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  • One of his best. Right up there with “eat it”, “amish paradise”, and “word crimes”.

    Saw him in concert. Twice. If you get the chance, go to one, the man puts on a damn fine show. (and seems to legitmiately love & appreciate his fans)

  • Never heard of this guy but he fabulous.

  • “The Saga Begins”
    Weird Al Yankovic

    A long, long time ago
    In a galaxy far away
    Naboo was under an attack
    And I thought me and Qui-Gon Jinn
    Could talk the federation into
    Maybe cutting them a little slack
    But their response, it didn’t thrill us
    They locked the doors and tried to kill us
    We escaped from that gas
    Then met Jar Jar and Boss Nass
    We took a bongo from the scene
    And we went to Theed to see the Queen
    We all wound up on Tatooine
    That’s where we found this boy…

    Oh my my this here Anakin guy
    May be Vader someday later – now he’s just a small fry
    And he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye
    Sayin’ “Soon I’m gonna be a Jedi”
    “Soon I’m gonna be a Jedi”

    Did you know this junkyard slave
    Isn’t even old enough to shave
    But he can use the Force, they say
    Ah, do you see him hitting on the queen
    Though he’s just nine and she’s fourteen
    Yeah, he’s probably gonna marry her someday
    Well, I know he built C-3PO
    And I’ve heard how fast his pod can go
    And we were broke, it’s true
    So we made a wager or two
    He was a prepubescent flyin’ ace
    And the minute Jabba started off that race
    Well, I knew who would win first place
    Oh yes, it was our boy

    We started singin’ …
    My my this here Anakin guy
    May be Vader someday later – now he’s just a small fry
    And he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye
    Sayin’ “Soon I’m gonna be a Jedi”
    “Soon I’m gonna be a Jedi”

    Now we finally got to Coruscant
    The Jedi Council we knew would want
    To see how good the boy could be
    So we took him there and we told the tale
    How his midi-chlorians were off the scale
    And he might fulfill that prophecy
    Oh, the Council was impressed, of course
    Could he bring balance to the Force?
    They interviewed the kid
    Oh, training they forbid
    Because Yoda sensed in him much fear
    And Qui-Gon said “Now listen here”
    “Just stick it in your pointy ear”
    “I still will teach this boy”

    He was singin’ …
    My my this here Anakin guy
    May be Vader someday later – now he’s just a small fry
    And he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye
    Sayin’ “Soon I’m gonna be a Jedi”
    “Soon I’m gonna be a Jedi”

    We caught a ride back to Naboo
    ‘Cause Queen Amidala wanted to
    I frankly would’ve liked to stay
    We all fought in that epic war
    And it wasn’t long at all before
    Little Hotshot flew his plane and saved the day
    And in the end some Gunguns died
    Some ships blew up and some pilots fried
    A lot of folks were croakin’
    The battle droids were broken
    And the Jedi I admire most
    Met up with Darth Maul and now he’s toast
    Well, I’m still here and he’s a ghost
    I guess I’ll train this boy

    And I was singin’ …
    My my this here Anakin guy
    May be Vader someday later – now he’s just a small fry
    And he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye
    Sayin’ “Soon I’m gonna be a Jedi”
    “Soon I’m gonna be a Jedi”

    We were singin’ …
    My my this here Anakin guy
    May be Vader someday later – now he’s just a small fry
    And he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye
    Sayin’ “Soon I’m gonna be a Jedi”

  • Michael Dowd, really? Oh I’m a bit jealous, getting to rediscover Weird Al for the first time…

    Here’s his official youtube channel. Have fun. 😆

    Another good one:

  • UHF – 1989 movie starring Weird Al. His uncle hands George (Al) the keys to a UHF TV station with ratings in the basement. Very funny. Even funnier if one’s knows their way around a small market UHF station.

  • “Running with Scissors” which includes “The Saga Begins” was the first cd that I bought as I switched over from tapes. Great stuff.

  • I never know what to expect when I log on to The American Catholic. It is always enlightening but Weird Al is a treat. If some here are just discovering him; great! Check his album Poodle Hat which features Ode to a Superhero. It is Billy Joel’s Piano Man sung about Spider-Man. On the same album is Bob. This song is made up entirely of palindromes and sung as Bob Dylan. The non-sensical lyrics that palindromes necessarily are, sound perfectly appropriate in Bob Dylan’s voice. Ebay is also hilarious. Actually my only familiarity with current music is if Weird Al does a parody of it.

  • Saw him in concert. Twice. If you get the chance, go to one, the man puts on a damn fine show. (and seems to legitmiately love & appreciate his fans)

    My mom’s a big fan, and my dad quietly enjoys it– since they have both literally been Generic Ranch Couple for multiple magazines, that can confuse some folks. 😀

    One of my favorites:

It Was the Russians! It Was Comey! It Was the New York Times!

Wednesday, May 31, AD 2017

Ah, the country truly dodged a bullet last November.  Clinton has a thousand reasons for why she lost instead of the real one:  her campaign message boiled down to this:  “Hey, you ignorant peasants, vote for me, it’s my turn!”  I guess excuse-making is better than looking in the mirror and thinking:  “Somehow I managed to lose to a man who had been never been elected  dog catcher, whose campaign organization was congealed chaos, who had worse media than Satan, who had half the campaign funds that I had, who often had difficulty getting out three consecutive coherent sentences,  who had more women alleging gross behavior than even the accusers of my “husband”, who had a large section of his party in revolt against him, who has mutant hair, and who hawked steaks and other Trump products during his campaign!  What does that say about me?”


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  • In fairness to Hillary, losing the presidency to a septuagenarian adolescent like Donald Trump a hard thing to live down, especially when you have the Clinton Machine at your disposal.

  • Greg, I think we agree.

    It may be akin to Greek Tragedy. Only thing corrupt, incompetent Hillary exhibits not one instance of hamartia, but 40 or 50 fatal flaws.

    It must be gravely disappointing considering the hubris of this seventy-something crone, the smartest woman on the Planet, to lose an election that she and her crime syndicates (Clinton Foundation, DNC, the media) had rigged.

    Equally troubling must be that the American people decided that the madwoman from Chappaqua was less desirable than a septuagenarian (good word!) adolescent that trolled, and continues to troll, the elite, infallibly ignorant ruling class.

  • Chiming in…..the third presidential debate was classic Trump; “She’s a nasty woman.”
    I lost it. Popcorn flying. The truth, which the left doesn’t believe to be substantial, is that She Is A Nasty Woman! Her actions count and her words are urine… unbelievable.

    Culture of personality worked for Obama in 08′. First female POTUS didn’t take. A hint for the left…when your nominee for the great office of President has an odor thought to be originating from her feet but you toss her into the race anyway… please don’t cry the blues on late night television for months after the election. You look stupid. Instead. Make sure your nominee has had all her shots and wears clean underwear.. possibly some feminine hygiene products…then dress her up in a pantsuit and tell her that her smile is….well, genuine. Even if it isn’t.

    Just say-in’.

Quotes Suitable for Framing: Thornton Wilder

Wednesday, May 31, AD 2017

On Memorial Day I spent the morning working in my office.  Before returning home for lunch, I stopped to visit the grave of my son. Mount Olivet cemetery was beautiful with American flags marking the graves of the veterans.  It brought to mind these lines from Thornton Wilder’s Our Town:


“Over there are some Civil War veterans. Iron flags on their graves…New Hampshire boys… had a notion that the Union ought to be kept together, though they’d never seen more than fifty miles of it themselves. All they knew was the name, friends – the United States of America. The United States of America. And they went and died about it.”

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PopeWatch: Hmmm

Wednesday, May 31, AD 2017


This homily by Pope Francis yesterday is attracting attention:


“A shepherd must be ready to step down completely from his church, rather than leave in a partial manner” said the Pope.

