And So it Begins Again

(I ran this post on February 10, 2015.  An appellate court in Germany has affirmed the ruling of the trial court, finding that the arson attack on the Synagogue was a justified expression of criticism of the policies of Israel.  An appellate court in the Third Reich could not have improved on this justification of  violence against Jews.)


My advice to Jews in Germany, get out while you can:


A German court in the city of Wuppertal convicted two German Palestinians on Thursday of an arson attack on a Synagogue but denied the crime was motivated by anti-Semitism, prompting Green Party deputy Volker Beck to urge the court to designate the act as anti-Semitic.

The Wuppertal court sentenced the two men, ages 24 and 29, to a suspended prison term of one year and three months. The two men, along with an 18-year-old juvenile, in July tossed Molotov cocktails at the synagogue in Wuppertal, a city in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia with a population of nearly 344,000. The court ordered all three to perform 200 hours of community service.

Beck said on Saturday the “attack on the Synagogue was motivated by anti-Semitism” and blasted the court for issuing a decision stating that the goal of the attack was to bring “attention to the Gaza conflict.” Israel, last summer, was involved a 50-day war in the Gaza Strip.

“This is a mistaken decision as far as the motives of the perpetrators are concerned. Therefore, I have written the prosecutor and called for the filing of a legal objection,” he said, adding that the burning of a synagogue in Germany because of the Middle East conflict can be attributed only to anti-Semitism.

“What do Jews in Germany have to do with the Middle East conflict? Every bit as much as Christians, non-religious people or Muslims in Germany, namely, absolutely nothing. The ignorance of the judiciary toward anti-Semitism is for many Jews in Germany especially alarming.”

The three German Palestinians caused €800 damage to the synagogue. The original synagogue in Wuppertal was burned by Germans during the Kristallnacht pogroms in 1938.

Go here to read the rest.  In the days of the Weimar Republic, Nazis who committed crimes, Hitler was a prime example of this, were given slap on the wrists sentences if their offenses could be interpreted as having a political motivation that the court thought praise-worthy.  This is precisely what happened in this case.  Europe in general is becoming a dark place for Jews as Islamic “immigrants” make their lives a living hell, often aided and abetted by home grown anti-Semites.  So, I think the Jews of Europe in general should be looking for a place of refuge.  This advice I would also give to believing Christians in Europe.  The hateful forces that use Jews as scapegoats never stop with Jews, but sooner or later attack Christians.

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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. This court decision is horrible. But I am willing to be that the court members who made the decision are not in the least believers in Naziism or in Anti-Semitism or Islam.

    Rather, I bet the court members made this decision based on their commitment to liberal/progressive concepts of fairness, mercy, redemption, and benevolence.

    But yes, the Jews of Germany had better flee Germany, because soon these liberal German leaders will be overthrown and replaced by Neo-Nazi German leaders. The Radical Secular Left will be cast out and replaced with the Radical Secular Right. Somehow the centrist, sensible, Catholic middle is going to get lost again in Germany, just as it was in the 1930s and 1940s.

  2. I tend to agree with Jim Bob for a couple of reasons: 1). There may have more severe penalties if the crime was designated as Anti-Semitic given that the damages were relatively minor. 2). A finding of Anti-Semitism may have caused an uprising in the neighborhood. However, on the face of it this crime was clearly Anti-Semitic and will probably encourage similar acts in the future.

  3. We might be looking at the beginning of a new Holiday in Germany. Let’s call it “Crystal Night”.
    Timothy R.

  4. Jom Bob comments the court decision was made not but adherents of Nazism but by adherence of liberal progressivism. That is true on the face of it. But consider this. Nazism is the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Liberal progressivism is green on the outside, pink on the inside international socialism. The operative word is socialism. It is as diabolically evil as the demonic Islam possessing the men that were under trial.

  5. I have never understood why there were thousands of College students, and College aged kids, rioting as the “Red Brigade” ( young communists ) in Berlin. As a member of our Military Police I had to help guard against them invading our Air Base. These riots were going on while their kinfolk, on the other side of the Wall, were being systematically slaughtered by the real communists For Seeking Freedom !
    Timothy R.

