Life Imitating Art

Strong, strong language advisory as to both video clips.  Sometimes members of the Fourth Estate are very lucky they aren’t stripped naked, smeared with honey and hunted through the streets with dogs.



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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. An opinion piece on The American Thinker offered up the notion that CNN does not know how much they are despised. The NY Slimes and The Washington Compost are equally clueless in this regard.

  2. Penguins Fan, there’s another post over on American Thinker
    over the rescue by CNN reporters of a man trapped in a floating
    truck. It appears very likely the “rescue” was staged…


    CNN appears to have led the way for most so-called ‘journalism’ in
    this country to devolve into clickbait, infotainment and DNC propaganda.
    Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be a mechanism in the world of today’s
    journalism whereby this sort of chicanery would be called out, shamed
    and penalized. Inexplicably, CNN is still taken seriously by its peers.

  3. This isn’t new, it’s simply more egregious.

    I don’t read or watch it because I can’t determine which is more striking, the dishonesty or the stupidity. Plus, I’d be in prison for shooting my TV.

    Twain, “If you don’t read the papers, you are uninformed. If you read the papers, you are misinformed.”

    It all makes sense when you assume the liberal media is 100% propaganda: detraction, distortion, exaggeration, fabrications, omission, etc.

    The public education system enables the mass delusion. It is immoral, racist, socialist brainwashing.

  4. Clinton: There is a mechanism in place for dealing with and confronting false advertising and misinformation. It is called free speech and press. Only the Truth has free speech and press, the rest is perjury in a court of law. “We, the people” must constantly be vigilant and correct the lies, and misinformation, especially the deliberate misinformation known as lying.

  5. MDV, I might not have been as clear as I’d have wished– I was
    referring to the lack of self-policing in the profession of journalism.
    Unlike law, where one can be disbarred for betraying the profession’s
    standards, or medicine, where a doctor may be stripped of his license
    to practice, in journalism there doesn’t seem to be any mechanism
    for that profession to police itself. Naturally, no group has the power
    to deny CNN from broadcasting, but it might restore some of the
    profession’s credibility if its practitioners would call its members out
    when they violate basic standards so egregiously. “Silence implies
    consent” is the old legal adage– by remaining silent when such a major
    news organ degrades itself, CNN’s peers diminish their own credibility.

    The distrust and contempt a growing number of Americans have for
    our major news media will likely only worsen. In its coverage of the
    Newseum’s 2015 State of the First Amendment Survey– which showed
    the public’s trust in the media to be the lowest in the survey’s history–
    the First Amendment Center noted that:

    “As with previous surveys that have indicated growing public
    distrust of journalists, even disgust of the news media, there is
    no response so far from any of the major news organizations, no
    statement of what they intend to do about it.”


  6. but it might restore some of the profession’s credibility if its practitioners would call its members out when they violate basic standards so egregiously.

    Around about 1983, Martin Peretz made a cutting remark about Peter Jennings in a column he wrote in The New Republic. A couple of weeks later Peretz wrote a brief follow up. He said they’d gotten quite a bit of mail about that aside, “but almost none from ordinary TV watching citizens”. The mail came from “the journalists’ mutual aid society”, “that coterie of reporters and news executives who think an attack on the mediocrity or bias of one of the guild is an attack on all”. The national press corps at that point in the Newseum era was what Fr. Paul Shaughnessy calls ‘sociologically corrupt’. Not concerned with sanctioning bad actors; quite concerned with bad publicity.

    The collapse of the economy of news gathering has meant they cannot devote the time to do meticulous work and has also meant that people who might have entered that trade go into other lines of work; the trouble is, it appears that the best be the one’s who left or didn’t enter, leaving the dregs to continue reporting and editing. What’s interesting to me is that the dregs appear to be what ownership wants nowadays. The Washington Post now publishes under Jeff Bezos patronage and the Sulzbergers’ Board of Directors has left the manifestly inadequate Pinch in charge for 25 years now. They’ve never been worse.

  7. Tom McKenna,

    We emphatically agree – no one earns a place in Heaven. But social justice warriors andliberal progressive new media journalists believe that by their works of social justice they fully merit entry. One day they will find themselves cast out with the words, “Depart form me, ye worker of iniquity; I never knew thee!”

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