His words were drawn from the first reading at Mass, where St Paul addressed the church leaders in Ephesus.  The Pope said that this reading could easily be called “A bishop’s leave taking” because Paul has left the Church of Ephesus in order to go to Jerusalem, where the Holy Spirit called him to go.

“All shepherds have to step down. There comes a moment where the Lord says ‘go to another place, come here, go there, come to me.’ And it’s one of the steps that a shepherd must take; be prepared to step down in the correct way, not still hanging on to his position. The shepherd who doesn’t learn how to do this because he still has some links with his sheep that are not good, links that are not purified by the Cross of Jesus” said Pope Francis.


Go here to read the rest.  Is this a signal?  Is Pope Francis signaling his own retirement?  Is he signaling dissatisfaction with the Pope Emeritus?  Is it not a signal but merely an exegesis from the reading?  How say you?

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  • “…links that are not purified by the Cross of Jesus.”

    Going to read the rest now, but this morsel is interesting.

  • My take is that there are no retirement plans for our Francis. He is not broadcasting his future. Gut feelings​ only.

    However I would not be surprised to see major changes with appointments within the Vatican and outside as well. I wonder if he IS broadcasting change?

  • I do not think that this is an expression of his intent but of his frustration that so many conservative bishops hang on until mandatory retirement. It is not unlike a President’s frustration with Justicies hanging on to avoid his nomination of ideological opponents.

  • Hopefully he is speaking about himself, but given his personality he is most likely slamming Benedict XVI.

  • With regard to the bishops of the west, the term “conservative bishop” is the Mother of all Oxymorons!

  • The most natural read is a swipe at Benedict, probably related to the former Pope’s fulsome praise of Robert Sarah, which cannot have been received favorably by the liturgical Bolsheviks the current pontiff has installed at Divine Worship.

    That, and there’s zero chance the current pontiff resigns early, occasional rhetorical feints to the contrary notwithstanding. He has far too much demolition left to do.

    I think Michael Brendan Dougherty has it nailed on his Twitter feed (the Bergoglian personality cult reacts predictably).


  • If retired Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz is not a conservative the term is devoid of meaning.

  • Bruskewitz is a notable exception. But his successor is a different story.

  • And as you noted, Donald, Bruskewitz is retired. And speaking of Bruskewitz, he was a constant thorn in the side of the leftist powerbase of the USCCB.

  • Speaking of the USCCB, how do we get around to the laity and some clergy to challenge their “group think” decisions and teachings? I’m convinced their teaching on Mt 25, 31-46 is completely wrong, and it is creating a crisis situation with illegal aliens. And the “fruit” of the “consistent ethic of life” is non existent, the consequence being over 40,000,000 murdered unborn babies without a word from them demanding a constitutional right to life amendment. And their demanding government do something to eliminate poverty. And if the end of prayer in public schools, and the end of God’s two greatest gifts – the gift of life and the sanctity of marriage is not enough, now we are being told that God didn’t know what He was doing when He created all of life based on carbon dioxide and oxygen – which in essence the pope and the bishops are saying in their belief so-called “climate change” is real.

  • Who knows what Pope Francis is saying or thinking. Chances are he doesn’t know himself. Perhaps he has a death wish—-maybe become a martyr or something?

  • I cannot see this as anything other than a snide reference to Benedict XVI, and it is another indication of Francis’ increasing insecurity

Saint Joan of Arc and History

Tuesday, May 30, AD 2017

Joan was a being so uplifted from the ordinary run of mankind that she finds no equal in a thousand years. She embodied the natural goodness and valour of the human race in unexampled perfection. Unconquerable courage, infinite compassion, the virtue of the simple, the wisdom of the just, shone forth in her. She glorifies as she freed the soil from which she sprang.

Sir Winston Churchill


Today is the feast day of Joan of Arc.  One of the examples of the direct intervention of God in human affairs, the brief history-altering life of Saint Joan of Arc has attracted the admiration of the most unlikely of men, including the Protestant Sir Winston Churchill, and the agnostic Mark Twain who called his book on Joan of Arc the finest thing he ever wrote.  She was not canonized until 1920, but almost all of her contemporaries who met her had no doubt that she was a saint sent by God.  Some of the English who were present as she was burned at the stake cried out that they were all damned because she was a saint.   Jean Tressard, the Treasurer of Henry VI, King of England, wrote the following soon after the execution of Joan:   “We are all lost for it is a good and holy woman that has been burned. I believe her soul is in the hands of God, and I believe damned all who joined in her condemnation”.  With Saint Joan humanity came into contact with a messenger from God, and the result to her was as predictable as it was lamentable.  However, the outcome of her mission was exactly as she had predicted.  The weak Dauphin that she had crowned would reign as Charles VII and end the Hundred Years War in victory for France, something that none of his contemporaries thought remotely possible before Joan embarked on her mission.

God tends to use unlikely tools to work His ends.  A peasant girl who lived scarcely nineteen years on this globe can sway the destiny of nations if God so wills.  Joan speaks to us powerfully across almost six centuries of the power of God and the courage of a young maid.


Whatever thing men call great, look for it in Joan of Arc, and there you will find it.

Mark Twain



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Teaching Hate

Tuesday, May 30, AD 2017

Fifth rate comedienne grabs some cheap publicity by holding up a mock bloody head of Donald Trump.  Ho Hum, the deranged left always acts this way, and that is precisely the problem.


Mark Shea is his born again leftist mode had this post on his blog today:

So good white Christian Greg Gianforte assaulted a reporter (a fact confirmed by dangerous Marxist network FOX)…

and the Party of Brownshirt Lovers of Threats and Violence loved it, which is why Mona Charen had the unenviable task of trying to tell this party of neutronium-skulled thugs that they must stop denying, excusing and defending it.  They are not listening, of course, because they are violent thugs and enemies of America.  But worst of all, it is Christian thought leaders who are now orgasmic for this crude thuggery and Steven Greydanus calls them out:

I write today neither to accuse Greg Gianforte nor the voters of Montanta, neither of whom I have much to do with.

I write to accuse those who excuse, dismiss or enable intolerable behavior like Gianforte’s, or who give ear and support to those who do.

I’m talking to you, Dinesh D’Souza. I’m talking to you, Laura Ingraham.

Most of all, I’m talking to you, all my friends who still regard D’Souza and Ingraham as voices worth listening to.

It pains me to say this, because the fact is that I not only liked Ingraham and D’Souza, I *respected* them. I feel betrayed by what the American Christian conservatism I once identified with has become. I feel like a fool for not having seen it sooner.

In this words of this article, “None of this is a gray area. You either uphold certain basic standards of decency or you don’t.”

And the answer is: We don’t. Obviously. Read what Ingraham and D’Souza had to say about a now-elected official body-slamming a journalist, and realize the truth of the world we live in: The Tribe Right or Wrong; The Tribe Über Alles.

With the appropriate incantatory words (depending on your sub-tribe and the situation, they may be “But Hillary,” “The Babies,” “Obamacare,” “Immigration,” etc.), people who pride themselves on decency and traditional values will not only look the other way, but actively *defend* bad behavior and harm as long as the right people are being defended or harmed.

That’s what most horrifies me: not simply that someone might say “Unprovoked assault is obviously terrible and unacceptable but what’s on offer on the other side is even worse,” but that people will say “It was our guy hitting their guy? Eh. He had it coming. He’s a crybaby. He’s a sissy for not hitting back.” (This is paraphrase but scarcely exaggeration. Read the piece.)

I shouldn’t have to say this, but experience shows that I do: If your first reaction to this scolding is to bring up punching Nazis or what happened to Charles Murray at Middlebury, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.

Tu quoque won’t help you here. First of all, because *I’m* making the accusation, and *I* neither punched Richard Spencer, nor joined in the Middlebury mob, nor have I defended those who did.

I’m against punching Nazis and mobbing out-of-favor academics on college campuses, and *I’m* telling you that if you listen to people like Ingraham and D’Souza who defend blatant thuggishness as long as the violence goes the right way, *you’re* the one being harmed. Tu quoque is no defense when both sides are sipping arsenic.

