Sunday, August 6, AD 2017

This event I believe occurred at the Fourth Moscow Conference in 1944:


In 1944, at a time when the Soviet Union bore the brunt of the struggle against Nazi Germany, it was important to convince Stalin that the Western democracies accepted him as an equal. “‘In the world of the future, for which our soldiers have shed their blood on countless fronts”, the British Prime Minister said in his bombastic style, “our three great democracies will demonstrate to all mankind that they, both in wartime and in peacetime, will remain true to the high principles of freedom, dignity, and happiness of the people. That’s why I attach such paramount importance to good neighbourly relations between a restored Poland and the Soviet Union. It was for the freedom and independence of Poland that Britain went into this war. The British feel a sense of moral responsibility to the Polish people, to their spiritual values. It’s also important that Poland is a Catholic country. We can’t allow internal developments there to complicate our relations with the Vatican…”

“How many divisions does the Pope of Rome have?” Stalin asked, suddenly interrupting Churchill’s line of reasoning.

Valentin Berezhkov, Stalin’s interpreter, in his memoirs recounted this.


The response of Pius XII I have been unable to source as to time and place, but it has become immortal:  “You can tell my son Joseph that he will meet my divisions in heaven.”

The divisions that Stalin put so much faith in are as dead and buried now as he is, as is his Communist State that lasted merely one long life time.  Dictators come and go, Christ remains.

One Response to Divisions

  • Back in 1989, I usually picked up a copy of the Reverend Moon’s Washington Times as I could not stomach the Compost. I saved an editorial cartoon portraying the Polish people erecting a statue of Milton Friedman, while nearby a Stalin statue lay on the ground in pieces. Next to the pieces was an old lady with a babushka who gave the statue pieces an unceremonious salute of “BAH”.

    The little old ladies who came to Mass every Sunday, or every day, and prayed the Rosary had more power than Stalin did in the end.

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Pope Leo the Great on The Transfiguration

Sunday, August 6, AD 2017



The Gospel lesson, dearly-beloved, which has reached the inner hearing of our minds through our bodily ears, calls us to the understanding of a great mystery, to which we shall by the help of God’s grace the better attain, if we turn our attention to what is narrated just before.

The Saviour of mankind, Jesus Christ, in founding that faith, which recalls the wicked to righteousness and the dead to life, used to instruct His disciples by admonitory teaching and by miraculous acts to the end that He, the Christ, might be believed to be at once the Only-begotten of God and the Son of Man. For the one without the other was of no avail to salvation, and it was equally dangerous to have believed the Lord Jesus Christ to be either only God without manhood, or only man without Godhead , since both had equally to be confessed, because just as true manhood existed in His Godhead, so true Godhead existed in His Manhood. To strengthen, therefore, their most wholesome knowledge of this belief, the Lord had asked His disciples, among the various opinions of others, what they themselves believed, or thought about Him: whereat the Apostle Peter, by the revelation of the most High Father passing beyond things corporeal and surmounting things human by the eyes of his mind, saw Him to be Son of the living God, and acknowledged the glory of the Godhead, because he looked not at the substance of His flesh and blood alone; and with this lofty faith Christ was so well pleased that he received the fullness of blessing, and was endued with the holy firmness of the inviolable Rock on which the Church should be built and conquer the gates of hell and the laws of death, so that, in loosing or binding the petitions of any whatsoever, only that should be ratified in heaven which had been settled by the judgment of Peter.

But this exalted and highly-praised understanding, dearly-beloved, had also to be instructed on the mystery of Christ’s lower substance, lest the Apostle’s faith, being raised to the glory of confessing the Deity in Christ, should deem the reception of our weakness unworthy of the impassible God, and incongruous, and should believe the human nature to be so glorified in Him as to be incapable of suffering punishment, or being dissolved in death. And, therefore, when the Lord said that He must go to Jerusalem, and suffer many things from the elders and scribes and chief of the priests, and the third day rise again, the blessed Peter who, being illumined with light from above, was burning with the heat of his confession, rejected their mocking insults and the disgrace of the most cruel death, with, as he thought, a loyal and outspoken contempt, but was checked by a kindly rebuke from Jesus and animated with the desire to share His suffering. For the Saviour’s exhortation that followed, instilled and taught this, that they who wished to follow Him should deny themselves, and count the loss of temporal things as light in the hope of things eternal; because he alone could save his soul that did not fear to lose it for Christ. In order, therefore, that the Apostles might entertain this happy, constant courage with their whole heart, and have no tremblings about the harshness of taking up the cross, and that they might not be ashamed of the punishment of Christ, nor think what He endured disgraceful for themselves (for the bitterness of suffering was to be displayed without despite to His glorious power), Jesus took Peter and James and his brother John, and ascending a very high mountain with them apart, showed them the brightness of His glory; because, although they had recognised the majesty of God in Him, yet the power of His body, wherein His Deity was contained, they did not know. And, therefore, rightly and significantly, had He promised that certain of the disciples standing by should not taste death till they saw “the Son of Man coming in His Kingdom ,” that is, in the kingly brilliance which, as specially belonging to the nature of His assumed Manhood, He wished to be conspicuous to these three men. For the unspeakable and unapproachable vision of the Godhead Itself which is reserved till eternal life for the pure in heart, they could in no wise look upon and see while still surrounded with mortal flesh. The Lord displays His glory, therefore, before chosen witnesses, and invests that bodily shape which He shared with others with such splendour, that His face was like the sun’s brightness and His garments equalled the whiteness of snow.

3 Responses to Pope Leo the Great on The Transfiguration

  • The purpose the Transfiguration was to strengthen the faith of Peter, James and John at a time it was to be sorely tried. In our time we need a similar strength of faith as we confront the faith destroying figure of Pope Francis.

  • The introduction of the Luminous Mysteries fits perfectly into this era. This culture so in need of leadership that God himself is reminding all that his is the Way the Truth and the Life. His leadership is perfect. Not his poor failing representative, but He Himself will lead the flock.

    The Father and Holy Spirit present at the Baptism and Transfiguration as eye witness accounts testify to the events.
    The luminous mysteries are to strengthen our faith also. Reminding us all to listen. To believe. To be co-workers with Christ as this era is filled with those who do not adore, do not worship and do not believe.
    The Baptism and Transfiguration are great “bookends” as our priest Fr. Libby exclaimed yesterday. The start of our ministry.. baptism ..our forty days in the desert, temptations and trials..our life on earth. The reality of heaven. The instruction from Our Father to listen to Him!

    I love our faith.
    Our Holy Catholic Church.
    God is our leadership.
    His voice we hear…harden not your hearts dear American Catholic.
    Please pray for this pontificate.
    Pray for conversion.
    His and ours.

