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PopeWatch: Hemorrhage

Tuesday, January 31, AD 2017


Pope Francis notes that the Church is losing clergy:



“We are dealing with a ‘hemorrhage’ that is debilitating to consecrated life and the very life of the Church,” the Pope said, noting that the number of desertions from the consecrated life is “worrisome.”

In his speech Saturday, the Pope cited three chief factors contributing to the loss of clerical and religious vocations: a society allergic to commitments, the worldly aspirations of many young people and the bad example of priests and religious.

We live in “an era of change,” Francis stated, “in which it is hard to take on serious, lifelong commitments” when everything around us seems temporary.

The present social and cultural context makes fidelity difficult, Francis said, since it is a culture of “the fragmentary and the provisional,” leading many to make choices “à la carte” while always “leaving ‘back doors’ open to other possibilities.”

The Pope said that this culture is rooted in “a strong practical relativism,” according to which everything is judged in terms of one’s personal fulfillment.


A second factor, the pontiff proposed, is the complicated world of young people today. While recognizing that there are many generous and committed young people in search of a deep spiritual life, many succumb to a secular logic entailing “a quest for success at any price, easy money and easy pleasures,” he said.

This logic “seduces many young people,” he added.

A third and final factor comes from within consecrated life itself, in which “there is no shortage of counter-witness that make fidelity difficult.”

When priests or religious sisters and brothers allow “routine, weariness, administrative burdens, internal divisions and careerism” to take root, there is little motivation to keep going when consecrated life becomes trying, Francis said.

In order to maintain its “fascination,” consecrated life must keep the “freshness and novelty of the centrality of Jesus,” which nourishes the “attractiveness of spirituality and the strength of the mission.”

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12 Responses to PopeWatch: Hemorrhage

  • Pope Francis just defined himself. The Love of Jesus is all.

  • “Couldn’t have anything to do with abandoning the Liturgy of the Hours, communal living, the disconnect between Vatican II’s express statements on liturgy, or bishops who cow-tow to the secular world, could it, Your Holiness?”

  • Modernists— you know so open minded their brains fell out. :/
    We do see the unintended consequences of Joy and Hope —Gaudium et Spes. There is much good there but I never understood why we needed two different constitutions— one dogmatic and one pastoral. I think just that basic dialectic approach is the big bertha of Satan’s arsenal. Francis pits one against the other and then says this?

  • I’m not trying to stir up trouble here. But isn’t this the same reasoning he used for implying that a lot of marriages are invalid? Could the same thing apply here? Would it be inconsistent to say that many/most ordinations are invalid? Again, I’m not trying to stir up trouble, and I’m not questioning the validity of anyone’s ordination. I’m just talking/thinking through the implications.

  • These words, from the same Pope who had the FFI crushed, destroying vocations….
    If the Pontiff wants an increase in the priesthood then he should quit and take the bishops like Cupich with him.

  • We do not have to look very far to see how well ecumenical practices have “fascinated” those in consecrated life. Or how the “freshness and novelty of the centrality of Jesus,” is booming in a land where former Cardinal, now Pope, lived out this mission.

    Shall I guess that the “freshness” has swelled the seminaries in Argentina?

    From the CIA Factbook, Argentina is 92% Catholic, but less than 20% attend regularly.

    Pope Francis would do well to immerse himself in Poland. 88% Catholic and out of those 58% are faithful Mass attendees.
    (wikipedia stats from ’05)

    My suggestion is that he take leave of the office for two years, and Pope Emeritus return to the Chair of Peter.

    Two years in Poland would remind him of the due diligence required to uphold, propagate and defend the True Faith from those who knowingly or unknowingly wish to subvert the Holy Catholic Church.

    Since retirement from the position of Pope was extremely rare, this two year voluntary sabbatical should not be too difficult for Catholics in our era. After all, the resting or roasting of souls is at stake.


  • I just got this text from USCCB
    “USCCB: Bishops express solidarity with Muslims, concern over religious freedom issues, in response to Executive Order on refugees:….
    Maybe a uscccb watch alongside the pope watch would also shine some light on the hemorrhage.

  • I could be wrong but it seems that dioceses that are the most traditional have the most seminarians.

  • For the brothers and sisters, why not allow an “enlistment” – sign up for X number of years taking temporary vows; wearing traditional dress and living in community as stated above.

    Do we have any former brothers, sisters and priests who would care to comment on the pope’s statement?

  • Since Vatican II the Catholic Church has been in the process of making itself more user friendly by removing the Cross as a necessary part of our Faith. In other words, you can have the faith without the Cross. Since religious vocations require the Cross it is should not be surprising that vocations are on the wane and have been for the last 50 years. To survive the Catholic Church must have the Cross.

  • With central focus upon “social justice ” issues and a heavy drift away from the Church’s mission of salvation, why would a young man or women not chose to fight injustice in some well paying perk-filled government agency and avoid the drudgery and structural combat in this modern confused church?

  • I second Anzlyne’s suggestion. Solidarity with those that want us to convert or die?! I’m shaking my head at what most of the USCCB puts out at this point.

    It couldn’t have anything to do with the abandonment of tradition could it?! The the abandonment of the love of the Catholic Church?! I’m very glad I converted but boy oh boy, what a mess we have to live in and through in the church right now.

Liberals and Refugees

Monday, January 30, AD 2017



I am old enough to recall when quite a few liberals were very unwilling to take in refugees fleeing from a totalitarian state where hundreds of thousands were being placed into “reeducation” camps and tens of thousands were being summarily executed:


The Democrat complaints in 1975 appeared to center on the fact that the refugees were escaping communism, an ideology, analysts say, liberals did not find that objectionable.

Leading the effort to ban the Vietnamese refugees was California’s Gov. Jerry Brown. Other prominent Democrats calling for the ban were Delaware’s Sen. Joe Biden, former presidential “peace candidate” George McGovern, and New York Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman.

Julia Taft, who in 1975 headed up President Gerald Ford’s Inter-agency Task Force on Indochinese refugee resettlement, told author Larry Engelmann in his book, “Tears Before the Rain: An Oral History of the Fall of South Vietnam” that “the new governor of California, Jerry Brown, was very concerned about refugees settling in his state.”

National Public Radio host Debbie Elliott retraced Brown’s refusal to accept any refugees in a January 2007 interview with Taft. According to a transcript, which was aired on its flagship program, “All Things Considered,” Taft said, “our biggest problem came from California due to Brown.” She called his rejection of Vietnamese refugees “a moral blow.”

Taft recalled another reason liberals opposed the refugees: “They said they had too many Hispanics, too many people on welfare, they didn’t want these people.”

“They didn’t want any of these refugees, because they had also unemployment,” she told NPR.