Some might be tempted to modify the tu quoque and ask me why I’m actively calling out defenders of Gianforte when I haven’t gone out of my way to call out defenders left-wing violence. There are many answers to that, but the simplest is that I USED TO LIKE AND RESPECT INGRAHAM AND D’SOUZA.

The people I’m talking to are still, in spite of my alienation from the conservative machine, very much my peeps. We agree on many of the things that matter most.

What it seems to me we haven’t yet managed to agree on is the spiritual danger of embracing The Tribe Über Alles.

To be sure, not all Republicans endorse this filth.  Some of them, known by the goons and thugs who now constitute the bulk of the Party of Trump as “fake conservative” and “wusses” still speak out on behalf of civilization and are shouted down by Real Christians and Real Conservatives:

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18 Responses to Teaching Hate

  • Mark Shea is a complete waste of time. More bloggers ought to come out after him and point out what a hypocrite he is.

  • This fellow Gianforte appears to have had a minor altercation with a member of the political opposition. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to Shea why people might find it at least vaguely amusing that a member of one of the grossest and unethical occupational groups in America was issued a penalty by a fed-up member of the public.

    The irony of Mark Shea offering a vitriolic denunciation of someone else’s bad temper is lost on….Mark Shea.

  • Regarding “hate” in Lt Gov. Ralph Northam’s ad for the Democratic primary which aired today Northam said, “”Donald Trump is a narcissistic maniac and I will do all I can to keep his hate out of Virginia”.
    Predict that the word “hate” referring to President Trump and conservative values will be the liberal, progressive and Democrat buzz word for this election.

  • Mark has turned into a total apparatchik for the left. The type of unthinking political partisan he condemned for years he has become.

  • Some days I’m tempted to start a website that will just be quotes from old Mark Shea posted against the new Mark Shea. And of course he’s become a left-partisan. He’s become increasingly lazy intellectually and leftist politics excel at providing policies and narratives that hit you in the gut and don’t require any thinking (indeed thinking usually causes it all to fall apart so you’re discouraged from that). Now that he’s cocooned himself in an echo chamber, he needn’t worry about ever having to bother thinking or checking facts again.

    And what’s up with his new race obsession. It’s like reading one of those alt sites that insist on pointing out everybody’s jewishness – only it’s everybody’s whiteness.

  • The contemporary left, most of it, is just as race obsessed as a Klansman circa 1866. They have looked into the abyss and became what they beheld.

  • I’m still not sure Gianforte actually assaulted the guy. Not as in, “I don’t think he hit him,” as in “I think the guy was doing the usual pushy reporter violating personal space and came against a NORMAL FREAKING HUMAN BEING.”

    Has anybody actually seen a quote from the Fox lady about what she saw? I’ve only seen things where it says “the fox reporter said she didn’t see an act of open aggression” which, given the media, makes me suspect she actually said “I didn’t see what happened” or something.
    We’ve had people poisoned, folks run off the road, ROUTINE acts of violence against conservatives… maybe the English reporting style I’ve read about in all the old books is, ah, not the wisest option?

  • Foxfier what gets me (and you can try this on some of Dave G’s commentors if you want it demonstrated) is that numerous, repeated actions by the Left are always excused as “outliers” and “proof of nothing” while the much rarer action by the Right proves everything. Or they’ll use this to end that argument in a kind of “if you want to associate those dozen with the Left, then you have to associate this one with the right.”

    Oh hey, Mark went and provided an example! Let’s see… in the article he wrote:

    [facebook capture of Jeremy Christian praising Trump]
    Christian was much like [these racists] that take their inspiration from our white racist president and his white racist attorney general.

    Then in the comments…

    And he [Jeremy Christian]also supported Sanders for a while, which proves… something or other.

    So supporting Trump proves something, but supporting Sanders proves nothing? Ladies & Gentlemen of the Jury, I present exhibit C in political hackery.

  • The audiofile and one witness account indicate the reporter fell over backwards. The witness just says she saw his feet in the air, not the point of contact between the reporter and anyone else. The conversation between the two is tense but civil until there’s a sudden crash and an enraged person (Gianforte) is rebuking the reporter at a high pitch and orders him to leave. The reporter is complaining of being ‘body slammed’ and complains that Gianforte broke his glasses. (My guess would be his glasses are a pair of over-the-counter cheaters as I have an identical pair). A calmer voice intercedes and says ‘you need to leave’. The sudden change of mood on the part of the candidate leads me to believe something inaudible happened which changed the tenor of the discussion. It sure makes no sense unless the candidate was hopped-up on something.

  • I have a suspicion that viewing M. Shea as a purveyor of political opinion as if he were Paul Zummo is in error. His conduct over the years has grown so peculiar that I have to believe that it is some other phenomenon expressed in political code. It certainly is puzzling.

  • While I don’t care to comment on this issue, I will defend Mark against the characterization of his blog as an “echo chamber”. I argue with him all the time, and he’s never tried to delete comments, ban me, or even responded with anything but respect.

  • Great, Illithid, now shall we go over the much larger number of people who have been banned?

    Or would you care for a scientific experiment? Say something even slightly positive about Trump. For example, I see you commented on his “2 heroes” post, be like Guest and ask him what a Trump tweet from 2015 has to do with the recent week. Or ask him why a post by the madman supporting Trump is indicative of something but posts supporting Bernie is not. Or wait, Mark is due to post the “prison pop > gulag” lie soon, correct him on that. Let’s see how long you last…

  • Okay, I’ll expand. Many commenters argue with Mark, at length, about every topic under discussion. They’ve been engaged with, not banned. This is not an echo chamber. It is true that some comments were deleted in that article. I don’t know what they said. But other comments by “Guest” remain, along with Mark’s replies arguing with them. Unless you’re claiming there is never a legitimate reason to delete a comment, I don’t think you’ve made your point. Have you been banned there?

    P.S. This combox is annoying! Can only see the line I’m typing.

  • Oh, BTW, except that someone with color vision seems to have corrected his spraytan and hairdye, I can’t think of anything positive to say about Trump. I’d be interested to know who he’s banned if you feel like saying, but I’m not debating anything at length in this program. I can’t even go back and edit if I mess something up. This is horrid.

  • P.S. This combox is annoying! Can only see the line I’m typing.

    Do you see the corner where there’s a pair of slanted lines? Click on that and hold and you can adjust the combox to any size you desire.

    Okay, I’ll expand. Many commenters argue with Mark, at length, about every topic under discussion. They’ve been engaged with, not banned. This is not an echo chamber.

    Arguing over who hates Trump the most and why is not any kind of “disagreement” – otherwise by that logical standard there is no such thing as an echo chamber anywhere even on the internet.

    It is true that some comments were deleted in that article. I don’t know what they said. But other comments by “Guest” remain, along with Mark’s replies arguing with them. Unless you’re claiming there is never a legitimate reason to delete a comment, I don’t think you’ve made your point. Have you been banned there?

    Yes I have been (more than once, actually), as well as Dave G., TM Lutas, PetetheGreek… those guys I knew personally. There was a whole “banned by Mark Shea” facebook group but since I’m not on facebook I’ll let those who are find that one. I’m sure some others around here have (like Art Deco) but I’ll let them confirm. You can have fun just googling banned by Mark Shea and finding accounts like here.

    I can’t think of anything positive to say about Trump.

    You don’t have to think of anything positive, just correct a dishonesty. For example, in the original post by Shea Don linked to, there is this bit from Mark:
    “And the anonymous bullies, KKK, and thugs of the Party of Trump have heard the clarion call to threaten a free press with violence too.”
    That line links to…

    So, be honest, what does some broken windows in Lexington, KY have to do with Trump? No really, go read the article and ask Mark that. No word on this suspect’s identification. And as the investigating officer notes: “there have been incidents in the last month of windows being shot out with pellet or BB guns on a school bus, a transit bus and at an elementary school in Lexington. It was too early to say whether those might be related to the damage at the Herald-Leader.” Now, it seems pretty clear to me that there is as much connecting those bus and school “shootings” to this incident as there is Trump. (indeed I’d wager money this whole thing is just some kids horseplaying with an air rifle) So go on. You don’t have to say something positive about Trump, just demand a fair trial. Even guilty men get that much.