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Joan of Arc, They Are Calling You

Saturday, August 5, AD 2017

I commend you to God; may God watch over you and grant you grace so that you can maintain the good cause of the Kingdom of France.

Joan of Arc



Something for the weekend.  Joan of Arc, They Are Calling You.  A hit song a hundred years ago in the US.  Music by Jack Wells and lyrics by Al Bryan and Willie Weston.  Although the Maid of Orleans would not be canonized until 1920, the French had regarded her as a saint since her death.  In World War I French soldiers would usually have an image of Joan of Arc on them as they went into battle in a War most of them regarded as a Crusade to save France.

3 Responses to Joan of Arc, They Are Calling You

  • St. Joan of Arc pray for us.

  • “[T]he French had regarded her as a saint since her death…”

    And not only the French. As the Scottish historian, Andrew Lang recounts, “It is said by some who were present, that even the English Cardinal, Beaufort, wept when he saw the Maid die: “crocodiles’ tears!” One of the secretaries of Henry VI. (who himself was only a little boy) said, “We are all lost. We have burned a Saint!”

    They were all lost. The curse of their cruelty did not depart from them. Driven by the French and Scots from province to province, and from town to town, the English returned home, tore and rent each other; murdering their princes and nobles on the scaffold, and slaying them as prisoners of war on the field; and stabbing and smothering them in chambers of the Tower; York and Lancaster devouring each other; the mad Henry VI. was driven from home to wander by the waves at St. Andrews, before he wandered back to England and the dagger stroke—these things were the reward the English won, after they had burned a Saint. They ate the bread and drank the cup of their own greed and cruelty all through the Wars of the Roses. They brought shame upon their name which Time can never wash away; they did the Devil’s work, and took the Devil’s wages. Soon Henry VIII. was butchering his wives and burning Catholics and Protestants, now one, now the other, as the humour seized him.”

  • Her trial was an evil travesty, and her execution hard to contemplate. God will judge us each alone but I wonder if the judgment of nations is sometimes collective.

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PopeWatch: Beanies

Saturday, August 5, AD 2017



From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:


It was announced today that the Swiss Guard’s uniform will be changed to a more modern hipster look.

Pontifical Swiss Guard Commandant Daniel Anrig told Guards gathered at the annual When Do We Get To See Some Action Jamboree that the traditional “uniform” worn by the Knights will be replaced so as to be more appealing to millennials.

Instead of the well-known European Renaissance-style uniform, the average member of the Swiss Guard will be wearing a pair of skinny jeans, a beanie, and a leather jacket “no matter how hot the temperature gets in Rome,” Anrig said. Anrig did not specify whether swords would be replaced with scarfs or whether they would be replaced with pens in case “the muse strikes and gives them the inspiration to write the next Infinite Jest.”

“I have decided that the time is right for a modernization of the Swiss Guard Uniform,” Anrig said. “From now on, along with skinny jeans, beanies, and leather jackets, the preferred dress for the Guard will include v-necks or flannel shirts, vintage sneakers, bow ties, and black squared frames for glasses whether Guards wear prescription glasses or not.”

Swiss Guard David Adank told EOTT via a shrug of the shoulders this morning that, though a little bit nervous and hesitant about the change, he welcomes it with open, sarcastic arms.

“Whatever,” Adank went on to say before departing to an undisclosed coffee shop.

Another member of the Swiss Guard, Toby Caspari, told EOTT that he was worried that he would be expelled from the Guard since he struggles growing a proper mustache.

“I guess it’s the mandatory mustache that I’m most afraid of,” Caspari said. “I’ve never really been able to grow one, and all everyone’s talking about is what type of “stache wax” to use. Whatever, maybe I’ll use a fake. I trust the commandant’s judgment. I think skinny jeans really helps to show a striking, imitative image of Christ because he was kind of a hipster in his own way. He too didn’t care what people thought. But at the same time, he wanted people to notice him, but at the same time not notice him, if you know what I’m saying. You know what I’m saying?

4 Responses to PopeWatch: Beanies

  • “…a leather jacket…”
    I misread that as “a feather jacket” and before I could chastise myself…I decided I was merely ahead of the next update.

  • This is EOTT satire after the recent news announcement of the K of C changing their 4th degree uniforms to look more like UN soldiers:


    I responded to the announcement of this change with the following venting of the spleen on Facebook:

    The US Navy tried this crap. Major changes to the enlisted sailor uniform uniform took place in 1973. There was a movement to have enlisted uniforms appear more “distinguished” and “modern.” The traditional uniform of bell bottoms, neckerchief and dixie cup hat were replaced with suits and ties and a police officer style hat that were more in line with CPO and officer regulations. The idea was to present the modern Navy as a unified force, but these changes were NOT taken well and were largely reversed by 1980. Today the enlisted sailor wears much what he did during WW II – bell bottoms, neckerchief and dixie cup.

    Yes, a great many bad ideas we see in industry or the Church the US Navy has tried to implement at one time or another, in one way or another and it has abysmally failed, sometimes spectacularly. Rule of thumb: if it’s a bad idea, then the Navy already tried it. The change in uniform to modernize back in 73 is one example. Today’s allowing women on submarines (analogy – deaconettes and priestesses) is another and that innovation will eventually blow up in the Navy’s face (think about it – a women gets pregnant on a 3 month undersea voyage and her fetus is next to a live reactor core – utterly stupid). Another example is a bit more technical and related to my field of nuclear power.

    The Navy wanted to get rid of the expense and maintenance of control rod drive mechanisms for nuclear reactors. So it built a reactor in Ballston Spa, NY called MARF without control rods (think barf, though the acronym stands for Modifications and Additions to a Reactor Facility!). Instead of neutron absorbing control rods, the reactor had gadolinium tubes in the core that would fill with water to make the gadolinium absorb neutrons and empty to allow neutrons to cause fission in uranium and make heat (and hence steam via the steam generators for the turbines). Damn thing was difficult as hell to bring critical – even slight water level changes in the tubes made wild reactivity swings. Bad. Very bad. The freaking piece of junk was thankfully never installed on any ship or submarine, though it still runs today (less than 20% of the time if that) for materials testing. Can you imagine doing angles and dangles on submarine maneuvers at a 1000 ft depth and having the reactor first shutdown and then go screaming into the power range uncontrollably all because water level in the tubes sloshes around? Another dumb a$$ idea the Navy wisely $h1t canned.

    Well the story doesn’t stop there. Some commercial reactor designers today who want to be known innovative and at the ever piercing tip of the vanguard of pioneering advancement would likewise want to get rid of control rods in their designs and use just soluble neutron poison in the reactor coolant to control core reactivity. The Navy already tried getting rid of control rods and it doesn’t freaking work! Yes, albeit for different reasons that I won’t specify here, but I was a reactor operator (RO) and any RO worth his sea salt (especially he who stood watch at MARF in Ballston Spa) damn well knows it won’t work.