“They had already a large number of foreign-born people there. They had – they said they had too many Hispanics, too many people on welfare, they didn’t want these people.”

Author Larry Clinton Thompson recounted in his book, “Refugee Workers in the Indochina Exodus,” that Brown said, “We can’t be looking 5,000 miles away and at the same time neglecting people who live here.”

The CQ Almanac shows New York’s Elizabeth Holtzman – who was one of the House’s most visible liberal congresswomen — opposed helping the Vietnamese refugees. She said, according to CQ Almanac, “some of her constituents felt that the same assistance and compassion was not being shown to the elderly, unemployed and poor in this country.”

Rep. Donald Riegle, a liberal representative from Michigan who later would serve as its senator, offered an amendment that would have barred funds for the refugees unless similar assistance was given to Americans. The amendment was rejected by the House, 346 to 71, according to the Almanac.

Another House Democrat even tried to slow down the airlift of Vietnamese orphans. The Almanac reported that Rep. Joshua Eilberg, the Democratic chairman of the House Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship and International Law, accused the Ford administration of having acted “with unnecessary haste” in the evacuation of the orphans.

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5 Responses to Liberals and Refugees

  • There was a saying that the pundits were fond of when I was a young man. As a young G.I. stationed in Germany, I remember reading it in the Stars & Stripes. It went : Only Nixon could go to China. Now, it could be said : Only Obama would genuflect to Castro. TR.

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  • Didi not Democrat Obama ban Cuban refugees just before Trump took office?
    Did not Democrat FDR remove the freedom of Japanese immigrants and consign them to holding camps for the duration of WWII?
    How quickly people forget. OK if a Dem does it, blasphemy to American principles if a Repub does it.

  • FDR also refused to allow a ship with German Jews fleeing from the Nazis dock in the US. The ship was diverted to the Dominican Republic. The Dems are hypocrites with poor memories.

  • The frame shows Obama as a limp-wristed rag doll firmly in the grip of Castro, the Communist Dictator of the island prison of Cuba. Even he must wince in retrospect.

PopeWatch: March for Life 2017

Monday, January 30, AD 2017


Quick, someone get the smelling salts for Mark Shea.  Pope Francis sent out a message of support for the March for Life:


His Holiness Pope Francis sends warm greetings and the assurance of his closeness in prayer to the many thousands of young people from throughout America gathered in the Archdiocese of Washington and the Diocese of Arlington for the annual March for Life. His Holiness is profoundly grateful for this impressive testimony to the sacredness of every human life. As he has made clear, “so great is the value of a human life, and so inalienable the right to life of an innocent child growing in the mother’s womb, that no alleged right… can justify a decision to terminate that life” (Amoris Laetitia, 83). He trusts that this event, in which so many American citizens speak out on behalf of the most defenseless of our brothers and sisters, will contribute to a mobilization of conscience in defense of the right to life and effective measures to ensure its adequate legal protection. To all present the Holy Father cordially imparts his Apostolic Blessing as a pledge of strength and peace in the Lord.


Cardinal Pietro Parolin

Secretary of State

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19 Responses to Where No Rational Thought Has Gone Before

  • Hilarious and right on.

  • Weird and eerie. Ashley’s rant is more scary than Linda Blair’s performance in the Exorcist.

  • What’s concerning is that so many actually believe this nonsense. One of the problem is these nut cases get little push back. I would like to see Donald Trump open up on them.

  • Cringe cringe cringe.

    She needs a laxative.

  • Wow, that was painful.

  • Shorten that to one word. Lobotomy. Admittedly it may have already been done.

  • Please folks. ECT had a habit of erasing Short Term Memory. She already has trouble finding herself. TR.

  • So, this is what we are up against. Horrific.
    “I would do the right thing and take my chances! Sir!” pg 102 WINGS HELD UP BY HOPE by Timothy Reed. Our Founding Fathers said the same thing.

  • She must have taken the same drugs as sicko Madonna. She’s not only nasty she’s crazy !

  • This post about rabid Ashley Judge again reminds me of the rabid behavior of former Obama appointee NRC Chairperson Gregory Jaczko back in 2011 and 2012. I talked about him in comments on a different post here at TAC before. In addition to Kristine Svinicki (Trump has appointed her as current Chairperson – hooray!) reporting on his abusive behavior to Congress and the Whitehouse, so did fellow Commissioner William D. Magwood (who is now at the Nuclear Energy Agency – he didn’t get the nod from Obama to stay on at the NRC, nor after this would he have). I have met Mr. Magwood, listen to him give a talk and had the opportunity to shake his hand. He is a tall, imposing black man, and when he walks into a room, you can rest assurred that he IS the smartest person in the room, and he doesn’t need to brag about it. What a great speaker! And nuclear safety was always number 1 in his book. ALWAYS. I cannot express how impressed I was. Now kindly read pages 2 through 4 of Mr. Magwood’s testimony to Congress about how Jackzo, a rabid bureaucrat, behaved:
    You have to understand something. The NRC is a place of scientists and engineers. Only safety and science and blood & guts engineering matter. Not politics. Not who knows whom. Not who is greasing whose skids. Just the science – that’s it. That’s all that matters. Never before in the history of US nuclear regulation has ANY commissioner behaved like Jackzo. NEVER. Just read and see. So when I learn that Ashley Judd is behaving like another rabid animal, it’s just par for the course with these wild beasts. This is who and what they are. And that they have been given such voice nationally when any sane society would relegate them to a mental institution is due to the singular fault of Barack Hussein Obama.

    Now have managers yelled at me during my previous work? Yup, and I goaded them to also. But no one – not a one – ever did this kind of thing. Not a one acted like such a rabid animal. Ashley Judd, Gegrory Jackzo, they are all the same. And it makes me madder than a wet hen that under Obama these kinds of people got put into positions of authority over safety issues that they have no ability to deal with.

  • Mary De Voe….. 2 Corinthians 4 : 7-9 Tim

  • The progressive left reminds me of HAL9000. They act like they are foolproof and incapable of error. Their mission is too important for them to allow anyone to jeopardize it. HAL did go on a rampage against the crew.

  • HAL went on a rampage against the crew just as former NRC Chairperson Jackzo, an Obama appointee, went on a rampage against NRC staff, especially women. Liberal, progressive, feminist, anti-nuke, eco-wacko, enviro-nazi Democrat.

  • Wow! I couldn’t watch it all. I felt like I was watching a mentally ill person saying embarrassing things in front of a crowd. Couldn’t someone help her off of the stage?

  • My earlier comment was about the cleverness of the video creators. After reading a short bio this woman is to be pitied. She is damaged from childhood rape. Ashley Judd’s performance is the most bizarre I’ve seen. Surely the producers must have known how known have known she was on another planet.

