls their opponents Nazis.  A typical example of the left using violence to shut up a political adversary is occurring tonight at Berkeley:

Protesters with armed with bricks and fireworks mounted an assault on the building hosting a speech by polarizing Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos Wednesday night, forcing the event’s cancellation.

Yiannopoulos was making the last stop of a tour aimed at defying what he calls an epidemic of political correctness on college campuses.

With masked activists joining the already large group of protesters gathered in the area between Sather Gate and the north end of Telegraph Avenue as night fell, campus police were holding their positions near the entrance of the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union building hosting the event.

Protesters began throwing bricks, lit fireworks and rocks at the building. Some used police barriers as battering rams to attack the doors of the venue, breaching at least one of the doors and entering the venue on the first floor.

In addition to fireworks being thrown up onto the second-floor balcony, fires were lit outside the venue, including one that engulfed a gas-powered portable floodlight.

At about 6:18 p.m., UC campus police announced that the event had been canceled. Officers ordered the crowd to disperse, calling it an unlawful assembly.

Police then announced that they would lock down the entire campus, though authorities initially remained stationed near the student union building and did not move to force the protesters to disperse.

Protesters began throwing bricks, lit fireworks and rocks at the building. Some used police barriers as battering rams to attack the doors of the venue, breaching at least one of the doors and entering the venue on the first floor.

In addition to fireworks being thrown up onto the second-floor balcony, fires were lit outside the venue, including one that engulfed a gas-powered portable floodlight.

At about 6:18 p.m., UC campus police announced that the event had been canceled. Officers ordered the crowd to disperse, calling it an unlawful assembly.

Police then announced that they would lock down the entire campus, though authorities initially remained stationed near the student union building and did not move to force the protesters to disperse.

18 Responses to Red Fascists Riot Tonight in Berkeley

  • Unless there are arrests, prosecutions, and serious sentences handed out, this has official permission. The ‘red fascists’ are agents of the school’s administration and the municipal establishment and the cops are simply there to limit the damage to physical plant not covered in the University’s current budget.

  • Doesn’t anyone realize that these protests are being funded by Russia and the communists are doing this unrest on purpose to get the country to be unsettled. We are americans and we love our freedoms. When you start hurting people and destroying property, then it becomes terrorism.

  • If you go to youtube and type in Milo, it will show you in the De Paul University case that when several black lives matter people stopped this man from speaking, security did virtually nothing and since the sponsering student organization couldn’t afford the security, Breitbart had chipped in a thousand dollars. The police never came and security guards were yelled at by the whole audience…” do your job…do your job”. And Milo eventually said he would talk to each person down at the bottom of the stage. Milo is politically conservative but morally he is way off the reservation being admittedly a promiscuous active homosexual….who oddly believes he is guaranteed to go to heaven.
    He is pro Trump and an editor at Breitbart. But I guess the left have a hard time linking him to a wider group that they hate since he also likes Trump but not republicans.
    My research at youtube simply leads me to pray for his soul. Because he is sexually no rules, perhaps he draws many college audiences and is an odd threat to the Left because the young attend his talks and thus break the left group think dominance.

  • They are Nazi brownshirts in every way. I’m watching it now live. They’re moving from bank to bank (and the occasional Starbucks) smashing and looting. And, yes, they’re even shouting anti-semitic slogans – “Fuck the Zionists!”

  • It does no good to arrest these hooligans. It does no good to bring them to court becaus the courts are stacked with judges who have the same mentality as these hooligans do. Civil war is coming. I write that not in advocacy but as a warning. And I advise everyone to stay away from college campuses and inner cities. Those places are where the rot resides.

  • I have seen this insanity before, in Berlin. Trump needs to add to his vetting of overseas travelers. He needs to look for problem children coming from Europe. TR.

  • Textbook liberal mob that Ann Coulter writes about in Demonic. Her comparison in the book is the American Revolution to the liberal mob of the French Revolution.

  • Another example of the “Left” and it’s form of tolerance being displayed.

  • Anyone who breaks the law should be arrested and tried. Arrest and trial is a deterrent. Not arresting lawbreakers encourages them. I firmly believe that the Trump/Pence Administration will clean federal judicial house wherever feasible. Locally it is up to the states. The flap over a Time story about Trump’s phone call with the Mexican president that he would send US troops to take care of the bad hombres is a leak from some Obama holdovers. In fact there are reports of a conspiracy of these holdovers in federal employment who will sabotage policies by stonewalling, leaking and work stopping to undermine the Trump Administration. This is the Obama/Sorros legacy. Pray!