    There is a reason for tradition. Sometimes solutions to the problems we have were already worked out by people smarter than us long ago.

  • Well, putting women on surface ships blew up in the Navy’s face when they started putting women on auxiliary ships like destroyer and submarine tenders. Instead of learning their lesson from that disaster, the Navy just built a bigger bomb by putting women on combatant ships.

    To be sure, there are women who served well aboard ship, but I have spent enough time (five and a half years to be exact) serving aboard Navy ships to know that it is no place for a woman. Apparently, many women agree seeing as how many of them would deliberately get pregnant to get transferred to shore duty.

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A Coastal Party

Friday, August 4, AD 2017


With the West Virginia Governor switching parties to Republican from Democrat, the Republicans control the state legislatures and the statehouses in 26 states.  The Democrats control the state legislatures and statehouses in 5 states.  (The Connecticut Senate is evenly divided.)  The Republicans have 35 governorships, and the Democrats now have fifteen governorships.  Republicans control the legislature in 32 states to 18 for the Democrats.  The Republicans control 67 of the 98 state legislative chambers.  (Nebraska has a unicameral state legislature which is officially nonpartisan, but which is heavily controlled by Republican nonpartisans.)  Political success often is ephemeral in the US, but the big political story thus far in this country in the twenty-first century is the collapse of the Democrat party on the state level, rendering it largely a coastal party.

13 Responses to A Coastal Party

  • The Democrat Party is devoid of ideas,
    Sound philosophical strategies or any means to effectively govern. Open hostility to Christianity, public embrace of perversion, hatred of the Middle class, exploitation of poor people by getting them addicted to a government check and an arrogance that disallows any critical thinking….. this is the Democrat Party. When they win elections outside of the coasts it is almost always due to Republican stupidity.
    There are exceptions, of course. Cities almost everywhere are controlled by the Evil Party, or as I refer to them, The Party of Organized Crime. A really tough minded Attorney General could clobber the Organized Crime Party with RICO.

  • 26 June 2017: Kurt Schlichter: “Look Democrats, you’re doing great. After a half year of Trump and several special election moral victories – which are the best kind of victories – America is digging your vibe. Everyone loves the Democrats and their can-do message of opposition to Trump, entitlement to our money, resistance to Trump, demands for even more of our money, and dog-whistlin’ about murdering Trump and anyone else who doesn’t hate Trump or want to give Democrats our money.”

    Truth is hate. America’s dirt-bag left pathology in one sentence from Bookworm Room.. “Remarkable, really, that a group of people who measure intellect by knowing who Buzz Lightyear is and who trade in personal insults as a form of political commentary, think that they’re America’s ‘elite.’”

  • I’m not one to confuse the GOP with the Church, but it does seem as though the Democrats’ main strategy is to divide people up into as many demographics that hate each other as possible. All the while convincing people that while God has His qualities, it’s only through The State that healing and righteousness can occur. For some reason, people along the coasts seem to buy into that more than everyone else. I wonder if the same is true in other countries in the West.

  • Over the past twenty-five years, I have come to view the Democratic Party as incompatible with Catholicism. Perhaps some can reconcile the two, I cannot.

  • I think there’s a residual element in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and perhaps Michigan which is congenial to the Church as the Church. The Democratic Party’s line is incompatible with the abiding moral teachings of the Church and those teachings as they would have been understood in 1958. It’s not incompatible with most instances of everyday parish Catholicism. I’d wager 30% of the priest corps votes Democratic as a matter of course.

    The thing is, the Democratic Party is the electoral vehicle of the word-merchant element. The Church, or what’s left of it, is a standing rebuke to that element’s pretension. The pretense has been that their cadres are the proper allocators of status and recognition contra vernacular opinion and contra tradition and received orthodoxy. The legal profession, the mental health trade, higher education, and the media and entertainment business all have a rather fanciful conception of their own value. The Republican Party is largely run by mediocre men who have haphazard and confused responses to these challenges. When one of these Republican state legislatures shuts down a corrupt state college or withholds appropriations to a bad appellate court, I’ll be more impressed.

  • So why does it feel like the Democrats control everything worth controlling?

  • Because of Democrat control of most of the media. The “reality based” community is good at producing illusions. The problem for them is that too many leftists have swallowed the Koolaid and ignore the fact that they have begun a journey into what might be a very long and dense political wilderness. Additionally, too many conservatives are born pessimists, an affliction I, God be praised, have never shared.

  • Would to God I were more like you, Donald.

  • Additionally, too many conservatives are born pessimists, an affliction I, God be praised, have never shared.

    Well, the Republican congressional caucus, especially Addison Mitchell McConnell, has been behaving according to type, so I’m not expecting any accomplishments over the next four years. We’re all on a wild ride with Mr. Trump. I’d much rather one of the conventional Republicans had been able to establish a rapport with the electorate (instead of listening to their donors, political professionals, and the media). We’d have less drama and we might be able to get some serious border security past the Democratic Party of Rackets and the gelatinous mass of Lindsey Graham.

  • The Trump administration is still early Art. Let’s wait and see.

  • The Trump administration is still early Art. Let’s wait and see.

    I’m a fat middle-aged man. I don’t have much choice but to do that. I’m rooting for Trump re a selection of his objects, but not expecting much. The country has been, for 40-odd years, in this policy equilibrium which no one can seem to alter but with which everyone seems discontented. Mr. Reagan had a number of successes, but these were mostly in the realm of matters you could address administratively. (There were two pieces of tax legislation which had salutary features).

  • Yet another area that the Democratic Party has never connected with the ordinary person was their latent but persistent effort to invalidate the Second Amendment and the effort to dispossess the common man of his right to self-protection. People do get the implicit threat that the Democrats represent to their safety — along with their insatiable drive for absolute power.

    Even here in California, where to purchase a legal firearm it is almost easier to qualify for the next NASA space shot, during the waning days of the Hillary campaign up to the November election, if you went into Bass Pro Shop, the lines to purchase a firearm were virtually out the door.

    And in the rest of the country I frequent, which is Utah and Arizona and sometimes Idaho and Wyoming, you can imagine how bitterly hostile people are to Democrats on this matter.

    And they just don’t get it.

  • As the temperature of the water around them continues to rise, the frogs take comfort in the elections they have won. Of course they would not want to turn back the clock to an hour ago, when the temperature was 140 degrees Fahrenheit; they only want to hold to the current temperature of 160 degrees, or at least to slow down the rate at which the temperature is increasing so they have more time to adapt. This is what they have been doing since the heat was first applied, and it is what they will go on doing until they are boiled alive, all because they dare not be so gauche as to seriously address the real problem.

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Requiescat In Pace: Robert Hardy

Friday, August 4, AD 2017

As the war raged on I studied English at Oxford University, but my education was interrupted by my joining the RAF to train as a pilot. It was there that I got to meet Richard Burton – a navigator in the RAF – who would become so great a friend.