  • My typo fits the subject – it sure have read, “Surely the producers must have know she was on another planet”.

  • Seasoned drinker or progeny pride? Ancestral pride increases given its distance from rationality. Star Trek ancestor obviously rode their pride to an oxymoronic brilliant embarrassment. Ashley stands proudly among inane ancestors. Give the deadly sin of pride an audience and she waxes her thoughts irrationally. If you want to get an atheist mad, get someone to pray for this Ashley rant.

  • Too bad we don’t have the draft any more. A few months in boot camp would teach her the rewards are for those who shut up and listen.

Congresswoman Mia Love

Sunday, January 29, AD 2017


Congresswoman Mia Love’s speech to the March for Life.  Keep your eye on this lady.  She may well be the first female president of these United States.  Here is the text of her speech:





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9 Responses to Congresswoman Mia Love

  • This was my third March for Life and during it the sense of hope was overwhelming. My wife and I arrived early to be near the stage. We stood among teenagers from Louisiana and Georgia who are dedicated to the ending of the abortion holocaust in America. Congresswoman Love’s speech touched everyone around me… the roars of approval, appreciation and love are only partially captured in this recording. God Bless her and God Bless the United States.

  • Very good.
    What might of been… indeed.

    Emmett McSweeney.
    Your description of the atmosphere surrounding the March for Life and Mia’s plea for life was great. The energy must of been incredible.
    Keeping the pressure on!
    February 11th National event coming up;

    Please consider joining us on the public square come Saturday.

    Let’s never wonder “what might have been,” but instead, enter into this battle of what is to come…..The Right to Life.

  • Of the 60,000,000 killed, none of them, not one of them, will ever live on this earth; because each of them, every single one of them was unique. Not one of them will ever be duplicated in all eternity. In all my sins, I hope that by being a voice for those still warm and happy in their mommy’s wombs, that when I am judged some of them will speak up for me in their small loving voices and say “Forgive this man, he was our voice when no one could hear us.” Guy McClung, San Antonio Texas

  • @Guy McClung.

    It’s sobering.
    Please allow me to piggyback your hope if I may.
    Reminds me of Our Lord saying in effect, that since you have given witness for my behalf, I shall give witness on your behalf to Our Father when you stand before him.
    Paraphrasing of course…but sobering and hopeful none the less.

  • Emmett, how was the turnout this year compared to previous?

  • I thought that this year’s turnout was larger but last year’s attendance was lower because of the snowstorm that paniced many marchers.

  • Thanks for the info. I wouldn’t trust any source who wasn’t there as a participant.

  • My parish bus was one of the ones that panicked and didn’t go last year. Comparing to previous years, I thought this was the biggest crowd I’ve seen. It was the furthest from the stage that I’ve been during the rally. While marching up Constitution Ave, I thought the crowd was pretty good sized. Then I looked back and saw the official beginning of the March was behind me. That “pretty good sized” crowd I was in was a small fraction of the total.

Resquiescat in Pace: John Hurt

Saturday, January 28, AD 2017


One of the foremost British actors of his generation, John Hurt has passed away at age 77.  He played everything from Caligula to Winston Smith to the Elephant Man, but he will always perhaps be best known for his first major role, that of his portrayal of the villainous Richard Rich who betrayed Saint Thomas More for an office in Wales.  Hurt had the knack of all great character actors of disappearing into his roles.  He was always the character, and not John Hurt playing a character.  Unlike most British actors and actresses, he did not talk much about his politics, but he did view political correctness with disdain, calling it a threat to freedom.


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One Response to Resquiescat in Pace: John Hurt

  • His greatest role was in Spaceballs. At the end of the movie when Lone Star and Barf were at the diner, the character Hurt played said, “Oh, no, not again” and the alien popped out of him and did the Michigan J. Frog sond on the diner counter.

PopeWatch: Knights v. Knights

Saturday, January 28, AD 2017

From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:


Tensions have escalated between conservative and liberal Catholics today as Knights of Columbus members amassed on Malta’s border, which was recently annexed by the Vatican.

Maltese U.N. Ambassador Marcallino Galea told EOTT this morning that the Knights of Columbus had amassed more than 40,000 knights on the border of Malta.

“These numbers may reflect some very bad intentions and this is the last thing we would like to happen,” Galea said. “Our hope is that the Vatican will come to its senses and that they will come to understand that they cannot continue order us around and to tell us where we can or cannot park in our own parishes.”

Pope Francis has pledged to take counter-measures against Malta, which he accused of sending saboteurs into the Vatican to carry out liturgical-terrorist acts in which priests say the Latin Mass in Rome.

Pro-Vatican separatists have been fighting near Malta’s border for months now, with hundreds of Maltese civilian casualties from shelling, mines, and tickling people to death with fluffy ostrich plumes from their stupid hats.

“Casualties are horrific, yes, but what is worse than death is that they are infiltrating our churches and nagging parishioners about becoming members of the Knights of Columbus. They are torturing innocent bystanders by continually reiterating how good their life insurance policy is. Please send help.”

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Winter War

Saturday, January 28, AD 2017

Something for the weekend.  Finlandia Hymn.  My Bride and I are off to Winter War 44, a war gaming and rpg convention that I have been attending since 1976.  Go here to read about it.  We usually pick up some new games from the vendors and more at the game auction.  Twenty-five years ago we brought our four month old twin baby boys through a blizzard to their first war game convention.  Ah, time is a river and the current runs fast.

For the more venturesome, or crazed, among you, here is a link to Open General, a free computer game that has dozens of campaigns and hundreds of scenarios set in various time periods in which you command various military units to achieve the victory conditions of the scenario you are playing.  If you choose to download it, follow the installation instructions carefully.  Happy gaming!

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4 Responses to Winter War

  • An image of Billy Crystal’s character in the movie version of The Princess Bride entered into my mind as I read your post this morning; “Have fun storming da’ castle.”

    Indeed. Have a good break from your law mines. TAC wouldn’t exist without your commitment. No disrespect to the other contributors, however I stand by my statement. 🙂

  • I’m there too, in the dealer room at the Monroe St. Press book table. Did you stop by today and I just didn’t know it? We will be open from 8 am to 2 pm Sunday so please stop by so dear daughter and I can finally meet one of my favorite bloggers! 🙂

  • We walked right by you Elaine and I didn’t make the connection! If you come back next year my Bride and I will do a meet and greet!

  • Thank you for posting Winter War. My dad and his brothers were veterans of WW II’s European theater.
    In the 50s and 60s extensive war footage was shown on TV. We watched as a family and listened to my dad’s commentary on various campaigns. I remember him extolling the bravery of the Finns troops in their guerrilla warfare against the Russians. Snow and invading Russians made an impression on us kids because we had been stationed in Alaska in the mid 50s and remembered the evacuation drills. The threat of the Russians invading from the Soviet military base on Big Dioamede Island was a possibility.

