Street Theater

The first two days of the Kavanaugh hearing have been periodically interrupted by deranged, and I do not use that term lightly, protesters.  Why the room has not been cleared of spectators is anyone’s guess.  I assume the Democrats, at least initially, welcomed these protests while Republicans doubtless think there is political mileage in having the nation see just how loosely wired the far left tends to be.  Confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominees have become increasingly useless over the past thirty years, as the partisan alignments of the parties have hardened, and inquiry into a nominee’s qualifications has descended into endless political posturing.  However, at least in theory, this is important work that the elected members of the Senate are about.  To allow this work to be interrupted by every fool who wishes to get some vanity air time, some of the protestors were taking selfies, is a debasement of our Republic.  The hearing room should be cleared of spectators, and Congress should enact a law making protests in a hearing room during a Congressional hearing a low-level Federal felony.  Currently such disruption is a misdemeanor.  If people want to engage in this type of street theater at Congressional hearings, a higher price needs to be paid.

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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. They simply needed to not act crazy.

    Democrat democracy: Shrieking irrational nonsense at a Senate hearing negates 63 million votes.

    Makes sense to crazy people.

    Less irrational more cynical: Apparently, Sen. Feinstein staged the grandstanding father of a (politicized) Parkland murder victim in additional anti-2A/anti-NRA hysteria. I know, I am heartless.

    Plus, I successfully resisted the urge to buy more ammunition.

    Once again people, “”You won’t be getting into Heaven if you voted Democrat.” That’s my Spiritual Work of Mercy for today: admonish the sinner. You’re welcome.

  2. A recent phenomena character often uses a phrase: Never interrupt your enemy when they are destroying themselves. This display would cost a fortune in TV adds, here it is all played out on live TV for free days before the mid-terms. Thank you George Soros.

  3. Sorosphere rent-a-crowd, without a doubt.

    Street-level (bourgeois) Democrats are emotionally invested in the notion that what they want isn’t open for debate and exercises of democratic discretion. The idea that they should have to ask for something from a car dealer from Canton, Ohio sitting in the state legislature is repulsive to them. The left is Veruca Salt

  4. Somebody is going to get hurt by the nutbags the Dems keep inviting in, while assuring everyone that the Republicans and anybody not sufficiently attacking them is a Nazi.

  5. Stop covering the hearings on live TV. The text of the readings can be read the next day without pictures. The theatrics will stop..

  6. Here’s their motto, “Save Roe! Kill Babies!” (I think from Ben Shapiro)

    Now, there is no rule. There is no standard.

    Being retired and NY climate change making it too hot and humid, I enraged myself by watching too much of that circus (apologies to circuses everywhere).

    The “baby-murdering-is-a-human-right,” gun control, LGTB privileges, Christianity Is Unconstitutional, etc. fictions were far more nauseating than unattractive, over-weight, elderly women shrieking irrational nonsense and outright lies.

    Two things ran through my alleged mind (and I hope Kav’s brilliant mind). One, “Abortion is Murder.” Two, “Dred Scott and Plessy were ‘wrong’ and reversed; same same with Roe.”

  7. “I successfully resisted the urge to buy more ammunition” a good penance plus eat no meat on Friday.
    Yelling at televised circus is medicinal – lowers blood pressure.

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