  • Milo is politically conservative but morally he is way off the reservation being admittedly a promiscuous active homosexual….who oddly believes he is guaranteed to go to heaven.

    Well Bill, Milo does claim to be Catholic. (References can be provided later when I’m at my desk.)

    I admit to laughing at the thought of him and the Pope going on a speaking tour together. It might be good for Francis to get a look at how the young people today behave.

  • CAM…I agree. However there are other tactics. The West German Polizei took to arming certain Officers with tank sprayers that squirted a dye. A dye that marked the trouble makers for long periods of time. TR.

  • I’m watching FOXBusiness and every mother-loving Democrat is making excuses.

    If, God forbid, the fascists ever again get control, I know what I am prepared to do. Only no camera, no evidence and and no witness. Today, I am addressing my insufficient inventory (1,000+) of .223 cal. FMJ and honing my K-Bar.

  • Feb 4 I ought to be scraping carrots for my chicken soup. “to petition the Government for redress of grievances”, in our First Amendment, guarantees a sovereign people the right and freedom to submit their needs, not their wants, to the people for ratification and change.
    Good will for the common good cannot include burning of the American Flag, the symbol of FREEDOM for all citizens in joint and common tenancy, unless informed consent is gotten from all citizens, the American people. Burning the American Flag as freedom of speech imposes the rioters force over the peaceable man. It must be proven that removal of the American Flag, that belongs to all persons, will benefit the common good. Burning the American Flag without the informed consent of the America citizens is NOT freedom speech, but terrorism against the people.
    Outlaws are ignorant. Causing fear and inciting to riot are crimes against the First Principle of peaceable assembly, required “to petition the Government for redress of grievances.” How many riots were run amok at the signing of The Declaration of Independence?
    It is the presumption by the ignorant outlaws and villains that our civil rights, abused, will not be defended and good will for the common good as stated in The Preamble, is not a requirement of the citizen to maintain his sovereign personhood and citizenship.
    Civil Rights as specified in our Founding Principles are not being acknowledged, shared or inculcated in our younger generations, our Constitutional Posterity, by academia. This is the crime of dereliction of duty by the citizen of one generation to the coming generation, all future generations, our Constitutional Posterity.
    Rioting in the streets, life threatening situations and violations of private property are criminal, the result of ignorance and choreographed by Satan himself, a violation of peaceable assembly, the civil right to which all sovereign citizens are guaranteed by Government of the people.
    No, my carrots are still not scraped. I began to write that “We hold these Truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal,…” in moral and legal innocence, the standard of Justice for the state and sovereign personhood that institutes the sovereignty of the nation from the very first moment of existence…that our “Creator” and only our “Creator” gives life and existence…and the rest are lies and perjury in a court of law…that Dred Scott, baby Roe, 60,000,000 aborted souls, and Terry Schiavo are wards of the Court crying out for Justice…and ignorant communists are rioting in the street to impose their fraudulent form of tyranny.
    The chicken soup has no carrots.

  • From on the ground here in the SF Baytheist Area, it is important to note a few things, confirmed by direct witnesses at the 2/1/17 Berkeley ‘Milo’ Riot.

    Ken Bastida, long-time KPIX Channel 5 TV affiliate anchor, while watching the riots live, identified many of the violent protestors as previous participants in similarly threatening BLM and Occupy! protests in SF, Oakland, and Berkeley. However, having seen some of these–esp. the black-clad, masked, armed group called “Black Rock”, most of these people are not UC students at all. UC students don’t have serious time for rioting, and don’t want to endanger their status at the university. Most of these are much older, dangerous, violent sociopaths that many of us in the SFBA are very familiar with.

    So, I wasn’t at all surprised when one of the Black Rock people who bragged on Twitter about beating bloody a pro-Trumper, even showing photos confirming his “kill”, turned out to be a UC Berkeley employee, a long-time IT writer, and about 40-50 years old, “Dabney Miller”:


    There are a lot of people like him who seem to be well-situated in government and academic-complex jobs, who aren’t noticed when they aren’t at work, and have lots of time and money in this costly area to do nothing—but riot.

    If the City of Berkeley and the UC administration wanted to I/d the rioters, it would be very easy just by checking the Facebook and Twitter feeds of the Black Rock group—as Ken Bastida said, having checked, they all communicate on these sites. But little interest in the leftist ruling complex to find out these things.

