Pope Francis: Latin

Latin is a Language,
Dead as Dead Can Be,
It Killed the Ancient Romans,
And Now It’s Killing Me.



PopeWatch is in full agreement with the Pope on this:

In a message to the Pontifical Academies on Tuesday, Pope Francis praised the study of Latin, especially for young people, and encouraged scholars and teachers to promote its study as a positive guide for students as they navigate life.

Addressing academics and Latin teachers, the pope said Dec. 5 that they should “know how to speak to the hearts of the young, know how to treasure the very rich heritage of the Latin tradition to educate them in the path of life, and accompany them along paths rich in hope and confidence…”

Francis’s message was read at the 22nd Solemn Public Session of the Pontifical Academies, which had as its theme, “In interiore homine: Research paths in the Latin tradition.”

The pope praised “the theme of interiority, of the heart, of consciousness and self-awareness” which he said is found “in every culture as well as in the different religious traditions.

“Significantly,” he continued, this theme is “presented with great urgency and strength even in our time, often characterized by concern with appearance, superficiality, the division between heart and mind, interiority and exteriority, consciousness and behavior.”

Moments of change, crisis, or transformation, whether in relationships or in a person’s identity, require reflection “on the inner and intimate essence of the human being.”

Francis also noted the many important figures, both in the classical and the Christian traditions, who have reflected on the dynamism of man, pointing especially to the Fathers of the Church and the Latin writers of the first millennium.




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Donald R. McClarey

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  1. We’ve offered our children and grandchildren $50 bribes (it mean more a couple of decades ago) to take Latin in High / Preparatory School. Most of them have accepted the offer, but none have been grateful for doing so.

  2. Great! Now perhaps someone could translate the following for me:

    “interiority and exteriority, consciousness and behavior”

    What on earth does that mean?

  3. Scott R. “interiority and exteriority, consciousness and behavior”

    This is the essence of the spirit of Vatican II. It is essentially meaningless and meant to lead folks away from the Catholic faith.

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