  • Thanks for the tip, but it apparently doesn’t work on my tablet.

    As to the main topic: okay, I’m somewhat persuaded. I actually remember Dave G. (on whose blog I also comment regularly) saying he had been banned. I shall consider your points and pay more attention. I did read your links.

  • Oh. Yeah, sorry Illithid, I don’t know about tablets much. The combox isn’t great for them. (I do miss some of Don’s old site design, I’ll admit that.)

    And hey, you can make a fun drinking game of it. 😉 Every time the link Mark posts doesn’t quite match what he said about it, take a drink! (note I take no responsibly for any liver failure you experience)

At War With the Sexes

Tuesday, May 30, AD 2017


The advocates of homosexuality and transgenderism, mental illness transformed into political ideology, are ever busy within the Church:


A Catholic priest took a strong stand [date] against a new policy in the Diocese of Jefferson City, Missouri, that welcomes same-sex “families” into Catholic schools and allows students to identify as “transgender.”

An audio recording of the meeting where diocesan officials introduced the policy to priests includes a rather heated exchange between one priest and the presenters.

The priest accused the presenters of twisting Pope Francis’ words to force gender ideology on the schools.

“You are overturning Christian morality for situation ethics,” he said, “and you are taking way out of context ‘accompaniment.’”

“Pope Francis, the harshest critic of gender ideology, says it’s one thing to have compassion for human weakness and the complexities of life, it’s another thing to accept gender ideology,” he explained. “And you didn’t just open the door a crack. It’s wide open, and you’re accepting this.”

“You’re scandalizing every child in that school and you’re telling us we have to accept gender ideology. That’s what’s happening.”

The diocesan policy was crafted by a committee convened last fall. It included diocesan school and youth ministry officials, a mental health counselor, a former Catholic school teacher, and two priests. Neither of the priests run parishes attached to a school.

Catholics who are opposing the policy have set up a blog titled 30 Pieces of Silver to get it rescinded. The blog links to the recording of the diocese’s presentation to priests.

After the priest said that those on the committee were telling priests and others in the diocese they had to accept gender ideology, one of the presenters objected.

“I will never tell you, you have to do anything,” she said.   

But the priest countered: “You won’t be there to support any of these men [parish priests] when they have a problem of conscience,” he said. “I know it. You will not.”

The presenter repeated what her associate had said at the beginning of the presentation: “We’re not here to deal about the morality.”

The priest immediately emphasized, “It’s a moral issue.”

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9 Responses to At War With the Sexes

  • Not at all surprising..

    People (and Clergy) really do not understand the significance of how the practice of widespread contraception has affected Catholic schools, either by: (1)-a weakening of sexual morality by parents who use contraception as a means to have minimal children, (2)-teachers, parents and even clergy being then riddled with dissent being present the schools, (3)-parents who actually follow what the Church Teaches are more open to Life and have normally if circumstances allow – 3 or 4 or more children, instead of just 1 or 2. The caveat is that then these parents can’t afford to send their children to “catholic” private schools, and with these parents not in the schools opposition to crazy ideas is weakened.

  • Thank you! I am stealing this for my catch-all response to liberals and other morons, “mental illness disguised as fake, political ideology.”

  • The Fan may have stumbled upon it – the quality of Francis’ successor will depend upon whether God deems we have been sufficiently chastised. Francis may not even be the worst of it. 😥

  • Bless the priest for speaking out against this immorality to be foisted on children. Where’s the bishop?

  • David-
    it also rips up communities by making it so “shut up, you think you’re so holy because you have a bunch of kids” an acceptable answer to any question of orthodoxy, and acts as a double knife on the ladies who simply can’t manage to have dearly desired children. (On one hand like people think they’re contracepting and thus good to be drafted into the above type junk, on the other like they can’t make common cause with those who have lots of kids because they’ll be “judged.”)

  • If I say, “I am Napoleon”, I am deemed insane. If I say, “I am Josephine”, I am affirmed.

  • You could look at this two ways:

    1. A more benign way is to suggest that church employees are in our time largely derived from the class of people who populate the philanthropic sector. What they have in common is an allergy to commercial employers, not any adherence to the Church.

    2. The episcopacy in our time is a criminal organization. “It’s like the masons. You don’t rise unless you’ve committed some crime”. This explanation was offered me 13 years ago by a sad traditionalist priest just before he resigned from his last parish and disappeared.

    It’s the sheer gratuitousness that gets you. I had 13 years of primary and secondary schooling at a time when school administrators gave little thought to damaged individuals who fancied they were not the sex they were born to be. We did all right. What is their excuse?

  • (2)-teachers, parents and even clergy being then riddled with dissent being present the schools,

    I have personal knowledge of a young religion teacher at a Catholic high school – not yet 30, graced with an MA from one of the surviving Catholic colleges, married and with a child. I gather from relations he’s pretty demoralized right now. His pupils take their cues from the surrounding culture and he’s pissing into the tide. Haven’t got the skinny yet on the rest of the faculty and the school administration.

  • “We’re going to tell you what to think…’” which is exactly what the Diocese has begun doing since Bishop McElroy was placed in charge. Please, pray for us in San Diego.

PopeWatch: Bishops

Tuesday, May 30, AD 2017


Sandro Magister believes that Pope Francis is not popular among the Bishops:


With the appointment as president of Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, after that of the secretary general three years ago, Pope Francis now has full control of the Italian episcopal conference, one third of whose bishops have been installed by him, even in dioceses of the first rank like Bologna, Palermo, the vicariate of Rome, and soon also Milan.

Appointments are a key element in the strategy of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. It should suffice to look at how he is reshaping in his image the college of cardinals, which in the future will elect his successor. After the latest batch of cardinals, announced one week ago for the end of June, chances are slimmer that the next pope could mark a return to the past.

Italy aside, however, winning the agreement of the bishops is anything but easy for Francis.

The only national episcopates that he can count on today are those of Germany, Austria, and Belgium, nations in which the Catholic Church is in the most dramatic decline.

While on the contrary the more vital Churches of Africa are those that stood together, in the two combative synods on the family, against the innovations desired by the pope.

If one then looks at the Americas, both North and South, the picture appears even more unfavorable for the pope.

In Canada, the six bishops of the region of Alberta have publicly taken a position against the go-ahead given by Francis to communion for the divorced and remarried, while in the United States the episcopal conference last November elected as its president Cardinal Daniel N. Di Nardo, precisely one of the thirteen cardinals of the memorable protest letter that infuriated Bergoglio at the beginning of the last synod.

In the American media, this election was covered as a referendum on Pope Francis, and there was reason for this. One year before, on a visit to the United States, Francis had ordered the bishops to change course and to get into step with him; and he had accompanied these commands with a series of appointments close to his mentality, in the first place that of Blase J. Cupich as archbishop of Chicago and as cardinal.

But if there was a referendum, Bergoglio lost it altogether. In the preselection for the appointment of the president, out of ten candidates elected only one to his liking made it in. And the elections of the vice-president – archbishop of Los Angeles José H. Gómez, a member of Opus Dei – and of the heads of the commissions were also contrary to the pope’s expectations.

Even in Latin America, Bergoglio has few admirers.

In Colombia the bishops did not like – and they let him know this – the prejudicial support that Francis gave for the “yes” in the referendum on an agreement with the guerrillas of the FARC, an agreement that many bishops judged as a surrender and that in effect was rejected by the popular vote.

In Bolivia the bishops simply cannot stand the blatantly friendly relationship between Bergoglio and “cocalero” president Evo Morales, their bitter enemy especially since they publicly accused the “high structures” of the state of connections with drug trafficking.