  • Daily Mail UK, 2/8/17:
    “This week, another BAMN organizer proclaimed she had “no regrets” about the violent protest that took place last week.

    “Anti-fascists” started several fires, smashed windows and ATMs, looted downtown stores, attacked cars, and assaulted dozens of MILO fans, male and female, who they falsely accused of being “Nazis.”

    The San Francisco Chronicle reported that rioters caused around $100,000 in damages at UC Berkeley, while the damage to downtown Berkeley was reported to be around $400,000 to $500,000.”

    ““We are happy with the results,” the San Francisco Chronicle reports Ronald Cruz, a former student at the college, told them. “We were able to meet Mr. Yiannopoulos’ fascist message with massive resistance.”

    He went on to proclaim that his group and others “were united in shutting down the Milo event,” adding, “Everyone played a part.”

    “Some engaged in breaking windows — others held signs and made sure that the fascists and the police did not attack anyone,” he explained. “This was self-defense. Windows can be replaced. People can’t be.”

    After being made aware that the Berkeley College Republicans were attempting to invite MILO back to deliver his speech, which was shut down before it started after left-wing protesters set fires around the school, smashed windows, and stormed the venue, Cruz warned that his group would take action again if necessary.

    “I would be surprised if he tries to after his humiliating defeat,” he declared. “But if he wants to be defeated again, he will be if he tries.”


  • By the way Ronald Cruz’ facebook site is:


    BAMN means “By Any Means Necessary”, FYI, a guide to the perplexed.

  • In June 2016, BAMN initiated a violent riot against an alleged neo-Nazi group:

    ” In 2016, BAMN attended a counter-protest against a rally held by the Traditionalist Workers Party, a white nationalist group, outside of the California State Capitol in Sacramento. Violence at the protests resulted in ten people being hospitalized with stab wounds. According to police, and verified by video taken by BAMN members and bystanders, the violence was initiated by BAMN members.”

    Serna, Joseph (27 June 2016). “Neo-Nazis didn’t start the violence at state Capitol, police say”. Los Angeles Times.

2 Responses to Quotes Suitable for Framing: James Russell Lowell

  • Mr. McClarey.

    Thank you from my heart.
    I’m taking a day off to nurse a flu and this timely truth from JRL has reached its target.

    Like rich cuisine I must taste the entree with reasonable amounts and cherish the flavors slowly and carefully.

    Going back for another bite.Thanks.

  • Hope you get better Philip. TR.

Trump Picks Gorsuch

Wednesday, February 1, AD 2017


Ours is the job of interpreting the Constitution. And that document isn’t some inkblot on which litigants may project their hopes and dreams for a new and perfected tort law, but
a carefully drafted text judges are charged with applying according to its original public meaning.

Judge Neil Gorsuch, concurring opinion, STEPHAN CORDOVA, Plaintiff – Appellant v. CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE, et al, Defendants-Appellees

President Trump hit a homerun with his choice of Neil Gorsuch, currently an appellate judge on the US Tenth Circuit.  Universally recognized as brilliant, he writes in a clear and concise manner that makes his decisions understandable by laymen who have not wasted three years of their life in law school.  Currently 49 years old, when he was appointed by President Bush to the 10th Circuit he was approved by the Senate unanimously.

 He is an originalist who believes that the text of the Constitution must be interpreted as the words were commonly understood at the time the portions of the Constitution were adopted.  He is noted as a friend of religious liberty and, in his extra-judicial writings, as a defender of innocent human life.  The quote above and the quote below indicate that he understands the role that our courts should play in our Republic:

“American liberals have become addicted to the courtroom, relying on judges and lawyers rather than elected leaders and the ballot box, as the primary means of effecting their social agenda on everything from gay marriage to assisted suicide to the use of vouchers for private-school education,” he wrote. “This overweening addiction to the courtroom as the place to debate social policy is bad for the country and bad for the judiciary.”

8 Responses to Trump Picks Gorsuch

  • Words must have some commonly held meaning, or else it’s tyranny. In too many courtrooms, with too many judges, it’s tyranny. Judge Gorsuch is exactly what this country needs.

  • The Democrats are preparing to reap what they sowed in 2013. (filibuster) Good.

