PopeWatch: Venezuela Bishops

Tuesday, August 8, AD 2017






Amen to the brave bishops of Venezuela:


“Most holy Virgin, Mother of Coromoto, heavenly patroness of Venezuela, free our country from the clutches of Communism and socialism.”


That was one of their tweets as they pray for the freedom of Venezuela.  This is the prayer of PopeWatch:


Holy mother, look at your struggling people of Venezuela.  Intercede with your Son for their aid and protection.  Ask Him to bring freedom to the sorely oppressed Venezuelans and save them from the tyrants who misrule them.

4 Responses to PopeWatch: Venezuela Bishops

  • We have a situation developing that reeks of a coming martyrdom…as always, the blood from which is the real mortar that holds the faith together. God and God-loathing tyrants never make beautiful music together since one is always reading the wrong score.

  • Most Holy Virgin, Patroness of America, Our Lady Help of Christians please help our neighbors to the south and protect the United States from agents of destruction who wish to spread the errors of socialism and communism in our nation.

    Bernie Sanders utopia being played out in Venezuela.

    Hillary Clinton’s vision being realized in Venezuela.

    We dodged a bullet last November.

  • We all know regardless of the words that come out of the Vatican what side Jorge Bergoglio stands on – the photo here says it all:


    God save us from these Latin American tin pot dictators, whether in Venezuela or in Rome.

  • I’m a protestant and even I feel the need to echo that prayer.

    May Venezuela be free soon, and their God-given right to live as free men returned to them.

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