Bob Kurland, Ph.D.

Retired, cranky, old physicist. Convert to Catholicism in 1995. Trying to show that there is no contradiction between what science tells us about the world and our Catholic faith. Intermittent blogs and adult education classes to achieve this end (see and Extraordinary Minister of Communion, volunteer to federal prison and hospital; lector, EOMC. Sometime player of bass clarinet, alto clarinet, clarinet, bass, tenor bowed psaltery for parish instrumental group and local folk group.


  1. I guess I qualify there – have had a bad dose of sciatica in my right leg for over a week – starting to ease slightly in the past few days. Hope some of the souls in Purgatory are benefiting from my ‘trial and trouble’. 🙂

  2. @ down under deacon.

    Redemptive suffering….
    I’m sure the holy souls appreciated your offering. Suffering takes on a whole new dimension once it’s united to Christ.
    It of course doesn’t take the pain away, but it allows us entrance into a sacred mystery.
    Practicing and teaching this gift to those who suffer in the nursing home has, we hope, benefited many.

  3. Deacon Don, I’m very sorry to hear that you’re been troubled with this. My wife has had a similar problem for about a month, and it’s been debilitating. In her case a spinal steroid injection has helped. I hope you get better.

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