    This is phenomenal.
    The start to this year is in high gear and full throttle. The grassroots push to defend Planned Parenthood and hold President Trump to his word is coming fast.
    Last night, over 2,800 Americans sat in on a webcast featuring the Country’s top Pro-Life activist and leaders. I listened with great optimism as the possibilities of knocking out over 43% of Worse than Murder Inc. income is becoming more of a reality, however we need souls on the front line…..So I beg you, please consider standing on the corner with us a week from Saturday. #protestpp.com

    Medicad funding for abortion provided thru Obamacare act, allocates over $400 million per year to PP. If we help put the pressure on by public square testimony demanding that PP be defunded, we could knock their annual revenue down substantially.
    Currently 1.3 billion in revenue.
    Fee’s for services = 30%
    Donations = 27%
    Taxpayers = 43%

    The money that formerly would of been used to fund PP would be re-distributed to community health center’s that are not in the business of killing children.

    Worse than Murder Inc. can have it’s head crushed into the ground by the heel of those who make up the body of Christ.

    Will you help?

  • https://prolifeaction.org/2017/defundpprally/

    Your considerations are deeply appreciated.

    Thanks TAC for allowing my appeal.

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  • Philip – I assume that’s “defund” PP, not “defend”.

  • Auto-correct go to heck!


    Yes Pinky.
    Your assumption is correct.

  • If Gorsuch is confirmed, I will actually be able to say I am older than a Supreme Court Justice.

    He is also a great pick.

  • The filibuster rules are godawful and need to disappear completely in all circumstance. On indicator of the essential uselessness of Addision Mitchell McConnell is that his devotion to them was ‘absolute’.

PopeWatch: Superficial and Ambiguous

Wednesday, February 1, AD 2017

Lifesite News has an interview with Italian journalist Aldo Maria Valli who has just released a book on Pope Francis.  From an early supporter of the Pope, he has become a critic:

Aldo Maria Valli: I wanted to express my perplexity that arose from some parts of the teaching of Francis, especially after Amoris Laetitia. To sum them up: on the one hand, I see a certain superficiality, on the other hand an ambiguity.

I especially see superficiality in three distinct arguments: the unity of Christians, the acceptance of migrants, and the dialogue with Islam. With regards to the unity of Christians, when the Pope asks to leave out some theological aspects in order to concentrate on things that Christians of different confessions have in common, he seems to me to be risking wanting to divide by zero. The Church is not a welfare office, or at least that is not her first role. If everything is reduced to social work, without awareness of theological fundamentals, then there is risk to dilute the faith and to cut away the basis of everything. Furthermore, without theological depth the dialogue also remains generic “benevolence.”

We should never lose sight of the fundamental question of truth.

In regard to migrants, it seems to me that the Pope is too generic when he says to open the doors without thinking about the problem of the defense of the Christian identity and the European identity especially. It is true that Europe is composed of different cultures, but it is also true that there would be no Europe – as we know it today – were it not for Christianity, and also today’s Europe has known moments in history during which it had to defend itself against Islam. Concerning dialogue with Islam, I think that the Pope is superficial when he affirms that extremists exist in all religions. This is surely true, but it is equally true that Islam has a particular problem with violence and the origins of the problem are within the Koran. It is a given fact that we cannot ignore and the best way of helping our Muslim brothers is to make them realize it.

The ambiguity lies mostly with Francis’ teaching of mercy. God is without doubt a merciful father, but it is not possible to separate mercy from justice. If we do so, then we risk transforming mercy into God’s duty and the obtainment of mercy into man’s right. It is not like that. Mercy is a gift offered for those who are open to conversion, to penance, and to recognition of their sin. Furthermore, mercy is not the soft slap of a father who forgets all. If it were like that, then the principle of personal responsibility would be defeated and liberty would be self-abased. We have to ask ourselves in the end: a generic psychological-physical well-being or the salvation of the soul? If we do not ask for salvation, then we risk putting man in the center, not God.

6 Responses to PopeWatch: Superficial and Ambiguous

The Angelic Dumb Ox

Wednesday, February 1, AD 2017

You call him Dumb Ox?  This Dumb Ox will fill all the world with his bellowing.

                    Saint Albert the Great, responding to jibes from some of the other students he was instructing aimed at a young Thomas Aquinas.

Better late than never.  I always attempt to observe the feast day of the Angelic Doctor, but this year the 28th sailed by me.  Saint Thomas Aquinas was granted three gifts from God:  the life long innocence of a child;  the soul of a mystic; and one of the mightiest intellects ever possessed by mortal man.  The ladies of History for Music Lovers kick off our celebration of the Angelic Doctor with their own unique tribute.

