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The Freedom to Fail *

I’ve heard Democrat voting described as wanting “the freedom to fail.”  I think that’s an interesting turn of phrase “the freedom to fail.”  From what I’ve been able to glean,  it means the freedom to try all kinds of interesting and bold new ideas without having to worry about starving if they don’t work out.  We have that already, it’s called childhood…or maybe even college.  Once you become an adult, taking responsibility for feeding yourself is part of the package?  Isn’t it?

We have a safety net in our society which is meant to keep people from starving to death if they find themselves in rough water.  I don’t know anyone who has an issue with it.  The problem I see is that what was meant to be a trampoline has become a comfy hammock.   There are people who are trying to use it to jump back into their lives, but it’s too cushy to get any bounce, and the other folks are settling in there and calling for more stuff.  It’s not supposed to be a vacation!

People demonized Mitt Romney when he talked about the 47% who receive government handouts.  It was one of the most honest things I ever heard a politician say, and I was disappointed when he backed away from it.  It is human nature to begin taking for granted the people who voluntarily step in to help.  Most people have had the experience of stepping into the gap to “temporarily” help someone else, but when we try to stop “helping” they get frustrated and angry that we quit.  The same thing happens with the government, we have only to look at the riots in Greece to know that this is true.  When you try to wean people, even the able bodied, off of free stuff they get angry.  Could the solution be to just stop offering the free stuff in the first place?

There comes a sense of entitlement with the idea that things should be “fair.”  I don’t know who the liar is who started the “we need it to be fair” cr*p, but I’d like to smack them.  The idea of “fair” gives other people the impression that they have a right to the things we have worked to earn.  It is not my responsibility to pay for your “Obama-phone“, but heaven help me if I try to stop paying for it.

It’s like taking my kids to the toy store and listening to them squeal with delight at all of the things I could buy them, but it’s as if my children brought along the force of the Federal Government to force me to buy all those things whether I want to or not.

Didn’t de Tocqueville say something about how the American Republic would last until the Congress discovered that it could bribe the people with other people’s money?  We’re there.  Half of the country voted on Tuesday to keep living off of the half that doesn’t want to be subsidized.  My only question is…What happens when the 50% of earners decide to quit?


*You can read the full, expanded, “Director’s Cut” over at Shoved to Them.

Hey Democrats…Get Your Minds Outta My Pants

*** Do you really need a content warning for this?  It starts off with walking vaginas.  In case that’s not obvious enough for you……Content Warning!!!***



Walking vaginas

Who makes these things?


Demands for free contraception

Will spend tens of thousands of dollars on a law degree.  Won’t spend $10 for her own pills.



Acting like a slut is a fine thing to be

Yes…we know you say yes…believe it or not, that’s what makes you a slut.



Turning voting into a sexual experience




Telling me to “Vote with my Lady Parts”


Stayin’ classy



If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was all a little bit misogynistic, but I do know better.  I learned it from the feminists I met in college.  They taught me that as long as a man was in favor of abortion he could say anything he wanted about women and he was okay.  That’s how I knew that the art professor who said that the perfect woman only needed “two tits, a hole, and a heartbeat” was funny.  (He wore a Vote for Clinton t-shirt — so he was pro-woman just funny.)  It’s how I knew that the polite guy in history class, who always held the door open for me because my hands were usually full of books, hated women.  He voted for Bush.  (The first one.  It was 1992.)


When I was young and unmarried, the creepy guys were the ones who talked about nothing but sex while, usually, staring at your boobs.  Things seem to have changed since the “dark ages” of the early ’90s.  Now the guys who talk about sex non-stop and can’t get their minds away from our “lady parts” are hailed as the champions of womyn-kind!


I’m sure that he has nothing but respect for the woman he’s treating like a piece of meat.


Well, I have a message for these “Champions of Womyn!”

Dear Democrats,

You seem to be under the mistaken impression that the women in this country are nothing more than a bunch of vaginas walking around looking for a “good time” to happen. You have reduced us to nothing more than the sum total of the “lady parts” we’re sitting on.  


