Vote Fraud? What Vote Fraud?

Tuesday, February 14, AD 2017



Democrats simultaneously deny that there is any vote fraud, and fight all measures to guarantee the security of the ballot from fraud.  Powerline gives us the latest development in a very old game:


Democrats hotly deny there is any vote fraud taking place in American elections. Funny that only Democrats seem sensitive about this charge. The asymmetry of outrage suggests something, I think. Once upon a time, Chicago Democrats justified their shenanigans by charging that downstate Illinois Republicans stole votes, too. And maybe they did.

Consider this note from our friend Roger Beckett, executive director of the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University in Ohio:

I received the letter below from the Department of Elections in the State of Delaware. After a couple phone calls to them, I learned that someone registered me to vote (with my correct Date of Birth and Social Security number) on July 12, 2016 in Wilmington, Delaware. As a Democrat. I have never registered to vote in Delaware. I have only ever registered to vote where I live, in Ohio. I checked my credit report, and this is not full-fledged identity theft. It appears to be just some new-fangled election fraud. 

I was asked by the good people in the Delaware Election Commissioner’s office to send a letter to them that they could forward to the Delaware’s Attorney General, which I will do.

Here is the letter, with Roger’s Social Security suffix and address blocked out (by me):

Beckett Registration



Go here to read the comments.  The Democrat powers that be in Cook county have traditionally had very slow vote counts, the better to see if a state wide election is close enough for them to steal.  Today we are assured that this is a thing of the past.  Go here to read why I am intensely skeptical of that claim.  There are two reasons why Democrats around the nations fight tooth and nail against the simplest ballot protections like photo ID for voting:  they know that vote fraud exists and that Democrats almost always benefit from it.

3 Responses to Vote Fraud? What Vote Fraud?

  • How can the Democrats categorically assert no fraud and then simultaneously accuse Trump and the Russians to have colluded in theft of the election from Livia Caesar?

  • Here in New Hampshire, we wondered at how the federal candidates all won with narrow margins while our state office candidates won handily. It seems simple in retrospect that bussed-in non-residents didn’t care about our local contests but just came to put Clinton in the White House and Democrats in the US Congress.

  • After each of my parents died I informed the county Voter Registrar of his and her deaths. Each time I received letters stating that their names had been taken off the rolls.
    Years ago when I was a resident of a small city, all one had to do to vote was state one’s name and address to a poll worker with the voter rolls in plain view. Reading the rolls upside down I could have self identified as any female on the list. The first time I voted there I handed the poll worker my driver’s license. It was thrown back at me with a snarly, “We don’t need that. We trust you at your word”. That city and its county are known for being the last two to report on election night.