Here is Pope Benedict on Saint Thomas:

One Response to The Angelic Dumb Ox

6 Responses to January 31, 1917: Germany Announces the Resumption of Unrestricted Submarine Warfare

PopeWatch: Hemorrhage

Tuesday, January 31, AD 2017


Pope Francis notes that the Church is losing clergy:



“We are dealing with a ‘hemorrhage’ that is debilitating to consecrated life and the very life of the Church,” the Pope said, noting that the number of desertions from the consecrated life is “worrisome.”

In his speech Saturday, the Pope cited three chief factors contributing to the loss of clerical and religious vocations: a society allergic to commitments, the worldly aspirations of many young people and the bad example of priests and religious.

We live in “an era of change,” Francis stated, “in which it is hard to take on serious, lifelong commitments” when everything around us seems temporary.

The present social and cultural context makes fidelity difficult, Francis said, since it is a culture of “the fragmentary and the provisional,” leading many to make choices “à la carte” while always “leaving ‘back doors’ open to other possibilities.”

The Pope said that this culture is rooted in “a strong practical relativism,” according to which everything is judged in terms of one’s personal fulfillment.


A second factor, the pontiff proposed, is the complicated world of young people today. While recognizing that there are many generous and committed young people in search of a deep spiritual life, many succumb to a secular logic entailing “a quest for success at any price, easy money and easy pleasures,” he said.

This logic “seduces many young people,” he added.

A third and final factor comes from within consecrated life itself, in which “there is no shortage of counter-witness that make fidelity difficult.”

When priests or religious sisters and brothers allow “routine, weariness, administrative burdens, internal divisions and careerism” to take root, there is little motivation to keep going when consecrated life becomes trying, Francis said.

In order to maintain its “fascination,” consecrated life must keep the “freshness and novelty of the centrality of Jesus,” which nourishes the “attractiveness of spirituality and the strength of the mission.”

12 Responses to PopeWatch: Hemorrhage

  • Pope Francis just defined himself. The Love of Jesus is all.

  • “Couldn’t have anything to do with abandoning the Liturgy of the Hours, communal living, the disconnect between Vatican II’s express statements on liturgy, or bishops who cow-tow to the secular world, could it, Your Holiness?”

  • Modernists— you know so open minded their brains fell out. :/
    We do see the unintended consequences of Joy and Hope —Gaudium et Spes. There is much good there but I never understood why we needed two different constitutions— one dogmatic and one pastoral. I think just that basic dialectic approach is the big bertha of Satan’s arsenal. Francis pits one against the other and then says this?

  • I’m not trying to stir up trouble here. But isn’t this the same reasoning he used for implying that a lot of marriages are invalid? Could the same thing apply here? Would it be inconsistent to say that many/most ordinations are invalid? Again, I’m not trying to stir up trouble, and I’m not questioning the validity of anyone’s ordination. I’m just talking/thinking through the implications.

  • These words, from the same Pope who had the FFI crushed, destroying vocations….
    If the Pontiff wants an increase in the priesthood then he should quit and take the bishops like Cupich with him.

  • We do not have to look very far to see how well ecumenical practices have “fascinated” those in consecrated life. Or how the “freshness and novelty of the centrality of Jesus,” is booming in a land where former Cardinal, now Pope, lived out this mission.

    Shall I guess that the “freshness” has swelled the seminaries in Argentina?

    From the CIA Factbook, Argentina is 92% Catholic, but less than 20% attend regularly.

    Pope Francis would do well to immerse himself in Poland. 88% Catholic and out of those 58% are faithful Mass attendees.
    (wikipedia stats from ’05)

    My suggestion is that he take leave of the office for two years, and Pope Emeritus return to the Chair of Peter.

    Two years in Poland would remind him of the due diligence required to uphold, propagate and defend the True Faith from those who knowingly or unknowingly wish to subvert the Holy Catholic Church.

    Since retirement from the position of Pope was extremely rare, this two year voluntary sabbatical should not be too difficult for Catholics in our era. After all, the resting or roasting of souls is at stake.


  • I just got this text from USCCB
    “USCCB: Bishops express solidarity with Muslims, concern over religious freedom issues, in response to Executive Order on refugees:….
    Maybe a uscccb watch alongside the pope watch would also shine some light on the hemorrhage.

  • I could be wrong but it seems that dioceses that are the most traditional have the most seminarians.