Mark Shea Celebrates March for Life

Friday, January 27, AD 2017


While hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers are marching in Washington, Mark Shea delivers this:


Fascist Scapegoating.

Jefferson bought the entire Louisiana Purchase for two cents an acre. It was an incredible steal. Smartest decision in American history.

Trump is buying the complete cooperation of prolife Christians even more cheaply. For the cost of a few words from Mike Pence and KellyAnne Conway at the Prolife March in Washington, prolifers will henceforth reliably go to bat for every evil he wants to do. Torture? Fantastic! Scapegoating immigrants? We are on board! Destroying access to health care for the poor! Great!

Christian Trump supporters have completely bought a false soteriology that opposition to abortion taketh away the sins of the world.

Prove me wrong. I beg you.

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44 Responses to Mark Shea Celebrates March for Life

  • If a brazen kidnapper was caught but wouldn’t tell cops where Shea’s granddaughter lay bleeding in a basement, he should be tortured for the address…Proverbs 20:30 ” Evil is driven out by bloody lashes and a scourging to the inmost being”…” a rod for the back of fools”. Twentieth century Bishops condemned torture at Vatican II and St.JPII copied their list in section 80 of Splendor of the Truth. Prior to Vatican II, the Church backed torture for centuries…that is they backed Pro.20:30. Modern clergy approach the OT cafeteria style…tithing=good…torture=bad. The trouble with tithing is that the catechism says to give according to one’s ability…and tithing was part of a covenant that promised health, affluence, victory in battle IF the Jews obeyed hundreds of laws. Job was an exception.

  • Tell me one reason why I should give a flying hoot what Mark Shea says. He ought to go back to the left coast from whence he came and stay in the People’s Republik of the State of Washington.

  • Shea is desperately trying to be relevant. He is failing.
    Scrapping Obumblercare is not taking away health care from poor people. Stopping illegal immigration is not hatred of the poor.
    Shea has resorted to using leftist tactics to stay in the public square. He is irrelevant on that regard. Leftist bitching takes place in echo chambers.

  • Mark who?

    Has-been and unless he wakes up he might be never-more.

    Prayers for his mental health.

  • Personality strong dislike disorder.
    No matter what, Mark Shea must not be able to stomach President Donald Trump. I have seen this kind of reaction from people before to very strong D’s of DISC personality theory.
    Trump is definitely an over-the-top: https://www.discinsights.com/personality-style-d#.WIvE0hLkr5U

    Me being at least part D, I love Trump.. I’d love to work for him, even though it would be a 24/7 endeavor. Some people don’t trust DISC type D’s. Oh well. As they say, it takes all kinds. Hold on to your hat, Trump is just getting started. His type are interested in “results” 🙂

  • The only thing that scares me more than Trump is the anti-Trump hysterics. Mark has gone against his word that where Trump does right, he would support Trump. This is clearly breaking that promise. Simcha and Mark, who explained why it was proper to march alongside zealously pro-choice forces last Saturday, are now saying nothing done by the WH for pro-life counts because Trump. What can you say?

  • Anti-Trump Hysterics= the Trump/Pence 2020 Reelection Campaign

  • Off of the Shea for a moment.

    A remembrance of Holocaust victims today. Fitting to say the least.


    All holocaust victims be in our prayers tonight….please. Jews – Cambodians – Rwandans – Bosnians – Darfurians…..And American Holocaust victims…The aborted.

  • As they say on Family Feud: “good answer!” Donald McClarey.

    The plan for immigration laws affecting future possible legal immigrants to be reviewed and strengthened concerning anti-American ideologies does not amount to scapegoating.
    Also it is strange to accuse Christians of being bought and paid for by a pandering / power-sucking governemnt. What an example of projection.

  • BTW, I wonder if the one comment by Russel Moore is the same Russel Moore Mark has linked to from my seminary days. Any ideas?

  • Hopefully, this will cost Mark some readers. If enough of them rebel maybe Mark will be freed up to do other things.

  • Mark could apply for the Librarian position when Obama’s Library is erected in Havana. TR.

  • The fundament of the priority of the Divine gift of life is no hard to understand. The flattening of all the mentioned issues must be willed or the intellect could not take it.

  • He may be leading a pilgrimage soon…

    Regardless of how well you think he’s know, Shea is well known enough to deceive too many.

    Though he is providing a fun game nowadays. ANYTIME he posts a link, follow it and find the line, paragraph, etc that completely contradicts what he posted. Every. Single. Time.

  • Nate, that’s the problem. It’s actually bothersome that he continues to get high fives and thumbs up from Catholics who present him as a credible example of Catholic teaching. And some of those Catholics are in positions to suggest that Mark fairly represents how Catholics should act and think.

  • I AM COMPLETELY surprised by Shea’s stand!! What was the January 21st March as opposed to the March for Life? Who was REALLY bought and paid for with a pink hat!! Give President Trump a chance!! A FEW words from our VP!!?? What anniversary is this march celebrating?? 44 years?? and this is the first…the FIRST and highest representative from the Nation’s Administration? Torture? Oh yea, bring it on if it works to get information to SAVE a nation!! Immigration halt? Oh yeah..if it saves the security of a nation…. Destroying healthcare?? Oh MY GOSH, Shea…have you your own healthcare so Obamacare doesn’t effect you?? I have friends whose company divided itself up just so it didn’t have to provide obamacare and now they scrounge for healthcare which for the husband and male children is it OVER $1,100/month and covers mammograms and pap smears for all…male and female members of the family WHAT?? Maybe…JUST humor me here, Shea,…Maybe just maybe President Trump is REALLY trying to make things better…….You have to have SURGERY first before you can get better!! Oh yeah, it will hurt, but in the long run maybe it will be better. But go ahead, Shea, with your big Catholic popularity, and keep openning your piehole about IMPORTANT issues that you evidently have a closed and blind mind to. YOU HAVE LOST THIS READER and all that I know.

  • Philip beat me to the “punch.” Mark-who?

    FYI, Mark-who running around wearing vagina hats and throwing F-bombs does not advance a dishonest cause. His and Fr. Martin, S.J.’s real religion is liberalism not Catholicism.

    I’m convinced Mark-who isn’t sufficiently intelligent or self-aware that he constantly politicizes and subverts Church Teaching.

    My wife’s liberal sister posted on Facebook a video by Fr. Martin, S.J. (Society of Judas) exhorting the masses of morons to oppose the border wall. He is so arrogant (dismissive of his asinine audience?) as to only politicize and subvert one each OT Exodus sentence and one each NT St. Matthew (not written in any of the other three Gospels) sentence to say that the wall needs to be opposed because illegal invaders and infiltrating Muslim terrorists are the embodiments of Christ. I kid you NOT.

