I saw a rather silly ad from Reebok, in the sadly very popular style of lecturing about what you are “allowed” to do.

Sadly, I saw it because it was a cause of scandal via gossip– I’m a known Catholic among friends and family, so I’m expected to defend…pretty much everything any Catholic does, up to and including Hitler. (…you haven’t run into that one?  Lucky you.)  If there is no response, then the gossip is perfectly fine.

Funny thing?  I was so busy being annoyed at visiting Patheos that I didn’t notice it was on Shea’s blog until a charmingly psycho response showed up.

Oh, I’m banned, now, by the way.  On being found guilty of being a Trump Supporter. (Which is impressive, since I’m not.)

I am rather annoyed at being accused of defending boorish behavior– I hadn’t said a thing about their comboxes, one way or another.

From the behavior of their mod, no wonder Shea had to appeal to the vast moral authority of a shoe company.  It’s

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  1. Defending Hitler? Never ran across that one, but have on many occasions countered the “Pius XII was Hilter’s Pope” garbage. Many small and very bigoted minds out there. I relish a good argument though, especially when the other party is made to eat his words.

  2. Hey now, I think that time you weren’t asked to defend things because you were Catholic, but because you were a woman. 😉

    I just laugh at the “bravery” of standing up to the president. What just like most of the news networks? And most of Hollywood? Universities… other major corporations…

    Jonah likes to make a frequent joke about how the Left defines bravery and rebellion as going along with the larger group.

  3. Welcome to the club. The fastest growing demographic in the Church must be ‘those who Mark Shea has banned.’

  4. For those who need the reminder: chezami is Mark Shea.

    You can tell by how easily his argument can be turned around against him.

    “You exemplify the failure of the Catholic Trump attacker. *Everything*, no matter how trivial, *must* be attacked. You waste your time attacking such piggery because *nothing* can be admitted as acceptable in your hatred for him. Nothing.”

    See what I mean?

  5. I tried to find any indication and did not; go figure.
    The one I’m curious about is “guest”– either they’ve been reading Shea since he started to go down hill and see it as a massive improvement to be emulated, but don’t have a user name, or that is the best example of Poe’s Law I’ve seen in a long time.

  6. Oh no, Foxfier, “guest” comment there is familiar enough I could probably guess who it normally is that maybe just forgot to log in. Shea has a lot around his blog nowadays that are like that.

  7. Chezami is actually two words: chez ami. I think this is a diminutive for the French phrase “chez mon ami,” meaning “at my friend’s.” There was a restaurant – a supper club actually – located in Buffalo, NY that was named chezami. Whether chezami is a pseudonym for the infamous and heterodox Mark Shea I do not know. If chezami is he, then one wonders exactly at whose friend’s Mark Shea would be given his heterodox liberalism.

  8. LQC, don’t forget, you asked for this. 😉

    From here.

    I will be commenting as “chezami”. (Get it? “Shea’s-a-Me? Home of Friends? Get it? Ah me, I am *so* clever.)

  9. Funny thing is, I’d have to hear how the supposedly rude comment was said to know if it was actually rude or not– it’s not the most politically sensitive comment, but given his known personality, suddenly being politically sensitive would be making a statement.

    Oddly omitted is that the video is from the French president’s website, and that it was either in the middle of or after a tour.
    *headdesk* Yeah, that’s totally talking about her appearance. Rather than that she’s in rather high heels and a dress and just easily kept up with guys in normal dress shoes and a gal 20 years younger in lower heels.
    Guess what, I have folks smile and tell me how impressed they are that I can keep up with my kids. And lots of “I don’t know how you do it” stuff. Shockingly, I am not offended because this isn’t “piggish” behavior.
    Thus validating my initial point: if you have to appeal to the authority of a shoe company to support your position, you should probably rethink the position.

  10. *Sad* You know, I actually rather like that joke. Yes, it’s a cheesy pun, but it’s fun and invites laughing with someone.
    That’s what I miss about the Old Shea.

  11. The liberal media has written multiple “style” articles comparing Melanie’s dress sense with that of the French Presidents wife, even daring to say that the French Presidents wife should start dressing her age, particularly criticising her for her short hemlines. I know this because I sometimes read this trash.

    So for anybody to turn around in shock at Trump’s compliment of the French First Lady (yes he was complimenting her), is just pure hypocrisy by the media. Pure hypocrisy. Nothing Trump said comes even close to the criticisms that have been made by these “style” magazines.

    On a side note, Mark Shea IS a disgusting pig with absolutely no class, and the rubbish that he spews makes absolutely no sense. He writes to be controversial and to attract attention- nothing more.

  12. Foxfier, dear, you are on the front lines, the vanguard of what is inexorably coming, swift and furious. For example, today Breitbart.com reveals that at least 2 dozen Catholic sites were locked out by our dear friends at Facebook, apparently for issues with their “content”. One site was “Jesus and Mary” (Oh, THOSE two again):

    We Are Dangerous.

  13. Oh good, someone else showed up to add to Foxfier’s sanity on the page. From a comment left there:

    Reebok isn’t being particularly “courageous”. They are surfing the current wave of “criticizing Trump is cool” sentiment. (They can read polls.) While I agree that Trump’s comments are – at most times – oddly-phrased at best, I think this is just an example of corporate opportunism.

    But what stuns me most is that one is apparently not allowed to mention – at a gym! – that someone else is in good shape. Additionally, you are also apparently not allowed to tell a woman that she is beautiful. (I’m pretty sure tone and context might have something to do with it as well.)

    Is the only one I’m allowed to compliment (at a gym or anywhere else) myself in the mirror? Forgive me if I am mistaken, but I thought self-love and vanity was a sin.

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