  • For the brothers and sisters, why not allow an “enlistment” – sign up for X number of years taking temporary vows; wearing traditional dress and living in community as stated above.

    Do we have any former brothers, sisters and priests who would care to comment on the pope’s statement?

  • Since Vatican II the Catholic Church has been in the process of making itself more user friendly by removing the Cross as a necessary part of our Faith. In other words, you can have the faith without the Cross. Since religious vocations require the Cross it is should not be surprising that vocations are on the wane and have been for the last 50 years. To survive the Catholic Church must have the Cross.

  • With central focus upon “social justice ” issues and a heavy drift away from the Church’s mission of salvation, why would a young man or women not chose to fight injustice in some well paying perk-filled government agency and avoid the drudgery and structural combat in this modern confused church?

  • I second Anzlyne’s suggestion. Solidarity with those that want us to convert or die?! I’m shaking my head at what most of the USCCB puts out at this point.

    It couldn’t have anything to do with the abandonment of tradition could it?! The the abandonment of the love of the Catholic Church?! I’m very glad I converted but boy oh boy, what a mess we have to live in and through in the church right now.

Liberals and Refugees

Monday, January 30, AD 2017



I am old enough to recall when quite a few liberals were very unwilling to take in refugees fleeing from a totalitarian state where hundreds of thousands were being placed into “reeducation” camps and tens of thousands were being summarily executed:


The Democrat complaints in 1975 appeared to center on the fact that the refugees were escaping communism, an ideology, analysts say, liberals did not find that objectionable.

Leading the effort to ban the Vietnamese refugees was California’s Gov. Jerry Brown. Other prominent Democrats calling for the ban were Delaware’s Sen. Joe Biden, former presidential “peace candidate” George McGovern, and New York Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman.

Julia Taft, who in 1975 headed up President Gerald Ford’s Inter-agency Task Force on Indochinese refugee resettlement, told author Larry Engelmann in his book, “Tears Before the Rain: An Oral History of the Fall of South Vietnam” that “the new governor of California, Jerry Brown, was very concerned about refugees settling in his state.”

National Public Radio host Debbie Elliott retraced Brown’s refusal to accept any refugees in a January 2007 interview with Taft. According to a transcript, which was aired on its flagship program, “All Things Considered,” Taft said, “our biggest problem came from California due to Brown.” She called his rejection of Vietnamese refugees “a moral blow.”

Taft recalled another reason liberals opposed the refugees: “They said they had too many Hispanics, too many people on welfare, they didn’t want these people.”

“They didn’t want any of these refugees, because they had also unemployment,” she told NPR.

“They had already a large number of foreign-born people there. They had – they said they had too many Hispanics, too many people on welfare, they didn’t want these people.”

Author Larry Clinton Thompson recounted in his book, “Refugee Workers in the Indochina Exodus,” that Brown said, “We can’t be looking 5,000 miles away and at the same time neglecting people who live here.”

The CQ Almanac shows New York’s Elizabeth Holtzman – who was one of the House’s most visible liberal congresswomen — opposed helping the Vietnamese refugees. She said, according to CQ Almanac, “some of her constituents felt that the same assistance and compassion was not being shown to the elderly, unemployed and poor in this country.”

Rep. Donald Riegle, a liberal representative from Michigan who later would serve as its senator, offered an amendment that would have barred funds for the refugees unless similar assistance was given to Americans. The amendment was rejected by the House, 346 to 71, according to the Almanac.

Another House Democrat even tried to slow down the airlift of Vietnamese orphans. The Almanac reported that Rep. Joshua Eilberg, the Democratic chairman of the House Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship and International Law, accused the Ford administration of having acted “with unnecessary haste” in the evacuation of the orphans.

5 Responses to Liberals and Refugees

  • There was a saying that the pundits were fond of when I was a young man. As a young G.I. stationed in Germany, I remember reading it in the Stars & Stripes. It went : Only Nixon could go to China. Now, it could be said : Only Obama would genuflect to Castro. TR.

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  • Didi not Democrat Obama ban Cuban refugees just before Trump took office?
    Did not Democrat FDR remove the freedom of Japanese immigrants and consign them to holding camps for the duration of WWII?
    How quickly people forget. OK if a Dem does it, blasphemy to American principles if a Repub does it.

  • FDR also refused to allow a ship with German Jews fleeing from the Nazis dock in the US. The ship was diverted to the Dominican Republic. The Dems are hypocrites with poor memories.