In 1949 I embarked on a career as an actor, and I was with Richard when I met Churchill for a second time in the early 1950s. We were appearing in Hamlet together at the Old Vic, with Richard as the Prince of Denmark. We knew Winston, who at this time was once again Prime Minister, was in the audience – he was unmissable sitting in the front row. 

After the performance we were in Richard’s dressing room when the mighty man burst in, cigar in hand, and, addressing Richard as if he was still in character, said, ‘Your Highness, I am in great need – do have you a lavatory?’

When he came out he complemented Richard on his ‘very forthright Hamlet’ before adding, ‘I’m astonished that such a man should wait so long to avenge his father!’ Needless to say, Richard and I dined out on that for weeks to come.

Robert Hardy

Sad news.  British actor Robert Hardy has died at 91.  Far too young for such a delightful man and talented actor.  At Oxford he studied English under CS Lewis and JRR Tokien, and he ever cherished that opportunity that fate handed him.  He became one of the foremost authorities on the English longbow.  (I have a book in my library that he wrote on the history of the longbow.)  He spoke and wrote in a most pellucid English, no doubt a tribute to his instruction from Lewis and Tolkien.  He of course is remembered for his acting.  To the younger generation he is Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic in the Harry Potter films.  Some may recall him as irascible, but good-hearted, veterinary Siegfried Farnon in the television series All Creatures Great and Small.  To me he will always be the definitive film Winston Churchill, a role that he played nine times. His longest portrayal was in the eight part miniseries The Wilderness Years, broadcast in the eighties, which may be found on You Tube.  Hail and farewell Mr. Hardy, may you have a joyous reunion with your two favorite professors in the world to come.

2 Responses to Requiescat In Pace: Robert Hardy

  • He hosted a series called “Castle Ghosts”. I think they aired on TLC (that’s back when it was actually ‘The Learning Channel’). We watched those every Halloween. Plenty of atmosphere, Hardy did a brilliant job narrating, and it was filled with good old traditional chills and spooks to keep the kids shivering. His delivery was so believable you’d think he was a reporter investigating the latest car models for the upcoming year. He will be missed.

  • Loved his interpretation of Sigfried. The character was based on Afred Wight (aka “James Herriot’)’s partner, Donald Sinclair. Supposedly, the Wight character interpreted by Hardy was more predictable and tranquil than the original. (He wasn’t ‘irascible’, he was florid. The irascible characters were the farmers who were their clients).

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PopeWatch: Sheer Incompetence

Friday, August 4, AD 2017



George Weigel at The Catholic Report notes that the powers that be at the Vatican are not noted for their competence:


On occasion, however, that can be a journey through the looking glass and into Wonderland.

Last month, Civilta Cattolicà featured an article co-authored by its editor-in-chief, Father Antonio Spadaro, SJ, and Pastor Marcelo Figueroa, who edits the Argentine edition of L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper. The article purported to analyze a startling “ecumenism of hate” in the United States, forged by ultra-conservative Catholics and evangelical Protestants, and creepy-dangerous for its indulgence in a new Manicheanism that distorts the Gospel and divides everything in the world into rigid and narrowly-defined categories of good and evil. This bizarre screed generated weeks of controversy in the blogosphere, during which Father Spadaro tweeted that the article’s critics were “haters” whose vitriol confirmed the article’s hypothesis – a Trumpian outburst ill-becoming a paladin of “dialogue.”

My friends and colleagues R.R. Reno, Robert Royal, and Fr. Raymond de Souza have ably replied to the comprehensive inanities of the Spadaro/Figueroa article: its ill-informed misrepresentation of American religious history; its surreal descriptions of 21st-century American Catholicism and evangelical Protestantism; its obsessions with marginal figures in contemporary American religious life like R.J. Rushdoony and Michael Voris; its misreading of the dynamics of religiously-informed public moral argument in American politics; and its weird description of the premises of current Vatican diplomacy, which will give comfort to the likes of Vladimir Putin, Raul Castro, and Nicolas Maduro. Those who care to sift through this intellectual dumpster can consult Dr. Reno’s article, Dr. Royal’s, and Fr. De Souza’s. The questions I’d like to raise here involve Civilta Cattolicà’s relationship to its putative overseers in the Vatican Secretariat of State.

What kind of vetting did this misbegotten article get? Were any knowledgeable experts on U.S. Catholicism or American evangelical Protestantism  consulted on what the overseers must have known would be an incendiary piece? Does the Spadaro/Figueroa article really represent the views of the Secretariat of State about today’s debates at the intersection of religion and politics in the United States? If the answer to the last is “Yes,” then what does the Secretariat of State make of the American situation as described by the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, Archbishop Christoph Pierre, in his addresses to the U.S. bishops – a description that bears no resemblance to the wasteland of madcap pseudo-theology and hatred described by Spadaro and Figueroa? If the answer is “No,” then why was the Spadaro/Figueroa article cleared for publication?

8 Responses to PopeWatch: Sheer Incompetence

  • Now why in the world would the authors of that article consult experts on anything American? Does anyone really think Spadoro and Figueroa give a damn about accuracy or facts? For anyone who does think that, boy have I got a deal for you on oceanfront property in Kansas.

    No, Francis is not known for his intellect. But you normally need at least one doctorate to be able to reach the level of ridiculousness Pope Francis does on a regular basis. And he has what, maybe a graduate degree at best?

  • LQC puts it best. Papa Bergoglio is a Peronist Marxist devoid of an intellect capable of critical thinking. Cardinal Burke was one of the authors of the Dubia. Cardinal Wuerl despises Cardinal Burke and Papa Bergoglio listens to Wuerl when he wants to.

  • Dividing everything into rigid categories of “good and evil” is now bad. Pope Francis eschews publically–those who see things in black and white, while JPII instructs us to call black, black, white, white, and to call sin, sin. It is the later category that bothers those who prefer the flexibility of the diabolical world of relativistic greys.

  • Except for the idiom, it read like sorsophere talking points. Frankenchurch is an entity suffering from injelitence. Peter’s Pence goes to the maintenance of displays of the Peter Principle.

  • Manicheanism is wrong, but not because it makes a clear distinction between good and evil, but rather because it casts individuals as purely good or evil, effectively casting all human disputes as cosmic confrontations pure and faultless angels against wholly reprobate demons.

    But it is unambiguously the Left that does this, casting anyone who doesn’t fit perfectly into their increasingly tiny misshapen mold as a “Nazi,” “racist,” “white nationalist,” “homophobe,” etc. And this has always been the case with the Left, which always divides people into groups of virtuous and faultless “victims” and their unremittingly evil “oppressors” who must be cast down.