In a Venezuela plunged into catastrophe, there is sadness and anger every time President Nicolás Maduro lashes out against them while appealing to Pope Francis, whose support he boasts having. And unfortunately for the bishops, the words spoken by the pope in commenting on the Venezuelan crisis during his latest in-flight press conference, on the way back from Cairo, sounded too benevolent toward the president and malevolent toward the opposition.

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10 Responses to PopeWatch: Bishops

  • “It has often been noted that Conclaves often choose a Pope as a commentary on the prior Pope. PopeWatch believes that the next conclave will choose as Pope a Cardinal as unlike Pope Francis as it is humanly possible to be.”

    May that Conclave come quickly, Lord Jesus.

  • It’s clear that many bishops who are horrified by the pontiff are taking a “this, too, shall pass” approach.

    Whereas the pontiff is taking a “*You* shall pass and I shall appoint your successor
    approach. Smart money is on the head of the personality cult. Which means much tribulation, pain, and bleeding out for the Church.

  • “Smart money is on the head of the personality cult.”

    Depends. At his age and rumors swirling about his health, I wouldn’t take bets as to him being around four years hence.

  • There may well be bishops and cardinals who agree with this Pontiff on some issues but will absolutely NOT want another like him. I believe that there is resentment among bishops of the clout wielded by the Germans. The Church is undergoing chastisement and none of us knows when it will end.

  • “PopeWatch believes that the next conclave will choose as Pope a Cardinal as unlike Pope Francis as it is humanly possible to be.”

    I wouldn’t be so sure of that. First of all, Francis is packing the the ranks of the cardinalate with those who are board with his agenda. And secondly, the episcopate in the west, which includes the cardinals, is on the hard left, at least when it comes to the so-called social justice issues. And that’s what even the more orthodox bishops seem to care more about than anything. Perhaps they didn’t intend to elect someone so doctrinally left as Bergoglio. But even if in fact not much was known him personally, the fact that he is from Latin America (which means you assume leftist until proven otherwise), they wanted a leftist and thought it was worth the risk. After all, the bishops of the west know full well that the hard left positions they take on issues like the death penalty, immigration, and the economy undercut any efforts they make to promote doctrinal orthodoxy. But yet they do it anyway, even going out of their way to misrepresent views that disagree with their own.

    Like I have said before, this pontificate is not the cause of the leftward lurch of the Church hierarchy and its institutions. It is the product of it!

  • I think Pope Francis was elected because almost all the Cardinals knew almost nothing about him rather than being enthusiastic for a leftward move in the Church. Based upon news reports at the time the Cardinals could well have assumed that he was firmly orthodox.

  • Donald, like I said the default assumption of any cleric from Latin America, especially high ranking clerics, is that they are leftists. Everyone knows that! Why do you think leftists have been clamouring for a pope from Latin America for all these years? Pope Francis has definitely answered that question.

  • As I recall the stories about Pope Francis at the time was that while an economic liberal he was hard core against gay marriage and abortion. This report from the National Catholic Reporter was typical at the time:

    “Bergoglio is a supporter of the social justice ethos of Latin American Catholicism, including a robust defense of the poor.

    “We live in the most unequal part of the world, which has grown the most yet reduced misery the least,” Bergoglio said during a gathering of Latin American bishops in 2007. “The unjust distribution of goods persists, creating a situation of social sin that cries out to Heaven and limits the possibilities of a fuller life for so many of our brothers.”

    Yet he is also known as a staunch defender of the church’s traditional sexual teachings, opposing abortion, same-sex marriage and contraception.

    In 2010, he said gay adoption is a form of discrimination against children, earning a public rebuke from Argentina’s president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.”

    The Cardinals bought a pig in a poke and a very surly and unorthodox pig it has turned out to be.

  • He also proposed coming out for civil unions to Argentine Bishops Conference, but got shot down.

  • “PopeWatch believes that the next conclave will choose as Pope a Cardinal as unlike Pope Francis as it is humanly possible to be.”

    Let us pray that you are right Donald. Pope Francis is the most dangerous man in the world today, endangering Catholic souls and the world at large with his false views on economics, politics and Islam.

Memorial Day Pledge

Monday, May 29, AD 2017

It  is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us —  that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for  which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve  that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall  have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people,  for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Abraham Lincoln

I have always loved Memorial Day.  A simple holiday, it unofficially marks the beginning of Summer in the US.  Fun and frolic marks the long weekend.  In many places school has ended or will be ending, and families are getting into vacation mode.  In my lifetime I have always been able to enjoy the holiday in peace and freedom, and that is due to the men the holiday honors.

Our war dead, stretching from the Revolution to the most recent skirmishes in Afghanistan and Iraq, I wonder what they make of all this.  Varying reactions no doubt, as varied as the men who died in our wars.  I assume that most of them wouldn’t begrudge people having fun, or gathering with their families.  During their lives almost all them liked having fun and loved their families.  Parting from loved ones is always a terrible burden on anyone who has gone to war, and today we remember those who never came back to their families. Thus I assume that the fun aspect of the weekend would not offend most of them, but rather please them.  However, Memorial Day is so much more than that.

The pain of a family, especially parents and spouses, who lose someone in a war is an agony that only time can dim but can never end.  Those of us who have fortunately not suffered such a loss can only imagine the grief and pain.  The least we can do for those families, and for their dead, is what I call the Memorial Day Pledge, taken from the last sentence of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address:

It  is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us —  that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for  which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve  that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall  have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people,  for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Never should our war dead die in vain.  Never should our troops be asked to make the ultimate sacrifice unless the nation is ready to win the conflict they are fighting in.  Never again should politicians play with war, cheering it at the beginning and then quickly running for cover when the going gets tough.  If the nation is unwilling to fight to win, no matter the cost, then it is better not to get involved in a conflict.  Anything less is a betrayal of every man who dies in battle.

Of course the circumstances of the war in which they fell in no way takes away from either the valor of our war dead or the value of their sacrifice.  We owe them and all our war dead a debt we can never repay.  Living Lincoln’s words each day is the best remembrance we can have for the men who died to ensure that we remained free and safe here at home.

Go, tell the Spartans, stranger passing by
That here, obedient to their laws, we lie.


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5 Responses to Memorial Day Pledge

  • Amen.

    The tradition (as I knew it) called for flying the Flag at half-staff until 12PM Noon when it was ceremonially raised to full-staff.

    The motto of the 187th Infantry Regiment (Rakkasans) is “Ne Desit Virtus” That Valor Shall Not Fail. If you saw the movie “Hamburger Hill” that was the Third Battalion, 187th.

  • My favorite scene from Hamburger Hill:

  • On your Memorial Day I salute my American cousins who have served in the profession of arms. May God bless and keep your war dead and may perpetual light shine upon them. JohntheMad Major (Ret’d) Royal Canadian Air Force

  • Thank you John. One of my cousins served as an officer in the Canadian Army and he is now retired as well. His father served in the British Army throughout World War II and I used his experiences for one of my Memorial Day reflections a few years ago.

  • A rumor of war . . .

    It was not “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Coincidentally, on 29 May 1453, The Eastern Christian Empire in Constantinople “perished from the Earth.”

    From a 1999 (before the Global Terror War On Us) Economist article. “The Byzantine Empire, denuded of its lands, was dependent on Italian allies; it had suffered the flight of Greek scholars (particularly brilliant in Byzantium’s final years) to Italy, where they helped to stimulate the Renaissance.

    “Hundreds of years of wars in south-eastern Europe: Austro-Hungarian vs. Ottoman empires. The Turks besieged Vienna in 1683 and in the 130 years after were repeatedly at war with Russia or Austria. They held southern Greece until 1832, today’s Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and nominally Serbia until 1878, the lands south of these down to liberated Greece until 1913. Hence the Muslim pockets—Albania, Bosnia—that for most Europeans today are the only reminder that the country they see as a source of cheap, resented, migrant labour was once a mighty power in Europe.