  • The frame shows Obama as a limp-wristed rag doll firmly in the grip of Castro, the Communist Dictator of the island prison of Cuba. Even he must wince in retrospect.

PopeWatch: March for Life 2017

Monday, January 30, AD 2017


Quick, someone get the smelling salts for Mark Shea.  Pope Francis sent out a message of support for the March for Life:


His Holiness Pope Francis sends warm greetings and the assurance of his closeness in prayer to the many thousands of young people from throughout America gathered in the Archdiocese of Washington and the Diocese of Arlington for the annual March for Life. His Holiness is profoundly grateful for this impressive testimony to the sacredness of every human life. As he has made clear, “so great is the value of a human life, and so inalienable the right to life of an innocent child growing in the mother’s womb, that no alleged right… can justify a decision to terminate that life” (Amoris Laetitia, 83). He trusts that this event, in which so many American citizens speak out on behalf of the most defenseless of our brothers and sisters, will contribute to a mobilization of conscience in defense of the right to life and effective measures to ensure its adequate legal protection. To all present the Holy Father cordially imparts his Apostolic Blessing as a pledge of strength and peace in the Lord.


Cardinal Pietro Parolin

Secretary of State

4 Responses to PopeWatch: March for Life 2017

19 Responses to Where No Rational Thought Has Gone Before

  • Hilarious and right on.

  • Weird and eerie. Ashley’s rant is more scary than Linda Blair’s performance in the Exorcist.

  • What’s concerning is that so many actually believe this nonsense. One of the problem is these nut cases get little push back. I would like to see Donald Trump open up on them.

  • Cringe cringe cringe.

    She needs a laxative.

  • Wow, that was painful.

  • Shorten that to one word. Lobotomy. Admittedly it may have already been done.

  • Please folks. ECT had a habit of erasing Short Term Memory. She already has trouble finding herself. TR.

  • So, this is what we are up against. Horrific.
    “I would do the right thing and take my chances! Sir!” pg 102 WINGS HELD UP BY HOPE by Timothy Reed. Our Founding Fathers said the same thing.

  • She must have taken the same drugs as sicko Madonna. She’s not only nasty she’s crazy !

  • This post about rabid Ashley Judge again reminds me of the rabid behavior of former Obama appointee NRC Chairperson Gregory Jaczko back in 2011 and 2012. I talked about him in comments on a different post here at TAC before. In addition to Kristine Svinicki (Trump has appointed her as current Chairperson – hooray!) reporting on his abusive behavior to Congress and the Whitehouse, so did fellow Commissioner William D. Magwood (who is now at the Nuclear Energy Agency – he didn’t get the nod from Obama to stay on at the NRC, nor after this would he have). I have met Mr. Magwood, listen to him give a talk and had the opportunity to shake his hand. He is a tall, imposing black man, and when he walks into a room, you can rest assurred that he IS the smartest person in the room, and he doesn’t need to brag about it. What a great speaker! And nuclear safety was always number 1 in his book. ALWAYS. I cannot express how impressed I was. Now kindly read pages 2 through 4 of Mr. Magwood’s testimony to Congress about how Jackzo, a rabid bureaucrat, behaved:
    You have to understand something. The NRC is a place of scientists and engineers. Only safety and science and blood & guts engineering matter. Not politics. Not who knows whom. Not who is greasing whose skids. Just the science – that’s it. That’s all that matters. Never before in the history of US nuclear regulation has ANY commissioner behaved like Jackzo. NEVER. Just read and see. So when I learn that Ashley Judd is behaving like another rabid animal, it’s just par for the course with these wild beasts. This is who and what they are. And that they have been given such voice nationally when any sane society would relegate them to a mental institution is due to the singular fault of Barack Hussein Obama.

    Now have managers yelled at me during my previous work? Yup, and I goaded them to also. But no one – not a one – ever did this kind of thing. Not a one acted like such a rabid animal. Ashley Judd, Gegrory Jackzo, they are all the same. And it makes me madder than a wet hen that under Obama these kinds of people got put into positions of authority over safety issues that they have no ability to deal with.

  • Mary De Voe….. 2 Corinthians 4 : 7-9 Tim

  • The progressive left reminds me of HAL9000. They act like they are foolproof and incapable of error. Their mission is too important for them to allow anyone to jeopardize it. HAL did go on a rampage against the crew.