  6. I’m also quite sure the court isn’t motivated by a hatred of the Jews; they just think that burning the holy place because of hatred of the faith would be more wrong than burning it because they think the Jews have wronged them, by action or inaction.
    … this is exactly why the demonization of the Nazis is such a really freaking bad idea. Hate is seldom divorced from a justification– it may be a false one, but there are always reasons.

  7. ’m also quite sure the court isn’t motivated by a hatred of the Jews;

    The court has defined hatred of Jews as a form of legitimate political protest. We can draw our own conclusions.

    In New York, that crime would be at least a Class C felony for which the standard penalty is an indeterminate sentence of 5 to 15 years in prison. It’s not clear whether German statutory law is worthless or their judges are.

  8. No, the court defined attacking members or property of a group that you disagree with or feel wronged by is acceptable.
    And it makes sense if you assume that there are other groups who would do it for totally without any sort of reason for their anger. Not without a good reason, but without reason.
    Germany outlawed talking about the excuses that their ancestors used to attack the Jews, disabled, resisting religious, etc, did they not?

  9. No, the court defined attacking members or property of a group that you disagree with or feel wronged by is acceptable.
    And it makes sense i

    It’s a synagogue in the Ruhr Area, where there are perhaps 3,000 Jews, if that. It’s not the Israeli consulate (of which there is certainly one within 50 miles of the synagogue in question).

  10. Irrelevant in the logic applied. It has a rational connection, it has a reason, so it’s not the boogieman of “racism.”
    They made a caricature so extreme, so divorced, that they can’t recognize the original subject. It’s like having mice in your house and you’re trying to look for Mickey Mouse to fight.

  11. Of course it was anti-semitism.

    If you were mad at something the Italian government had done, would you vandalize the nearest Catholic church at hand?

  12. ….you realize that people have attacked Mormons doing the door-to-door thing because of the California “gay marriage” opposition thing, right?
    They have a “reason,” instead of it being “just” hatred.
    Which is a foolish division, folks always have a reason…unless you’ve othered the guys who show exactly why hate is so bad so much that you cannot even understand they had reasons. It wasn’t bad because they didn’t have a reason, it’s bad because it was wrong.
    Look at the abortion debate, with the “kill the kid because he could be born disabled” folks, who can’t understand that they’re doing exactly what the Nazis did, and take outrage at it being pointed out.

  13. Then you will continue the rousing success of managing to pick fights with those who agree with you in your actively alienating those who disagree with you, due to exercising fallacies under the flag of not being a “fool,” creating even bigger messes for others to combat and making it so that scumbags like the Synagogue burning SOBs move on to more direct and larger harm before people are shocked into reconsidering the logic.
    Some of them will get locked into it by doing horrible things themselves, and not being strong enough to say “I was wrong. This is a bad thing. It must stop.” Instead, they will viciously attack anyone who steps near that sore spot where they can feel that if what that person says is true, then they are wrong– and they won’t be able to argue against it rationally, just lash out, because the person is telling the truth.
    Just like with abortion.

  14. The Lord said, that anyone who curses the Jews will be cursed. Perhaps Germany”s tragic immigration mess is the start of that curse. Timothy R.

  15. The Lord said, that anyone who curses the Jews will be cursed.

    Hm… you know, that’s kind of the founding myth for Islam, isn’t it? They’re Ishmael’s heirs, the Jews are from Isaac. And they’re still holding a grudge.

    And look at what it’s gotten them; Israel makes the desert bloom. Christian nations feed the world, bring back the mostly dead, do all sorts of faint echos of Christ… and their cultures send off their own children to slaughter others by suicide.

  16. The Bible describes Ishmael as ” a donkey of a man”; and tells us that “his hand was against all of his brothers, and all of his brothers was against him.” Sounds like someone that should be on our modern
    “No Fly List”, does it not ? Timothy R.

  17. I’m trying to picture the average suicide-belt user, waking up in Sheol, and asking “Allah” where his 72 virgins are. Timothy R.

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