  • He won’t be brave enough to say it, but I think Mark replied.

    Oh and for those curious, the country ban list seems to have came from Obama.

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  • Nate, know what I noticed in that piece from Mark? He said Trump didn’t mention Antisemitism in his Holocaust Remembrance speech. And? How many times over 8 years did Obama fail to mention things near and dear to the hearts of Christians and people like Mark scoffed saying such things were trivialities? Now, of course, it can only mean one thing!

    Everyone screaming about Trump stood idly by for eight years while Obama, the Democrats and their surrogates in the press/pop culture did the same. We don’t like a list published of illegal crimes? We had no problem with the press stepping over the bodies of hundreds of white people killed by police in order to find those blacks killed in order to whip up racial divisions. We had no problem with the press digging into any dirt possible and publishing it to derail an opponent of liberal agendas. Where was the outrage then?

    It makes me think of that line from A Man for All Seasons:

    “And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned ’round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man’s laws, not God’s! And if you cut them down, and you’re just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake!”

    For eight years the left either supported or, in Mark’s case, said increasingly little about all the trees of law and principles that were felled in order to make way for the progressive agenda. And now the devil of their worst nightmare is in office, and they’re looking for cover and finding none. I get the feeling they won’t turn the mirror on themselves to see who is to blame. In fact, I fear they’ll use it to lay the groundwork for even worse once Trump is out of the way.

  • “This is (one reason) why I’m proud to be a supporter of the ACLU (and not the Catholic Church).”

    One of the comments on the post linked by Nate. On the few occasions when I read his blog, there are more similarly minded comments. More of the materialist Left and less true Catholicism. Pray for the man as he is moving towards love of the Kingdom of the World and less love of the Kingdom of God.

    And yes, mock his posts. This might help.

  • I also notice that Mark is referring to our country as “Amerikkka.” Perhaps in the same spirit we should refer to his politics as “Marksism.”

  • Re: Phillip. We should call him Marx Shea in honor of his leanings.

  • And we could call his materialist followers “Marksists.”

  • Phillip, Mark’s blog has become quite the haven for people who express their dislike of Catholicism. Was a time where Mark would have come down on someone like that, even if they were agreeing with his position. Was a time.

  • Yes. Thus his continued slide into materialism. He sells out the supernatural message of the Gospel for the pottage of salvation by the State. He begins to worship Mammon. Not the Mammon of money but the Mammon of government power, central planning and the wisdom of human elites.

  • Mark Shea
    Who could not stay
    Within the church
    Did leftward lurch

  • Why is Mr. Shea still being used as an authority on the “Catholic Answer,” radio show?

  • Brian, that’s been my point. There are plenty of credible outlets and individuals who lift him up as an authority on Catholic teaching.

  • Dave Griffey.

    Is there anything that could come from the diocesan authority, Bishop? Any action that could warn him of being in grave error..(? Cannon 915 for Catholic politicians who support abortion on demand.)

    Wondering aloud here.

  • Pingback: CATHOLIC HEADLINES 1.29.17 – The Stumbling Block
  • I don’t know. I’d think, but I also think Mark has referenced attempts by others to go to the Bishop. The thing about Mark is that he doesn’t say ‘The Church is wrong!’, he says there is only one way to be a Catholic, unless Mark says otherwise. So I don’t know how that would go.

  • Thanks Dave.

    It would be a good for all if Mr Shea took a sabbatical away from man and Internet.
    A silent retreat of sorts. 🙂
    Extended version.

    Yes. Prayers for him.

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/markshea/2017/01/montreal-bishop-tom-dowd-really-good-guy.html

    That is how Mark sees it. It’s common, especially on the left side of the aisle, to fire verbal nukes at people, only to have a meltdown if someone is so mean as to suggest they might be wrong. Mark says far worse than anything I’ve ever seen said to him, and that Mark put words in my mouth that I never said before banning me, which suggests Mark has entered that level of unreality so crucial to following a more progressive worldview. Also since, according to him, he continually gets assurances, support and even commission from various official outlets of the Church and Catholic sources suggests he won’t stop soon. Then again, the question is, should he? If what he does appears to be supported and affirmed by official outlets and representatives of the Church, why should he?

  • I was having to question a possible witness to a crime in “Johnson Place”, here is my Hometown where I later retired from the Police Department. Now, Johnson Pl is a large sub-division made up of homes for the extremely rich. A place where in-home elevators and indoor pools come standard. So, I’m asking this guy if he might have seen anything different. To which he responded, “Well sir, they sure got some fancy garbage there !” TR.

  • One of the comments on the post linked by Nate. On the few occasions when I read his blog, there are more similarly minded comments.

    Has anyone gone back and checked again? Here’s a random sampling of quotes, I won’t spoil contexts but each quote is from a DIFFERENT poster, no two are from the same person.
    * “The population is being numbed; atrocities are in the future.”
    * “Anyway I myself have lost my faith in democratic governance period.”
    * “The only sin of Hitler was that he lost. That will not happen again.”
    * “Every crazy thing Obama was going to do – FEMA Camps, Martial Law, invalidating elections … us what Trump et al will do and gave started.”
    * “Sooner or later, it will be our turn, as Catholics. The bishops and the pope have already had disapproving words to say about Trump’s immigration policy, and if I remember right, at least two bishops spoke out against his pet “pro-life” nonprofit’s grotesque, thinly-veiled campaign ad. It’ll be the Church or Caesar. America First, remember?”

    Ready for the punchline? On October 13th of last year, Shea posted this:
    Dinesh D’Souza, the adulterous Boy Who Cried Wolf in the false prophecy called 2016: Obama’s America foretold all this to a salivating audience of credulous sucker while he was betraying his wife. Now, of course, relying on the fact that the fathomless pride of his audience means never having to admit error, D’Souza is back, leading the Boys Who Cry Wolf with more dire prophecies of the horrors that await us in Hillary’s America.

    Well Shea isn’t adulterous so we can give him that. But otherwise I guess we know now that it’s only fear-mongering when the Right does it. When the Left does it it’s justified warnings.

    That is how Mark sees it. It’s common, especially on the left side of the aisle, to fire verbal nukes at people, only to have a meltdown if someone is so mean as to suggest they might be wrong. Mark says far worse than anything I’ve ever seen said to him, and that Mark put words in my mouth that I never said before banning me, which suggests Mark has entered that level of unreality so crucial to following a more progressive worldview.