  • HAL went on a rampage against the crew just as former NRC Chairperson Jackzo, an Obama appointee, went on a rampage against NRC staff, especially women. Liberal, progressive, feminist, anti-nuke, eco-wacko, enviro-nazi Democrat.

  • Wow! I couldn’t watch it all. I felt like I was watching a mentally ill person saying embarrassing things in front of a crowd. Couldn’t someone help her off of the stage?

  • My earlier comment was about the cleverness of the video creators. After reading a short bio this woman is to be pitied. She is damaged from childhood rape. Ashley Judd’s performance is the most bizarre I’ve seen. Surely the producers must have known how known have known she was on another planet.

  • My typo fits the subject – it sure have read, “Surely the producers must have know she was on another planet”.

  • Seasoned drinker or progeny pride? Ancestral pride increases given its distance from rationality. Star Trek ancestor obviously rode their pride to an oxymoronic brilliant embarrassment. Ashley stands proudly among inane ancestors. Give the deadly sin of pride an audience and she waxes her thoughts irrationally. If you want to get an atheist mad, get someone to pray for this Ashley rant.

  • Too bad we don’t have the draft any more. A few months in boot camp would teach her the rewards are for those who shut up and listen.

Congresswoman Mia Love

Sunday, January 29, AD 2017


Congresswoman Mia Love’s speech to the March for Life.  Keep your eye on this lady.  She may well be the first female president of these United States.  Here is the text of her speech:





9 Responses to Congresswoman Mia Love

  • This was my third March for Life and during it the sense of hope was overwhelming. My wife and I arrived early to be near the stage. We stood among teenagers from Louisiana and Georgia who are dedicated to the ending of the abortion holocaust in America. Congresswoman Love’s speech touched everyone around me… the roars of approval, appreciation and love are only partially captured in this recording. God Bless her and God Bless the United States.

  • Very good.
    What might of been… indeed.

    Emmett McSweeney.
    Your description of the atmosphere surrounding the March for Life and Mia’s plea for life was great. The energy must of been incredible.
    Keeping the pressure on!
    February 11th National event coming up;

    Please consider joining us on the public square come Saturday.

    Let’s never wonder “what might have been,” but instead, enter into this battle of what is to come…..The Right to Life.

  • Of the 60,000,000 killed, none of them, not one of them, will ever live on this earth; because each of them, every single one of them was unique. Not one of them will ever be duplicated in all eternity. In all my sins, I hope that by being a voice for those still warm and happy in their mommy’s wombs, that when I am judged some of them will speak up for me in their small loving voices and say “Forgive this man, he was our voice when no one could hear us.” Guy McClung, San Antonio Texas

  • @Guy McClung.

    It’s sobering.
    Please allow me to piggyback your hope if I may.
    Reminds me of Our Lord saying in effect, that since you have given witness for my behalf, I shall give witness on your behalf to Our Father when you stand before him.
    Paraphrasing of course…but sobering and hopeful none the less.

  • Emmett, how was the turnout this year compared to previous?

  • I thought that this year’s turnout was larger but last year’s attendance was lower because of the snowstorm that paniced many marchers.

  • Thanks for the info. I wouldn’t trust any source who wasn’t there as a participant.

  • My parish bus was one of the ones that panicked and didn’t go last year. Comparing to previous years, I thought this was the biggest crowd I’ve seen. It was the furthest from the stage that I’ve been during the rally. While marching up Constitution Ave, I thought the crowd was pretty good sized. Then I looked back and saw the official beginning of the March was behind me. That “pretty good sized” crowd I was in was a small fraction of the total.

Resquiescat in Pace: John Hurt

Saturday, January 28, AD 2017


One of the foremost British actors of his generation, John Hurt has passed away at age 77.  He played everything from Caligula to Winston Smith to the Elephant Man, but he will always perhaps be best known for his first major role, that of his portrayal of the villainous Richard Rich who betrayed Saint Thomas More for an office in Wales.  Hurt had the knack of all great character actors of disappearing into his roles.  He was always the character, and not John Hurt playing a character.  Unlike most British actors and actresses, he did not talk much about his politics, but he did view political correctness with disdain, calling it a threat to freedom.


One Response to Resquiescat in Pace: John Hurt

  • His greatest role was in Spaceballs. At the end of the movie when Lone Star and Barf were at the diner, the character Hurt played said, “Oh, no, not again” and the alien popped out of him and did the Michigan J. Frog sond on the diner counter.