    “But a part of Europe? Allied with Germany in the first world war, and therefore stripped of their remaining Middle Eastern empire, the Turks by 1922 were strong enough again to drive Greece’s troops, and centuries of Greek society, from Anatolia. Old enmities were resharpened by the Turkish invasion of northern Cyprus in 1974. If the European Union still hesitates, despite Turkey’s decades inside NATO, about its wish for EU membership too, the real reasons lie centuries deep; not least in 1453.”

Abortion, Censorship and Donald Trump

Saturday, May 27, AD 2017



As faithful readers of this blog know, I long opposed the election of Donald Trump last year.  I viewed him as unfit to be President, I doubted his conversion to the pro-life cause and I knew that he wasn’t a conservative in the mode of Reagan.  I came around, reluctantly, after he signed a pledge letter to the pro-life cause.  Since his election I occasionally wonder if I made the right decision, and then something like what is documented below happens, and I am very happy with my decision:


YouTube removed a video showing top Planned Parenthood officials making gruesome comments about abortion on the order of a federal judge in California.

U.S. District Judge William Orrick, who granted the preliminary injunction in favor of the National Abortion Federation to halt the release of the videos, ordered any links to the video to be removed after it was published by the Center for Medical Progress on Thursday.

Judge Orrick also ordered CMP lead investigator David Daleiden and his attorneys to appear in court June 14, The Associated Press reported, for a hearing where he will consider holding them in contempt for releasing the footage.

Mr. Daleiden has been charged with 15 felonies in California stemming from his undercover investigation into the abortion giant. His attorneys have called it a “witch hunt” that flies in the face of the First Amendment.

YouTube has not responded to a request for comment.

The three-minute video showed top Planned Parenthood executives joking about severed fetus heads, admitting to altering abortion procedures to preserve fetal organs and conceding that clinics have a financial incentive to sell the human remains from abortions.

Lisa Harris, medical director at Planned Parenthood of Michigan, laments that abortionists cannot easily confide in others about their workplace difficulties, such as removing the severed heads of fetuses from women undergoing abortions.

“Our stories don’t really have a place in a lot of pro-choice discourse and rhetoric, right? The heads that get stuck that we can’t get out,” Ms. Harris says in the video, drawing laughs from an audience.

She also says pro-choice advocates should concede that the practice is murder.

“Let’s just give them all the violence,” she says. “It’s a person. It’s killing. Let’s just give them all that.”

The video features footage recorded at an annual National Abortion Federation meeting by the undercover pro-life journalists. The Center for Medical Progress says it’s just a preview of never-before-seen content that has been caught up in a legal fight for nearly two years.

In the video, Ann Schutt-Aine, director of abortion services at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, admits to using forceps to hold a fetus in place and circumvent a partial-birth abortion.

“If I’m doing a procedure, and I’m seeing that I’m in fear that it’s about to come to the umbilicus, I might ask for a second set of forceps to hold the body at the cervix, and pull off a leg or two, so it’s not [partial-birth abortion],” she says.

President Trump was ridiculed during the campaign for suggesting abortions happen in the U.S. up to the moment of birth.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, said the video proves him right.

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20 Responses to Abortion, Censorship and Donald Trump

  • This is but the American left’s imitation of the old soviet default psych hospital trip for those who dare to seek any truth that the political powers seek to hide.

  • Patriotism is treason. Love is hate. Truth is a lie. Civil discourse is harassment, intimidation, violence.

    In case you hadn’t noticed, the totalitarian elites are using Orwell’s 1984 as a guide book.

  • Prior to the election, I also had severe doubts about Trump, his fitness to be POTUS and his commitment to the pro-life cause. I ended up not voting for either him or Hillary, on the grounds that, as a resident of a deep blue state (IL) whose votes were already in the bag for Hillary, my vote wouldn’t have an impact on the outcome. If I had it to do over again, I would vote for Trump, partly because he has proven to be much better than I anticipated, partly because Hillary and her supporters have proven to be far more unstable and dangerous than I realized, and partly because more attention is being paid to the outcome of the popular vote, which even though it doesn’t count officially, does make a significant difference in public perception.

  • “I long opposed the election of Donald Trump last year… I came around…I am very happy with my decision…” If everyone could reflect, see beyond the imperfections and be grateful for his lack of pc, he may actually accomplish a great deal. We won’t agree with everything he does, but we never will find such a President. Thanks for sharing your path.

  • Congress could and should put judge Orrick out of business. For more than 70 years, the federal courts have made it increasingly plain that they’re staffed with intellectual and moral frauds. A piece of statutory law which grants the Northern district of California new boundaries – one square yard in the middle of a slum boulevard in Sacramento – will do the trick. Punish all the judges there Kennesaw Mountain Landis style. Draw a new district and staff it with better judges, transferring the appropriations for court staff from one to the other. Going forward, Judge Orrick gets paid with $200,000 worth of potatoes dumped on his front lawn once a year.

  • What these people deserve is what the Nazis on trial at Nuremberg got: dispatch to the Lord Jesus for final judgment.

    I despise, loathe, abhor, detest and hold in utter contempt and disdain liberal progressive feminist Democrats.

  • Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus don’t hold back. Tell us how you REALLY feel!

  • “I knew that he wasn’t a conservative in the mode of Reagan. ”

    We haven’t had a conservative in the mode of Reagan since…well…Reagan.

    As far as being glad Trump is president as opposed to Hillary, doing worse than Hillary is like trying to shimmy under a limbo stick lying flat on the ground.

  • “As far as being glad Trump is president as opposed to Hillary, doing worse than Hillary is like trying to shimmy under a limbo stick lying flat on the ground.”

    After eight years of Obama I am content even with that, although thus far I think Trump has done better than that.

  • I am upset that the madwoman of Chappaqua won’t stay in Chappaqua and be quiet. I am contemplating pangs f sympathy for Slick Willy.

    That being said, I seriously doubt that President Trump will be as successful as was Obama. The bar is set HIGH. Almost impossible for Trump sell as many guns or equal Obama’s GOP electoral gains.

    Obama, the World’s greatest gun marketer, gave the GOP the Trump presidency, both houses of Congress (63 House seats and 10 senates eats) , 33 governorships, control of 32 state legislatures, and Trump may appoint three or four more-or-less conservative SCOTUS justices.

  • Orrick? Or-ik? THE JUDGE IS NAMED ORC?

  • The name is too good isn’t it Foxfier, like a character from an Ayn Rand novel.

  • Daily we see the result of the widespread tentacles of evil set out by the Obama.

  • J.R.R Tolkien’s Orc’s seems to fit as well.

    And the Judge being an Obama appointee makes perfect sense. Obama is synonymous with Saruman……the white.

  • Some sort of heavy-handed thing… if it wasn’t so detail heavy, I’d think we’d gotten hoaxed.

  • Lucius Q C: Don’t forget “abominate” or “Obama-nate”.

  • The video is no longer at LifeSiteNews.

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4 Responses to Battle Hymn of the Republic

  • Need help TAC.

    A woman I sponsored a couple of years ago is on her death bed. Kay. S.
    She needs prayer.

    She came to the Catholic Church via her friend Dan and our weekly Rosary devotion at the nursing home. After Dan died she asked me for help to become Catholic.

    She entered the Holy Church two years ago today.

    She is close to going home.
    Fr. Libby gave her last rights.
    We need your help too.

    Thanks in advance.

  • A fantastic clip.

  • Thank you faithful friend.

    She has been struggling more than what I have witnessed from others who face the voyage. I’m concerned.
    I spent hours with her.
    Invoked the nun’s at our Carmelite monastery. A pure powerhouse of prayer.

    Family struggling with our practices.

    Prayers for them too.

    Thanks Donald.
    Your a great warrior.
    She appreciates it too.
    I’m positive she would say so if she could.

PopeWatch: Bodyslam

Saturday, May 27, AD 2017



From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:

Just days after rumors emerged that Montana priest Fr. Gregory Forte could be made a bishop, reports that he apparently attacked a Catholic News Agency reporter the night before the pope made his final decision has thrown the diocese into turmoil.