    Spot on, Dave. I believe the term de juor is “crybully” or as my daddy used to say, “they can dish it out but can’t take it.” It was perfectly captured by South Park here:

    It’s interesting to watch someone who has been so hard on Protestants in the past (i.e. pretty much saying we’re all that’s wrong with the world) then go to the mat for Muslims. Here are posts that were put up just TODAY.

    Oh and the tags he is using on some of these posts?
    * Life in the Banana Republic of Trump’s Amerikkka
    *Racism is a sin
    *The Least of These
    *The Thing That Used to be the Prolife Movement

    And of course will there be ANY acknowledgment about the actual executive order? Nope. A man who harps on seeking out what the church REALLY says can’t be bothered to see what the law really says. For a bonus game, watch this:

    And see how many of Obama’s actions named in that video Shea called out. I think maybe 1. But Shea is welcome to come here and prove me wrong. Unlike his site where nobody’s welcome to prove him wrong.

  • Re: Nate, et al. Why not stop donating to National Catholic Register and EWTN until Mark Shea is removed?

  • Michael Dowd.
    Good point.

    I feel sad however, for the sheep who are lead astray by the wolf man Shea. They are going to need Nat, et al, to calmly corral them back to the fold. His big mouth may attract many flies causing him to choke on his own words…Until then we pray for his return to the Faith.

  • Watching this man circle the toilet is depressing.

    The state of discourse in the American Church is parlous.

  • Art Deco.
    Imagery….Your a master Art.

  • The progressive left reminds me of HAL9000.

    Michael Dowd: Mark Shea was let go by the National Catholic Register a while back. His name no longer appears on their list of bloggers.

  • GregB.

    HAL 9000…. Progressive Left?

    the opening sequence of 2001, bone in hand and screaming at the top of their fuzzy heads….these ARE the progressive Left. 🐵

  • Philip: The progressive left act like they are foolproof and incapable of error. Their mission is too important to allow anyone to jeopardize it. HAL did go on a rampage against the crew.

  • It seems Screwtape has taken to advising Wormwood on what to do to counteract effective blogger/apologists:

    One very promising avenue as of late is to divert the apologist – or for that matter, any Catholic who has effectively forced their false beliefs upon others – into a strong, even obsessive attention to mere politics and matters of government. This has recently been rather spectacularly successful. If we can achieve the result of getting these apologists to write more about politics, by far, than about what they call “the faith” then we have succeeded beyond our wildest hopes and aspirations.

    Beyond this matter of relative output, they even tend to start thinking that everyone who disagrees with them on political matters, is a sort of “enemy”: rather than us and our Brave Leader being their true enemy. They forget that they are more often than not fighting against their own fellow “Christians” within the dreadful and pathetic so-called “Body of Christ.”

    This can happen (another great break for us!) in any part of the political spectrum. “Political correctness” and a smug intellectual snobbery, or on the opposite side: extreme, paranoid semi-conspiratorialism and self-righteousness, are the fashions and fads of the day and conquer all.

2 Responses to KellyAnne Conway Addresses March for Life

6 Responses to Vice President Mike Pence Addresses March for Life

  • Wonderful! God is Good,

  • I like Mike Pence. I liked him, and voted for him, as our Governor. It was a good speech, a timely speech. But, I would personally have felt better about it, if Mike had remained Catholic. TR.

  • Thank God things are starting to take a turn for the better. I just wish the catholic church, priest, bishops, and the pope will start speaking up more for these babies. They need to get a back bone and work with our new president.

  • God said to Moses: “I AM WHO I AM”, My Name forever…and forever. God is existence.
    Rene Descarte said: “I think, therefore I am.” and all science has followed the self-awareness test as the standard for existence of the human person. Was Descarte saying that he did not exist before he became aware of himself? Or was Descarte saying that he began to think as he was created as all men are created equal, at the infusion of his transcendent soul at the beginning of life in the womb?…but Descarte never, ever proved if and when he began to cogitate, nor that cogitation was indeed a viable proof of his existence.
    With new science, the existence of DNA and chromosomes, the existence and individual identity of the newly begotten human soul, the rational, immortal human soul is proved. “I am who I am.”, is the proclamation of existence of every newly begotten, metaphysical, individual person, created in sovereign personhood, created in the image and likeness of God, with intellect and free will, created by God, procreated by humankind, and the adopted child of God.
    God creates life. God is the Lord of Life. God says: “I AM WHO I AM.”
    Father Robert Spitzer teaches that only the sovereign person can answer the question: “WHO am I?” The people of a nation too, with their ancestors and their constitutional Posterity can answer the question “WHO am I?” Each individual member of the human species, singularly and in concert can answer the question “WHO am I?” “I am a child of God, who exists as a sovereign person and who is endowed with innate, unalienable human rights that become civil rights in community with a nation of people and nations of peoples, all of sovereign personhood.
    Our Creator, God, in infinity, answers the question: “I AM WHO I AM”, before all ages. The Lord calls all men by name: “I am.” “I am in existence.” “I exist.” I pursue my destiny in Happiness.
    The Lord, God, calls all men: “the lesser gods”, (notation later) then proceeds to command that man does not worship himself in thought, word or deed. “I AM the Lord, thy God. Thou shalt not have strange gods before me.”
    The personification of God’s divine Justice and the guardian of the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, the Supreme Court for the United States is bound by the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, so help me God.
    The refusal to acknowledge God in prayer ban, the refusal to acknowledge the sovereign personhood of Dred Scott, baby Roe , the sick and the dying, the refusal to acknowledge the Truth in pornography, a lie about human sexuality, the refusal to acknowledge the Truth about the addiction to sodomy, of female husbands and male brides, the Truth about children belonging to their parents as their first teachers, the Truth about all lands and waterways belonging to each and every person in joint and common tenancy, the Truth about all tax money belonging to the taxpayers while being administered by the administration, the Truth about the church being held in trust for all generations, the Truth about all gifts and donations being untaxable as sacrifice to God, the Truth about the relationship of man with his Creator in thought, man’s conscience, word and peaceable assembly, mans’ religion in the worship of God, the Truth about the human soul of our constitutional Posterity, all future generations, the Truth about the sovereign person in existence from the very first moment of existence in the womb and the Truth about the moral and legal innocence of the newly begotten human being in the womb being the standard of Justice for the state, the compelling interest of the state in guarding the newly begotten sovereign person’s civil rights.
    The Truth is “I am.”
    Mary De Voe

  • Mary De Voe,,,, 2 Corinthians 4 : 13 Tim

Quotes Suitable for Framing: Donald J. Trump

Friday, January 27, AD 2017



And a special hello to all of you in this room who have known and loved me for many, many years. It’s true. The politicians. They’ve had me to their homes. They’ve introduced me to their children. I’ve become their best friends in many instances. They’ve asked for my endorsement and they’ve always wanted my money. And even called me really a dear, dear friend. But then suddenly, decided when I ran for president as a Republican, that I’ve always been a no-good, rotten, disgusting scoundrel. And they totally forgot about me.

