Bastille Day and Les Sammes

Friday, July 14, AD 2017

Uncle Sam shaking hands with the Marquis de Lafayette, French poster-1917

On Bastille Day 1917, General John J. Pershing reviewed French troops and pinned the Croix de Guerre on men who had earned the award by their valor.  The Star Spangled Banner and the Marseillaise were played and many of the civilian observers wept with joy and emotion that American help was on the way.  Today the French are honoring Les Sammes, as they are all year, who came to France in World War I to fight to keep France free.  US Marines will march down the Champs-Elysees with French troops in Paris, a symbol of the good relations that have usually existed between the old Allies.


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  • When celebrating the 14th of July – for those who are celebrating it… –, one doesn’t celebrate the “Bastille Day” (July 14th, 1789) but the « Fête de la Federation » (Federation Celebration) which took part on July 14th 1790, (one year later) with King Louis XVI and the Royal Family presiding over this event. When passing the law establishing the National Day, on July 6th, 1880 (nearly one century later…), il was officially stated that this National Day was commemorating the « Fête de la Fédération ». So forget the Bastille Day… God bless.

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