16 Responses to Young People Love Socialism-Have No Idea What It Is

  • Don’t cry for me Venezuela!

  • Watching them all get instant brain cramps when having to define what exactly socialism is, is hilarious. Liberals are all mental midgets.

  • College campuses are hotbeds of Socialist sympathizers. , as is the Democrat Party, as is the Catholic Church, and as are many of the kids parents. Being sympathetic to Socialism is politically correct. Medicare, medicaid, social security are socialist type programs. And few folks see the damage all of this causes until it is too late. Socialism is mercy without justice, which ends with justice without mercy.

  • Perhaps one of the reasons young people love Socialism is that Capitalism has caused ongoing recessions, increase poverty, increase poor working conditions and greater gaps between rich and poor. As a Catholic, I find it difficult to be Pro-Capitalist and find it difficult to turn a blind eye to attacks on the disabled and the poor.

  • Considering the appalling record of socialism James, it is not remarkable that ignorant young people, indoctrinated by leftist teachers embrace it, because only the ignorant, the malevolent or those who see socialism as a path to dictatorial political power could embrace it. Milder variants of socialism have a better track record only to the extent that capitalism is allowed to exist. Go to Venezuela and you would quickly change your tune about capitalism unless your obvious ignorance about it is of the invincible variant.

  • Mr. Clarkson has obviously never lived in the old Iron Curtain or Cuba or North Korea. Capitalism is, if memory serves. A term coined by the greatest idiot of all time, Karl Marx, to denigrate free market economies.
    Now, I realize that Marx and all of his followers, past and present, are dolts. Mr. Clarkson’s comments prove George Santanya correct.

  • The names James Charles is interesting. The only James Charles about whom I have heard is that effeminate male model for cover girl – and of course the current Church of Nice (Nice – from Latin Nescius meaning ignorant) encourages such effeminancy inasmuch as the Lavender Mafia have assumed control at the Vatican.


    I will wager that he too is a socialist, albeit he is likely quite ignorant of what socialist extraordinaire Josef Stalin would do to such perverted creatures as he. Even real socialists have their limits.

  • Socialism is the surrender to mob rule or the “party” of one’s sovereignty over oneself and the relinquishing of responsibility for one’s life to a dictator, who imagines himself a god. Socialism is becoming a public servant without a public. This is my opinion and I am sticking with it. The sovereign person made in the image and likeness of God is eradicated and replaced as a cog in the machinery of the human species.

  • Socialism and capitalism both have their shortcomings, but it would be difficult given the evidence to say that capitalism has not had the better run. In a perfect world, ruled and populated by angels, either system would likely work reasonably well, but in an “east of Eden” world, capitalism seems more resistant to total corruption (not immune to it, but it seems to be able to cause less harm once infected).

  • Michael Dowd has it right, I believe– if you’re against Socialism on campus, you’re not PC.

    And those who are not PC can be attacked, be it physically, socially, economically or by your grades.

    Nobody with sense is going to be videotaped saying something that is politically incorrect or could be edited to such a thing.

  • Brown shirts are fashionable these days.
    Berkeley is only one of the fashion centers that cater to tolerance ala’ Nazis style.

    These new recruits are ripe for the jack boots and brown shirts.

    Socialist? Damn straight!
    Freedom baby. Free-dumb!

  • Sorry, James Charles, but your socialism would be just as bad as all the others. Get over it.

  • “Medicare, medicaid, social security are socialist type programs” “Socialist type programs”, in fact, these are the spiritual and corporal works of mercy and are subject to the principles of separation of church and state.

  • James, capitalism in practice is not a perfect system by any means. That’s not due so much to capitalism itself as it is fallen human nature.

    If you stop think about capitalism is the only economic system that contains the mechanisms to rectify the things you decry.

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  • the word “capitalist” first shows in print in 1792 in a book called “travels in france” by arthur young. the word “capitalism” was not used, as far as the oxford english dictionary can tell until 1833. then it showed up in an article in the british newspaper “the standard”. at that time karl marx was 15 years old. i doubt that he was writing yet for the standard.

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