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Sandro Magister brings us more info on Archbishop Palgia who Pope Francis has placed in charge of the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family:

It made news in recent days and for some was a scandal when a glowing eulogy was given in memory of Marco Pannella (1930-2016) by Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia, a prominent member of the Community of Sant’Egidio, former president of the pontifical council for the family, and as of a few months ago the president of the pontifical academy for life, as well as being the chancellor for the pontifical John Paul II institute for studies on marriage and family.

It was precisely life and the family, in effect, that were the battlefield of political action for Pannella, a leader of the radical party and a relentless promoter of abortion, divorce, homosexual marriage, and euthanasia.

But this did not stop Pope Francis from praising as “among the greats of Italy today,” in an interview last year, Pannella’s most active comrade in arms, the honorable Emma Bonino, for her commitment to the issue of migration. Just as he did not prohibit Fr. Federico Lombardi from bearing witness to the “highest admiration for Francis” of Pannella himself, an admiration reciprocated by the pope, for efforts on behalf of the incarcerated.

Paglia, therefore, is deliberately following in Francis’s footsteps. Exactly as he is doing in the institutes he oversees, which the pope has not by coincidence entrusted to him.

Settimo Cielo has already covered the news, back when it came out, of the new statutes of the pontifical academy for life that went into effect on January 1, carefully crafted to facilitate the purging of members not in line with the new course, as for example cardinals Carlo Caffarra and Willem Jacobus Eijk, or the renowned scholars Josef Maria Seifert and Luke Gormally.

But now it can be said that the purge is complete. If one goes to the official website of the academy and looks at the three lists of ordinary, corresponding, and emeritus members, one will find that no one appears on them anymore. Absolutely nobody. To find the names of those purged one has to consult the two lists of “former,” with 172, and “late,” with 10.

In other words: everyone fired or buried. And without the slightest forewarning. Not a memo. not an e-mail, not a thank you, not a requiem.

And the new academics who will take the places of the purged? The casting call is already underway, with supervision at Casa Santa Marta, but it will take time. The academy’s own website candidly confesses this, in justifying the delay until October 5-7 of the general assembly that is usually held at the beginning of the year:

“Just for the complexity of the process of appointing new Members of the Academy, made necessary with the approval of the new Statute desired by Pope Francis, the Assembly, will be held next October.”

Go here to read the rest.  Chicken coop, meet fox.


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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. A radical, homosexual pro-abort. If you were Satan, who else would you put in charge of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

  2. This pontificate cannot end soon enough. His successor will have an Augean stable to clean out (presuming his successor his a decent pope – ha ha). We’re living in our own variant of the 10th century.

  3. If Sandro Magister is correct, than indeed we have a Masonic monster at the helm. Oct. 5-7 of ’17 for the general assembly. I pray that another miracle of the Son ( on purpose ) will overshadow this assembly to the point that it is striped and cleansed of reprobates that would be the “new” academics.

    This overthrow of the JPII institute is demonic. A sure sign of our times.

  4. “This pontificate cannot end soon enough. ”
    Agreed. A line has been crossed here. I am now to the point where at the end of this pontificate I will thank God for Francis’ emphasis on mercy and ask God why Franics de-emphasized the sinfulness of that which requires mercy.
    (and yes I pretty much know why. just being rhetorical)

  5. Should have added, my wife, who up until now has been a big PF fan, is starting to waver. “When you’ve lost Mrs. D….”

  6. Loosing “Mrs. D.”

    It was a struggle for me, big time!
    Separating the Papal office from the man.
    Pope Watch has been a type of scanning apparatus. I didn’t like the scan, but regardless of the imagery, I became aware of the illness. Not unlike cancer, there isn’t much one can do in this uncomfortable setting. Prayers are the best antidote.

  7. I stopped putting my tithe into the basket unless the homily spoke of God and His Son, Jesus. There are congregations of teaching sisters and nuns doing good. Support them and see to one’s neighbors in the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

  8. Back to the future.
    Pope Benedict the XVI.
    We miss you.


    The lavender Mafia is doing just fine..just peachy.

    If the future JPII Institute for studies on Marriage and Family starts suggesting an expansion of Southern Decadence festivals..well you know….don’t cry to Francis. After all…. It must be the fault of those wacky traditionalist. ( Liberial defense mechanism at work. Lie until everyone believes it true. )

  9. I have read your comments and wholeheartedly agree with them. What are we to do if our own pastors keep silence? Jesus never visited blood thirsty tyrants responsable for the death of unborn chldren for economic gain or a dictator responsible for thousands of Christian martyrs. Open your eyes. This Pope holds hands with Satan himself in Cuba ! Gave Castro his approval lovingly. May I remind you that Christ only visited the persecuter and murderer of his people when He was apprehended and had His hands tied ! He did not smile lovingly at those tyrants. He did not bless or approve their satanic principles. . Christ is our Heavenly Father, our only Pastor. Rest assured the Holy Spirit will give us His Wisdom to fight this imposter

  10. If God is to blame for free will in man then, God must be to blame for addiction to sodomy and lesbianism. Same sex attraction is an accident of birth. Addiction to sodomy, lesbianism is addiction to the capital sin of lust. The violation of man’s free will through addiction is a free will act for which man must accept responsibility before man can be rehabilitated.

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