    “Father” Spadaro engaged in this Manicheanism himself, even while accusing others of it, by dismissing all of his critics out of hand as nothing more than “haters,” who allegedly driven by nothing more than pure unreasoning malice as they are, don’t even need to be debated or to have their arguments addressed.

  • ” Don’t blame the minions and ignore their master.” Good point Donald for George Weigel to note. It would appear George needs a reality check (courage) in his evident inability (fear?) to describe who Pope Francis really is.

  • Amen to that, Michael Dowd. Weigel is probably afraid to offend the neo-cons who write his paychecks. It is beyond me how anyone who is actually paying attention (admittedly a very small minority) could fail to see the truth here.

  • Weigel is probably afraid to offend the neo-cons who write his paychecks.

    Or, maybe he just writes what he thinks. Pretty silly to imagine he’s controlled by the ghost of Irving Kristol.

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Thursday, August 3, AD 2017



The Spadaro-Figueroa American Catholic conservative bashing article came out two weeks ago, go here to read about it, but suddenly today it receives coverage all over the secular press.  Is this merely an example of how slow the mainstream media generally is to cover Catholic news, or is this a ramping up of the Pope’s war, and let us be honest that is precisely the term that should be used, against American Catholic conservatives?  Go here to look at some of the stories published today.  The New York Times article is driving the coverage, and why did they suddenly decide to cover this now?  For the present, American Catholic conservatives should assume that our enemies in the Vatican are working hand in glove with our domestic enemies.

8 Responses to Hmmm

  • Pope Francis is showing proof of Christ’s words: “The world will hate you as the world has hated me.” Pope Francis hates American Conservative Catholics as the world hates American Conservative Catholics. “then the earth opened up and swallowed the Golden Calf and all of the revelers.”

  • oh Donald McClarey you accidentally gave me a great chuckle– look at the tag you put at the end for “Spandero” ! just struck me funny as if he would dress in spandex in his forays into battle with us hateful Catholic true believers… Plus the picture of the pope – 🙂

  • Oops, corrected. Yeah, that picture of the Pope does seem to capture our Red Pope. Ironically the General of the Jesuits often received traditionally the hostile nickname of the Black Pope.

  • I like it that Pope Francis is showing his true colors as a political figure. The more he does this the more his credibility as a religious leader suffers. Also, the more he does this the more he opens himself to attack for his politics. His sheep’s clothing is giving him less cover.

  • Thank God I don’t have to support his politics….

  • I have a hard time separating politics and religion. Actually I have a hard time separating my faith from anything else in my life/

  • Can it possibly be true that Vatican officials are lobbing curses at a White House aide with nebulous responsibilities? Did anyone in John Paul’s camarilla know or care who Ed Meese was? Is the Holy See trying to tell us they are hopelessly overstaffed?

  • Anzlyne-
    That’s rather how I am; they both flow from my world-view, my philosophy.
    Difference between politics and religion is that religion forms my idea of “should be,” while politics is an expression of “how can we work towards that.”

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20 Responses to Quotes Suitable for Framing: Paul Zummo

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PopeWatch: Padre Pio

Thursday, August 3, AD 2017


Hattip to commenter Greg Mockeridge.  Edward Pentin at National Catholic Register reminds us of just how far we have fallen:


The decision to have the notorious abortionist Emma Bonino speak about immigration in an Italian church last week drew widespread condemnation.

But it also led some to argue, including the local Caritas representative who sponsored her talk, that Bonino’s atrocious abortion record, of which she has never repented, could be set aside to focus on this other aspect of Catholic Social Teaching. 

Yet effectively sidelining the gravity of abortion in favor of bringing a radical secularist to form a common front on immigration perhaps signifies how much the West, and some in the Church, have become numb to abortion and the gravity of the sin.

St. Padre Pio, for example, believed abortion was not just the murder of an innocent human being, but also a true suicide.

In a now famous story, Father Pellegrino Funicelli, who assisted Padre Pio for many years, once confronted the saint on the sin, asking him:

“Today you denied absolution to a woman because she had voluntarily undergone an abortion. Why have you been so rigorous with this poor unfortunate?” (Padre Pio would sometimes refuse to give absolution to a penitent if they showed insufficient contrition; often they would return and he’d give absolution if they were sincere).

Padre Pio responded: “The day that people lose their horror for abortion will be the most terrible day for humanity. Abortion is not only a homicide but also a suicide. Shouldn’t we have the courage to manifest our faith before those who commit two crimes within one act?

“Suicide?,” asked Father Pellegrino.

“The suicide of the human race will be understood by those who will see the earth populated by the elderly and depopulated of children: burnt as a desert,” Padre Pio replied.

Bonino, who boasts of performing more than 10,000 abortions in 1975, vacuuming the unborn child from the womb with a bicycle pump and putting the mangled remains into a glass jar, ironically noted in her talk the population decline in Italy.

14 Responses to PopeWatch: Padre Pio

  • “Abortion is not only a homicide but also a suicide.” St. Pio.

    Add genocide. A mass homicide IS the adoption of killing human beings for a greater good. This adoption of act being a form of social justice in this culture is most definitely a sign of suicide for a people, a nation.

    St. Mother Teresa: “Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want.”

    This form of violence is worse than murder because it teaches the generations to come that regardless of the act, the ends do justify the means.

    God help us.
    Saint Pio, Pray hard for US.
    You, ambassador for Christ, get to the abortion clinic and pray the rosary for the end of a national suicidal pact….the liberial / feminist progressive mindset.

  • “The day that people lose their horror for abortion will be the most terrible day for humanity”
    Such perfect understanding of the evil of abortion. How possibly could any apostle of Christ call the opposing of such evil, “an obsession”?
    One has to wonder if in Rome, the seat of God’s holy Church, truth matters anymore.

  • I keep saying to myself, if Bergoglio is not the false prophet, what would the false prophet do differently? . . . I got nothing.

  • “One person cannot own another person” Abraham Lincoln.
    Scientific DNA tells us that the newly begotten innocent soul is another person., not a “rabbity” person but a child of God whom the Pope must acknowledge. Damn the Pope’s evil excesses. Damn the Pope’s evil bullying imposing atheism on the world. Damn the Pope’s unbridled ignorance.

  • “have become numb to abortion and the gravity of the sin….”

    The unholy logic is this: Humanae Vitae cannot be preached (the very idea that married persons are capable of abstaining for 10-14 days of fertility is absurd, so say celibate male clergy..), therefore widespread contraception by persons who profess to be catholic will continue and therefore in general society also, therein since widespread contraception is at the very root of abortion, abortion is also a “necessary” evil.

    Insane, I know, but there it is. The Slippery slope.

  • I’m sure that if Emma Bonino was an unrepentant nazi or an enthusiastic
    advocate for pedophilia, then Caritas would never dream of sponsoring
    her talk on immigration in a Catholic church. But she’s neither of those,
    she’s “just” a notorious, unrepentant, enthusiastic advocate for abortion.
    No big deal, apparently. /sarc.

