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Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. A 42 year old Catholic cleric, now Pope, seeking “clarification” from a shrink rather than his Faith is a tribute to the fundamental absurdity of the time in which we are living. Having dealt with many shrinks in my professional capacity my opinion of them ranges from prophets of the obvious, to useless to scam artists. The true stick shaking Shamans of the mad century in which fate has cast all of us.

  2. Without anything more in the way of context, I don’t know what he was seeking clarification about. Seeing as how he was seeing a shrink, zip would assume it had to do with something of psychological nature. If that is the case, I see no inherent problem with anyone, even a Catholic cleric, seeking help from a shrink, even if that shrink wasn’t Catholic. Now, there may be something more to this. But in any event, this is nothing eye popping when it comes to this Pope.

  3. I just find it odd that he needs to mention it. Further, why even make reference to the analyst being Jewish? If I chose to inform someone of my recent visit to my primary care physician I’d never say I visited my Chinese-American doctor.

  4. Reading further PF’s comment came from a long interview by a female French journalist that’s being released in book form, 342 pages!, on Sept 6th. The interview covered a very wide range of subjects. What is really eye catching is that the pope spoke about reception of communion for divorced and remarried Catholics. Is this an oblique response to Cardinal Burke et all? Guess we’ll have to wait unless the book is leaked.

  5. I don’t think it uncommon for Jesuits to seek psychiatric help. Their intellectual orientation, the intensity of their lives, lack of community prayer, and the self involvement of Ignatian spirituality may very well lead to this. My experience with Jesuits over an extended period of time gave me the impression that many were troubled–though in a very human and humble way. Personally, I found them very easy to get along with, very non judgmental. Of course, Pope Francis is another matter.

  6. My main takeaway from the article.

    “He repeats his opposition to gay marriage but accepts the civil union of people of the same sex.” So the pope goes directly against the teaching of the Catholic Church. When they pick up on it the liberal media will go crazy on this. They’ll say this really means he sees nothing wrong with same-sex “marriage” but since he’s the pope he can’t admit it, but don’t worry, they know what he meant. No wonder heretics like James Martin spew their vile with someone like Francis sitting in the Chair of Peter. The Vatican has been taken over by leftist Jesuits.

  7. Okay then I’ll say it. Pope Francis evidently had a troubled relationship with his father.

    His father, a conservative buttoned-down, Argentine-railroad accountant, is never mentioned in any of the accounts of his life, either biographical or autobiographical, that I know of, except in anything other than an extremely cursory manner. From Jorge Mario Bergoglio , we know almost nothing of him. Why? His mother ranks mentioning much more often and in fact was the prominent parental relationship.

    There also had to be a lot of conflict in the father’s relationship with the son , and what his father had hoped for, for his son; especially when, for a time,the young Bergoglio ended up as a bouncer at a bar. In fact prior to his entering the Jesuit order, his other short-lived career as a chemical technician appeared to evidence the same unsucessful aimlessness of his life.

    At any rate, the adult Jorge Bergoglio/Pope Francis has such a severe problem with tradition, traditional Catholics, and authority from the past, and this is why: He is constantly at war with it. It ‘is’ his father. This is also why he is so enamored of gurus, like Walter Kasper, or Marcelo Sorondo Sanchez, or Leonardo Boff: new ‘fathers’ to show him the way in place of his rejected and inadequate father. These kinds of replacement fathers never work comment and never resolve the conflict. But he finally found a way to one-up the old railroad accountant. And now it is payback on all he, that dead original ‘Father Bergoglio”, still represents to Jorge Maria Bergoglio..

    There, PF. I could have saved you a few pesos..

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