You tell us “Free pills for everyone and religious liberty be damned!” and expect us to break into cheers.


We ask about the economy and you reply “Those abortions will be much more affordable now.”

You talk about equality for women, and that sounds like a wonderful thing!  Then the President pays his own female staff $9,000 per year less than their male counterparts.

Top it all off with a creepy campaign ad comparing voting for your candidate with losing my virginity to “a great guy”, and all I can say to you people is:

Ick!  When did you become so gross?


I keep hoping to see some representative of your campaign or administration come out and apologize for treating women as if we’re nothing more than “two tits, a hole, a heartbeat… and a voting hand.”


But you never do.  


By portraying women as slutty snatches looking only to get laid, this campaign and administration have set women back decades in our quest for respect and equal anything.  Thanks for that.


Can you do me a favor?  Can you stop?


There’s a week left to go until the election, and I’m hoping that for the rest of that time you can get your minds outta my pants and talk about the things that really matter to the women of America.  We want to hear about the economy, taxes, that out of control deficit (seriously, you think birth control pills are more important to me than the deficit?), or what the hell actually happened in Benghazi?    

So stop treating us like vaginas which happen to be attached to bodies, and speak to the part of us that really matters — our brains.  Quit thinking only of my girly bits (your fixation is a bit disturbing) and start talking to me as a voter.


Thank you.



Better off? Hell no.

One of the great litmus tests of politics is “Are you doing better than you were four years ago?”  Where do you stand financially and personally?  Are you happier and more secure?  If so, then it makes sense to maintain the status quo.  If not, then it might be time for a change in leadership.

So, are you better off?  We aren’t.

We aren’t even in a place which is “on par” with where we were this time last year.  Last year we felt fairly comfortable with where we were; this year we are near to drowning.  The kicker is that we have done nothing different.

My husband and I work diligently to avoid debt at all costs.  The only bills we have are our mortgage, utilities, extracurricular tuition for 3 children (they get one activity apiece), medication, and food.  While it may be true that our family is super-sized, our budget is not.  Until this past spring, it had been an effort but not a hardship.  This summer it became an herculean task.  This month it will take monetary magic and every trick I’ve ever learned to be able to pay our bills, and we’re not the only ones I know.

On Monday night, the Computer Guy and I sat down to re-do our family budget.  It’s been a few months since we wrote one down…like since April or May.  We’d been religious about it before that, but life got more interesting than we like and we hadn’t done it.

Boy, were we surprised!

We knew that the cost of things had increased over the last year, but we were unprepared for just how much they had gone up.  No wonder it feels as if we’re barely making it.  It’s because we’re barely making it.  As I said, we don’t do debt, so this is just the increase in the bills we can’t pay off and be done with, things like electricity and food.

In the past year, we have seen a 30% increase in natural gas, homeowner’s insurance, groceries, electricity, gasoline, and the prescription drug co-pays for our daughter’s medications.  30%.  Our basic bills have increased over $700 a month, and if we add in the new things such as utilities for the OKC house (which is vacant and we can’t sell…because no one is looking!) it’s considerably higher.  Through no fault of our own, we have gone from comfortable to uncomfortably squeezed to “please don’t let anything else increase or we won’t be able to eat.”  We’ve lost $8400 a year of our income to the rising cost of living.  $8,400!!!

One year.

It’s not the fault of the “evil” oil companies, who are themselves struggling at this point.  It’s not the utility companies who are gouging customers.  It’s not the insurance companies who are trying to find a way to cover the expenses of ever-increasing government regulation.

It’s the government.

We can’t place the blame for these increases anywhere except in Washington.  There are plenty of evil corporations out there taking the people for every penny they have…don’t even get me started on the banks…but the problems which are slowly bankrupting our family and those of our friends all begin in the hallowed halls of Congress and the White House.  We can thank taxes, regulation, and government mandates for these price spikes.  Every. single. one. of them.