    Oh, and Caritas isn’t alone in their moral blindness– earlier this year, Pope
    Francis referred to Bonino as one of Italy’s “forgotten greats”– and this is
    the man who just gutted the Pontifical Academy for Life and then staffed
    it with people soft on abortion / euthanasia…https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/pope-calls-italys-foremost-abortion-promoter-one-of-nations-forgotten-great

  • The chastisement begin’s in and of the Church. 17For the time is, that judgment should begin at the house of God. And if first at us, what shall be the end of them that believe not the gospel of God? 18And if the just man shall scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear? 19Wherefore let them also that suffer according to the will of God, commend their souls in good deeds to the faithful Creator.

    1st. Peter 4:17,18

    Preparing for verse 18 & 19

  • “have become numb to abortion and the gravity of the sin….”
    What human beings have become numb to is the joy of chaste sex, the joy of knowing sacrifice of true love, the reality of God. Absent true love, individuals settle for the scab culture of dehumanized beings, the denial of God, the celebration of sin and debouchery. God gave us the Ten Commandments because He loves us. The devil smogs over our minds with inuendos and swindles. Remember: Satan promised Adam and Eve that they would become like God if they ate the forbidden fruit, which was the forbidden fruit. Adam and Eve were created in the image of God Adam and Eve were like God. Satan promised Adam and Eve something that they already had and the devil did not have to give. That is called a swindle.
    Why is it that contraceptive love or fornication never satisfies, even abortion never solves anything but creates more chaos. One woman had 35 abortions to “save her life” Mindless. Let us say that people have already slipped into insanity since abolishing the presence of God in their midst and establishing atheism as the center of truth. God WHO is TRUTH.

  • Just think, if she were a member of the mafia the pope would have excommunicated her. Hmm, I’d bet she’s killed more humans than the mafia.

  • “Bonino, who boasts of performing more than 10,000 abortions in 1975, vacuuming the unborn child from the womb with a bicycle pump and putting the mangled remains into a glass jar, ironically noted in her talk the population decline in Italy.”

    What cognitive dissonance! Can’t these people – such believes in science and reason – think through the logical consequences of their murderous policies and programs?

    To be liberal is to be mentally defective.

  • He should save some of the horror he shows for our President for her and Maduro…

  • Yes, first numb to sin and then to common sense–followed by mass suicide, just as night follows day. Surely the end is near.

  • Last evening, I listened to an interview of Michael Hichson of the Lepanto Institutein One Peter 5. He has done a great deal of investigative reporting of Caritas, the CRC worldwide, and the USCCB. This is not new news but coming to light more and more. Padre Pio is rolling in his grave. Padre Pio, pray for us!

  • The dogma of the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION is being undercut by the apparitions at Medjugore. The IMMACULATE CONCEPTION is the Mother of all newly begotten innocent souls infused into the human body at fertilization and conception. The rational soul is the breath of life. Scientific DNA proves individuality at fertilization.
    The dogma of the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION promulgated in 1850 is celebrated on December 8th in the Catholic Church. Therefore, Our Lady’s birthday is celebrated on September 8th, nine months later, in the same way that the ANNUNCIATION is celebrated on March 25th and the birth of Jesus is celebrated on December 25th.
    The apparition at Medjugore tells people that Our Lady’s birthday is August 5th, so that Our Lady’s IMMACULATE CONCEPTION occurred on November 5th. Still the teaching authority of the Catholic Church is being obliterated by this apparition.
    The statue of Medjugore has no breasts and the feet are covered by a cloud.
    The chief exorcist of the Vatican, Malachi Martin RIP said that the apparitions at Medjugore are a satanic hoax. Our Lady’s feet were shown at Fatima, Lourdes, Akita, Garabendel every time. Now here NO.
    Atheism is a religious belief in the non-existence of The Supreme Sovereign Being, God, in the non-existence of the rational transcendent soul and in the innate, unalienable human rights inhering in mankind’s immortal soul. Satan is no atheist.
    Abortion, genocide and mass murder result from the rejection of the existence of The Supreme Sovereign Being, God, and mankind’s transcendent breath of life.
    Abolishing the dogma of THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION by destroying the church teaching on the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION destroys the Church teaching on the sanctity and sacredness of human life from conception at fertilization to natural death, when the breath of life, the human soul, leaves the body.

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Quotes Suitable for Framing: Alvin C. York

Thursday, August 3, AD 2017

The American-born boys and the Greeks, Irish, Poles, Jews, and Italians who were in my platoon in the World War. A heap of them couldn’t speaker write the American language until they larned it in the Army. Over here in the training camps and behind the lines in France a right-smart lot of them boozed, gambled, cussed, and went A. W. O. L. But once they got into it Over There they kept on a-going. They were only tollable shots and burned up a most awful lot of ammunition. But jest the same they always kept on a-going. Most of them died like men, with their rifles and bayonets in their hands and their faces to the enemy. I’m a-thinkin* they were real heroes. Any way they were my buddies. I jes learned to love them.


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Benedict XV, Rudyard Kipling, John Bunyan and G. K. Chesterton

Wednesday, August 2, AD 2017


The cheapest and most childish of all the taunts of the Pacifists is, I think, the sneer at belligerents for appealing to the God of Battles. It is ludicrously illogical, for we obviously have no right to kill for victory save when we have a right to pray for it. If a war is not a holy war, it is an unholy one — a massacre.

G.K. Chesterton, October 23, 1915

(Pope Benedict issued his peace proposal on August 1, 1917.  To observe the occasion I am reposting this post from 2011.  Of all that I have written about Kipling, and that is now a considerable amount, this is my favorite piece. I would observe in passing that both Chesterton and CS Lewis, although they differed considerably from Kipling’s views on many topics, were both fans of him as a writer.)

The eighth in my ongoing series examining the poetry of Rudyard Kipling.   The other posts in the series may be read here, here , here , herehere , here and here.   Kipling wrote quite a few poems during his lifetime.  Some are world-famous, most are not, and some are today almost completely forgotten.   The Holy War (1917) is today one of Kipling’s most obscure poems, but caused something of a stir when he wrote it in Advent during 1917.

A tinker out of Bedford,
A vagrant oft in quod,
A private under Fairfax,
A minister of God–
Two hundred years and thirty
Ere Armageddon came
His single hand portrayed it,
And Bunyan was his name!_

He mapped, for those who follow,
The world in which we are–
‘This famous town of Mansoul’
That takes the Holy War
Her true and traitor people,
The gates along her wall,
From Eye Gate unto Feel Gate,
John Bunyan showed them all.

