Predictions of Times Past

Time for me to look at my predictions for this year and to dine on a bit of crow:

1. President Trump will issue a pardon to Hillary Clinton.

Nope.  She may well wish he had by the time all the current investigations are done.

2. Isis will be eliminated from Iraq.

Yep.  A great victory.  Go here to read about it.

3. There will be more than one assassination attempt against President Trump, each unsuccessful.

No assassination attempts as President, although a huge number of death threats have been made.

4. Pope Francis will attempt to excommunicate one or more of the Cardinals who oppose him.

Not so far.

5. There will be a major confrontation between Trump and Putin, and Putin will back down.

No, Trump and Putin have found themselves opposed to each other on any number of flashpoints, but no major confrontation yet.

6. Two Democrat US Senators will switch to the Republican party.

No.  We shall see how things play out in 2018.  Senator Manchin I am looking at you.

7. The economy will enjoy growth unprecedented since 2008.

Yep, and that is very good news for the GOP in 2018 despite current polls.

8. There will be a naval clash between Japan and China.

Not yet, although there have been aerial scrambles that have come close to a clash.  Japan and China have recently agreed to set up a communication system to avoid accidental confrontations.

9. The Cubs will repeat their World Series triumph.

Sadly, no.

10. McClarey will be wrong in some of his predictions.

Always the safest of predictions.

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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. Your record is far better than mine.

    1. Dow will rise, al least, to 28,000. Short Tesla.

    2. Prime rate increases to at least 5%. But, banks will stifle interest rates paid to (retail) depositors at near-zero. Rising asset prices and bank earnings are vital – financial fascism rules!

    3. Pope Francis will continue to be Pope Francis.

    4. American heroes will continue to serve in Afghanistan and the ME. The war is here, people. The enemy is not only the hajji.

    5. Army will beat Navy. .

    6. The long, liberal and #NeverTrump tantrums will persist. There is no cure for stupid.

    7. Demonic Dems will seize Congress. More, massive mourning and weeping in this vale of tears. Exponential Boos.

    8. The Yankees will win the World Series.

    9. The Pats or Steelers will win the Super Bowl – boo.

    10. Some of the above will prove so much hooey.

  2. #3 is less ‘wrong’ and more ‘not that we know of.’

    Trump, for all his known and possible flaws, is not stupid enough to veto it if his security did stop an attempt and they said “we want this hushed.”

  3. I scare my family with how often I’m right on predictions of (usually bad) events, but I am always wrong when I attach a date to them.

  4. How to win at the prediction business? Make 10 predictions and then reverse them. In Donald’s case he would have batted .700.

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