Donald J. Trump, Al Smith Dinner, October 20, 2016

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10 Responses to Quotes Suitable for Framing: Donald J. Trump

  • Lol….oddly Trump while being a fibber several times a day…is also at others moments, the only one in politics who will say certain things that are true. He will get the money for the wall from Mexico but he’ll do it indirectly. The Pope criticized ” walls and wires” in the El Pais interview and later said he would not name names. Trump has everyone fibbing circuitously including the Pope and everyone at the NY Times. On voting fraud, he could be way off but a 2012 Pew study noted that 4.5 million voting slots are potentially open to abuse and they are composed of the dead still on register and people moving from state to state and ending up registered in several or multiple states. Trump is waking up many of us to the advantages of a disruptive outlier…and Bannon, no relation, is also a non diplomatic straight talker. They’re both outliers and Trump can also be a regular liar. But I love that he counterpunches the media but I wish he’d ignore trivia like crowd numbers. He will ignore the media on conflicts of interest because he actually is not legally bound in that area except as to emoluments to foreign government personnel. A brewing disaster will be when he hits ISIS probably with Delta force operations. They will bomb his hotels and golf courses in return …but I suspect they too will be counterpunched if they do.

  • I would just like everyone to know that so-called misogynist woman-hater, woman abuser, woman-denigrator Donald J. Trump has appointed Kristine Svinicki as the Chairperson of the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
    During Barack Hussein Obama’s reign of terror on the nuclear energy industry, she had often been the lone voice of reason in an organization whole given over to Dr. Jerry Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy. She alone had the intestinal fortitude to stand against the actual, real woman abuse that former NRC Chairperson and anti-nuclear wacko nut case Democrat Gregory Jackzo (whom that man of sin and depravity appointed to Chairpersonship). He repeatedly and consistently berated, denigrated and left in tears and misery women staff in the US NRC. Svinicki, a Republican, wrote a letter to the White Chief of Staff detailing what was going on just before the 2012 election, and that embarrassed godless Obama in his mantra about the Republican war on women such that Obama had to demand Jackzo’s resignation. I got to find that letter and post a link to it. As far as I am concerned, she will make a great Chairperson.
    Something else that isn’t talked about much is that many of my friends in the nuclear industry have stated that she is lesbian. I can’t find any corroboration of this in the popular new media and calumny is always sinful, but frankly I don’t give a darn. If she is lesbian, then she doesn’t have this Democrat narcissistic need for popular name recognition that goes along with coming out of the closet. And she darn sure doesn’t force that style of life on anyone else. And she’s Republican, too! Further, she keeps her private business private and I respect her for that. God bless her, lesbian or not.
    Yes, Trump makes another good choice. And lawyer bureaucrat Stephen Burns (who as Chief Counsel in the NRC defended Jackzo during the charges of woman abuse) is demoted from Chairpersonship, and Iranian Jeff Baran (think on that, folks, think on that) – the third Commissioner – will likely be out when his term ends. Besides Republican Svinicki and Democrats Burns and Baran, there are two other slots open that Obama did not fill (I think Congress stopped him). Since the law allows three persons from the majority party and requires two from the minority, those slots will be filled by Republicans – appointed by “let’s reduce the regs by 75%” Donald J Trump!
    Things are looking good, folks. Contrary to Democrat fears that a fossil fuel enthusiast like Trump would oppose nuclear, the opposite may be the case. Why? Because Republicans believe in the Free Market and in availability of energy supply, not in its constriction with useless, worthless solar and wind.
    To the Democrats and the anti-nuclear nut cases – one and the same – I say, “You lost. We won. Get over it, cry babies!”

  • Not to belabor a point, but this statement quoted from Trump above is so very true:
    “But then suddenly, decided when I ran for president as a Republican, that I’ve always been a no-good, rotten, disgusting scoundrel. And they totally forgot about me.”
    This is always and everywhere Democrat behavior. Just read this example from Kristine Svinicki’s testimony to the Committee on Oversight and Government Report in the US House of Representatives – go read page 2 about the abominable behavior of Obama’s appointee Gregory Jackzo, former NRC Chairperson:
    This kind of stuff NEVER occurred before even under Jimmy worthless Carter and William Jefferson “I did not have sex with that woman” Clinton. I have been in nuclear power since my reactor operator days on a nuclear submarine in 1976, and NEVER have I seen this kind of behavior in nuclear energy till Barack Hussein Obama came on the horizon. NEVER. Here is Representative Darrell Issa’s report on the whole thing:
    Want to know why the country languished for the past 8 years? Because of crap like this. And for all of Trump’s faults, he isn’t going to let crap like that slide on by any more. Obama is evil. The Democrats are evil. Period. Trump ain’t no paragon of virtue, but maybe he is our King Cyrus, our Emperor Constantine. One thing for sure: he’ll be hated and reviled by all the right – er, I mean left – thinking people.
    God bless Donald Trump.
    God bless Kristine Svinicki.

  • I knew I would find the letter. All 4 NRC Commissioners signed it but Svinicki wrote here. It was addressed to White House Chief of Staff William Daley back in October, 2011. This is the kind of crap that Democrats do which has ruined our country.

  • The man (Trump) is not perfect, as none of us are, but he knows hypocrites when he sees them.. and is not afraid to say so-

  • If Svinicki is a “lesbian”, then she is certainly not qualified for any job. Why are the mentally ill being promoted to important positions? Find a real man or woman to do the job, not a self-identified pervert…..

  • Dan, with all due respect, I work with gays, straights, Christians, Muslims, Jews, men, women, and at one time even a cross gender person. I oppose sodomy and lesbianism and Islam and cross genderism. But I will treat every co-worker as an equal. And I darn sure respect Kristine Svinicki.
    Further, being an alcoholic dope fiend, I am mentally ill too. So I got no room to complain. Instead, I go to mtgs and do my moral inventory with my priest in the Confessional. That’s my medicine.
    Regardless of what Chairperson Svinicki does in her bedroom, (1) she keeps it private and (2) she is a darn good and competent engineer. God bless her in her new position.
    I am sorry I said anything now.

  • “If Svinicki is a ‘lesbian’, then she is certainly not qualified for any job. Why are the mentally ill being promoted to important positions? Find a real man or woman to do the job, not a self-identified pervert…..”

    I am in no way defending perverted sex, but people committing perverted sex acts (which also include heterosexual fornication, masturbation, & adultery) does not mean they are mentally ill & cannot hold down a secular job. They do so all of the time. They have spiritual problems for sure; they don’t necessarily have mental problems.