All enemy divisions,
Recruits of every class,
And highly-screened positions
For flame or poison-gas,
The craft that we call modern,
The crimes that we call new,
John Bunyan had ’em typed and filed
In Sixteen Eighty-two

Likewise the Lords of Looseness
That hamper faith and works,
The Perseverance-Doubters,
And Present-Comfort shirks,
With brittle intellectuals
Who crack beneath a strain–
John Bunyan met that helpful set
In Charles the Second’s reign.

Emmanuel’s vanguard dying
For right and not for rights,
My Lord Apollyon lying
To the State-kept Stockholmites,
The Pope, the swithering Neutrals,
The Kaiser and his Gott–
Their roles, their goals, their naked souls–
He knew and drew the lot.

Now he hath left his quarters,
In Bunhill Fields to lie.
The wisdom that he taught us
Is proven prophecy–
One watchword through our armies,
One answer from our lands–
‘No dealings with Diabolus
As long as Mansoul stands.

_A pedlar from a hovel,
The lowest of the low,
The father of the Novel,
Salvation’s first Defoe,
Eight blinded generations
Ere Armageddon came,
He showed us how to meet it,
And Bunyan was his name!_

At one level the poem is a fairly straight-forward paean to John Bunyan, the English writer who penned Pilgrims’s Progress, which every school child used to read back in days when schools spent far more time on academics and far less time on political indoctrination and fake subjects like “Consumer Ed”.  He also wrote quite a few other books and pamphlets, perhaps the best known of which is The Holy War, which portrays a war for the City of Mansoul between the good defenders and the evil besiegers.  I need not spell out the allegorical meaning of the work when the city’s named is rendered as Man Soul.  Kipling had been a devotee of Bunyan since his childhood, and I suppose that part of his motivation in writing the poem was to pay back a literary debt.

3 Responses to Benedict XV, Rudyard Kipling, John Bunyan and G. K. Chesterton

  • My grandfather was a great lover of Kipling, and had a wonderful complete edition of his works that I read through much of as a boy. You are firing my imagination to go back to those volumes that by good chance I inherited tonight for summer reading.

    Kipling occasioned one of my many mistakes in academia, when my Jesuit teacher asked for suggestions for the course in English Literature for writers we should like to be studied. I suggested Kipling.

    He exploded in a 5-min diatribe of “Well, if you want to study a racist, colonialist, an imperialist, a war-monger, a supremacist…[insert here 4 minutes and 45 seconds more of negative -ists], well, then I suppose we could study his works! IF that’s what YOU want!”, and proceeded to glare me and the room into silence. Suffice to say, further literary suggestions that day were ended immediately. After all, we needed to pass this class, right? And that was the day when alternate class spaces were at a premium.

    I often wonder where that fine academic mind is today. And this was some years before the present intellectual siege of our universities. The minds of intellectual mites have to impose their minuscule acumen on the vast brilliance of a man like Kipling.

    Nonetheless, Kipling belongs to the ages, and they to the dustbin of academic mediocrity.

  • “Well, if you want to study a racist, colonialist, an imperialist, a war-monger, a supremacist…[insert here 4 minutes and 45 seconds more of negative -ists], well, then I suppose we could study his works! IF that’s what YOU want!”, and proceeded to glare me and the room into silence.”

    Students are to be pitied when they have a small minded bully for an instructor.

  • Pope Benedict XV bears a striking resemblance to Pope Pius XII, Eugenio Pacelli

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August 1, 1917: The Pope’s Peace Plan

Wednesday, August 2, AD 2017



On August 1, 1917 Pope Benedict addressed a peace plan to the heads of the belligerent nations.  The plan had not a prayer of success, as both the Central and Allied Powers had reasons to believe that a military victory was still within their grasp.  The plan is not a mere plea for peace but has some interesting features including:  freedom of the seas, the recognition of the rights of submerged nations, including Armenia and Poland, no war reparations, some sort of league of nations.  Although President Wilson, along with the heads of all the other powers, other than Austria-Hungary, would reject the Pope’s plans, his later Fourteen Points would reflect a borrowing from the Pope’s peace plan.  Here is the text of the Pope’s message:


From the beginning of Our Pontificate, amidst the horrors of the terrible war unleashed upon Europe, We have kept before Our attention three things above all: to preserve complete impartiality in relation to all the belligerents, as is appropriate to him who is the common father and who loves all his children with equal affection; to endeavour constantly to do all the most possible good, without personal exceptions and without national or religious distinctions, a duty which the universal law of charity, as well as the supreme spiritual charge entrusted to Us by Christ, dictates to Us; finally, as Our peacemaking mission equally demands, to leave nothing undone within Our power, which could assist in hastening the end of this calamity, by trying to lead the peoples and their heads to more moderate frames of mind and to the calm deliberations of peace, of a “just and lasting” peace.

Whoever has followed Our work during the three unhappy years which have just elapsed, has been able to recognize with ease that We have always remained faithful to Our resolution of absolute impartiality and to Our practical policy of well-doing.

We have never ceased to urge the belligerent peoples and Governments to become brothers once more, even although publicity has not been given to all which We have done to attain this most noble end has not always been made public.

At the end of the first year of war, in addressing to them the most forceful exhortations, we also identified the road to follow to achieve a peace which was lasting and dignified for all. Unfortunately, our appeal was not listened to: the war continued fiercely for another two years with all its horrors; it grew worse and indeed it extended by land, sea and even air, where on defenceless cities, on quiet villages, on their innocent inhabitants, there descended desolation and death. And now nobody can imagine for how long these shared evils will multiply and become worse, whether for a few more months, or even worse whether another six years will become added to these bloodstained three years. Will the civilised world, therefore, be reduced to a field of
death? And will Europe, so glorious and flourishing, almost overwhelmed by a universal madness, rush to the abyss, to its true and authentic suicide?

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PopeWatch: Clear Sighted Atheist

Wednesday, August 2, AD 2017



Some atheists see more clearly these days than many Catholics:



An atheist philosopher friend of Benedict XVI has strongly criticized Pope Francis, accusing the Holy Father of not preaching the Gospel but politics, fomenting schism, and issuing secularist statements aimed at destroying the West.

In a fiery interview published July 10 in Mattino di Napoli, Marcello Pera, who co-wrote the famous 2005 book Without Roots with then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, said he cannot understand the Pope who, he said, goes beyond the bounds of “rational comprehension.”

A philosophy professor, member of Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party, and a former president of the Italian Senate, Pera said he believes the reason why the Pope calls for unlimited immigration is because he “hates the West” and is seeking to do all he can “to destroy it.”

He added that he does not like the Pope’s magisterium, saying it is “not the Gospel, only politics,” and that Francis is “little or not at all interested in Christianity as doctrine, in its theological aspect.”

“His statements appear to be based on Scripture,” he said, but “actually they are strongly secularist.”