I think it’s time that we said “Enough! Stop helping us all the way into the poor house!”  I don’t know about you, but I can’t breathe from the crushing weight of it all or the feeling of doom speeding at us from just around the corner.

It makes me laugh, in that not-funny way, when I hear the President and Mr Biden speak about how much better off we are than when they took office almost 4 years ago.  I don’t know how they’re measuring it, but it’s not by any means which make sense to me.

We’re dying out here, Mr President.  We’re working ourselves to death and falling behind every month.  The people I know are taking out loans against their retirement to be able to pay their regular bills and eat.  We’rejust praying and hanging on until after the election.  We’re all worried like hell that you’ll be re-elected because then we know we’re done.  We don’t know if Mr Romney can fix anything, but we know that there’s no more room in the budget for even 4 more months of you.

The Selfishness of Homeschooling

I spent several days last week with my husband’s high school teacher cousin and her husband who works for the teachers’ union in California.  To say they are Liberal would be to undersell their political stances in the same way that calling me a Conservative wouldn’t begin to cover it.  As they are nice people, it was an enjoyable weekend of back-and-forth political banter.  They support the President.  We don’t.  We both knew that going in which made any mention of politics more play than work.  Neither one was going to be persuaded which made it about the intellectual exercise.

No one offered any new arguments to me until we began to discuss education.  They seemed very interested in our decision to homeschool, the book I’m writing about it, and the children we’re raising.  They both conceded that we appear to be succeeding in raising and educating children who are both well-informed and socially normal.  It was then that she shook her head slightly and stated, “I think you’re doing a great job at it and you obviously have a love and a passion for teaching, which is what makes it even more selfish.  Not only are you keeping money out of the schools by not putting your children in them, depriving other children of the resources which could be purchased with that money, but you’re depriving those children of the opportunity to have you as a teacher.”


It’s not a new argument, to be sure.  I’ve been told many times that public schools are funded on a per-capita basis which means that our homeschooling keeps funds out of the public schools.  Our local school district would receive around $11,000 for each of my children per year, so by teaching them at home, I’m keeping $77,000 out of the local budget.  That money could be spent on computers, library books, or teacher salaries…or so the story goes.  In reality, I’ve never seen a government bureaucracy spend money that efficiently and I suspect that that $77,000 would not make much of a difference at all.

What is new to me is the idea that my teaching of my own children deprives other children of my brilliance. The social obligation which she assumed I should feel is based in her deep belief in the notion of Collectivism, the idea that what we are and what we can do somehow belongs as much to each other as it does to ourselves.  It’s a sort of communism of man. It is also an ideal which is central to Liberal ideology.  It requires a moral and cultural conformity which are the antithesis of the American experiment.

In choosing to educate my children at home, I’m not making a selfish statement but an Individualist one.  It is a decision which springs from my belief that the people in my household are my primary responsibility.  It comes from the idea that God has entrusted these children to me to raise, and that while I must be concerned with the well-being of my fellow men it should not come at the expense of these children.

I have heard it argued that the Christian position should be a Collectivist one.  It is the justification many Catholics make for voting for the Democrat Party.  There is a beauty in the ideal of the Brotherhood of Man, and just enough truth in it to make it almost right.  If only it didn’t require the subjugation of the family or the ownership of the individual by the group, but it does.  Their ideal would necessitate that I should turn away from the raising of my own children in favor of the need to educate the children of everyone else.  My ability to teach would be owned… and not by me.

So is it a selfish decision that I made to homeschool?  There may have been an element of that in my wanting to keep my babies at home and with me for as long as I possibly can.  On the other hand, while it may not be true for all children, this is the best choice for educating ours.  They are thriving and doing quite well as they learn at our kitchen table, much better than they would do elsewhere.  Our brief foray into traditional schooling showed us that quite clearly.  So for these children, the selfish thing would be to send them elsewhere, because giving my life over to teaching them is the task which God has given me to do.

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