  • I want to be clear about something. Chairperson Svinicki is NOT here at this forum to defend herself. The allegations which I noted about her alleged sexual persuasion are NOT independently corroborated. Calumny is a sin, so I should never have mentioned the allegations even though I did so in her defense. Furthermore, this woman is a true heroine because she stood against the arrogance and egotism and abusive behavior of former Chairperson Gregory Jackzo (a liberal progressive Democrat in the very mold of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton). His ruthless, despicable and abhorent behavior against women staff in the US NRC is well documented and independently corroborated by both the US Congress and the US General Accounting Office. Also, Chairperson Svinicki is a REAL engineer and has REAL integrity and a profound sense of ethics. I base that observation on years of readiing various documents that she wrote during her tenure in the NRC, and comparing them to documents written by worthless useless liberal progressive Democrats like Jackzo and his immediate successor Allison MacFarlane. Lastly, to make this relevant to Donald’s post, just as Trump is now regarded as a rotten no good scoundrel by all the right – er, left – thinking people, so will Chairperson Svinicki for NO other reason than she doesn’t conform to the liberal proogressive norm.
    God bless Donald Trump
    God bless Kristine Svinicki.
    I don’t don’t give a flying hoot what she does in the privacy of her home.

  • I’m going to assume that the recent snafu on the “7 country muslim ban” back into the country is more due to DJT’s lack of executive experience in protocol and the thorough realization of the impact exec orders have than anything proposed by the left (i.e. an example of “hate”).

4 Responses to This Is Library

  • We have a library in our town, a very nice one. When I was a child, the ground level/upstairs/adult section was “off limits” to children. Or so it seemed to me. And honestly, I’m still a little intimidated to walk much further than the Reference Desk, right up front. I prefer the Children’s Section, in the basement, which is a bit more rambunctious. One day, I did realize that I’ve been voting age for twice as long as not, and did my work in the Adult Section. How things have changed. Two children were running around making noise for a brief time. Yes, I know, it was the week-end, but seriously?

  • I want that on a hat or T-Shirt.

    hey, Hey, HEY – This is Library.

  • No wonder the Chinese kids make so much progress here. They have minimal competition.

  • Is this the same guy that blocked a whole row of Tanks in Tieneman Square, by STANDING IN FRONT OF THEM ? TR.

The Whole Great Family of Man

Friday, January 27, AD 2017

March for Life

These communities, by their representatives in old  Independence Hall, said to the whole world of men: “We  hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are  created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with  certain unalienable rights; that among these are life,  liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” This was their majestic  interpretation of the economy of the Universe. This was their  lofty, and wise, and noble understanding of the justice of  the Creator to His creatures. [Applause.] Yes, gentlemen, to  all His creatures, to the whole great family of man. In their  enlightened belief, nothing stamped with the Divine image and  likeness was sent into the world to be trodden on, and degraded,  and imbruted by its fellows. They grasped not only the whole  race of man then living, but they reached forward and seized  upon the farthest posterity. They erected a beacon to guide  their children and their children’s children, and the countless  myriads who should inhabit the earth in other ages. Wise  statesmen as they were, they knew the tendency of prosperity  to breed tyrants, and so they established these great  self-evident truths, that when in the distant future some man,  some faction, some interest, should set up the doctrine that  none but rich men, or none but white men, were entitled to life,  liberty and the pursuit of happiness, their posterity might look  up again to the Declaration of Independence and take courage to  renew the battle which their fathers began — so that truth,  and justice, and mercy, and all the humane and Christian virtues  might not be extinguished from the land; so that no man would  hereafter dare to limit and circumscribe the great principles  on which the temple of liberty was being built.

Abraham Lincoln, August 17, 1858

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January 27, 1967: Apollo I Tragedy

Friday, January 27, AD 2017


Hard to believe it has been fifty years.  I was ten years old and watching the television show Time Tunnel when a news flash interrupted the show to convey the grim news that Apollo 1 astronauts Pilot Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom, Senior Pilot Edward H. White II, and Pilot Roger B. Chaffee had died in a fire in the space capsule during a simulated practice launch.  Subsequent investigation indicated that the fire probably started due to faulty electric wiring in the capsule, but the exact cause of the fire ignition has never been pinpointed, which has created a fertile ground for conspiracy theorists usually centering around an alleged plot to kill Grissom.  A sad day for the American Space Program fifty years ago.

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PopeWatch: Maltaschluss

Friday, January 27, AD 2017



Pope Francis is attempting to take over the Knights of Malta.  Father Z gives us the details:



The Holy See issued a press release about the SMOM (aka Knights of Malta) dust up. HERE

Traduzione in lingua inglese

Yesterday, 24 January 2017, in audience with the Holy Father, His Highness Fra’ Matthew Festing resigned from the office of Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

Today, 25 January, the Holy Father accepted his resignation, expressing appreciation and gratitude to Fra’ Festing for his loyalty and devotion to the Successor of Peter, and his willingness to serve humbly the good of the Order and the Church.

The governance of the Order will be undertaken ad interim by the Grand Commander pending the appointment of the Papal Delegate.

[00139-EN.01] [Original text: Italian – working translation]

This leaves me perplexed.

Let’s break it down into manageable bites.

So, it seems that, the Grand Master offered his resignations to Pope Francis.
Then, Francis accepted the Grand Master’s resignation.
Now, Francis will appoint a delegate to lead the SMOM.

On the other hand, the SMOM is SOVEREIGN.   It is the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta.  They are a separate entity from the Holy See that, like Vatican City State, has sovereign nation status.

Moreover, as I have been instructed, article 6 of the constitution of the SMOM says that the Sovereign Council alone accepts or rejects the resignation of the Grand Master.

In fact, the Pope is informed only by the Council, for validity of the acceptance or rejection of the resignation.  The Pope does not accept the resignation.

In addition, the SMOM’s Constitution does not foresee a “pontifical delegate”.  There is no such critter in the life of the SMOM.  There is a pontifical delegate in canon law for religious institutes.   But, though there are aspect of the religious life to the SMOM, the SMOM is not a religious institute.  SMOM is a sovereign nation.

Is this a play by one state to take over the SMOM?

How would His Holiness react were, say, Italy to decide that it is time to absorb the Vatican City State.  “Your Holiness, we are appointing a ‘civil delegate’.”   If you erode the sovereignty of one, is it possible that you are eroding your own sovereignty?

I could use some schooling by someone who is well-versed in international law and who understands the SMOM.

Surely in the vast readership here, there is somebody who gets this.

Is it a play for the money they control?

I just read that there is involved in this mess a bank account with many millions.  HERE

Is it a play to suppress another “tradition?

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