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The second debate between Trump and Clinton starts at 8:00 PM Central Time tonight, and for lovers of political theater it promises to be exceptional.  Any other politician would be dead meat now but Donald Trump is not “any other politician.”  He isn’t a politician at all, as he has demonstrated time and time again in this campaign.  What began, I suspect, as a vanity ride for him, has turned into a political movement that has been consistently underestimated by his foes, including me.  Well, I am done underestimating Donald Trump.  Tonight promises to be an epic disaster for him, but I would not be surprised to see him throw away the political rulebook yet again and snatch a victory from a debacle.  We shall see.  For a political junkie like me, it does not get any better than this.


Update:  Trump has just held a news conference featuring Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Kathy Shelton.  It looks like he is taking the nuclear option unless this is a pre-debate headfake.


Update:  Trump thus far, a half hour into the debate, is bringing his A game in the debate:  Calm, articulate and on the attack.  He has won most of the exchanges with Hillary.

Update:  An hour in Trump is more than holding his own.  Clinton came into this debate over confident and Trump came in knowing that he couldn’t afford another loss.  Frank Luntz’ focus group is showing that 17 think Trump is winning, 4 think Hillary is winning and 9 think it is a tie.

Update:  I called the first debate for Clinton and I think Trump is just as clearly the victor in the second debate.  A bravura performance considering the pressure Trump is under.

Update:  From the Luntz focus group:

Focus Group: Who are you willing to vote for?

BEFORE #DEBATE • Hillary: 8 • Trump: 9

AFTER DEBATE • Hillary: 4 • Trump: 18

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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. I wish there was something profound I could write. There isn’t. I fear Hildebeast will win.

  2. All (millions of voters) families with ptsd in the family have left him in the past week as have anti groping families, Mexicans, half the doctors of the NY area because they’re mideastern, the other half of doctors in the NY area because they’re sure he would molest their wives at a fund raiser. Did the Clintons pay Trump to run is the only question left.

  3. Paul.

    It’s surreal.
    I am fighting two feelings.
    I’m confident that God will see us through anything, including this chastisement of political Russian roulette. On the other hand I cringe at the thought of the devil taking over the White House.
    The answer to the beast is hardly an answer at all…so I’m back to having place all of my trust in God! Maybe that IS the lesson?

    Year of Mercy comes to a close…
    what next….?

    Year of Judgment?

  4. Hillary will do less than nothing for PTSD and the corrupt and incompetent (Hillary and they hate vets, too) flower children ruining the VA will continue to kill vets waiting for appointments. I know a little about PTSD. The warden doesn’t know the son has it. I’ve seen it. He’s coping. We’ll deal with it.
    I am a veteran and my son is still on active service. The warden and most women we know are for Trump. While we military families are about 2% (the rest are at the mall or playing Pokémon Go) of the population, most of us are for Trump.
    And, I feel your pain. President Trump never had a chance amongst the execrable, filthy animals polluting NJ and NY.
    Tonight it will be President Trump against thousands of full-time employees of Hillary 2016 alias the media.
    FYI a stag party, 11 year-old tape does not lessen the corruption or mitigate the incompetence that are Crooked Hillary. A Hillary presidency would be a disaster for America.
    I will prayerfully prepare accordingly.

  5. Not debate-related, but I’m going to take advantage of the words “open thread”.

    Have you guys seen the new Jockey ads? They’re fantastic. They exemplify American decency. I’ve seen three so far: a new father, a veteran, and a firefighter. You could maybe call them PC for certain reasons, and you can definitely call them underwear ads, but they are just so wholesome! I’d forgotten that ads can pander to values I hold.

  6. Hillary calls Trump’s comments horrific, yet she supports abortion, including partial birth abortion. Way over one million American babies are aborted every year, while we continue to give benefits to illegal aliens and refugees. This is irrelevant to the Catholic Bishops.

  7. Best line of the debate so far on the “email scandal” from Trump to Hillary, when he becomes president, “Cause you would be in jail”. Major applause from the audience.

  8. Don,

    I was expecting a bloodbath when the panel turned on Trump on keeping his sexist comments a focus and he brilliantly turned it around on the second time that Cooper reminded him.


  9. On the whole, he is doing better. Sometimes he shines. Other times, he gets lost in the weeds.
    @CAM, Indeed. That was an awesome line. I also like him dismantling Hillary comparing herself to Abraham Lincoln. Ridiculous.

  10. Kyle, LOL. She should have seen it coming. For defense she keeps going to the “children” a la “It Takes a Village” “or women and children.”

  11. Hillary’s answer on Supreme Court was awful. A long list of things she disagrees with wanting to use a justice to overturn. I thought a single litmus test was offensive to the process. Every one of her many issues is a litmus test.

  12. Breitbart is a Trump echo chamber, but I like their coverage. I watched the baseball game because seeing Hildebeast or her ads on TV causes me to commit multiple sins. 99 percent of Breitbart combox responses say Trump wiped up the floor with Hill-liar-y.

  13. Its 5.20 pm. on Monday here.
    Just came back from a friends place after watching the debate – The Donald won it in spades.
    Disclosure: I have been a Trump follower since he dispatched Ted Cruz, and IMO he was the only option, and despite ALL his issues, if I was a US citizen I would have held my nose and votes for him.
    2nd. disclosure: my friend and I toasted him with a beer, with a rum and coke chaser. 🙂
    Agree with CAM about the “Cause you would be in jail” – Classic. 🙂

  14. 1.Regarding Hillary and health care: does anyone remember that in 1993 her husband appointed her chairwoman of the Health Care Task Force to create a universal healthcare plan? At the time she was the First Lady and not a government employee and the meetings were held in secret which sparked litigation. I am surprised that Trump has not brought this up.
    2. Trump said tonight that he had used a $100 million of his own money for his presidential campaign. He noted that she had become wealthy during her government service and asked why she didn’t use $30 million of her own wealth for her campaign instead of being beholden to her big campaign contributors.

  15. Too bad Trump and his team were not more familiar with Scripture. They could have easily said, how is it you see the mote in my eye but not the beam in your own?

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