Political reporter for Catholic News Agency Mary Rezac claimed late Wednesday night that while asking Forte a question regarding how silly altar girls look when they wear high heels, the candidate for bishop suddenly body slammed her to the floor, breaking his glasses and shouting, “Get the hell out of here.”

“He took me to the ground,” Rezac told colleague Ryan Thomas. “This is the strangest thing a priest has ever done to me.”

A spokesman for the diocese released a statement accusing Rezac of crashing the Mass, claiming that Rezac “walked up to the altar, aggressively shoved a recorder in Forte’s face, and began asking badgering question.”


But witnesses say that after Forte asked Rezac to remove the recorder, he then removed parts of his vestments, saying, “I’m sick and tired of this,” and body slammed her, before moving into position to place her leg in what is known as a DDT. It was at that point that Rezac was able to free herself and grab a conveniently placed folded chair.

“That’s when she hit him with the chair,” one witness told EOTT. “Calling to those gathered to get on their feet, Rezac went on to execute a suplex on Forte, which laid him out long enough for authorities to arrive.”

Church officials said Rezac was examined at a hospital and released. Officials have stated though the nature of the injuries did not meet the elements of a mortal sin, that Forte would be booked for misdemeanor wrath.


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4 Responses to PopeWatch: Bodyslam

  • I wouldn’t (I wish I lived in Montana0 need another reason to vote for Mr. Gianforte. But, there it is! Bang!

    Herein provides a sense of where “we” are headed. Something I saw years ago on another web site:

    “Make the World a better place. Punch a liberal in the face.”

    See Luke 22:36-37, quotes the scripture which said, “He shared the fate of criminals.”

    In any case, the Church and the leftist media (for anybody with an “R” after her/his name) do not subscribe to American or English Common Law precepts (e.g., innocent until proven guilty). They, as does most of the World, persist in the dossier or inquisitorial mode, albeit sans the rack.

  • Off topic a bit for your post, but the young reporter managed to speak into his hand held ” you just body slammed me, entering the WWRestling term into the discussion making me think of Jesse Ventura picking his opponent up and throwing them down followed by a triumphant pose. In reality I guess it was more of a “scuffle”.that ended with the reporter going down- that terminology doesn’t excite though
    Also 😊Gianforte is quite the name for the big ad guy

  • After the correction was made that the reporter assaulted by the bishop-elect was from Life Site News, Vatican sources confirm that Bishop-Elect Forte will be made a Cardinal at the next consistory.

  • Anzlyne- from what I remember of the, um, reputation of English reporters…yeah, I’d say that the guy got “up in his face,” and given the actual violence that’s been done to high profile conservatives it didn’t turn out well.

    Wish there was some video.

Churchill is Back, and He’s a Polish Woman

Friday, May 26, AD 2017


I wish Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło, a devout Catholic, would bite most of the other European leaders:


Speaking in the Polish Parliament on Wednesday,Beata Szydło seized the moment to launch an excoriating attack on European Union leaders following the Manchester attack which, among others, claimed the lives of a Polish couple, leaving their two daughters as orphans.

“We are not going to take part in the madness of the Brussels elite,” she railed. “We want to help people, not the political elites.

“Where are you headed Europe?” she demanded. “Rise from your knees and from your lethargy or you will be crying over your children every day.

“If you can’t see this – if you can’t see that terrorism currently has the potential to hurt every country in Europe, and you think that Poland should not defend itself, you are going hand in hand with those who point this weapon against Europe, against all of us.

“It needs to be said clearly and directly: This is an attack on Europe, on our culture, on our traditions.”

Addressing the people of Europe, she asked: “Do we want politicians who claim we have to get used to the attacks, and who describe terrorist attacks as incidents, or do we want strong politicians who can see the danger and can fight against it efficiently?”

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11 Responses to Churchill is Back, and He’s a Polish Woman

  • Love this lady. The truth is what Europe desperately needs. Hopefully, we will hear more from her.

  • Very good speech. Don’t believe in mainstream’s lies about Poland.

  • The Visegrad Group will not bow down to Brussels and will not import Muslims from North Africa or Syria or anywhere else. Threats from Paris or Brussels will ring hollow. Western Europe can and will continue down their path of self inflicted social rot. Their embrace of homosexualism, abortion, importation of Muslims and rejection of Christianity makes them blind to reality.
    How many Muslim terror attacks take place in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia?Exactly. Beata Szydło – Sto Lat!

  • I believe one of her sons is to be ordained a priest.

    As always, I lament that Polish schools are empty due to contraception, if not terrorism.

  • Poland has more than once defended The West from its enemies. In return, it has got less than it deserved.

  • Oh, I like her!

  • A dozen or so years ago, I met an Englishman on a airplane trip who said to me, now that America has liberated Iraq from Sadaam, what about us, from the EU?

  • STO LAT indeed Mary De Voe. May Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło live a hundred years. Sto Lat to you as well.

  • Thank God for this brave Polish PM woman and for her, soon-to-be Catholic priest, son!!!
    God bless them and Poland and wake up Europe and America to the truth and to the dangers.
    May God confound all of the evil doers and rid the world of this evil.
    Praise God! Thank You, God.

  • Thanks to Poland’s policies, they do not have the terrorist attacks like the other European countries. Sometimes a picture is worth at least s thousand words!
    Click on the link below and look at this map of terrorist attacks on Europe and take a good look at Poland!
    …No attacks, thank God!

May 26, 1917: Killer Tornado Hits Mattoon and Charleston

Friday, May 26, AD 2017


At the start of my career as an attorney, my bride and I lived in Mattoon, Illinois for just under three years.  Charleston was the country seat of Coles County, and I spent a lot of time over there in court.  Only twelve miles separate the two towns.

Beginning on May 25, 1917 an eight day sequence of killer tornadoes struck the mid section of the country, wreaking havoc and death in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Arkansas, Kentucky and Alabama, leaving 383 people dead.

The tornado that struck Mattoon and Charleston began in Missouri and tracked a 293 mile course across Illinois, traveling at 40 mph, with the whirling winds that made up the tornado attaining 400 mph.  The skies darkened over Mattoon and Charleston around 2:00 PM with air sultry and oppressive.  At 3:00 PM a black nimbus cloud appeared and produced frequent lightning. A greenish-black cumulo-nimbus cloud appeared from the West around 3: 45 pm.  The tornado struck soon thereafter.  A contemporary account described what happened:

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PopeWatch: Black Swan

Friday, May 26, AD 2017


Carl Olson at The Catholic World Report has a keen summing up of this Pap


Ironically, while Francis talks about clarifying doctrine, there’s simply no doubt that Amoris Laetitia, despite all protests and posturings, has instead confused, disturbed, and confounded with its ambiguities and problematic assertions. Insistence that this is all about “pastoral” issues is misleading, at best, since doctrine and practice go hand in hand; you need not be a theologian to see the essential relationship between what you believe and how you live (it might even be that not being a theologian is helpful in this regard). This pontificate has been divisive in ways few could have imagined prior to 2013. In addition, while Francis likes to talk about the “people”, it’s fairly evident that he has little patience for those people who dare question his questionable statements and actions, no matter how carefully, formally, or respectually they do so. His impatience with theological precision and doctrinal clarity is unsettling. As I noted back in December 2015:

I can only conclude that, for whatever reason, this pope has a deep aversion to theological precision (and, thus, clarity) and is quite impatient with how “doctrine” and “dogma” impede his vision of how things should be in the Church. This is troubling on several counts … First, following the logic of Francis’ various remarks, the pontificates of John Paul II and Benedict XVI (for starters) were pharisaical and unnecessarily complex, and thus stand opposed to his vision of mercy. Whether or not Francis cares about such a logical progression and conclusion is, of course, an entirely different matter. 