Immigration has become a highly sensitive topic in Italy in recent months as thousands of refugees arrive every month, mostly from north Africa, placing considerable strain on local communities and services.

7 Responses to PopeWatch: Clear Sighted Atheist

  • If a philosopher cannot understand the pope (our guardian of the faith) how ever can we little people (whose precious souls are always up for grabs) ever know the faith as handed down by the Apostles.?

  • Bergoglio’s background explains all. Many Argentines hate the United States. The US is powerful and wealthy and has clout in world politics. Argentina has the tango and churrasco and hid Nazis. The US is the West.
    It is important to note that not all of Latin America is as screwed up as Argentina, though Cuba is worse and Venezuela is headed there.
    The Pontiff is who the likes of the German cardinals and Daneels wanted. The garbage they want to pull is out in the open.

  • The quicker God deposed and anathematizes Jorge Bergoglio and his liberal entourage of effeminate clerics, the better. And it will take God’s power to purge the Church of these tares among the wheat.

  • Argentina has the tango and churrasco and hid Nazis.

    War criminals hid out in Latin America because Latin America has weak and corruptible institutions and their governments are not invested in settling old scores derived from European wars. The Southern Cone is attractive because it’s comparatively affluent, has a large mass of people of non-Iberian origin, and the effects of chain-migration. (Recall that Paraguay was accused of harboring Joseph Mengele; it turned out later that he’d only spent two years there).

    It is important to note that not all of Latin America is as screwed up as Argentina, though Cuba is worse and Venezuela is headed there.

    Argentina is one of the most affluent Latin American countries. The problem with Argentina is that from about 1928 to about 1983, it was a country which did less with more. None of the Southern Cone countries have re-acquired the relative position they occupied in the 1920s, when they were (by contemporaneous standards) 1st world.

  • Pera: Francis is “little or not at all interested in Christianity as doctrine…His statements appear to be based on Scripture,” he said, but “actually they are strongly secularist.”

    T’would be best for the august Holy Father not to try to get over on an atheist about his true agenda.


    I was longing for the day when we had popes, real popes, men of Catholic Faith, when I was reminded in today’s Traditional Catholic liturgical calendar on the feast day of S. Alphonsus Liguori. So impressed was the Benedictine Pope Pius VII with S. Alphonsus’ profound spiritual teaching and doctrine that according to Dom. Gaspar Lefebvre OSB, the great historian and liturgist, recounts that on S. Alphonsus’ death in 1787, “P. Pius VII commanded [S. Alphonsus’] 3 fingers of his right hand to be sent to Rome, pronouncing, “Let them come to Rome, those holy fingers which have written so well for the Glory of God, of Mary, and of religion.”

    That was when we had a pope who actually cared about the teachings of the Catholic Faith on the glories of God, Mary, and Catholic doctrine—and few expressed those more beautifully, and clearly, than S. Alphonsus.

    What a concept!

  • Shall we render a tentative judgement?

    —There is an informal schism in the Church: Pope Francis is in schism with orthodox Catholicism.

    —Pope Francis is an enemy of democracy as indicated by his handling of the situation in Venezuela and Colombia.

    —Pope Francis prefers and acts like Marxist dictator
    —Those who oppose Pope Francis can be excommunicated, e.g.,Don Jose Galat.

    —Pope Francis is an enemy to orthodox Catholics and democratic freedom.

  • “Shall we render a tentative judgement?” Michael Dowd: Precisely. Principles must be judged. Persons must be tolerated. Unbridled ignorance must be eradicated.

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August 2, 1917: The Green Corn Rebellion

Wednesday, August 2, AD 2017


US participation in the Great War was popular but not completely so.  The Socialist Party of America was strongly anti-war, and held 1200 elective offices around the country, including one seat in Congress, 32 seats in state legislatures  and 79 mayorships.  Its anti-war stance cost it membership.  Socialists however, and other rural radicals, were apparently the instigators of an armed anti-draft riot that began on August 3, 1917 in rural Oklahoma among a gathering of tenant farmers.  This fed off years of disputes between radicalized tenant farmers and the much more conservative residents of towns in Seminole and  Pontotoc  counties in Oklahoma.  August 3, 1917 was to be the end of the annual Muscogee Creek Indian tribe Green Corn Festival.  On August 2, 1917 the Seminole sheriff and a deputy were ambushed, bridges burned and telephone lines cut.  The next day  800 to 1000 armed men, a mix of white tenant farmers, Indians and black tenant farmers, assembled near the adjoining borders of Seminole, Pontotoc and Hughes counties in southeastern Oklahoma.  Their plan was allegedly to march on Washington, eating green corn and barbecued beef on the way, overthrow the government and end the draft.

The whole scheme proved abortive when a well armed posse of townsfolk showed up.  The embattled farmers fired a few shots and scattered.

5 Responses to August 2, 1917: The Green Corn Rebellion

  • I can see why many would be anti-war, given Wilson’s promises to keep us out, which were quickly abandoned when he was elected. Interesting, little-known side drama. Also comforting to know that the Socialist fever ebbs and flows in this country but never seems to take firm root, at least I hope so.

  • For a tenant farmer service in the military would likely mean they would lose their land. Ironically, the Draft had an exemption for men with wives and minor kids if military service would mean insufficient income for the dependents. That meant that almost all of the married tenant farmers with kids, probably the vast majority, would have been exempt from the Draft in any case.

  • That meant that almost all of the married tenant farmers with kids, probably the vast majority, would have been exempt from the Draft in any case.

    If I understand correctly (cannot locate the reference) about 3/4 of the applications to draft boards for a ‘hardship’ exemption were granted. I think just having dependents was generally sufficient.

  • Sounds similar to the Whiskey Rebellion of the 1790s in Western Pennsylvania -not due to the cause, but the result.

  • In the UK, farming, along with a number of other occupations (mining, shipbuilding) were Reserved Occupations, carrying an automatic exemption from conscription.

    The UK imported about half its foodstuffs and farming was considered vital war work.

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On the Firing Line With the Germans

Tuesday, August 1, AD 2017

The things you find on Youtube.  Thirty-two year old  Wilbur H. Durborough, an American reporter, for seven months in 1915 followed the German army taking photographs for the Chicago Newspaper Enterprise Association.  He was also producing a movie documentary on the German army in the field, the documentary being financially backed by several Chicago businessman.  Durborough hired cameraman Irving G. Ries, who would later work in Hollywood and who received an academy award nomination for his work on the movie Forbidden Planet (1956).  Driving a Stutz Bearcat, one of the fastest cars of its time, flying an American flag, Durborough and Ries followed in the wake of the German army on the Eastern front, creating  a historically priceless visual record of the German army in action.  Lost for decades, the film was restored recently by the Library of Congress. Durborough went on to serve in the US Army as a public relations officer after the US entered the War.

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