And it’s not just about burying Benedict; it’s also about ignoring St. John Paul II. In the meantime, there is the name-calling, the scolding, and the vague appeals to the Holy Spirit. 

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10 Responses to PopeWatch: Black Swan

  • It is of the utmost importance to recognize that adherence to doctrine as a path to salvation has been relegated to the Church’s back burner in favor of ambiguous ramblings and utterances that appear (repeat) appear, to be aimed at substituting placenta-like nibbles of mercy and pastoral care for sound theology and practice.
    The very last thing the Catholic world needs now in these precarious times of an overt war on God’s Church, is a distortion of the core beliefs of our faith and God’s Holy Church.
    Our hope is that God will again turn evil into a greater good.

  • Personally, I think Vatican II was the Black Swan event. Francis is simply the hatchling.

  • Excellent line from the article:

    “The problem, in part, is that Francis’ use of the term “ideology” is something like a shotgun blast: it sounds powerful and gets attention, but the exact target can be hard to locate.”

  • President Trump should have given Francis a book that he clearly is not familiar with, the Catechism of the Catholic Church

  • I find myself recalling the following two quotations

    “With every day that passes, the conflict between tendencies that set Catholic against Catholic in every order–social, political, philosophical–is revealed as sharper and more general. One could almost say that there are now two quite incompatible “Catholic mentalities,” particularly in France. And that is manifestly abnormal, since there cannot be two Catholicisms”


    “[U]nprecedented perhaps in depth and extent–for it is at the same time scientific, metaphysical, moral, social and political–[the crisis] is not a “dissolution” [for the spirit of faith does not die], nor even an “evolution” [for the spirit of faith does not change], it is a purification of the religious sense, and an integration of Catholic truth”

    They were written by Maurice Blondel in 1907

  • Blondel, whatever his other gifts, was obviously a woefully inadequate prophet.

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  • “I can only conclude that, for whatever reason, this pope has a deep aversion to theological precision (and, thus, clarity) and is quite impatient with how “doctrine” and “dogma” impede his vision of how things should be in the Church.”

    The “whatever reason” is that the Pope has an aversion to the Truth, i.e, Christ’s words about being the Way, the Truth and the Life.

  • Donald R Mcclarey wrote, “Blondel, whatever his other gifts, was obviously a woefully inadequate prophet.”

    Well, when one looks at the flowering of French Theology in the 20th century, with the Oratorian, Louis Boyer, the Académicien Henri Bremond, Joseph Maréchal SJ, Marie-Dominique Chenu OP, Cardinal Henri de Lubac SJ, Cardinal Yves Congar OP and Cardinal Jean Daniélou SJ, to name only the most prominent, I would say his prophecy was fulfilled.

  • Considering the state of the Church in France, barely on life support, I would say that he stands revealed as a false prophet.

American History: Memorial Day Weekend Movies

Friday, May 26, AD 2017

“When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say,
For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today”

              Inscription on the memorial to the dead of the British 2nd Infantry Division at Kohima.


A few films to help remember that there is much greater significance to Memorial Day than sun and fun:


1.  American Sniper (2015)- A grand tribute to the late Chris Kyle and to all the other troops who served in Iraq.

“I am a strong Christian. Not a perfect one—not close. But I strongly believe in God, Jesus, and the Bible. When I die, God is going to hold me accountable for everything I’ve done on earth. He may hold me back until last and run everybody else through the line, because it will take so long to go over all my sins. “Mr. Kyle, let’s go into the backroom. . . .” Honestly, I don’t know what will really happen on Judgment Day. But what I lean toward is that you know all of your sins, and God knows them all, and shame comes over you at the reality that He knows. I believe the fact that I’ve accepted Jesus as my savior will be my salvation. But in that backroom or whatever it is when God confronts me with my sins, I do not believe any of the kills I had during the war will be among them. Everyone I shot was evil. I had good cause on every shot. They all deserved to die.”
Chis Kyle

2.   Hamburger Hill (1987)- A moving film about our troops in Vietnam who served their nation far better than their too often ungrateful nation served them.

3.  Porkchop Hill (1959)-Korea has become to too many Americans The Forgotten War, lost between World War II and Vietnam.  There is nothing forgotten about it by the Americans who served over there,  including my Uncle Ralph McClarey who died a few years ago, and gained a hard won victory for the US in one of the major hot conflicts of the Cold War.  This film tells the story of the small American force on Porkchop Hill, who held it in the face of repeated assaults by superior forces of the Chinese and North Koreans.  As the above clip indicates it also highlights the surreal element that accompanies every war and the grim humor that aspect often brings.

4.   Hacksaw Ridge (2016):  Mel Gibson fully redeemed his career as a director with this masterpiece.  A film that goes far beyond mere entertainment and illustrates what a man of faith can accomplish when he stays true to his beliefs and cares so much more about helping others than he does about his own mortal life.  Incredibly, the movie does justice to Desmond Doss, a true American hero.


 5.   Sergeant York (1941)-A film biopic of Sergeant Alvin C. York, who, during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive  on October 8,  1918, took 32 German machine guns, killed 28 German soldiers and captured another 132.  Viewers who came to see the movie in 1941 must have been initially puzzled.  With a title like Sergeant York, movie goers could have been forgiven for thinking that Sergeant York’s experiences in World War I would be the focus, but such was not the case.  Most of the film is focused on York’s life in Tennessee from 1916-1917 before American entry into the war.  Like most masterpieces, the film has a strong religious theme as we witness York’s conversion to Christ.  The film is full of big questions:  How are we to live?  Why are we here?  What role should religion play in our lives?  How does someone gain faith?  What should we do if we perceive our duty to God and to Country to be in conflict?  It poses possible answers to these questions with a skillful mixture of humor and drama.  The entertainment value of Sergeant York conceals the fact that it is a very deep film intellectually as it addresses issues as old as Man.

The film was clearly a message film and made no bones about it.  The paper of the film industry Variety noted at the time:  “In Sergeant York the screen has spoken for national defense. Not in propaganda, but in theater.”

The film was a huge success upon release in 1941, the top grossing film of the year.  Gary Cooper justly earned the Oscar for his stellar performance as Alvin C. York.  It was Cooper’s favorite of his pictures.  “Sergeant York and I had quite a few things in common, even before I played him in screen. We both were raised in the mountains – Tennessee for him, Montana for me – and learned to ride and shoot as a natural part of growing up. Sergeant York won me an Academy Award, but that’s not why it’s my favorite film. I liked the role because of the background of the picture, and because I was portraying a good, sound American character.”

The film portrays a devout Christian who had to reconcile the command to “Love thy Neighbor” with fighting for his country in a war.  This is not an easy question and the film does not give easy answers, although I do find the clip above compelling.

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3 Responses to American History: Memorial Day Weekend Movies

  • One of my favorites, “We Were Soldiers,” a great movie about the true story of the first major clash of US and NVA forces in Vietnam… based on an even greater book by Hal Moore, who happens to be Catholic, who led the Americans. This scene is one of my favorites.

  • a scene from “Memphis Belle”

  • A very moving scene Pinky. It reminds me of what my Mom told me about her Uncle Bill who fought in the British Army 1939-1945:

    His family rejoiced when he arrived back in Newfoundland in one piece, my future Mom noting that he seemed just the same, although he was now sensitive to loud noises. However, one night my Mom saw that the War had left a deeper mark on Uncle Bill. She was visiting Uncle Bill and his wife Aunt Nool, and an older couple came over to see Uncle Bill. Their son had served with Uncle Bill and had been killed in the War. Uncle Bill talked with them and told them how much all the other men in his unit had liked their boy, and how he had been very brave. After he died they had buried him with full military honors. This all seemed to be of great comfort to the older couple, and they thanked Uncle Bill and left. My Mom then saw something she had never seen before, her tough and always smiling Uncle Bill weeping. He turned to Aunt Nool and said that he hadn’t realized that he was such a good liar. The poor son of the older couple had stepped upon a huge land mine and there hadn’t been enough left of him to bury.